Presentation of the pumps, that will lead to second industrial revolution, correcting errors energy and water management  that committed the first revolution.


Pumps and turbines with dual separate supply until to the impeller (international patent PCTIT20160002002 del 31/08/2016 looking for partners). 

This presentation also concerns hydraulic turbines, but it is interesting mainly for the pumps. The pumps with the dual separate supply until the impeller do not exist but are simple to achieve by simple modifications of the existing supply pumps. This simple invention is the most powerful energy invention of our time, because it allows you to get around the force of gravity and hydrostatic pressures, therefore, to produce energy by recycling the water, in any condition, even in the mobile version, replacing the current heat engines, eliminating fuels and pollution. Obviously, the pump alone is not enough. You must also change the hydraulic systems as reported in the following articles available online on the website;; The many miracles allowed energy from the pumps and the modified plants, seeking public and private partener, as they searched for them global synergistic treatment plants reported on the same website, which unfortunately have not found them. For myself it is evident, that the world-class executive, private and public, does not have the courage to admit mistakes in scientific, technical and economic level, both on the purification systems than energy of the present and the past. But if they continue to pretend not to understand even simple and strategic inventions, such as the present, they continue to waste resources while developing good technologies in all sectors.

Is not the summation of the technologies developed to determine the global result, but the reasoning that can rationally put together the elements to be added. In fact, such an amount cannot be done if you do not align properly the elements, in the same way you cannot add the environmental effects if the implants are not designed to achieve global cycle’s purification or energy. And not even to be connected to each other to complete the incomplete cycles.

 Better still if the energies that are used interacting positively with the environment of the chemical point of view, biological or physical. In any case the cycles that open must be closed in the plants, not in the atmosphere and in waters of rivers lakes and seas. In SPAWHE there are many examples of global systems that close fossil and biological cycles.

All purification and thermal plants to be designed globally should have been made of the right size in the right place, so that together would produce energy alkaline water and natural fertilizers without loss of heat and noxious emissions to water and the atmosphere. But this did not happen because the technical and scientific leadership, public and private, who designed them, placed at random plants in the area and if today you wish to close cycles properly would be impossible to do so, being wrong implants in the size, the position and processes which do not include global cycles.

 Who has proven not to know how to plan purification plants and fossil energy and global organic that does not damage the environment, has also been shown to not know how to plan hydropower plants without realizing large water projects that take advantage of the hydraulic jump or natural currents of water and waves, apparently, they seem advantageous, but in reality they are not because they are necessary important works by trapping and the use of water is always one-way.

 It would be much easier and cheaper to design and build hydroelectric plants with water recycling, as these systems, compared to hydraulic jump allow the recycling of water without lift and compared to the thermal energy, should not close chemical or biological cycles but only physical, for the recovery of water after it has product energy and reinsert it back into the energy-production cycle. According to the current state of art this operation it is not convenient because it is necessary to change the pumps and implement them with the dual supply until the impeller, also changing the way we design the plants. In fact, today, in some cases, is made only for the recovery of the water does not disperse it, being a valuable asset, but accepting the lifting costs with traditional machines or with reversible pumps (turbine-Pump). To reduce costs, they raise the water at night, when there are less absorption.

 But with the invention of the pumps with double separate supply circuits and the new, specially designed, everything changes and it will be able to produce energy at any place using hydraulic regimes favorable to energy saving in the process of recovery of water while lifting water is eliminated realizing always filled basins. It only uses the energy of position of surface water or the energy of a compressed air cushion, of which it does not disperse the pressure energy keeping them at a constant level thanks to the double pump with separate supply until to the impeller and the electronic control of the motors. This system can be realized even in the mobile version electrify any means of terrestrial transport. It 'been studied is patented by also signed a small dimensions version mountable on cars.

the amendment to be made to the pumps and the turbines to turn with the dual separated supply until to the impeller, consists in the extension of the input section and in the division into four parts of the same, continuing this division also in the inner part of the pump or turbine casing, until the impeller in rotation, perfectly following the profile; the rotation of the impeller that in the pumps leads to a depression in the center of the impeller itself which coincides with the incoming section of the four separate streams, therefore, facilitates the entry of the flows even if the same are fed with different positive pressures, as they go in the same direction and They meet only in the impeller, alternating in succession in the same quarter of the rotating impeller sector. In the case of the turbine, instead, there is no need of depression, just the simple division of the flow, until the impeller and the accuracy of machining which prevent the entry of water with higher static pressure in the parallel sectors fed with lower hydrostatic pressure .Therefore, both for the pumps, both for the turbines, if we feed the two inlet ports with the same pressure they function with the same performance of the pumps and existing turbines. If instead we feed the inlet ports at different pressures, the output of the pump have the sum of the flow and the maximum inlet pressure (Static + dynamic produced by the pump), although the higher static pressure is on only one side of the pump, while the output of the turbines we have the sum of the flow and the maximum kinetic energy exploited, even if the greater pressure is entered through one of the two feeding ports (Pascal's principle). Obviously the results of these sums will have to be multiplied by the yields depend on the type of impeller used and the accuracy of machining, and pressure losses. But this, even considering a small loss of performance, in the case of hydro power plants with water recycling, allows us to recover through the pump with double separate supply the water that produced energy in the turbine and reinsert with a very low energy cost in the volume of water endowed with the maximum hydrostatic pressure, or in an autoclave with pressurized water recycling circuit.

As this invention very simple to realize no one has understood the importance, therefore, can only be understood through the description of the new plants invented specifically for water-saving and energy production, which without the use of such a pump could not be invented.

These plants which are illustrated in the articles cited above are already many. But they are only the first of a long series. They serve to make it clear that this invention if it had arrived before he could have avoided the current urban pollution problems of water scarcity and global warming.  For this  are needed sustainable inventions such as those published on SPAWHE which while not costing a single euro the taxpayers, show that with the power of technical and scientific reasoning, above partisan interests, you can go on roads never traveled  for purifying and energy production, who endless possibilities to overcome the current energy and environmental problems, relying not just on individual technologies but also of strategic inventions cut across all sectors, such as pumps with double separate supply unti the impeller. The research of the Patent Office European confirm that there are not, despite the existence of dozens of different types of pumps. The first centrifugal pump was invented around 1592 by an Italian citizen who was named Erone Alessandrino, to which we should all be grateful. But we also need to thank the manufacturers of pumps and turbines with precision machining allowed to obtain excellent performance for every application and allow to realize also this solution for many types of centrifugal pumps. However, the double separate supply until the impeller, being strategic, is the rebirth of the centrifugal pump, as vehicle of water savings and sustainable energy production, and also for the defense of the territory against flooding, being the only invention can circumvent the gravity force and the hydrostatic pressure on the outlet, bringing the pressure energy also on the suction side of the impeller, without interfering with the supply of water to be lifted which enters in the same impeller. The pumps and turbine manufacturers participating in this international patent, not have to do anything but change the supply of the pumps and turbines that will be used in the new fixed and mobile systems that will also become producers of energy in small and large public and private facilities, but also in terrestrial mobile transport. Thanks to this little invention, is born a new era of hydrology much more efficient, cleaner and economic of the fossil fuels era and other renewable energy, with lower returns and not usable on transportation.

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Desalinate and raise the waters producing energy

Dissalare e sollevare le acque producendo energia

The defense from high waters producing energy

La difesa dalle acque alte producendo energia

The state of the art in the use of water and energy, the fight against pollution and the production of clean energy at low cost has been conditioned from an incorrect interpretation of the fluid dynamic principles, which have resulted in enormous waste in all areas of human activities. In fact, industrial development has focused almost exclusively on energy fossil. Although hydropower accounts for about 17% of world energy, the easier production of energy, with the hydraulic jump, with the currents of the rivers, ocean waves, did not stimulate the inventors and designers to study hydraulic circuits that make better the characteristic incompressibility of the water and the air compressibility, both to save drinking water, both energy, and also to increase the production of hydroelectric ene
English abstract pct.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [670.2 KB]
Lo stato dell'arte nei consumi di acqua e di energia, della lotta all’inquinamento e della produzione di energia pulita a basso costo è stato condizionato dall’errata interpretazione dei principi fluido dinamici, che hanno portato a sprechi enormi in tutti i settori delle attività umane. Infatti, lo sviluppo industriale si è concentrato quasi esclusivamente sull’energia fossile. Sebbene l’energia idroelettrica rappresenti circa il 17% dell’energia mondiale, la produzione facile di tale energia, con il salto idraulico, con le correnti dei fiumi, le onde marine, non ha stimolato gli inventori e i progettisti studiare circuiti idraulici che sfruttino meglio la caratteristica dell’incomprimibilità dell’acqua e la comprimibilità dell’aria, sia per risparmiare acqua potabile
italian abstract pct.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [670.4 KB]

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