(Twenty-fifth open letter to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations)


Dear institutional authorities, publishers, entrepreneurs, citizens, I took the liberty of writing in this patent filing filed on 03.01.2020 with the n. the following sentence: “I think that the current world ruling class, including the scientific one, is the worst of all time because, in the last conference between the parties, COP 25, which was attended by representatives of all the countries of the world, has postponed the decarbonation of the planet to 2050, or, when the world population will exceed nine billion, and will be made up mainly of the poor. The United Nations that organizes these conferences and also manages the intellectual and industrial property of the inventions, have never replied to the undersigned who addressed to them and to the International Judges 25 open letters, including this one, in which I believe I have demonstrated with intellectual inventions and publications related to these inventions that thermodynamics in the production of energy on planet Earth, rich in water, air and gravitational force, is a useless and counterproductive process also from an economic point of view ". So the sooner we decarbonize the planet and the sooner we start more sustainable and efficient economic development. I have also written other polemical sentences against these world institutions, which in a patent filing should not be written, having to describe the inventor only the scientific and technical aspects of the inventions. However, having filed over forty patent deposits respecting these rules, without finding public and private interlocutors, spending about 20,000 euros of my modest family savings, without having acquired any copyright. In this latest patent filing, I decided not to respect the rules, because it is evident that previous scientific and technical generations have produced global warming, but the current ones are worse because they unanimously hide all the inventions that could lead to the creation of a sustainable development model. In fact, man-made machines and plants must all be modified in order for human activities to carry out global cycles in fixed and mobile plants. Not partial solutions that do not close all the cycles that open. To design the systems globally, it is necessary to identify and use the interactive principles that public science and multinationals have never used.  This has led not only to immense environmental damage but also immense economic damage. The identification of interactive principles based on the exploitation of the static pressure of the compressed air and the circulation of incompressible water eliminates the costs due to fuels, to electrodes that are consumed, energy accumulators, energy distribution networks. Primary energy can be produced everywhere in the instant it serves in fixed and mobile systems without the need to carry out large hydroelectric works, thermal, nuclear, solar, wind power plants. Nothing can be cheaper, more efficient and cleaner than the simultaneous exploitation of the static pressure of compressed air, the circulation of water and the one-way flow, because water and air are not consumed and the energy produced is due. to the product of air pressure for the flow                                rate and density of water, which is a thousand times higher than a combustion gas. These combustion gases are used all over the world but are a stupid solution both from an environmental, technical and economic point of view, which devalues the value of the entire world science and the entire ruling class.

The current patent laws are an international scam against inventors unrelated to the economic power centers that produced global warming. The main architects of this scam are the United Nations which through WIPO regulate patent procedures, inventors' rights and taxes to be paid. Therefore, private inventors who deal with environmental and energy problems such as foreign bodies to economic power centers, must describe these anomalies even when they file a patent, being excluded a priori from any advantages that the invention would produce, being unable to pay taxes that only public bodies and multinationals can afford to pay.

When you propose a new patent, you must first talk about the state of the art in the sector affected by the proposed invention. In the case of the invention of the "aerospace and submarine transport system with interactive global linear motors", there is no previous state of the art, except for the laws of electromagnetism that date back to the pre-industrial era. However, electromagnetism that has had great success in the modern world, will express the maximum of its value combined with interactive energy. Electromagnetism is also very important in this revolutionary invention, but the starting point of the invention in question is, above all, the interactivity between water, air and principles legislated for centuries, which is public science and multinationals in over one hundred years of industrial development have never used. Without the production of primary energy that is not consumed, electromagnetism could have done very little. Linear motors could never have been called global.

World public bodies and multinationals, which have never tried to modify the chimneys, the sewers to create global purifiers, which have never thought of creating artificial welling, could not identify global interactive energy. Obviously not even the multinationals that build planes and space agencies. The world scientific, legislative and legal mess has created it above all, the United Nations, in common agreement with governments and multinationals. None of these super-bureaucrats well paid by the institutions has ever wondered how private inventors who would like to make available the experience gained in hard years of work in industrial, environmental and energy sites can respect these rules. Without these experiences, it is not possible to propose global and interactive plant solutions, to which this system also belongs which, like all the solutions proposed by myself, does not cost a government or any multinational a penny of a dollar. Public bodies and the multinational despite the thousands of billions spent since the advent of the industrial age, have not produced any interactive invention. These are also necessary to explore the universe and the marine depths in a sustainable way. There have never been states on planet Earth who were able to understand global problems globally also because even the most enlightened scientists, such as Albert Einstein, never went into detail to understand and explain to ordinary mortals how anthropogenic plants should be designed globally. Yet, for the undersigned who has dealt with the design and installation of systems for a lifetime, it is simpler than you might think: Just update the scientific and technological state of the art and organize global work globally, not only from an industrial point of view, but also from an environmental one. Always applying the best overall solution, as Frederick Taylor did (only in the industrial sector), almost automatically, the same study of the organization of the work suggests to the inventors the modifications to the existing machines and systems so that they are able to carry out work cycles always faster, more complete and more protective of the environment. It is no coincidence that industrial automation and robotics were born by studying the organization of industrial work. If the public research and planning bodies had done the same, organizing the environmental work, they would have eliminated the chimneys and modified the sewers to create global cycles between water and polluted air in the presence of natural reagents, such as limestone greenhouses. They would have separated the sludge from the water to digest it without producing hydrogen sulphide, sulfuric acid, ammonia nitrogen. Without organizing the work globally one does not go anywhere. Public science and the world's public designers have not built any complete energy and purification plant but at the same time they have sold many specialized patents to multinationals and together they have warmed the planet, with the consent of the United Nations and of world governments and legislators.

Today, if we analyze the anthropic systems, public and private, globally, if we are not incompetent, we realize that the machines and the connections between them must all be modified because they carry out incomplete cycles from an environmental point of view. The multinationals did not concern themselves with the environmental aspects, as they comply with public regulations which accepted limits on toxic emissions that were not to be accepted. World statesmen trusted the wrong scientific advisers. You cannot get out of this huge world mess without banning all incomplete inventions of public and private science by law and reset the entire world economy on interactive energies, of which this is the latest patent that the undersigned proposes. Probably the most important of all.  The others have already been published and not understood, without any world scientific authority having written a single word on these topics published on the website Which world scientific authority has delegated the Italian patent office to scientifically judge interactive inventions?  These bureaucrats who learned badly and without understanding the principles of energy that science itself did not understand in the interactive effects, declared them "perpetual motion". They will certainly also do the same for this invention. Unfortunately, the reality of global scientific ignorance is much worse than I could have imagined, because the society in which we live has privileged specializations in individual sectors, inhibiting the ability to make global reasoning. For this reason, even in the aeronautical, aerospace and submarine sector, no one noticed that the thrust of Newton and Lorentz could be put together by creating global interactive linear motors, without fuels and radioactive materials. If the world mountain continues to give birth to mice it is better to cut down the mountain. This is the big problem we face in 2020. We need statesmen of high scientific and technological culture. Non-bureaucrats who recite rhetorical words of peace, brotherhood growth, hide the inability to plan the future of our children and grandchildren globally.   

Best Regards.

Luigi Antonio Pezone



To purify the environment it is essential to identify the interactive principles between water and air. It also serves to design a rational terrestrial and spatial transport system. In fact, gravity and atmospheric pressure hinder the lifting and movement of the masses. The thrusts of Newton and Lorentz have been legislated for centuries, but in air transport only the first are used because of the difficulties encountered by science in inventing a space-saving system that produces sufficient electricity on board the means of transport to feed both thrusts, which together, with their accelerations, would zero the weight of the mass, which is a vectorial force, according to the relation F = m * (a - aL - aN), where "aN" and "aL" are the respective accelerations of Newton and Lorenz in the o
Aerospace and submarine transport system[...]
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