World science is losing itself in a big glass of water while the Nobel prizes look only in the direction of their specializations. They did not spend a single word in favor of or against the interactive water and air systems published at, without public or private funds, but only on the basis of the experience and reasoning of a pensioner who Has considered it opportune to change the majority of the energy, purification and management systems of water and air. Today's current energy and purification plants do not exploit the synergies between water, air, gravitational forces, pressures, physical and chemical principles that, instead, interfere perfectly, to produce energy, purification and hydraulic lifting without other energy sources. In fact, these elements work together for many billion years. All we have to do is create hydraulic, mechanical, electromagnetic machines that contact them as best they can.  The source of energy is the compressibility of the air and the incompressibility of the water, while the purifying source is the solubility of oxygen contained in the air in relation to the environmental pressure (Henry's law). The fragmentation of scientific and technological work has been a major damage to humanity as a whole. So there are many sciences and many parallel technologies that are in competition with each other, aiming to exploit individual scientific principles. It is been neglected the search for the most simple and effective solution, which required the access key to exploit, simultaneously physical principles, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic, electromagnetic. This key was the pump with the dual supply until to the impeller. The absence of this pump, which by the hint could have been invented before the thermal engines, has complicated things, allowing the waste of immense resources and opening up polluting and dangerous cycles that science has not been able to close, such as thermal and nuclear energy. The failure of these two powerful energies has led to current renewables such as solar panels and wind turbines, which have nothing interactive and low returns. While water purification, purifiers, far from pollution, only waste resources to regenerate sewage degraded sewage. Urban air purification does not exist. It would be enough to produce interactive energy everywhere and we would not have heard about water and air pollution, global warming and even of bills to pay. Everyone would have self-produced the energy that he needs to warm up, cool down, to cook to work the earth, or to travel on earth in water and in the sky, without consuming either water or air, but only the wear of hydraulic machines Mechanical and electromagnetic systems that extract energy from the environment. Not having water and air commercial value, certainly, there would be no speculations on the stock market and wars to seize energy sources. By producing more potent pressurized energy than that produced by dams and large water basins, we would not alter the natural water distribution, favoring droughts and floods. Finally, who said that we need internal combustion engines to travel? Does not the science know that combustion serves to produce compressed gases running gas cylinders and turbines? Does the power of the thermal engines have nothing to do with the gas temperature but with the flow and the pressure of the same? Did not the science think that compressed air can transfer its strength to uncompressible and recyclable water by turning hydraulic turbines of any size on the means of transport? Where are the politics, the legislature, the justice, who do not claim complete scientific and technological applications, so that they do not harm? Are they afraid to ask too much about science, who can not do miracles? The interactive energy with water and air is not a miracle. It was always in the hands of the advent of the industrial era. It is much simpler, economical, clean and powerful than the thermal one. It was only to reason differently and autonomously, without copying each other. As they have always done with the old and new energies, which will never be interactive and powerful such as compressed hydropower


The SPAWHE (SINERGIC PLANTS, ARTIFICIAL WELLING, HYDROELECTRIC (PRESSURIZED) ENERGY) abbreviation should make it clear to politicians and economists who rule the planet Earth, who cannot blindly trust the corporatism of human sciences and technology. Only science and technology applied globally can approach in some way to the chemical and biological processes developed by nature over billions of years. However, as demonstrated by the SPAWHE system, the synergic application of science and technology known to the state of the art today would already suffice to overcome the current problems of our time: global warming, desertification, alluvial prevention, sustainable desalination, Hunger and unemployment. If, today, these problems seem unresolved, it is only because technicians and world scientists are divided into many disciplines and not organized to work in the common interest. I write these things because I have noticed them in a working life as a design engineer and plant installer in industry and in the environment. For this reason, I have tried to design the depurative and energy plants differently and to patent the new solutions.

Who has always had the monopoly of purification and energy choices, and has not gone through the experiences of the organization of industrial work, can not grasp the reasons for environmental failures and at the same time those who focus only on industrial aspects can not expand the cycles of collateral work to create a global development and to correct defects in industrial products from an environmental point of view. When I concluded my work, I thought I would also rewrite the homepage of SPAWHE and entrust all my work to International Courts because I believe that all other categories, public and private, in one way or another , Involved in design choices or management of the environment and energy, are more concerned with hiding their mistakes and defending their own interests than solving problems. There can be no scientific, technological and economic progress without respect for ethical rules and common interests. Faced with almost all the man-made systems that do not close the carbon cycle and may close it without CO2 emissions, or at least not open it, who has to be vigilant if does not do this justice? For the undersigned, unfortunately, it is clear that the institutional organs placed in the protection of the environment pretend not to understand the interactive energy between water and air, although it has no secret formulas but it only needs more practical and concrete applications of physics, Hydrodynamics and electrohydraulic constructions, exploiting better, above all, the Pascal principle for energy purposes and those of Henry and Dalton for purifying the polluted waters. Can progress be continued to look for solutions to global warming, when solutions have always been simple and within reach?

I am sure that my method of work has been corrected because I did not choose the simplest way to propose new environmental and energy solutions, but the hardest one: to follow step by step, wherever the degenerative cycles are produced and closed as soon as possible without making any distinction between water and air pollution, but through global processes. If such global processes have led to simple and low cost economic solutions, it is good for the whole of humanity, even though it is necessary to demolish many wrong installations.

It has not been a case that in my solutions the sewer system has become the world's leading water and air purification system. Even the fumes from the chimneys are purified in the subsoil and the chimneys themselves are modified to capture fumes. The integration of purifying processes in the production cycles of pollution has led to gradually changing everything, mainly to eliminate large thermal power plants and large purifiers that cannot naturally close the organic and inorganic cycles produced by the pollution.

The current world class leader does not understand that to combat global warming requires a new scientific organization of the world's work and strategic new inventions that allow the applications without exceptions. It is also necessary to study the interactivity of inventions with other processes and the physical, chemical and biological connections that no one from the advent of the industrial era has been concerned to look for. This type of research could be called environmental Taylorism in honor of the one, that in 1911, theorized the scientific organization of work in the manufacturing industry, which allowed the great production of series and accessibility to all useful and commercial inventions such as cars, household appliances, radio, television, computers.

What is still left out of this great process of modernizing society is precisely the organizational aspects of environmental work, which, on the contrary, should have anticipated industrial ones, avoiding the wrong choices made by industry, in particular thermal power plants and Nuclear ones that do not close open cycles and heat engines that can not close them in the small space they have available. Unfortunately, the scientific organization of environmental work involves the redesign of the entire current society according to a new model of world development that all countries must pursue if they do not bring out better solutions. Only the fools can think of having environmental autonomy from the rest of the world because the oceans, the atmosphere and the winds are common to all. Peoples can only fight for political, religious, and cultural autonomy, while the design of the environment and energy must be above the parts, scientifically studied on the environmental and economic level and approved by all countries, detailing the solutions and of the same costs. Partial solutions, though technologically advanced, such as thermal engines, produced in billions of specimens, cause irreversible damage to the environment and the human food system since the acidification process of the planet following a logarithmic curve, as well as the acidifying processes Is entering the acute phase, becoming irreversible. However, at world tops of all kinds, above all, COPs organized by the UN, there has never been talk of new solutions, but only generically reducing the percentage of CO2 emitted into the environment. Indeed, the last summit in Paris was retracted by US President Trump because he felt disadvantageous to the American economy.

But what do they know the politicians, economists, scientists, who advise the President Trump and the other presidents of the 196 sovereign states of sustainable processes and real global economy if no one has ever put together working groups entering in the alternative solutions details of environmental and energy? In the entire world by the advent of the industrial era, it was not spent a single dollar to clean CO2 from fossil energy properly according to the nature (producing with a cold cycle carbonates in the water), and even to produce a few kilowatts of interactive energy between Water and air, although it is the most powerful energy in the world.

It should not be forgotten that temperatures in the current heat engines are about 1200 oC and pressures of about 40 bar. What produces energy is not the temperature but the pressure and the gas flow that drives the cylinders or passes through a gas turbine. This system, despite a century and a half of worldwide experiments and improvements, in addition to polluting sulfur, nitrogen, lead, carbon, fine dust and CO2 emissions, does not exceed 35% lower fuel power. While in compressed air pressurized hydropower plants, we can choose, on a case-by-case basis, the working pressure, the minimum required in domestic installations, to the maximum in means of transport, especially aircraft, to reduce the weights and the size of the Plants that produce energy with only water and air. As we have said above, we can achieve very high static pressures (above 2790 bar), but if we stop at only one hundred bars allowed by the state of the art of multistage pumps that can be used as turbines, we can already say that hydro-electric pressurized air systems compressed without fuel and without pollution, have the potential to be at least 2.5 times more powerful thermal energy, only according to the ratio of the working pressures usable current state of the art (100/40). But these plants are also less bulky without needing tanks with thousands of pounds of fuel, among other things, bought at a fair price. The means of transport will not need to stop at distributors along the streets or intermediate airports to fill the tanks. While ships will not need large tanks for diesel fuel.

In these systems, you should not be afraid of high pressures because they are static pressures that solicit only the outer casings of the pumps and tanks. The impeller of the pump with the double separate supply until the impeller is unstressed, working with the balanced pressure in suction and discharge. While for multistage pumps used as turbines, only the first impellers are used at maximum pressure, as pressure drops from one stage to the next. For a lucky circumstance, current technology makes it possible to use multistage pumps as turbines, which with clean water already as written can reach 100 bar pressures. It is obvious that these pumps used as turbines would transform the electric thrust into the impellers on a series, just as when the same pump uses them to raise water, consuming energy instead of producing it. But in the case of pressurized hydropower, the energy together provide the principle of Pascal pressing with the compressed air like a spring on the surface of the water, and the principle of Torricelli that makes the water come out through a submerged mouth that feeds the turbine. While the pump with the double separate power supply until to the impeller enables to insert at the same time, again, the same amount of water discharged from the turbine in the internal recycling circuit to the pressurized tank, entering from the suction side, and therefore bypassing the hydrostatic pressure of tank in an infinite loop. Obviously, if it is considered convenient, we can replace the water with hydraulic oil in the heat engines.

Therefore, fossil energy is not only more polluting than interactive water-to-air energy but also less economic and less powerful. Science is losing its prestige because it is never applied globally. Whoever fights for the global application of science is isolated from the power centers that still persevere to realize great energy, purification, hydroelectric and nuclear works that are unable to close the cycles that open and do not recover the water that produces energy to combat desertification. Current hydroelectric plants cost a lot of flooding, while with very little money we could produce hydroelectric power at the corners of the earth and at all hours of day and night, even in car hoods. Those who continue to manage the environment and energy into this absurd way but scientists can not be considered criminals, as gangsters and those who create wars, not because they have the wrong solutions (to err is human), but why pretend to not include all together. This is not possible without agreeing against sustainable innovations proposed outside the power centers. To safeguard science globally, it is necessary for International Justice to intervene, because the facts have widely demonstrated in all areas that if science is not applied globally it becomes counterproductive. As a sum can not be made if the columns of the numbers are not aligned, the protection of the environment can not work with randomly installed facilities on the territory and without the interactive links shown on

The science and technology of the industrial age, applied to stagnant compartments, allowed that not only the thermal phenomenon, but also the chemical and biological ones introduced by humans, alter the elementary substances of which nature is constituted by means of solutions Industrial, depurative and incomplete energies that do not close properly and completely the chemical and biological cycles they open. This destructive process was especially attended by the world's public research organizations, which should have led the legislators and private businesses. This is the real cause of global warming.  Pretending to have no responsibility on the part of world public research organizations and even to continue financing through the patents sale to private individuals as a sign of continuity of systems that have been wrong, without changing the way, involves only an aggravation of global phenomena. It is necessary to free public and private public property from industrial property, recognizing inventor’s intellectual property, such as writers. Companies aspiring to the industrial property of patents of public utility have to prepare themselves the inventions, or paying private inventors, cannot buy inventions from public research organizations, creating conflicts of interest and alliances that impede the protection of the environment.

Public utility inventions do not have to pay patent filing fees and maintaining them if they are not made by anyone and are not marketed. Lawmakers who claim such fees from inventors, regardless of inventions, do not know what they are doing, or they want to discourage inventions from private inventors who cannot afford to pay these taxes without making profits from their jobs. La Giustizia di livello superiore non può consentire queste ingiustizie che penalizzano la creatività nella risoluzione dei problemi ambientali che stanno riscaldando il pianeta. Superior Justice can not allow these injustices that penalize creativity in solving environmental problems that are heating the planet. None of the forty patent patents of the undersigned have ever been realized, why would the inventor pay such fees? It would not be logical to wait for patents to be understood and realized, perhaps from future generations. If they create profit in the companies that will realize them, they will recognize the author's rights, the author or the heirs. Is not this the way the writers are treated?

The Kyoto Protocol required an in-depth analysis of the phenomena that are heating the planet, analyzing the past to understand what was to be eliminated, what was to be preserved and what to be stimulated. Scientists and technicians would have to work together, studying cross-cutting solutions to science and technology, without part-time interests, saving through studying new industrial, environmental and energy plant engineering solutions. But not even the United Nations has understood the way to go. Even today, everyone continues to do what they have always done, certainly improving processes, returns, and technology. If we compare the performance and emissions of a boiler or a 30-year-old thermal engine to those of today, we are astonished by the improvement we have, but that does not mean that we have solved the fundamental problem of global warming, which is the complete shutdown cycle CO2. Which can only be closed through an inorganic chemical process that covers billions of plants around the world, fixed and mobile.

Is not it strange that no world-wide public-law entities and even lawmakers have shown interest in the plants proposed by the undersigned at for the chemical cleaning of CO2, at least in fixed installations? If they have been silent, how could private companies shown their interest, they that only comply with the norms?

To fully understand the SPAWHE system, which is the only global sustainable development model developed with science principles and cross-cutting technologies, without any party interest, you need to read everything, starting from older files that are in the lower part of the list vertically placed at the start page. The older ones close the cycles, including those of thermal and purifying CO2, creating unique plants.

These studies have shown that at least in fixed plants the thermal energy can be completely cleaned, but it is necessary to design them differently from the present ones, creating structural linkages at high cost. Future thermal installations should not serve to produce energy because thermal energy is not convenient, but they only need to produce steel, such as incinerators and digester gas users (

What they have not understood is that the world's public research organizations and large multinational corporations, which have immense funds, the best brains and the complicity of lawmakers, is the fact that the plants not only do not have to open cycles that can not close, but they must also be synergistic, drawing on physical and chemical principles of the basic elements that are used. In fact, synergies allow not only to improve energy efficiency and purification, but also to increase them by the pressures of water and air use.  In addition, with water circulating one-way in statically pressurized compressed air systems, there is no water consumption and only in the smallest part of the air. Only machines are consumed as in all human applications but without fuels, as energy is extracted from the environment. To continue to pretend that it does not include these simple solutions, taking advantage of the fact that their technical and scientist employees have to silence and obey, involves world silence on such solutions and an unforgivable delay in environmental clean-up, which can only begin if energy does not costs nothing and produces it dissolves oxygen in the water at all hours of day and night. Saving resources to this type of energy to invest in renewable energy that cost hundreds of times more, both in terms of investment and management, is another crime against humanity. Indeed, while it is true that current renewables are less polluting than previous energies, they are also inefficient and produce discontinuous energies, which need to be enhanced by large and expensive energy accumulation systems. While nothing changes on the part of the purifying systems, which remain isolated from interactive energy processes, they can not enjoy the free purification that can be provided by the energy process.

What does it mean to understand that for several centuries Henry and Dalton have said that the gases, including the air, dissolve in water proportionally to exercise pressure? So, by producing energy with water and compressed air, we could clean the water in every corner of the earth without the existing purifiers and current costs, as a secondary effect of energy production, which only consumes the wear of rotating machines immersed in water (Pumps, motors, turbine alternators).

The inextricable interwoven interests of politics, science and economics embarrass the honest technicians and scientists, who are able to understand the importance of interactive energy. Unfortunately, there are few who understand, because work and research in the present and very fragmented society can not all comprehend global processes. The few who can understand them should also be heroes with a strong social conscience to oppose the general system. Personally, I do not know people with such virtues, and I myself only retire, after securing bread for survival, I have studied the solutions that I find right and disinterested in protecting the environment and producing energy.  The general silence of these solutions demonstrates beyond any doubt, that there is a network of powerful interests who are dying in band  alternatives to current energy and purifiers that are warming the planet. In the articles published on this site and through private mail I appeal to the International Courts of Justice for their inquiries, but in the meantime, not knowing if the same Courts of Justice will do anything, until I have stimuli I will continue to look for interlocutors.

 As  I update (08/12/2017) this new homepage of SPAWHE, from the same page I read that the website has received about 16.165                      visitors. They are very few compared to the world's population, but certainly they are people who in one way or another are concerned with the environmental and energy problems of our time. How is it that in such a quantity of people there is no public and private interlocutor available to the scientific and technical comparison on solutions that are not only published but also patented? The patents system, for the undersigned, has many defects and I oppose it because inventors do not have to pay deposit fees on public utility solutions. But until proven otherwise, patents are legal certificates of intellectual priorities of scientific and technological solutions. How can the present society be so unfair and ungrateful to private inventors who, without any economic means, deepen the neglected considerations of the inventions of research organizations and multinationals in the general interest?

It is precisely the reasoning neglected by public research organizations and multinationals to put their finger on the plague of global warming. All large public works thermal, hydro, nuclear, purifying, for one reason or another, were uneconomic and counterproductive for the environment. With compressed hydroelectric power, finally, economically, the thermal motors can be advantageously replaced without compromising power and size because the pressure that can be used statically in these types of systems is much higher than the exploitable dynamic pressure in the burglar chambers. But statesmen, scientists and economists, world-class entrepreneurs, now live together and feed on the systems they have created, working with such systems to most of the world's population. Not to change anything threatens the loss of jobs. People believe it. Instead, it is exactly the opposite, because the restructuring of the whole society would create work for everyone.

However, the world's ruling class continues to hide its head in the sand without doing the right things at the right place at the right time as nature would require. It is not by chance that I use the term "right" repeatedly because, in the end, technical and scientific choices are reduced to choices of justice, which must safeguard the higher interest in survival of the planet and humanity.  These values can only protect inventors and designers who invent and design more and more complete systems, as well as from an industrial point of view, even from an environmental point of view. The present company does not allow the creation of these inventors and designers, so they are penalized and isolated, both from public and private institutions. International Justice is the only one that can protect common well-being, claiming experimentation of inventions that world, public and private bodies pretend not to understand, but avoid asking explanation to inventors, having no desire to understand but only that of hiding mistakes and defending their own interests. The tasks and responsibilities of the International Judges are immense, but they would be even more immense than there were no viable alternative solutions developed in the SPAWHE system.

Indeed, today there is no world organization that is capable of designing energy and environmental systems globally, since both sciences and technologies are developed into watertight compartments, while in order to produce rational inventions it is necessary to know both the well-known work organization Industrial, and the organization of environmental work, which no one has ever developed. Today, all private world companies, not being guided by a global development model developed by the world organization in the common interest, are copying each other, making the wrong choices both on the environmental and the economic level. This involves the creation of new lobbies that have to defend at their own cost their wrong investments, which damage the environment. They threaten, above all, the dismissal of workers. But the work, for myself, who lived transversal work experience in industry and the environment, it creates, especially realizing complete cycles, primary and secondary in all human activities (Industrial, agricultural, urban and fishing) without wasting anything, while respecting the environmental rules. Today, without the organization of environmental work, there is not even the interactive energy that would surely be the cleanest, most economical and powerful energy in the world. In fact, this energy is virtual, since it has been identified through a virtual application of the environmental work organization that exists only on the website The environmental and energy situation is far behind, since many of these cycles are open and never closed to produce illicit profits, with the excuse that the state of the art does not allow the closure of such cycles. SPAWHE has demonstrated that it is not true, cycles can be closed, the design of the plant was wrong both in size, in positions and in the processes adopted. Only in mobile power plants the cycles could not be closed due to the necessary spaces and volumes. Oggi non ci sono più scuse, perché   questi sistemi esistono, almeno, virtualmente su Il sottoscritto è certo che funzionano, non per presunzione, ma perché si basano sulla logica, l’esperienza le tecnologie e principi scientifici legiferati e sperimentati, senza formule segrete. International Justice has the duty to assure it in the interest of all humanity because those who have been wrong have widely demonstrated that they want to continue to go wrong. They have a strange concept of the world work organization: By mistake you learn, but to learn you need to recognize the mistakes. If the world's majority does not recognize their mistakes the system is sick from the foundation. Science has the power not to go wrong only if it is applied globally, not to stagnant compartments. Justice must demand that open-air cycles that open in every corner of the earth are also closed without any exception, while on mobile power plants it is expected that no thermal or nuclear cycles will open which can not be completely closed. Thanks to the simple inventions of SPAWHE, all this today would be possible, but the world's ruling class ignores it. The democratic achievements gained with the French Revolution and the post-war revolution are losing despite the emergence of the Internet for over-information created in art, which never comes to the details of the solutions, so that truly inventions escape and They are never experienced and realized. These inventions, like the fantasy water engine, are considered metropolitan legends that no one truly believes. I did not believe even myself. But today it believes in the set of science principles and technologies that can get high yields from water and air together. Then it is necessary to address the institutional bodies that have a duty to understand, such as the International Courts of Justice.

The mystery of universal energy is not the planetary system, that inspires nuclear energy that man cannot control, but in the interactive exchange between physical chemistry and biology, which is increased by the pressure of the environment. Have multiple functions in the same system and an environment that acts as a catalyst and multiplier of the returns is fundamental to avoid wasting resources. For this reason all the energy produced by man are wrong, including renewable. For the same reason, the more energy efficient is one that is not born yet, mainly because it hampered by the lack of transversal competences of the world's ruling class, of the present and past: The pressurized hydro electric energy, which would replace with more efficiently also most of the water purifiers, bringing oxygen where not comes today, above all, in a polluted seabed. The specializations of the men in each sector have not helped to understand the mysteries of energy and purifications, which in reality, was only one mystery. Today has been solved by SPAWHE. It 'a fortune for all that SPAWHE, is not a powerful multinational, but the website of a simple pensioner, as long as the rulers of individual states and the United Nations, understand the years of work that there was to get to this conclusion and not to hasty conclusions, as may be the madness of the pensioner.

With the publication of 23.12.2016 regarding the domestic and shared hydropower ( it is completed  the design phase of SPAWHE, being returned the production of energy from the same place from which he had started the global purification. In fact, the SPAWHE system gradually eliminated all existing treatment plants and the current energy producing two parallel interactive systems (biological and hydro) that produce purifying energy and protecting the environment in homes, sewers, wells, lakes and rivers.

For this is necessary to write a new SPAWHE home page, leaving the old in place, which is always valid. When the SPAWHE system (Synergic Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectric (pressurized) Energy) was born, the cornerstone was the cleansing aspect, concentrated mainly on intuition that depuration water and air must be made along the lines of the cycle global carbon used by nature and the similarities observed by myself with the automotive industry, where he had worked for many years. In fact, the production of the car is based around the organization of the standard work, which was designed by Frederick Taylor at the bottom in 1911, organizing the layout of the first departments in the factory, then the individual workplaces and then linking everything with mechanical transport , so as to follow a global cycle of production, that part of the shell from the molding of sheet metal, which is the most cumbersome product and as this advances, converge on it all the other elements of smaller dimensions which are constructed and assembled by other departments with other work cycles.  Reflecting on the experience of the automotive industry, he thought that the water could be regarded as the car's body that advances in the various natural areas (rivers, lakes and seas) while men completed the purification cycles and carbon recycling of ' water and air used in industrial processes, urban, agricultural, producing biological energy and alkaline waters, returning to the seas through rivers.  With this system, applied globally, would be under control CO2 emissions and we would not even have ocean acidification, while still producing fossil energy. In fact, the biological role of energy for the undersigned, was not only energy, but also the purification, not only of waste water with organic sludge, but also to neutralize the CO2 produced from fossil fuels, realizing common systems that exchanged the heat of cooling water in the digesters to produce biogas, and the fumes and the cooled water in the limestone greenhouses, to produce alkaline water. Unfortunately, to achieve complete cycles, it is necessary to implement the right systems at the right size in the right place, while existing thermal plants, existing treatment plants, the existing sewerage system, are devoid of any logic of work organization, industrial, chemical, biological and resource economics. In fact, the existing thermal power plants use water to cool the turbines and the steam condensers, but do not bother to bring together during the process water the air and calcium to neutralize the CO2 and produce alkaline water. This denotes a purifying incompetence on the part of energy producers. But what is strange is the fact that not even the sewers and the water purifiers make a good job, despite being entrusted mainly to chemical and biologists. In fact, septic degenerate slurry producing hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid, while the energy they waste treatment plants to oxidize water tanks, moreover in open tanks that emit odors and CO2 in the atmosphere. Should be known to those who design the sewers and sewage treatment works, that sludge should be separated at source so as not to produce hydrogen sulfide and ammonia nitrogen and the water oxidation produces CO2 in the air and acidifies the wate. While the water alkalisation can be carried by means of the production of calcium and magnesium carbonates in the water. Which, unfortunately, we can not obtain calcium oxide, whose hot production, involves the emission of about 1.57 kg of CO2 per kg of calcium oxide (CaO) product, comprising also the emissions of CO2 necessary to heat the limestone rocks to 1000 ° C to obtain the product, it can estimate that the hot production of one kg of calcium oxide, results in the production of two kg of CO2. Consequently, the undersigned thought that the only way to alkalize the water is that which uses nature, with cold cycles, which, to be efficient must be made all over the world, especially should you collect the rainwater and urban waste. This process with the current lifting pumps require a lot of energy.

Today the cornerstone of SPAWHE has become the compressed hydroelectric energy that equally interacts positively with purification systems, but it is less bulky and can be achieved with very low cost, both in terms of initial investment and management. In the sewers we can anticipate the formation of hydrogen sulfide and consume the CO2 removed from the environment by purifying in vertical wells, as shown in Figure 6 of the accompanying drawing, using the compressed hydroelectric energy, both to generate energy, both to solubilize the oxygen in the water, both to raise the waters that produce artificial rains that would complete oxidation while reacting carbon calcium and magnesium with water to produce alkaline water in the overlying limestone greenhouses to the purifying wells. Obviously, the limestone greenhouses can also be positioned a few meters away from it in chambers built in buildings, especially in the historical centers. These solutions, unthinkable with current energy costs become accessible with compressed hydropower which costs several tens of times less than the current energy.


But looking at the other figures, we can notice that in the same city we can produce all the energy it takes with no space, no solar panels, at any time of the day or night, using as the main energy source, and the compressibility of the air and not compressibility of water. In fact, circulate water incompressible in tanks with compressed air using pumps with double separate supply until the impeller of the figures 2 and 4 does not cost anything because the energy that is produced in the pump used as a turbine is much higher to that which is consumed by recycling the water inside the pressurized tank entering from the double-suction pump, since the same amount of water that enters is expelled from the compressed air cushion with an energy tens of times greater than the energy required for enter the tank. Therefore, the electric energy produced by the pumps used as turbines of Figure 5, which are located at the exit of the pressurized tanks in the water circulation of the individual apartments (figure 1), both in geothermal wells (Figure 3), is tens of times greater than that consumed. In fact, the pump with the double separate supply until the impeller has the power to circulate the water in two separate suction circuits, but with only one outlet placed inside the pressurized tank. Therefore, the external water, at low pressure, enters the internal recycling circuit to the pressurized tank (balanced by the static pressure, which is equal on suction and discharge), while the air cushion ejects the same amount of water that enters with the whole its force, allowing it to enter into the turbine, but keeping in time the boost pressure, having no space to expand. This is not perpetual motion because nature, in artesian wells, does the same thing for billions of years, taking advantage of the atmospheric pressure and the compressibility of water. Therefore, this system is not contrary to the principles of conservation of energy, but at the same time is an immense source of clean energy and protective of the environment. Because if true that the air cushion does not expand, it is also true that as a result of the law of Dalton on the partial pressure of the gas and the law of Henry on the solubility of gases, when water enters the pressurized tank dissolves more amount of oxygen with purifying effects. Therefore, since the water recycling is continuous for twenty-four hours a day and three hundred sixty-five days per year, both in Fig. 1 that in Fig. 3 and 6, in addition to the energy production we also the water oxidation that in FIG. 3 consumes the impurities present, while in Fig. 6 consumes the sludge into a more complex process. In fact, having created in the calcareous greenhouse an alkaline aquatic environment, in the lower anaerobic zone of purifying well develops a-methane fermentation (non-acidic), but the natural gas rising to the surface and by finding the oxygen rich surface water is transformed into CO2, which it is consumed with artificial rain on the calcareous material stored in hanging baskets (7), producing the alkaline waters.

But as you can see from the following figure we can produce compressed hydropower and interactive with the environment also submerging a compressed tank into a lake or river carrying oxygen in polluted waters, while we produce energy for twenty-four hours a day and three hundred sixty-five days a year with no fuels. But in case of high water (flooding), we can stop the production of energy and raise the water to the tanks (18) that track the waters raised in a security area where not produce damage. Of course, these systems can be realized by the hundreds along the rivers, seas and lakes, in harbors and bays polluted, producing energy while protecting the environment both against pollution, both against floods.

But as seen from the same figure below, the compressed hydropower, with no fuel and with no CO2 emissions, it can also be fitted on vehicles, which represents the case more difficult: the small car, but the large-scale resources such as trucks, buses, ships and planes, there is more space and can be installed several systems simultaneously, because the energy is not transmitted mechanically but electrically. If you consider the capital invested by the thermal engine manufacturers to clean fossil energy ( without a full success) and even if they do, they are powerless in front of the CO2.  But even if we consider the capital invested for the management of the thermal power, the filtration of fuels, mechanical transmission, the gear change, the differentials, the investments made to store energy in lithium batteries, which already is a material endangered, you have to wonder: it was worth it? With investment hundreds of times lower and a little experimentation on the maximum pressure reached by the circulation of water and air, or a liquid and a gas equivalent that may replace water and air in the most powerful engines, today we would be a technological and environmental levels certainly than at present.



If the way of traveling on earth and in the sea with fossil energy is wrong, how can the flying mode be corrected, which is even more polluting? From a small network research (, with a little approximation, it is estimated that a Jumbo jet on a route of about 6,000 kilometers (eg Milan-New York) consumes more than 63,000 liters of kerosene, an average of 19 liters per nautical mile (1,8 km), about 158 for each passenger (400) . For every seat, it is also produced 4000 Kilos of carbon dioxide. Short routes have, in proportion, higher fuel consumption because 1/3 of the fuel is burned during take-off. In long flights, however, the ratio drops to 1/8.

All this can not be considered a boon to science and technology, which has not sought sustainable energy solutions. As can not be a source the low safety of flight systems, they can not check instant for instant the flight plan and cannot handle a failure on a thermal engine, despite the high technology developed.  While with pressurized hydroelectric system and electrical turbofan in series and parallel with compressed air injection, it may be possible to obtain even more than a turbofan out of use, and manage security equally in the trim flight and landing maneuvers. Therefore, as far as aerodynamics is important, the problems to be solved are, above all, energy, environmental, flight safety, and load capacities of aircraft traveling to the atmosphere and space. Pertanto, per quanto l’aereodinamica sia importante, i problemi da risolvere, sono soprattutto, energetici, ambientali, della sicurezza di volo e delle capacità di carico dei velivoli che viaggiano nell’atmosfera e nello spazio. Con l’energia termica non si va da nessuna parte, sia dal punto di vista economico, sia ambientale, sia per l’autonomia di volo.

Instead, if we can produce electricity inside the fuel-free aircraft, we can physically interact with the outside by electric motors, to move the body itself to the ground, into the atmosphere, or into the water, by turning wheels For the ground, or turbofans for the flight, or marine propellers. There is no need for thermal, nuclear power to start and endure the motion of the fluids over time: it is sufficient to couple the properties of non-compressible water and the compressible air. Indeed, most importantly, the thermal energy, the most commonly used, represents a useless transfer of energy from cold to hot, which implies more disadvantages than benefits: fuel costs, energy consumption for cooling, the production of gaseous chemical compounds, which to be neutralized, require other sewage plants, which can not be realized as not to increase still more the cost and weight air transport. To the contrary, it is not the heat that produces energy, but the pressure produced by the combustion gases that push on the cylinders of a piston engine, or turn a turbine, or exit quickly from a reaction nozzle.

We can avoid thermal energy by using cold compressed air pressure and imprisoning it in a tight volume forcing it to work as a compressed spring while under such force circulates incomprehensible water that expels from overflowing Feeds a hydraulic turbine with the force of the air cushion without consuming it.

In current systems, the push generated by combustion gases is increased by the push generated by turbo fans. In the proposed system, which does not use fuels, the air pressure is increased by intubating the electrical turbofan spaced by section extensions, so that the individual thrusts add up without dispersing the air until it is released into the atmosphere. In other words, the thrust path, especially, for the lifting of the aircraft extends, compressing the air inside the tunnel to get it out with greater thrust and especially lifting. To meet the total thrust capacity are realized many horizontal and vertical parallel intubate lines, involving higher flow rates of air and more overall power, but more evenly distributed around the surface of the aircraft, both vertically and horizontally, both in order to allow a greater load capacity, both to balance the unbalanced loads of the masses, both to carry out the maneuvering of the aircraft, through the diversified thrust based on the number of engine revolutions in the ventilation tunnels. Obviously, this system, like the present ones, can not be used to circulate even in space, without any air density that allows to apply Newton's action and reaction principle.

However, the space is not completely empty, because the absolute vacuum does not exist, but contains a very low particle density, especially hydrogen and helium plasma, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, and neutrons. But by injecting small compressed air into vertical and horizontal thrust tunnels, and by supplying multistage turbochargers in series, we can create a lesser vacuum degree at the opposite end of the tunnels and apply equally the NEWTON reaction principle. Obviously, compressed air should be used sparingly for not to consume accumulating capacity in the spacecraft. Therefore, at the end of the last compression stage of the air by multistage turbofan, we can spill a portion of the compressed air, pass it through a dryer (19) and feed the compressor that reinserts it into the tanks.

Therefore, for the application in a vacuum, they were added to the whole of the spacecrafts of the compressed air tanks, which would consume the air as thrust gas to move into the void between orbit and the other with the same system usable on earth without fuel. Notwithstanding that, as soon as the aircraft falls within a space, where the atmosphere and present, stops the compressed air supply and resumes navigation with the atmospheric air, which can also recharge of the consumed pressure from flying in a vacuum.  This vacuum navigation system should envisage artificial greenhouses that would produce oxygen and nitrogen, in space to replenish compressed air spacecraft. This would be technically possible because there is already chlorophylline photosynthesis and virtually there is also the pressurized hydroelectric power that could infinitely feed the artificial greenhouses, consuming only material wear.

Figure 1 represents the new flight system, which can be found at



 The figure above represents a canadair of the future. The fires that this summer (2017) are devastating many countries, and in particular Italy, France, Portugal, should give pause to the powerful of the earth. In fact, if it is wrong to the world's energy system is wrong the whole history of humanity, which is warming the planet and increasing fires, but it is also wrong the way to fly and to put out fires. It is logical to be stationed at fixed locations on Canadair long enough on the source of the fire, no disperse water where does not need.  This can not be done with the current energy system because the canadair would not have the vertical push to counteract gravitational force. However, it could be done, if the energy to keep flying the canadair cost nothing (apart from the wear of the materials that make up the plant). Assuming that the electricity cost very little to produce it on board aircraft with recycled water and compressed air, air transport would become the cheapest means to move large volumes and weights, including fire water, as they would not use other infrastructure such as, Roads, railways, galleries, ports. If we consider the road traffic encountered by firefighters, it is better to use the airplane system also to extinguish urban fires.  This system does not require landing tracks. It is more practical to lower small Canadair from the top, which contains, in addition to water, also CO2 tanks which is also useful in extinguishing fires. In urban centers instead of using escalators and pumping water from the bottom, the canadair would be flush with fire and would quickly and accurately fire water and CO2 on the fire, without dangers for firefighters, road accidents and explosions of the fuel tanks of the air transport vehicles in the burned areas.

What do they expect the United Nations to declare the work done by SPAWHE common heritage of humanity? Removing science (public and private) and multinational embarrassment, have not been able to find the right solutions to combat global warming? Do not realize that as many as 22 COP (conference of the parties) have done nothing more than bring the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from 360 to 400 ppm, while the oceans since the advent of the industrial age have lost 30% of alkalinity, the glaciers have decreased probably of a percentage even higher and desertification, such as the United Nations denounced advancing at the rate of 1% per year.

Do they not see the scientists located at the United Nations, or simple consultants, that the current energies, are all incomplete and compete with each other?: The fossil energy has not solved the problem of CO2 emissions. Nuclear energy has not solved the problem of waste disposal. The biological is confined solely to emit organic CO2 instead of the fossil. The photo voltaic energy and wind power, are bulky, low performance, discontinuous and require materials that are already running low for the buildings and storage of energy. Hydropower has not solved the problem of water recycling, it requires great works, with large investments. In many cases creates more harm than good: torrential rains, finding water basins already full, produce floods.

Today there are precise responsibility of all the sovereign states who do not not realize that the even purifications are incomplete, non-alkalizing the water, while the current desalination are not sustainable because they are not combined with a simple and efficient system that produces energy simultaneously, instead of absorbing it. Drought can be fought only if we desalinate the waters making them fresh water, but rich in minerals that replace fertilizers and are sent in large quantities from the seas to the deserts producing energy as proposed by SPAWHE. In the two figures below you can see how you can desalinate to industrial-grade water and how you could create the conditions for increasing food production in the oceans fighting ocean acidification.




Below are the main articles of the "codification project on the responsibility of states for internationally unlawful acts", which in the opinion of the undersigned, call on their responsibilities, not only the one hundred ninety-six sovereign states, but the United Nations itself who worked out the document:

Article 1

Responsibility of a State for its internationally unlawful acts.

Every internationally wrongful act of a State entails its international responsibility.

Article 2

Elements of an internationally wrongful act of a State

There is an internationally wrongful act of a State when conduct consisting of in an action or omission:

a) it can be attributed to the state the same way as international law;

b) constitutes a breach of an international obligation of the State.

Article 15

infringement resulting in a complex act

  Paragraph 1. The breach of an international obligation by a State through a series of actions

or omissions, defined as a whole as illegal, is perfected when producing the action or

the omission which, together with other actions or omissions, is sufficient to constitute the wrongful act.

  Paragraph 2. In such a case, the breach extends over the entire period starting with the first of the actions or omissions of the series and lasts for as long as these actions or omissions are repeated and remain not

comply with the international obligation.

Article 48

Invocation of responsibility by a State other than an injured State

  Paragraph 1. Any State other than an injured State is entitled to invoke the responsibility of another State in accordance with paragraph 2 if:

a) The obligation breached subsists against a group of States including that State, and established for the protection of a collective interest of the group;

b) The obligation breached arises towards the international community as a whole.

 Paragraph 2. Any State entitled to invoke responsibility under paragraph 1 may claim from the responsible State:

a) cessation of the internationally wrongful act, and assurances and guarantees of non

repetition in accordance with Article 30;

b) compliance with the obligation of reparation in accordance with the previous articles,

in the interest of the State offended or breached the obligation beneficiaries.

Article 54

Measures taken by States other than an injured State

This chapter does not prejudice the right of any State, entitled under Article 48,

paragraph 1 to invoke the responsibility of another State, to take lawful measures against that

State to ensure cessation of the breach and reparation in the interest of the injured State or

beneficiaries of the obligation breached.

Article 58

individual responsibility.

These articles are without prejudice to any question as to the responsibility individual under international law of any person acting on behalf of a State.

From the reading of these articles it is clear that not existing in the world global purification systems and energy interacting positively with the environment by oxygenating the water and consuming CO2 producing alkaline waters, all states will damage each other. But currently, legal disputes concern only particularly serious and occasional acts as a nuclear accident, the rupture of the pipe of a pipeline, the sinking of an oil tanker, etc. Today nobody has the courage to cast the first stone, being all guilty. Twenty-two COP (conference of the parties) organized by the same UNITED NATIONS, have done nothing but bring the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from 360 to 400 ppm, while the oceans since the advent of the industrial age have lost 30% alkalinity, the glaciers have decreased probably of a percentage even higher and desertification, such as the United Nations denounced advancing at the rate of 1% per year. The United Nations, and sovereign states, to desire by the same inventor, may adopt as its all systems offered by SPAWHE without the monopoly of patents (energy, water treatment, heating and cooling, desalination, protection from high waters, oceanic nutrients and carbonates lifting) shortening the time of intervention in the fight against global warming and allowing all public and private companies to participate, but they must take responsibility to emit public guidelines that follow the interactive global, protective environment that is described in SPAWHE systems. Because without the rules and organization of work with universalized industrial criteria it is not possible, protect the environment adequately. If the UN and sovereign states disdain this offer, continuing to remain silent, as they have done against the work of the undersigned, just have to continue easily find private partners (which are unlikely to come forward) to replace the global public institutions in the fight against global warming. In this case patents are useful to protect the most prepared and brave entrepreneurs. History will judge the value of the projects and the value of the men who are called to decide and to participate without falsehood and hypocrisy scientific political, economic, philosophical, religious. Surely, the current global patent law system is wrong because at least environmental and energy-friendly environmental solutions must be widespread, unprotected, such as commercial products. If international lawmakers had had good sense, at least in such cases, they would simply recognize inventors the same rights as writers, without involving them in industrial property, which is entirely something else that cannot be covered by public utility projects that are Transcending the current multinational business. Not understanding this is very serious for politicians and world legislators. It is necessary that the International Courts review the intellectual rights of private inventors who have worked for the common good, but have been circumvented by inique laws that only protect industrial property and those who can afford it, irrespective of whether the Inventions are useful or harmful to the environment and human health. Today we cannot understand who is really interested in the protection of environment and sustainable energy because the words do not correspond to the facts.  This does not honor the true Science and True Justice.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone 

Do they not see the scientists located at the United Nations, or simple consultants, that the current energies, are all incomplete and compete with each other?: The fossil energy has not solved the problem of CO2 emissions. Nuclear energy has not solved the problem of waste disposal. The biological is confined solely to emit organic CO2 instead of the fossil. The photo voltaic energy and wind power, are bulky, low performance, discontinuous and require materials that are already running low for the buildings and storage of energy. Hydropower has not solved the problem of water recycling, it requires great works, with large investments. In many cases creates more harm than good: torrential rains, finding water basins already full, produce floods.
Today there are precise responsibility of al
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