(open letter to the Italian patent office cc political, scientific, legal, Italian, European, world authorities).


What a great invention is e-mail, above all, certified. I would have had to spend a capital to legally demonstrate that the political, scientific, juridical, public bodies of the world do not respond to private inventors, who, without being paid by anyone, study health and energy environmental solutions, which have escaped them. The world’s public bodies are silent about their inefficiencies, cover each other, and award Nobel prizes. However, they don’t know the real world of work. They never studied the scientific organization of work globally. Such a study would automatically lead to discarding obsolete, polluting and uneconomic solutions, allowing legislators to correct even private inventions. It would have been enough to study environmental and energy solutions universally applicable in place of the current, monothematic ones, which, by not closing all the cycles that open, are unable to combat global pollution, prevent floods and droughts, put out the great world fires, move with land and space means of transport in three-dimensional directions, adding Newton’s thrust to Lorentz’s. Current inventions cannot even extend human life, replacing the natural heart with an artificial one, energy-independent and with oxygenating abilities of the blood, which, by compensating for lung and metabolic insufficiencies, would defeat most of the viruses and degenerations due to aging.

How could inventors and public researchers worldwide have understood and analyzed the work globally, if they have never worked in the manufacturing industry, where work is organized in a capillary way following the work cycles and eliminating any waste of material and energy? How could they have understood the economics of work, if they have never participated in tenders for electromechanical and technological systems, where in order to acquire the job the technician must make a market research updated from a technical and economic point of view to choose commercial machines and equipment at the lowest market price and after organize and to manage the executive work acquired in order not to exceed the costs foreseen in the estimate phase?

This is the real work carried out by technicians who work for small companies that install electromechanical systems in public and private contracts and sub-contracts. Unfortunately, these experiences do not lead to the modification of the current plants, but only to the survival of small companies in the hard world of work, where you cannot spit in the dish where you eat. Small plant companies worldwide cannot offer improvements to the system, having to quickly switch from one system to another. Their job is to bill the finished job, or die. However, the experience gained by dealing with the work globally from the point of view of cross-cutting the state of the art and the need to reduce unnecessary costs to the maximum point the ingenuity of the technicians of small companies, even if in the majority of cases they only carry out small daily inventions. For myself, who has carried out this type of work for half of his working life, it is the daily creativity that is lacking for scientists and public researchers, who are the direct consultants of legislators and world governments.  Unfortunately, scientists and researchers also lack the practical knowledge of the scientific organization of work that can only be acquired in large technological manufacturing companies, such as the automotive industry, where the work cycles of men, machines, robots and vehicles automated transport systems must be perfectly synchronized. These experiences lived by the undersigned in the other half of the working life, if transferred to the world purification and energy plants, would lead to improve these sectors which, having remained of public competence, did not understand the importance of the scientific organization of the work and the completion and synchronization of work cycles.

Having worked at different times in these two sectors that work with different logics and work organizations made it clear to the undersigned that his mission was to put on paper the correct way to design the world’s fixed and mobile anthropic systems, closing instantly for instant the cycles that open, or trying not to open them, modifying the existing systems and machines. This must happen in all fields of human activities: purification, energy production, transport, industry, agriculture, fishing, health. The invention of the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood autonomously energetically was not accidental, because the technology must be at the service of man, but must be applied globally, especially in the human body, subject to aging, accidents, diseases and all virus attack.

Obviously, I needed a third working life without bosses to verify how far the scientific organization of work applied globally could lead. Only as a pensioner could I add up the experiences I had in the world of industry and the environment, very different from each other, but I also had to do a lot of research. Without the search engines made available by the internet, I would never have been able to find interactive solutions. For this reason, I do not excessively condemn the ruling class of the past who did not have this great tool for progress. I condemn the current political and scientific ruling class that does not understand that it has inherited a wrong development model from the foundations and instead of trying to improve it through the global design of the plants, it only demands greater autonomy of expenditure, streamlining the European and world bureaucratic steps that slow down the flow of money to manage.

The entire world ruling class has not noticed that all world public plants are incomplete and randomly positioned in the area. It is no coincidence that industrial efficiency is limited to producing commercial technological products with maximum technical efficiency, but not environmental efficiency. Environmental efficiency depends on the transversal updating of the state of the art and on the knowledge of the global work cycles that have not taken public bodies and multinationals into consideration.

Today we are in a paradoxical situation: Public researchers collaborate and sell patents to multinationals, but do not correct public purification and energy environmental systems to create global cycles, such as those deposited in the patents by myself, in order not to force multinationals to modify the plants of transport, heating, conditioning, based on thermal energy and incomplete purification cycles.

With the consent of world legislators, science and economists, no one changes the world’s man-made systems. Global warming, floods, droughts, deforestations, large fires, the proliferation of viruses can continue. The world ruling class proposes palliatives such as non-interactive, bulky and low-yield renewable energies, battery cars, vaccines and social distancing. For this ruling class that does not knows how to plan, it is important only the economy and maintaining employment levels for not lose electoral consensus. It does not matter whether current industrial production, which is not coordinated globally, will destroy the planet and its inhabitants.

Without ever having carried out global cycles between water and polluted air and without having updated them in one hundred years of industrial history, it was not possible to advance the state of the art purification globally to economize the processes and reach the interactive energy inventions between water and air, to atmospheric pressure and with pressurized autoclaves, which are even simultaneously energetic and purifying.

It is no coincidence that the more than forty interactive patent filings proposed by myself to complete all the cycles left open by public bodies, private industry, urban centers, agriculture and transportation have been misunderstood and kept silent, by public science, by multinationals, politicians, economists, trade unions and environmentalists. Nobody can spit in the dish in which they eat, as the undersigned as an employee could not.

Global reasoning is inconvenient for everyone because nobody has done it. Nobody could do it without organizing scientific work globally, entering the details of industrial, urban, agricultural and transport systems. In other words, the scientific organization of global work serves to study how world man-made plants should work starting from the study of the defects of current plants. If universities, research centers, industry, continue to ignore the especially pressurized interactive solutions that use air elasticity as a static energy accumulator and the incompressibility of water which has a density almost a thousand times higher than gas, as an energy carrier, can neither advance the state of the depurative art of the planet, nor that of energy, as it has not advanced in one hundred years of unbridled industrial development, apart from the technological level, which has improved yields, not eliminated the vices of origin, which are energy consumption and the pollution produced. Interactive energies consume no terrestrial resources. They simply borrow the energy accumulated in the pressurized air from the environment and transfer it to the energy carrier which is water, which in turn transfers it to electromagnetism to produce electricity, a driving torque or a linear thrust, without alter the chemical nature of the original primary energy (water, air and gravitational force). How could the entire world science not understand that leaving billions of thermal cycles open even with small toxic emissions, but with large CO2 emissions, the terrestrial environment that nature had employed 4.5 billion to purify, would not have degenerated it in few years? It took only a hundred years to reach the present state. But we are only at the beginning. I think it is the case that even science found the courage to spit in the dish where it eats, otherwise, all those who have studied by heart, without truly understanding the universal and terrestrial energy principles, will continue to speak empty of the environment renewable energies and battery-powered cars that are another world tour.

Worldwide patent offices should not judge filings from a formal point of view, but from the point of view of global efficiency. They should have the ability and power to revoke patents granted to plants that are not compatible with the environment. Instead, they have the power to reject interactive systems that they don’t understand at source. If they do not understand them, it is the fault of their professors who did not train them to understand them. But it is also the fault of those who trained the teachers, because since the beginning of the industrial era. Only electromagnetism and information technology have been developing correctly. Everything else is to be redesigned. So there is work for everyone and workers must also work overtime to make up for lost time. But the Italian, European and world ruling class continue to speak only of the money to be allocated. World politics and science try to hide the dust under the carpet, like a housewife who has no sense of duty. They do not realize that they are hiding mountains of errors that date back to the beginning of the industrial era, when together they did not understand that the primary source of earth’s energy is not thermodynamics but fluid dynamics. It is the classic exception which confirms the universal general rule of “restricted and general relativity”. Not even Einstein has noticed this small exception that those who created the universe made specifically, using universal gravity to select and separate clean gases from harmful ones. The former stratified them in the atmosphere of the very few habitable planets to defend the life of microorganisms and thinking beings, the latter diluted them, creating mineral salts in rocks, soils and ocean waters. This is a great example of a “scientific organization of universal global work”, where everything is in its place, without exception If gravity has been able to do this using statically and dynamically the pressures of gases, the incompressibility of water and the principle of impenetrability of bodies, it is clear that whoever created the universe also wanted to show us the way of producing terrestrial energy, which has only been partially understood by world science by developing electromagnetism. I’m sorry to say it: what Einstein did not understand, more than a century after the publication of relativity theories, has not been understood by anyone else. Not even by NASA and the billionaire Elon Mask, who continue to insist on the general thermodynamic rule to produce energy, which on planets like Earth, can only produce alterations, such as global warming, fires, floods, droughts, and losses of biodiversity produced in billions of years. Even hydrogen used as fuel is a stupid invention from an economic point of view and why it is consumed. No need to carry huge tanks of compressed hydrogen with you. Compressed air, exploited statically, costs nothing and is not consumed if it uses a recycling pump with a double separate supply up to the impeller and as energy carrier the water which has a density almost a thousand times higher. In fact, the energy produced by a turbine is due to the flow rate for the pressure for the density of the fluid that passes through it. Isn’t it stupid to use a gas turbine instead of a hydraulic turbine? Not only for environmental but also economic reasons.

The study of the scientific organization of global terrestrial work is the exception of the universal one, precisely because the conditions of terrestrial life are very rare and we still do not know if other inhabited planets exist. Nor do we know what degree of civilization they have achieved. We do not even know if these civilizations have made the same mistake as humans, which is that of not having identified the correct primary source of energy, which must be fluid-dynamic on these planets, in order not to break the delicate balances produced by nature. If they did, the inhabitants of these planets destroyed themselves in a few hundred years of wrong industrial development. If the inhabitants of the other planets made the same mistake as the Earth’s, they destroyed themselves in a few hundred years of wrong industrial development. Exactly as it is happening to the inhabitants of the Earth, where one does not understand who is silent because he cannot understand the scientific reasoning of global work and who instead pretends not to understand it for reasons of interest. One thing is certain, no terrestrial government has spent a single euro or dollar to verify what is illustrated by myself on the website Where SP means “Synergic plants”, AW means “Artificial Welling”, HE means “Hydroelectric Energy” (very different from the current one which has produced only floods and droughts for not having been able to make global scientific reasoning).


For description I use the following letters sent to the Italian patent office to the Italian political and scientific authorities: cc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Santa Maria Capua Vetere, 3 /06/2020

Subject: Question: 102020000001369 (flying and floating cars with interactive global linear motors and Newton and Lorentz thrusts) – Request for regularization.

With reference to your letter dated 17/04/2020, which you call regularization request, but in reality it is a rejection of the application, in that you ask me to:

Modify the description, modify the drawings, modify the title, send new claims, based on articles and regulations that I know well and that I have always respected, having deposited at your office over forty patent deposits. Some granted, others not granted. I have never objected to the latter with legal appeals, since even those granted, although international patents have been transformed in some cases, have found no financiers. I would have been an unconscious to spend my few savings on legal claims, having as my first duty as a citizen, that of providing for the sustenance of the family. My second duty, as an inventor who deals with problems of public utility in the field of the environment, energy and the protection of human health, is to communicate to the world alternative solutions to the current development model, which unfortunately, it is full of industrial, environmental and energy plant solutions that do not protect the environment, human health and are also uneconomical, although in many cases they are protected by international industrial patentsWorld history, sooner or later, will be rewritten precisely because of the purification and interactive energies invented by myself, which also include the artificial heart oxygenator of the autonomous energy, which will lengthen human life and the global linear motors that will revolutionize land transport systems and spatial respecting the environment, which are also used in this intellectual patent filing. Many famous inventors of the past and present who favored the current development model, which in one hundred years destroyed global biodiversity with thermal and nuclear energy, will go down in history as negative inventors, having favored this immense disaster with inventions, not global and non-interactive.  The Italian patent office and the Italian governments, which first did not understand these inventions, will deserve a negative place in the foreground if they do not repent in time, above all, now that nature is rebelling, producing viruses that move from animals to ‘man. Only purification and interactive energies will be able to restore natural biological balances, but it will take whole generations moving together in the right direction, as they have moved in the wrong direction, all together, to destroy these balances. We cannot continue to finance the current transport industry to save current jobs, destroying the future of future generations, as Italy is doing by financing the FCA, while the Italian patent office continues to show its ignorance scientific, not supported by any national or international authoritative scientific authority, given that WIPO is a United Nations body. Even the patience of the inventors, who deal with self-utility inventions selflessly, has a limit and this limit has been exceeded. It was in Italy that the first inventors lived who investigated the initial energy principles connected to gravity, atmospheric pressure and fluid dynamics. I quote Evangelista Torricelli and Giovanni Venturi, but also the French Pascal, Henry, Dalton, Bernoulli, and the English Newton, long before the industrial era began. These Inventors, the undersigned has dusted them after centuries to use them in the light of modern advances on electromagnetism, proving that the cheapest earth’s primary energy, powerful, efficient, even protective of the environment is fluid dynamics. It is not thermal, nuclear, wind, solar. Therefore, we have erred in the foundations of current development.

As I wrote, having filed over forty patents not made in fifteen years of inventor work (which were preceded by thirty-seven years of work as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental systems), I know the main rules for filing patents that must meet the requirements of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability.

My inventions have all these requirements because they are not mono-thematic, but synergistic, exploiting multiple physical principles at the same time, as has never been done in current world purification and energy systems. Therefore, the entire world patent law should be adequate for my solutions, adding the fourth requirement, which is more important than the three existing requirements: “compatibility with the environment”. Environmental non-compatibility could be accepted at the beginning of the twentieth century, not today that the entire world economy was blocked by a very small virus because world inventions and industrial and civil infrastructures blew up much of the world’s biological balance. Obviously, regardless of the global worming produced by the development system itself.

It is shameful that world science, public and private, the bodies of scientific information, the environmental associations, denounce the environmental problems, but they are silent about the interactive solutions, which the undersigned has put together in a working life in industry and in the environment, without secret formulas, but simply, rationally putting together the scientific laws developed in previous centuries by important mono-thematic scientists, who did not have time to study the synergies of their inventions with other inventions, in order to further select the best compatible with the environment and the world economy. Man’s life is too short for a scientist to fully understand the potential and limitations of his invention. These potentials and limits can only be identified by scientifically applying the organization of global work from an industrial and environmental point of view simultaneously. It is no coincidence that the undersigned did it, who studied this type of organization by installing industrial plants for half the working life and doing the same type of work by installing environmental systems in the second half of the working life. Only as a pensioner was I able to rationally put the plants together both from an industrial and environmental point of view. It is no coincidence that the systems designed in this way are also the cheapest in the world. Unfortunately, even the most unwanted from the world ruling class that has not been able to identify them and has produced a wrong economic environmental industrial development. I could not have done this job as an employee of a multinational or a public research body that collaborate with each other also through the trade of one-way patents, from public to private, without looking for the synergies that the undersigned has sought. Because if they had looked for them they would have realized, as the undersigned realized, that most of the public and private plants are wrong from an economic and environmental point of view.

All inventions start from the development of simple concepts, and as these concepts are acquired in the state of the art (even if only virtually) the inventions become more complex. Unfortunately, in the current world economy, environmental aspects have been neglected in identifying the source of primary energy and the complexity of man-made plants becomes ever greater, due to the fact that nature rebels, while, we need to produce more and more plants (wrong) to meet world demand.

If world statesmen do not find the courage to change the primary source of world energy and rebuild a new development model that eliminates environmental problems at source, the economy becomes increasingly unsustainable and it will be increasingly difficult to protect the environment and human health, since the problems are connected. It is no coincidence that the undersigned, after identifying the world clean energy source, also filed the patent for the artificial heart of the man who is autonomous in energy.

Meanwhile, Italy, the former home of scientists and inventors, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Evangelista Torricelli, Giovanni Venturi, Galileo Ferraris, Guglielmo Marconi, Antonio Meucci, grants loans to the FCA to continue producing means of transport exceeded by technical, scientific and environmental point of view to save jobs, not having the courage to change the development model, which would also solve the employment problems of future generations.

It is precisely the transport industry, in which I have worked for half of my working life, the symbol of the failure of the current development model. In fact, if we compare a car patented a hundred years ago with a thermal engine, four wheels and related transmission parts with a modern car, the performance cannot even be compared, because all the components in these hundred years have improved technologically. Another symbol of the failure of the development model, of which no one notices, are the billions of air conditioners which, especially in summer, with the air – air exchangers, contribute to heating the urban centers even more and spreading fine dust and viruses, while the correct way to exchange heat is with the subsoil, with low enthalpy geothermal wells, which with the invention of hydroelectric energy compressed in wells, would also provide free energy to make the entire system functional, such as described in It is not enough that since the beginning of the industrial era, cars, boilers and heat engines have reduced pollution. It is important that they did not completely eliminate it due to the fact that the thermodynamic principle would be compatible with the environment only if it closed the collateral cycles, which open the combustion processes. The closure these cycles, especially in mobile plants, is impossible, while in fixed plants it is possible but not sustainable. On the fixed global purification, the undersigned has obtained the major national and international patents. These, although they have not been financed and implemented, have allowed the in-depth analysis necessary to identify the synergies that led him to identify the primary source of world energy that can also be used on means of transport and on all mobile applications, including energy-independent artificial heart.

Unfortunately, no multinational company has closed these cycles completely neither in fixed nor in mobile plants (despite the patents granted). Since these thermal plants, fixed and mobile, used simultaneously by a population of over seven billion people in devices of all sizes, it is obvious that the environmental consequences, sooner or later, would have been serious. Infatti, anche se realizzassero un ciclo di combustione perfetto non potrebbero neutralizzare il CO2 che richiede un ciclo di chimica inorganica, impossibile da realizzare, soprattutto sui mezzi di trasporto.   World public science and legislators have accepted a simple filtering of fumes, worldwide, except for myself, which has carried out global purification cycles of water, air and fumes on all fixed thermal systems worldwide of any        size. These were the patents granted to the undersigned (about 16) that the world public bodies and multinationals have not realized. By not realizing them, they have practically not acquired the experiences that the undersigned has acquired (at least theoretical) to advance the state of the art that can only advance by improving the previous solutions. Faced with the ignorance of world public bodies and multinationals on this topic, the undersigned was forced to advance the state of the art only on theoretical grounds, which the patent offices do not understand and do not strive to understand, above all, based on the silence of the whole world science. If world science had expressed scientific opinions contrary to my solutions, I would have been the first to know. Today in the face of the emergency produced by the covid – 19, my solutions are proving more and more exact, because even nature is rebelling against the absence of global purification systems, which, despite the silences collected by science and world entrepreneurs that they made bad investments in all sectors, including renewable energies and large energy accumulators. Nothing can be cheaper and more efficient than the energy produced directly, instant by instant, from water, air, gravitational force and electromagnetism, even if the steps from one phase to another are not automatic, but made with small tricks of the trade, that only those who have lived a transversal life between industrial and environmental plants have been able to identify.

Therefore, the undersigned, as written in the attached document, published on the website in Italian and English with the subtitle of the thirtieth open letter to the Court of International Justice, the United Nations and yet another letter to Italian government, refuses to make changes to the patent filing in question. I cannot continue to satisfy the bureaucratic whims of patent examiners, while science, politics and world justice continue to remain silent on global environmental protection solutions, without making the slightest effort to ascertain the truth in the interest of all. The COVID – 19 does not come from space, it was produced by the wrong inventions authorized by all world governments, which, having failed to design simple and complete systems, produced immense public debts to build public and private systems that not only produced heating global, but they also allowed floods, droughts, deforestations for not knowing how to put together the “principle of impenetrability of bodies” and the word “solenoid” that occur six and ten times respectively in the description of the patent filing in question, in an attempt needless to explain to the Italian patent office the energetic potential of compressed air, which to fully exploit its strength must act in one direction, combined with the principle of impenetrability of bodies,  to the incompressible characteristics of the water, which circulating through the hydraulic turbines connected to current generators, can feed electric motors that can feed turbofans that produce Newton’s thrust and feed other motors that move permanent magnets that induce other currents in other solenoids that they produce an electromagnetic linear thrust (of Lorentz). The direction of the electromagnetic force no longer depends on the direction of the compressed air and water force but on the direction of the magnetic flux generated. So, we can add Lorenz’s thrust to Newton’s thrust we already know and move in the atmosphere in the opposite direction to gravitational force without using fuels, which are destroying the planet with the consent of science and all world governments. Everything depends on the previous inventions of the subscribed that has found a way to circulate the water one way in pressurized autoclaves with compressed air, by means of the modification of the low prevalence circulation pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller. The invention of this pump did not take place by grace received, but it depended on other inventions misunderstood by the Italian patent office, which to summarize, are called artificial Welling, submerged hydroelectric energy, submerged compressed in basins and wells and even in the heart artificial man autonomous energetically, which is based on the same principles. All these inventions have been defined as “perpetual motion” by the Italian patent office which claims to represent Italian and world science. While the ministers of economic development, the environment and the presidents of the councils, they let them do it, transforming a people of former inventors into a people of bureaucrats and fixers who have not produced wealth and wealth for almost half a century. But as I wrote in the attached document the energy and purification errors started much earlier and involve the whole world science.

Best Regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone