Even if those who do not respect environmental laws are many, unfortunately, the greatest damage, global warming, floods, droughts, radioactive waste, nuclear disasters are due to plants built and managed legally worldwide. Before inventing interactive energies, the undersigned has invented interactive purifications, but even these have never been realized. An functionary of the multinational Eni wrote to me that they were not interested in my CO2 neutralization system, through the limestone greenhouses, because they already complied with the regulations ( hit-and-answer-with-eni / 179710 /). This means that there are great technical, scientific voids, which prevent science, legislators and justice from doing their job well. In the world, scientific research groups across the various scientific disciplines would serve to synthesize the best solutions with universal prototypes and help governments to implement public utility systems and at the same time legislators to legislate and judges to judge. But the real world problem is the fact that nobody noticed this absence, neither the scientists, nor the technicians, nor the politicians, nor the economists, nor the journalists, nor the unions, nor the environmentalists, nor the legislators, nor national or international judges. The undersigned was aware of this, and in his working life he was involved in the organization of work and in the design and installation of industrial and environmental plants, which in 2006 decided to anticipate his retirement to propose new global development solutions, starting precisely, from the organization of work that is very lacking in all public purification and energy plants worldwide. But when he started filing patents for his solutions, he also noticed legislative gaps. Is it ever possible that the patent system does not grant the copyright to inventors who do not find the financiers in the short time granted by the legislators? Is it ever possible that legislators make no distinction between public utility patents and commercial goods patents? Is it ever possible that legislators allow the sale of public patents to private individuals? It is never possible that this absurd legislative system is managed directly by the United Nations Organization, through a body called W.I.P.O. (world, intellectual property organization)? Unfortunately, all this happens. This way of legislating, not only allowed enormous conflicts of interest, has also prevented public research bodies from looking for the impartial purification solutions that I was about to study. It is obvious that with these laws no public research body is encouraged to broaden their horizons and study global solutions that cannot find buyers among the industrial companies that purchase patents.  In fact, even private companies are specialized in single technological sectors. Is it ever possible that public researchers do not understand that they cannot work in watertight compartments in both universities and ministries and produce partial and specialized patents without studying the plants globally? In fact, if public facilities are studied globally, right from the initial planning, connections with the other plants present on the territory are expected, but also those inside the various gas, water and fumes purification cycles, to make complete cycles and interactive with each other. The undersigned has always found closed doors on the part of public designers on these arguments. All he could do was go on with his research, knowing that it was the right way to find the right solutions to the environmental and energy problems of our time. This institutional absence of public bodies of reference of the global design, for the undersigned is the reason why the state of the art in environmental protection and the search for truly sustainable energies does not advance, while all at the scientific level seek solutions and it seems that everyone does his duty, both from a scientific and a legislative point of view.  In reality, no one does their duty completely, hiding global solutions, which require a way of designing plants that is completely different from how the specialists of individual urban, industrial, agricultural, water, air and smoke systems design them. without ever creating global cycles. This was the state of the art of depurative and energy world plants in 1987, when I left the industrial plants to take care of environmental plants. These are the same reasons for which the undersigned anticipated his retirement in 2006, when I anticipated my exit from work to become an inventor and this is the state of the art of 2019, despite having deposited forty patents, some of which were transformed into international warehouses, subject to absurd rules for paying taxes on public utility patents , only blind and incompetent legislators can claim from the inventors. None of my forty public utility patents has ever been realized anywhere in the world because global design involves the modification of all current installations and the creation of logical and rational connections that no one has foreseen between the water and air cycles and fumes. It is obvious that the world public bodies, not having used my working method, could not identify the interactive purifications, but what is worse is the silence that they are maintaining even on the interactive energies, to which the undersigned arrived unexpectedly, to try to to make the interactive purifications that I repeat cheaper make unique purification cycles of air and fumes both in urban systems, in sewer systems, and in large final plants that are simultaneously fossil and biological thermal purification energy. Today these scientific and economic centers of power continue to remain silent as they have always been silent about the thirteen years of work that I used to arrive at the current state of virtual development of purifications and interactive energies.  With their silence do these centers of power want to leave the world people in doubt? Or do they want to demonstrate without prototypes that my solutions don't work? I am the opposite of St. Thomas: although I do not see, I am sure they work because I have only done my job as designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants. I didn't invent anything complicated. I have only put the systems together rationally, making the necessary modifications to the machines and circuits. With the current laws on intellectual property, even if my inventions are correct I have no right to copyright, because, despite having regularly filed patents and paid filing fees, I have not paid maintenance fees. With what money could I have paid them if I dealt with public utility solutions that the world public bodies did not want to finance? As for the patents not granted on the charge of "perpetual motion not feasible", those who authorized the bureaucrats of the patent offices to issue scientific judgments on interactive energies, which would simultaneously solve the energy and environmental problems, while the official science still silent? What was the inventor going to spend the money to make legal appeals? Even winning the appeal, the inventor would always have been at the starting point. If global public bodies have not financed fossil energy cleaning patents also granted at international level, it is obvious that they would not even have financed those of interactive energies. Global public bodies treat private inventors as unwanted antibodies, while actively collaborating with private companies that buy their patents. Aren't these conflicts of interest?


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