SPAWHE Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling- Hydroelectric (pressurized) Energy energy purification system and marine food production
 SPAWHE Synergic Plants-Artificial Welling-Hydroelectric (pressurized) Energyenergy purification system and marine food production   

In this section we keep you updated on deposits of patents unrealized in the world relating to Section Synergic Plants, so that you can understand that the protective potential of the environment are still neglected globally as the existing installations no being synergistic are incomplete and all organic and inorganic cycles that are not completed in the plants are transformed into global pollution.


At the state of the art, industrial and urban chimneys are a simple way for the smokes to the atmosphere, since purification of the smoke is realized only in those industrial plants with a filtering system embedded into the plant themselves, while the cooling of the smoke is simply obtained by heat exchangers that pre-heat the combustive air that supply burners and furnaces. 5 The CO2 is a perfectly oxidized gas and thus it cannot be eliminated only by air filtering, nor reduced with electrostatic filtering. Therefore, the industrial and urban chimneys (CCPC) are the first plants that will allow to recover CO2 and, if necessary, to complete reduction of NOx and SOx, ash and part of the heat scattered in the atmosphere. The neutralization of CO2 and most of the components harmful for enviro
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At the state of the art facilities and thermal power plants there are a major source of pollution of the atmosphere for toxic substances emitted and also a source of economic waste to the waste heat and not recovered. Today it is possible brings together technology equipment and materials so that we can recover resources and increase the yields of energy plants and water treatment plants that in the future as there will be one expanded facility that we can call GSPDPTC (global synergy plants for depuration, biomass production and thermoelectric cogeneration). Among the main components of these systems are the "linear digesters, dehydrators, composters” (LDDC). These synergistic systems compacting three processes into one, along with the biogas will produce compost in a long aerobic proce
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This invention is part of a group of inventions that aims to 1) prevent the phenomena of CO2 emissions which are the cause of global warming, 2) ocean acidification and the 3) recovery of the energy resources which are not possible with existing energy / purification systems. The most important invention is the one that brings together in a single system old and new purification systems and energy using technologies of the most advanced industrial and civil construction, so that nothing goes to waste in water and air. This main invention is called (GSPDPTC): "Global synergy for depuration plant, biomass production and thermoelectric cogeneration", which along with another invention, called (GUED): "Global urban environmental depuration" provide total protection of the environment. Together
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The recent inventions of the gas heat pumps GHP, the exploitation of low enthalpy geothermal energy, the CCPC (capture cooling purification chimney), the PVUM (purifying vertical urbans modul), lead us to revise the criteria for the design of heating and cooling urban areas. The cycle of water-ammonia absorption that occurs in GHP, allows the production of domestic hot water and summer or winter conditioning methane directly with large energy savings and system costs. The combination of GHP to CCPC chimneys (which recovers heat and CO2, they filter the fumes), require modification of existing heating and air conditioning systems to better exploit these inventions, largely unknown. Today it is possible to realize a new system for heating and cooling that takes over the GHP and the CCPC, the
demand patent AIR FILTRATION AND THERMA[...]
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Today’s environmental problems are multidisciplinary and (GSPDPTC) is the only system that has been designed with these principles: to treat all problems simultaneously, while still allowing energy production at levels required for modern society. Now thermal fossil plants are a major source of pollution of the atmosphere due to the toxic substances emitted and also a source of significant economic waste due to the enormous amounts of waste heat which is not recovered. the industrial and urban sewage treatment is inadequate, while the urban air purification and water lacustrine and marine does not exist. The structural invention called "purification cogeneration thermal power generation global" (GSPDPTC) retrieves these resources, increases yields, makes clean energy, water purification
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