What are the world parliamentarians for?

While in Italy we are voting on a popular referendum on the reduction of the number of parliamentarians, because the Italians have realized that the number of parliamentarians is much higher than the population compared to other countries, the undersigned wonders: “what should be parliamentarians? “This question is not a provocation. It arises from a reasoning. If world parliamentarians, democratically elected, regardless of the number they will have, continue to delegate development choices to the world stock exchanges that have produced the current distribution of wealth, global warming, floods, viruses, the role of world parliaments is limited only to the management of state budgets and the realization of public works with the few resources left over by those who hold the true world wealth. Above all, the world’s institutional bodies should assume their responsibilities in the face of inventions that are wrong, realized, universally spread and not corrected by anyone. Today, anyone who proposes alternative solutions to those produced by world power centers, if not physically eliminated, is not believed by anyone, especially because of the silence of science, public and private. Today all scientists are employees, therefore, required to comply with company directives. Why should they give their opinion on purification and interactive energies if their public and private employers continue to produce non-interactive systems? It should be the parliamentarians elected by the people, national and international judges, the United Nations to investigate. Indeed, they should have the power and the duty to experiment with interactive solutions due to the global importance they have to combat bad energy environmental phenomena and world unemployment. The current world governments, including the United Nations, are only apparently democratic, if we analyze the choices they make, from the political and economic, scientific and organizational points of view of global work. The events of the British Brexit, the money allocated by the American government to build the separation wall between the United States and Mexico, the advance of conservative populist parties in Europe, show that the majority of voters in individual countries think selfishly, without taking global interests account. Therefore voters can be easily manipulated by political and economic centers of power that close borders and promise lower taxes. Even if the second aspect fails, this does not help the oppositions that preach brotherhood and the equal distribution of work and wealth because migrants represent a competition for the weaker groups. Therefore, not only environmental and energy problems, even social ones, can no longer be solved politically but scientifically and legally. Unfortunately, both science and justice are not fair today. First, world public science must be reformed, becoming an example to imitate for private science and a reliable reference point for national and international legislators and judges. In fact, both legislators and judges listen to scientific advisors when legislating or issuing important judgments. To prevent scientific advisers from advising national and international legislators and judges in the wrong way, it is necessary to change the organization of world work by updating the state of the art in all sectors without the possibility of scientific misunderstandings. As I wrote in a recent article, it is necessary to prohibit incomplete inventions of science throughout the world (https://www.spawhe.eu/qualuno-nel-mondo-dovecchia-vietare-le-invenzioni-incomplete-della-scienza/ ). In fact, the undersigned, who was a designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants, can say with certainty that in the entire planet there is no complete industrial or environmental plant because both public science and multinationals work in watertight compartments, being specialized in specific sectors. This has conditioned the correct industrial, environmental, urban, agricultural, food and health development worldwide. Only through the study of the organization of global work could the defects of the world anthropogenic systems be identified and therefore also the defects of the current world development model and possible alternative solutions. Unfortunately, schools around the world, including universities, continue to teach science principles to specific technologies that improve specific sectors. Not realizing that by using synergies and interactivity, the yields would not only be improved but multiplied and the pollution eliminated. Only on https://www.spawhe.eu are articles and patents published that describe the synergistic and interactive applications of purification, energy, world transport systems and even the energetic and purifying interactive modifications of the human circulatory system with the oxygenating artificial heart of the autonomous blood energetically (which would not need energy accumulators) and could extend human life by hundreds of years avoiding brain death, even in the case of fatal accidents. However, no Italian parliamentary group or any of the world’s sovereign states, conservative or progressive, has ever asked their government to test any of SPAWHE’s inventions. It is not a political question, but of the general culture of world politicians, who are subjected to public and private economic centers of power, which have produced global warming, the current distribution of wealth, and the invasions of viruses due to alterations and destruction. of world biodiversity. Today, faced with all these crimes of omissions of governments, parliaments, world centers of power, we must ask ourselves whether a high-tech computerized development model such as those with quantum processors, in which they should be inserted, would no longer be just and correct all untested interactive inventions (including those of SPAWHE). A quantum computer, without consulting the current scientific advisers of governments and multinationals, could quickly and impartially provide the probabilities of operation of the interactive energy and purification plants based on the scientific principles and technologies described in the projects. Today the scientific ignorance of parliamentarians, legislators and judges, the partisan interests of scientists specialized in individual sectors, who do not produce global innovations, the one-way trade of public patents towards multinationals, make it impossible to experiment with simple solutions. and efficient as those illustrated on SPAWHE. In this world context, it is legitimate to ask what the use of parliamentarians regardless of the number, if they do not understand that they must not only manage the wealth produced by multinationals but also enter into the merits of the projects that produce such wealth with or without the help of computers or impartial scientific advisors. It makes no sense to vote for a reduction or increase in the number of parliamentarians if you do not understand how they work and what are the reasons why they do not intervene in the scientific and technological choices and the scientific organization of world work.

Luigi Antonio Pezone