The great gap between the science of God and that of man that produced global warming and Covid-19.


I think that the most beautiful words of the Christian gospel are those written by Matthew in the sixth chapter, verses 26-34, where Jesus says: “26 Look at the birds of the sky: they do not sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Do you not count more than them? 27 And which of you, no matter how busy you are, can add a single hour to your life? 28 And why are you scrambling for the dress? Observe how the lilies of the field grow: they do not work and do not spin. 29 Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory was dressed like one of them. 30 Now if this is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow will be thrown into the oven, will he not do much more for you, men of little faith? 31 Do not worry therefore, saying, What shall we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear? 32 Of all these things the pagans worry; for your heavenly Father knows that you need it. 33 Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you in addition. 34 So do not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will already have its anxieties. Each day suffices its pain. “

What I ask myself today, knowing that Jesus was expressing himself through parables: “is it possible that Jesus already knew what I have been saying for some years, that is on planet earth energy is everywhere?” Therefore, the rush for energy supplies was useless from which the current world development full of wars, environmental disasters and unwanted viruses would be born. Also from the Gospel of Matthew I extract the following sentence: “Let the children come to me, because of these is the kingdom of heaven” to emphasize that scientists and inventors who are Catholic believers, or believers in any monotheistic religion, with their research and inventions should be more concerned about children and the defenseless humans, animals and plants, that God created. These must be protected in a particular way, as well as by justice, even from scientific innovations, not being able to defend themselves. Unfortunately, on planet Earth everything has developed differently, justice is not the same for everyone and scientists and inventors are at the service of those who pay them best. Governments don’t rule. They prefer to legislate, tax and carry out large and useless public works, which clearly are of no use. If it is true that energy is everywhere, we do not need large dams, tunnels, highways, railways, large thermal and nuclear power plants, large purifiers. It would have been enough for world science to identify natural interactive principles and for inventors to identify technologies to enhance these principles. Scientific principles have been identified, but the need to make them interactive with each other, as nature teaches, has not been identified. This is the great fault of world science and the ruling class, which have led to global warming, immense public debts and the proliferation of viruses, which will become more and more numerous and lethal, if we do not start from where the right way has been lost.


With hindsight, the words of Jesus should be reread in the light of the disasters made and the sustainable inventions boycotted by the world’s men of power and by the Nobel prize-winning scientists themselves. On planet Earth it is much more important to respect what concerns us closely, which we still do not fully understand, such as chlorophyll photosynthesis, and the carbon cycle. Suffice it to say that the production of a simple blade of grass or any plant molecule requires an immense amount of components (From the book “The Environmental raket” by prof. Paolo Sequi cites: “for every 35 million carbon atoms coming from photosynthesis,  are needed 30 million oxygen atoms, 60 million hydrogen and 1,552,904 atoms of different elements supplied by water are needed (1000,000 nitrogen, 250,000 potassium, 125,000 calcium , 80,000 of magnesium, 60,000 of phosphorus, 30,000 of sulfur, 4,500 of iron, 2,000 of boron, 1,000 of manganese, 300 of zinc, 100 of copper, 3 of cobalt, 1 of molybdenum “). The earth’s carbon cycle in 4.5 billion years has gradually cleaned the earth’s atmosphere of the immense amount of gases that did not allow the development of any plant and animal life, hydrogen (H2) and helium (He), methane (CH4 ), ammonia (NH3). Practically, life on Earth was generated by the combination of three elements: the gravitational force that thickened the gases, the Carbon cycle that cleaned them by producing marine, terrestrial salts and rocks and the chlorophyll photosynthesis that produced oxygen and all life forms we know. While the plants designed by men lack the most elementary connections between water, air and gravitational force. These connections never made in man-made systems, unfortunately, have broken some fundamental balances for the life of humans and animals. Today, they cannot be restored without demolishing the wrong plants. The energy ones, exploiting a single energy source such as an oil well, a gas or a coal mine, do not take into account the proportions to be respected to close all unwanted collateral cycles that open up in the environment surrounding the energy-producing plant. Then, there are the mobile energy plants produced in billions of specimens which, unable to close chemical cycles, would only have to exploit physical processes. But the inventions of these plants have been hidden and not financed. How can we continue to renew our confidence in the world science of men and public institutions if they conceal the inventions that seek to solve these problems? How can we confidently send our children to school if the interactive links that are missing are not taught by anyone to young people, even though their absence is evident?

The world school has blatantly failed in teaching the fundamental purifying and energetic principles of the earth, not having understood that the planets, like the Earth, are small happy oases in an immense universe that is uninhabitable and hostile to human life. The creation of these happy islands is due to a supernatural science, which men still do not understand and which a fortiori could not understand 2,000 years ago. Consequently, Jesus, son of God, to preach faith and sustainable development could only express himself through parables and among poor people who have nothing to lose by believing in hope. The rich are unlikely to enter the kingdom of heaven. You don’t even have to be rich. For many people it is enough to be born in a richer country to close the doors to those who have nothing for fear of competition in the search for work or unemployment benefits.

If Jesus had lived in 2020 he could have spoken more clearly, but he would not have been believed by anyone because in the age of the Internet, disinformation is scientifically organized. He would not be crucified or condemned to the electric chair. Despite the Internet, it would have been less successful, even in the face of objective evidence of its revelations. Today, everyone has grouped into social and professional categories and everyone is afraid of losing their acquired power, including churches, trade unions, charities. Today it is easier to believe in fear than in hope. In 2.020, no Messiah could be believed. Viruses like Covid-19 are more credible because world science is destroying the planet and natural biodiversity, through a meticulous and scientifically wrong organization of world work.

Today, the scientific and technological level we have reached would be enough to reverse the process of global warming, not just stop it. Simply through a meticulous and scientific organization of world work corrective of the existing one. This means we have to change the tools we use to cook food and heat ourselves (no need for coal, methane and oil). The current agricultural vehicles that work the land by means of heat engines are not needed. For the same reason, the means of transport we use to move on the roads, in the seas, in the atmosphere are also not needed. Science, world governments should simply admit that they have not been able to copy from supernatural science. Which, without the use of technology, had created a perfect environment for the survival of humans and animals even without the comforts produced by industrial development and electricity. All associations that raise funds or receive donations focus only on charities. Nobody questions the development model that has been created and raises funds to finance alternative sustainable designs. The global application of science has never occurred since the advent of the industrial era. The current inventions, energy, purification, heating, cooling, climate conditioning, means of transport and work, have been industrialized and launched on the international market without ever achieving global cycles.

I, who in my working life have not dealt with science but with the organization of work and the design of industrial and environmental plants, I was forced to retire with the minimum necessary contributions, in order to study a development model inspired by interactive principles. I did not need research laboratories and public or private funding. But only about my modest retirement and the experiences gained in 37 years of working in the industrial and environmental sector, which are very different from each other. Neither of the two sectors, at the current state of the art, carries out global cycles, but the insiders do not realize it because it is necessary to enter all the industrial details with an environmental mentality and all the environmental details with an industrial mentality. Unfortunately, this had to be understood at least fifty years earlier. Today, the modern world of work does not allow industrial and environmental technicians to be creative due to the huge wrong investments made in all industrial and environmental sectors. Creativity is a privilege granted only to artists, which do not involve large public and private investments. But Covid-19 is showing that we cannot continue to feed a wrong development model just because we have no choice:

“Either we starve or we die of virus” is a slogan based on the ignorance of those who dare to say it. The alternatives exist and have been developed in detail, but no world power center has financed them, because they involve the entire world ruling class and even the opposition. In the current system, scientists, researchers, inventors and technicians have to abide by company guidelines otherwise they lose their jobs. I believe I made the right choice by leaving the world of work early. Man’s life today is too short. We cannot waste it all as servants of a fundamentally wrong system, which no one opposes in order not to lose small personal advantages. If I had not made this choice, I would never have been able to independently design, at least virtually, the anthropogenic plants otherwise, in order to close all the cycles in the anthropic plants that according to my experience could and can be closed by carefully observing what nature does. Probably, it was no coincidence that by doing this work, I was also guided to find a way to extend human life with what I believe to be my most beautiful invention “the artificial heart oxygenating autonomous blood”, which also the power to defeat viruses such as Covid-19 at the origin, without modifying human DNA. But it wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. This is demonstrated by the fact that none of my forty purifying and energetic interactive inventions have been made. I was faced with an immense work to be developed because no world government has ever demanded from the manufacturers of the world plants the closure of the cycles in the plants. I put these solutions on paper from 2006 to 2012, obtaining fifteen patents that no one has funded worldwide. On August 24, 2020 I received a letter from the Italian Patent Office informing me that my patents have expired because I have not paid the patent maintenance fees. Here is the letter I received.

This letter is both tragic and comic at the same time:

According to the bureaucrats of the Italian and world patent offices, inventors who are concerned with inventing purifying energy solutions that have not studied world public bodies and multinationals, are required to pay the maintenance fees of patents for an indefinite time otherwise the patents will lapse as damaged goods. Why doesn’t the same thing happen to someone who writes a book, or a simple song? Why doesn’t someone who writes a book or a song lose their copyrights if they don’t pay the maintenance fee?

But the serious thing is the fact that thirteen of these patents concern the design of interactive purification systems that would have modified the domestic, sewage and purification systems worldwide, creating global cycles that purifying water and air together, therefore also the fumes, would also neutralize CO2. which is the main architect of global warming. Ordinary people need to ask themselves questions:

1) Why have the world public bodies not studied these solutions?

2) Why have the world public bodies not checked them?

3) Why are they still silent after fourteen years from 2006 and eight from those of 2012?

4) It is obvious that since these are public facilities, the undersigned could not build them alone. At least one mayor, a provincial or regional president, or a minister of the environment or economic development, a public research center, should have come forward to offer their support or collaboration. Even a small state could have done it, like the principality of Monaco, the republic of San Marino, the Vatican City.

All men of power, like theater actors, recite messages of development and well-being without ever going into the details of what they will do. They probably understood that if you develop the details, as I did, an inconvenient truth emerges for everyone, because in nature everything is indissolubly connected. While in the world anthropic systems everything is disconnected and cannot be connected because everything had to be designed differently and in the right place. Don’t be randomly placed in the territory. You cannot neutralize CO2 without producing carbonates in the water as nature has done for billions of years. Why didn’t Earth scientists think about it? Why with their silence did they participate in the boycott of interactive purification, and today they also participate in boycotting interactive energies, which would avoid the production of CO2?

From 2006 to 2012, the undersigned has filed 20 patent applications, receiving the recognition of 15 patents. Thirteen of which, as mentioned, concern the interactive purification between polluted water and polluted air. If these inventions had been wrong, they would not have inspired other interactive inventions, which gradually even eliminate the use of fossil and nuclear energy from planet earth, not only for environmental reasons, but also for economic ones. According to the experience I had, the incompetence of the institutional public bodies was shown with greater evidence in the following years. In fact, the patents filed after 2012, until 2020, were 21. Of these, the Italian Patent Office has granted only a single patent, which does not concern an energy or purification system, but the floating system of artificial welling. While artificial welling desalination with ion exchange hydroelectric energy, submerged, compressed hydroelectric energy, that applied in domestic systems, that applied in wells, water basins, compressed hydroelectric power generators, the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, autonomous energetically, they have all been declared non-patentable inventions because they are contrary to the principles of energy conservation. My written proposals were of no use. With the introduction of the electronic patent filing, which took place in 2015, the cost of filing patents has decreased significantly, as filing a patent in Italy costs only fifty euros, whereas previously it depended on the number of pages filed. For the undersigned, however, the cost has increased considerably as each patent filed should have been accompanied by a legal recourse, the minimum cost of which is around 600 euros. The undersigned has not made any legal recourse because he considers his patent deposits intellectual, having no economic possibility to transform himself into an industrialist.

Even if international laws do not recognize copyrights to intellectual property, no one can patent my inventions that have been duly filed and published. I believe that international patent laws are profoundly wrong because they make no distinction between commercial patents and those of public utility, environmental, energy and public health. Those who dedicate themselves to the study of these patents cannot be blackmailed by public and private power centers that, not working for the common good, have neglected to work on these inventions. If the solutions have been found by myself without research laboratories and economic means, all the more reason the multinationals, universities, large public research bodies should have found them. It is very strange that in spite of the fact that the means at their disposal and the thousands of scientists and researchers at their disposal have not discovered neither purification nor interactive energies. Even if my solutions have not been realized, I am sure they work because I have applied scientific principles, legislated and tested, and also existing technologies, with small strategic changes, because the interactive energy and purification principles exist in nature but have a very long time to complete. In man-made plants designed by man, they can take place at much higher speeds only if the physical properties of water and air are exploited synergistically, the operating pressures are increased, the favorable conditions offered by the gravitational force and the effect are exploited. venturi, from the modification of circulation pumps, electric motors, turbofans, chimneys, sewers, autoclaves and induced electromagnetic systems. Only by modifying the plants and components of anthropogenic plants is it possible to save operating costs by combining purification and energy production, extracting the latter directly from nature. Only by developing all the details that terrestrial science has not developed is it possible to realize the synergies that the science of the creator of the universe has been using for billions of years without technology. The purification principles of Henry and Pascal and the energetic ones of Newton and Lorentz, which produce reaction or electromagnetic thrusts in means of transport, could not be put together correctly without the existence of the principles or inventions of Torricelli, Venturi, Maxwell, faraday, Einstein, Tesla and other inventors.

If in 2020 these inventions still no one has connected them correctly, the work of the undersigned has not been so useless, at least to make it clear that the work of the designers and inventors of anthropogenic plants cannot be conditioned by science and by the employers who are they specialize in specific research and specific industrial productions. Knowing how to put together inventions and technologies is the only way to get as close as possible to the universal sustainable inventions produced by the creator of the universe. But this, I am sorry to write it, can only be learned by carefully reading all the pages of, even if they often repeat the same things, because interactive solutions have never entered schools, research and the world of work worldwide.

For myself, it is still a mystery why, unexpectedly, I was granted patent No. 102016 000087373 (Hydroelectric car without fuels and energy accumulators), which is part of the group of twenty patents not granted on the interactive energies developed after the interactive purification, which, as mentioned, received the patents but not financed by any world government. The reason why interactive energies were not funded was to be against the principles of energy conservation. If Giuseppe Conte’s government has done this little miracle, which no one expected, especially myself, it must do many others, because in a hundred years of industrial development the whole world has gone in the opposite direction to that in which it should have gone. Many famous scientists awarded the Nobel Prize have created more disasters than benefits to humanity because they did not close the chemical, biological, nuclear cycles that they opened in the plants. The true positive history of humanity’s political and scientific choices has yet to be written. But it needs to be written urgently. We can’t waste any more time.

Here is the patent granted:

Personally, I don’t know what to do with this patent, at 71 and without financial backers. But I would like to know, why the Italian Patent Office regretted the original aversion and why it did not regret the rejection of the other 19 patent filings rejected with the same reason? It being understood that I will not pay maintenance fees if my inventions do not interest the Italian government or those of the world, nor those that raise public and private funds for humanitarian purposes, including the world churches. What is more humanitarian than drawing inspiration from nature and the words of Jesus to design world-wide, fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants that extract energy from the environment without transforming matter. By exploiting only the gravitational force and the physical properties of water and air?

We have paid very dearly for the well-being that terrestrial science has produced because the current scientific organization of world labor has made sure that the right hand of science does not know what the left is doing and those who govern the world do not have a scientific culture. enough not to be fooled by malfunctioning systems. Politicians who claim to rule the world should ask themselves: Why does nature purify itself, while man-made plants produce pollutants? The reason is very simple: because they perform incomplete cycles. Those who want to rule the world cannot accept incomplete systems that damage the environment in which we live. The advancement of the state of the art of science and technology must be parallel and global. It does not matter if anthropogenic plants to carry out global cycles become uneconomical and bulky compared to those that carry out incomplete cycles that pollute in exchange for progress. The advancement of the state of the art of science and technology must be parallel and global. It does not matter if the anthropic plants to carry out global cycles become uneconomical and bulky compared to those that carry out incomplete cycles that pollute. The acceptance of pollution was a shortcut that prevented the deepening and research of interactive solutions, which the undersigned identified 2,000 years after Christ had said: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his justice, and all these things will be given to you in addition”. The kingdom of God does not allow for shortcuts. There are no alternatives. All opening cycles must be closed. The only alternative to reduce the footprint of the plants and make them even cheaper was and is the deepening of interactive solutions, which gradually led me to identify ways of not opening thermal, nuclear and chemical cycles. This solution could not be found immediately, but through a lot of reasoning and in-depth analysis, which however lasted a few years and without public or private costs. The whole logical path is interactive and can only be understood by reading the publications of the website in chronological order.

The current world ruling class, at best, can manage emergencies, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, to avoid worse troubles. They, lacking an impartial and autonomous scientific culture, are weathervanes guided by specific scientific consultants, which emerge from time to time, according to the emergencies to be addressed. While the specific advice is valid, it cannot intervene on the causes of environmental disasters and viruses, which depend on the global management of the earth system. Which was a perfect interactive system before the industrial era. What is not perfectly understood can only be managed without changing the existing physical, chemical and biological balances.

The Earth System was created from supernatural knowledge and gradually refined over 4.5 billion years. Human science nearly destroyed it in just 150 years of industrial development. I have lived on the front line a third of these years, which have also been the worst, dealing with industrial and environmental plants, but also doing the work of an unwanted inventor from the centers of world power. I could not avoid carrying out this difficult role because I understood that those who govern the world should above all be an expert in the scientific organization of global work. Which is a subject that has never been taught in any world university, as they are all specialized in individual sectors. Modern society pays very well to specialists who solve emergencies because we are all used to solving one problem at a time. No one has noticed that specialists have produced global warming and consequently, even the viruses that are unwanted today, because they have not resolved the side effects.

The advertising is the soul of commerce, but this only creates global scientific misinformation, otherwise we would not be doing formula one car racing, with thermal engines and billions of spectators. We would not even invade cities with electric cars that, powered by energy accumulators, indirectly produce a greater amount of CO2, lowering global energy yields through various energy transformations and leaving the primary fossil energy unchanged, while world science is silent. It is only to be ashamed of this type of science and this type of economy, and of this way of governing, based on partial information and global disinformation.

Even the high-speed trains that seem the maximum of progress, not producing energy on board the means of transport and not coupling the fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic synergies in the energy process, cannot rise from the ground and change the direction of travel because the electromagnetic inductor it moves thanks to the armature fixed to the ground. Instead, with interactive global linear motors we could add Newton’s and Lorentz’s thrusts together and go in any direction. Also lift us up in the atmosphere, in space, in vacuum and deep waters. There is no need to turn hydrogen into fuel to create another dependency on an expensive energy source that runs out after a few kilometers, while water and compressed air used statically as a primary source of energy can be used and recycled indefinitely, at higher pressures, with no distribution network and no transformation and purification costs Also lift us up in the atmosphere, in space, in vacuum and deep waters. There is no need to turn hydrogen into fuel to create another dependency on an expensive energy source that runs out after a few kilometers, while water and compressed air used statically as a primary source of energy can be used and recycled indefinitely, at higher pressures, with no distribution network and no transformation and purification costs.  

Today, we are blackmailed by the world stock exchanges that force us to use fuels, energy accumulators, which we do not need, and we cannot adequately fight the viruses that this development model has created. Only world public science, legislators and judges could correct this development model, as scientists and technicians employed by private companies are powerless, being required to comply with corporate directives. They cannot afford to lose their jobs. Instead, world public science, with the consent of legislators and judges, sells its patents to the multinationals, without correcting the mistakes made since the advent of the industrial age. If he corrected the mistakes, the world stock exchanges would collapse. In this system, based on silence and silence, everyone gains, but future generations, the environment and natural resources lose out. It is possible that even the Nobel Prize-winning scientists do not understand that small, toxic emissions, mass-produced in billions of specimens and spread throughout the world by the current commercial networks of multinationals, continue to destroy the future of future generations, despite progress technological occurred? Yesterday like today, those who are outside the system are not rewarded by anyone. Suffice it to say that the most prolific inventor of all time: Nikola Tesla, never received the Nobel.

In our small planet, everything could change, not with the technologies of tomorrow, but with the current ones. But we could only change by going into all the details of what we do on a daily basis. We should change the tools we use to cook food, the means we use to work the agricultural fields, the means of transport we use to move on the roads, in the seas, in the atmosphere. We would have to force the oceans to reproduce glaciers again to lower the sea level, before many islands disappear and many huge metropolises will have to be evacuated. We could be the tools to accomplish this great miracle of God. But miracles don’t come out of nowhere. First we should thank a clergyman named Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746 – 1822) who was ordained a priest in 1769, when the Church was not only concerned with charity, but also with science. In fact, Giovanni Battista Venturi discovered the famous Venturi effect that without using mechanical and electrical mechanisms but simply a section variation of the fluid flow passage and a hole in the narrower section, realizing that the increase in the flow velocity generates a decrease in pressure which allows the fluid from the outside to enter the passage section. This system is used in many small applications to dose liquid and gaseous substances into other substances, but it is not used in the most important application that could make the greatest contribution to saving the planet, not only from high waters, but also from hunger. I extract from one of my previous articles the following paragraph: “The fish we eat comes from 5% of the sea surface. Only this small share is productive but it also has delicate biological balances that we are destroying and must defend. With floating platforms, vertical pipes for the descent and ascent of ducted electric pumps, due to the Venturi effect we can suck nutrients and carbonates from the seabed and then colonize the seas for food purposes, in addition, by also raising the carbonates, we can remedy that 30% of lost alkalinity in 150 years of wrong plants, which are the main culprits of climate change, which are currently opposed only by incomplete plants that move pollution from water to the atmosphere or vice versa, wasting energy”.

Meanwhile, in the world immense resources are wasted and will be wasted for the construction of banks that will never be high enough, along coasts, lakes and rivers, due to authorities, scientists and technicians who do not know how to do their job (or are paid to do their job badly) of environmental and energy planning, preventive and protective of the environment, which can only be done through global plants “Because science is silent and governments, environmental associations, trade unions and the Church are also silent about this solution?

What good have the world schools, especially scientific, if they have not taught the most elementary concepts. It is not difficult to understand that the individual thermal, chemical, biological processes produced by man always produce unwanted side effects which should be 100% neutralized. Unfortunately, without scientific and moral reasons and references, no one has questioned the plants designed by common agreement of public science and multinational companies. In world schools, professors adhere to ministerial teaching programs, which keep the scientific principles legislated separate, without even hypothesizing what would happen if they worked together in the chimneys, sewers, in energy processes, in the groundwater

If we go on Wikipedia to the following page: “List of Catholic clergy scientists” We can find in alphabetical order a very long list of hundreds of scientists who were also priests or monks. This list faded in the industrial age, until it disappeared completely. Partly due to the reduction in the number of vocations, but above all, due to the division of roles. The church too has adapted to the specializations desired by the industrial development model.

Today, at most, there are Catholic scientists, among many non-believers, and many scientists who believe only in money. I do not condemn those who do not believe in God, but those who have no moral motivations and carry out research work, or are an inventor. What can they seek or invent without moral reasons? From Albert Einstein, who was not a believer but had high moral values, I quote some considerations, still current, extracted from the book “Einstein’s Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions”, where he states verbatim: “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. They all aspire to ennoble human life, raising it from the level of mere physical existence to lead the individual to freedom. It is no coincidence that our oldest universities developed from clerical schools. Both churches and universities – as long as they fulfill their true function – tend to ennoble the individual”.

 For myself, it was no coincidence that in the mythological tales of Plato, Diodorus and Herodotus, the source of the information handed down to posterity comes from priests, who certainly did not think about personal profit. However, Einstein himself says: “The fundamental unity of ecclesiastical and secular cultural institutions was lost in the course of the nineteenth century, until it turned into senseless hostility. Political and economic conflicts and their complications have led to dangers that no one could foresee. Today we must admit with horror that the pillars of man’s civilized existence have lost their solidity. Nations that once held high positions prostrate themselves before tyrants who dare to assert impudently: “Right is what suits us!” The rest of the world has been slowly adjusting to these symptoms of moral decay. Einstein again states: “I am firmly convinced that the passionate desire for justice and truth has given the improvement of human living conditions a certainly greater contribution than the tricks of a calculating politics, capable of generating distrust in the long term. general. Who can doubt that Moses was a better guide of humanity than Machiavelli?” Although the areas of religion and science are perfectly delimited with respect to each other, nevertheless there are strong mutual dependencies between the two. Science can only be created by those who are totally dedicated to truth and understanding. This emotional source, however, stems from the sphere of religion. It also belongs to the belief in the possibility that the rules valid for the world of existence are rational, that is, understandable by reason. I cannot conceive of a genuine scientist who defects in such profound faith. We can express the situation with an image: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”. Going back to this very high  moral concepts expressed by Einstein, the undersigned wonders how can world public science remain silent on the well-founded suspicion that thanks to inventions, accessible with current technology, with the combination of water and air, we can circumvent gravitational forces and pressures hydrostatic, effectively creating the perpetual motion that could allow the production of energy in fixed and mobile versions in infinite quantities without fuels and without nuclear sources? If it is true that perpetual motion cannot exist, it is also true that by using an energy source that costs nothing (water, air, and gravitational force), we will only consume the wear and tear of materials. So we create jobs and wealth equally, but we don’t produce pollution and we save the world’s resources. This coincides perfectly with the Gospel of Matthew.

On these solutions, developed in detail with drawings, formulas and reasoning, why are silent religions that for millennia have made up for the shortcomings of science before the industrial era? They probably haven’t adapted to the pace of modern life. Probably, they had to leave the priests free to choose marriage and start a family to feel more responsibility towards their children.

Prayer and charity are not enough, against the power of multinationals and world stock exchanges. Scientific truth and sustainable inventions cannot emerge if they are not funded by anyone who has the ability to raise capital, not to compete with multinationals, but to demonstrate to governments and multinationals that they do not know how to design in the general interest.

Today an inventor, who tries to make his inventions known also through networks, collects the silences of world public institutions, but on the other hand, receives letters from false public and private financiers, who only aim to extort money to the inventor.

 I have published two articles on this topic: -useful-to-protect-the-environment /,, -and-answers-from-a-false-secretary-general-of-the-un /. I could have published dozens of articles of this type to highlight the hypocrisy that surrounds those who believe in their work while not being a winner, according to the canons of today’s society. In the face of institutional silences, an inventor must pretend to believe even in false financiers, at least to have interlocutors. Who is more false will tell the story.

 Global interactive inventions, contrary to what one might think, are simpler than those that have warmed the planet in the last hundred years, because they don’t have to invent everything. 90% has already been invented by nature, 5% has already been technologically developed through the development of electromagnetics and electronics. It is necessary to insert strategic inventions in the right place. Above all, it is necessary to put fluid dynamics in place of thermodynamics, as the primary source of world energy. Furthermore, it is necessary to reduce the hopes placed on nuclear energy. It is not true, as some scientists assert, that the Higgs boson (hypothetical elementary particle with a mass not yet identified) is the God particle. If God had wanted to use nuclear energy on Earth, he would have allowed the division of the atom at low temperatures, not through nuclear explosions that reach billions of degrees. Cold fusion turned out to be the biggest scientific hoax in the world. Even if it were possible, it should be based on particular electrolytic phenomena, certainly not compatible with the biochemical balances of the terrestrial environment that are the basis of animal and plant life. The use of nuclear energy on earth has only produced disasters, showing that terrestrial science has the presumption of wanting to imitate God, but does not see beyond its own nose, because the same effects of the division of the atom for energy purposes, so simpler and cheaper, they can be achieved without dividing the molecules (not the atoms), through the very simple venturi effect, which is nothing more than a small natural trick to let the same or different molecules enter without pressure in a liquid that circulates with greater pressure. This effect can be magnified, if instead of using a small hole in a section narrowing, we divide the power supply of a centrifugal pump into two or more parts, feeding it simultaneously with circuits at different pressures up to the inside of the impeller (international patent of the undersigned WO2017 / 042847, concealed by the mighty of the Earth,  published on 16/032017 entitled Pumps and turbines with separate double power supply up to the impeller). Since the direction of the hydraulic flow is determined by the direction of rotation of the pump or turbine and the profile of the impeller. At the exit of the impeller we will have a single flow and a single pressure, which is very close to the maximum pressure, because as Blaise demonstrated Pascal, a Catholic scientist and theologian, the pressure expands in all directions.

It is not strange that two Catholic priests, Pascal (1623 – 1666) and Venturi (1746, 1822), have shown two very different effects in fluid dynamics, but complementary to each other, as the depression that creates the Venturi effect is immediately compensated by the Pascal pressure of the external matter which compensates for the internal vacuum produced by the speed variation? It is not strange that no scientist has noticed the complementarity of these two phenomena discovered over a century from each other, and that the undersigned, a simple practicing Catholic, after more than two centuries, by Venturi and three centuries by Pascal, has proposed, to use these principles to reduce the effects of pollution in the environment, the production of phytoplankton and zooplankton in marine waters, sustainable clean energy in the environment and within the human body to oxygenate the blood by fighting viruses and death cerebral? Isn’t it strange that human science, heads of state and government, multinationals are mutually silent on these inventions, even in the time of Covid-19? Isn’t it strange that the Church, which has provided a very important scientific contribution for millennia (including Venturi and Pascal), today opposes only with words, giving up the search for the true terrestrial particle of God, which is certainly not fossil, nor nuclear?

In this last decade, despite huge environmental disasters, starting from the nuclear disaster of Fukushima, the earthquakes to the floods, the great bridges and viaducts that collapsed, the great fires that destroyed gas pipelines, the cathedral of Notre Dame, the great tropical forests, the savannas and Australia, the large spills of oil tankers carrying useless and expensive fuels, which only serve to keep alive an obsolete development model, with the consent of all, including the Church. No one can hide behind the words against global warming anymore, not even the supporters of the little girl Greta Thumberg, and not even those who work to identify vaccines to fight the Corona virus, if they continue to remain silent on the true cause of these disasters, which are the inventions. energy and purification errors by the entire world science, public and private. The science of God is very well described by the words of Jesus and has nothing to do with the science of man. However, the technology developed can be used to save what can be saved.

It is incredible the general silence that still persists on the part of the entire world ruling class, political, scientific, religious, television news outlets, networks. Even ordinary citizens who gossip on Facebook are silent about artificial welling, which could cool the planet and increase human food production. We are not talking about the many applications with the pumps modified by means of the double separate power supply up to the impeller, which we could use to extract energy from the environment to warm ourselves, cool us, move on earth, in water and in the sky, as the Gospel of Matthew wrote, reporting the words of Jesus.

 Nobody asks the reasons why there have been, practically, three centuries of silence on the discoveries of Pascal and Venturi for purification and energy purposes. But what is serious is not about the past, but about our days. Above all, after the Kyoto Protocol held on 11 December 1987 with the participation of more than 180 countries at the “COP3” Conference of the Parties, organized by the United Nations. Today the conferences between the parties have reached 25, without ever having addressed the crux of the matter. Since the undersigned has reached about thirty open letters addressed to the international court of justice and the United Nations, five to the Council of Europe, a dozen to the Italian governments that have followed one another in recent years, other letters were addressed to university professors, legal departments, designers, WIPO which manages industrial property around the world. Having never received answers from any of these public and private bodies, it is evident that no one yet knows about artificial Welling, and purifying interactive energy and energy without fuels, which statically exploits Pascal’s principle and the impenetrability of bodies. Not even the Catholic Church has realized that this energy, which no center of power on planet earth has wanted to experience, is the one closest to the Words of Jesus, which without the contribution of men of the Church like Pascal and Venturi, the undersigned, would not it could not have developed even virtually, as it did, at least to wake up public opinion and those who have the economic means to finance at least the demonstration prototypes of alternative development: company-against-errors-omissions-and-opportunities-wasted-by-science-and-world-power-centers /, The church that could tell the truth, hasn’t learned to advertise like the multinationals who tell lies.

What do the experiences of Pascal, Venturi and those of myself have in common, if not the common presence of the gravitational force? Without the gravitational force, the molecules of water or atmospheric gases cannot transform their mass into weight and therefore cannot produce the kinetic energy that produces the depression in the venturi choke or in the center of the impeller that allows the external molecules to enter without energy costs. low pressure in a recycling circuit equipped with higher pressure, which, due to the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, expels the same quantity of molecules entered with the force expressed by the Pascal principle, from the circuit with higher pressure, without energy consumption, due to the incompressibility of liquids and the elasticity of gas. This phenomenon is very similar to the energy that can be produced by means of the division of the atom produced by any hot or cold nuclear fusion. But without producing polluted thermal, radioactive or electrolytic side effects, which in any case alter the natural balances existing in nature. It cannot be a coincidence that Jesus says “Observe how the lilies of the field grow: they do not work and they do not spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon, in all his glory, was dressed like one of them. Now if God clothes the grass of the field in this way, which is today and tomorrow will be thrown into the oven, will he not do much more for you, you of little faith? ” Jesus certainly could not explain to the men of his time those whom only a few people know today, that is, as written above, “the dressing of a blade of grass hides an authentic miracle of God: “For every 35 million carbon atoms coming from photosynthesis, 30 million oxygen atoms, 60 million hydrogen and 1,552,904 atoms of different elements supplied by the water are needed (1000,000 nitrogen, 250,000 potassium, 125,000 calcium, 80,000 magnesium , 60,000 of phosphorus, 30,000 of sulfur, 4,500 of iron, 2,000 of boron, 1,000 of manganese, 300 of zinc, 100 of copper, 3 of cobalt, 1 of molybdenum “. If human science had to start from scratch to produce a blade of grass, looking for all the components scattered randomly on the planet and not arranged, by God in the soil, would not have been able to produce even a blade of grass.

It is necessary to take a bath of humility of the entire world science and then go into the details of the individual purification and energy processes in the world. But it is above all necessary for someone in the world to finance alternative inventions (at least at the level of demonstrative prototypes) that very few inventors still have the courage to propose, in order to ascertain scientific truths. If not even the world moral authorities, which are the Churches, refuse to go into the details of the inventions which, inspired by the supernatural science of nature, would make possible the development hoped for by Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew, there is no hope for future generations. the possible alternative scientific truths to current development will continue to be hidden forever, denying the entire world community true sustainable progress. The world’s moral bodies cannot limit themselves to just preaching from the altars and distributing food and blankets to the poor and homeless. Long before Covid 19 appeared, in June 2015, I wrote an article with the title published in English and Italian  (, June 2020, I wrote other much longer and more detailed articles, such as the following:,,  Se questi link non si aprono cliccando su di essi, è sufficiente copiarli e incollarli su un motore di ricerca.    

The overall design is less complicated than one might think, because nature has clearly shown us how to purify and how to produce energy. If we fully copy what nature has done, simply by rationally putting together what has already been scientifically ascertained and technologically developed, we can from now on eliminate the errors committed by world power centers. These have applied the scientific organization of work only where they deemed it appropriate to apply it, but with partial scientific views and only commercial objectives. Those who have produced global warming, floods, droughts, with narrow scientific views, have also produced viruses that can only be fought with specific vaccines, which cost a lot, arrive late, and do not take into account the causes that produced such virus and human health side effects. We would simply have had to create a development model based on respecting the biochemical parameters of the stabilized soil and atmosphere waters of nature over 4.5 billion years. All the cycles that we open to carry out anthropic activities must be closed in anthropogenic plants, without altering the natural cycles. On the website, the undersigned has shown that correct scientific principles have been taught in world schools, but the correct way to use them has not been taught. We are not required to respect the principles of thermodynamics because they are anti-economic and polluting. We are not bound by the impossibility of achieving perpetual motion, because perpetual motion is useless and less advantageous than the coupling between fluid dynamics and electromagnetism, which do not need thermodynamics and chemistry to produce energy and purification.

The transformation of matter is not necessary to produce energy which produces heat, cold and makes electric motors spin which can create a driving torque or a linear thrust. This means that we could add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and be free to move like birds in the sky, fish in the sea and therefore also create space ships, without polluting the environment around us. In verse 33 Matthew writes the following words of Jesus: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you in addition.” How do you look for the kingdom of God and justice, if the world churches, contrary to what they did in the past, do not finance alternative research to those of multinationals, while receiving public funding and private donations? Churches as well as world public bodies are also involved in scandals of all kinds, especially financial ones. How does one seek the kingdom of God if not through the study of natural systems? Instead, humans have spent many hundreds of billions since the advent of the industrial era to divide the atom that God used as an inseparable element to form molecules so that they could be used in all universal physical, chemical, biological, energy and purifying systems. World public and private science has not spent a cent of a dollar or euro to exploit the interactive fluid dynamics principles legislated by Newton, Pascal, Henry, Torricelli, Venturi, which interact perfectly with the electromagnetic systems legislated by Maxwell, Faraday, Lenz, Edison, Tesla, Lorentz, without dividing the atom.

With the electromagnetic fluid dynamic coupling only physical processes are involved that do not involve the transformation of matter: We have the possibility of producing a primary fluid dynamic energy taken from compressible air using water as an energy vector and we have the possibility of transforming this energy into electromagnetic induced energy without spending even a euro of fuel and without energy accumulators, compressed air being the most powerful energy accumulator, which cannot be matched by any special material. By spending a very small part of the energy that we will produce and that costs nothing, if not the wear of the materials, we can produce infinite quantities of clean energies and we can also add up the forces of Newton and Lorentz, to move in the atmosphere in space and in the water in three-dimensional directions without polluting, but improving the environment that surrounds us, diffusing clean atmospheric gases not polluted by thermal processes. How did world science not understand all of this? Obviously, 2,000 years ago, Jesus could not anticipate the progress of medical science. What it says in verse 27: “Which of you, however busy, can add a single hour to his life?” could not say that the life of men would be prolonged through medicines, pace makers, natural and artificial heart transplants and that even the interactive energy principles could be miniaturized and precisely through an artificial heart oxygenate the blood blocking brain death. So human life could extend, not by an hour but by hundreds of years, by transferring the brain to an artificial body powered by an artificial heart.

Whether it will be worth living a life in an artificial body with an artificial heart depends only on where the human soul is located. I do not think that man’s soul is linked to the pleasures of the body, which inevitably vanish with old age. It is certainly not worth extending one’s life to prolong such pleasures which science cannot prolong. I think that the soul of man is inextricably linked to the pleasures of the spirit and that it is found in the brain, which increasingly feels the need to know and transmit its love, if not to the whole of humanity, at least to its children. and grandchildren and descendants for the natural paternal and maternal instinct. Therefore, the extension of human life is also welcome as it will not consume natural resources, not having to nourish the body. But all this today is not even conceivable, because we are governed by an ignorant and presumptuous ruling class that protects those who continue to destroy the environment through laws that hinder the true progress.

I think that only the ten commandments would have been enough to rule the world without scientific and economic misunderstandings. But God should also have added the eleventh, even if in the time of Moses it could not be understood. The eleventh commandment should be the following:

“Never open cycles of energy and transformation of matter that you are unable to close completely”.

With hindsight, the importance of the eleventh commandment should be evident. But we have a world ruling class that is concerned only with not losing the voters who will survive Covid-19, by financing the resumption of current global activities, without changing anything and without worrying if these activities use the right tools to close the cycles they open. Obviously, I am not talking about gloves and masks, but about heat engines, boilers, air / air heat exchangers, chimneys that do not recover the fumes, purifiers that do not adjust the alkaline value of the discharged water to the receiving water body. These are all things that politicians and earth science have never worried about, which will continue to alter the chemical, physical, electrolytic balances and biodiversity of animal species that God’s science has stabilized over 4.5 billion years. It would be right that those who got rich by poisoning the environment and who today hold much of the world’s wealth, pay the damage and immediately adapt all the world’s anthropogenic plants. There would be the distribution of useful work for all without wasting unemployment benefits. The activities that favor the infections must be suspended and resumed after the transformation of the company. Changing jobs is not a drama, it is a cultural enrichment, which allowed me to be an inventor as a retiree. It doesn’t matter if I have lost money and still no one believes me. It was much worse for the son of God.

            Luigi Antonio Pezone