SPAWHE Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling- Hydroelectric (pressurized) Energy energy purification system and marine food production
 SPAWHE Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling-Hydroelectric (pressurized) Energyenergy purification system and marine food production   

With existing technologies and structural civil works included in the environment we can produce all the food, purification, work and energy it takes, without hypocrisy, and wars. This is Spawhe.

Many people ask me what they can do. Above all, those who have no money to invest. I say that everyone has to do what he does and what he can do. I just want to prove that want is power. Even a single person with no money can produce projects that protect the global environment by producing energy. If these projects are not produced by national and international governmental bodies is only because they have not been used enough energy to develop solutions. For too long the world has been given to reliable water purification solutions that are profoundly wrong because they neglect the amount of water to be treated and alkalinity. Only recently questioning the energy production but also the new energies are incomplete and do not protect the environment. I as a designer of systems can not keep silent in seeing wrong build plants and installations propose alterative, those who can not plan must at least have the ability to choose and take sides, one side or the other. Indeed if the alternative solutions are ignored and silenced by environmental groups, philosophers, writers, journalists, who also denounce the problems, there is also something dark in their behavior. I hope that my plans to serve at least shed light on who really want to protect the environment. Economic investment can go in the right direction or wrong but do not decide only governments and entrepreneurs. The alternative design is the only weapon we have and we never used because there are no designers free financed by those raises funds to protect the environment. . I employed eight years to study these solutions and had to support me financially alone. The hardest part I did. The projects exist. If no one invests  in them with money or with words or demonstrations, mean that there is not enough love in the world for future generations, the hungry and for those  are without work. SPAWHE can solve these problems because it is a large set of industrial systems applied to the environment. The World Social peace can not be had without the primary assets that are missing to eighty percent of the population. We who have not money to invest, have the power to request that investments are made in the overall interests of the men and the environment, especially knowing that the population is about to reach a record level of nine billion by 2040. Who holds the economic and political power must prove technically and scientifically that SPAWHE can not achieve. But they must know that even among the poor there are qualified technicians who think differently.

Luigi Antonio Pezone

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It is not necessary to be a genius to understand that current local depuration, not closing all anthropogenic cycles produce only a apparent purification. The bulk of pollution become a global problem.

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Luigi antonio Pezone



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