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Twenty-eighth open letter to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations, Fourth letter to the European Commission, yet another letter to the Italian government, of which I have lost count.


If it is true that covid-19 comes from wild animals that have lost their natural habitat due to deforestation and large forest fires and savannas; if it is true that the mortality of those affected increases exponentially in the areas with higher percentages of fine dust, Nox, Sox, CO, in the atmosphere; if it is true that the most affected are the elderly, what does this have to do with the European call for startups dedicated to the Covid-19 emergency, which expired on 18 March, intended above all for small and medium-sized enterprises for innovative contributions useful for cope with any aspect of the emergency? The budget for this call is 164 million euros. What is this rain of millions on small and medium-sized enterprises? At most, they can develop some control and monitoring software for people who move around the areaThis is already being done in China and Korea. since we are late, we may also be able to import this software from these countries. Why, as Europeans, do we not focus on the real problem that affects the entire world development? Emerging countries, such as China and Korea, have made the mistake of copying our energy and purification solutions, even surpassing us by the amount of pollution produced. EUROPE should anticipate the immediate decarbonisation of energy, the modification of urban purification systems (we cannot continue to wait for the rains to reduce fine particles). We also need to revolutionize global transportation systems. We cannot deforest forests to cross them with roads and railways that also have very high costs, only because we have not been able to develop a sustainable energy process that can add up the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and fly the means of transport over the forests and the savannas. Not only to fly over them without going through them, but also to put out the fires that are destroying these huge natural resources. We remember what happened in Australia in the summer of 2019. This means that we must completely change the way we produce fixed and mobile energy worldwide because air transport is even more polluting than thermal power plants, incinerators, and cannot stop on fire outbreaks because they keep in flight based on aerodynamic principles. If they slow down the speed of the flight to put out the fires they collapse on the ground. But this problem can be overcome with interactive global linear motors that would add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. These can develop an infinite amount of energy without producing any pollution because the primary energy is extracted directly from the environment. As described by myself in, http: // / flying-and-floating-cars-with-interactive-global-linear-motors-and-thrust-of-newton-and-lorentz /. Why don't governments try these solutions? This certainly cannot be done by small businesses. The collaboration of governments and major world industries is needed, since my solutions of intellectual patents, to which world legislators do not even recognize the copyrights that are recognized even to those who write a simple song. Some emerging countries have overtaken the old industrialized countries in the development of computer software, which does not require large structural investments. Unfortunately, they have also surpassed them in the wrong plants, which require large structural investments Thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric, transport systems, energy distribution networks, purification systems. All these systems are uneconomical, inefficient and polluting, not being interactive, but as the countries that created them have not noticed, even the emerging ones have not noticed, which also in this case have passed the state of the art , but only in size. We are not talking about the current water and air purifiers. They are all to be scrapped, since in urban centers the air is not purified at all and the water is purified with very high energy costs tens of kilometers from urban centers, acidifying it.

I think that the ruling classes of the past that have allowed global warming unnecessarily and waged unnecessary wars to source unnecessary fuels will be judged by history. But above all, I worry about the current ruling class which does not understand elementary scientific concepts, which I try to explain with simple words and many examples, finding only walls of silence.

It is true that science, especially public science, should answer before politicians. But if this does not respond spontaneously, those who govern have the power to demand answers. It is not enough to spend two trillion dollars and predict 100,000 deaths instead of 200,000, considering this a victory. Coronaviruses do not come out of nowhere, like many diseases, produced by pollution and the incorrect development model developed by men of power, science and inventors.

I, as a private inventor, have never had any interlocutors, and over time I have lost esteem and trust in world institutions. Although it has been a long time since I was a designer, I remember that I have always submitted plans and cost estimates to get approval from my employers. Where are the Italian, European, American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Australian projects to face this great world crisis? Of course, we cannot spend thousands of billions only on pulmonary ventilators, masks and beds equipped for intensive care. Above all, it is necessary to change the model of world development. All countries, first show the projects to the people who have to pay them and then the funds are allocated. Those who really care about the protection of the environment have already developed the projects even if they have not been paid by anyone. Those who have not developed them cannot improvise them in a very short time.

As I have always written, my projects or patents are intellectual and do not belong to any employer, neither Italian, European, nor international. They are available to everyone. Even if nobody asked me to, I took the liberty of developing them in the common interest, because I believe that both purification and energy plants are deeply wrong. I also believe I have demonstrated this through many publications. I have never looked for the culprits of the plants that I believe are wrong, I allowed myself to correct them by doing my job for free even knowing that nobody would pay me to do it. I didn't do this job because I'm sure nobody else would have done it. I love my daughters and grandchildren too much. I could not enjoy my well-deserved retirement, without doing anything to oppose the world's bad environmental and energy plans, which are the main cause of all the world's disasters. I thought of the other grandparents who have done other jobs and who would like to help me but cannot.

Those who want to go down in history, as a statesman, cannot do so only by allocating the highest sum to cover the expense, but also by choosing the plans for future development. Of course, it will go down in history that it will first find the covid-19 vaccine. Not those who will prevent these viruses from developing in the future. I am happy to work for this purpose. But, at least, I would like to know from this political and scientific ruling class the reasons for their silences? Did they give the delegation of Italian world scientific authorities at the Patent Office that has declared my patents in most cases "perpetual motion"? I think that in the interest of future generations, these absurd concepts must be clarified. Those who teach in schools cannot transmit to young people only partial truths, such as the principles of energy conservation, neglecting to teach interactive principles that are much more important, as they teach how to save energy in a process phase and to multiply it at a later stage, bringing together principles, especially different physicists. I am sure I am not wrong and I know that the eye also wants its part. Unfortunately, with my modest grasp I can't afford to experiment. For this reason, in the latest publications I have proposed to set up a joint-stock company called SPAWHE S.P.A. with the function of an experimenter body, which shares with the inventor the intellectual copyrights that today are not recognized to inventors who do not find financiers.

If governments, the United Nations and their scientific advisors believe they are right, continue with their silences and the current development model and face the judgment of history.

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone

In the whole world, nobody wants to understand that to create complete cycles that also close the CO2 cycle, the cycles of water and fumes must be put together in limestone greenhouses that support both small and large thermal plants, both small and large purifiers. Therefore, 6,000 MW / h thermal plants cannot be built, as was done in China. Nor can incinerators and steel factories of any size be created, unless you have the space, the quantity of limestone and the amount of water necessary to close the cycles correctly. Nor can we continue to send acidified water from purifiers, when we know that both lakes and seas are acidifying. But the real problem is that no global scientific body has noticed anything, and the ministries of economic development, through the patent offices, politicia
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