The real world problem is not the absence of clean energy, which has finally been identified, but the ruling class that does not accept it because it is not the energy which they had hoped. Nevertheless "Hydro-electric interactive pressurized energy", It is nothing but the energy created by applying  to the environment instant by instant rational scientific global reasoning. This is the same reasoning made by Taylor that led to analyze the instant by instant production cycles in industries and to replace people with robots and automation of internal transport. If it had been applied to the environment, would bring the principles legislated by Pascal, Torricelli, and Henry, to produce energy and cleanse, moment by moment, in every corner of the Earth, at all hours of day and night with small and strategic technological inventions made by men. Using this energy would not serve the petroleum, thermal power, nuclear, hydroelectric reservoirs, dams, solar panels, wind turbines and existing purifiers, fully clued global warming and billions of billions of investments, which have created more harm than goo This energy does not have secret formulas, it's the backbone of all small and medium sized businesses, it protects the environment by dissolving oxygen in polluted water thanks to Henry's help.  It does not emit a gram of fine dust or of CO2, thanks to Torricelli’s help, and he is more powerful than thermal energy thanks to Pascal’s help. For the world's ruling class there are many flaws because it breaks the economic equilibrium that can be produced everywhere with very low costs also on means of transport. On large distances, it is advisable to travel by air and naval, consuming only the wear of electric machines: electric pumps, turbines, alternators, compressors, turbofans and some battery for the initial start-up. In fact, the power system recovers the water that comes out of a turbine by means of a "modified pump, with double power to the impeller", which uses the same impeller that also recycles the water inside the volume accumulated pressurized by Pascal. Therefore, in the pressurized tank, we have an excess of expulsion flow for the body's impenetrability with Torricelli's energy that he realizes that the volume is already full, feeding the turbine again. Of this ongoing quarrel between Pascal that enters the water into the pressurized tank and Torricelli that expels it, Henry took advantage by stealing oxygen from the compressed air solubilizing it in the water that through the pressurized tank.  Therefore, the more energy we produce, the more water we purify. Also, if we consider that the power produced by an engine or turbine depends on the pressure, flow rate and flow rate density, we realize that it is not advisable to produce heat pressure and use air as a fluid. In fact, the pressure produced by burning a fuel produces gas whose density is almost a thousand times inferior to water, while the maximum pressure can reach 40 bar, while compressed air can also reach thousands of bars? Thus, the compressed hydroelectric motor is much cheaper and more powerful than the thermal one, but also easier to build and maintain: it uses static air pressure, while underwater circulates uncompressed water that feeds the turbine. Since the thermal energy cannot compete even from an economic point of view, only the ignorance of politics and the silence of science are still allowed to survive. If possible, the politicians and scientists and economists of the past should also be dismissed. What are the current ones waiting for? Or at least repent, apologize to the people who trusted in them? Instead, everything is silent, the world's leading political, economical, environmental and energy class continues to do the damage he has always done with inefficient energy and inefficient purification. The only energy we are not talking about is just the interactive one that would be efficient both as a producer of energy both as a purifier with the help of the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry that were conceived before the industrial era. Being so many to err is not an excuse but an aggravating circumstance. Where is science who should know that it cannot be mistaken if it applies globally instant for instant, closing all the cycles it opens? Who forces science to work in watertight compartments without understanding its true function? 

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