Two environmental and energy inventions  for the Marrakech summit

Every year, it says that the forthcoming World Summit on the environment will play a crucial match for the Planet, but never does anything really important because those who participate in these summits has no trump card to show the other participants, and all is send back to the next summit. This year (2016) summit has already begun in Marrakech, Turkey, on November 7 and will continue until 18 November.

If the delegates of the 196 participating countries present themselves again without solutions, I have prepared two, just filed, as Italian patents, but have a year to become international patents.

These inventions are ready to reduce to nearly zero energy costs and to multiply the environmental protection at the same time, provided that any of the participants to the important meeting, understands the importance of these patents. The question is legitimate because of the more than thirty environmental and energy patents myself, it was not understood even one from inexpensive scientific political powers in charge of environmental protection.  Many earlier patents were dedicated to the global environment purification and transformation of CO2 into carbonates in the water. If, despite the disappointment of not being understood, I continued to file patents, it is due to the fact that I understand the position of the experts, public and private: it is very difficult for them to admit that it is all to be redone, both at the level cleansing both energy. But, sooner or later they will have to give in, even if they continue to not spend a euro to finance my inventions, forcing myself to waste, as well as their time, even the very few savings. Since the intellectual property does not protect inventors but only those who have the economic power to industrialize ideas. If things are organized in this way, the inventors should not have to pay maintenance fees of patents until someone not industrialized, provided the legal protection of the invention. Even the lack of protection of the inventors shows the arrogance of world economic power and how little importance give to environmental problems. Just think how the show business and the players are paid, while the inventors must borrow to deposit patents in the public interest and after  do not find lenders. Not because the projects are not valid but because no one has the courage to demolish wrong systems carried on for generations.

 Someone, hypocritically, could say that the public utility inventions should not be patented. It would be fair if the scientific and political class that governs the environment and energy, worldwide, had grasped the basic concepts of global engineering, but these, unfortunately, are not published in no one book of any university in the world. The global environmental protection can only be found on a tiny web site: In fact, even the universities are silent on these issues, not to admit trivial errors of unrealized designs with a global perspective.  Internationally, governments are spending at the expense of taxpayers many billions of dollars to capture the CO2 and bury it deep in the earth, which is a dangerous and unsustainable solution, in order not to reduce the size of heating systems that is the only way to close the carbon cycle properly, producing carbonates in waters, as proposed by the undersigned. In fact, the combining of water management, including treatment plants, to the thermal energy cycles is the fundamental condition to protect the environment without CO2 emissions, if they want to continue to use fossil energy, but everything would have to be designed in the right site, the right size and the right processes, as described in the aforementioned website.  Universities, which are embedded locally, in all territories of the world, did not give any contribution to the global development of environmental protection and the production of sustainable energy interactive with the environment, because individual faculties do not cooperate with other faculties within the same university, but they connect with science faculties of distant countries with the same address scientific, creating scientific, parallel lobby to economic ones. All competing with each other. Today, to participate in an international conference on biotechnology, hydrology, economics, solar, wind, nuclear, etc. you need to pay thousands of Euros. These very large lobby has prevented the emergence of transversal solutions such as those put together by myself with the cross experience, of installation technician of industrial, environmental and energy facilities.

The global system of environmental protection “SPAWHE” (synergic plants, hydroelectric energy, artificial welling) is based on  many international patents and national inter-connected, which embrace the entire planet, including oceans, which save what can be saved, such as sewage networks (modifying). SPAWHE cannot save large power plants, and even the great purifiers, that distant from pollution, especially from the air polluted, wasted energy resources only. Today, unfortunately, also the environmental machinery, pumps, engines of private companies, are designed to accomplish inefficient cycles. With the rationalization of processes, the builders fear of having to renew the production. Energy Global Innovation and purifying has become impossible because of objective complicity due to design errors to hide and bad investments to defend. All other cases, political, philosophical, generic environmental are fantasies of people who cannot get into the details of global design. Should enter in the world of environment and energy new ideas, new companies, new investors, but are hampered by obsolete specifications of public procurement and by legislative regulations that can not go forward without advancing the global state of the art, which can advance only if public bodies linking the systems together to achieve global cycles, but as mentioned, the systems can not be connected if they are not designed specifically to be connected. In this context, private entrepreneurs can not do anything concrete, except focus, at least in the energy sector, to produce cleaner energy. Unfortunately, for myself, even the new energies are wrong and are creating new categories of entrepreneurs who will have to defend bad investments. Renewables that are spreading largest slice of the sun and the wind. These energies are one way and discontinuous. They take energy from the environment, but do not interact chemically with the same, therefore, are not interactive. Also, they have very low yields, large dimensions, high environmental impact, high disposal costs of materials. Also improving yields, they will never reach high levels. It cannot be considered even interactive biological energy, since it is limited only to emit CO2 in the biological environment instead of the fossil. It could be interactive if neutralize the waters biological CO2 producing carbonates. In this case, subtract CO2 environment. But this project was included in the objectives of the patents silted, not in those of the world’s ruling class ( It is not even the current interactive hydropower, which is one-way and in many cases favors the floods, as heavy rains, finding natural and artificial reservoirs already filled, the water pouring into the valley with greater speed and violence. instead, it would be interactive with the environment, the submerged pressurized hydroelectric energy in polluted reservoirs and wells. In fact, the titles of two new inventions are: “pressurized submerged hydroelectric plants in basin and wells with lifting and oxygenation”, published on submerged hydroelectric-energy-files.  With these inventions, while producing energy with high output, you will also have the natural chemical exchange between the polluted water and oxygen going to purify all water which does not pass through the purifiers. Especially, those in deep water of ports and lagoon city like Venice, Amsterdam. In fact, these two new inventions allow the construction of authentic hydropower stations in the backdrops polluted lakes and seas and also in the wells with a special version. Today is a great contradiction not produce interactive energies and simultaneously spend billions of dollars in fossil energy to purify only the small amount of water passing through the purifiers. But in the same purifiers should not continue to consume energy to oxidize the water through the air diffusers. It should oxidize water, producing pressurized water power, as described in the same patent deposits, with the help of Dalton and Henry two centuries old, and the change of the circulation pumps, which must be with double separated supply until to the impeller. These innovations, which no one has ever thought of using matching the purification processes to energy production, could be born from the beginning of the industrial age because even centrifugal pumps and turbines were born before.  Even these systems may include, fully into the global environment and if the undersigned has discovered them, probably, has to thank, just those who have been silent on earlier versions of the global purification, linked to fossil energy cleaning. But who did not want to clean the fossil energy with the global purification, it is already proving that not even want the interactive hydropower. In fact, the first inventions of myself on these subjects have more than two years and the pumps with double separate power supply, over a year and have yet to find funding. However, only these inventions may scrap thermal power plants and C.C.S. system (Carbon capture and storage). Against pressurized hydropower, fossil energy is not only polluting, but also uneconomical. 

More time spent to pass submerged compressed hydropower, the more we forgive, especially if we have to buy oil and gas. But to tell the truth, even if we were a country rich in oil and gas, the cost of extraction and refining already exceeds the submerged compressed cost of hydropower. Who does not believe it has to do no more than take up the books and get back to studying the basic principles that underpin these inventions that, for myself have no need even to prototypes to be demonstrated. We just need to be informed about science and the state of the electromechanical technologies to put them together properly.  But if the delegates of 196 countries have doubts, I do not think it’s a problem to organize a small collection among the various governments to determine who is right or wrong. If theoretically, the undersigned has managed to get into the shirt of a well a pressurized tank with air and water to produce the energy needed to lift and oxygenate the water, why should it not be possible to enter the same system in the boot of a means marine or air or inland transport, only to produce energy?

As illustrated on the same website? Keep quiet about the inventions that does not come from the big powers of the world economy does not help anyone.

It would also be about time someone would provide an explanation, if possible technical and scientific. Who are the more than 9500 visitors of the web page Who have not left comments of approval or disapproval of environmental projects on display? I do not think they are housewives, but technicians who will not or cannot express their opinion freely. Even if do not leave comments, I hope that visitors become at least 9.5 million because the global systems of protection that I developed after a lifetime of work, as I wrote above, are also ignored by the best universities in the world. If the younger generation want to learn, where they have to study them? The world summits on the environment and energy, if do not know the global energy solutions and protective of the environment, of what use are? What are they talking about?

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone