When, TWELVE years ago, I decided to devote my experience, my time and my savings to study environmental and energy solutions applicable globally to protect the environment, create jobs and food, I did not know it would be so difficult to find interlocutors in the whole world with all the qualified people who deal with the same problems. As I went on with my job and I was trying to communicate, not getting answers from public and private entities. This is not discouraged me but made me realize, even more, what I already knew: the splitting of the skills of the men, of science, of companies, does not allow the construction of anthropogenic installations that report the mineral to land and carbonates to seas. To err is human, but to persevere in so many developing new technologies, ignoring the synergies, is diabolical.The organization of industrial production theorized by Taylor and applied, especially by Henry Ford at the beginning of the last century, which is the basis of the current industrial development, has never been extended in the basic concepts of environmental protection and the production of 'energy. These concepts are not only based on human labor and robots regulated in detail, but also on the layout of the production departments and the organization of transport services, which allow the treatment, processing and assembly of components in the right place and at the right time to increase productivity and quality. If we consider territory as a great company to deal with departments industrial, urban, agricultural, purifying and energy, becomes fundamental Lay out and connection systems. It would benefit, particularly, the purification industry, where organic sewage, treated immediately, produce energy, treated late absorb it. It would be valid also in the production of fossil energy and organic, because the CO2, combined with the management of water can be used in favor of the environment, while not combined, is the main greenhouse gas. It would be valid also in the management of surface water pollution from agriculture, which forced to go through the production facilities of biological energy consume nitrates and phosphates. Would also be true in the production of hydroelectric power, which is produced using the hydraulic jump involves the flooding of the valleys of the mountains and the danger of flooding, while produced downstream, using only the hydrostatic head would bring oxygen into the seabed, fighting eutrophication.

In this section there is a list of "IFQuestions" not tackled by the authorities of world environment and there are references to indicate in which "patent files" are dealt with and resolved the problems.

We do not allow ourselves to criticize the work done previously by the authorities of of the environment and other designers of systems. We see where there are problems and seek solutions because we want to work together to improve, not to destroy the work done previously. But, above all, the environmental authorities, who are still silent against patent files 1-2-3-4, above mentined, that are older than two years, should clarify whether in addition to speaking they really want to protect the environment and create jobs.

These are the principal "IFquestion":


1) If in the calculation of the prevalence of a pump we subtract the positive head agent on the suction side of the same, means that the hydrostatic energy is recognized by science, normally used, does not need to experimentation, but only to find new applications to transform in energy a very small part of the energy contained in the water covering three-quarters of the planet. for which reason we are looking for solar, wind, nuclear, coal, organic, hydro-electricity with hydraulic jump? It is not enough to overturn the axial pumps intubate, immersing them 20-30 -50 – 100 m below the water level in lakes and seas and under them, in the same tube, insert a ducted turbine, that uses the kinetic energy produced from the electric pump to produce by means of the plant submerged and a watertight current generator, an amount of energy tens of times higher than that absorbed by the pump, dependent on installation depth? (patent files 7-8)

 2) If urban air pollution is a problem why not change the smokestacks and make the sewers purifying water and urban air? (patent files 1-3- 4- 5)

3) If the planet is warming why we waste heat in the waters that come from thermal plants and does not recover to produce new energy? (patent files 1-2-3-4-)

4) If the city can not dissipate the heat, why we heat them even more with external units of air conditioners? (patent files 5)

5) If CO2 reacting with calcium and water produces carbonates that fight acidification of lakes and seas why you are spending huge resources to achieve the CCS (carbon capture sequestraction) that also reduces the energy efficiency of fuels and do not invest the same resources to recover along with the heat to produce new energy and combat acidification global? (patent files1-2-3-4-5)

6) If the aquifers are filling of nitrates, phosphorus and arsenic, why sewage farm does not convey to the thermal plants and in addition to cool them release the nutrients and arsenic in biological ponds overlapping, also fighting eutrophication? (patent files 1-2-3-4-5)

7) If they become more and more frequent floods in autumn and winter and summer droughts, why you continue to build dams to flood the valleys of the mountains and do not build reservoirs and ponds biological overlapping downstream, close to the thermal plants, in parallel, not in series watercourses, preventing floods and drought, chilling plants, purifying and alkalizing water?  (patent files 1-2-3-4)

8) If the pollution of surface waters of lakes and coastal areas and marine port has become a serious problem, why at critical points such as river mouths do not realize purification plants and alkalinization of surface water with greenhouses and limestone higher sedimentation subjected, that extract the sludge and send them to the digesters to produce energy? We can do this by producing more energy than we consume if combining purifiers with submarine energy production (patent files 1-2-3-4-7)

9) If the pollution of the deepest depths of lakes and coastal areas and port has become a serious problem why not begin now to produce hydropower submerged in those areas, by superimposing an electric pump and an axial ducted turbine ducted equally? we do not know and that the continuous pumping of surface water in the seabed is an oxidation treatment? Do this producing and seeing energy is not profitable?

10) It is true that meat production of the animal is very expensive, having to work the land to feed them, build stables, take care of them, would not be easier to colonize the oceans with works of mechanical engineering and hydraulic to lift for nutrients and carbonates from the flat ocean? This solution, in addition to producing large quantities of fish, also reproduce the alkalinity of surface waters that we have lost because of industrial and urban wrong, that unfortunately the world's authorities continue to allow. (patent files 6)

Luigi Antonio Pezone


All these questions are still unanswered, and all inventions are still without environmental funding in the world because the synergies are used only to produce weapons and consumer goods. Environmental protection is realized in watertight compartments, forgetting the fundamental principles of physics, chemistry, chemistry, biology and geology. Forgetting also that we share the winds the oceans and the atmosphere. Every country  has the right to political autonomy and religious. No one has the right to autonomy of the environment. In the world there should be a competition between nations to seek the best solutions for the global protection of the environment, instead the competition is between those who hides best them for not to admit that it's all to be redone. Even scientists closer to the United Nations wants to bury the CO2 for  not break down the large power that do not allow the sustainable use of CO2 in the production of alkaline water and carbonic fertilizer in greenhouses food production and biological energy, All these lies and these silences, even more serious of the lies, can be defeated only through democracy of the Internet.


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