In the world we should not believe in magical commercial solutions but to the right projects at the right place. Only in this way we can properly manage the environment , the energy and all human activities.




The current global problem is not the lack of technologies that can protect the world from global warming, but the lack of people able to put them together properly without breaking the existing balances of power. But break this balances  is essential because polluters are in the forefront in the fight against pollution in order not to change anything important, but merely palliatives that make us lose time in a fight that is becoming increasingly urgent. Please read carefully the below listed and choose from fake donors and the real fight against global warming.

The current division of assets and productive human and social skills, it does not help the harmonious development of industry, agriculture, energy, urban cities, and does not allow the return of the mineral to land and carbonates to the seas in closed cycles. Despite the scientific knowledge and technological development, the world is still ruled areas separated by downloading the superfluous in the environment, without structural works, to administer the waste in a rational way. Economists and politicians only care budgets economic and depuration that displace local environmental problems on a global level, with the tacit approval of the scientists, public and private, focused on large commercial inventions. But in the environment the great commercial inventions do not serve. There are enough logical, structural, linked inventions so that nothing is wasted, especially, organic pollution, heat and CO2 that can be turned back into renewable energy and alkaline waters directly counteract global warming. Not indirectly, as with the energy solutions business, not related to the systems

Today, in the light of global pollution, the economic concepts of Taylor, who theorized "the organization of work in the factories" to increase the efficiency of production and the concepts of Keynes, who theorized "state intervention in support of demand for consumer goods ", need to be updated with new concepts not processed by old economists while new have focused mainly on "monetarism". Economists, strangely, they forgot to take into account the "primary source of capital," which are the natural resources. This source, the global economy is destroying  because don’t want  to share a little more wealth equally, creating more job opportunities, with the consent of the rulers, who although they claim the economy, jobs and the environment are not showing the knowing how to intervene with global solutions that make the interests of all, including future generations who are preparing not only to the increased population growth in human history (nine billion people) but will do so even more poor in natural resources and at the mercy of violent and sudden climate change created, in large part, by a reckless industrial policy for anything mitigated by good intentions adopted by the Protocol KIOTO held in 1997. For SPAWHEs inventor, Environmental problems, employment and food, can be addressed only by expanding the work cycles in all human activities to "conserve natural resources, which are in fact, “the primary source of economic capital" just neglected by the economists, that in practice rule the world in five continents as central bank governors, as ministers of the economy and as advisors of governments. This obvious solution, proposed in the system SPAWHE, is nothing more than the extension of the rational and modern thoughts of economists Taylor and Keynes, who could not, in their time, know the importance that would have assumed global pollution. In fact, if we try to extend the thought of Taylor and Keynes also to the environment, we realize that the organization of work should not only factories but throughout the country and that the "state" must not support the demand for goods, creating only consumer incentives, but creating the infrastructure, so that production cycles can continue over factories, farmland, energy production, closing completely even natural cycles, side to the physical production of consumable good, bringing minerals and carbonates to land, lakes, seas in the right proportion, thus creating jobs for all. Practically, the production of consumer goods must be in harmony with the environment, not against. Today, throughout the world, the reverse happens: to produce goods to be consumed at all costs you take too many shortcuts environmental as if the ultimate goal is not the common good but only the rapid return on invested capital and with the greatest interest. While for the inventor it comes to resume the thought of old economists as Taylor and Keynes who laid the seed to increase industrial productivity and mitigate the social imbalances of modern society. Today it is simply to bring the environmental protection at the same level of the industrial production, applying the same concepts. In fact, the territory has to be organized like the inside of a car company, where all departments are connected, each operation purifying and energy has to be done at the right place at the right time otherwise lost efficiency: This is Taylorism applied to environment. Today, without a global view of the problems, politicians, economists, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, trade unions, environmental associations, fail to develop the solutions that need to be organized industrially from the productive point, not only technological. It is necessary to understand that the large fossils plants can not be neutralized in the ordinary management and great works nuclear or hydroelectric power, which can not be handled in the event of extraordinary incidents. These works do not bring any economic advantage and do not help the return to the land of minerals, carbonates to the seas, do not prevent that nitrates and arsenic go in groundwater and not oxygenate the polluted seabed. They keep putting patches to systems that need to be replaced or changed radically to pretend that the problems are under control. No matter if the pieces that put exacerbate environmental problems, and cost a lot of money like CCS does not recover even heat and the CO2 for the environment protection. Not opening up to taylorism, the areas of purification and energy cause more harm than good and they justify this damage by saying that comply with regulations. But, the rules can not overcome the state of the art and the state of the art can not grow if they themselves prevent the emergence of global systems that are both energy, purifying and with greater production capacities: scientific collegiality, today is limited to occasional advice. It is never constant and never global. Instead, it must be realized, full-time, where they prepare the public utility projects, which must be above partisan interests, and must not be specific but global. These obvious procedural today do not happen anywhere in the world, because no plant is designed jointly by experts of various disciplines. No company can afford to have experts who can follow all cycles that are put into play when we make any transformation of matter. But they did not understand that it is not necessary that the cycles are closing all where they begin. The important is that the cycle is not interrupted or contaminated, for this is designed SPAWHE. Lavoisier's law says that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed. Each transformation has its own side effects, which in the industrial society well-designed would become resource (SPAWHE) while in today's society (WORLDWIDE) turn into poison.

It is not sufficient that the law consider pollution as a criminal offense, contemplating only large spills poison. Even slow pollution by CO2 emissions and the failure to implement the alkaline of treated water to the receiving water body is environmental damage, as the omission treatment of sewage farm, the recovery of the heat of the cooling water. Even the degeneration sewage is both an environmental and economic damage, destroying the power energy and increasing the costs of sludge treatment plants, wasting other resources in open tanks that emit the CO2 and consume chemical flocculants, to produce acidic water and sludge that can’t be used in agriculture. Are not these environmental crimes and economic legalized?

What will future generations live, if no government is able to carry out a comprehensive environmental reasoning? Including public professors, who form our youth in the universities, where science and research aredivided as lobbies, like the current policies and the multinationals? The nature of the planet Earth that was formed over billions of years, has proven infallible connection cycles between water, air and biological fossil energies, that were able to neutralize the early atmosphere made mostly of hydrogen and methane, while we do not we are able to neutralize the CO2 emissions by just copying what he did nature. That is, adding to each thermal plant a greenhouse limestone with artificial rain, of course, proportional to the quantity of energy produced, for which the thermal plants can not be placed at random on the territory. It 'so difficult to understand that where you can not neutralize the CO2, you can not achieve thermal plants? But that does not mean we can not produce a positive energy to the environment. Just think that the only atmospheric pressure, without expanding, in an empty air hose, has the power to lift water to 10 m. Thus, an artificially pressurized tank with compressed air, without expand, can lift the water into an empty tube up to 350 m (before the pressurization air becomes liquid), or it can take advantage of these 350 m of energy in a turbine for produce electricity.  The problem to be solved was only to recover the water that comes from the turbine and insert it back into the pressurized tank without spending a lot of energy. This issue, I think it was brilliantly solved by 'invention of the pumps with double separate supply until the ipeller (5), which allow the continuous internal recycling to the accumulated volume of water. Which, based on the fact that water is not compressed, balancing the hydrostatic thrust in suction and discharge of the pump, therefore, not only it allows you to circulate water with very little prevalence and very little electricity, but also to include, through the second suction mouth, inside the impeller, the water discharged from the turbine, which replaces the expelled from the air cushion. So realizing in that cycle can be repeated indefinitely until the pump runs, it keeps the operating pressure, and there are no water losses. For Italian and world politicians, technicians are not the inventors, who have not even recognized the right of the author, if they do not find a way to pay enormous filing fees for patents that only the industrialists can pay. For political technicians are economists and bankers who created the global economy, which has created a very small percentage of the rich, an average percentage of middle class that is afraid of losing their jobs, and a very wide percentage of the poor. This economy is based on monetarism and industrial systems, urban, recycling only what is marketable, while water and air, having a low commercial value, are not recycled but purified and filtered, without ever achieving complete cycles. The new energies are nothing more than window dressing, which are maintained by taxpayers’ expense, increasing energy costs.  Solar energy has a very low efficiency, wind power has very high environmental impacts and better yields high bulk and high disposal costs, compared to sunlight, but still very low compared to the compressed hydropower energy. Suffice it to say that it would take a wind traveling at 80 km / h to apply pressure of just 0.83 bar on the blades of the wind turbine. Certainly not comparable to the 35 bars that we might have on the smaller blades of a hydraulic turbine, with its pressurized tank which will also stay in the bonnet of a car, let alone in the bonnet of a truck, a train, a ship, or of a plane.  The pressurized hydroelectric energy, which is not an energy neutral, but protective of the environment, as it brings oxygen in the waters, and installed in a submerged version can protect from high water and floods, for myself, has a cost of production that is lower of extraction, refining and transport of fuels. Therefore, from the economic point of view, it can not be compared with any of the current energies.

Nevertheless all my reasoning and all my patents are greeted with silence from world governments. As a man and as a technician, I'm in trouble to express my political vote. I cannot vote for either conservatives or liberals for my country. But the problem is worldwide. As I wrote in the article, also published in Italian, for myself, all the world's politicians are guilty of international crimes against the environment encoded in 2001 by the UNITED Nations. Especially in articles 1, 15, 48, 54, 58, by failing to respond to projects of recognized international utility, developed by citizens who do not have funds and who cannot find even private lenders, because the protection of the environment and energy is a public responsibility.

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Luigi Antonio Pezone



The pressurized hydroelectric energy, which is not an energy neutral, but protective of the environment, as it brings oxygen in the waters, and installed in a submerged version can protect from high water and floods, for myself, has a cost of production that is lower of extraction, refining and transport of fuels. Therefore, from the economic point of view, it can not be compared with any of the current energies.
Nevertheless all my reasoning and all my patents are greeted with silence from world governments. As a man and as a technician, I'm in trouble to express my political vote. I cannot vote for either conservatives or liberals for my country.
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L’energia idroelettrica pressurizzata, che non è un’energia neutrale, ma protettiva dell’ambiente, in quanto porta ossigeno nelle acque e installata in versione sommersa può proteggere dalle acque alte e dalle alluvioni, per il sottoscritto, ha un costo di produzione inferiore al costo di estrazione, raffinazione e trasporto dei combustibili. Quindi, dal punto di vista economico, non può essere confrontata con nessuna delle attuali energie.
Tuttavia, i miei ragionamenti e tutti i miei brevetti sono accolti con il silenzio dagli enti pubblici mondiali. Come uomo e come tecnico, sono in difficoltà a esprimere il mio voto politico. Non posso votare né per i conservatori, né per i progressisti del mio paese.
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