The potentialities of pressurized hydroelectric energy

The potentialities of pressurized hydroelectric energy

The pressurized hydroelectric energy using compressed air is as powerful as fossil energy but it is not neutral, protects the environment, has a production cost cannot be compared to fossil energy, but to the simple extraction of coal, oil and gas from underground. In addition to oxygenate the water, protecting the territory from high waters (see Venice and Amsterdam) and floods if distributed along rivers and lakes.

We must also consider that the current state of the art, the water oxidation requires a lot of electricity because the oxygen to solubilize the water must be specifically pressurized to a pressure greater than the hydrostatic head, so it is not sustainable oxidize the water with no match them to the production of energy even in existing treatment plants, but with this energy system we can also oxidize the waters of ports and  closed bays of sea.

Used means of transport is satisfied only to produce energy without consuming fuels and lubricating oils, without producing CO2, SOx, NOx, oxides of lead, and particulate matter.

Thinking the silences that is collecting this energy throughout the world, we must ask: It is a miraculous energy or energy uncomfortable for those who have wrong all setting the industrial development on fossil energy, nuclear, solar, wind and purification of non-interactive with energy production?

It would have been good for humanity if the invention had produced by 22 COP summits organized by the United Nations but, as I wrote in https://www.spawhe.eu/cop22-failed-international-crime-of -states-not-punished / also published in Italian, for myself, all world SOVEREIGN STATES, are guilty of international crimes against the environment encoded in 2001 by the same Nations UNITED. Especially in articles 1, 15, 48, 54, 58, omitting to respond to the recognized international utility projects of SPAWHE, particularly, regarding the neutralization of CO2 from ¬†current fossil energy production and by the cleaners, which also emit CO2 in the environment and acidify the ‘water instead of alkalizing it. But the global water treatment would have cost too much to humanity because those who designed the existing thermal plants and existing purifiers, have completely neglected the global effects of thermal and incomplete purification cycles. Today we have in the whole world giant thermal plants and water treatment that can not interact chemically and biologically positively with the environment, because they are at the wrong place, have wrong size and lack the infrastructure and the space necessary to realize the circulation of water, of ‘air and calcium material, necessary to close cycles properly with cold process. ¬†The pressurized water power offers the United Nations a chance to remedy any environmental and energy errors, integrating the existing purification systems without significant infrastructure and replacing almost completely fixed and mobile fossil energy, with huge economic advantages, in terms of the planet’s resources, requiring no drilling and even endangered materials. But this is possible only if the organization of the United Nations, does not want to continue to violate international codes that she herself has legislated. Waiting for some response, https://www.spawhe.eu which, I repeat, it is only the web site of a pensioner, cannot do anything but keep looking between 196 sovereign States, those 10 righteous men that did not find Abraham in Sodom and Gomorrah. But today it is even more difficult to find them because they not only have to be right, but also globally competent in the arts of science, technology, sustainable economies, and compatible with the environment.