Open letter to worldwide publishers in the time of covid-19

Open letter to worldwide publishers in the time of covid-19 – 20 may 2020
Dear publishers, many of you know a letter that I am writing to anyone who asks me for an exclusive article. I take the liberty of sending it to you again on the occasion of the publication of my new article with the following title:
Reading this article, probably, you can better understand the reasons why I do not fight for individual environmental or energy inventions but for interactive technological inventions between them, which by accelerating the natural purification processes would have allowed a more sustainable development on the entire planet also using fossil energy. For a pure combination, these solutions that no world government has financed, and on which science has never investigated, have also allowed me to identify the way to extract energy from the environment without altering it. This discovery that surprised me made me realize that nature has already invented all that is needed for human survival. We only need to learn the technologies of extraction of resources without polluting the primary energy source. In essence, the biochemical and geological evolution of planet Earth in its 4.5 billion years has created the ideal conditions for human survival, greatly facilitating the task of terrestrial science. One of the first inventions that suggested this type of reasoning was the “ARTIFICIAL WELLING”, which in my opinion could alone feed three times the current world population and at the same time fight ocean acidification simply by lifting with the “Venturi” system carbonates from the depths of the ocean plains. World science has kept silent about this invention.
I was even more surprised when I discovered that by increasing the internal pressure of an autoclave and making it work one way, without expanding the air cushion, we can use the same amount of air and water indefinitely to produce energy through a hydraulic turbine , due to the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, simply by modifying the water recycling pump supply which feeds the recycling circuit of the autoclave with a small prevalence which also recovers the water discharged from the turbine. Not even this circuit has understood world science. Therefore, you should not be surprised if I decided to publish my inventions myself, so that those who want to understand them can find them together and understand first the logic of the research that led to the discovery of these simple inventions, which arrive a hundred years later. the first complex attempts to divide the atom by many scientists, who still did not understand that it was much simpler and more practical to divide the pumps power supply right into the heart of the impeller.
I was lucky enough to start working back in 1970 dealing with industrial Lay out, which serves to rationally arrange the production plants, especially in the manufacturing industry, following the work cycles. This seven-year experience also accompanied me in the following years, when I changed jobs, taking care of other types of plants, especially purification and public energy. I could not fail to notice that these plants are randomly positioned in the area and do not complete all the cycles they open. It is not a scientific issue but a scientific organization of work studied globally.
Unfortunately, I was unable to practically apply my theories. I had to wait for retirement to put them together, also thanks to the invention of computers that greatly help the work of researching and developing solutions. However, it has done nothing but apply the scientific organization of work globally, extending the study of the Lay out also to the purification and energy sectors. Being, today in 2020, it can be understood, that it took me a whole life to select what is useful, what is useless and what is harmful for the purpose of increasing purification and energy productivity worldwide, analyzing all the inventions produced by the before and during the industrial era.
Not for personal choices, but as an impartial doctor, I have selected what is indispensable to human and planetary life: they are the fluid dynamic physical principles legislated by Henry, Pascal, Torricelli, Newton before the industrial era, and electromagnetism and the computer science that were born later. Everything else is not essential and in many cases it is harmful. Nature is perfect as God (or whoever created it). We must leave everything unchanged. To do this we must increase the purification and energy capacity of the world according to the increase in the world population, but without altering the natural systems. If we had done this since the last century, covid-19 would never have been born and probably the viruses that preceded it in the last century. Unfortunately, as denounced by world science itself, which is silent on my solutions, if we do not change the world’s man-made plants, the new viruses will reach millions.
The letter I invited to you publishers is the following:
Dear publisher, I do not write articles on request of publishers, but you can visit my website (, choose the files you want and to publish them, citing the source. If you need the original word version, I will send them to you. I am writing articles on my small website that has few visitors, which only speaks of my own inventions that relate to energy-efficient and purely interactive systems that have never been realized anywhere in the world. I’m honored if you also publish my articles but I do not pay publishing fees to any publisher because nobody has ever paid me for my job. I publish my articles on my website where readers can better understand my work that would otherwise be dispersed in the big internet network. A single article is not enough to understand the mistakes made jointly by public bodies and multinationals, which continue to commit with impunity, because no one has carried out comprehensive energy and purification studies simultaneously, as did the undersigned. I do not earn merit for publications because I am not an academic but a retired inventor. I do not make money from my inventions because legislators do not recognize intellectual property separate from industrial property. However, people need to know that there may be the interactive energies, that are much more efficient, economical, and even protective of environment and of human health. I think that publishers should not only publish original articles. Above all, they have to publish articles that talk about sustainable scientific and technological solutions that have never been implemented by public bodies and multinational companies despite their publication. Continuing to publish them, sooner or later, the leaders of governments and multinational companies must explain the reasons why they do not want to implement these solutions. I do not say that the fundamental principles of energies and purifications are wrong, but that the world plants that did not put them together correctly are wrong. The worldwide crisis we are experiencing due to coronavirus shows that the development model that I propose is the correct one, because the percentage of deaths produced by the virus is much higher where there is air pollution produced by fossil energies. In addition, my low-cost and pollution-free flight system would avoid deforestation and would easily allow extinguishing large fires by being able to stop with fire-fighting vehicles on outbreaks. While my artificial blood oxygenator heart multiplies the defenses of debilitated people in the lungs, kidneys and liver. Making mistakes is human, but making mistakes all together and persevering for generations is certainly not human. If governments and multinationals do not respond, sooner or later the responsibles of the United Nations and the judges of the international court of justice will have to answer, who have already received 29 letters opened by the undersigned without answering. This too is not human, but it can be understood why public officials and judges cannot respond directly. The answers in turn must have them from world science, which divided into very many branches, is not represented by anyone globally. Unfortunately, the interactive installations that serve the survival of the planet and to prolong human life need a science applied globally. When the United Nations and international judges decide to order the practical experimentation of interactive systems in order not to waste any more time on useless and partial consultations, it will always be late for the planet and the world people, who have been waiting, without knowing it, for at least a century these solutions, which no one has ever talked about. Meanwhile, I will continue to write open letters.
Some of the following articles published on my website and so have been published by important magazines but for the undersigned, it is important that they are all together on my website to show that true sustainable development does not want neither the governments nor the multinationals.
6. energy/.
As for the use of oil resources, I think they should not be used to generate energy, but to create an alternative development. In fact, petroleum derivatives could enable us to create floating islands off the oceans to create artificial welling and multiply human nutrition, as well as combat ocean acidification, allowing carbonates to be lifted from the depths of the sea. I dealt with these topics above all in the following files:,, http: //”
After reporting my letter to the publishers above, I resume my presentation of the article in question.
One of the articles listed above (position 18) has the following title: “COP22 failed, international crimes by states not punished. When the collapse of the world economy? ” After three years, no punishment of international justice arrived, but that of the virus-19, which also made the stock exchanges collapse, unfortunately also making innocent victims. I am not a prophet, so much so that I have not foreseen the arrival of this virus, which surprised everyone.
Today, I am a grandfather of six grandchildren, who were not yet born in 2006, when I decided to retire, to protect them from the wrong systems legally realized by the entire world ruling class, having decided to be an environmental inventor. But in all these years of work I have found only indifference from the international, national and local rulers who today are protecting us with social distancing, satellite control, but continuing to finance the current global transport systems and the great works they have brought drought floods, fires and deforestations, instead of scrapping everything and starting a more sustainable development. If we do not radically intervene, by changing all the systems that do not close the cycles they open, our children will never get rid of the masks, gloves and condoms. How will they be spontaneous when they exchange an innocent kiss? How will they not be worried when they get ready to conceive a child? I wrote the article in question because they do not think the Covid – 19, is a temporary phenomenon. It will condition the life of future generations. This is also confirmed by the article I mentioned in the introduction summary with the following words, taken by the authors: One of the latest appeals of science is reported on this article: -2645854694.html? Rebelltitem = 1 # rebelltitem1 “The authors argue that government stimulus plans should include sustainable and positive initiatives for nature. It may be politically appropriate at this time to loosen environmental standards and to support sectors such as intensive agriculture, long distance transport such as airlines and fossil fuel dependent energy sectors, but doing so without requiring urgent and fundamental changes substantially subsidizes the emergence of future pandemics. “They also criticized unbridled greed for allowing microbes that lead to new diseases pass from animals to humans.” The rampant deforestation, the uncontrolled expansion of agriculture, intensive agriculture, the development of mines and infrastructure, as well as the exploitation of wild species have created a “perfect storm” for the spreading of diseases from wildlife to people “. They warn that an estimated 1.7 million unidentified viruses known to infect humans exist in mammals and waterfowl. Each of these can be more disruptive and lethal than COVID-19. “
I ask you publishers to temporarily put aside your editorial policy of always publishing new and unpublished articles. I ask you to send a strong signal to those who govern the world by publishing all together at least this article which has as its subtitle: “Thirtieth open letter to the Court of International Justice and To the United Nations, yet another to the Italian Government” The title of the article is as follows: COVID – 19 AND THE WORLD BAG LOSSES ARE DUE TO THE UNKNOWN PRINCIPLE OF BODY IMPENETRABILITY. This article, like all my inventions and articles, talks about interactive solutions never made on planet earth, which the entire ruling class does not even want to talk about in order not to alter the current political and economic balances that underlie global warming and proliferation of lethal viruses for humans, due to the immense amount of wrong inventions from an economic point of view and incomplete from an environmental point of view, such as fossil energy which is hundreds of times more expensive than compressed hydroelectric energy, but it is also incomplete because, as the undersigned has shown, if at least the fixed systems had been designed globally by purifying the fumes in the limestone greenhouses, they would have produced carbonates in the waters which are acidifying instead of CO2 in the atmosphere. Today, we should restart with industrial reconversion by creating global cycles everywhere, completely eliminating fossil energy. Global cycles, even without producing CO2, can reduce the amount of CO2 previously emitted into the atmosphere, since CO2 stratifies in the lower layers of the atmosphere. Instead, without doing any of this, the world ruling class is looking for the money to finance the current transport industries with the excuse of saving jobs, practically accepting coexistence with viruses and the cost of vaccines that cannot be a sustainable solution, provided that they manage to identify them with sustainable costs and in a short time, before the population is further decimated, with each bacterial attack. Industrial conversion based on energy and interactive purification would create jobs and well-being all over the world, without the major hydroelectric works, dams, methane pipelines, oil pipelines, oil tankers, energy distribution networks. Because energy can be produced everywhere. Even in deserts and at the poles, with no need to transport it. It is the energy that must carry men. It must not be men who carry the energy.
Never as in the Covid period – 19, the world felt the need to be guided by world politicians who must take responsibility for ordering science to overcome itself, asking for the impossible, even risking to seem scientifically ignorant. In reality, the real ignorants are mono-thematic scientists, who do not see global solutions. I want to mention another important article of mine, published as an eighteenth open letter to the International Court of Justice and to the United Nations entitled “SOMEONE IN THE WORLD SHOULD PROHIBIT THE INCOMPLETE INVENTIONS OF SCIENCE”. If we had politicians with the courage to order science, in no uncertain terms, the complete cleaning of fossil energy and to add together the push of Newton and Lorentz in the means of transport, all my solutions would have already been tested and we would already have answers. Instead, not one has been tried. Today we will not be living the fears we are experiencing. Unfortunately, we have politicians who consult science only during emergencies, such as wars, floods, earthquakes, viruses, collapses of world stock exchanges and therefore, they only turn to specialists, who cannot know the global solutions. This is the reason why world politicians, even before the emergency is over, have already ordered to start again with the usual incomplete inventions of science.
This vicious round cannot be overcome with current scientists and current world politicians, who do not understand that where science and technology does not go, the scientific organization of work can go, provided it is applied globally and impartially. How it should be for justice. It is no coincidence that not even Justice answers.
The complete article can be downloaded in pdf from impenetrability /, if you want the original word version, just request it from me.
Best Regard
Luigi Antonio Pezone