The future of the car and terrestrial transport is hydroelectric.

The future of the car and terrestrial transport is hydroelectric.

Presentation of the Italian patent filing 102016000087373  dated 26 / 08 / 2016 entitled Hydroelectric power auto with peripheral torque to the wheels.  

Those who know my little story of environmental inventor knows that I have devoted much of my activities to the global water treatment system. That is, a system that purifies water and air together even neutralizing the CO2 emitted by fossil fuel plants. The system is very simple. It is mainly based on the invention of special smokestacks that capture the fumes, filter them, and make them to cool them back in small and large urban or industrial plants to get them back into the atmosphere through scrubber greenhouses, where it would be stored calcareous material (rocks and residues crushed concrete), where artificial rains made with contaminated water and the cooling water in power stations, would realize a complete purification cycle producing purified air from CO2 and alkaline water, which is what in theory serves to combat acidification of the oceans and global warming.  Unfortunately, I have yet to use the conditional because this system has not been understood or appreciated by the authorities of the environment and entrepreneurs of environment and energy, which did not give any explanation to the undersigned, although the undersigned is also economically bled to produce four international patents, a site web and many publications launched on the network (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Xing, and various networking magazines). Not to leave the work unfinished, the undersigned has agreed and chose the energy that could be better combined to global purification systems. This energy is undoubtedly hydropower with water recycling, which does not exist, but if it were used, would allow the production of energy, even while cleansed, defends the territory against flooding, rise and distribute drinking water and for agriculture. But even these solutions, also patented, do not have warmed the hearts of the environmental authorities and industrial environment and energy. I do not know the reasons for their silence but I thank them because probably, the success of my solutions would have satisfied me and I would not have gone as well, dealing also energy Mobile. In fact, continuing to meditate, I realized that the pumps with double separate supply until the impeller, used to power turbines in the plants built to the atmospheric pressure, also can be used to circumvent the hydrostatic pressure in plants with pressurized closed tanks. Consequently, it is possible to produce energy in lifting systems and service water distribution autoclave when the water network does not absorb water, or absorbs little, continuing to turn the pumps and diverting water, partially or completely, in a turbine ( or in a pump used as a turbine) which coupled to a current generator, it can provide energy to the entire condominium. This solution can be used in the mobile transportation, obviously, without feed any water network.

As can be seen from FIG. 1 reported on the combination of a submerged single-stage pump with double separate supply up to the impeller (patented), and a multistage submersible pump used as a turbine, in a special circuit that couples the alternating current generator with an angle of 90 degrees to reduce the ‘hydroelectric plant height and make it fit in the car’s hood. However, in the hood of ‘car the hydroelectric generator there would not be entered also if I had not reduced the power required for transmission of the driving torque of 80% by applying the operator directly on the wheel rim by means of a ring gear and a spool mounted on the ledge of a flanged electric motor on a special support, solidarity axle and the steering system, which follows the steering movements and the wheel.  The result obtained is a car with a hydro-motor and the transmission device to the energy directly to the drive wheels with engines that incorporate the differential speed sensors in curves and those of the ABS system for the adjustment of the braking. The mechanics of these costs very little car than at present. So, we will have the hydroelectric cars that cost much less than those with internal combustion engines from the mechanical point of view, without sacrificing performance and safety on the road. But above all, we will not need fossil fuels or organic, even though if they were clean, they would, as they have a considerable economic cost, to which we are resigned, just because we do not know the best solutions.

To start the vehicle we use the compressed air contained in the autoclave, and we do not even need the large lithium batteries (which is a material endangered). Whereas energy with water recycling in the fixed and mobile version, we would have been able to produce at least half a century ago almost angry to think that we have spoiled the environment unnecessarily with fossil energy, paying more from the point of economic view.   

I think it should be angry especially the automakers that created the jewels of technology, which required 120 years of research, patent of experiments and many billions of investments, unfortunately, investing fossil thermal energy, which can not be cleaned by simple filtration and catalytic processes, since any combustion process also involves the chemical neutralization of CO2 that can be realized only with a wet processing in particularly bulky limestone greenhouses, which would be able to break down the fine dust. But if these plants, much more useful and easier to realize in fixed heating systems, have not been realized with the complicity of the environmental authorities, despite produce alkaline water that would negate the  oceanic  acidification, it is unthinkable that the pollution the mobile transport can resolve by purifying.    Hybrid cars and the battery are expensive palliatives that would be valid only if it did not exist the ideal solution from a technical and economic point of view. This solution is the hydroelectric cars.

As a technical designer of systems I have formed precisely in the automotive industry (Alfa Romeo from 1970 to 1987), appreciating especially the synergy between many technologically advanced systems, put together by carefully following many parallel work cycles resulting from the organization of the scientific work that was  theorized Frederick Taylor in 1911). For I know that machines and installations producing a car are tailor-made, depending on the product, the quality and quantity to be produced, as mentioned above, the car requires a lot of synergies between the various technologies, I can say that I always thought that this model would have to be exported in the environmental and energy sectors, where prevail monothematic technologies that do not interface with each other and therefore we can not protect the environment globally. I have tried to express this concept in many publications and are especially proud to have invented the global purification systems through synergies learned in the automotive industry, but I mainly proud of having invented the pumps with double separate supply until the impeller and the hydroelectric pressurized plants which together can easily replace combustion engines, not only by solving all environmental problems, but also with considerable economic benefits.

The transport industry has taught the world the organization of work but was unable to change the source of energy transport because she trusted of science, which instead, has not sufficiently thorough hydrology through synergies between scientific principles and possibilities offered by the modification of the operating machines used in the hydrologic sector. In fact, the limit of science has been the lack of confidence in the possibility of achieving from the mechanical point view, machines able to perform several functions together. While the limit of the pump and turbine manufacturers has been to focus only in improving the performance of pumps and turbines, without seeing different applications by simple lift by the pumps and to exploit the kinetic energy from the turbines.  While the limit of the pump and turbine manufacturers has been to focus only in improving the performance of pumps and turbines, without seeing different applications by simple lift by the pumps and to exploit the kinetic energy from the turbines. Yet just the automotive industry has shown that to create complete synergistic systems, like the car, also from an environmental and energy point of view it is necessary to go into all the scientific and technical details simultaneously. The only error committed by the transportation industry has been to underestimate energetically the developable power from the water the air together by means of pumps and turbines modified. If someone had this insight, the transport industry would have saved a lot of research for the cleaning of fossil energy and many bad investments, which have not delivered the desired results.

I hope that the transport industry do not pretend to understand, as they did those of the environment and energy and the environment authorities prove for once rise to the occasion. The other categories do not matter. If unions and environmental associations did seriously would have already taken a position on global environmental protection systems published in Instead, they have not done, they continue to talk about the environment and energy without going into details of the alternative designs and to delegate environmental protection to those who have demonstrated that sustainable solutions cannot or do not want to design for unknown reasons. I say that if the car will walk without fuel (as it is possible by using the compressed air, water compressibility, physical principles and industrial technology) also the balance of payments would benefit. There would be more resources to do many things in the public interest that does not do it for lack of funds. For example, strengthening the landscape heritage and medieval old towns against earthquakes, who ask us every two or three years a bill to pay, along with summer droughts and floods that occur throughout the year. It’s not an urban legend that in civilized countries the police can not patrol the streets when they exceed the budget for the fuel expense. There are no excuses for those who escapes to the technical comparison, on topics as important, relying only on skepticism, without going into detail of the solutions. It ‘very easy to establish who is right or wrong, scientifically, with the prototype or champion systems. There are no secret or complex formulas such as those produced by Einstein and by nuclear scientists. In many cases, those who fly too high is not aware of simple solutions. It may not be the story to determine whether the undersigned has right or wrong. The truth would come out too late and managers, as usual, would not pay the damages.

Best regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone