A global stock company against errors, omissions and opportunities wasted by science and world power centers.
Twenty-seventh open letter to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations.
World science knows that Nature and its Creator without applying any technology have transformed the primordial atmosphere of the earth, full of toxic gases such as methane, hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, carbon, nitrogen, in a perfectly clean atmosphere. Science knows that a very few years of industrial development were enough to produce the current state of degradation, however, it merely launches alarms. It does not enter the heart of industrial solutions that do not respect the chemical proportions of the components and the closure of the cycles in the context of man-made plants. If the world public science instead of launching alarms had made of scaled prototypes of how to design the systems globally, even the manufacturers would have understood that large combustion plants, the big steel plants, would have to be accompanied by even larger systems containing all natural reagents to neutralize the gases and harmful dust using the interactive principles used by nature, both to purify, both to save energy, both to produce energy. The first interactive source is atmospheric air, thickened by gravity at a pressure of 1 bar, which can be artificially thickened at pressures thousands of times higher having critical pressure points and temperatures very distant from each other (37.69 bar, – 140, 6 oC). But thickened only a few bars and by circulating the polluted one-way water in an autoclave that would drain the water through a pump used as a turbine, we could purify it by producing energy instead of consuming it using the principles of Henry and Dalton, provided that science had including that the water to circulate one way through an autoclave must enter it using the second supply of a modified pump, while the main supply of the pump recycles the pressurized water from the autoclave. This simple modification of the centrifugal pumps and of the way of feeding the autoclaves is the key to the future purification and energy development worldwide, provided that the modification is done well and the two separate water flows do not meet before entering the impeller. Where did the harmful gases that surrounded the planet in the primordial era go? The lighter ones have escaped the gravitational force. most of these gases have been absorbed by the oceans and solubilized by the very high hydrostatic pressures, have been transferred to the terrestrial nucleus with processes lasting billions of years. Scientists and inventors, if they had done their job well, would have had to close all the cycles in the plants without emitting emissions into the atmosphere, knowing that nature took billions of years to neutralize them. Alternatively, he should have avoided opening chemical or nuclear cycles, using only physical and electromagnetic processes. If world science had tried to completely close the anthropic cycles, instead of accepting the emission limits, which it accepted and made accepted by world politicians, science would have modified the current chimneys and transformed the sewers into global water and fume purifiers. If world public science had made these logical inventions against global warming, probably would not have forced the undersigned to be an environmental inventor, to put at least on paper the changes to be made to purification systems. In fact, the new inventions, not carried out in addition to the smoke capture and purification chimneys, are called sewage settlers, purification pits, limestone greenhouses, superimposed biological ponds, vertical synergic buildings. From these inventions, that nobody has financed internationally, that worked only in the mind of the undersigned interactive energies were born, as they would have circulated water and polluted air together purifying each other and transforming CO2 into carbonates. If world public science had invented these inventions, she would have realized that the greatest expense that these plants entailed was that of lifting and circulating water. Probably, in order to save the purification processes and alkalizing, world public science would have invented the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, instead of hiding it. Probably, she would also have invented all the subsequent inventions that led me to identify the interactive global linear motors, which will take us into space. Probably, if this had happened, the whole world ruling class, at least the good one, would be happy and content. Unfortunately, the story is going differently. Will concealments continue?
Before getting to the heart of the technical description, I consider it necessary to continue the historical account of the difficult birth of interactive energy, which does not have noble fathers among the current representatives of science, politics, world entrepreneurship, but only in those of the pre-industrial era, since the beginning of the industrial era was characterized by two world wars, which conditioned political and industrial scientific choices, advancing the state of the art in an unbalanced way. First because of the hasty arms race and then because of the hasty reconstruction. While rational development needs global reasoning, which nobody understands today, being all specialized in specific and partial reasoning. Albert Einstein, after seeing the errors of the war and the bad interpretation of the theory of relativity, which through the division of the atom, led to the race to conceive the atomic bomb, hoped for a world government. In fact, World War II ended with the explosion of the American atomic bomb, but it could also end with the explosion of a German atomic bomb and world history would have taken another path, even worse than the current one.
Unfortunately, we have not arrived at a world government that is the same for everyone and the institution of the United Nations has not given the expected results because, in my opinion, in this fundamental democratic organism, above all, the best pacifist inventors and scientists had to go to direct the reconstruction towards scientifically sustainable development. Today, however, the first to not understand interactive energies and purifications are the United Nations bureaucrats.
One of the last articles by myself published on with the subtitle of twenty-third letter open to international judges and the United Nations, bears the following title: “ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS AND ANSWERS OF A FALSE SECRETARY GENERAL OF UN “.
In this article I describe a fairly paradoxical situation. In fact, instead of the UN secretary, who never replied, a stranger replied, pretending to be a UN secretary, offering me generic funding. Although I understood that it was a fake, I wrote him the same things that I would have written to the real UN secretary, to highlight, in the article that I later wrote, the paradoxical situation that can happen to an inventor of environmental solutions of public utility, unbound to world power centers.
In fact, I published the entire correspondence I had with this gentleman, concluding the article with the explanation that I replied to the false one because “The real UN secretary would never have answered me. There is still time to do it ” In fact, this has not happened yet, and I continue to address the United Nations secretary, asking him the following question: What has the world gained by entrusting international justice and patent legislation to the United Nations?
Today, the industrial, energetic, environmental, and health systems think the same way. I extract from the article by Anita Botwin the following sentence concerning the healthcare system: “The current research model does not invest in knowing more about diseases that are not profitable and imposes exorbitant prices on new medicines, playing with the lives of patients and endangering the sustainability of health systems”. The same thing happened in industrial, environmental and energy systems. Since the advent of the industrial era, nobody has investigated unprofitable solutions for entrepreneurs, who have to sell oil products and technologies that are complicated enough to scare off those who want to protect the environment, especially unions and environmentalists. These, not having the support of public science, and not knowing how to design the systems independently, consider the use of methane instead of coal in thermal power plants, or instead of diesel oil on means of transport, to be a victory. To reduce urban pollution, they encourage people to buy battery-powered cars that cost much more and increase global pollution, for the simple fact that the primary and always fossil energy source and having to carry a greater amount of energy and power the batteries that they have a 15-20% lower efficiency of the received energy and a corresponding increase in the production of thermal energy. Moreover, without carrying out the interactive purification that unions and environmentalists do not understand. Although it is not difficult to understand it, though, it is not taught in world universities. It is obvious that interactive energies are even more difficult for oppositions to understand without the help of public science, which does not help them understand. In fact, public researchers sell non-interactive patents to multinational corporations, which continue to pollute. If we add to all this that those who invented the purification and interactive energies in addition to paying the patent filing fees, the maintenance fees, should also pay the legal appeals against the institutional representatives who should grant the patents, it is obvious, that the legislators make laws that discourage inventors to investigate sustainable solutions. In addition, the United Nations institution responsible for regulating patents does not recognize copyrights separate from industrial property. This means that only those with economic power can produce inventions. It also means that the world cannot change because those who have economic power are those who have produced global warming. The world government that Albert Einstein hoped for, with the current United Nations organization, is going in the opposite direction.
I once again remind the United Nations’ secretary of shift, Antonio Guterres, articles 1, 2, 15, 48, 54, 58 of the “Codification project on the responsibility of states for internationally illegal acts”, signed by almost all one hundred ninety-six sovereign states, at the same United Nations in the year 2001.
Personally, only at the end of 2016 I became aware of this document and from that moment, all my publications have the subtitle of “open letter to the Court of International Justice and the United Nations”. We are here at the twenty-seventh letter, with useful proposals for the protection of the environment and the production of sustainable energy in all sectors of human activities. Even if the undersigned had made some mistakes. Being clearly the alternative solutions to all those that have not produced great results in environmental protection and energy efficiency, there are ample margins to remedy even some errors. On the path of interactive energy, we are still at year zero. The undersigned has only begun the thawing phase which probably would not have started even in hundreds of years, considering the cold reception of the current centers of power.
The “Codification Project on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Illicit Acts” includes not only the responsibilities of governments, but also the individual responsibilities of individual officials. Obviously including those of officials of the United Nations themselves. Si tratta soprattutto di reati di omissione:
Article 1
Responsibility of a State for its internationally unlawful acts: Every internationally wrongful act of a State entails its international responsibility.
Article 2
Elements of an internationally wrongful act of a State: There is an internationally wrongful act of a State when conduct consisting of in an action or omission:
a) it can be attributed to the state the same way as international law;
b) constitutes a breach of an international obligation of the State.
Article 15
infringement resulting in a complex act:
Paragraph 1. The breach of an international obligation by a State through a series of actions or omissions, defined as a whole as illegal, is perfected when producing the action or the omission which, together with other actions or omissions, is sufficient to constitute the wrongful act.
Paragraph 2. In such a case, the breach extends over the entire period starting with the first of the actions or omissions of the series and lasts for as long as these actions or omissions are repeated and remain not comply with the international obligation.
Article 48
Invocation of responsibility by a State other than an injured State:
Paragraph 1. Any State other than an injured State is entitled to invoke the responsibility of another State in accordance with paragraph 2 if:
a) The obligation breached subsists against a group of States including that State, and established for the protection of a collective interest of the group;
b) The obligation breached arises towards the international community as a whole.
Paragraph 2. Any State entitled to invoke responsibility under paragraph 1 may claim from the responsible State:
a) cessation of the internationally wrongful act, and assurances and guarantees of non-repetition in accordance with Article 30;
b) compliance with the obligation of reparation in accordance with the previous articles, in the interest of the State offended or breached the obligation beneficiaries.
Article 54
Measures taken by States other than an injured State:
This chapter does not prejudice the right of any State, entitled under Article 48, paragraph 1 to invoke the responsibility of another State, to take lawful measures against that State to ensure cessation of the breach and reparation in the interest of the injured State or beneficiaries of the obligation breached.
Article 58
individual responsibility:
These articles are without prejudice to any question as to the responsibility individual under international law of any person acting on behalf of a State.

After the publication of the main articles of the “Codification project on the responsibility of states for internationally illegal acts”, which recall the collective responsibilities of states and individuals, of those who act on their behalf, the undersigned wants to underline the social function that the designers of environmental and energy systems, especially public ones.
The undersigned, although never a public designer, worked in public plants and felt this serious responsibility, and having sensed, more than other designers, that through interactive energies it could have been possible to improve everyone’s quality of life, it could not escape the challenge of studying the solutions. If I hadn’t done it, I believed it, certainly those who did not believe it and those who are paid specifically for not believing it would not have done it. Morally, for me it would have been an “omission” no different from the one I reproach the public design bodies, which are silent on these solutions.
As I have already written, I would appreciate that these inventions were recognized as simple intellectual property with very small copyrights based on documents filed with the patent offices, regardless of the granting of patents and the payment of maintenance fees, which in my opinion, on public utility patents, inventors should not be required to pay if they do not claim industrial property. But if the United Nations does not want to proceed in a short time, with the recognition of these rights, independent of industrial property, I hope that a joint stock company will be born, an alternative to the current ones, which carries on the purification and interactive energies.
I think that the presence of the International Court of Justice at the United Nations should not be accidental, but I also think that Justice in the field of environment and energy could have done little in the face of a public science, which by accepting the limits of toxic emissions that accepted, declared itself impotent against pollution and global warming. If science does not justify their silence on interactive energies scientifically, for myself, the International justice has the duty to order the trials of cleansings and interactive energy in the interest of the entire world population. However, the International Court of Justice has also received twenty-seven open letters on purification and interactive energies and has remained silent, despite the existence of the aforementioned “Codification project on the responsibility of states for internationally illegal acts” of 2001.
Faced with all these inexplicable silences, if they do not cease immediately, all that remains is to hope that the hypothetical SPAWHE SPA will raise sufficient funds to carry out all the experiments and to legally also claim the industrial property of the patents that have expired and those not granted, which today, they are clearly unwanted by science, politicians and world entrepreneurs and hopefully, not by Justice.
I think these silences are a danger for world democracy, for the number of silent characters involved. Once upon a time the silent majority was tyrannical. Today it is the one that governs, holds economic power. scientific, political, distributes jobs and also does fake charities. It is not a real silent majority. It is a majority that distributes disinformation at all levels, also talking about high technology, provided that sustainable solutions do not emerge, which could alter the current distribution of world wealth.
I don’t know the SPAWHE SPA will be born, but I am sure that if the terrestrial civilization conquers space, it will not do it with the current rockets with chemical fuels or liquid hydrogen, not even with nuclear energy, but with the interactive global linear motors coupled with modern electromagnetism and over 100-year-old men who will exploit the artificial oxygenator of the blood, which will use the same primary energy, coupled with robotics and cybernetics. Only by applying science and technology impartially can real progress be made, not by hiding errors, as the world ruling class is doing to conserve economic power. All these power games delay global scientific and economic progress. The first to understand these things should be the United Nations that manage international patents. Intellectual patents, published in the sunlight, immediately after filing, in any country in the world, would be a great contribution to democratic and economic development. These are not to be judged by patent examiners, but only kept. Everyone could discuss and develop them and everyone could improve them, before making wrong investments, especially public ones. Only if the inventor proposes new and correct things will he deserve copyright, as a percentage of the accuracy of his theoretical insights. The recognition of these rights could take place, even after tens of years, when inventions are effectively understood both by science and by entrepreneurs, and by users. Thus, the intellectual patent would be much more difficult to obtain than the industrial one, but it would give greater legal guarantees to independent inventors who work not protected by economic powers and that they can’t pay taxes if patents don’t make a profit.
Today most inventions are born in industrial secrecy and are placed on the market without being integrated with the fundamental environmental principles and the saving of natural resources. But what is worse is the fact that the specialist school culture of public planners has not allowed the design of global purification plants and therefore the necessary infrastructures are lacking so that the most elementary cycles that users unintentionally open when they use a cooker can be closed kitchen, light a fireplace, use the washing machine in the houses. Or when they go to work using a car, an agricultural tractor, they take a train or an airplane, or they fertilize the agricultural land with phosphates and nitrates. The undersigned, who has dealt with all these problems after a working life spent installing industrial and environmental systems, would have liked to file all intellectual patents, but world legislation, managed by the United Nations, provides only for the filing of industrial patents, considering acquired the world development model to follow. Instead, the development model to follow is wrong because it could only be designed correctly if intellectual patents were developed first and then structural and purification works were designed which would have had to be interactive to create complete cycles. Very different from current depurative plants.
I was writing the substance of this article at the end of 2018, when I thought I had ended my inventor activity with a certainly negative record: none of my over forty inventions have ever been made. I was forced to suspend the article because I realized that I had not developed the intellectual patent filing described in I neglected to study the way to add together Lorentz’s thrust to Newton’s due to the fact that my direct work experiences had mainly concentrated on mechanical and fluid-dynamic applications. My electrical engineering knowledge was not sufficiently. It was an opportunity to fill these gaps of mine. For this reason, it took me over a year publish the two patents relating to this topic. But there is no reason to change the title of the article I was writing, because Lorentz’s thrust, in my opinion, cannot be added to Newton’s if the world does not create an interactive development model based on primary energy produced fluidodinamically that cannot be realized without the invention of the pumps with the double separate power supply up to the impeller. Only this system can extract energy directly from nature and connect it directly to electromagnetism without unnecessary thermal and chemical transformations, creating an infinite and powerful cycle that can only be damaged by the wear of materials. But by realizing multiple systems on board the means of transport in parallel, these systems can hardly stop together and endanger human life.
Science that taught that E = mc2, where “m” is the mass and “c” the constant of the speed of light in vacuum, has not taught an equally important formula related to the weight force, which is a vector quantity, which does not randomly expressed in Newton (kg / m / s2). Which in bodies equipped with internal energy, such as air, space and submarine means of transport, which move in a three-dimensional space, can be expressed with the following F = m * (a – aL – aN). In this very simple formula “a” is the Earth’s gravitational constant “aL” is the acceleration produced by Lorentz’s force, “aN” is the acceleration produced by Newton’s force. This formula, Lorentz or Einstein himself, who knew each other, could write it as an update of Newton’s principle. He says that we can zero the weight of a mass on earth if we equip it with an internal energy that produces both the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz, whose sum is equal to or greater than the gravitational force, or only one of these energies but very powerful. In fact, by zeroing the gravitational acceleration in the weight force expressed in Newton (Kg * m / s2), only the mass in kg remains, which in vacuum does not oppose resistance to motion. In the terrestrial environment, a body endowed with internal energy greater than gravitational acceleration would only oppose friction with the air or water surrounding the body according to V2 / 2 (a-aL-aN). These formulas have not yet been written because a motor or a mobile system that produces an induced electromagnetic force capable of producing acceleration equal to or greater than 9.8 m / s2 has not been invented on Earth. In fact, electromagnetic energy being an induced energy, needs a primary energy source, which in order to be compact, must be extracted directly from nature without thermal, chemical, nuclear transformations, which require the transport of energy sources. Furthermore, the system for moving the body must first balance the external physical forces. We can do this on Earth, by entering and leaving the moving body the amount of air necessary to carry out Newton’s thrust, but also by producing enough electromagnetic energy in the body to produce Lorentz’s thrust, as well as powering the motors that they power the fans that produce Newton’s thrust. Therefore to travel in the atmosphere and in the space it is sufficient to bring a reserve of water and air that recycled indefinitely until the wear of the materials, allow to produce the thrusts of Newton or Lorenz or both by means of primary energy the compressed hydroelectricity and direct and induced electromagnetism illustrated in the new patent filing No. 1020200000000031 of 03-01-2020 and in the following one dated 24.01.2020 N 102020000001369 from the respective titles “aerospace and submarine transport system with primary and induced interactive global linear motors” and “flying and floating cars with interactive global linear motors and Newton and Lorentz thrusts” .
Unfortunately, we are very far from changing this development model, as confirmed by COP 25, which took place in Spain in the first week of December 2019. This world summit on the environment and development has postponed the de carbonization of the planet until 2050, that is, when the world population will exceed nine billion because they have no ready solutions, but no country spends a penny to verify the interactive energies that only a retiree like myself cannot afford to experiment alone, having already spent over 20,000 euros on deposits of national and international patents that nobody has financed, not because they are contrary to the principles of energy but to the interests of the power centers that have heated the planet.
This world summit like COP 24, was characterized by the presence of Greta Thumberg, which reproaches politicians for not listening to good science. Personally, I believe that science is as guilty as politicians and in this article, as in other precedents, I explain the reasons. Science Couldn’t talk about my latest intellectual patents filing which I filed later. But I reproach her for never having even spoken of the forty previous patent filings that led to the conception of compressed hydroelectric energy which has already virtually produced important inventions both purifying and energetic, and protective of human health, such as the artificial heart.
This world summit, like COP 24, was characterized by the presence of Greta Thumberg, who reproaches politicians for not listening to good science. Personally, I believe that science is as guilty as politicians and in this article, as in other precedents, I explain the reasons. Above all, science is guilty not only of having made a mistake in the world’s purification and energy plants, but also of the very serious crime of omission, to hide its mistakes and perhaps even economic interests Science could not speak of my last two patent filings which concern the way of adding Lorentz’s thrust to that of Newton’s on land and space means of transport, which I deposited later. But I reproach her for never having even spoken of the forty previous patent filings that led to the conception of compressed hydroelectric energy which has already virtually produced important inventions both purifying and energetic, and protective of human health, such as the artificial heart.
If the readers read the list of articles published on, starting from the old Home Page and going up to the new Home Page, they can see that the undersigned has published before the inventions that closed the cycles left open by the public and private plants worldwide and then, finding no interlocutors, continued to study the solutions, until publishing the inventions that use only physics and electromagnetism to produce energy and purification. Therefore, the conception of interactive global linear motors, which produce primary energy on board the means of transport by recycling the one-way water in the autoclaves pressurized by an air cushion that cannot expand, using hydraulic turbines and current generators, is not accidental which power, in addition to the electric motors of the turbofans and drive wheels, also variable speed motors that move permanent magnets that induce currents induced in solenoids built outside the same primary energy production plant, electric turbofans and common storage tanks. water and air. All these elements are transformed into linear motors that add Lorentz’s thrust to Newton’s thrust, allowing the means of transport to move in a three-dimensional space without roads or railways that today require large structural investments and large maintenance costs.
It is obvious that we have to produce a lot more energy than the current one to overcome the gravitational force, but this is cheaper, safer and more efficient because the primary energy source is compressed air and the energy carrier is the water that does not cost. nothing and 100% recycled. With small dimensions and high pressures, we can also travel in space and ocean depths, without paying for unnecessary and harmful fuels that are consumed. The silences of world science on interactive energy are far more worrying than those of politicians. Science cannot hide behind individual scientific specializations. He is guilty globally because the inventions serve precisely to correctly put together the various branches of science and technology and to continually update them, first from an intellectual point of view and then from an industrial one. Politicians are guilty of denying inventors intellectual property and acknowledging only industrial property that produced global warming. Both politicians and scientists should know that what works on an intellectual level also works on an industrial level. It is obvious that by not recognizing and not verifying with intellectual prototypes the intellectual inventions that would allow the elimination of pollution and sustainable scientific and technological development, they want to continue to produce industrial inventions that from an intellectual and scientific point of view should not have even been developed as they do not close the cycles they open This is against any correct scientific and moral principle. World science and politics have mutually agreed on what are the limits of harmful omissions in the atmosphere, waters and soils to allow the marketing of inventions that are in contrast with the laws of nature that have also taught how to they reduce chemically and biologically harmful emissions, obviously respecting the proportions of the polluting components with the reacting components, according to the contact times and operating pressures. World science has not invented and created the systems for reducing CO2, SOx, Nox and fine dust emissions, allowing legislators to legislate very permissive laws in favor of those who enjoyed and enjoy industrial property. World science has kept silent about the industrial inventions of the undersigned who has also paid the international filing fees without finding financiers in the thirty months granted by lawmakers to find financiers, making patents of world utility lapse. The open letters of protest to the European commission were of no use
To promote bad public and private environmental inventions, world science has not noticed that Nature has also made available to science the tools to overcome gravitational force with sustainable inventions that science has not known or wanted to design. How could he design them, if he accepted the emission limits, without studying and building interactive purification plants? For the undersigned who has made the entire journey into the indifference of science, politics and the media of the world, it is practically impossible to start the real space conquest without using the interactive energy matured slowly in its forty patent deposits, combining it with the electromagnetism that allows to realize the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz on mobile systems, without the support of fuels and the connection with external energies.
This great advancement of the virtual state of the art (which lasted 14 years) has completely escaped the organizers and participants of these world summits, where already written scripts are recited because the world cannot change too quickly due to the wrong inventions that all countries they shared. The inventions should serve above all to generate new inventions, as happens in the field of information technology and electronics, where we are forced to update computers and mobile phones, at least every couple of years. Instead in the traditional sectors, above all, structural, energy, purification and large public works, things cannot be changed quickly and the most important inventions, by mutual agreement, are also kept silent at the top of the world. They are not even financed and killed in the band. The current trade in world patents which also involves public research bodies has diverted attention to sustainable inventions, which the undersigned have tried to carry out without money and in the most complete isolation by the centers of world power.
These unrealized inventions involve the general energy and purification principles, which public and private science have considered established, and on which the world governments have set the foundations of their economy which cannot be corrected without changing the global purification and energy systems, fixed and mobile. including current renewable energy. Nobody explained these things to Greta Thumberg who is used as a novel Giovanna D’arco to make war against opposing factions, without the alternative scientific proposals, which are necessary for the rational reconstruction of the world development model (http: // (cop24-the-answers-you-miss-a-greta-Thunberg-vest-yellow-countries-poor-and-sustainable-inventions /).
The undersigned has identified a facsimile of the ideal energy conditions in the aquatic environment, where the hydrostatic head exists on the immersed body and atmospheric pressure above it, but starting from the top, intubating the surface water of the oceans, we can achieve the “Artificial welling”.

 In fact, if we first put an upside down pump in series and immediately after a turbine, by making the pump turn, the kinetic energy due to the potential energy m * g * h, which would not have developed spontaneously, develops in the descent tube. which, not only produces electromagnetic energy in a current generator, but precisely because of the equilibrium of the internal and external pressures of a venturi restriction, causes carbonates and calcium solubilized by external static pressure to enter the water circulation pipe. While the primary energy is produced inside the drop pipe from the difference in the position of the surface water with respect to the position of the circulation pump and the turbine. The elaboration of this fixed and purifying interactive energy (ignored by world science) which would combat ocean acidification and feed billions of people, has allowed me to identify the pumps with the double separate power supply up to the impeller (equally ignored by science), which would allow the exploitation of the same type of energy also in mobile systems in the terrestrial atmospheric environment. In fact, by creating compressed hydroelectric plants, which do not disperse the water and compressed air, it is possible to produce a quantity of primary and induced energy that, according to the needs, produce the thrust of Newton or Lorentz or both to travel in the three-dimensional space of the Earth and in emptiness.

From what is written above, in the near future there will be no need to pay and transport tons of useless polluting fuels. With primary and induced electromagnetism, produced cold, with little water and compressed air, 100% recyclable, we can produce all the energy we need, by purifying the water, which according to Henry’s principle, receives a greater percentage of oxygen dissolved in each passage in the pressurized autoclave. There is no need to divide the atom, to deforest the planet to build roads, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, railways, which are collapsing due to aging as man’s works need maintenance. It is very difficult to maintain static structural works that age above all, due to the corrosion of the steel of the reinforcement produced by the infiltration of water acidified by the gases contained in the atmosphere (CO2, NOx, SOx) that the same energy policy of world governments and the multinationals have produced, not only by mistaking energy sources, but also water and air purification plants and the lifting of world waters, which is currently a huge world expenditure, which could be completely eliminated. Today the biggest expense is the demolition of the wrong structural works and the reconstruction of all the plants with interactive criteria, which require less infrastructure but the almost complete modification of the machines that produce the most important multinational companies worldwide.

How much money has been spent in the world to prevent and combat various motion perturbations commonly called water hammer? It is difficult to make a calculation but certainly the damages suffered worldwide have been many and also the cost of the systems that partially prevent them through hydraulic shock absorbers, especially compressed air tanks with throttling discs and safety valves. As I have written in several articles, especially It would have been enough simply to keep the water distribution systems always full of water and feed them from the bottom with the pumps with the double separate feeding up to the impeller with or without pressurized autoclaves. These systems, not only would have avoided the water hammer, being the water always in circulation with the maximum hydraulic level, consuming only the water that enters through the second feeds of the pumps but even, they would have produced much more energy than that consumed by doing circulate the excess water at the request of the network in special hydraulic turbines before inserting them back into the system. In the meantime, the water going one way in the pressurized autoclaves would also have been self-purified, absorbing oxygen by Henry’s principle. However, world public science still continues to design water lifting and distribution systems, as if no one had proposed these innovations. Instead they are patents of the undersigned left to lapse in the silence of the world environmental opposition

The figure below shows the connection diagram to the “A” water basins to be used for the production of hydroelectric energy by recycling the water, which purifies itself and consumes the content of CO2 in the air and fumes, producing alkaline water; “B” is a sluice gate that connects the basin with the hydroelectric limestone greenhouse “D”.

These plants, which do not exist, should be spread all over the world, as, in addition to producing energy at very low cost, they will purify water, especially rainwater, to combat ocean and lake acidification, lightening the organic loads of the purifiers. They can be flanked by plants that produce fumes, such as steel mills, cement factories, lime lime production plants. Other fumes can be captured by the modified chimneys, collected in urban pits, compressed and transported by tank trucks to these plants. The purification of the water would take place through the solubilization of the oxygen contained in the compressed air of the autoclaves for Henry’s principle, without spending energy, as occurs with current systems that use air diffusers powered by special electro-blowers. The water would be raised by the static pressure of the compressed air up to the overflow tank placed on the roof of the building, would flow from the roof, feeding by slides containing limestone material, which would produce carbonates in the water. Electricity would produce it from a current generator connected to a multistage pump used as a turbine that would exploit the residual pressure of the air cushion of the autoclaves as an energy source. Obviously, this system would neproduce energy only with the water introduced through the second pump feed with the double feed that recycles the water internally within the autoclave with the main feed. The complete description of these plants can be found in


As it is commonly said: “He who wants too much gains nothing”. If the polluting governments had at least modified the chimneys and built the sewage treatment plants, as proposed by the undersigned on, much of the pollution that produced global warming would have been neutralized at the origin, because also the pollution produced by means of transport, which is concentrated, especially in the cities, although it cannot be captured by modified chimneys, would have been captured by the sewage treatment system because CO2, SOx and lead oxides are heavier than the ‘air. You can find these systems described at the following addresses:,

But world governments have declined the European and international patents of the undersigned on global purification, pretending that those solutions had never been proposed, while the United Nations continues to organize international summits such as the COP, pretending to seek solutions that in reality they don’t want to find. World public science is all focused on making environmental complaints, but it does not produce solutions. The solutions produce them in other research sectors (such as pharmaceuticals) by selling patents to multinationals, since governments have stopped being entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, for these false rulers and false public scientists, who do not notice anything, including the Nobel prizes, the interactive depurative solutions, they have also produced compressed hydroelectric energy which is the primary energy from which the global interactive linear motors are born primary and induced.  

Unfortunately, this economy has produced global warming precisely because of the general principles that are not wrong, but not applied synergistically, as nature did to combat polluting gases from the primordial atmosphere. The undersigned, unlike scientists who dispense good advice, has redone the entire purification and energy path by applying existing technologies and proposing strategic inventions. This long journey has involved the deposit of over forty inventions unrealized by the ruling class and kept silent by blazoned world science. With the latest inventions, I bring together Newton and Lorenz’s thrusts to change land and space transport as well. The logic with which these inventions can be understood can only by reading the thousands of pages written on the website, starting from the old “home page” written in 2014 and arriving at the “new home page”, written after the conception of the compressed hydroelectric primary energy that produced the most recent inventions.

For myself, it is not worthwhile to continue and file patents with institutional bodies since they do not transpose these inventions due to the absence of basic training that no world school can train. Not because the things the undersigned says are complicated. After the theory of relativity and the publications of quantum physics, we should not be surprised at anything scientifically The inventions of the undersigned are above all uncomfortable for those who have produced global warming, because they teach how plants are designed globally, simultaneously following the main and collateral work cycles, without ever losing sight of them, until they are completely closed. It is obvious that not all cycles can be closed in factories, in homes, in agricultural fields, but it is also obvious that pollution cannot be transferred to the atmosphere through chimneys and incomplete purifications that acidify the waters. For these reasons, it is necessary to create global cycles between water and air starting from the modification of the chimneys and sewers by inserting limestone greenhouses where there is greater production of CO2.

In schools it should be taught that the dynamic circulation of liquids with the recycling of the same by means of centrifugal pumps with double separate feeding up to the impeller and the exploitation of the static pressure of the one-way air allow to extract the primary energy from the interactivity between atmospheric air and water. This energy can feed electric motors, which through turbofans or propellers produce Newton’s thrust in the air or in the water, but at the same time it can also feed other small electric motors which by moving permanent magnets induce currents induced in special solenoids that surround both the plants and they produce primary energy, both those that produce Newton’s thrust, and simple cylindrical bodies such as water and air tanks that are used in energy and purification plants. These solenoids, not being equipped with a rotor, will produce a linear electromagnetic thrust legislated by the physicist Henrik Antoon Lorentz. Therefore, by incorporating compressed hydroelectric plants into the means of transport of the future, space and submarines, and by supplying electromagnetism differently and in a complementary way to the systems already used, we can reduce or eliminate the weight force of the transport systems by means of acceleration internal and external that oppose gravity, according to P = m * (a – aL – aN). This formula is important because it allows us to understand that a simple propulsion is not enough to overcome gravity. It is necessary to develop internal energy, which in the state of the art it was not possible to produce sustainably without the interactivity between atmospheric air and water. Without taking the entire correct purification and energy path, it was not possible to identify this energy that involves other fluid dynamic and electromagnetic interactive principles. It is shameful that this path myself I had to do only with reasoning, without any public or private funding, assuming functioning unwanted inventions of science and global ruling class that has warmed the planet by polluting inventions, uneconomic and more complicated than those I propose.

The science of past centuries has done a good job of preparing for understanding interactive systems. But the one that has taken over since the advent of the industrial age has produced only disasters and commercial inventions. Above all, public science should teach, the difference between sustainable primary energy, which does not open unnecessary thermal, chemical, nuclear, electrolytic cycles and current energies, which unfortunately open these cycles with high costs and often do not close them. The difference between apparent and real development lies entirely in the choice of the primary energy source. Since we have never produced sustainable primary fluid dynamics energy on planet Earth, and we have used the energies we know, we have not created real, but only apparent development. Today the world ruling class still pretends not to understand the immense damage it has produced. Not only are we forced to pay the damages due to climate change but also a large part of the public infrastructures, the great energy and purification works have become obsolete together with the big multinationals, energy, transport, steel production. The entire world development model must be reviewed. On the website, through many related articles, a kind of instruction manual is published on the organization of global work or survival of the men of the future. This manual can be read starting from the old home page at the bottom of the list of projects and patents not financed by the world ruling class, which preferred current energies and current purification systems. The old home page, written in 2014, mainly speaks of the cleaning of interactive fossil energy between water, air and calcareous materials with the production of biological energy. But by reading the articles going upwards to the new home page, gradually, fossil energy is completely replaced by the interactive energy principles between water and air that were initially used only to promote purification processes. The primary energy source becomes first submerged hydroelectric and then compressed hydroelectric, up to the conception of the “primary and induced interactive global linear motors” that will take us into space without any type of fuel with men who will live much longer than they currently do, just thanks to interactive energy, which will allow to oxygenate the blood that feeds the human brain, when the body will be too old and run down to perform the functions that are needed for real development, not for the destructive one that the current world ruling class is carrying out.

If the undersigned has made some mistakes developing the interactive principles, without any source of funding, they must be the one to deny me, showing that my solutions don’t work. I am sure that they work because I simply did my job as a designer and installer of systems selecting the best solutions identified by important scientists of the past. The difference between researchers and inventors is all in the global reasoning that can be developed. Scientists and researchers can identify new energy principles in specific sectors, new materials, but who must put all the elements together must be the designers and inventors. These must be open to all solutions without partisan interests. This will never be possible with the current development model created by companies specializing in individual sectors in competition with each other, who have no global vision of the problems, and therefore produce incomplete systems, without anyone correcting them in the design settings. World public science should perform the control and correction function. But public researchers, being also specialized in individual sectors, are participating in the disaster by selling their partial patents to multinationals, arbitrarily setting toxic emissions limits, not having studied interactive solutions that could have completely eliminated them. World legislators and bureaucrats ratify such choices that judges cannot condemn because of the absence of a more advanced state of the art. Everyone tries to overcome these limits with their own technologies, nobody tries to overcome them by resorting to synergies between scientific principles legislated for centuries.

What is the use of the United Nations and international judges if they do not receive complaints and alternative solutions proposed in the light of the sun with open letters addressed to them? this is the twenty-seventh letter opened to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations. However, at the latest mega COP 25 world summit, world power centers have not spent a single word on interactive energies. By pure combination, the previous two open letters of the undersigned that preceded the summit, underline the indifference of the United Nations towards interactive energies and related funding. They have the following titles:;,

How long can this system last which cannot produce enough wealth to repair the damage caused by floods, fires, deforestations, useless infrastructural works that need maintenance? Sustainable development does not need these inventions or energy accumulators, but only the interactive energy produced instant by instant, where it is needed.

Reading the many articles written by myself before conceiving the “primary and induced interactive global linear motors” we could realize that “perpetual motion” is not at all advantageous. If it is true that it does not consume energy, it is also true that it does not even serve to produce energy. It is much more convenient to consume a small part of energy to circulate liquids which have a density 830 times over atmospheric gases. This circulation allows normal wear and tear of the materials, produces a large amount of electrical energy in the current generator, taking advantage of the differences between the static pressure of the gases and the hydrostatic pressure, the consequent circulation of the incompressible liquid in the turbines (which produce energy), and in pumps that consume a small part to insert the liquid discharged from the turbine back into the pressurized recycling circuit, working with balanced pressures on suction and delivery. The energy source of this system is the principle of impenetrability of bodies, which only in the case of incompressible fluids allows the miracle of expelling at the same time, under high pressure, the quantity of liquid (water) that we let enter in low pressure through a additional pump supply that reaches the impeller. With this simple system it is possible to solve the problem of primary energy of all land and space plants, fixed and mobile, without the use of fuels, radioactive or electrolytic materials, solar panels, wind turbines.

I think that the current political, scientific, economic world ruling class is the worst of all time, because previous generations, although they are guilty of having made the wrong energy and purification choices, it cannot be proven that they have refused the energies interactive hydroelectric plants published on, and in numerous open letters to world leaders, including 26 written to international judges and the United Nations Organization. This article will be the twenty-seventh open letter and is published after two articles that are gathering even more silences than those that the undersigned has already collected on purification and interactive energies. In fact, the undersigned asserts that the processing of compressed hydroelectric energy will allow Lorentz’s thrust to be added to Newton’s to air transport vehicles under sea and cars, so the most economic means of transport of the future will be to by air, not only because it will not consume fuels, but also because it will not need infrastructures such as roads, bridges, tunnels, railways. But it will also be safer, as it is difficult to collide in the airspace with all the space we have available and the technology that will provide us with adequate collision warning devices. Let’s not forget that rail exchanges on high-speed trains will become less and less reliable with increasing speeds. All this regardless of zero CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, I think that, above all, space energy experiments must be done live, because the vacuum produced in the laboratory has nothing to do with the space vacuum, which is rich in gravitational forces and a dense network of electromagnetic connections between the stars planets and satellites, which we could use in future space transports. If we continue to make the same mistake in space on earth, not using the interactive energies that interact positively with the environment, without costs and without running out over time, we will also be rejected by Space as unwanted antibodies, as is happening on Earth. Who has delegated the bureaucrats of the patent offices to condemn interactive energies as “perpetual motion”? We cannot continue to train future generations on these scientific platitudes.

I loved my job as a designer and installer of plants, divided in half between industry and the environment but I retired as soon as I could because this job cannot be done well with the narrow mindedness of the current world ruling class who above all public, which contracts already designed plants, never questioned by the companies participating in the tenders The undersigned, instead, based on his experience, has found that industrial plants are incomplete from an environmental point of view and environmental ones are incomplete both from an environmental and industrial point of view, since they have not identified the interactive principles and do not apply the scientific organization of work. The undersigned reached this bitter conclusion only thanks to the simultaneous knowledge of industrial and environmental systems, acquired after a lifetime of work spent installing systems designed by others but trying to design the connection systems that are necessary to increase industrial productivity, but also to the energy and the environment. Just as the study of the layout of industrial plants is important, the study of the lay out of the territory in which the environmental and energy plants are inserted is also important. As the rationalization of industrial work cycles is important, the rationalization of water and air purification cycles involved in activities external to industrial activity, in the countryside, sewers, urban centers, thermal power plants, purifiers is also important. Today in the whole world, the organization of work is correctly applied in industry, but only to increase production. It is not applied in environmental plants, since world public bodies have not identified the way to produce interactive energies and pretend not to understand them in order not to admit their huge mistake.


She is like a Mother who pretends not to see the little cunning of children, if she finds them intelligent. This is the case of the invention of the pump with the double separate feeding up to the impeller which would circumvent the gravitational force in the dynamic fluid systems. But it is also the case of the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood that replaces the blood instead of water. It is also the case of the new invention of global linear motors, which obscuring the return flow of the permanent magnets, would give the impression of traveling on an infinite magnetic track, which unlike the single track of the Maglev system, allows you to go in all directions, moreover, adding the forces of Newton, Lorentz, Pascal, Maxwell, Torricelli, Henry, Venturi, in a unique and interactive system, which proves even more that perpetual motion does not exist But if it existed it would not be convenient to realize it, since it is better to spend a small amount of energy to produce a lot, correctly exploiting the interactive energetic, purifying, electromagnetic principles legislated for a long time, but never put together correctly. With interactive systems, we would not only have an environmental but also an economic advantage, since nature has selected by itself the gases compatible with the development of life and the production of energy on planet earth by eliminating all the others and thickening in the atmosphere only the nitrogen and oxygen with small percentages of CO2 and other minor non-toxic gases. Atmospheric air, not only can you breathe, it is also the most powerful energy accumulator. In fact, it can be compressed at pressures of thousands of bars without changing as long as temperatures do not cool down to – 140.6 degrees centigrade, which on planet earth cannot be reached with natural systems. I think it goes without saying that Mother Nature has not forgiven the unintelligent cunning that has produced global warming and that she is punishing them harshly, above all, because they are not balanced by the clever cunning that the bullies who govern do not allow to implement.

If we really want to honor the work of the great scientists mentioned above, who have legislated their laws before the current industrial development, we must create systems designed globally that using these principles, consume the minimum of energy and produce the maximum yields, better designing the machines. and systems, above all, fluid dynamics, since electromagnetic and mechanical ones are already quite adequate for the model of sustainable development. In fact, the gravitational force wants to be circumvented by man’s creativity not only in the water, where the advantages are more evident, but also in the atmosphere and space. The biggest obstacle we have to overcome is not in physics or chemistry, in mechanics or thermodynamics, but in the narrow mindedness of the one-way scientists and inventors who have made the incomplete cycles that are destroying the planet. Today these scientists and inventors, even if they are repentant, do not speak because their public and private employers cannot afford the contemporary collapse of all world stock exchanges.

I think that world governments, instead of entrusting world development entirely to multinationals, as they are doing, have a moral duty to advance the world state of the art first through intellectual and then industrial patents. Obviously, intellectual patents should not pay filing and maintenance fees. If the state of the art does not advance intellectually it cannot advance industrially. This the bureaucrats of the patent offices cannot understand it because they are neither scientists, nor inventors, nor economists.

Unfortunately, today, due to the divisions of scientific, economic and political technical competences, there are too many inexplicable errors on the part of science, governments and multinationals and too many hidden interests to hide. Wrong inventions are the main reason for the great world public debt and global warming. They are also the main reason for the general silence about interactive energies. It is better to write these things also in the filings of the current industrial patents, where before talking about the inventions it is necessary to take stock of the state of the art of the sector concerned. In fact, the current world ruling class by not allowing intellectual inventors to file intellectual patents has created current conflicts of interest which prevent real sustainable development and also a sustainable race to conquer space.

The system of land and space transport with primary and induced interactive global linear motors, the undersigned, has developed it only virtually, like the interactive purification and energy systems that nobody has financed. We should not be surprised at this fact because the inventors that are dependent on public and private entities cannot work freely on their ideas. They must follow company guidelines. Freedom to think impartially is essential to create sustainable development. For this reason, the undersigned has given up on job offers and started the activity of inventor as a pensioner. But before making the inventor he tried to know both industrial and environmental systems during the years of work. Without transversal work experiences, global inventions cannot be conceived. The fact that nobody has financed these inventions worldwide is not a defeat, but a demonstration of the seriousness of the current conflicts of interests involving the entire world ruling class. Including the scientific one.

Those populist politicians who in search of electoral consensus push the regional populations to ask for planning and managerial autonomy are ridiculous. If the whole world science has mistaken the fundamental principles of the energy of purification and economies, producing wrong inventions that have produced global warming and useless as huge public debts, with what technical and scientific preparation the autonomists could create the well-being they promise? Ignorance reigns supreme on planet Earth and anyone who thinks otherwise is expelled from society as an unwanted body by the world power centers that distribute apparent wealth. While the real one nobody can produce it due to the absence of economic means and rational laws made in the general interest.

If I and other inventors who propose alternative solutions not financed by anyone, we have made mistakes, they can only be corrected by experimentation. But as long as there is general silence and the acceptance of the current state of the art by the world ruling class and most of the media, concrete progress cannot be made in the direction of interactive systems, which they are the only ones that can positively change world development, which today is based only on commercial and palliative environmental and energy solutions. On the other hand, silence, especially of world science, is very strange, since fluid dynamic concepts are the most backward part of primary and induced interactive global linear motors. These concepts are easier to understand than electromagnetic ones that are at a more advanced state of the art level. The thing is really strange because the fluid dynamic concepts, as well as clearly legislated by Torricelli, venturi, Pascal, Henry, Bernoulli before the invention of electricity, are also simpler to experiment than electromagnetism, nuclear energy, to the production of expensive new super-compressed hydrogen or chemical fuels.

What are the reasons that led me to develop compressed hydroelectric production also in the vertical cylindrical shape? The reasons are very simple. They are due to the fact that most of the world’s wells are polluted with nitrates and poisons. With the production of compressed hydroelectric energy, we can purify the aquifers by producing energy instead of consuming it. Why do world public science and multinationals keep silent by mutual agreement, making socially useful patents lapse with the tacit consent of legislators? Legislators precisely because they are not technicians should at least believe in hope and encourage interactive experimentation, instead they pose as technicians by memorizing what they do not understand. They speak of renewable energies such as solar and wind energy which are bulky, discontinuous and not very powerful energies. These are worth nothing in front of the powerful interactive energy that uses only water and air, which can be produced instant by instant in every corner of the Earth at all hours of the day and night, purifying the water with compressed air. In addition, compressed air is a very powerful energy accumulator. The current battery trade that is invading the whole world is not justified.

It was a fortunate case that the system designed for wells being small in size, can also be used to create the artificial heart that oxygenates the blood and mount in series to the electric turbofans powered by the same primary current generator, producing together with the thrust of Newton also the push of Lorentz. Personally, I don’t believe in luck but I believe in the fact that luck helps the bold. If I had not dared to challenge world science and powers by proposing interactive energies, these would not have been talked about in hundreds of years. Whoever has economic and political power, rewards science only if he investigates in the directions they desire. Without disturbing the investments already made and the alliances between the multinationals that have created colossal economic powers based on wrong energy systems, which also involve public research. In fact, ever since communist governments have stopped being entrepreneurs, the only buyers of public researchers’ patents are private companies. Which, as we know, they are specialized in individual science and technology. As a result, no one carries out globally developed projects, which should be the main task of world public research. In fact, if we look at how world universities are organized we realize that a single university is divided into many scientific faculties and these do not dialogue with each other, but dialogue, through conferences and publications organized by private paid companies, so that alliances and strategies are established universally that make the individual sectors of physics, chemistry, biology grow, the technological subsystems that concern land, marine and aeronautical transport, the recycling of various types of materials, the various types of biological, thermal, nuclear energies, the various types of agriculture. All these sectors that are separated from each other by commercial strategies, never realizing global cycles confirm that we cannot create systems that have returns above 100% since they do not go beyond the boundary imposed by existing commercial energy sources. But the undersigned, who in working life has done above all, the installer of first industrial and then environmental and energy systems, following the industrial, environmental and energy work cycles, as he has already written in many publications, he realized that the cycles industrial, environmental, energy, they stop without completing themselves, in the chimneys, in the sewers and that the purifiers cannot work miracles, especially if placed at several kilometers from the source of the pollution. Above all, at best they purify the water, while the air can no longer be purified having reached the atmosphere after a simple filtration (in most applications it is not even filtered). This means that there is a serious deficiency in the scientific organization of world work, that is not mentioned in international conferences, or in paid publications, nor in world summits at all levels, especially those organized by the United Nations called “COP”, Conference between the parties.

 The planet Earth has taken 4.5 billion years to find the environmental balance that it had before the industrial era that began at the beginning of the twentieth century, while the current universal balance, according to estimates, dates back to around 14 billion years. From the observation of the motion of galaxies it was possible to determine that only 10% of the mass of the Universe is visible or in any case made up of ordinary matter composed of atoms. The remaining 90% is called Dark Matter because it is invisible to terrestrial telescopes. To see a small part of this matter, NASA designed the CIBER (Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment) experiment: a set of telescopes and other instruments is launched on a rocket up to 300 kilometers high (slightly less than the International Space Station) and then falls back to the ground. In the seven minutes passed out of the atmosphere, a camera collects light from the sky, observing in one fell swoop an area as large as 20 full moons, and transmits the data to the instruments for analysis. The latter showed that, by subtracting all the light from the galaxies, the darkness of the interstellar void does not remain but a dim background light, which can only be explained by imagining that billions and billions of stars are scattered among the galaxies. Perhaps, according to the first calculations (still to be confirmed), as many as those in the galaxies themselves: half of all the stars in the universe, or that half of matter that is missing from the accounts ( visions / science / 2014/12/24 / news / star-wandering-in-the-blank-cosmic-1.193252).

Connecting to the summary of article above, I think that the telescopic exploration made by NASA with the CIBER experiment and other similar ones can only provide very partial information. Until NASA continues to use rockets as a means of transport and not an interactive system, which would produce the energy inside the spaceships to go into space and return, traveling independently, we will never know how the universe is really made. Indeed, it is impossible for the universe to develop horizontally like the solar system.

 For myself, a black hole is nothing but an astronomical immense vortex, above all, electromagnetic, similar to those that occur in the atmosphere and in the waters. To avoid them in spatial navigations it will be necessary, above all to generate on the means of transport a magnetism opposite to that which prevails in the black hole in order to be rejected instead of being attracted by the immense forces that connect the parallel and overlapping universes that upset all the calculations of the laws of Kepler, valid in an astronomical field restricted by single star systems.

From the article, we can learn that an about 700 million light years from the Earth a super massive monstrous black hole was discovered, characterized by a mass equal to 40 billion times that of the Sun. This is the largest ever measured through direct observations, or by analyzing the movement of the stars that orbit around it. The primacy of the “ultra-massive” black hole at the moment belongs to the TON 618 quasar framed in the constellation of the Venatic Canes, whose mass – measured only indirectly – is estimated at 66 billion times that of the Sun. Faced with these immense dimensions it should be evident that a black hole involves more than one galactic system at the same time, so it is impossible to quantify the forces that release energy, but only to study their useful and harmful effects on human development and survival. We did not do this on planet Earth, where it was very easy to identify positive and negative interactive principles, choosing non-interactive energies, can we ever identify them in space, where things are billions of times more complicated?

Even NASA scientists should admit their mistakes, but like all centers of power, errors hide them accurately, preventing ordinary mortals from taking advantage of simple and sustainable systems, which are probably the only ones that could allow us even spatial survival. As on earth, even in space, the cycles that we are not able to completely close are not to be opened in real applications. The energy cycles also identified by NASA must remain experimental until they become harmless or positively interactive, such as compressed hydroelectric energy. But not even Nasa has experimented with it, knowing that the air can be compressed at pressures of thousands of bars and that incompressible liquids can exploit this pressure statically, studying how to bypass pressure by modifying the centrifugal pumps, as did the signed, in the general silence of science, including space. Current silences on interactive energy only produce environmental damage and encourage bad inventions and bad investments.

Many are asking the reasons why after 1969 we never returned to the moon. NASA has announced that it will return by 2024. For myself, returning to the moon with chemical rockets is a waste of resources. We could only go there when we have identified the interactive spatial energy. But this cannot be identified unless the terrestrial interactive energy is first experienced, which is the compressed hydroelectric energy that requires no fuel and used in space would allow the return to earth by the same means of transport, not with the small spaceships they only carry astronauts.

For myself, we have only wasted resources on chemical rockets and trying to divide the atom into terrestrial nuclear reactors, because these reactors cannot reproduce neither the melting temperatures, nor the matter that helped create the universe, nor the fourteen billion years that served to create the division of particles according to the needs of space. To build plants and land and space transports we must identify and implement interactive systems, but both on Earth and in space, we are using incompatible and uneconomic systems. For example, by taking advantage of the electromagnetic induction on board the aircraft, we can lighten them by the weight of the fuels and also by their economic cost. In addition, we can take advantage of natural or artificial external energies due to electromagnetic waves. We can produce some of these energies at airports in every take-off site. In fact, based on the last intellectual patent filing of the undersigned, we can produce an adjustable electromagnetic thrust upwards which lightens the weight of the electromagnetic masses that will move on the routes that will leave from the airports. Being small private aircraft being lighter they will not need additional thrusts and pre-established routes. But they can incorporate part of the load to be transported in tanks lined externally by an inductor and induced circuit which, producing Lorentz’s upward thrust, neutralizes the weight of the tank and its contents. I proposed this solution above all to design fire-fighting vehicles, which to be efficient must stay permanently for the time necessary with uniform, precise and non-violent rain. But this solution, certainly, more stable than current helicopters, can save many human lives even in cases of shipwrecks, mountain rescue and floods.

With these innovations, the cheapest and safest transport in the future will be those by air, without fuel, wheels that wear out, roads and tunnels, will use the electromagnetic thrust combined with Newton’s thrust. However, hybrid solutions can also be studied, equipped with wheels that can also travel on the roads. In fact, with the electric transmission, the position in which the current generator that makes the electric motors that make the wheels, the propellers, the impellers of the pumps, or the motors that circulate the permanent magnets that produce the induced current which in turn produces the Lorentz electromagnetic thrust. Many inventions have been made on electromagnetism, but the most important ones have yet to happen because they need a small, powerful, non-exhaustible and non-polluting mobile primary energy, which is not perpetual motion, but simply interactive between many principles physical and existing machines that simply need to be modified. This complete system myself has called it the “interactive global linear engine”. It does not produce a couple but the entire energy process extracted from nature and the thrust of Newton and Lorentz that can be applied together, series or in parallel, consuming only the wear and tear of the materials that make up the systems. Primary and induced energy is produced with water and air recycled indefinitely without leaving the plant. Therefore, linear thrusts can be produced in any terrestrial condition and also in the space vacuum.

It is obvious that the state of the art of world transport cannot make great strides if the world power centers, public and private, continue to remain silent about their mistakes, despite global warming, as the modification of purification systems cannot advance and electricity production in general. For this reason, the interactive transport system, the undersigned, is also developing it virtually, like the purification and energy systems that nobody has financed. If I have made some mistakes, it can only be corrected by experimentation. But as long as there is the general silence of the world ruling class and most of the media, concrete progress cannot be made in the direction of interactive systems, which are the only ones that can positively change world development, which today it is based only on commercial and palliative environmental and energy solutions. Fluid dynamic concepts are the most backward part of primary and induced interactive global linear motors. This is very strange because the dynamic fluid is easier to understand than electromagnetism, which is at a much more advanced state of the art level. This is really strange because the fluid dynamic concepts were clearly legislated by Torricelli, Venturi, Pascal, Henry, Bernoulli long before the electromagnetism and they are also simpler to experiment

Experiments are not born from nothing. They are born from the ideas of the inventors. Unfortunately, not all inventions are pleasing to world centers of power which have erred in the current model of development also from the scientific point of view. The undersigned, who started making the inventor only as a pensioner, thought that by making available the practical experience gained in thirty-seven years of work, he would do the institutions a favor. Instead, this initiative, clearly, was not appreciated, above all, because, my solutions, being interactive, emphasize that the current public and private global purification and energy plants, in one way or another, are incomplete and produce more damage that also benefits from the economic point of view, which should be the strong point of those who pollute the environment. In fact, coal costs less than gas and diesel but it pollutes more. Poor countries, unable to afford the cost of more expensive fuels, accept higher pollution. Why aren’t these poor countries informed that it is possible to produce fixed and mobile energy, with only water and air, which costs much less than coal?

The, undersigned has invented interactive energy deepening the proposed and unrealized solutions by the world power centers for the interactive cleaning of fossil energy through the modification of chimneys and the realization of global cycles in limestone greenhouses and ponds superimposed biologics, which are deposits of international patents that the powerful of the earth have decayed in order not to demolish the current plants that have re-welded the planet by not closing all the organic and inorganic cycles that they open for economic reasons. Interactive energy is much cheaper than fossil energy, nuclear energy, solar wind energy, because it does not open any thermal, chemical or biological cycle, but only physical processes starting from the favorable conditions offered by nature, which are the density of liquids, higher to that of gas, and the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. The correct use of these principles allows to save energy costs to the maximum and to avoid any form of pollution by avoiding all the cycles that have produced global warming and nuclear disasters.

I tried to collaborate with the institutions, first Italian and then international, first publishing the interactive depurations of fossil energy, applicable on all fixed energy plants worldwide, but seeing the refusal to any form of collaboration even in front of the deposit of important international patents, I had to continue investigating on my own without any hope for funding. I could not stop because as I continued with my work the interactive links between purification and compressed hydroelectric energy became increasingly logical and also those with direct electromagnetism and induced currents.


The history of humanity has advanced in disorder and in small steps because science has always been an instrument of power in the hands of the powerful. The priority of the inventions has focused above all on the fire, to defend itself from the cold, but also and above all, as an instrument of offense and defense against other peoples. The most brilliant men, like Archimedes, had above all the task of studying weapons. Think of all the weapons that were invented after around 1250 the alchemists discovered the right proportions with which to mix purified saltpeter, pulverized coal and sulfur, to obtain gunpowder.  The strength of the heat was predominant also to realize the means of locomotion. Think of James Watt’s steam boiler (1763), later to the combustion engine of Nikolaus August Otto of 1876. Up to the production of the first mass-produced cars by Ford through an assembly line in 1913, which began era of industrial development and scientific organization of the work of Frederick Taylor. Meanwhile, Albert Einstein published the special theory of relativity in 1905 and general relativity 1916. The latter also perfected the knowledge of terrestrial gravity already published by Newton (1642 – 1627). We must not forget that at the same time the First World War (2014 – 2018) was fought which saw two power blocs contrasting: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria against the Allied powers of France, Great Britain, Russian Empire and Italy. Albert Einstein distanced himself from research on the division of the atom in which he did not want to participate precisely because of the nuclear dangers that it entailed, but with the advance of the Second World War, the nuclear arms race could not be stopped. Some European scientists who took refuge in the United States of America (Enrico Fermi, Leo Szilard, Edward Teller and Eugene Wigner) were concerned about the possible development of wars. In 1939, scientists Fermi and Szilard, based on their theoretical studies, persuaded Albert Einstein to write a letter to President Roosevelt to report that there was a hypothetical possibility of building a bomb using the fission principle and the government was likely German had already arranged research on the subject. Nazi expansionist politics frightened the whole world. Who would produce the most powerful bomb would dominate the world. Thus the US government became interested in research. The first plutonium bomb (code name “The Gadget”) was detonated in the “Trinity test” on 16 July 1945 in the Alamogordo range in New Mexico. The first uranium bomb (“Little Boy”) was dropped on the city center of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. The second plutonium bomb, named “Fat Man”, was dropped on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945. These they were the only cases of war use of nuclear weapons, in the form of strategic bombing. The Soviet Union recovered rather quickly and experienced the first fission bomb on 29 September 1949, thus ending the monopoly of the United States of America. Great Britain, France and the People’s Republic of China experienced a fission device in 1952, 1960 and 1964 respectively. The nuclear warheads, based on both the principle of nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion can be installed, as well as on aerial bombs, on missiles, artillery shells, mine or torpedoes ( The atomic bombs that exploded and the threat of their use by those who own them have changed the course of history. The first nuclear reactor power plant was built in 1955 in the State of Idaho (U.S.A.). The civil reactor was called Borax III. (Https://

History is already full of disasters produced by nuclear energy, but other energy productions have also produced immense disasters. Even today the various branches of science are not coordinated by governments or even by the United Nations to create complete plants compatible globally with the environment. The establishment of Nobel prizes in recent years is often reserving the Nobel Peace Prize to politicians and institutions that stand out in the fight against climate change. But these awards are very ambiguous and show that the choice of characters to be rewarded is also influenced by the centers of power. Not even the concrete inventions against global warming are rewarded and experimented (such as artificial limestone greenhouses that would neutralize CO2 through a process of natural inorganic chemistry; artificial welling that brings back to the surface the solubilized calcium in the sea depths would fight lowering) of PH and the melting of glaciers; submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy, which would produce energy without any CO2 emissions, but purifying the water). Only generic good intentions of scientific and political castes are rewarded that will not achieve what they promise, rather they go in the opposite direction, ignoring the sustainable inventions mentioned above.

For myself, the communist regimes have failed because the bureaucrats have taken over the inventors and workers who create world well-being and wealth. Capitalism is failing for the same reason. Creativity has been imprisoned by private and hidden interests which set absurd rules only for inventors, while other intellectual works are free to express themselves. Nobody questions the authorship of a work of art and copyright, while inventors are forced to pay filing and maintenance fees on every detail they develop without anyone understanding the interactive principles that are transversal to the various specializations. For the bureaucrats of the world patent offices, something that is not easily understood by professionals can be called invention. But for myself it is precisely the concept of insiders that must be questioned, being the interactive principles transversal to the current specializations of the world of work. It is obvious that after realizing an obtuse and non-interactive industrial development, based on individual specializations, interactive inventions cannot be understood and inventors cannot pay deposit and maintenance fees on things that nobody understands or simply, nobody wants to understand. to defend interests based on previous inventions, which by not being interactive, continue to do damage and allow illicit gains for those who invented them, who produced them and who marketed them. In many cases inventors are civil servants, but producers are private. The plot is very complicated. The state of the art is not free to advance in the general interest. There are no statesmen who can understand all the details, but even if some existed, it could not do much. Politics is made of compromises and the division of scientific competences is convenient especially for politicians who choose the scientific advisors they are comfortable with. There is no world statesman who has the courage to demand that science be applied globally, as clearly indicated on the undersigned website

 I was very puzzled by the 2007 Nobel Prize awarded to the former US Vice President “AL GORE” and to IPCC scientists. The latter fought to bury the CO2 in the subsoil without neutralizing it. Only the prototypes of this absurd solution, which would entail other immense environmental risks, entailed an expense of at least fifty billion dollars. Even the award given to the former US President “Obama” in 2009 was ambiguous, because the United States, meanwhile, was fighting the war in Afghanistan and extracting, extracting and trading shale gas and oil. Even today, these political and scientific figures have not spent a word on the sustainable cleaning of CO2 by means of limestone greenhouses, for artificial welling, which would fight ocean acidification directly in the oceans and not even for the experimentation of interactive energy submerged and compressed hydroelectric, which as mentioned, would not need fuels, would not pollute, but would purify and could be produced anywhere on Earth and at all hours of the day and night.  Indeed, throughout the world there is a vast network of scientific silencers, public and private media that do not talk and do not want to talk about these inventions, especially because they are not allowed to talk about them by their employers. Even the twenty-four world COP summits involving the 196 sovereign states, with an immense amount of scientists, did not spend a word on purification and interactive energies.

It seems that even Nobel Prize organizers and candidates to receive the coveted prize are not interested in the practical aspects of terrestrial gravity, which demonstrate with logical scientific reasoning and the organization of global work, that we could have very low-cost energies that would interact positively with the environment, protecting it.

For these characters it is not important that past generations have mistaken the primary source of world energy and, consequently, the entire world development. This indifference of theirs denotes a very strong bond with the centers of power that have warmed the planet legally, respecting the laws and regulations, but by halting by mutual agreement the interactive experiments, which would demonstrate their errors.

Science cannot have links that condition research, such as the sale of patents to multinationals. These links have already done too much damage to the environment and humanity. If there are scientific doubts about problems so imported they must be dissolved in the interests of all before making new investments and public debts. Authors of public utility solutions should be granted copyright, not industrial property, unless the invention was produced entirely by a private industry.

Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry and the world economy must come down from the pedestal and take on their responsibilities, because the reasoning if they do not deepen completely by closing all the cycles that open, or identifying the synergies, should not the best physical, chemical and mechanical solutions can be defined, also from an economic point of view. It makes no sense to reward inventions that are useful in the current system, such as energy accumulators, which will be much less useful in the future with interactive energies, which can be produced in the instant they serve in any climatic condition. The multidisciplinarity of solutions must be a general rule, especially in energy and sanitary environmental systems. It is also necessary to reward complete inventions, not in the name of physics, chemistry or medicine, but in the name of science applied globally. After applying science globally, the best solution is chosen which is the one that stays the least. In fact, if we have made an investigation of the accurate scientific work, we will have identified the solution that involves fewer steps to transform matter into energy. With currently known technologies, the best solution will always be compressed hydroelectric energy coupled with electromagnetism which avoids unnecessary thermal, chemical and above all, commercial passage. This solution, the current world ruling class, is trying to hide it in all ways because it was not invented by any power center that can make its economic weight felt. It was invented by a simple retiree, only with the force of global reasoning that super specialized scientists cannot do if they do not humbly put together, giving up the claim of being right at all costs to defend the interests they represent. It is no coincidence that the undersigned found this solution, which does not represent any scientific institution and no multinational company. Of course, by saying this, I might seem more presumptuous than scientists who don’t want to get off the pedestal. I would like to ask those who think this if they had the courage and patience to work for fourteen years to put together pieces scattered between different technologies and scientific principles, without economic means, without being paid by anyone, and with patent legislation that is punitive against private inventors. Only the loophole of intellectual patents deposits could I avoid spending my savings (about 20,000 euros) to try in vain international interlocutors, at least on the most important patents.  But if I hadn’t spent it, I wouldn’t have been able to prove that the whole world is a country. That is, the power play are universal. Environmental problems can only be solved if the poor invent the energies of the poor, which I am sure, would work better than those of the rich. It takes a lot of patience and waiting for the poor to understand. For this reason, intellectual patents must be equated with author books rejected by publishers and not with industrial property, implicated up to the neck with global warming. 

Many times the Nobel Prize is divided between scientists who have developed the same detail with different procedures. They hide, do not experiment, and therefore global applications are not rewarded, which by identifying synergies, would multiply yields, and would not produce pollution. If these inventions were rewarded, for consistency, most of the world’s man-made plants would have to be torn down and all the world’s transportation systems would have to be changed.

“The artificial heart oxygenator of the energy-autonomous blood” ( is a multidisciplinary invention. Apart from the fact that world science has allowed simple bureaucrats of the Italian patent office to declare it “perpetual motion”, in general scientific indifference. So it’s not a granted patent. I paid 50 euros to file the patent. I would have had to pay around 600 euros to oppose the patent office in my own country, and start a lawsuit that I would certainly have won, but lose more money. I don’t know how many. After that, I would have to spend another 3,500 euros to file the patent internationally, and then I would have to pay the patent deposit in all the countries of the world, also appointing a legal representative in every single country to protect my invention.

Nobody gave me the opportunity to explain that I don’t want to protect my invention, that being of public utility, everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it. But since this invention is equipped with Novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability, when it will be realized I should be recognized the copyrights, as are recognized to all authors of intellectual works, even if they write a simple song. Why should private inventors be treated in this way by world bureaucracy which does not include anything of science, technology and justice?

If I had been a public researcher or a multinational I would have been protected and would have taken a salary while developing the invention in industrial secrecy, until the marketing of the “artificial heart oxygenator of the blood autonomous energy”. This great invention, considering the worldwide silence of science on interactive energy, would not have happened even in hundreds of years, like all the interactive inventions proposed by myself. Indeed, no luminary of world science has investigated in this direction. Instead, today, all companies in the electromedical sector could realize, the artificial heart competing with each other and whoever would produce it better would win at a greater market share. The same thing could happen to improve all the world purification systems, all energy systems and all means of transport, including space.

Today, with the industrial property granted to a single company which also holds the intellectual property, for the entire duration of the patent, no other company can participate in improving the construction quality of the invention. Let’s think about how the current cars with petrol, diesel, gas, trains, planes, refrigerators, household appliances, radio, television, computers, telephone are different from the first productions. While remaining the only intellectual invention, as it is the one that identified the principle of operation that has remained hidden for centuries.

What does it take to make those who govern the world understand that intellectual property must be independent of industrial property, at least on patents of public utility? Because it is a powerful tool for impartial global growth, regardless of whether it would be the only tool for protecting independent inventors, which with the current regulations on patent filings and patent trade between public inventors who sell and multinationals who buy, they are not taken into consideration by anyone. In fact, those who buy a patent from public inventors also indirectly buy the complacency of the legislators of the government that sells. If these patents deal with environmental, energy, health and transport problems, where the world’s largest multinationals operate, the conflicts of interest become insurmountable. If the public patents sold are defective, nobody can correct them anymore, unless international justice intervenes. What does it take to get international justice involved? obviously, the open letters of an inventor who sees trampled all the public utility inventions he has produced, with or without the granting of patents, are not enough. The undersigned, despite having filed over forty patents, received sixteen national patent titles, six international patents, paying all the filing fees due from his own pocket, has never seen any of his interactive inventions realized. While public inventors receive a salary and continue to sell patents for non-interactive inventions. Their inventions improve yields and technology, but do not solve the basic problems, which concern the basic physical principles of energy and purification. In fact, every energy solution should be compared with the others in terms of cost analysis of all the transformation processes of the matter involved, both to produce energy, both to bring the surrounding environment back to the conditions in which it was previously that the energy had been produced.

These calculations should be made by public scientists, so that governments can choose the country’s energy policy and that of the world. These calculations also serve to identify the errors committed and to correct the energy and purification cycles involved in the name of the environment and the economy. Unfortunately, world scientists have made no calculations to choose between current and interactive purifications and not even between current and interactive energies. Today, not only the recognition of intellectual property to inventors separate from industrial is at stake, but, above all, the need to highlight the obvious crimes of “SCIENTIFIC OMISSION OF PUBLIC UTILITY” by scientists and public inventors who advise the world politicians who govern. It is clear that current energies are going against the world economy. Just think that the primary energy that drives a current generator by means of a turbine is due to the product of the pressure for the density of the fluid for the flow rate. It is not economically convenient to circulate a gas in turbines but a liquid that has a higher density and is incompressible. It is not even convenient to compress and expand the gases in the combustion chambers, but to exploit the maximum possible air pressure statically and circulate the incompressible one-way liquid in an autoclave. It is not convenient to disperse the liquid that produces energy, but to recover it and put it back in the autoclave, not only because it would be a useless world waste, but also because every time the water passes into the autoclave it absorbs a greater quantity of oxygen due to the effect of the laws of Henry and Dalton: the solubility of a gas is directly proportional to the pressure that the gas exerts on the solution. Therefore, water purifies itself while producing energy, as human blood in the artificial heart would also be purified. Therefore, the economic analyzes of current energies have never been carried out because everyone can understand that it is better to have side effects that save purification costs instead of adding also the costs of purification plants, with the relative dimensions and weights, than especially on the means of transport. In the state of the art above, to global interactive linear motors, no solution can guarantee almost infinite energy autonomy, which does not depend on fuels, electrolytic or nuclear materials that are consumed to produce energy. Compressed hydroelectric energy only wears the materials that make up the machines. Water and air are 100% recycled.   

The two problems to be solved in interactive global linear motors were:

1. how to introduce the water that produces energy back into the autoclave;

2. how Lorenz thrust can be produced without an armature or inductor fixed to the earth’s ground (as in Maglev trains).

  For myself, the first problem can be solved by balancing the suction and delivery pressures in the impeller of the recycling pump which must be built with two separate supplies up to the inside of the impeller. The second problem can be solved by circulating the one-way magnets along the external surface of the system that produces primary energy, the electric turbo fans or the tanks that contain the material to be lifted (magnetically obscuring the return paths), so that the Lorenz thrust opposing the magnetic flux that generates it also produces opposite acceleration, as occurs more visibly with Newton’s thrust opposing the flow of air. It is obvious that this system, not involving thermal, chemical, biological transformations and allowing the recovery of the liquid, even without doing the analysis of the costs of all the transformation processes of the matter involved, both to produce energy and to bring back the e surrounding environment in its original conditions, cannot be compared with any other world energy, fixed and mobile.

Are international judges interested in knowing scientific truth? Or the “Coding Project on responsibility of States for internationally wrongful acts” drawn up in 2001, it has served to institutionalize OMISSIONS OF SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE OF PUBLIC UTILITIES? It is obvious that if the undersigned had a powerful multinational behind him, the experiments would have already been carried out in the utmost secret, instead of writing useless words. But it could also be that the multinational would have blocked the publication of the invention if it had negatively affected all the investments made previously. If things went this way there must be a reason. I preferred the transparency of my work, publishing my intellectual inventions the day after the patent was filed so as not to be misunderstood, especially to seek institutional interlocutors, knowing full well that my inventions could hardly be accepted by private companies, firmly connected the trend of the local and world market. If I have come to the end of my work as an inventor to request the subscription of equity funds of a public company open to all, of which I do not claim offices, nor shares, but only the copyrights, if my inventions will work, it is due to the fact that the world authorities of the energy environment and economic development, probably also those of Justice, do not behave in an equally transparent way.

Unfortunately, today the single individual is not taken into consideration even if it produces useful inventions for society. He must demonstrate them without economic means even if they are simple to understand. The obstacles are created especially by world public bodies, which should create global well-being, through environmental laws and public procurement specifications linked to urban and industrial construction plans and therefore to purification systems and energy distribution. I think that world public science must guide the energy systems that must be used by multinationals according to the depurations prepared on the territory. Unfortunately, the worldwide depurations prepared in the area are inefficient to combat the pollution of fossil energy, although this energy is the predominant one since the advent of the industrial era. The good technologies developed to reduce the emissions from the manufacturers of boilers and thermal engines, could have solved the problems of global warming only if the treatment plants had been designed globally, involving the purification of water and air, as indicated by myself in the patents developed up to 2012, which the world authorities have allowed to lapse, despite having granted me the patents. I think that world public science must guide the energy systems that must be used by multinationals according to the depurations prepared on the territory. Unfortunately, the worldwide depurations prepared in the area are inefficient to combat the pollution of fossil energy, although this energy is the predominant one since the advent of the industrial era. The good technologies developed to reduce the emissions from the manufacturers of boilers and thermal engines, could have solved the problems of global warming only if the treatment plants had been designed globally, involving the purification of water and air, as indicated by myself in the patents developed up to 2012, which the world authorities have allowed to lapse, despite having granted me the patents.

If the United Nations does not want to put together all these inventions of scientific and technological connection, only a sufficiently powerful multinational company, which has the legal force to claim the patents that the undersigned has allowed to lapse due to the absence of economic means and the capital to hire, can do it the best technicians specialized in the sectors concerned, buy the best electromechanical components, to immediately make the prototypes of the latest inventions, just filed, before the industrial property rights are lost. In other words, it is necessary to immediately realize the prototypes of the interactive global linear motors and after dealing with the energy and purification systems that have fallen legally not because of the inventor, but of the system that imposed absurd rules that a private inventor who deals with public solutions utility cannot endure economically, without the collaboration of public experimenters and financiers. The numerous letters open to the world institutional bodies will serve, above all to demonstrate the right of SPAWHE S.P.A. to inherit the rights denied to the undersigned by the legislative public bodies, which are not denied to the other authors of intellectual works who do not deal with problems of public utility and do not pay filing fees at the patent offices. In one way or another it is necessary to demonstrate that we cannot wait until 2050 to decarbonise the planet for two reasons:1. the negative effects of climate change are accelerating.

2. compressed hydropower is much cheaper than any fossil energy, it is protective of the environment and can improve the entire world development, including land and space transport, as it can be connected directly to electromagnetism, without intermediate steps thermal, chemical, electrolytic, nuclear, and consumption of fuels, electrolytic or radioactive materials and without negative side effects, but purifying the water and air involved in the energy process.

If it will have to be a private company, which does not exist today, to develop this energy, it is mainly the fault of the bureaucrats, legislators of the United Nations, of world governments, and of world public science itself, which has become involved in a business that it concerns the trade of industrial patents, which by now have conditioned all sectors of the world economy and prevent the experimentation of the simplest and most logical sustainable solutions.

I report what has already been written on

Today, almost all of the inventors are employees of public and private companies. As world governments have stopped making entrepreneurs, public inventors are also working to sell patents to multinationals, so no one develops global and interactive projects of general interest. According to the situation of world development in such conditions, all power centers, public and private, pretend not to understand interactive inventions, while paradoxical situations occur such as the case of hydroelectric cars which, after three years and three months from the deposit of patent, the Italian office is still examining hydroelectric cars, but only from a formal point of view. These cars, however, even if they have never been realized, from an intellectual point of view, were the first step in the revolution of the world’s aerospace and transport through the “flying and floating cars with interactive global engines and thrust of Newton and Lorentz”, of which I speak in this new patent filing. This shows that it is necessary to contest the entire system of international patents, for the simple fact that at least a part of the world inventors must be independent of the centers of power that have already made development choices and prevent the emergence of alternative solutions. Only by examining the real paradoxical situations that the current system produces can we understand that this system has never worked. Here are some examples:

1) The facts have shown that the world authorities and multinationals did not like the invention called “hydroelectric car with peripheral drive torque at the wheels” despite the fact that no car exists on planet Earth that works with a hydroelectric engine and with the applied drive torque on the periphery of the wheels. Only these two facts demonstrate that the invention has the requirements of inventive originality and industrial applicability regardless of how the claims are written. The claims are a formal requirement that could damage the inventor’s industrial property rights, not intellectual property, because hydroelectric cars do not exist, but intellectual property and copyrights do not exist, if the inventor does not find lenders and does not pays the patent maintenance fees.

2) Receiving the title of an industrial patent after four years from the patent filing and continuing not to find public and private financiers, for an inventor it is more of a damage than a benefit, having to start paying also the maintenance fees of the patent even if he doesn’t have the means to be an entrepreneur. The undersigned has obtained fifteen national patents on topics of public utility, five of which transformed into international patents and one European, paying the filing fees unnecessarily and in some cases also the maintenance fees without finding interlocutors. Do not say that it is the laws of the market that rule. Because the market is distorted by the same international laws, which by not prohibiting the production of polluting energies, and by not requiring by law the producers of means of transport to close the cycles that open organic and inorganic, have allowed the multinationals of transport not to take considering the invention of the undersigned. These will continue to disregard my invention and I, as a mere retiree, would needlessly pay maintenance fees to maintain my rights. All of this is absurd and shameful on the part of international legal entities. Above all, since they are inventions of public utility.

3) If the patents granted are not financed, it is obvious that it is not worth spending money to make legal appeals against patents that are not granted with ridiculous accusations such as the opposition to principles of energy, since even winning the appeal would not mean find lenders. The trade in patents between public and private entities, allowed by world legislators, has created a web of interests between public researchers, who sell, and private companies, who buy, which also prevents us from talking about the alternative solutions, proposed by the excluded. The public inventors to sell patents to multinationals did not produce any interactive invention, which would have resulted in the scrapping of the multinationals’ solutions. These were developed virtually without any funding and published on the website Even in the international conferences organized by the United Nations, COP, which should remedy the scientific and regulatory shortcomings of individual countries, there has never been talk of interactive energies and purification. How can private inventors bear the brunt of their research and maintain rights over their patents?

4) Private inventors can only defend themselves by fighting for the recognition of copyright and the intellectual property of inventions, which are recognized to all authors of intellectual works, but not to inventors who cannot find financiers, who are those who are not tied to power centers that deal with environmental and energy problems. The public inventors are saved by selling partial and commercial patents affecting multinationals. Multinational corporations will never buy inventions which prove that their inventions are environmentally and economically wrong. Governments continue to fund research to investigate the seriousness of the problems, but do not experiment with the interactive solutions proposed by the few independent inventors so as not to antagonize the multinationals that buy their patents and threaten layoffs if they lose market share.

Thinking that I have ended my inventor activity, I thought the time had come to fight for the logic with which these inventions were proposed. Life must continue and possibly become much longer than the current one, also thanks to robotics, cybernetics, but above all, the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, which is an interactive mini global engine, considered “perpetual motion” by the Italian patent office, without the ministers of labor, economic development, the environment, and the governments of the past fifteen years have never defended or experienced one of the inventions of the undersigned, which until proven otherwise, are Italian inventions. This explains why this country that gave birth to the best inventors in the world is today the European tail light in terms of growth.

An invention not financed and not made by entrepreneurs and world governments is like a book written but not published by publishers. Therefore, an unread book is always new and when publishers decide to publish it, they cannot deny the writer’s rights. This concept only patent lawmakers do not understand. Who do these legislators work for? Who do they obey?


I think that governments should be grateful for the birth of SPAWHE’s interactive systems because having created an intertwining of too strong economic interests with multinationals, they have lost the ability to govern and plan global sustainable development. These interests would not have led to these solutions even in thousands of years, since no highly skilled and highly paid employee inventor in a specific sector, public and private, would ever investigate for interactive energies. This would have been the best way to destroy the planet, each doing his duty as a citizen, scientist or inventor, even if multinationals improve the performance of cars and consume less fuel.

Instead, SPAWHE has replaced the world public science that worked to sell its patents to multinationals, having virtually modified the chimneys, made the sewers purifying, created the limestone greenhouses, the superimposed biological ponds, the artificial welling, the submerged hydroelectric energy, the pumps with the dual power supply shot up to the impeller, the hydroelectric energy with the recycling of the water in an open vessel, the ion exchange desalination that produces energy instead of consuming it, the hydroelectric current generators, the hydroelectric car, the submerged hydroelectric energy in basins and wells that purifies the waters, the human autonomous energy heart that energetically purifies the blood for Henry’s principle, finally, the hydroelectric car and the aerospace land transport vehicles that would not consume fuels, the interactive global engines that they would realize together Newton and Lorentz’s thrust to navigate the atmosphere, space, and under the sea. All these inventions were not made not because they are contrary to the principles of energy conservation, but because they reveal the inability of public and private science to make interactive and global scientific and technological reasoning, which are the only ones that can allow the real progress. These are the reasons why global warming cannot be fought and at the same time nobody has put together a clean rational system that produces the thrust of Newton and Lorentz on board the means of transport. These thrusts must be based on a primary source of clean and powerful sustainable energy that is derived directly from the terrestrial effects of gravitational force, as the undersigned has shown.   

I confirm that I am against the current industrial patent system, but probably this system can only be defeated by itself. As it allowed to develop a polluting, inefficient, uneconomical and corrupt global system, without anyone opposing going into the details of the mistakes made by almighty science and the economists who rule the world making us pay dearly also the poison that they slowly give us, while purification could take place free of charge as a side effect of interactive energies.

At the beginning of 2020, I filed these two important intellectual patent filings on land and sea aerospace transport. World authorities have little time to decide whether to continue protecting industrial property, or to demonstrate greater democracy and farsightedness by granting intellectual property and international copyrights to the inventors of solutions for public environmental, health energy, independent of industrial property, and access to the making of inventions to all public companies and private interested. Obviously by regulating taxes differently and by demanding inventors the taxes on the rights actually received, not the maintenance fees of the patents that have never found financiers, because governments allow to build and sell fixed and mobile systems that do not close the cycles that open.

We also talk about the archaic nature of the current institution of the Nobel prize-giving in science, which does not reward multidisciplinarity. If by hypothesis the “artificial heart oxygenator of the energy autonomous blood” had been awarded the Nobel Prize, to which branch of science should it have been attributed? How water would oxygenate producing energy, it would also happen by oxygenating the blood.   We will have less danger that brain death as the circulations of the right and left ventricles are energy independent. Furthermore, extending human life for many years. Even on this invention the world of science is silent, although the undersigned, is invited as a speaker at international conferences. I am not going to these conferences, above all, because I should travel the world at my expense to say things that I have published and everyone can read them, comment on them and possibly finance and implement them. I don’t know if anyone in the world is making my inventions. I think it is their right to realize them, as it should be my right to have copyright, if they work and benefit from it, regardless of the fact that the patent was refused me because it was misunderstood and because the legislators do not recognize intellectual property separate from the industrial one.

Here are some recent invitations addressed to myself to participate in international conferences. By pure combination, the most requested invention is the artificial heart.

In the last period in which I wrote this article, the coronavirus epidemic broke out which involved several countries, including Italy. everyone stopped talking and writing on other subjects. Only I keep talking about interactive energy. What is coronavirus if not a negative interactive energy that is transmitted from one individual to another? What is a virus? From the medical encyclopedia: it is an infectious particle of a non-cellular nature and submicroscopic size (20 ÷ 400 nm), incapable of an autonomous metabolism and therefore characterized by obligatory endocellular parasitic life. The viruses. they cannot be defined as organisms because they have no cellular structure and in order to reproduce they use the cells in which they penetrate, infecting them.

The 2020 epidemic is mainly killing elderly people who already suffered from lung diseases. For myself, most of these people would have been saved even without the vaccine (still not identified as I write the article), if they had been equipped with an artificial heart oxygenator of the blood that would not only compensate for respiratory insufficiencies, but in severe cases would avoid brain death of the brain, allowing the resumption of respiratory functions. In fact, there is a dangerous relationship between respiratory infections and cardiovascular events, according to some authoritative publications, up to a third of heart attacks occur after an acute respiratory infection. Furthermore, in the first two weeks after infection with viruses that attack the respiratory tract, the risk of coronary events increases by 2-3 times and, although in the following weeks it tends to decrease, it remains significantly higher up to three months after the infectious episode.

This is due to the fact that the human heart is a muscle that is more fatigued when it is forced to accelerate its beats to increase the flow of blood that cannot lower body temperature and to transport oxygen to the lymphatic system and lungs.

We report what has already been written in the description of the functioning of the artificial heart:

The system has two very important things in common with the natural heart:

1. It does not need to be controlled by the central system, being energetically autonomous.

2. is divided into two separate implants such as the current right and left atria and ventricles, therefore the right implant can be connected to the veins coming from the systemic circuit A, with the output B connected to the lungs supply; while the left implant can connect to the veins coming from the lungs C, with the output connected to the power supply of the systemic circuit D.

In addition, it has more features than the natural heart:

Transferring oxygen to the blood independently of the metabolic system and the lungs helps to overcome other diseases, improves fatigue resistance and we will need less power to survive.

FIG. 1 shows the general scheme of artificial heart, the representation is symbolic. The two autoclaves, which are represented perfectly side by side, can also be arranged one behind the other and with different altimetry. The electric motors (6.1 – 6.2) and the direct current generators (2.1 – 2.2) can be arranged horizontally by means of bevel gearboxes with bevel gears and bevel gears, to reduce the height in height. It is important to note the details (D1) connection with quick coupling and external plug for first aid feeding, which should be arranged on all adults who do dangerous work and in elderly people, or waiting for the final transplant.

 The common legend is reported:

(A) blood entry from a systemic circuit, (A1) connection with quick coupling and external cap for first aid supply; (B) blood output to the lungs, (B1) quick coupling and external cap for first aid supply; (C) entry of oxygenated blood from the lungs, (C1) attachment with quick coupling and external cap for first aid feeding; (D) oxygenated blood output to the systemic circuit, (D1) attachment with quick coupling and external cap for first aid supply. (1.1 – 1.2) pressurized tanks in biocompatible material; (2.1 – 2.2) pump used as a turbine; (3.1 – 3.2) direct current generator; (4.1 – 4.2) filter against impurities, clots of blood and air bubbles; (5) electric pump with double separate power supply up to the impeller; (5.1) transmission shaft; (5.2) partitions divisions up to the impeller; (5.2) partition divider in the pump body up to the impeller; (5.3) pump impeller; (5.4) pump diffuser; (5.5 – 5.6) double curve with separator partitions and transmission shaft passage tube; (6.1 – 6.2) 12 vdc motor with variable revolutions; (7.1 – 7.2) clapet check valve; (8) 12 V DC electrocompressor; (9) shut-off valve and check valve; (10.1 – 10.2) level regulator with capacitive probes; (11) 12 v DC electrical voltage stabilizer; (12) electronic control unit for power supply and system control; (13.1 – 13.2) 4 – 20 mA pressure transmitting probe.

Let’s see the path of the blood by looking at fig.1:

1. From the systemic circuit the superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava carry oxygen-poor blood to one of the mini pump (5) feeds with the separate double feed up to the impeller, inserted in the pressurized mini autoclave (1.1) (which replaces the atrium and the right ventricle of the heart). The second supply of the mini pump (5) internally recycling the blood present in the autoclave to the pressurized tank (1.1), allows to balance the pressure in the impeller and to make a first oxygenation of the blood due to Henry’s law. Lightening the work of the lungs, liver and kidneys. The check valve (7.1) guarantees one-way flow.

2. From the right mini autoclave (1.1) exits through the blood through a mini pump used as a turbine (2.1) and a filter against impurities of blood clots and air bubbles (4.1) reducing the pressure, while a small dynamo (3.1) connected to the shaft of the turbine produces direct current electricity. The output of the mini right autoclave feeds the lungs where the oxygenation of the blood takes place;

3. The oxygenated blood from the pulmonary capillaries arrives in the lower area of the lungs, where the pulmonary veins feed another minipump (5) with the separate double feed up to the impeller, inserted in the pressurized mini autoclave (1.2) (which replaces the atrium and the left ventricle of the heart). The second feeding of the mini pump (5) internally recycling the blood present in the autoclave inside the pressurized tank (1.2), allows to balance the pressure in the impeller and to effect a further oxygenation of the blood due to Henry’s law. Lightening the work of the lungs. The check valve (7.2) guarantees one-way flow.

4. From the mini left autoclave (1.2) the blood exits passing through a mini pump used as turbine (2.2) and a filter against impurities clots of blood and air bubbles (4.2) reducing the pressure, while a small dynamo (3.1) connected the turbine shaft produces direct current electricity. The output of the mini autoclave left feeds the artery called aorta, and from there it resumes its path within the systemic circulation.

We do not have to worry about the greater pressure contained in the autoclaves compared to the internal pressure of the human organism because this greater pressure exists only in the autoclave, the blood pressure measured at the exit of the turbines (2.1 – 2.2) after having exploited and reduced it will fall within the values normal human body.  In fact, the hydraulic resistance of the turbine and the mechanical one of the current generator, well-proportioned in the testing of the prototypes can give a precise regulation of the pressure, but the greater regulation will be made through the number of engine revolutions (6.1 – 6.2) of the pump of power supply with the double power supply separated up to the impeller.

Human blood is a liquid with a color ranging from ruby red to purplish red depending on the amount of oxygen bound to hemoglobin; has a viscosity about 4 times higher than water and a specific weight of 1.041-1.062 g / cm3. For the purposes of energy calculations, it is important both the high viscosity that reduces the loss of load, and the density that increases the power absorbed by the pumps and produced in the turbines.

Assuming to use the blood with a mean density between the two implants 1,055 and that  the pump used as a turbine and that of blood circulation have the same efficiency (0,60), that the flow rate of the pump is 10 L / min (0,166 L / s) load losses 0.2 m, the circulation pump absorbs 0.57 Watt (0.166 * 0.2 * 1055/102 * 06), while the turbine exploits the flow rate of 5 L / min (0.083 L / s) and the autoclave pressure of 10 m produces a power of 5.17 watts (0.6 * 0.083 * 10 * 1055/102).Considerando che abbiamo due mini impianti idroelettrici pressurizzati che lavorano in parallelo, abbiamo una potenza assorbita di 1.14 W e una potenza energetica prodotta di 10,34 Watt.

Therefore, without energy sources external to the human body we can manage a small digital electronic circuit (12), equipped with a voltage stabilizer (12 v DC), which feeds the mini compressor (8) to maintain constant pressure and blood levels in the autoclaves using the level regulators (10.1 – 10.2) and adjust the number of revolutions of the motors (6.1 – 6.2) of the pumps that regulate the flow rate of the blood. If we need a higher energy output, we should only increase the working pressure of the mini autoclaves and the capacity of the pumps with the motors (6.1 – 6.2), controlling the outlet pressure with the pressure transmitters (13.1 – 13.2 ) arranged near the B1-D1 couplings, which depend on the operating curves of the pumps used as turbines (2.1 – 2.2), which as seen in Fig. 1 are shown in three stages having to lower the pressure from about 750 Hg to the normal pressure of circulation (80 – 140 Hg). However, the adjustments must not be done by the patient, but by the voice control control unit (12).

As mentioned above, the pressure of the mini autoclaves is limited within the autoclaves to produce the pressure energy for the circulation of blood (according to the principle of Torricelli and the dissolution of oxygen in the blood according to the principles of Henry and Dalton). But the outlet pressure can be established precisely only by verifying the operating characteristics of the pumps used as turbines. If we increase the pressures with the compressor (8) we also increase the pressures detected by the pressure transmitters (13.1-13.2); if we increase the flow of blood with the engines (6.1 – 6.2) part of the pressure is absorbed by the pressure drops of the pumps used as turbines and the pressure is lowered. But we may have an excess of disproportionate scope for human activity that takes place. Since the flow rates of the blood can not be measured in the human body, moment by moment, it is necessary to realize the optimal operating curves in the laboratory so that they are stored in the electronic control unit (12). At each pressure level measured by the pressure transmitters (13.1 – 13.2) corresponds an ideal number of revolutions of the motors (6.1 – 6.2) and automatically an optimum pressure level supplied by the compressor (8), depending on the pump test performance used as turbines (2.1 – 2.2). These can not be adjusted, unless we add an adjustable mechanical or electromagnetic brake to the current generator connected to them. If we use a mechanical brake, they dissipate energy, but if we use a heavier electromagnetic brake with a larger quantity of magnets, we produce more energy. This is a choice we have to make according to the energy we need to manage the artificial heart with maximum efficiency.

With the solution proposed by the undersigned, the artificial heart, oxygenator, energetically autonomous, which enters the ribcage to replace the sick hearts, is at hand. This heart can double or triple the life span of man in a few years, organizing a good maintenance service with doctors and mechanical and electronic technicians, without genetically changing the man.

The last invitation I publish, I received it when I had already written this article and it refers to a page of my website: on-energy-miracle /, so I inserted it in place of another older invitation, not to stretch too much this article which has already become too long. Unfortunately, necessarily, as it simultaneously summarizes my concluded unwanted inventor activity from the world power centers and the crimes of omission of the power centers themselves.

To this invitation I replied as follows:

Dear Sarah Williams and Divya Karne, I believe that the race for miraculous energy has won me, even if everyone is pretending nothing. I will be honored to attend your congress but you must know that I do not pay participation fees and do not speak English well. I am attaching a brief presentation and a long article, where I summarize my concluded inventor activity against a system that has never worked and will never work if you do not eliminate the trade of public patents towards multinationals and separate industrial property from that intellectual, which today, in fact, is not recognized by inventors, who are not linked to political and economic centers of power.

Therefore, while I am publishing this article I do not know if I will participate in this congress.


I simply say that intellectual property is at a higher level than industrial one. It is not incompatible with it, but it can be separated and generate different industrial properties. The intellectual inventor of the telephone is Antonio Meucci, that of the radio is Guglielmo Marconi, that of the television is John Logie Baird. It doesn’t matter whether they made the demonstration prototypes or not. It is important that they have understood the principles of operation, since the internal components of the telephone, radio and television can undergo many transformations with technological advancement, but without the intellectual invention, they would never have been built and would not have found no useful use.

In fact, the manufacturers of the artificial heart can patent the construction details of the components that make it up, which can be made of different materials and shapes. The environmental, energy or purification intellectual patent does not develop all the details of the electrical circuit and the electronic regulation, the shape. The smokestacks that capture the fumes can be made of different materials, as well as limestone greenhouses, pumps, turbines and power generators. The intellectual patent indicates a new way to purify, dehydrate sludge, desalinate waters, combat acidification, produce power from the sea, produce fixed and mobile energy without fuel, motorize land, sea, submarine transport, defend yourself from high waters. Insiders do not understand them, or pretend not to understand them because they have invested in other less efficient solutions with the consent of public science, governments and legislators. It is quite simple and cheap, with current technology, to prototype new telephones, radios and televisions. Even the artificial heart would be simple enough to make. It is not so easy to change large energy, purification plants and large world transports. For this reason, all professionals are silent about interactive energies and purification. Great statesmen are needed, who take on the responsibilities of past and present governments. Probably, the civilization on earth has not yet given birth to neither the statesmen nor the scientific consultants able to take on these responsibilities.

Therefore, I will continue to write and ask the United Nations, to international judges, to governments to experiment with these inventions and recognize true intellectual, non-symbolic property, because intellectual patents are not easy to identify. So much so that if they had been identified earlier, not only would we not have had global warming, but even the environment would have been more purified than the era before the industrial one when water oxygenates while producing energy. This could not have happened in the pre-industrial era. Thus, environmental and energy intellectual patents would guide governments to take the right path of world development. These intellectual patents do not need prototypes to be understood for those who know the physical and electromagnetic principles. If governments and the United Nations really want to defeat global warming, at least the most prepared leaders must distinguish themselves from the most ignorant ones, in order not to remain, in the abyss produced by the non-interactive science that still dominates the world without taking any responsibility for the damage caused. The inventor who explained the operation must not make the demonstration prototypes of the interactive energy, but the rulers who believe in this operation to convince even those who do not believe it. Until now, a government has not yet been seen on the planet that has taken this initiative, while they continue to advertise renewable energies on which they have already invested, and continue to invest, which have low yields, are bulky and not interactive, as solar, wind, with the movement of sea waves. Those who produce these energies persist in not understanding that the primary energy that nature offers us is simple, powerful and space-saving.  It is sufficient to statically exploit the pressure of the compressed air and circulate the one-way water in an autoclave. The principle of the impenetrability of bodies to produce energy, not the division of the atom, or hydrogen separated from the oxygen of the water or the carbon of methane, takes care of this to increase energy costs unnecessarily.

I believe that the sightings of alien space navigation in the Earth’s atmosphere are true, one of which is told by the actor Kurt Russel ( film-but-a-real-sighting / 40616? refresh_ce), where a group of aircraft were permanently fixed in the atmosphere and then moved simultaneously. When I recently read about this sighting, I thought that the aliens had used my own solution of the global linear motors that have infinite possibilities to adjust the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz to balance the weight force due to the gravitational force, adjusting the number of turns pumps with dual power supply, those of electric turbofans and those that move the permanent magnets that produce the currents induced in solenoids external to the same linear motors, turbofans and water and air tanks.

While the earthly reality is that the current energies and purifications, if they are not produced by global scientific ignorance, are the biggest scam organized by the powerful towards the weakest and poorest who cannot pay the best scientists and inventors to make themselves defend scientifically. The environment is defended by environmental associations and by people who protest. Instead, it should be protected with alternative projects to be compared in the smallest energy, purification and economic details.

As happens in the case of justice where the rich are defended by very large lawyers’ studios and the poor must be satisfied with the office lawyer, who defends them only apparently, being alone and not paid enough to hire private investigators who seek real truth. As is also the case in sport, where those who have the economic strength to buy the best players win. This means that we are not governed by governments, but by multinationals, which sponsor all manifestations of collective interest such as scientific conferences, including those of environmental associations, in the name of current renewable energies that are worth nothing, compared to interactive ones, that no one wants to experiment. Strangely unknown even by the oppositions, which hope to govern with the same system and the same designers and scientists who work for the same multinationals, even if they are salaried by public bodies.

If all the man-made anthropic plants had been preceded by intellectual patents transversal to individual scientific principles and individual technologies, we would have had a much more efficient development model than the current one and less pollution. What should be important for governments is to receive payment of taxes on industrial production, and that someone also pays what is up to patent lawmakers. These cannot be paid for with taxes on international patent filings by inventors if inventions are not made, either by governments or by world entrepreneurs.  Intellectual patents go beyond the current state of the art transversely, affecting multiple sectors simultaneously. They cannot be judged by the patent offices from a scientific and technological point of view, because they involve the entire world development model. Patent offices need only limit themselves to logging them and keeping them waiting for science, governments, the United Nations and international justice to assume their responsibilities globally. Intellectual inventions become operative only when someone makes them industrially and derives an economic profit from them. From the economic profit of the entrepreneurs who will make the intellectual patents, the governments and the patent legislators will be able to demand the taxes that the inventors will also compensate, if they deem it necessary. The inventors of intellectual patents, only if they receive some compensation for their work, will they have to pay taxes, like all authors of intellectual works not tied to any center of economic power. In fact, inventors who are linked to economic power centers do not develop intellectual patents, but industrial patents, they are not forced to publish their inventions in search of financiers. They develop them in the secret of their laboratories or production workshops together with their employers, they launch them on the world market. World patent legislators have also been concerned with regulating disputes between employers and entrepreneurs by establishing the percentages that are due to entrepreneurs and inventors in the event of the sale of patents. But they didn’t bother to legislate anything in favor of the inventors who don’t belong to these centers of power. Private inventors are treated as if they were self-employed entrepreneurs. Therefore, they should pay taxes and at the same time, seek lenders in the short time allowed by lawmakers, which elapses between a national and international filing (twelve months). Not finding financiers, they have to make a choice: either they stop at the national patent and pay the national maintenance fees, or they risk the adventure of international deposits, depositing and paying the international filing fees (about 3,500 euros) that allow them to have another twenty months to seek international lenders. If they still cannot find financial backers and stop paying maintenance fees nationally and internationally they lose all the work done, and the money paid unnecessarily, without having any right on their inventions.

This Kafkaesque system has only served to discourage creative research that only inventors free from the conditioning of employers can do. In fact, the current company, rewarding the high specializations, has not allowed the development of global scientific and technical reasoning, which would have produced interactive inventions. In fact, what patent lawmakers, science itself, politicians and entrepreneurs do not understand is the fact that inventions cannot all be produced by specialists in individual sectors. Above all public ones must be connected to each other through the organization of environmental scientific work.

To correctly design the interactive energy and purification plants, it is necessary to go into the details of the work cycles of the machines, plants, know the technologies and the general organization of the work. In other words, if we wanted to use the same reasoning made by Einstein on the functioning of the universe on planet earth, we would have had to make specific and general reasoning at the same time, as did Albert Einstein who,  ten years later, identified narrow relativity (1905) and the general one (1915) because all the restricted reasoning, in the end, must also be reflected in the general theory. The same thing must also happen when designing anthropic plants. Only apparently are we free to use the energy and purification systems that we want. In reality, if we want to close all the cycles we open, we have no choice. We must use the right solution in the right place at the right time. The right solution is always the one that spends the minimum of energy to have the maximum efficiency, both energy and purification. Earth nature without the use of technologies has identified interactive energies that are also purifying in four and a half billion years. We just had to use technology to speed up natural processes. But we didn’t know how to do it.

Today no one seems to know where world wealth comes from. The first to not know are the economists, who are the main advisers to governments. Economists, like everyone else, cannot imagine that world science has mistaken the fundamental principles of energy. They should quantify the global economic damage that the designed plants have produced for all humanity without carefully studying the synergies that would have allowed us to eliminate emissions and recycle water indefinitely by spending only a small part of the energy produced. Do they also believe that this energy is perpetual motion? Obviously, world economists don’t even know what I’m talking about, like the whole world science, politics, philosophy, religions, unions, environmental associations. The industry of global misinformation, expects that a pensioner who has just money to live and feed their family, even the monsters working prototypes of depuration, interactive energies and of the immense world applications, including artificial heart that could lengthen human life without altering the DNA and global linear motors that could make the entire land, aviation and marine transport industry fail.   Today all these associations, in one way or another, raise funds and funding in the name of environmental protection or to support unemployment. Nobody cares to help demonstrate obvious things that power centers deliberately ignore to leave things as they are. Associations, like power centers, do not want to solve problems but also have a slice of that power that is sinking everyone into the black hole of terrestrial disinformation, proportional to the number of people registered with their associations. Because today we don’t think individually. We reason in an associative way otherwise we are not listened to by anyone. Autonomous inventors who make global reasoning in the general interest are increasingly alone.

No Nobel laureate in economics and quantum physics, today super awarded, have tried to make an analysis of the production costs of existing energies with interactive ones. They too are uninformed about this type of energy, which so far has not cost a world cent a dollar. Isn’t that a point in favor of the economy? At least they spend something to demonstrate the laws of perpetual motion that would prevent the interactive principles that the undersigned has selected and put together after a lifetime of work in industry and construction sites from being correctly put together. Not in the labs.

From Wikipedia, we recall the main nuclear accidents starting from the 5th level of the INES classification that involve the release of radioactivity outside the plant: 1957, Windscale (Great Britain), 5th INES level; 1969, Lucens (Switzerland), 4th level INES; 1973, Windscale (Great Britain), 4th level INES; 1979, Three Mile Island (USA), 5th INES level; 1980, Saint-Laurent-Nouan (France), 4th level INES; 1986, Chernobyl (Ukraine), 7th INES level, 65 confirmed dead plus another 4000 presumed; 1999, Tokaimura (Japan), 4th level INES; 2006, Fleurus (Belgium), 4th level INES; 2011, Fukushima (Japan), 7th INES level. The last nuclear disaster occurred on August 8, 2019 on a barge in front of the Nionoska missile range on the White Sea, where a cruise missile exploded, killing 7 and wounding 15, causing a peak of radioactivity measured to the city of Severdvinsk, 25 kilometers as the crow flies? How much radioactive material did it contain? What kind? Was the technology used to maintain the missile’s cruise phase a nuclear reactor or an isotopic source, an RTG? The Russian authorities keep silence.

For the undersigned, it is not worth producing nuclear energy, especially with hot fusion, not only for the environmental risks that occur but also for the costs and the necessary bulk. We cannot imagine a nuclear reactor mounted on land and space transport while with compressed hydroelectric power we will increase static pressures, the smaller the primary energy engines would become. As mentioned above, the steam produced has a density around 830 times lower than the water that could circulate cold in a turbine, without production costs and without environmental side effects. There is no advantage even with cold fusion, however having to use catalytic electrodes. While the pressure of air and water only consume the material that wears out to produce the final electrical energy, which even the other energies must consume to produce the necessary electromagnetism.

We remember the hydroelectric disasters costing many billions and many human lives: Gleno Italy, 22 October 1923 (500 deaths); Molare Italia, 13 August 1935 (111 dead); Vajont Italia, 9 October 1963 (1909 dead); Banqiao China 1975 (171,000 deaths); Fundao Dam Brazil November 23, 2015 (17 dead but huge environmental disasters); Minas Gerais Brazil, January 25, 2019 (19 dead but huge environmental disasters). For the undersigned, it does not make sense to produce hydroelectric energy with large hydraulic and civil works, when by correctly interpreting the physical and gravitational principles, we could produce it in the same basins, furthermore bringing the oxygen of the surface water into the seabed.

We recall the following disasters due to the production of fossil energy: Courrières France, 10 March 1906 (1909 dead in the mine); Monongah (United States), 6 December 1907 (900 deaths in the mine); Benxihu Colliery China, 26 April 1942 (1549 dead in the mine); London Great Britain 5 – 9 December 1952 During the Great smog of London, caused by excessive consumption of coal for heating, 12 000 people died; Marcinelle Belgium, 9 August 1956 (262 deaths in the mine); San Juanito Mexico 1984 (500 deaths due to the explosion of gas tanks); Viareggio Italy 2009 (32 deaths in a railway disaster carrying fuel gas; Middletown USA 2010 (5 deaths gas explosion); Cubatão Brazil 1984 (600 pipeline explosion deaths); Asha UfaSiberia1989 (585 gas explosion deaths); Livorno Italy 1991 (140 gas explosion deaths on ships), Voltri Italy 1991 (5 deaths explosion on ship), Durunka Egypt, 1994, (600 deaths in explosion), Seoul (South Korea) 1994 (500 deaths in explosion), Warri (Nigeria ), 1998 (500 deaths in explosion).  For the undersigned, it makes no sense to produce energy through combustion to produce steam or a combustion gas that, not only has a production cost, due to the purchase of fuels, but also has environmental side effects and low yields, having the steam or of gas a density around 830 times lower than the water that could circulate cold in a turbine, without production costs and without environmental collateral effects. We should also add the great air, road, naval and submarine disasters, the useless deforestation. One would never cease to reckon with economic and human lives destroyed in these disasters.

The sustainable society of the future cannot be designed by scientists and legislators who are servants of the centers of power who have allowed all the disasters mentioned above and who do not have the courage to openly discuss the sustainable development model designed in the smallest depurative, energy and production details food (with artificial welling), the lengthening of human life (with the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood), the change in land and space transport, not only through the updating of science and technology but above all of the scientific organization of the global work that has never entered the ministries of labor and world economic development.

If we can extract energy from the environment without fuels and radioactive materials, electrolytics, through the use of hydroelectric energy included, and from this, through electromagnetic induction extract the Lorenz force and other electric energy that is added to the primary one produced from compressed hydroelectric to power electric motors that move gear wheel propellers, why do we continue to produce energy with fossil and chemical fuels that have an average yield of 0.35 compared to the energy expended?

Already today, electrically powered heat pumps, to produce heat and cold, have “COP” coefficients (coefficient of operating prestation) which can reach up to 5. It means that for each kw consumed we can have a heat output five times higher. While in the case of the production of compressed hydroelectric energy this coefficient exceeds hundreds of units, because it statically exploits the pressure of the compressed air without making it expand so as not to consume energy unnecessarily, there is something wrong with the principles of conservation of the energy that is taught in world universities. Who wrote them is clear that he did not know the scientific organization of work that always finds the best solution to save and produce energy in all human activities. This is how the interactive energies were born, which are also purifying. Unfortunately, they have not yet entered universities, public and private research centers. Who has to open the doors of these centers of world power that delay progress for obvious interests that mortify the true science? Which is the one that applies globally.

All world development has been conditioned by the choice of the primary source of energy. If the energy had cost nothing and could have been produced on board the means of transport without emitting any type of toxic emission into the environment, we would not have had the need to save energy to fly in the atmosphere and in space. It would have been enough to circumvent the gravitational force and the atmospheric pressure with the primary energy produced on board the aircraft (compressed hydroelectric) transformed into electromagnetic to feed electric turbofans in the quantity sufficient to create the vacuum around the aircraft and the aerostatic and electromagnetic reaction thrusts (, ).

The aerodynamics that Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) began to study and which until now has dominated terrestrial aeronautical research to float like birds in the atmosphere, would have made no sense in the face of the energy that would cost nothing, apart from the wear of the materials, thanks to the gravitational force and universal electromagnetism. To navigate in the atmosphere there is no need to divide the atom or even fossil and chemical fuels, it is sufficient to circumvent the gravitational force and the atmospheric pressure with a powerful economic clean energy produced on board vehicles. The cheapest and safest means of transport, over long distances, will be the air, so the railways, tunnels, viaducts, the very long roads and the pipelines that cross the continents that have destroyed nature are also useless and uneconomical.

Even if solar energy has not produced accidents, it is not worth producing it due to low yields and because it does not produce purifying side effects. Suffice it to say that it takes about 10 square meters of panels to produce one kw / h in the best solar conditions. The same thing can be said of wind energy, with bulky and inefficient monsters, equally non-depurative. Suffice it to say that to exert the pressure of a bar on a propeller poles considering the air density, a wind speed of about 80 km / h would be required. It is not worthwhile to capture the energy of the waves of the sea, with equally cumbersome systems to transport it remotely, when we can produce high-performance energy with small dimensions when needed, in fixed and mobile systems.

The theory of relativity has paved the way to quantum physics which is proving to be a great resource in technological and computer applications that have monopolized the Nobel prizes of physics. Today traditional physics is no longer rewarded quantum hopes are being rewarded, but without correcting the errors and accidents mentioned above, hydroelectric, thermal, nuclear, infrastructural.

Let’s start from 1997, in which the Nobel Prize was divided among three scientists “for the development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light” (Laser cooling). 1998, among three scientists “for the discovery of a new form of quantum fluid through fractionally charged excitations”. 1999, between two scientists “for having explained the quantum structure of the electroweak interaction in physics”, 2000, between four scientists “for the development of semiconductor heterostructures used in high speed electronics and optoelectronics”, “for basic work in information and communication technology “,” for its role in the invention of the integrated circuit “and” for basic work in information and communication technology “. 2001, to three scientists “for the realization of the Bose-Einstein condensation in diluted gases of alkaline atoms, and for the first fundamental studies on the properties of condensates”. 2002, to two scientists “for the pioneering contributions to astrophysics, and in particular for the identification of cosmic neutrinos” and to a scientist “for the pioneering contributions to astrophysics, which led to the discovery of cosmic X-ray sources”. 2003, to three scientists “for the pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids”, 2004, to three scientists “for the discovery of asymptotic freedom and the theory of strong interaction”. 2005, to three scientists “for his contribution to the quantum theory of optical coherence” and “for their contribution to the development of laser-based precision spectroscopy, in particular for the sieve technique of optical frequencies”. 2006, to two scientists “for the discovery of the anisotropies of the black body present in the cosmic background radiation”. 2007, to two scientists “for the discovery of giant magnetoresistance”. 2008, to three scientists “for the discovery of the mechanism of spontaneous symmetry breaking in subatomic physics” and “for the discovery of the origin of the broken symmetry that predicts the existence of at least three families of quarks in nature”.2009, to three scientists “for the progression of transmission in optical fibers for communication” and “for the invention of a semiconductor circuit for collecting images – the CCD”. 2010, to two scientists “for the pioneering experiments regarding the two-dimensional graphene material”. 2011, to three scientists “for the discovery of the acceleration of the universe through the study of distant supernovae”. 2012, to two scientists “for the pioneering experiments that allow measuring the manipulation of single quantum systems”. 2013, to two scientists “for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of the mass of subatomic particles, and which was recently confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at Large Hadron Collider from CERN ”. 2014, to three scientists “for the invention of the efficient blue LED, which made it possible to produce bright white energy-saving light sources”. 2015, to two scientists “for the discovery of neutrino oscillations that show that the neutrino has mass”. 2016, to three scientists “for the theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter”. 2017, to three scientists “for the decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves”, 2018, to three scientists “for revolutionary inventions in the field of laser physics”.

In the same years the Nobel prizes for the economy were the following:

1997, to two economists “for having identified a new method for determining the value of derivative instruments”. 1998, an economist “for his contribution to the welfare economy”. 1999, to an economist “for his analysis of monetary and fiscal policy based on different exchange rate regimes and for his analysis of optimal monetary areas”. 2000, to two economists “for the development of theory and methods for the analysis of selective samples and distinct choices”. 2001, to three economists “for their analysis of markets with asymmetric information”. 2002, to two scientists “for having integrated the results of psychological research in economic science, especially with regard to human judgment and the theory of decisions in conditions of uncertainty” and “for having established laboratory experiments as a tool of empirical economic analysis, especially in the study of alternative market mechanisms “. 2003, to two economists “for the methods of analysis of the historical economic series with variable volatility over time (ARCH)” and “for the methods of analysis of the economic historical series with stationary trends (cointegration)”. 2004, to two economists “for their contributions to dynamic macroeconomics: the coherence of economic policy over time and the driving forces underlying economic cycles”. 2005, to two economists “for having increased our understanding of conflict and cooperation through the analysis of game theory”. 2006, to an economist “for his analysis of intertemporal relations (between short and long term effects) of macroeconomic policy”. 2007, to three economists “for having laid the foundations of the theory of market allocation mechanisms”. 2008, to an economist “for the analysis of commercial trends and the positioning of economic activities”. 2009, to two economists “for the analysis of economic governance, in particular the collective good” and “for the analysis of economic governance, in particular the limits of companies”. 2010, to three economists “For their analysis of markets in search of frictions”.  2011, to two economists “For their empirical research on causes and effects in macroeconomics”. 2012, to two economists “For the theory of stable allocations and their studies on the configuration of markets”. 2013, to three economists “For their empirical analysis of asset prices”. 2014, to an economist “for his analysis of market power and regulation”. 2015, to an economist “for his analyzes on consumption, poverty and welfare”. 2016, to two economists “for their contribution to the theory of contracts”. “. 2017, to three scientists “for the decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves”, 2018, to three scientists “for revolutionary inventions in the field of laser physics”. 2019, to three scientists for their discoveries in the field of astronomy.

All these Nobel laureates have value in the current economy, but they lose value if it is ascertained that we have mistaken the fundamental principles of purification and fixed and mobile world energies. For these reasons nobody wants to ascertain these truths.

I mention only the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2019 which went to the inventors of lithium storage batteries, which certainly are very useful. But much less than you might think. As science refuses to understand and experience the compressed hydroelectric interactive energy that can be produced instant by instant in every corner of the earth. Lithium batteries like all batteries invented by man have costs and cannot have a yield higher than 100% of the energy that generated them.  If we consider that the average efficiency of a thermal power plant is approximately 35% of the lower calorific value of the fuel and that the transport of energy to the points of use entails a loss of approximately 15%, a lithium battery cannot have a efficiency higher than 0.3% compared to the original fossil source (0.35 * 0.85), while a compressed hydroelectric current generator multiplies the energy consumed by the circulation pump with the double separate power supply for the pressure existing in the autoclave. Since the pump works with balanced pressures in suction and delivery, while energy produces it for free, the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, which expels with the pressure of compressed air, which cannot expand, the same amount of water introduced excess in the autoclave. Current science with the consent of the legislators does not exploit the purifying effects of Henry’s law, and neglects the absence of costs for the supply of energy components (air and water). We just have to ask ourselves how has the planet managed to resist these major oversights of science and world power centers so far? But if we do not stop them, with interactive projects, sooner or later they will be able to destroy it and with it, our children and grandchildren, respecting the laws that according to current scientists and legislators protect the environment, while they do not even reduce CO2 emissions. They increase them but outside of urban centers.

A scientific Nobel Prize makes no sense if science doesn’t apply globally. It can be considered as a kind of corporate prize, but of a company that is failing because it cannot design globally. If we are not talking about the company but about the entire world community, we must talk about development models. As communism and fascism has failed, capitalism is also failing precisely because of the absence of scientific oppositions capable of scientifically organizing the world work that is now completely in the hands of the multinationals, which have no global project, but are specialize in individual sectors and also buy patents developed, not globally, by public researchers, who take their salaries with taxpayers’ money.


What was the sense of the constitution of the United Nations after the Second World War, if the world power centers do not develop global projects and are all at the service of multinationals? These, as mentioned, specialize in individual sectors and only produce commercial inventions. Which, while respecting the limits of toxic emissions granted by public environmental regulations, are not equally compatible with the environment because even public bodies do not develop projects globally, precisely to sell their patents to multinationals. In fact, designing the systems globally means closing all the cycles that open without tolerating any toxic emissions. Where it is not possible to close the thermal and chemical cycles, as in transport systems, it is not true that the only possible solution is lithium or lithium-free energy accumulators. The thousands of times better solution is compressed hydropower that multinationals and public research centers have pretended not to understand. Therefore, the few inventors who seek to develop global projects, which obviously do not interest multinationals and consequently, not even public research bodies and those who distribute Nobel prizes, are excluded from the world political, scientific and economic context. We must ask ourselves the reasons why, even today, the intellectual property of inventions is not a right like other intellectual works? Is an author’s painting or compressed hydropower more important than it would not pollute and would not have the cost of fuels and batteries? Or the artificial welling that could feed billions of people and fight oceanic acidification, which the centers of power and world science do not comment for obscure reasons, without giving any explanation? These things should be talked about. Lithium batteries are a useful little detail in a global system that nobody wants to develop to hide that they have mistaken the fundamental principles of world energy.

I think that even the Swedish and Norwegian institutions that award Nobel prizes have hit the bottom of objectivity, because they reward small details of physics and economics in line with the choices made by world power centers in the past and in the present that produced global warming as a side effect and the unequal distribution of world wealth. If the world’s physics and economics with their scientific research and economic analysis have not realized that we have mistaken the fundamental principles of energy and the economy means that even the establishment of the Nobel Prize has lost credibility.

Indeed, the Nobel Prize in economics should not even exist. This prize should have been established only after identifying the correct scientific solutions that would produce a wealth without negative side effects. In the current situation, with the world science that has failed the primary source of world energy, how can the economy establish fair trading rules and monetary stability rules, without creating other bureaucratic constraints, which delay the demolition of the wrong plants from a scientific and economic point of view? No economy can be based on scientific errors. But on planet Earth, accepting the mistakes of science and multinationals has become the general rule because scientists must obey the orders they receive, being employees. Like the military. No one can go beyond the assigned tasks. The undersigned has been able to do so, but only as a pensioner, not paid by anyone, even putting back the money to deposit the patents that, with just laws, he would not have had to pay, having dealt only with public utility solutions. He would also have to spend the money to legally oppose allegations of “perpetual motion” from patent offices, which certainly cannot represent science globally. The concept of perpetual motion also concerns the economy, politics and world justice. In fact, politicians and judges cannot govern and convict the guilty without the unbiased scientific support was upgraded to world art. But this update of the global state of the art cannot take place precisely because economic, public and private centers of power prevent the emergence of interactive global inventions, defined as “perpetual motion” by ignorant ministerial bureaucrats. While science, devoid of a moral conscience, is silent and participates in the trade in non-interactive patents, which prevent the advancement of the state of the art globally.

Having no science, inventors and entrepreneurs, carried out studies on the scientific application of global work, today all world inventions are partial and polluting (not closing all the cycles that open). If some entrepreneur wanted to purchase the interactive purification patents of the undersigned, today he would have to wait tens of years, having to wait for the world public bodies to change the tender specifications of the sewers, purifiers, civil construction, water distribution systems, hydroelectric plants and lifting water.

To give an example, today, in the summer periods we have in European cities temperatures that touch the forty degrees. If we want to enjoy at least the cool of the evening going out on a balcony there are the external units of personal air conditioners and neighbors who expel the warm internal air of the apartments and transfer it outside by consuming fossil energy produced by thermal power plants, which by producing CO2 increase global warming even more. In other words, we are forced to stay closed in the house not to be able to breathe the outside air and consume unsustainable energy to power the system created thanks to the Nobel laureates of the past and present. The heat exchange towers next to the buildings that would purify the air and exchange heat with the subsoil were not taken into consideration (, despite, subsequently , have also become energy producers (

 While in the transport system we are still at year zero, since the only energy that has never been used is precisely compressed hydroelectric power, which instead would enhance the performance of electromagnet systems, avoiding unnecessary thermal and chemical passages.

Above all, public science cannot be separated from the practical application of scientific principles and the side effects they produce on the environment and human health. Global planning can only be done if scientific and industrial rivalries are put aside (eliminating industrial property on public utility projects) and intellectual property is recognized to inventors, with long-term copyright, as for the others intellect works. Because it is much more difficult to make intellectual patents than commercial ones with the current ruling classes.

Unfortunately, not having studied the synergies in the past and present century to design the plants globally, it was not possible to avoid thermal, chemical and nuclear processes which are useless for energy purposes, but harmful to the environment and the world economy. Today, the entire world development has insurmountable defects of origin that can only be overcome by producing interactive purifying energy solutions everywhere. Current renewable energies, battery cars are only palliatives that waste other resources.

My solution, which would produce compressed hydroelectric interactive energy in the apartments, in low enthalpy heat exchange wells, and in sewer and biological limestone greenhouses, consuming the CO2 of the environment, have been rejected by the patent offices on the charge of perpetual motion to the sender ( – natural fumes-co2-and-water-with-alkalisation-depurative /,, while the centers of power continue to distribute Nobel prizes for details of quantum physics and world monetarism, but miss all the interactive energy applications of global sustainable development, which have grown only virtually, assuming that the interactive purifications that no world government has financed are functioning.

The list shown in this article of scientific discoveries awarded with the Nobel, in physics, shows that public and private research is accentuating the difference between software and global hardware. With the advent of the Internet and the development of information technology and control electronics with inverters, frequency and voltage changers, an unbalanced development has already been created in favor of software, while traditional physics has stopped at thermal hydroelectric disasters, nuclear. Now that even quantum physics is focusing on upgrading laser technologies and the computer science of the future, the difference with traditional sectors will become more and more accentuated. In other words, we will have wrong implants in the fundamental energetic and depurative principles, but managed correctly, to contain the limits of toxic emissions and energy absorptions. In other words, with the new Nobel laureates, the damage caused by previous inventions is limited, but we do not take the path of interactive energy that would have eliminated the problem of pollution at the source.


If the world public research bodies had worked correctly there would have been no possibility for myself to propose interactive inventions because they fall within the logic of the scientific organization of global work to which no one can escape if he faces problems respecting the environment, the economy and efficiency simultaneously. I who have participated in making plants for a whole life with limited tasks at private companies, I realized that all the man-made plants are incomplete and I tried to complete them as a pensioner, deepening my scientific knowledge, where I already knew that there were problems not resolved. Why haven’t world public managers done the same? Private companies simply try to beat the competition on the efficiency and quality of production of existing systems. They cannot question their investments, which stemmed from previous business generations. The air transport sector also falls within this logic. Public research bodies had to be the ones to deal with the problems impartially. They could have done so only if they hadn’t got their hands and conscience dirty with the sale of the legitimate but incorrect patents and other hidden interests that no one investigates. Today the situation is so serious that nobody has the courage to throw the first stone on the system that all the most powerful countries and world organizations have created. “He who has not sinned cast the first stone,” said Jesus to those who wanted to stone a woman who had sinned of adultery. In fact, nobody can throw the stone. The undersigned could only do this as a pensioner so as not to risk his job, but he did not think that the situation was so serious as to remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. In particular, Abraham’s negotiation, which sought to find a reason to save the cities that God wanted to destroy. God promised that even if there were only ten of the righteous, he would not harm anyone else. Personally, if I had been in the shoes of Abraham, I would not have found 10 righteous people worldwide, available to go into the depurative and energetic details that justify the exclusion of interactive systems from purifications and world energies. I have only found leaks of responsibility from all the scientific and legislative bodies in the world.

Although the ITER project worth twenty billion euros that is being experimented in the south of France, promises to extract energy from sea water and lithium, the experimental reactor they are experimenting with is a gigantic age. It will consist of one million parts built around the world, from Japan to Russia, from India to the United States, from China to Italy. His heart, called Tokamak, will have a diameter and height of 30 meters and will weigh 23,000 tons, like 3.5 Eiffel Towers. Some of the superconducting magnets will have to be assembled on site because their diameter, which reaches 24 meters, makes transportation impossible. On the site, where 2700 people currently work, 39 buildings are under construction, even hundreds of meters long and the highest of which reaches 60 meters. – See the article:

World science, after producing large dams and large basins to produce hydroelectric power, now wants to build large clean nuclear power plants, where inside the Tokamak, an almost absolute vacuum is created, the plasma will be heated up to 150 million degrees Celsius, ten times the temperature of the Sun’s core. A few meters away, the superconducting magnets that will control it will instead have to operate at -269 °C.

World science is proving, once again, that it is not knowing how to do simple and complete reasoning, but also involving the most important energy multinationals in these projects, they promise to create many jobs. For the undersigned, the global system of energy production, due to the conflicts of interest that it contains, can never produce sustainable energy and will not be able to create more work than the interactive energies, which being producible everywhere and of small dimensions, could also be mounted on the vehicles of transport. While for the production of energy in fixed positions, more energy we produce, especially submerged and compressed, in the waters of rivers, lakes, ports and lagoon cities, the more oxygen we would carry into the waters due to the practical application of Henry’s principle, which has never been applied industrially as proposed by the signed.

In fact, the autoclaves currently do not work with the one-way hydraulic flow, due to the fact that there are no pumps with the separate double supply up to the impeller that would allow the autoclaves to work in this way and to allow the oxygen to be absorbed to the water that passes through the autoclave to feed the hydraulic turbine that produces energy because it is expelled from the autoclave due to the principle of impenetrability of the bodies. So without energy costs, due to fuels or catalyst elements, or electrodes that are consumed by electrolysis. We consume only a small part of the energy produced by the turbine to turn the pump which introduces the water into the pressurized recycling circuit of the autoclave, which operates in low pressure because it is a closed circuit, open only on the suction side of the impeller with the double separate feed, which introduces the same amount of water discharged from the turbine that produces energy. This means that if the turbine water is discharged from the system, the circuit is open and uses gravity to continuously renew the water. In fact the pumps with the separate double supply up to the impeller, despite the conceptual simplicity, are probably the most important energy invention of all time because they allow to exploit, as mentioned above, the principle of impenetrability, which has never been used on the planet earth for energy and purification purposes. The world Physics on this subject is playing its reputation with its own silences after having already produced all the disasters mentioned above, which will certainly not be able to recover, with the new quantum address, which concerns more, the computer and electronic sector than pure physics traditionally linked to gravity, and to the principles legislated for centuries by Pascal, Torricelli, Venturi, Bernoulli, Henry. These principles have all been underestimated because the interactive systems that the undersigned has been proposing uselessly for some years have not been designed.

Traditionally the Nobel Prize is awarded only to those who experimentally demonstrate the reality of a theory. The experiments of quantum physics are only in the initial phase and there are many scientists working on the same subject, as happened in the last century in the field of nuclear physics, without producing anything good for humanity. Quantum theories are many and what is shown is only a small step towards other theories to be demonstrated in laboratory conditions that are not easy to create, since quantum particles when aggregated respond differently to the laws of physics. Mine is not a criticism because I believe that the path taken by modern quantum physics is more useful, peaceful and constructive than that of the last century, but as mentioned above, science must be rewarded globally for tried and tested multidisciplinary applications, recognizing the inventors not only Nobel laureates, but also copyright, if they are public or private employees not tied to any private capital. As long as the strong economic and political powers control the science and the world patent system, sustainable inventions will always be hidden and not financed. It is no coincidence that none of the inventions of the undersigned has ever been financed, precisely because they propose an alternative development model using the same technologies, but designing the plants differently. In the true sustainable way.

What I allow myself to reproach the world centers of power, the entire science and even the committee that chooses who to reward, is the silence on the interactive energies that the undersigned has developed without the minimum funding both in the purification and energy systems, published on the site web http: Not by chance did I mention the list of Nobel prizes in physics over the last twenty years. Almost all the winners are public employees. If there are few winners who have dealt directly or indirectly with global warming, despite being the biggest problem of our times, there is something wrong with the mission carried out by the world’s public research institutions. The situation does not only concern the Nobel Prize winners, but the entire world public science, which carries out research aimed more closely at specific competences, aimed at the design of public energy and depurative utility. 

For this reason, the undersigned has wanted to fill this void, proposing practical inventions in the purification and energy derived from the experience, not from the theories. First, he tried to collaborate with Italian public research institutions. But, having been snubbed, he was forced to do everything by himself, depositing over forty interconnected patents that demonstrate how the environment could be protected globally, both by rationally cleaning fossil energy, and by producing hydroelectric plants with the recycling of water, which would also be purifying. Unwillingly, the undersigned has shown that the problem of the indifference of public bodies towards private inventors is not only Italian but worldwide. It is probably due to the trade in public patents for private companies. In fact, there is a strong link between public bodies and multinationals that exclude any kind of collaboration with private inventors. These, being neither financed by public bodies nor by multinationals, are forced to concentrate on small commercial inventions. But the undersigned, who has been involved in the organization of industrial work and large public purification and water lifting plants, has preferred to put his finger on the global scourge of global warming, hypothesizing that the plants that no one has financed and making the state progress the art of purification and interactive energies even without funding Public research bodies and multinationals must be the ones to demonstrate that interactive purification and interactive energies do not work. Like international lawmakers and judges, they should explain why they allow public utility patents to be traded and do not give inventors intellectual property that has nothing to do with industrial property. Is it possible that legislators and judges do not understand that the strong ties between multinationals and public research bodies have prevented the identification of interactive energies that public research bodies had to be identified? Is it possible that legislators and judges do not understand that the strong link between multinationals and public research bodies prevented the identification of interactive energies that had to be identified by public research bodies? Is it possible that lawmakers and judges do not understand that it is fortunate for the entire planet if they have been identified equally? Could it be that they do not understand that they are still hindered by public and private silences and by the media that belong to economic power? Could it be that they do not understand that not a single invention is hiding, but an entire model of alternative sustainable development?

The interactive energies, unlike the quantum ones, are not based on theories, but on physical principles known for centuries, that if science had been able to put together correctly, we would have had very few disasters mentioned above: nuclear, hydroelectric, thermal, aeronautical, space, marine, submarine, road. Even human life would have been extended for many years thanks to the artificial heart blood oxygenator that is based on the same interactive principles.

I believe that our brains have everything they need to survive our flesh in an artificial body that will need less than a hundredth of the food and oxygen we consume. I believe that we will be ready to face space when we have many experienced old men transformed into robots but with human feelings, who for the sake of knowledge, adventure and to protect future generations will begin the space challenge by taking less risks than the young people of be contaminated by cosmic radiation. If we weren’t at year zero in this direction of research, especially due to the absence of primary interactive energy that nobody wants to produce, I would gladly offer myself as a guinea pig to try space adventure too. Being already over seventy years old, I am unlikely to participate. However, you never know, because electronics, cybernetics, robotics are making great strides, what is holding back development is precisely the identification of the primary interactive energy source, to be produced on board the aerospace vehicles and in edge of the semi human body. This difficulty produced more by private interests than by technical and scientific difficulties with compressed hydroelectric energy can be easily overcome. It would be enough to recover a little of the lost time to chase the division of the atom, which certainly will never lead to the creation of a nuclear reactor that feeds an artificial heart that oxygenates the blood and not even to produce the small energy necessary for the movement of the artificial limbs. These solutions which can be enlarged or miniaturized, according to the electrical power to be produced, can be almost touched by hand observing the designs published by myself in the various versions. Who ordered the scientific silence of industrial production of these solutions?

Today, inventions are paid for by scientific editions and congress organizers, while patent filings have to pay filing and maintenance fees in all countries of the world. It is clear that with current industrial property laws and the current system of scientific diffusion, only multinationals and large public bodies could afford to produce important inventions for the future of humanity. Unfortunately for them, the undersigned has realized that multinationals and public research bodies have been mistaking the fundamental principles of world energy since the advent of the industrial era and that the state of the art, until proven otherwise, can advance even if only virtually, without paying all the taxes that world power centers demand. It takes a lot of courage to work for years without being paid by anyone, filing intellectual patents of public social utility with institutional centers, paying only national filing taxes, not maintenance taxes and only a few of the international ones, to demonstrate that it is useless to pay these taxes if the inventions are against the general system. If one day we have politicians, legislators and judges who will do their job well, they will understand that public utility patents must be widespread, not monopolized. This will not prevent manufacturers from producing industrial inventions under the current regime to protect construction details. Today, what is lacking in sustainable development are the inventors who know how to put together the basic energy and purification principles because nobody knows how to design the systems globally. Nobody is trained in schools and nobody is paid to do this type of unwanted work by public and private economic power centers. All the world’s man-made plants, for one reason or another, are incomplete, and those that do not harm the environment, by not being interactive, have yields that are too low to positively affect global warming and the conservation of natural resources.

By definition, a technical or scientific idea is patentable if it is not easily understood by professionals. What I ask myself is to what extent can we believe the lack of understanding of insiders who continue to remain silent on all the purifying and energy interactive inventions proposed by myself, including the simplest ones, such as changes to the chimneys? These are of little use if the purification plants are not modified, because the purification and energy cycles of the world are wrong. Everything is connected.

Patent bureaucrats call my solutions “perpetual motion”, and world industrial executives, entrepreneurs, scientists continue to build incomplete systems and keep silent about interactive energies. For myself, there are no doubts: “either the experts are all incompetent, or they cannot freely express their opinion”. I consider my mistake the delay with which I developed the solutions that allow free energy to be extracted from the environment thanks to the evident interactivity between incompressible water, compressible air and gravitational force. It is not possible that the world Nobel prizes have not noticed anything, despite the fluid dynamic principles of Pascal, Torricelli, Newton, Bernoulli, Venturi, confirm the correctness of my solutions on the production of compressed hydroelectric primary energy, which represents the link ring with the electromagnetic principles developed later. The absence of this link has given space to fossil, nuclear and current renewables. The latter, are unable to develop, the great energy powers that are needed to put together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. While the former, even if they allow it, have unacceptable environmental collateral effects and energy costs are unsustainable. However, current world science, not only has not proposed any solution to produce Lorentz’s thrust on board and to add it to Newton’s, it is also silent on interactive global linear motors. 

All the environmental systems that the undersigned has participated in realizing in his working activity are of public design. Contracting and subcontracting companies simply had to develop the executive projects of civil and electromechanical works. It was a coincidence that the undersigned noticed the incompleteness of the energy and purification cycles, also having experience in organizing industrial work, acquired by designing systems in the automotive industry. In fact, the analysis of work is probably more important than science to produce sustainable inventions It is not the undersigned who establishes the rules of energy calculations which demonstrate the convenience of producing compressed hydroelectric energy compared to any terrestrial, fixed and mobile electricity. They have been rules written for over a century, but never applied.

 The energy produced by a turbine is given by the product of the flow rate for the pressure for the density of the passage fluid. While the energy absorbed by a pump that raises the water is given by the same product. Workers for centuries should have understood that by using pumps not to raise water but to push it in the direction of gravitational force, the pump motor would have saved the energy due to the gravitational force and that due to the positive hydraulic head on the pump axis. From this simple reflection, the undersigned has deduced that the pumps and turbines must work together in the same systems to create something much more advantageous than perpetual motion. In fact, by connecting a pump and a turbine in the same basin in series, an open hydraulic circuit is created that is renewed indefinitely by recycling the same water and producing more energy than is consumed. In fact, this circuit ends at the outlet of the turbine which produces electricity through the current generator, without having to lift the water, since this, being incompressible, automatically takes the form of the container that contains it. The volume being constant. We have only the small frictional resistance between the molecules of a submerged outlet which depends on the output speed and the force of gravity (V2 / 2g). This favorable condition cannot be repeated in any other condition on planet earth, but the same principle can be exploited by changing the way of designing pumps and systems, as the undersigned has done. In other words, the inventors and scientists of the past should have concentrated above all on finding a way to circulate water or an equivalent liquid, with the maximum possible pressure in a turbine, recover the liquid and put it back in the recycling circuit with low costs by means of a pump with double separate power supply up to the impeller; expel the liquid from the same system, exploiting the principle of impenetrability of the bodies through the turbine in an infinite energy cycle, where the energy spent by the engine that makes the pump run is tens or hundreds of times less than the energy produced by the generator current coupled to the turbine. This system statically exploits the pressure of an autoclave as nature statically exploits atmospheric pressure and gravitational force to create sea currents but also to raise water from artesian wells, which can be assimilated to the Torricelli principle in terms of energy. Therefore, even the ITER project, like the C.C.S., the hydroelectric plants, the current purifiers, which do not exploit the interactive principles of Torricelli, Pascal Henry, Venturi that act free of charge, are useless, expensive, bulky and impractical plants. Another important scandalous environmental work is that of the Venice Mose, which cost six billion euros, which never went into operation. This was to protect the city from high water. I have already written that with lower costs it was possible to create automatic sluice gates of the individual channels and produce interactive energy throughout the year, which would also oxygenate the water, and raise the water beyond the sluice gates in case of need.

Another important scandalous environmental work is that of the Venice Mose, which cost six billion euros, which never went into operation. This was to protect the city from high water. I have already written that with lower costs it was possible to create automatic sluice gates of the individual channels and produce interactive energy throughout the year, which would also oxygenate the water, and raise the water beyond the sluice gates in case of need.

But developing the last intellectual virtual patent filing, I realized that there is also another system to protect yourself from high waters and that is what I described in this patent to regulate the navigation depth of submarines by means of Lorentz’s push. Here is the paragraph where I describe this topic: 

“What will happen in space with the use of” primary and induced interactive global linear motors “will be very similar to the movement of submarines in the water that to move horizontally in the sea depths must overcome only the friction with the water molecules that they surround all the external surface. This friction depends on the speed according to the formula V2 / 2g, with small variations in the coefficients with respect to movement in the atmospheric air. But science also in submarines has mistaken the use of the primary energy source using nuclear and above all thermal energy, forcing submarines to navigate with very large and very heavy energy accumulators and fuel tanks, and going back to the surface to suck in the combustion air and the one to breathe. Infact, even in the case of submarines, science has not understood that compressed air is the most powerful and cheapest energy accumulator in the world and allows you to produce energy instant by instant if used statically, without consuming it. Submarines of the future can be built much simpler than air transport aircraft. Just break the interactive global linear motors into two separate parts and carry out the horizontal thrust with external propellers connected to the electric motors inside the passenger compartment surrounded by permanent magnets and the electromagnetic thrust solenoid, while the vertical thrust will only be achieved by means of system external to the autoclave tanks (permanent vertical sliding magnets and solenoid). They will not need to empty and fill the sealed chambers with water to adjust the depth of navigation because the weight will be balanced by the Lorentz force according to the formula already mentioned P = m * (a – aL), where aL is the artificially produced acceleration with Lorentz’s force). The submarines of the future will be much faster, cheaper and safer than the current submarines and will be able to descend to greater depths than the current ones. “

In essence, to create a barrier to the high waters of Venice and the Netherlands, it is sufficient to create a mobile barrier in height inside which induced primary and electromagnetic energy is produced which with the push of Lorentz by varying the weight of the barrier causes the desired quantity to protrude the height of the barrier. There is no need to anchor the structure of the mechanical thrust to the seabed and not even all the electromechanical works connected. The channels connecting to the sea should have the lower part closed to the bottom. While the upper part, containing the compressed hydroelectric plant and the production of energy induced with Lorentz’s thrust, would be mobile, guided by vertical sliding guides.

These gates would have the following three functions:

1. Produce low-cost compressed hydroelectric energy for the city without needing paid energy sources.

2. Produce the oxidation of the water for free because the water that produces the energy is the water of the canal itself which is enriched with oxygen every time it enters the pressurized autoclave contained in the sluice gate.

3. defend the city from high waters by allowing boats to pass through the coupling of double sluice gates that work in synchronism in case of high tide to connect the city with the sea.

With the invention of pumps with double separate feeding up to the impeller and the modification of the way of feeding the autoclaves, we can exploit the principle of impenetrability of bodies to expel water without energy costs and use the expulsion energy to produce electricity and insert the water back into the recycling circuit without having to overcome the hydrostatic pressure, balancing the suction and delivery pressures in the pump impeller.

I think that if world science continues not to understand the compressed hydroelectric energy, which the undersigned has produced virtually even in the spaceships, we will hardly be able to conquer space, because quantum physics finds it difficult to be realized on a real scale in the laboratories of Research. The ITER Project is an expensive and cumbersome work already at the start and also experimental. While Pascal’s principles, Henry are simple and have been shopping for centuries.

If we continue to launch rockets into space with chemical fuels that are consumed and unable to return to Earth autonomously, we will never find the interactive space energy that certainly exists and is electromagnetic. How to actually organize the search for this energy is reported in the articles, .

I think that before distributing cascade Nobel prizes to quantum physicists and economists, we also try to make some complete systems on planet Earth, because I, who was a designer and installer of systems for thirty-five years and inventor of interactive systems for fourteen years, I have not yet seen a single complete plant, above all because of the conflicts of interest of world public bodies, and of the same research bodies that compete with each other collaborating only with potential patent purchasers, instead of studying common solutions, which should be the first task to be performed, by those who are paid with public money. I have never had the privilege of working for the Italian government and when I offered my solutions they were refused. When I offered them at a European level, the same thing happened and the United Nations and international judges also do not respond to my open letters.

Certainly, I am very disappointed by the behavior of the institutions but I do not regret having dedicated my time and my scarce economic resources to solving these problems. In the fourteen years I spent studying these solutions my daughters got married. I have six grandchildren. I fight above all for them and for the other grandparents who have not had the good fortune to carry out design and installation works for plants in industry and in the environment to understand global inefficiencies. I think that only by openly publishing alternative solutions to those offered by scientific authorities and multinationals, one can understand the huge amount of characters involved in hiding such solutions, simply to obey their public and private employers. It is shameful that public offices such as the United Nations organization that manage world intellectual property allow their officials to write banalities about “perpetual motion”.

I am sure that the reasons for which general relativity has not produced general interactivity is due to conflicts of competences that have always existed since the world was born. Even today, no world leader takes on the responsibility of ordering to study multidisciplinary scientific, economic and environmental solutions in step with the times globally for fear of discovering the Pandora’s box and taking responsibility for admitting that all the great world works have been wrong and they have produced immense damage and public debts. Furthermore, these works are subject to aging and require immense maintenance costs. Interactive energies would be less invasive, would cost less, would also be purifying and updates of the state of the art would be automatic, without large works and large infrastructures. But if errors are not admitted, sustainable reconstruction cannot begin. Even today governments do not rule for fear of losing the next elections. They keep going so as not to upset the markets and each sector advances according to the momentary market at its own pace, regardless of the adjacent sectors. I think this is not the way to govern a planet that has limited resources and is exposed to environmental, seismic and even astrophysical risks. The latter, even if remote, would find us completely unprepared without the interactive systems, which could assure us of some hope of survival.

In recent years, world legislators have been promoting batteries on urban means of transport, but this solution is only a palliative, because, if it is true that this solution reduces urban pollution, it is also true that it increases global pollution, due to the decrease in the general yields of the transport of primary energy to the electricity distribution points and also due to the lower energy yield that the use of batteries entails.

In any case, all the large means of road transport, marine transport, air transport, land work vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ranging from large tractors, walking tractors, brush cutters, remain outside the battery power supply. Between large and very small heat engines, practically, we have a few billion means that for different reasons, at the current state of the art, cannot use a primary energy other than fossil and cannot even use batteries because it would be ridiculous to suspend the I work in the fields and on construction sites to go and charge the batteries which cause many hours of downtime, unless the costs and weights multiply, also carrying spare batteries.

The current world ruling class, although it is organizing the circular economy, which would recycle plastics, waste oils and metals, has not been able to change the primary source of energy and pretends not to understand the interactive energies to continue consuming coal, oil, produce small and large heat engines. While renewable energies, which depend on weather conditions, have low yields and are discontinuous. From general relativity it would have been logical to switch to general terrestrial interactivity, because many laws of physics coincide perfectly. Unfortunately, science only investigates in the direction it receives funding. No country in the world has funded the study of the links between gravity and positive interactivity with the environment that allowed to glimpse some physical laws identified for a long time by scientists such as Pascal, Torricelli, Henry, Dalton, Bernoulli, Venturi, which have legislated physical principles of water, air and very important gases, which deserved further study, to take advantage of the advantageous conditions offered by gravity for energy and purification purposes.

World governments have never financed interactive insights. Unfortunately, Einstein himself did not notice the scientific affinities between the fluid dynamic principles and relativity. These principles were used in isolation, without exploiting the interactive principles. The interactive energy transferred from the gravitational force to the water intubated from above in the reservoirs, which the undersigned called submerged energy, has been defined as “perpetual motion” by the bureaucrats of the patent offices, while world science has escaped comparison, for not to admit their mistakes, which produced the construction of immense public works to produce one-way hydroelectric energy, without recovering water, creating drought and floods. World science is still silent on this topic today.

We are not talking about the very serious mistake made in neglecting the purifying effect of Henry’s law. In fact, we can have purification as a secondary effect of energy production, or energy production as a secondary effect of purification as a result of the Henry principle. But we never used this gift made by nature. Henry’s law says that at constant temperature, the solubility of a gas is directly proportional to the pressure that the gas exerts on the solution. Once equilibrium is reached, the liquid is defined as saturated with that gas at that pressure. This state of equilibrium persists as long as the external pressure of the gas remains unchanged, otherwise, if it increases, other gas will enter the solution; if it decreases, the liquid will be in an over-saturation situation and the gas will be released returning to the outside until the pressures are again balanced. This principle has never been used in current purifiers because in order to be able to exploit it industrially it is necessary to circulate the polluted water to be purified in the autoclaves in one direction and to expel it free of charge from the principle of impenetrability of the bodies.

It was necessary to invent the pumps with the separate dual power supply up to the impeller and the circulation system published in many versions by myself, to produce fixed and mobile electricity, which forces water to pass through a turbine that produces energy by discharging the water at atmospheric pressure, and use the modified pumps to insert again the same amount of water that produced the energy into the recycling circuit inside the autoclave, so as not to vary the volumes and pressures inside the autoclave itself  which continues to feed even the external circuit indefinitely, simply exploiting the principle of impenetrability of bodies. This principle can be exploited everywhere, in deserts, at poles, in space, always using the same amount of incompressible liquid, pumps with separate dual power supply, and the static pressure of the compressed air. From the calculations carried out in all the applications filed as patents, the energy produced in the turbine is always tens or hundreds of times or higher than the energy consumed by the water circulation pump, since this works with the balanced pressures in the suction and delivery impeller, like all circulation pumps which must not raise the water but only overcome the pressure drops of the circuit. Another small energy that consumes this circuit is that of a compressor that must supply the amount of air that dissolves in the water passing through the higher pressure of the autoclave. This same amount of air is returned to the environment when the water is discharged at atmospheric pressure at the outlet of the turbine. But in the vacuum, the air can be recovered via conveyed discharge valves and a special air and steam recovery tank.

In any case, this energy is produced without transforming the material chemically and by recycling one hundred percent, both water and air, because nature has conceived incompressible water, compressible air like a spring with critical points of transformation from gas to liquid very distant from each other (-140.6 degrees centigrade and 3769.290 kPa), which on planet earth would allow us to produce free energy outdoors in all latitudes and longitudes, keeping only water liquid with electrical resistances. But we produced them for a fee with fuels that also polluted the environment. In space, at most we will be able to approach absolute zero (−273.15 ° C), but until proven otherwise, the electricity that we will produce with global linear motors will allow us to keep the water and air recycled at 100% at the desired temperatures.

However, on planet Earth, no global pump manufacturer has modified the pumps and no manufacturer of purification and energy plants has changed the systems as indicated by myself. Everyone is waiting for the market to request these changes because the changes require new investments. In the meantime, the scientific advisers of the world governments and the United Nations are silent, while the inventor must pay filing and maintenance fees for patents that do not belong to him and should also legally fight against the patent offices, against absurd accusations such as perpetual motion, or against the bureaucratic way of writing the claims, which concerns the formal aspect, not the substance of the inventions. Even the pump with the separate dual power supply up to the impeller, which is the basic invention for realizing the new world and space industrial revolution, has been defined by the Italian patent office as “a utility model”, not an invention. How can we believe in this science that amazes us by always proposing new things, but has always been on the run on global environmental and energy problems in order not to antagonize sponsors, financiers, and employers?

Today we have to ask ourselves who are the characters who have done the most damage to the planet and humanity? Scientists who used one-way science without identifying interactive principles; economists who have established global economic rules based on anti-economic inventions both from the point of view of resource consumption and energy and purification yields, or politicians who have not demanded scientific reasoning and global projects before deliberating on state investments?

What does it take to make science, entrepreneurship, politics and the economy understand that we have unnecessarily polluted the environment, made unnecessary wars to obtain energy that is not needed and made unnecessary class struggles to protest pollution and high cost of energy. Everything could and can still be solved by changing the way the water circulates in the systems, supporting, not contrasting, the gravitational force and the pressure of an air cushion. Who should explain these elementary things to young people, if not the teachers who teach in elementary schools? Instead they are not taught even in the most important world universities.

The world must be governed first scientifically and then by politicians and economists. Those who govern and those who have opposed it for many generations do not understand that pumps are the heart of all the systems in the world and must be used with the separate double power supply up to the impeller, circulating the water in one direction, without expanding the cushion of air. By creating the systems in this way, the energy absorbed by the pump is always the same because it works with the balanced pressures in suction and delivery, while the energy produced by the current generator coupled to the turbine is directly proportional to the static pressure of the air cushion which does not being able to expand does not consume energy. The water discharged from the turbine is recycled causing it to enter the autoclave again through the second pump supply. To produce clean primary energy there is nothing simpler and cheaper than this system which cost the world community zero dollars in research and experiments, but only the reasoning of an inventor, still not believed by the science that polluted and heated the planet unnecessarily It is not necessary to divide the atom to produce low cost energy. How many hundreds or thousands of billions has cost us the division of the atom that will never produce clean energy, can never be mounted on means of transport, nor feed the artificial human heart, nor produce oxygenation, or purification as a secondary effect, water and blood?

To continue selling oil, wasting resources on nuclear research, producing batteries and non-interactive renewable energies, the world ruling class has declined interactive national and international patents, hiding behind incomprehensible silences. Today, even if someone lent me the money to prove this invention, I would no longer be entitled to the ownership of my patents, either on an industrial or intellectual level. How can a political, scientific, economic world ruling class and an opposition manifest in all the world squares be fought at the same time, without understanding that the core of the issue of social and environmental malaise is in the inability to design anthropogenic systems globally because of fault specializations desired and kept separate, above all from world public science, in order to obtain greater funding and at the same time sell specialist patents to multinationals which are also specialized in individual sectors.

 World power centers, public and private, which select the best brains in universities around the world prevent them from learning to think globally. Basically, politicians, legislators, jurists are manipulated by these centers of power. In fact, without the authoritative opinion of science, they cannot legislate or even condemn environmental crimes. But they cannot even understand for themselves that to design complete systems it is necessary to identify the compatible and interactive scientific synergies that the power centers have prevented science and technology from identifying. Where hypocrisy ends and scientific ignorance of the centers of power that govern the world begins is difficult to know, but one thing is certain: both research centers and multinationals work in watertight compartments. Even in a hundred years they would not have noticed that chimneys, sewers, purifiers, pumps, turbines, autoclaves must be modified and that Newton’s thrust must be combined with Lorentz’s if we want to radically change land and space transport, not only for not to pollute the environment, but also to not alter it with unsustainable works that are subject to aging and collapses due to natural geological events, to equally natural fires, which, however, could be checked if we had already put together in the means of air transport the thrust of Newton and Lorentz that would allow you to stop for the time necessary to completely extinguish the outbreak, with an artificial rain produced by authentic flying water tanks. The current canadaires are ridiculous in the face of the great fires we are witnessing, but the floods produced by the artificial reservoirs created in the mountain valleys are also ridiculous. Paradoxically, all these great problems are related to the wrong ways we use to produce energy, which so far have also prevented us from overcoming gravity and leaving the Earth’s atmosphere with a rational and interactive system, which would also solve the way to turn off fires. Gravity is not a prison, it is world public science and multinationals that have not been able to design energy and purification plants.

What does it take to understand that compressed hydroelectric energy is produced almost directly by gravitational force and does not consume either water or air, it only wears the machines that use it to produce the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, without unnecessary dispersion in heat and expansion and compression cycles, which today absorb much more energy than they produce? In addition, using paid fuel. In fact, the average efficiency of a thermal cycle is approximately 0.35% compared to the lower calorific value of fuel, but world science which also includes famous economists has not noticed of this bad business.

Today, international conferences are organized for a fee, in which only those who have economic power and say partial truths can participate. At these conferences we talk about energy saving and pollution reduction, hiding the fact that the systems designed interactively, would be completely energy autonomous, would cost less and would not pollute the environment, but would protect it by dissolving part of the oxygen in the ‘water. This is not democracy but the anarchy authorized by the division of competences, specifically wanted by the world institutional bodies in order not to take responsibility for repairing the damages that have produced the incomplete designs of science and multinationals. We all know that public and private employees are required to comply with company rules. Therefore no inventor or scientist employed by a public or private company can denounce the environmental policy of his company, which complies with international regulations. This is an international mockery that only politicians and economists can believe, but not those who have lived transversal plant experiences such as myself and are not bound to any corporate loyalty because only as a pensioner has allowed to investigate and develop alternative solutions. It was not easy to put together an energetic and environmental puzzle with all the pieces scattered and without a general design, as if world public science did not exist. The only references that guided the study of interactive solutions were natural processes, which science has not integrated with sustainable inventions. He simply collaborated with multinationals in a subordinate position

At international conferences, a private inventor, like myself, cannot even access having to pay hundreds of euros even as a mere spectator, not to mention the costs of air travel and hotel nights that instead, above all, public researchers can afford at the expense of taxpayers. These go to conferences, especially to try to sell patents to multinationals, which have no interest in researching sustainable development. They merely comply with public regulations. Therefore, still today, in 2020, no world power center, public or private, has made systematic studies aimed at identifying transversal and interactive plant solutions, which are simultaneously energy and purifying. The undersigned did it on the website, but for world power centers this very small website does not exist.

The world institutional hypocrisy has no limits and the entire ruling and entrepreneurial class is involved. Anyone who does not accept unwritten rules anywhere is excluded from the world of work as an employee and also as an entrepreneur. For this reason, I made my proposals only as a pensioner. I could not even make the demonstration prototypes, being the applications infinite and having little money and little time available. I was forced to file theoretical patents which I called intellectuals.

 World legislators demand the same taxes from private inventors as public research bodies and multinationals pay. They do not recognize copyrights to inventors who cannot pay for them. They do not even notice the damage they cause to the whole society, denying these rights and allowing the concealment of inventions in the public interest. It is obvious that under such conditions, no inventor is encouraged to study alternative solutions to those produced by power centers. The undersigned, has found the reasons in the fact that he is aware that over 99% of the world’s population, cannot know how the world’s energy and purification plants are designed. Unfortunately, researchers and designers specialized in individual sectors who produce specific inventions, useful locally, which cannot be applied universally, do not know it. As I have explained in many publications, where science does not arrive, the scientific study of the organization of industrial and environmental work arrives. Unfortunately, without the experience and knowledge of industrial and environmental machines and plants and solid scientific foundations, global inventions cannot be produced. I think that only the love for my job has allowed me and to put all these elements together. I could not escape the duty of being an inventor as a pensioner because the current energy and purification systems of the world are evident, they are designed without the love of one’s job, or without the necessary global knowledge. The scientific study of the organization of work is essential to avoid wasting resources, shorten the work cycles of men and machines. I learned to do this in the automotive industry in seventeen years of work and having also known the environmental, purification and energy plants in the following twenty years. In the third working phase of my life that I carried out as a pensioner, without obeying orders from above, applying the organization of industrial work to the environment I published the depurations and interactive energies in the various versions that can be understood by reading all the articles published from the old “home page” going up to the “new home page”. I could not escape the duty of being an inventor as a pensioner because the current energy and purification systems of the world are evident, they are designed without the love of one’s job, or without the necessary global knowledge. The scientific study of the organization of work is essential to avoid wasting resources, shorten the work cycles of men and machines. I learned to do this in the automotive industry in seventeen years of work and having also known the environmental, purification and energy plants in the following twenty years. In the third working phase of my life that I carried out as a pensioner, without obeying orders from above, applying the organization of industrial work to the environment I published the depurations and interactive energies in the various versions that can be understood by reading all the articles published from the old “home page” going up to the “new home page”. Obviously, these publications reveal that even the organization of industrial work was wrong to identify the fundamental principles of primary energy, because it did not study the scientific organization of environmental work, which was not published by any worldwide publisher and writer, being born spontaneously together with the inventions published on

Anyone, scientifically, could have denied me on these matters. But so far I have only collected silences. Therefore, if governments and the United Nations want to build on these experiences, they must modify the current laws and regulations governing industrial property and avoid conflicts of interest between public inventors and researchers and multinationals. First of all, by separating intellectual property from industrial property, but also by separating patents of public social utility, energy purification, sanitary, from inventions produced for commercial purposes only. Those who propose these patents of public utility, cannot be taxed as a multinational, to keep alive the patents that do not find financiers precisely because of the monopoly created by the trade between public and private research that even if they understood the mistakes made, they will never find the courage to demolish the plants they have designed together.  Those who thought that these huge errors of world development could be hidden forever through the selection of the best researchers by the power centers, corporate loyalty, the extra profits achieved through the sale of patents, was wrong, because the inventions reported on SPAWHE.EU, which no center of world power has financed, show that some brains can always escape. In this case, it is not a single concealed invention but an entire development model, in which the major scientists, political economists and entrepreneurs cannot fail to be involved. If they are not involved yet they will be soon enough, I hope also after the publication of this long article. World science and public institutions are losing credibility, especially towards the new generations because as I have written on several occasions, global warming has been produced legally by the institutions themselves. Even if I had made a mistake with the latest interactive energy inventions, surely I have not mistaken the interactive purification, which with higher costs, however, would have neutralized the fumes, CO2, water together better than battery cars, which certainly do not purify the water and indirectly increase the production of CO2.

World politicians cannot continue to hide behind false scientists, who continue to find no solutions. They cannot continue to appeal to the population only in the event of emergencies that they themselves produce by not allowing the overall design of the plants, but entrusting them to the usual specialists who copy the previous plants by varying only the dimensions.  I have participated for thirty-seven years personally in the construction of industrial and environmental plants, especially the latter, they produce more damage than benefit. Because they are not designed globally. Floods, droughts and global warming can be prevented with globally designed systems. I would not have wanted to arouse false hopes in the world population, but I am forced to say it because I truly believe that the coupling of fluid dynamic principles to electromagnetism will allow us to completely change even world transport which will allow us to quickly escape earthquakes and tsunamis , not having to queue at the distributors of useless and harmful fuels, which obviously, during emergencies, immediately run out of stock. But where can they take us with a few liters of fuel? Once exhausted, these fuels will make us suffer from cold and hunger. Without the interactive energies, we somehow survived, but we cannot continue to neglect them yet, because even humanitarian relief is carried out with uneconomical and unsafe means that also endanger the life of the rescuers. If we could fly at least into the atmosphere with the interactive energies produced with water, air and electromagnetism by combining the thrusts of Newton and Lorentz we would have solved not only environmental problems but also those of the world economy. I wouldn’t want to be misunderstood, touching on a very delicate topic, but I ask myself a question: In the recent missions of the Italian Air Force to transport the Italians who were in China with the “coronavirus” epidemic where we took the money to pay three trips planes with medical personnel and fuel? Obviously, increasing the already high public debt. Of course, we could not leave them alone, but we must not be united only to the heart in emergencies. We must be foresighted and create the wealth that allows us to deal with disasters by rationally using science and technology. Think of the impotence that the whole world science has shown in the face of the fires that have almost destroyed Australia recently, because we have not been able to design air transport vehicles capable of stopping on fire outbreaks. In undersigned for this problem, he proposed two solutions, not one, with the single push of Newton and with the double push of Newton and Lorentz. Obviously, without fuel. I think that with a lower expense than that incurred, rightly, by the Italian government to help the Italians in China, the Italian government could also check, if in the future air flights may cost less, also helping the environment and the Italian economy. Can’t the ruler do both? We all know the solutions used by public, private and Italian and world aviation industry on this topic. If they had the necessary requirements for the environment, economy and flight safety, I would not have made these proposals.,

Probably, the world’s power centers, in their omnipotence, will also laugh at these solutions, instead of crying over their mistakes.

For these reasons, I propose to set up joint stock companies such as SPAWHE. S.P.A. who also experiment and implement the inventions of inventors not financed by the current centers of power. We cannot wait for these to repent, regardless of legislative changes. The wolf sheds its hair but not the vice. Interactive energies also have another virtue that no one has noticed: being producible everywhere, instant by instant, they do not need large power plants and large distribution networks, therefore wealth can be produced everywhere without large infrastructures. Do the United Nations and governments not know that infrastructures have enormous construction, management and maintenance costs and when they collapse they produce worse disasters than earthquakes? We are guests on this planet and as such we must behave. Nature has clearly shown us how to produce interactive energies that are also purifying. Most likely, they can also lengthen human life with an artificial heart and add Newton’s push to Lorentz’s to explore the universe more closely. For what reason we do not use science globally and democratically to convince world voters that those who govern the world must not represent any center of power, neither economic nor scientific. We must be governed through alternative development projects demonstrated with prototypes and sample plants in the light of the sun, on which small and large shareholders can democratically invest, including world governments. Where are the development plans of current world politicians, center, left and right? Those who have produced global warming cannot continue to govern. It is better to face a period of economic stagnation waiting for at least the next generations to show sustainable projects. But first some world authorities take responsibility for responding on the projects that I proposed on These are neither right nor left nor center. They belong to those who have the courage to experience them in the common interest.

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone







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