What world science has not understood is the difference between the universal primary energy and the terrestrial one.

First summary (full articles can be found at https://www.spawhe.eu). Since 1970, in the automotive industry, I have appreciated the scientific organization of work for creative purposes. Suffice it to say that first it inspired robotics that replaced humans in the most repetitive, heavy and harmful operations and then the artificial prostheses of human organs. But, strangely, in the field of the environment and energy, world science and technology has been much less creative. Not being a scientist but a simple technician, designer and installer of systems, since then, I have thought that the study of the scientific organization of work is also an indispensable tool for solving environmental problems and since then I have spent my life studying the scientific organization of work in anthropic plants to insert water and air purification directly into industrial, urban, agricultural and sanitary work cycles. The scientific organization of work, theorized by Frederick Taylor in 1911, is not based on mathematical laws, but on the experimentation of working times and methods in order to always identify the best solution, in order to increase productivity and reduce production costs. To apply it to all terrestrial anthropic plants it was necessary to know the operating principles of the plants and to improve the processes by creating production cycles that also include the water and air purifications involved using Henry’s principle of solubilization of gases in water as a function of pressure. In urban plants, the system would also have reduced the percentage of CO2 in the air by producing carbonates in the water. No wonder I had to change many jobs in the automotive industry to learn about the various technologies in the seventeen years of work in it and then work twenty years in another private company to learn about environmental systems and rules of public procurement. The latter, by outsourcing obsolete and non-interactive public facilities, have created more harm than good to humanity. It is no wonder that I was only able to file my patents as a retiree, just as it is no wonder that no one understood them. Many pretend not to understand them because they are inconvenient for the entire world ruling class, above all, because, involuntarily, the interactive purification solutions have also become interactive energetic with electromagnetism, extracting energy from the environment and without transforming the matter.The source of energy is air thickened by gravitational force and the energy carrier which is the very simple water, which has a density about eight hundred times higher than the combustion gases and water vapor that current fossil and nuclear energy bodies use. In fact, considering that the primary fluid dynamic energy is given by the product of the flow rate times the density of the passing fluid and the pressure, we do not understand the reasons why terrestrial science continues to use thermal and nuclear energy (when the temperature does not enters the formula) and as an energy vector the use the combustion gas and steam, which having a low density develop less power, compared to water, with the same flow rate and pressure. These serious inconsistencies forced me to think that it is not possible that the entire world science with all the economic means and laboratories available has not reached the same conclusions as me. If the world ruling class had really wanted to solve environmental problems, as it applied the scientific organization of work in industry, where I learned it, it should also have applied it to the environment and energy production. It would have been obvious that by putting together the best energy and purification solutions in all industrial, environmental, agricultural, urban, land, marine and aerospace transport sectors, we would automatically have reached the identification of the ideal development model for the whole of humanity. But this, not only did not happen, the logical solutions proposed by a miracle by myself, without economic means and scientific laboratories, were also ignored.  Meanwhile, the current development model is destroying the planet and at the same time enriching a very small part of the world population. If this type of reasoning does not understand the economists who govern some countries, or who support politicians in the ministries of economic development of all the countries of the world, we must ask ourselves what are the world economists as well as politicians?  We must also ask ourselves why world politicians continue to maintain the current divisions of scientific and technological skills, which do not allow the design of fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants in a multidisciplinary way? The scientific organization of work has nothing to do with the art of political mediation. Either it is experimented and applied universally in the interest of all or the current half measures are accepted in all areas of human activity. Politicians cannot hide behind the errors of science. Science cannot hide behind the wrong political directives. International justice cannot pretend that everything happens normally even if, apparently, everyone respects the laws. Certainly many inventions deposited by inventors not dependent on public bodies and multinationals are not taken into consideration by anyone. Certainly we cannot continue to pass from an incendiary emergency, to a flood, to a drought, to a sanitary one, because all fixed and mobile anthropogenic systems are wrong because they perform incomplete cycles and the primary energy source is also wrong. Just think that, in the bills for the consumption of electricity and gas, of the whole world, the operators charge us the costs of energy consumption, the transport of electricity and gas through conduits and methane pipelines. At the petrol stations we pay the same charges otherwise we cannot move either by land or by sea, neither in the atmosphere nor in space. What would happen if my conclusions resulting from the study of the scientific organization of global anthropic work were correct? In fact, my conclusion is the following: We earthlings could have only one source of world and universal energy provided free by gravitational force, without any industrial transformation and related costs, including energy transport. We just have to learn to extract energy from the environment and design the machines that produce the driving torques and linear thrusts differently, not by challenging the gravitational force, but by using it in our favor.

Second summary (full articles can be found at https://www.spawhe.eu).In fact, mechanical drives are disappearing because electric shafts cost much less and inverters cost less than gear drives. We can easily vary the speeds and powers transmitted. Primary energy of any type, once captured and stored, has no preferential direction. Through the electromagnetism of current generators, electric motors, transformers, we can operate pumps, compressors, fans, create motor torques and electromagnetic thrusts that go in any direction. Therefore, even the gravitational force that provides the raw material of primary energy can be circumvented. The instructions are posted on SPAWE.eu and are available to everyone, including billionaires who show off high-tech for a fee that only they can afford. They organize trips around the Earth for billionaires, but return to Earth with the usual parachute, because the thermal energy, even if it is based on hydrogen, guarantees only the outward journey. They fail to understand that the interactive energy without combustion, based on air and water, which costs nothing and is not consumed, guarantees the round trip. Unfortunately, the speed of global scientific progress is inversely proportional to the number of powerful characters who are occultly opposed along with employed scientists and the globally developed senseless consumer economy. Despite the great silences, my solutions, as they have been developed, have shown that their strength is not in high technology but in interactive connections. Like a long natural rhyme of the seed, which creates the tree, which produces the fruit that produces the seed again. This rhyme cannot be recited without the seed sown by the earth’s gravitational force which is the very simple air at atmospheric pressure. All this is summarized in https://www.spawhe.eu/about-me/. Therefore, my interactive inventions, although only virtual, as they are not tested, represent an alternative development model, inconvenient for the science that has not identified them and for the politicians who have not favored interactive research. The consequences of this delay in development are very serious because due to global energy and purification errors, not only are we destroying the earth’s environment with global warming, but we have also made a mistake in the way of flying in the atmosphere that would have allowed us to limit the damage. produced by large fires. In fact, large fires produced in large part by global warming cannot be extinguished with jet Canadair that cannot stay on the fires. In order to stay on the outbreaks of fires, it is necessary to produce a quantity of energy much higher than that necessary for aeration planes, therefore, the energy must cost very little and it is necessary to add together the reaction thrust of Newton and the electromagnetic one of Lorentz. It is not a problem of aerodynamics but of strength, power, technology and resistance of materials, since terrestrial electromagnetism can only be produced through the circulation of permanent magnets in an electric field consisting of skeins of wires protected with insulating paints that cannot be overheating otherwise they lose insulation and the entire system collapses.

Simplifying the concepts as much as possible, universal primary energy is nuclear-thermodynamic, based on nuclear explosions that reach about 20 million degrees centigrade that form galaxies, stars, planets. The entire universe is governed by an immense electromagnetic system because all the particles of matter, large and small, form bipoles that attract and repel each other, creating very large and very small orbits. Terrestrial energy has nothing to do with the primary nuclear-thermal source of energy, apart from the bipolarity of the particles of matter which, however, follow the laws of electromagnetism. On Planet Earth, natural energy is produced by the residue of the universal electromagnetic energy which is the gravitational force, whose physical and mathematical laws were first identified by Newton who quantified the Earth’s gravitational acceleration, while Albert Einstein with the theory of relativity made us understand the universal system. Unfortunately, both Newton and Einstein did not understand that gravitational acceleration also produced the raw material of primary energy, which is atmospheric air. Not having understood it, they, who had a greater global vision of science, have not understood it even the other scientists specialized in single disciplines up to our days. The gravitational force, giving the gravitational acceleration to the gaseous masses surrounding the planet, has increased its density. One liter of air weighs 1.293 grams at atmospheric pressure.  But the air can also compress to thousands of bars if its temperature is not lowered below the critical temperature of – 140.6 degrees centigrade which makes it liquid. It is not a problem to keep it at a higher temperature even in space linear motors, invented by myself when they are built. In fact, in space the temperature is close to absolute zero (0 K = – 273.2 degrees centigrade). Up to now, the entire world earth science has not realized that having gravitational force available, we do not need to draw from other primary sources of energy. All other energies are less efficient and uneconomical. We only need to trigger the systems that break the state of inertia of the masses by exploiting the fluid dynamic physical laws of gases and water. The elastically compressible atmospheric air constitutes an immense and powerful accumulator of energy and the incompressible water constitutes an immense and powerful energy vector. The slight solubility of oxygen and other gases already selected by nature in water, allows us to produce clean energy in fixed and mobile systems at very low costs compared to all the energy produced by earth science.  Earth science has taught that energy is not produced from nothing but through the transformation of matter. This is valid in the Universe. Instead, on planet Earth, matter must not be transformed but regenerated indefinitely. To produce energy, it is sufficient to borrow air and water and return it to the environment with the same chemical composition. But it is necessary to design the machines and systems so that they trigger the physical interactive processes which in turn trigger the terrestrial electromagnetic ones at terrestrial temperatures, but compatible with the universal ones produced at very high temperatures. There are many ways to overcome the fluid-dynamic state of inertia without the use of nuclear energy, heat, wind or solar energy. It is sufficient to start from the position energy of the water; or statically exploit the pressure of compressed air on the surface of the water.

Third summary (full articles can be found at https://www.spawhe.eu).There are several ways to trigger the interactive processes between water and air or another solubilized gas. Just think of the Venturi effect, which inspired me to invent artificial welling to combat ocean acidification and increase food production. Just think also of the depression that occurs at the center of a pump due to the centripetal force, which inspired me to invent the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, which allows you to recover the water energy vector to use it indefinitely.  Obviously, if I continue to write these things, simple and elementary, it is due to the fact that on planet Earth still no one wants to do them. These absurd choices of the world ruling class also involve the duration of human life and the colonization of the universe hich cannot happen without interactive energies that are not consumed and are renewed both on planet Earth and during space exploration, also through the capture of interstellar dust. These solutions cannot be realized, with the energies currently existing on planet Earth, fossil and renewable, for the simple fact that they are consumed, or are discontinuous and of low power. The high costs of industrial production and commercial distribution of fuels, energy accumulators, show that those who seek terrestrial profit by selling fuel, energy accumulators, battery cars, cannot also take us into space because these systems are not suitable for generational travel. My system is very simple because it extracts the energy from the interactive effects produced by the gravitational force on the earth’s air and water, and applies them in various ways to all human activities by modifying the existing anthropogenic machines and plants, so that they do not produce energy waste of any kind. In fact, any non-neutralized waste produces negative side effects that constitute the current global pollution and the current unwanted viruses that attack humans. As written above, All this work of mine has led me to collect great world silences from science and world public organizations. On the other hand, I receive many offers from fake public and private lenders. False United Nations, False international justice organizations, False billionaire benefactors, false billionaire widows, etc. To these false benefactors I simply write that I do not disclose my bank details, where only my modest monthly pension is credited, so as not to risk losing even my small savings. If they wish to finance my work, I can open a specific empty bank account, where they can deposit the funds, so that I, although in old age, can start the procedure and the next steps to proceed with the experimentation of my solutions, with maximum transparency of the income and expenses. My goal is not to become rich when old, but to envision a sustainable alternative development model for future generations. Given the size of the problems involved, it will be necessary to create a special joint stock company independent of the current economic power centers, which have created the current model (https://www.spawhe.eu/a-global-stock-company-against- errors-omissions-and-opportunities-wasted-by-science-and-world-power-centers /).  This response of mine is enough to make the false financiers disappear like snow in the sun. While the institutional and private lenders who should have understood the immense potential of my interactive systems have never seen each other. For the world institutions, the Spawhe system is only due to the imagination of a retiree. Instead, there is little imagination and a lot of transitive property because everything that works in current specific inventions works better in global and interactive inventions, with the advantage of saving resources and multiplying returns. In fact, biochemistry works better than chemistry and electromagnetism better than magnetism. Today’s earth scientists, especially those awarded the Nobel Prize, should be asked why compressed hydroelectromagnetism shouldn’t work any better than the current banal one-way hydraulic jump, which has never put in series a pump and a turbine and never recycled the water that produces energy and never statically exploited the elastic pressure of the air and the principle of impenetrability of the bodies?   The specific skills of science are necessary and precious, but the global skills are even more precious, which must not be acquired personally in a working life without being believed by anyone, as I was forced to do. It would be enough to create experimental multi-disciplinary bodies at the United Nations, free from economic, political, scientific and multinational powers. On planet Earth there are people with experience in the design of anthropogenic plants willing to study multidisciplinary solutions above the interests of part. Isn’t it strange that SPAWHE, despite not costing a single euro to any world taxpayer, no world government, no association of consumers, of free citizens, is curious to know if it works and to what extent it works? This is a problem of technical, scientific culture and organization of work, which world society has never faced because everyone associates in large and small public and private organizations that pursue specific objectives, never global. As there is no truly multidisciplinary scientific technical organism on planet Earth, the force and power of gravitational force has not been fully understood, which without major investments, without transforming matter, with current technologies, could be present in all human activities. being the very simple atmospheric air, water and human blood, able to interact not only with universal electromagnetism but also with other natural pressostatic and depressive phenomena or produced by small and large centripetal and centrifugal forces. It is no coincidence that by reversing the polarities of the motors that make the permanent magnets move, we can orient the reaction or electromagnetic thrusts in any direction and even add them together. This is essential for achieving sustainable air transport and also for getting out of the atmosphere. But the current world ruling class to finance the ecological transition increases the cost of liquid fuels and gas and the costs of transporting energy, instead of immediately experimenting with compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy, extracted directly from the environment without industrial transformations and linear motors global interactive systems that could also colonize space by integrating the nutrition of travelers by capturing the minerals contained in interstellar dust.  This science and this terrestrial politics are not even interested in the oxygenating heart of the blood which could extend human life avoiding brain death because it uses the same hydroelectromagnetic interactive principles, which they do not want to experiment in order not to undermine their development model that does not have never worked. We have paid dearly for the economic growth we have had in the last century with wars and wrong inventions. I think that things will hardly change for future generations because first the world schools must be updated, in which the scientific organization of global work has never entered. I believe that if on planet Earth there is a person who has shown that he loves science in the facts and in the results obtained, compatibly with the means he has had at his disposal, this person is myself. The same cannot be said of contemporary scientists and politicians. We are in the zero year of alternative development because we are still at zero public and private funding for the Spawhe system (Synergic Plants, Artificial Wellig, Hydroelectromagnetic energy). Luigi Antonio Pezone.