Industrial systems to combat global warming,increase food, renewable energy. (Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling-Hydroelectric Energy and Sustainable Desalination) SPAWHE(SD)
Industrial systems to combat   global warming,increase food, renewable energy.  (Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling-Hydroelectric Energy and  Sustainable Desalination) SPAWHE(SD) 

SPAWHE comes from below

SPAWHE born from a simple worker of the environment, that does not having understood the reasons why the facilities installed in a lifetime of work are all incomplete, he tried to complete them virtually, without funding, at least as a pensioner.

When the inventor of SPAWHE, began this work, as simple design engineer, believed that the world summits on the environment and economy, beyond good intentions, were too inconclusive and that environmental problems and of work could be solved only through impartial projects studied above partisan interests and universally applicable. But he also knew that it was almost impossible to put together a heterogeneous team of technicians, do work them on common objectives but much branched, and especially pay them while carrying out this design work with delayed results. Only The United Nations, the World Bank, and the five continents could organize teams like that, but if the results were those that were seen, no world organization was working in that direction. He excluded from the outset multinationals, which are known, focus on solutions part. After eight years the world summits on the environment are still at the starting point, the multinationals continue to churn technologies apart and all ignore SPAWHE, conceived above the parties, without pay, without trial, putting together patiently rationally, existing technologies.

Below are attached the list of patented technologies that the inventor has developed to protect the environment. This body of patents represents eight years of solitary design work on a regenerative industrial system called SPAWHE that integrates maximum environmental protection into a wide variety of existing and new industrial processes. Considering also thirty-seven years of experience in industry and public works, these patents are the result of forty years of work.


International patent:

1. WO2014/076724 Capture cooling purification chimneys (ccpc)

2. WO2014/076725 Linear synergistic system of digestion, dehydration and composting (ldcc)

3. WO2014/076726 Global synergy plants for depuration, biomass production and thermoelectric cogeneration (gspdptc).

4. WO2014/076727 Vertical synergic buildings (vsb) for CO2 neutralization, water depuration and alkalization plus biomass production.


Italian demand patents (can be extended to international patents)


5..Ce2014A00003 Air filtration and thermal exchange tower
6. Ce2014A00011 Marine dewatering stations for artificial welling to increase the purification, the fishing grounds and alkalinity.
7. Ce2014A00012 Submerged hydroelectric plants for energy production, oxygenation of seabed and artificial welling
8. Ce2014A00013 Vertical hydroelectric plants with water recycling


These patents perform the following functions:

The first five patents deal with fossil and organic energy as well as the mitigation of water and air pollution produced by such systems and pollution produced by other anthropogenic sources. These works, can be defined as “Synergic Plants”.

The sixth patent deals with “Artificial welling” that can address the problems of global food shortage and ocean acidification. 

The seventh and eighth patent deal with new way of producing “Hydroelectric Energy” through the use of hydrostatic pressure and water recycling, which in addition to producing clean energy in all latitudes of the planet without hydraulic jumps also improves the quality of water accumulated in water systems, lakes and sea. 

Good technologies have been developed in every parts of world to treat environmental problems but these solutions still exist in silos. Subsequently, the enormous benefits resulting from their synergies is lost and the level of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources required to preserve nature for future generations cannot happen. The inventor, having identified that the separate technologies can not protect the environment, in many publications in previous years, has called for public and private institutions, to work together to develop synergistic projects, but not having been heard developed alone SPAWHE that is a synergistic system designed to integrate these silo solutions to achieve maximum total efficiency. This patented design is shown on the website, where interested parties can see a detailed explanation of how SPAWHE connects the various subsystems together to provide a complete, integrated solution to many environmental problems.  The documentation on the website also shows the reasons why current systems cannot simply be connected together to create such a synergistic system. Existing plants need to be purposely modified and new plants must be purpose-built in order to effectively close anthropogenic organic, chemicals, natural cycles. Moreover, the production of fossil fuel, biological and hydro energy, can and should be linked to the purification and alkalizing water. 

The inventor deemed it necessary to apply for international patents because countries and companies that recognize the key role that environmental health plays to humanity and prioritizes environmental protection, must themselves be protected from unfair competition from those who do not invest in the major structural innovations required to protect the environment. It is also clear that this would be the beginning of more stringent regulations on the part of the sovereign states, of which, over a hundred and fifty, have signed the agreements on intellectual property (WIPO). The four international patents expire May 19, 2015, if the paperwork and the economic strategies of the contracting countries is not realized in time. For the four national patents, interested parties must be aware that due to the time required to process the application to extend them to international patents  they must be purchased and the application submitted in the current year (before the national patents lapse - a year after the national filing date).


Unfortunately, due to the global scale of the SPAWHE system, successful implementation requires global partnerships with large private and institutional stakeholders whilst SPAWHE is the result of the solitary design effort of one man, who does not have ever the means for pay the cost of patents. For this reason, the patents are being offered to those that have the means to implement a project of this scope. The web domain can also be included in the patent sale.  The patents are on sale for price that is far less than the eight years of work invested in their design and certainly even less for the potential it offers to avoid catastrophic climate disruption while preserving the outputs necessary to sustain modern industrial society. If the purchaser wishes to extend the national patents to international ones, the purchaser must bear full conversion costs and the responsibility required to do so.

The inventor can not do anything else. It would be needed even trials to support these inventions. Experience and inventiveness without economic aid can not work miracles. But SPAWHE is half environmental miracle that you can complete. It just depends on you readers, powerful and less powerful. You can no longer keep talking unladen of warming, pollution of water and air, the absence of work. You can not demonstrate in the streets regardless of SPAWHE It ''s time to choose which side to be because there is not an alternative political or economic but survival. Today, the systematic and exhaustive environmental protection does not exist in any sector. The purification of atmospheric urban air cannot be done if we do not replace the existing chimneys with a system that captures the fumes and waste heat and purifies both water and air together underground. The management of water and air pollution must be performed concurrently in order to neutralize the CO2 and this cannot be separated from the production of fossil fuel and biological energy, which also must be united if we want to produce organic fertilizers, alkaline water and recover the heat wasted today. Today it is not possible to produce organic fertilizer from municipal sludge because of the destruction of the sludge produced in miles-long routes of sewage which allow toxic remixing with hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid and ammonia nitrogen. Energy intensive chemical processes are needed in treatment plants to treat and neutralize this toxic mixture. SPAWHE purifies sewage, separating the sludge from the water directly from the source, and creates parallel pipelines that go to the same plant but in separate sectors, avoiding the toxic mix. In this way, SPAWHE avoids energy intensive chemical treatment of water and sludge and generates useful products such as biological energy, alkaline waters and natural fertilizers instead.  In order for SPAWHE to mitigate all emissions, the amount of fossil energy produced is constrained by the maximum amount of alkaline water and biological energy that can be produced with the heat and the CO2 emitted in the territory concerned. The accumulated water near the thermal plants of industry and energy production, in the biological overlapping ponds, to allow these positive processes and being in parallel and not in series with the rivers, would protect us from floods and droughts.

Today thermal power plants disperse 60-70% of the calorific value in the heat; 10% is lost in distribution and transmission of the current; 10% in electric motors of industrial machines and domestic, 25% in the yield of lift pumps; 35% in the pressure drop of water transport pipes and valves; 40% in the hydraulic losses of water distribution networks, too old and not accessible for repairs. However, fossil energy is still less expensive than renewable (although polluting), while not improve the water and air purification solutions and do not create new jobs that could be created around the world by improving just the depuration in  all sectors of industry, urban, agricultural, energy. The most complete solution is SPAWHE. Anyone who wants can try to demonstrate otherwise. But not silent, as they are doing all, including associations, that produce environmental protests and slogans, not projects, and never support them, despite the funds and donations that they collect.

Even the problem of disposing of municipal solid waste will become much easier if we solve well what liquid waste, as described Spawhe, and processes also involve the wet fraction containing 70-80% water. But this is not possible today do so, in any part of the world, because of the sewer system that do not allow the transfer of slurry too loads of organic substances to treatment plants, and also to the low efficiency of the purifiers that are not able to treat high flow in the event of heavy rains. The activated sludge treatment plants are widely exceeded in quantity (hundreds of times) and quality by biological ponds overlap without danger large spill. SPAWHE would allow the use of shredders of domestic sewage without contraindications. These are now used only partially in the United States and Canada, with many doubts about their efficiency, but that is good. The problem is the sewers and treatment plants because even the United States and Canada have a comprehensive treatment system as SPAWHE, which would increase the amount of biogas, reduce to zero the cost of water treatment plants, purifying even the urban air, would halve the costs of collection differentiated, the costs and the efficiency of incineration through waste-derived fuels without the wet fraction. Besides the fact that even the smoke and heat from the incinerator should go through a chimney CCPC and a greenhouse limestone to capture and use the heat and CO2.

This tremendous overall efficiency gain is the reason why the subsystems that purify water, air, and those that produce fossil and biological energy must be synergistically connected.


To produce hydroelectric power, if the technology allows it, it is more simple, logical, economic and practical, to produce it without flooding valleys, building dams and increasing the risk of flooding to those who live downstream. Overall, the management of water located downstream by overlapping biological ponds, united with the cooling waters, and biological energy allows recovery of phosphorus & nitrates and neutralize the arsenic, while the submerged hydroelectric energy could oxygenate the polluted seabed of seas and lakes.


The inventor believes that, despite good intentions, governments and entrepreneurs are taking the wrong approach, both in the fight against pollution and unemployment. There is a great deal of attention focused on replacing old technologies such as appliances and cars that are scrapped whilst they are still good and are far from reaching their MTBF and substituting them with the latest, more efficient and less polluting version. But these improvements which occur at the end of the supply chain are misdirected because, relatively speaking, they make quite a minor impact. In fact, due to the rebound effect, these measures lead to even higher levels of pollution, and at the same time have very little effect on increasing employment. It is much more efficient for the environment and employment, to make substantial change in the infrastructure of the industrial equipment used in the production of consumer goods, energy and services, much of which were commissioned when we did not know of the effects of pollution on climate change. There is no need to be an economist or scientist to understand these things.


Regardless of whether buyers of the patent are found, the inventor firmly believes that such large scale purifying and regenerative industrial system is the key to systematically solving the global environmental, employment and food problems plaguing humanity. The environment can be protected without wasting heat, without burying CO2 in the ground, without sending valuable and finite resources of nitrates and phosphorus to the rivers and seas.  SPAWHE neutralizes CO2, sending benign carbonates to the seas, producing energy that is not only neutral but clearly positive in environmental protection. SPAWHE can recover all the finite resources of phosphorous and nitrates, prevent algae blooms and cleanse polluted urban waters to provide another significant hydrological source for irrigation. As demonstrated in the sixth patent, SPAWHE can also potentially utilize the oceans to return the lost alkalinity, create significant jobs and more sustainable supply of agricultural products, without plowing, artificial fertilizers, GMOs and pesticides. 


Today’s generation of technology experts do not seem to understand that effective total global environmental protection cannot be achieved by tackling each individual problem as a separate silo. Even the latest renewable energy systems continue to act in silos, including biological energy systems that make no effort to recover the heat and CO2 from inefficient and polluting fossil fuel burning, and does not produce treated water that would recover the important nutrients for food production and combating pollution It is no secret to anyone that the CO2 reacts with water and calcium produces alkalinity in the water, not acidification, then a cooling effect on the planet, but if no one bothers to build plants that close in this way the carbon cycle , it is natural that the CO2, fossil or biological ends in the atmosphere warm the planet. SPAWHE teaches how you can cool the planet by producing energy.

Today, individual industrial system designers are constrained to comply with public or private company policy, and are not truly free to take an multi-disciplinary approach that combines their individual, separated technologies to create an efficient and completely synergistic system that can sustainably reduce the CO2 from the atmosphere and the acidity of the seas. The fact that a regenerative, holistic industrial system is the result of a retired industrial engineer using only his own limited resources proves the lack of vision to see beyond entrenched views. Unfortunately, without synergies between public and industrial systems, we cannot mobilize a global effort to realize such a system, that connects many currently separated types of plants in order to capture the enormous amounts of energy wasted by not just to provide the sustainable energy, but also to globally reverse the processes that are warming the atmosphere and acidifying the oceans. 

The disciplinary for tenders worldwide of public works, not allowing the affirmation of a system like SPAWHE, do not allow even global protection of the environment. Do not say these truths are like burying our heads in the sand.

Noting the lack of interest of the authorities and entrepreneurs of Environment and Energy, the inventor believes that, probably, the way that might be more effective for the implementation of SPAWHE is the formation of a network of international cooperative composed by heterogeneous citizens, who are not necessarily members of the current professional environment or energy sectors and therefore potentially biased by vested interests who may feel threatened by a system that is both energy and cleansing, as SPAWHE. Today, human civilization needs to assemble a team that can build works that effectively protect the environment, which in turn, also protects all future investments. If you are fundraising expert, please feel free to contact the inventor to help find strategies before the patents expire, otherwise it will be hard to defeat unfair competition from those who feign to protect the environment. 

History teaches us that in the past centuries and millennia the world was ruled by the means which were available: the armed struggle between the people, philosophy, politics. With industrial development began the class struggle and the division between communist and capitalist countries. Today govern economists both in the capitalist countries that communists. But economists are not even designers. The real improvement will happen only when management will multidisciplinary and the man will not be put in the position of making a mistake with the help of technologies developed in every sector and especially the synergies between them. Each territory has its own characteristics and their natural resources, which can not be destroyed by industrial, agricultural, urban, energy, incomplete (such as at present). SPAWHE shows that, today, the technologies and the synergies between them, can put managers to get it right the technical choices and economic fundamental for the survival of humanity. Those who insist to realize large plants fossil wrong, that can not be neutralized in the ordinary, and those who insist to accomplish great works nuclear or hydroelectric power, which can not be handled in the event of extraordinary incidents, should be isolated in the interest of all. These works do not bring any economic advantage and do not help the return to the land of minerals, carbonates to the seas, do not prevent the flaps increased rate of nitrates and arsenic and not oxygenate the polluted seabed. To rule the world not just the politics, economics, philosophy, science, technology, compartmentalized, serves multidisciplinary individual and collegial. The skills must be demonstrated entering into details, not reciting slogans political or environmental.

In making this public offering, the inventor encourages participation by all citizens, not just the technical and scientific authorities and entrepreneurs, but also the poor and especially the young people of the world who have the most to lose. The current generation of youth is trapped in a broken economic system that uses a highly automated production system that offers fewer and more menial jobs, creates growing austerity and pollutes the environment for the benefit of a minority of rich shareholders. To create more work it is necessary that industrial, urban, agricultural future energy fit in their structure the links with the global environmental protection. In fact, the removal of chimneys, creating sewer cleansing, the towers of filtration and heat exchange to the water and the air, connected to low enthalpy geothermal wells, subsequent connections with plants that purify and produce energy biological, lengthen the production cycles of consumer goods out of the factories, agricultural fields and urban housing seamless, producing other jobs that do not exist today, as the true environmental protection has never begun. Can not begin without a system like SPAWHE that close all anthropogenic cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, left over from all human activities, including the current purification systems.


Without SPAWHE the wealth produced will be dispersed in the works for environmental protection useless, why not prevent the damage of floods, droughts and eutrophication. The fees will be used to pay for the damage that will be bigger and bigger, without creating welfare This kind of strategy is no different than trying to empty a sinking boat with a sieve, or entrusting the management of a household to parents who spend money on drugs or gambling. 


The inventor challenges each of you to ask yourself the following question:


Is there any individual, global organization, company or institution that has created an industrial system regenerative as SPAWHE that can simultaneously solve many of the problems that afflict humanity, such as the protection of the air, soil, freshwater, marine, hunger, unemployment?


The answer is negative because no human activity, now existing, has reference points to connect to avoid waste and environmental release. In fact, not to create waste and pollution, everything has to be proportionate and plugged into a network of global protection that does not exist today, but there are not even elements that select and prepare the inclusion in the network of protection of the various components. Despite the many world summits on environmental protection are still not tackled the fundamental concepts, which are, essentially, the sizing, of the global flow of pollution to be disposed of in the form of water, air and heat, regardless of toxic substances. The current purifiers have focused only partially on wastewater, neglecting the alkalinity; and the combustion air, neglecting the CO2; Furthermore, it has been neglected the heat contained in water and air. SPAWHE, arrives very late, although this is the first system that achieves complete purification cycles.

SPAWHE was conceived as an open framework. Hence, in the spirit of collaboration, the inventor invites all open-minded scientists, engineers and designers to study and compare your research ideas and technologies with SPAWHE’s framework with an eye to seeing if it is possible to integrate your solutions and technologies into the SPAWHE framework. If it is of the right size, positioned in the right place and connected the right way, it can harmonize with other systems within the framework to create an integrated design. Energy and matter never exists in isolation in nature, but is always flowing in closed loop systems. SPAWHE’s regenerative design emulates nature. SPAWHE demonstrates that even fossil energy systems of the right size, placed in the right place, and synergistically linked with depurative system, can protect the environment. It also offers new regenerative energy and material cycles never before explored, such as artificial ocean welling and submerged hydroelectric systems, to reverse together with synergistic systems, the current process of global warming. No one has ever dared to hope so. But hopes are based on experience, logic and research. If those who believe delegates to the defense of the environment do not want to test SPAWHE, must do it those who are paying the greater consequences: the poor, the young, the unemployed, joining their forces.

The inventor of SPAWHE in this great social, economic, environmental, disappears completely, but hopes to have planted the seeds of a healthy and constructive competition between rich and poor, in the right direction. But, the poor, if they want to win this competition and solve some of their major problems, need to run this mail worldwide and in all languages, to raise funds and organize the great work to do. It will not be an obstacle the cost of patents, but they should not let them fall to facilitate those who have snubbed. The inventor, has never been a manager and is content to be a designer among designers, just for the time to start SPAWHE.

Summarizing the current world situation: money is virtual and concentrated in a few hands, pollution is industrial and global, while environmental protection remains local and handcrafted. Unless we can scale environmental protection on an industrial and global level, we will not succeed in preserving the planet for future generations. We have created only good part of the technologies that can be used in defense of the environment. SPAWHE is the system that put together them rationally. It is not the point of arrival but the starting point. WE ARE STILL IN THE YEAR ZERO of environmental protection.

The existence of SPAWHE, at least on paper, proves that no world Organization has worked to accelerate the processes of global environmental protection, but also shows that these processes would lead to a more equitable distribution of global wealth, creating many jobs and sustainable food. Silenced on SPAWHE also means to remain silent even on the main reasons that threaten WORLD PEACE.

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone



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