SPAWHE Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling- Hydroelectric (pressurized) Energy energy purification system and marine food production
 SPAWHE Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling-Hydroelectric (pressurized) Energyenergy purification system and marine food production   




Alphabetic legend.

(apos) abyssal plain ocean seabed = fondale piana abissale oceanica; (bc) bridge crane = gru a ponte; (bcb) bracket cross bracing = staffa per controventatura; (br) bracing = controventatura; (cb) clamp brackets = staffe a morsetto; (dt) descent tube = tubo di discesa; (f) filter = filtro; (fsp) flange for support pipe = flange per supporto tubazioni; (hc) hydraulic cylinder = cilindro oleodinamico; (hcb) hydraulic clamp brackets = staffe a morsetto oleodinamiche; (hcbf) hydraulic clamp brackets fixed on supporting base platform = staffe a morsetto oleodinamiche fissate sulla piattaforma di base portante; (ih)  immersion hole = foro d’immersione; (itia) intubate turbine with incorporate alternator = turbina intubata con alternatore incorporato; (ls) loft in steel = soppalco in acciaio; (mftp) modular floating tube made in polyethylene =  tubi galleggianti modulari in polietilene; (na) navy anchor = ancora marina; (osip) overturned submergible intubated pump = elettropompa sommergibile intubata capovolta:  (othcu) oil tank and hydraulic control unit = serbatoio olio e centralina oleodinamica; (sbp) supporting base platform = piattaforma di base portante; (sfep) special flanged end pieces = pezzi speciali flangiati di accoppiamento terminale; (ssbc) support structure bridge crane = struttura di sostegno gru a ponte; (tvdwi) throttling venturi deep water intake = stozzatura venturi per aspirazione acque profonde; (tcpwr) transportable chassis with many electric winches for the descent of the ropes = telaio trasportabile con molti argani elettrici per la discesa delle funi; (ut) uphill tube = tubo di salita; (wl) water level = livello acqua.

 (A)  arrival basin of salted water;  (B) salt water inlet filter with built-in check valve; (C)  Water recirculation tube and dynamic or kinetic pressurization of the electric pump; (D) Nominal upper basin level; (E) washing and regeneration circuit of ion exchange resins; (F) upper reservoir mixing and overflow desalinated water; (G) Mini implant of deionized water production; (H) desalinated water storage basin; (I) desalinated water distribution network; (L) demineralized water accumulation tank; (M) regenerating liquid tank; (N) Entrance descending water; (O) exit water with calcium and carbon.


Numeric legend:

(1) overturned dual supply pump on the suction side; (2) submerged turbine with incorporated alternator; (3) nominal level of the water basin to desalinate;  (4) pipe for supplying water to desalinate; (4.1) special piece for introduction spheres with resins in the ion-exchange tube (drilled in the lower part); (5) tube of ion exchange; (5.1) perforated truncated cone embedded in the tube 5; (5.2) special piece to eject spheres from the tube 5 (perforated on the entire outer surface and connected to the tube 6 by means of the slide 5.3); (5.3) metal sheet slide for the guidance of the spheres in the tube 6; (6) tube of descent spheres for the emptying; (6.1special piece for the deviation of the spheres from the ion exchange circuit to the regeneration circuit (drilled at the bottom for water drainage); (7) automated guillotine valves for stopping movement spheres (are always open when the minimum level probe indicates that the tube 6 is empty of water; (7.1) automated guillotine valves for stopping movement spheres (open one at a time); (8) first tunnel for immersion wash of the resins; (9) guided route of the spheres in the immersion tunnel with an open frame of stainless steel rods by ascents and descents with slides for the collection of the of the spheres emptying liquid; (10) tunnels for regeneration of the resins in immersion; (11) second washing immersion tunnel of the resins; (12) pump suction sludge from arrival reservoir; (13) electric pump suction of resin washing sludge; (14) electric pump suction of resins regeneration sludge; (15) Support frame demineralisation plant; (16) supply pipe demineralized water; (17)  float valve for feeding demineralized water; (18) float valve for regenerating liquid supply; (19) motorized shut-off valve;  (20) Manual shut-off valve;  (21) check valve;  (22) salinity control probe; (23) PH control probe.  (24) minimum water level control probe of spheres emptying tube; (25) submerged agitator.  

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