The greatest crimes against humanity.

The greatest crimes against humanity are not a thing of the past. No matter how serious the war crimes, environmental and nuclear disasters have been, they always represent isolated episodes. What is committed today legally, daily, in every corner of the Earth, under the eyes of all is much worse because it involves the entire political and scientific world ruling class, economic, legal. Nobody will be able to say for a long time: “I did not know”. What am I talking about? I speak of perennial crimes, committed instant by instant, in every corner of the Earth, which prevent the connection of interactive scientific principles legislated, separately, by the fluid dynamics scientists of the past Torricelli, Venturi, Pascal, Henry, Newton, and those of electromagnetics Maxwell Einstein, Faraday, Neumann, Lenz, Tesla, Edison, Lorentz. When these principles were legislated separately from each other, no one could know that fluid dynamics and electromagnetism follow the same laws of relativity and gravity without producing the unwanted chemical, biological side effects that thermodynamics, electrolysis, division produce. of the atom. Instead, the combined effects of Pascal and Henry’s principles produce positive effects such as oxygenation of the water that is used to produce hydroelectricity, with water recycled indefinitely within the same basins, or in distant basins, or a pressurized autoclave if the recycling pumps are used with the double separate power supply up to the impeller. Therefore, we do not need to risk floods by filling useless mountain basins that have produced, together with the winter floods and summer droughts, immense and useless public debts. The more energy we produce, the more we would purify the fresh waters of planet Earth, which, in fixed energy plants, only when we discharge them towards the sea will it be convenient to alkalize them in special cold limestone plants, which do not produce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. In transport systems, on the other hand, there is no need to discharge the water that produces the primary hydroelectric energy, which through turbines or pumps used as turbines produce electromagnetic currents which in turn produce motors and electric ones that develop a torque that makes wheels turn. or propellers or turbo fans to realize the mechanical or Newton thrust, or a linear electromagnetic Lorentz thrust polarized in the desired direction. Therefore, the only energy that has never been produced on planet Earth is the simplest and cheapest one to produce. The one that would have produced no global warming, no chemical or biological alteration, while producing a more powerful energy than the other energies, being the energy produced by the flow rate for the density for the pressure of the moving fluid, not of the combustion gas that it has a density almost a thousand times lower than the moving water. Therefore, pollution and viruses could have been avoided, producing much more energy than we produce now with energy costs hundreds of times lower than current ones. With these very low costs, floods and droughts could also be avoided, while fires could be extinguished immediately simply by stopping for the necessary time on the fires with the necessary masses of water, regulating the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz, by means of the regulation of primary and electromagnetic fluid flow induced in the circuits of fire-fighting transport vehicles. Today, the margins of errors of anthropogenic planning can become smaller and smaller, but before making public and private investments, the scientific organization of work must be applied globally, updated to the latest state of the art in the interest of all, not of the world stock exchanges, impartially eliminating all the obsolete and polluting solutions that have produced global warming and altered the chemical and biological balances. The current world ruling class, on the other hand, is confirming its global scientific ignorance with palliatives such as hybrid and battery cars, which by lowering energy yields, increase even more the CO2 emissions produced by the primary source of energy, still fossil and thermodynamic. . These solutions, in addition to being more expensive than pure fluid dynamics, cannot be directly connected with electromagnetism to add the thrust of Lorentz to that of Newton to truly revolutionize world transport. It is no coincidence that this ruling class has also ignored that this energy can enter the human chest, without changing the DNA and mental faculties, oxygenating and nourishing the blood, thus avoiding brain death. With the parallel advances in robotics and cybernetics, human life could be extended by hundreds of years, without consuming too much food and natural resources, but only spare parts.

Luigi Antonio Pezone