Many cities are shrouded in smog.

I think that many mayors cry crocodile tears, not having made any city or town in the world with a single small neighborhood prototype with sewers autodepurative of water and air together, connected to heat exchange towers, which would eliminate the external units of air conditioners, would filter the air and would exchange heat with the ground, while the chimneys with double walls would depurate fumes and would recover the CO2 and heavy gases with dust, creating a path Escape down to purify aerobically in vertical wells, with air polluted the water equally polluted. While the semi purified water would flow in existing sewers by alkalized mini greenhouses limestone, connected to purifying wells, the air, relieved by heavy gases and dust more or less subtle, instead would rise to the atmosphere through the wash that happen in greenhouses limestone, connected to the heat exchange towers over mentioned. The sludge extracted from the bottom of the wells, on the other hand would make a path anaerobic separated from the water, to produce biogas in the digester closer, which would not produce bad smells odors, being matched to the aerobic treatment of the sludge, while the liquid digestate, would be used to produce other biomass in biological overlapping ponds that produce even purified water, part of which would create artificial rain in other limestone greenhouses where the air extracted from the digesters themselves and from the biological heating station combined would be deodorized and impoverished of CO2. Of all this there is a comma in any city in the world because no one is fighting to have these. Protest with the powerful is useless, if you leave in their hands the arbitrary solutions. They continue to raise taxes and create mega purification plants far from cities that are useless, Indeed produce acidic waters that increase eutrophication and global warming, while the purification of urban air does not exist. You invoke the winds so air dispersion in the atmosphere: pain shared is a joy for all? In reality, urban smog and smoke are deposited everywhere, including glaciers, which obscured absorb more heat, while those that remain in the atmosphere produce acid rain producing desertification. These are the reasons why the current purifications are wrong. The  global treatment should be incorporated into the environment avoiding  at the origin of all process dispersion  of polluting, as summarized above  and illustrated in detail on the site web But of this we can not speak freely with the experts that are simple employees, who have to obey the employers. In discussions on Linkedin easily, it comes off topic if you talk about global purification, prefer to speak only of new energy to pull water to their mill. On facebook, on the other hand, there is greater freedom of expression, but no one is really interested in solutions. Nevertheless the global purification, as well as being the only efficient solution for the protection of the environment is also one that could lead to increased employment, all being redone. Happy 2016 to all.


Molte città sono avvolte nello smog. 

 Io penso che molti sindaci piangano lacrime di coccodrillo, non avendo realizzato in nessuna città o cittadina del mondo un singolo piccolo quartiere prototipo con le fogne autodepurative dell'acqua e dell'aria insieme, collegate a torri di scambio termiche, che eliminerebbero le unità esterne dei condizionatori, filtrerebbero l'aria e scambierebbero il calore con i sottosuolo, mentre le ciminiere con doppia camera depurerebbero i fumi e recupererebbero il CO2 e i gas pesanti e le polveri, creando una via di fuga verso il basso per depurare aerobicamente in fosse verticali, con l'aria inquinata l'acqua altrettanto inquinata. Mentre l'acqua semi depurata circolerebbe nelle attuali fogne alcalinizzata da mini serre calcaree, collegate alle fosse depuratrici, l'aria, alleggerita dai gas pesanti e le polveri più o meno sottili, invece, salirebbe verso l'atmosfera attraverso il lavaggio subito nelle serre calcaree, collegate alle torri di scambio termiche sopra menzionate.  I fanghi estratti dal basso delle fosse, invece farebbero un percorso anaerobico separato dall'acqua, per produrre biometano nel digestore più vicino, il quale non produrrebbe cattivi odori odori, essendo abbinato al trattamento aerobico dei fanghi, mentre il digestato liquido, sarebbe utilizzato per produrre altre biomasse digeribili negli stagni biologici sovrapposti che rigenerebbero anche l'acqua, parte della quale andrebbe a creare una pioggia artificiale in altre serre calcaree dove l'aria estratta dai digestori stessi e dalla centrale termica biologica abbinata sarebbe deodorata e impoverita del CO2. Di tutto questo non esiste una virgola in nessuna città del mondo perchè nessuno si batte per avere queste cose. Protestare con i potenti non serve a niente, se si lascia nelle loro mani l'arbitrio delle soluzioni. Loro continueranno ad aumentare le tasse e a realizzare mega impianti di depurazione lontani dalle città che non servono a niente, Addirittura producono acque acide che incrementano l'eutrofizzazione e il riscaldamento globale, mentre la depurazione dell'aria urbana non esiste. Si invocano i venti affinché l'aria si disperda  nell'atmosfera: mal comune mezzo gaudio per tutti? Nella realtà lo smog e i fumi urbani vanno a depositarsi dappertutto, compresi i ghiacciai, che oscurandosi assorbono più calore, mentre quelli che restano nell'atmosfera producono piogge acide che producono desertificazione. Queste sono le ragioni per le quali le attuali depurazioni sono sbagliate. La depurazione globale dovrebbe essere incorporata nell'ambiente evitando all'origine di ogni processo le dispersioni inquinanti, come sopra sintetizzato e illustrato nei dettagli sul sito Ma di tutto questo non si può parlare liberamente con gli addetti ai lavori che sono semplici lavoratori dipendenti, che devono obbedire a i datori di lavoro. Nelle discussioni su Linkedin facilmente, si esce fuori tema se parli di depurazione globale, preferiscono parlare solo di nuove energie per tirare l'acqua al proprio mulino.  Su facebook, invece, c'è maggiore libertà di espressione, ma nessuno è veramente interessato alle soluzioni. Eppure la depurazione globale, oltre ad essere l'unica soluzione efficiente per la protezione dell'ambiente è anche quella che potrebbe portare a una maggiore occupazione, essendo tutto da rifare. Buon 2016 a tutti.   


The role of biological energy

GLOBAL SYNERGY PLANTS FOR DEPURATION, BIOMASS PRODUCTION AND THERMOELECTRIC COGENERATION (GSPDPTC). It is not sufficient that the biological energy does not increase the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere, since the reversible chemical reactions of calcium and magnesium that determine the alkalinity of waters and soils do not occur at the same rate of energy production. In fact, the Co2 fossil or biological, in the atmosphere, only reacts with water vapor. Only a very small percentage of rainwater has the opportunity to meet with calcium and magnesium (in the soils) to counteract the acidification process, which coincides with desertification and global warming. If we had 100% of biological energies, the problem would be reduced but would not be solved. We would never act on transportation with heat engines, but with the facilities that we are proposing could be taken on fixed installations. In industries and cities chimneys must be modified to purify and recover the fumes. Polluted air, including that of chimneys, must be used to oxidize the sewage discharge and the CO2 contained in it should be neutralized in large or small greenhouses limestone which produces thermal energy (fossil or biological). Infact, in urban centers are possible "mini calcareous glazing greenhouse" (mgg) matched to the "mini purifying urban vertical module" (pvum) that use biological process. In these processes of urban sewage it can be also incorporated air conditioning equipment, which with external devices, exchange heat with the air / air system, contribute to warm the planet.  From them will come out air cooled and purified, semi purified water, which circulate in the current sewers along with the rainwater (rrpwl), while the sludge will be extracted from the lower and will travel in a parallel anaerobic line (asc), pressurized with submersible pumps (spas ).  Both lines, of water and sludge, arrive at the same plant, which is simultaneously the producer of biological energy (or fossil), water and air purifier.  This  plants is  based on the synergy and  characterized by the fact that it expands the functions of thermoelectric power plants fueled with bio or fossil fuel (TEPbio or fos ) with new sections: capture cooling purification chimneys (CCPC), plus vertical synergic building (VSB),  plus linear manufactured digesters dehydrators composters (LDDC). In these expanded plant functions where the fumes produced by “TEPbio or fos” are sent to chimneys (CCPC) that do not emit them into the atmosphere but filter them with electrostatic filter (esf), mix them with air in flue gas expansion chamber (fgec) and cool them recovering part of the heat, by heating water in a flue gas water heat exchanger (fgwe). Subsequently, the fumes by electric fans for fumes (eff), are conveyed in vertical sections covered mechanized limestone greenhouse (vcmlg) of VSB, where they are stored calcareous wheeled hanging baskets (cwhb); the warm waters are retrieved by hot water covered basin (hwcb) and hotwater and fumes channel (hwfc) and pumped by hot water lift pump (hwlp) into the pipe bundles (hwp) that heat before the digesters (dg) of the buildings (LDDC) and then sections (vcmpg) of VSB and finally, used in conjunction with other surface waters (rainwater, river, purified by final biological covered vertical pond (fbcvp) to create an artificial rain by water overflow tray (wot) in (vcmlg) that realizes a natural ion exchange between water, CO2 and calcareous material,  which conveys the carbonates in the basin of the water to alkalize (wba). Using for the circulation of water pumps with dual supply inlet (caipds) and mini turbines (htva), we can produce hydroelectric energy instead of consuming it while raising the waters that produce artificial rain. Agricultural biomass and sludge produced by the plant are digested along with the biomass produced in the building (LDDC), dehydrated and turned into compost. The liquid digestate produced by this building is conveyed to the water basin to be purified (wbp) from where it begins purification that goes vertically through the biological ponds vertical (bcsvp ) and ( fbcvp ) that discharge treated water. If the water does not exceed the quality control setpoints, it is recycled through the recirculating water valve (rwv), basin (wddr) and overflow trays (wot), through the sections (vcmlg ) feeding again the basin of water to be alkalized (wba) and to be purified (wbp) that are linked by water sofned supply (wss) and alkaline water supply (aws); (GSPDPTC) is supplied by clean water from “global urban environmental depuration (Gued)”,  through the line recovery rainwater and purified water (rrpwl) and the line "water supply (ws)” that arrives from  upstream water body (upwb). It is fed by waste water by the line arrival sewer (as), agricultural wastewater (agrw) and all that arrives at water basin to be purifier (wbp). Its section (dg) of ( LDDC) is fed by sludge of “anaerobic sludge collector (asc)”, that is fed by “global urban environmental depuration (GUED)”

Our drawings that all governments could copy

Using for the circulation of water the following hydraulic diagram, That use pumps with dual supply inlet and mini turbines,  we can produce hydroelectric energy instead of consuming it while raising the waters that produce artificial rain in plants.  In fact, the water that feeds the artificial rain is the outburst overflow of the basin (wddr1) where is marked (dthhdc), while the basin (wlb) is the basin (wba) of  general scheme of the system. We can use this scheme even to raise water from wells. The installation cost is quickly amortized by the yield and the production of energy.
The Co2 fossil or biological, in the atmosphere, only reacts with water vapor. Only a very small percentage of rainwater has the opportunity to meet with calcium and magnesium (in the soils) to counteract the acidification process, which coincides with desertification and global warming. If we had 100% of biological energies, the problem would be reduced but would not be solved.
Presentation of GSPDPTC (global synergy [...]
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Il Co2 fossile o biologico, nell’atmosfera, reagisce soltanto con il vapore acqueo. Solo una piccolissima percentuale delle acque piovane ha l’opportunità di incontrarsi (nel suolo) anche con il calcio e il magnesio per contrastare il processo di acidificazione, che coincide con la desertificazione e il riscaldamento globale. Se avessimo il 100% di energie biologiche, il problema si ridurrebbe ma non sarebbe risolto.
versione italiana GSPDPTC (global synerg[...]
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