(Eighth open letter to the International Courts of Justice)

(Third open letter to the Council of Europe)

The end of this year (2017) for myself, is an opportunity to thank medical science. I do it as a patient, to give to Caesar what is Caesar's. In fact, the Italian medical science, and the national public service for about thirty years assist me as a diabetic and hypertensive. This year, the prevention service, has allowed me to identify in time a colon cancer that I was removed with great competence and efficiency from the Pascale institute of Naples. People like myself, owe a lot to science, but to the healthy one. They cannot talk bad about it. However, as inventor, I will continue to speak ill of environmental sciences and energy sectors, where I was not an easy patient, but an obedient worker to the system and an inventor against the current. While launch in the network this article, in large Italian cities and around the world, the winter rain, cannot to lower the threshold of 50 micrograms per cubic meter of fine particles, and an attack of terrorists in Libya Isis raised suddenly the oil price of 1.5%. Meanwhile, the world's environmental authorities, the energy of the sciences, are on holiday to celebrate the end of the year 2017 and the beginning of 2018,  but where they have been in the whole arc of the year that has passed and in the previous  years if none of them has found the time to reply to the false or truthful hopes of a better way published by the undersigned on http: //www.spawhe, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,, Xing, AquaSPE, and other networks. where I assert that both the fine particles and the thermal energy are the biggest environmental and economic errors in the world, and that with the current technologies, they could be eliminated in a very few years saving the environment the economy with a new model of self-cleaning development, proof of floods, droughts and terrorist attacks. In fact, the current energy and purification systems, being subject to commercial energy sources, to large production and distribution centers, are also subject to major disasters due to natural causes or terrorist attacks, while the interactive energies, produced moment by moment, everywhere, of any size, in fixed and mobile versions, they could not be damaged excessively either by natural or terrorist calamities nor by a new ice age, since the ingredients to create energy and heat are only water and air, without chemical transformations. I do not want to exalt these hopes more than necessary, but the more the authorities and their servants persist in keeping silent, the more they force me to insist on my reasoning, which are not improvised, but based on a life of work, where the undersigned has always seen the construction of incomplete energy and purification plants, having always been absent. the interactivity between water and air, both for energy and purification purposes. It is too hard, especially for the world's scientific authorities, to admit that they did everything wrong, not looking for the technological synergies that would have enhanced the existing natural synergies between water, air and gravitational forces. Il sottoscritto, come semplice tecnico installatore di impianti, ha cercato e trovato queste sinergie arrivando alla conclusione che anche se nel mondo venisse trovata un’energia ancora più conveniente, l’energia idroelettrica compressa, non potrebbe essere sostituita completamente, poiché non consuma l’acqua, mentre l’aria dissolvendosi lentamente nell’acqua ha un potente effetto depurativo.

This means that since the advent of the industrial age, with the thermal and nuclear energies we have unnecessarily polluted and heated the planet, while with the traditional hydroelectric energy we have produced hydrogeological disasters, with the current purifiers we have poorly purified, with the current renewables, inefficient, we are wasting huge economic resources. What are we waiting for to ask the current political and scientific ruling classes, who are the heirs of those of the past, instead of continuing to support them?

The world, including Italy, is preparing to introduce hydrogen cars on the market at prices above 60,000 euro per car. How much will hydrogen engines cost for trucks, farm tractors, planes, ships? When it costs you a full tank of hydrogen? No one answers these questions because the objective of the current  ruling classes is to increase the already unsustainable gap between rich and poor. For the multinationals, environmental aspects are another way to increase business, while for politicians, who know nothing about the environment and energy, it is an opportunity to take merit on the fight against global warming, and the creation of jobs.  The sustainability of the solutions does not interest either the industrialists, the politicians or the economists, because energy has to be paid for it, otherwise, in the wrong logic of the world ruling classes, the economy does not run. The sustainability of the solutions does not interest either the industrialists, the politicians or the economists, because the energy must be paid for it, otherwise, in the wrong logic of the world ruling classes, the economy does not turn. In reality, instead, with clean energy, which would not cost anything, we would have an even more advanced technological development, more jobs and greater equity in the distribution of world wealth.

Hydrogen energy like all the world energies, and a commercial energy, mono thematic, where one single source of energy is exploited, is witnessing, once again, the failure of world public science in terms of environment and energy. In fact, the role of public science should not be the current one, which supports private science together with the legislators to regulate environmental aspects and limit the toxic emissions.

The role of public science was to study the organization of world work and to identify interactive systems that were simultaneously productive, energetic and purifying, as the general state of the art grew in all sectors of human activities. In other words, she had to lead the world to achieve the right energy, in the right place, at the right time, interfacing, moment by moment, with the natural environmental cycles, in particular, the natural cycle of carbon and the global alkalinity of water. When the undersigned had, vaguely, this intuition was a simple expert in the organization of the work of the automobile industry and its production facilities. To deepen the subject immediately resigned from the big industry and began to work in a small company that worked in a sub-contracts of the public sector, above all, lifting and distributing water and purification. To deepen the subject resigned from the big industry and began to work in a small company that worked in a sub-contracts of the public sector, above all, lifting and distributing water and purification. These have led to the creation of interactive energies or interactive depurations, according to which the prevailing aspect of the work is more energetic, or purifying, but in all plants the interactivity between water and air is always present. because it is fundamental both for purifying water that the air, both to produce energy.

These public utility solutions, which are not commercial and mono thematic, such as current energy and purification solutions, have been reported on the website and grown only virtually, because no world body has ever funded them. However, virtual evolution, which lasted only ten years of one person's work, has reached the highest expression of efficiency with compressed hydropower, which protects the environment while it produces energy and multiplies the energy and purification yields in proportion to the working pressure, according to the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry. Obviously, without combining with an incompressible liquid and circulating it in a pressurized tank by means of a pump with a separate double feed up to the impeller, compressed air cannot be used as an energy source. Therefore, we should not be surprised that this energy has never been produced but, once the operation has been identified and explained, given the simplicity, we must marvel at the silence of world science, which causes the branches of science to lose credibility too. worked well until now. They should be the same branches of the sciences that protect the environment and human health to protest against the series of interminable public and private errors that occur in the environment and energy sector since the advent of the industrial age. Too many mistakes and too many world silences cannot be random.

The current world of single-issue energy solutions, in which the world's leading public and private research companies participate, has finally given birth to the hydrogen engine, after one hundred and fifty years since the invention of the heat engine. For myself, this can not compete with the hydroelectric engine compressed for efficiency, practicality and economics.

Obviously, I am not objective in my judgments, being the inventor of an alternative solution, but I think I have amply demonstrated that it was not profit making me become a retired environmental inventor, having never received any profit from such activity. I gave up job offers and part of my savings to file valid patents as certificates, but without any legal value because the laws do not protect inventors but entrepreneurs, who can pay for protection. I have only sown and collected national and international silences. However, let's get to the heart of the argument, so that anyone can contradict me.

What is hydrogen in transport? Hydrogen is a chemical energy vector, which is used to produce mechanical energy through the combustion chamber of an almost common thermal engine, or reacted with oxygen to instantly produce the electrical energy needed to push an electric motor. Therefore, there are two types of hydrogen engines:

HICEV: acronym for Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle, as a vehicle with hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine.

FCEV: acronym of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, where hydrogen is used for the immediate production of electricity that feeds the electric engine.

In both cases hydrogen (which is not found in nature but must be produced, with high costs, extracting it from fossil energy or water electrolysis) to be used on transport means must be compressed  due to low energy density on a volumetric basis, and distributed by plants specially designed and diffuse throughout the territory. It must be transferred to high pressure (700 bar) on means of transport and consumed to produce energy in the aforementioned HICEV and FCEV systems. Instead, compressed air does not cost anything and is not consumed, because it uses only the static pressure, working like a spring  (, the energy produces water or hydraulic oil that have a medium density eight hundred times higher than air and 10,000 times higher than hydrogen, it circulates using the principles of Pascal and Torricelli, which feed a pump used as a hydraulic turbine connected to an alternator. The discharged fluid  from turbine is inserted back into the pressurized recycle circuit with the compressed air by means of the pump with the separate dual supply until the impeller, which is the most powerful energy invention of all time, although it is also the simplest: just modify a pump with an existing closed impeller (for other less powerful applications, open impellers are also good). As a result we do not need an expensive hydrogen distribution network nationally and globally, because we have an almost infinite autonomy of exercise, consuming only the air that dissolves in the liquid by the principle of Henry. Moreover, the compressed air can be used under any pressure for other purifying and energetic uses, as shown in the attached figure.  The world's ruling class has lost its mind since the advent of the industrial era, wanting to charge the energy that costs nothing to users at all costs. For this reason I do not claim industrial property on compressed hydropower, but I expect the world to recognize the copyright that is recognized by all authors of works of intellect, if and when in the world, science and justice will work together in the interests of all.

 But on this front the scientists, legislators and the international judges are also silent. Probably, they would like a retiree to make prototypes competing with transport, energy and purification multinationals, which are divided the sectors, with the complacency of politics and public science. . The latter is not only advantaged because the international tax authorities pay the taxpayers, but also sells its patents to private companies with the complicity of the legislators.

Today, private inventors who deal with the environment and energy are considered competitors of public science and multinationals. They have to pay taxes on their own, and they do not find buyers because the multinationals, by buying patents from public science, implicitly, also adapt to existing regulations. In fact, the regulations cannot exceed the state of the art and the environmental state of the art is determined by public science and legislators by imposing the limits of toxic emissions to be respected.

It is obvious that this system has faults of insurmountable origin that drag along with the advent of the industrial age, for the simple fact that public and private energy and environmental plants have not been designed with multidisciplinary criteria, therefore, they can not close all the toxic cycles that open. The undersigned showed that by designing plants differently, fossil energy could be completely cleaned but only on fixed installations, not on transport. Since these solutions have been ignored by public bodies and legislators, it is obvious that these solutions have also been ignored by multinationals. However, the criterion of the multidisciplinarity and the interactivity of the environmental and energy solutions, continuing to be deepened, has led the undersigned to find a cold energy solution that does not open thermal and chemical cycles, which can also be installed on means of transport, which it is precisely the compressed hydroelectric energy. Obviously, as this solution of public research bodies worldwide and by lawmakers is ignored, this solution has also been ignored by transport multinationals, but it has also been ignored by the thousands of public and private scientific commentators, without any explanation. All this happened before President Trump, considered the number one enemy of the environment, was elected. For myself, it is better to have only one enemy to beat, than millions of hidden enemies, who do not fight for their own ideas but for those of their masters.

One must wonder why the inventors' copyrights at international level are worth only a year, while those of the writers do not fall?  Why do world governments and legislators want to limit inventors' creativity, forcing them to become entrepreneurs and to look for lenders? Do not they know that ideas follow a scientific and technical logic, while entrepreneurs accept compromises? How can we accept compromises on inventions of social utility? For myself, inventors simply have to develop ideas and publish them. If the world is not ready to realize them, it is not a problem that concerns the inventor, but the whole society. Intellectual property is an inalienable right that can be transferred only with the sale of the invention, not with the decay of the same, because it cannot be financed.

Today, we cannot be surprised if authorities and entrepreneurs do not respond to interactive energies. Above all, above all, if they highlight the non-sense of the many environmental and energy inventions that have occurred in the last century and a half, which damage the environment and the health of citizens. I do not pretend that my inventions are carried out, but that at least my work is respected. My inventions, being of public utility, if they do not like them, must be frozen, without time limits and without tax payments that can not be due, in order to maintain patents that the world authorities of the environment and energy impede.  If and when copyrights are understood and realized and the copyright will run, the inventor would have to pay taxes. Current laws do not grant this elementary right. If on the legal level we are at this level of incivility, on the technical level, we are even worse, because the public procurement system is not open to inventors' creativity, but to the realization of great works, wrong by the foundations, where the organization of environmental scientific work, based on the closure of organic and inorganic cycles moment by moment and on the synergies between science and technology have never entered.  Today we have huge thermal plants and water purifiers that make partial cycles, while urban air purification has never started, as it did not start in the high furnaces where steel is produced, because the plants had to be designed globally, following the cycle of the carbon in factories and in the same urban centers, as the industrial production increases, the number of inhabitants or cars that circulate. I wrote these things to the European and world public bodies without ever having been taken into consideration (, / european-environmental-competition /) 

How is it possible that after a century and a half of unbridled industrial development, yet no one has understood that nature by creating compressible air and incompressible air, created the perfect perpetual motion, which we can copy and enhance almost indefinitely, increasing the air pressure, the precision of the machining and the quality of the materials. Probably, the invention of the compressed hydroelectric would not have arrived even if I had the economic means for the various experiments carried out by public and private research bodies. As they say, those who have no means sharpen their ingenuity. In this case, I tried to copy things already experienced by nature and legislated by important scientists of the past such as Pascal, Torricelli, Henry. If we take the case, what happens between the oceans and atmospheric perturbations is a continuous transformation of air pressure energy into the kinetic energy of water, without altering and consuming either of the two elements. In the systems proposed by the undersigned for necessity, the volumes of water are reduced and the pressures are increased, obviously, putting also the pump with the double separate power supply, the pump used as a turbine and the one-way pressurized tank which does not expand the air cushion. These solutions are certainly more efficient, less complicated and expensive than a thermal or hydrogen engine, which produce energy, starting from zero, in non-natural processes, without exploiting the advantageous conditions made available by the incompressible liquid, compressible air and solubility of purifying oxygen.

The whole society, when it will understand that it has wasted time improving systems with defects of insuperable origin, such as CO2 emissions, or simply economic due to wrong production cycles that involve unnecessary heating (in thermal plants); useless energy accumulators (in discontinuous energies and in battery-powered cars); useless transformations and compressions that are exhausted (in cars with only compressed air or compressed hydrogen)? Sustainable transport, but also sustainable purification, can only be done with the system that the undersigned has copied from nature. The ruling class is silent because it is afraid that I am right. I wonder what are the reasons why even the people are silent together with trade unions and environmental associations.  What has to lose to believe in alternative science rather than the words of the opposition parties that when they ruled, did the same things as the current rulers?

I think that we citizens have the right and the duty to make alternative projects if we have the abilities, or simply, we think we have them. Governments have a duty to respond to the scientific and technical viewpoint, do not be silent only to defend their solutions, which were wrong, otherwise no citizen of common sense, with more than forty-years of experience in industrial and environmental design and achievements, he would propose changes. Unfortunately, it is quite obvious in today's society that a single citizen is not listened to by the powerful and probably not even by international judges if he understands that his solutions, regardless of the value of the projects, are not shared by the people who would benefit.   

What are net work? Only to criticize politicians? Where are the projects of environmental associations and trade unions, which collect funds and consents only to finance marches and protests? They do not know that the marches and protests without alternative projects end up financing a greater quantity of plants equal to the existing ones. Or new energy increasingly unsustainable economically. Is this what they want? They say it clearly. Above all the trade unions, they should know the organization of work. If they knew it, they would understand that work is created above all by extending the work cycles to the environmental aspects as well. This concerns all human activities, because wherever you work you must close the cycles that open. In fact, the current purifiers, conceptually, are all wrong. The trade union leaders and environmental associations can not follow the same training courses as industrial managers. The responses that computers provide are dependent on the information that is inserted into the programs. The responses provided by world experts in the environment and energy depend on their experiences and the projects they have published. If none of these experts has never talked about global systems of environmental protection, of interactive energies between water and air, of compressed hydroelectric energy that could replace the thermal engines, because they continue to consult these experts to rehabilitate the Ilva of Taranto, protect Venice from high waters and channel pollution, solve the problems of floods and droughts, the problem of CO2 emissions?  How the environment can be purified globally and how sustainable energy can be produced is reported in detail on, but who wrote these things is isolated from the public and private ruling classes, while the oppositions they are watching and among these there are also religious institutes (

Today in the world, all the progressives are against the American president Trump. For myself, if there were no Trump, we would have to invent it, because it highlights the inefficiency and the hypocrisies of progressive positions. If they want to defeat Trump's positions, they have to do it economically, but none of the opponents enter the economic detail of the solutions, because they support inefficient solutions. In fact, if they put their divisions aside and focus only on interactive energies, Trump and his supporters, they should be silent forever, since the energy policies they support, besides being polluting, are also, above all, anti-economic. Trump does not do any favors for the American economy. But this must be understood first by opponents, like Al Gore, who travel the world by supporting renewable energies and purifying systems that are worthless.

For myself, the basic principles to create development and work are based on the design of complete systems that give the maximum yield with the least expense. This, today does not happen, in any system created by man, who has not been able to copy from nature and continues to not know how to do, with the complacency of the people, who protests, but is afraid to think with his own head, having delegated the politics and public and private science to solve these delicate tasks. Unfortunately, scientific alliances between public and private research institutions have not created alternative solutions, but collaborations and sales of one-way patents, which cut out alternative solutions with the collaboration of legislators. It is no coincidence that public bodies do not respond by seeing private inventors as competitors in the sale of patents. It was not by chance that the Eni multinational company in 2011, wrote to me that it was not interested in my solution to clean fossil energy, because it already complied with existing regulations. As if the rules, accepting the limits of emissions of toxic substances, have solved the problems, which instead resolve, as demonstrated by the undersigned, changing solutions and energy sources. It is no coincidence that the Siemens multinational, you write to me that it is not interested in my solutions, but cannot explain the reasons why it is not interested. I know these reasons very well and I have amply explained them: "the alliance between public and private research has favored commercial solutions instead of interactive ones, which would have protected the environment and saved resources" Although I am convinced that patents of public utility should not have any industrial property but only intellectual, not finding public interlocutors available to listening, I was forced to look for interlocutors even among private companies, who live by a huge amount of products industrial problems, not in the concepts but in the dimensions of the products and the inflated market (pumps, compressors, heat engines, electric motors, hydraulic turbines, gas, steam, air conditioners, boilers, current transformers). All these inventions are useful, indeed indispensable, but with the conception of the interactive energies, between water and air, they will be of different dimensions from the current ones, in order to be more useful, more practical, cheaper. This involves the renewal and rationalization of the entire global electromechanical industry. Those who have conceived the rules of economic development penalizing those who have ideas through the alliances between public bodies, multinationals, bureaucracy, industrial property, are ruining the environment, the health of citizens and the dignity of work. Interactive energy, above all, compressed can not continue to be hidden in the interests of everyone.

The lack of responses of the institutional bodies and the ambiguous responses of the multinationals, have confirmed to the undersigned that he should continue to work alone, not being able to expect any collaboration from those who warmed the planet and who hides behind compliant laws and the patent system that does not grants copyrights to those who do not want and can not pay industrial property. Who established that public utility patents should be industrially protected to compensate for the work of the inventors? Is not the regularly registered intellectual property sufficient? The ambiguity or incompetence of world legislation is at the origin of the lack of alternative development, because, no inventor, if he has a family to maintain, can afford to go against the tide, to pay the taxes of deposit and maintenance, as it is success to me, with 32 non-financed environmental patents, one of which turned into European and five international.

However, these patents have shown that to create wellbeing and development, there are no miraculous scientific and technological inventions, but more or less complete systems that have to open and close all the cycles they open, with the minimum expense and maximum efficiency, without making collateral damages. Collateral damage produces the wrong and incomplete fixed and mobile implants. All current energy and all current energy systems have failed on this. For obvious economic reasons, hydrogen has already failed. It has not failed the interactive hydropower compressed energy because it has received zero euros of public and private funding, despite having obvious, prospects for energy efficiency, purification, very low costs and operating autonomy not comparable to any created system of man.

In fact, in the event of exceptional disasters, such as large floods, major earthquakes, major wars, all current energy systems become inefficient because they lack the sources of energy supply or storage of the same. L’unica energia completamente autonoma è proprio l’energia idroelettrica compressa, ignorata dalle istituzioni, dalle multinazionali, dalle associazioni ambientali, dai sindacati, dalla stampa scientifica. Today, despite the internet, scientific information is paid. If I had the money to pay for many scientific journals, they would have published the articles. Even Twitter gets paid to keep a socially useful message online a little more than normal Of course, it is much better than before, because some website is an exception and good or bad, with much effort, even the voice of an isolated inventor can make itself heard, but to undermine the power system we must not fossilize only on political scandals, It is necessary to enter into the merits of the systems that create and manage world wealth. If we want real progress, it is necessary to avoid the trade in patents between public and private bodies and to separate the industrial property from the intellectual world, especially on inventions of social utility. Today, alliances between powerful public bodies and powerful multinationals, which have wronged the energy and purification solutions and warmed the planet, are hindering the emergence of logical and sustainable solutions, while their employees are bound to corporate loyalty, not to the moral one. This is a serious against sense for global public bodies who commit publicly the crime of omission of acts of office, contemplated in the "Coding Project on responsibility of States for internationally wrongful acts", signed and not respected by almost every cent ninety-six sovereign states in 2001 at the United Nations. International justice and science, not biased, can not allow the whole world to be governed by hypocrisy, otherwise the rulers will become increasingly ignorant and arrogant, continuing to believe they are right, just because nobody is opposed.  Or those who oppose do not know how to design alternative solutions.

Who can demonstrate these things scientifically if the best brains are selected from universities to work according to directives that do not allow the emergence of alternatives? Donald Trump's shoulder to the internet, which gets faster for those who pay, does not go in that direction? The facts show that those who work for the common good and only some naive, discarded by the centers of power because they did not graduate with honors and some undervalued retiree, who has nothing to lose, like myself. Too little to bring out alternative solutions such as interactive hydroelectric energy compressed to produce energy and decompressed to lift heavy weights and move into the atmosphere. This last aspect is important because even today science is not explained how ancient works such as pyramids and temples of Maia culture have shifted hundreds of kilometers with considerable variations in altitude, large boulders of stones worked in one piece, weighing hundreds of tons. Lifting and moving large weights into the atmosphere can only happen with the production of a powerful energy that costs nothing, having to create a vacuum around the load to be lifted, as the undersigned hypothesized in the solution illustrated in http: // The ancient works, which do not find scientific explanations, could be much older than currently estimated, since the dating of these works is done indirectly, based on the fossil and organic residues surrounding the artifacts.  With a little delay, these days, I'm reading an interesting book by Graham Hancock, titled " Imprints of the gods", having been published for about twenty years. In this book, with many scientific and mythological quotes, we advance the well-founded suspicion, that we are not the first inhabitants of the earth and that other men have preceded us, reaching a technological level very close to the current one, which has been reset by climatic upheavals , telluric and for several thousand years of absolute glaciation. We do not know whether the energy choices made by the past, presumed generation of men, have also contributed to this resettlement. Certainly, not even the past generation of men has identified compressed hydropower, because if they did, many of them would have survived the cataclysms and the glaciations, being able to produce energy on their own without commercial products. If what is written in Graham Hancock's book is true, the men who disappeared without leaving obvious traces have made the same mistake as the current ruling classes, having not been able to identify the energy that would have saved their lives, without having to start again from prehistory and from Homo sapiens. The ridiculous aspect of this situation is the fact that the clean and even protective energy of the environment is also the one that would cost less. If this is not true, someone asks me to refund the damages that I produce by affirming these things. After a lifetime of work spent obeying orders without being able to reason with my head, those who govern the environment and energy, can not expect to convince me only with the silences of those who have proven not to be able to design globally for the environment, energy, industry, urbanity and agriculture. There is only one way of planning globally in all human activities and that is to close moment by moment, all the cycles that open in the same or adjacent plants. If we do not close them, we put into play the life and future of our children and grandchildren. If we love our loved ones, there is no room for negotiation with the powerful of the earth who continue to show their ignorance, entrusting the design of the plants to those who, in one hundred and fifty years of industrial development have not realized even one complete, or that vaguely resemble the installations reported on Where the cycles open and close respecting the environment, or simply do not open. What's so complicated?

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone 


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