Industrial systems to combat global warming,increase food, renewable energy. (Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling-Hydroelectric Energy and Sustainable Desalination) SPAWHE(SD)
Industrial systems to combat   global warming,increase food, renewable energy.  (Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling-Hydroelectric Energy and  Sustainable Desalination) SPAWHE(SD) 

Italian demand patent N. 102017000059993 dated 01/06/2017 AEROSPATIAL PRESSURIZED HYDROELECTRIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM WITH TURBOFAN AND COMPRESSED AIR INJECTION (without fuel, but producing hydroelectric energy on the aircraft that power the turbofans (17) Inserted into vertical and horizontal thrust tunnels (14 and 16). The compressed air is used in the absence of atmospheric air to travel in the vacuum, creating the thrust in the tunnels.


Below is the legend of FIG. 1, 2, concerning a generic small aircraft incorporating the essential elements of the system described, where Figures 1 and 2 are respectively the longitudinal and transverse sections on the compressed air tanks.(1) autoclave pressurized tank; (1.1) level regulator with capacitive probes;   (1.2) safety valve; (1.3) manometer with shut-off valve; (1.4) motorized valve flow control with position transmitter; (1.5) pressure or flow transmitter;  (1.6) minimum level probe in the  start system;  (2) pump used as a turbine (pat); (2.1) alternating current generator; (2.1.1) bushing with sealing ring; (2.1.2) angle diverter with conical gears;  (2.1.3) transmission shaft; (2.1.4) transmission shaft protection tube (2.1.5) double curve with septa crossed separators in low pressure (LP) and high pressure (hp); (2.1.6)  septa separators of flow; (2.1.7) closed type; (2.1.8) Diffuser of the pump; (2.2) motorized valve to supply turbine with flow adjustment;  (3) water transit tank at atmospheric pressure and containment pat;  (3.1) motorized valve to feed pressurized water network; (3.2) motorized valve bypass supply at low pressure;   (3.3) air valves;  (3.4) Water level control with capacitance probes; (3.5) motorized valve for water supply at low pressure; (3.6) maximum level probe in the start system; (4) electric pump to supply in low pressure (5) electric pump with double separate supply until the impeller; (6) pump drive motor, with variable speed, controlled by an inverter; (7) double curve with septa crossed separators in low pressure (LP) and high pressure (hp); (7.1)  septa to flow separators; (8)  check valve. (9) flow diverter stub pipe; (10) electrocompressor; (11) electric command and control framework; (12) Compressed air storage tanks; (13)  Compressed air distribution network; (13.1) Solenoid valve on off with air pressure regulators; (14) Vertical push tunnel; (15) Support of vertical thrust tunnels; (16) Horizontal push tunnel; (17) multistage electric turbofan; (18) Removable panel for maintenance; (19) air dryer.  

The current state of the art of land and space transport has been conditioned by the absence of a sustainable, renewable, efficient energy system with small dimensions, which can be fitted on such means as alternatives to thermal energy. This system state of the art does not exist. But, virtually, there is the pressurized hydroelectric power, invented by the undersigned and not yet realized anywhere in the world. To give more weight to this type of energy, the same inventor invented this flight system that, in addition to thermal engines, eliminates the fuel tank, turbines, transmission shafts. If tomorrow will be developed other more efficient systems to produce the mobile renewable energy on air transportation, compared to pressurized hydroelectric system, the flight system claimed will
Aerospatial pressurized hydroelectric tr[...]
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Con un po’ di approssimazione, si calcola che un Jumbo jet su una rotta di circa 6 mila km (per esempio Milano-New York), consumi più di 63 mila litri di kerosene, una media di 19 litri per miglio nautico (1,8 km), circa 158 per ciascun passeggero (in tutto 400). Per ogni posto a sedere, vengono prodotti anche 4 mila chili di anidride carbonica. Con il sistema di volo proposte si consumano zero litri di Kerosene e si emettono zero emissioni di CO2, inoltre si può viaggiare anche nello spazio con iniezioni di aria compressa nei tunnel di spinta.
sistema di trasporto aereospaziale idroe[...]
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