Covid-19 and the world bag losses are due to the unknown principle of body impenetrability.
(Thirty open letter to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations, yet another to the Italian Government)
One of the latest appeals from science is reported on this article: “The authors argue that government stimulus plans should include sustainable and positive initiatives for nature. It may be politically appropriate at this time to loosen environmental standards and to support sectors such as intensive agriculture, long distance transport such as airlines and fossil fuel dependent energy sectors, but doing so without requiring urgent and fundamental changes basically subsidizes the emergence. of future pandemics “. They also criticized unbridled greed for allowing microbes that lead to new diseases pass from animals to humans. “The rampant deforestation, the uncontrolled expansion of agriculture, intensive agriculture, the development of mines and infrastructure, as well as the exploitation of wild species have created a” perfect storm “for the spreading of diseases from wildlife to people”. They warn that an estimated 1.7 million unidentified viruses known to infect humans exist in mammals and waterfowl. Each of these can be more disruptive and deadly than COVID-19.
For myself, what worries is the silence on the solutions already proposed by those who do not belong to the centers of power, even by scientists who write complaint articles of this type. All these political, scientific, entrepreneurial silences of the media, trade unions and environmental protesters show that everyone is fighting for their categories or associations to have greater weight in the management negotiations of the distribution of powers. Nobody wants to talk about solutions on how to purify, produce energy, protect forests. Especially if these solutions exist, but a modest pensioner who has no powers to distribute has proposed them. Everyone wants to help the powerful winners. I wonder on which planet NASA scientists live, who have almost unlimited budgets. Who are even studying to create artificial gravitational force in spaceships. With what primary energy do they want to do it? If they have not understood that the primary energy that communicates better than all the other energies with universal electromagnetism, both from an economic and environmental point of view, and from an energy efficiency one, is that which has never been produced on planet Earth, due to the principle of impenetrability of bodies, which not surprisingly, is it derived from the thickening of the atmospheric air around our planet? While they are still studying chemical propellants and nuclear reactors? The basic error that conditioned the scientists and inventors that produced global pollution was the concept of “perpetual motion”, that is, that energy is not produced from nothing. Everyone assumed, including Einstein, that primary energy must necessarily be produced through the transformation of matter. That is, consuming a fuel through an explosion that produces a gas or heating the water to produce steam, or consuming an electrolytic material or radioactive to trigger an electron flow. Instead, the primary energy by means of the elasticity of the air, the incompressibility of water and the principle of impenetrability of bodies, can be simply borrowed from nature and returned with the same chemical composition, after having produced electricity and force in twisting moments or linear Lorentz thrusts. If we want the 1.7 million unidentified viruses that are lurking to be neutralized before they explode, we must scrape the current development model and scientifically and globally reorganize global work. The instructions are listed on
Fortunately, not all scientific and technological development has been wrong. Where science of the late nineteenth century centered on interesting energy principles was in the study of induced electromagnetic energy, which is produced by a variable magnetic flux that passes through a solenoid made with current-conducting wires. Many scientists and inventors have worked on this topic such as Ampere, Henry, Kleist, Thomson, Herz, Gray, Weber, Fleming, Neumann, Kirkoff, Faraday, Planck, Einstein, Maxwell, Lorentz, Tesla, Born who have discovered small parts of truth not yet fully assembled.
Other scientists and inventors have worked to discover the primary energies that heat produces above all, through which, through cylinders and pistons, steam boilers and gas and steam turbines, mechanical energy is produced which through transmission mechanisms produce the displacement or mechanical force; or the electricity, which is high in voltage by means of transformers and can be transported remotely. If hindsight existed, it could be said that only those who worked on electromagnetism worked in the right direction. Sono molto noti gli scienziati e inventori specializzati nella termodinamica e nel nucleare. These scientist, despite good intentions, have produced more disasters than benefits, since the current level of technological development could have been achieved with economic costs hundreds of times lower, without producing any form of pollution, by means of the principle of impenetrability of bodies, but applied to two particular bodies (water and air) unfortunately, unknown to scientists of the late nineteenth century and ignored by modern science. Even today, four centuries after the measurement of atmospheric pressure, by Torricelli, they have not investigated the interactive principles between compressible air, incompressible water and gravitational force, despite the fact that many natural phenomena have always led to investigate that direction. Atmospheric air is a mixture of terrestrial gases compatible with the environment thickened on the solid and liquid masses of the planet by gravitational force, which nature uses statically in all natural processes in which water circulates. For this reason, water is said to circulate by gravity. Where gravity does not enter, the weight force is not produced in Newton (kg * m / s2) and energy is not produced which can be transformed into electricity, simply by intubating a pump and a turbine in vertical series in natural or artificial tanks in each corner of the earth at all hours of the day and night. There is no need for fuels and to transform matter. Not even water is dispersed. The electric energy absorbed by the pump motor is always tens of times less than that produced by the current generator coupled to the turbine, for the simple fact that the volume of water present on the pump axis is a potential energy saving energy to the motor, while increasing the energy production of the current generator. In fact, water molecules adapt to external spaces and pressures without spending energy, but they produce it when they move in the direction of gravitational force, if we insert a turbine in the ducted path. This would be called submerged hydroelectric power. Therefore, the easy one-way exploitation of the large water masses of rivers and mountain basins, has led science to commit the biggest energy error in the world, which was not to focus on the molecular flow of water in the context of the volumes of water accumulated at atmospheric pressure or at higher pressures, which would have exploited for free the principle of impenetrability of bodies, spending only a small part of the energy produced to overcome the inertial state. This also happens in small volumes because the molecules move the bare minimum to accommodate those that move one way in the direction of the gravitational force passing through the turbine.
From what is written above, hydroelectric energy produced through the circulation of water by gravity can only be produced in open circuits. However, energy can also be produced by discharging the water of a pressurized high pressure autoclave through a hydraulic turbine whose output is at atmospheric pressure. In order not to release the pressure of the autoclave’s air cushion and produce energy indefinitely, we must return the same amount of water that comes out of the turbine to the autoclave. We can do it in one way: by modifying the recycling pumps of the autoclaves, providing them with a second separate supply, which enters the impeller, in order to take advantage of the depression that is created in the center of the impeller to let water enter at atmospheric pressure in the internal pressurized circuit. Obviously, since the recycling pumps have a very low head, only the amount of water discharged from the turbine can enter the autoclave circuit. But while in the case of the example of the summary we produce energy only by the effect of the position energy of the volume of water that moves with gravity only, in the case of pressurized hydroelectric energy, the energy produced by the turbine must be multiplied by the pressure drop existing between the interior of the autoclave and the atmospheric pressure, while the energy absorbed by the recycling pump that works with the balanced suction and delivery pressures does not change as it depends only on the very small pressure drops in the circuit.
Above all, in this case the energy is produced from the principle of impenetrability of the bodies because the same amount of water that we insert more at the center of the impeller at atmospheric pressure, is automatically expelled, at the same instant through the outlet that feeds the turbine, this being the only open exit on the circuit. Obviously, it is expelled with the force of the entire pressure of the autoclave, however the pressure cannot be lowered because the volume of water in the autoclave remains constant.
What does it take to make world science understand, the manufacturers of pumps and turbines, the teachers who teach this trivial circuit in schools? This circuit is so simple that even politicians and judges without scientific consultants can understand it. Obviously, with a little good will, the patent offices too. Everyone can make a mistake but when the entire world ruling class for many generations makes a mistake on the management of the two fundamental and indispensable elements for human life, which are water and air, there is a doubt that world research is seriously ill with servility in the towards world centers of power, which do not want the common good, but maintain the current unequal distribution of world wealth.
The sad reflection expressed above I write in this article, above all, to communicate to the Italian patent office, that I do not intend to modify the description, the claims and the drawings of my last patent filing, as they require, to satisfy the bureaucratic aspects of the industrial property, in that, my patent filing is intellectual like all my patent filings. I cannot transform myself from a pensioner into an entrepreneur to change all the world’s wrong energy and environmental systems.
Since there is no place in the world to file intellectual patents, it seemed logical to file them as industrial patents. These patents that do not cost the entire world community a penny of euro, but many years of work for myself. They cannot be subject to the same rules as industrial ones, being of public social utility. Since more than forty intellectual patents are connected to each other through an advancement of the state of the art that has never developed, it would have been impossible to transform myself into an entrepreneur to make even the only prototypes for economic reasons or of advanced age of the undersigned.
I attach below the first page of the absurd letter of request for the regularization of my patent filing which is not very different from the many previous ones

I cannot continue to explain for the umpteenth time to the Italian patent office what it refuses to understand the whole world science, industrialists, politicians and economists, above all, today that everyone is caught up in the great world war against the tiny Covid virus – 19.

From a 27-page technical description, the Italian patent office extracts a row from the first page and builds a process, neglecting all the concepts developed on the following pages.

What I wrote on line 11 of page 1 of the description of patent filing 102020000001369 (FLYING CARS AND FLOATS WITH INTERACTIVE GLOBAL LINEAR MOTORS AND PUSHES FROM NEWTON AND LORENTZ) is clearly explained in the following pages and in many previous patent filings declared ” motorcycle. Perpetual” from the same patent office, while the professors who taught these concepts hide and do not correct them to clarify ideas for future generations. Everyone continues to be paid to spread partial and incomplete concepts, which produce polluting side effects, while science in order not to cause damage should be applied globally instant by instant with interactive cycles, which science has not understood because it is technologically impractical, while industrialists pretend they don’t understand why they made the wrong investments. Above all, at the time of the covid – 19 it is necessary to start designing anthropic systems with less hypocrisy if we want to defend the lives of our children and grandchildren. Fortunately, someone is beginning to understand the importance of applied science globally, as reported in the attached emails.

This letter refers to the great world race made by multinationals in which billionaires like Bill Gates, NASA, and very powerful multinationals participate. I claim to have won this race without public and private money, with only global reasoning. They have to be the world’s governments and the United Nations to see if I’m wrong or right, especially while the Covid-19 kills innocent people and collapsing stock exchanges around the world.

Instead, returning to the absurd letter from the Italian patent office, the examiner writes: “In the case in question, it is not clearly expressed how (see line 11 of page 1 of the filed description) the device can” statically exploit the air pressure to circulate the pressurized water through a turbine with generator current”. In fact, it is not clear how, starting from the assumption that the air has an energy potential (not better defined) in a certain static condition, this potential energy of the air is converted into kinetic energy, or rather into the vehicle’s propulsion work “. Furthermore, it is not clear how and on what medium the Lorentz forces produced inside the turbofan engine generate a thrust to be added to the propulsion jet of the turbofan.

I took the original document sent to the Italian patent office and I did a brief search on the word toolbar, at the top right, where there is the small magnifying glass with the word “find” and I entered “the principle of impenetrability of bodies”.

Immediately, six results appeared on the left of the document and the pages where the words concerned are:

1) Page 3 row 23: The complete sentence is as follows: This system, not only would not pollute the environment, but would also be cheaper and safer than current planes that use fuels and aerodynamic principles to float in the atmosphere. In fact, if primary energy becomes statically exploited compressed air and the principle of impenetrability of bodies, the energy carrier will be the simple incompressible water that has a density about 1000 times higher than a combustion gas. It means that for the same flow rate and pressure on the means of transport we will produce a power 1000 times higher than that produced with fossil and chemical fuels, for the same flow rate of the carrier fluid, in addition by recovering it and inserting it back into the energy circuit. In fact, scientists should know that power does not produce heat, but the flow rate for pressure for the density of the fluid circulating in the turbine.

2) page 4 row 9. The complete sentence is as follows: What is important is the fact that the water inserted more into the impeller than the volumetric capacity of the circuit, is immediately expelled by the static pressure of the autoclave for the principle of impenetrability of bodies. This expulsion done at high pressure does not cost energy, as it is produced by the elasticity of the air, in a one-way water circuit, which first passes through the turbine, then a tank at atmospheric pressure and returns through the second supply of the pump back into the pressurized autoclave (2).

3) page 4 line 19. The complete sentence is as follows: In this circuit the main supply of the pump continues to recycle its pressurized flow rate with the same flow direction, without varying the volume and pressure of the air cushion of the tank (2) (checking the revolutions of the circulation pump and the level probes of the autoclave). We know that due to the principle of impenetrability of bodies, water would not have entered the pressurized circuit of the autoclave (2) if the outlet that powers the turbine (3) had not been opened at the same time, but we also know that if it did not exist the depression in the center of the centrifugal impeller of the pump (6), and that if the two inlet flows were not clearly separated until the impeller inlet, the system would not work as well.

4) page 4 line 28. The complete sentence is as follows: However, having specifically created these three conditions (ignored by science, by the manufacturers of pumps and turbines) in the design and patent filing phase, there is no doubt about the functioning of this system that produces electromagnetic energy free through the current generator coupled to the turbine, exploiting the one-way principle of the impenetrability of bodies, but also those of Pascal and Torricelli lead to the same conclusions. Why are the scientists of world physics silent by continuing to insist only on thermal and nuclear energy? Science must above all be transversal and take advantage of the opportunities that technology and research also offer by expanding the functions of man-made plants.

5) page 6 row 10. The complete sentence is as follows: The undersigned, with the invention of compressed hydroelectric energy, which is based on the one-way circulation of incompressible water, the exploitation of the static pressure of the compressed air and the principle of impenetrability of bodies has identified the perfect terrestrial application of the principle of conservation of the masses, which does not destroy and transform matter. It only borrows it and returns it with the same chemical composition because clean water cannot absorb more gas than those already dissolved in it, according to the laws of Henry and Dalton.

6) page 15 row 13. The complete sentence is as follows: Beyond the formulas that express the basic scientific concepts, what is important is the fact that today we have the possibility to vary the magnetic field and the Lorentz force, making the speed of circulation of the permanent magnets, or by varying the revolutions of the electric fan motor, which are powered by compressed hydroelectric primary energy, which is produced by statically exploiting the pressure of the compressed air and the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, which expels the water that enters the pressurized recycling circuit of a very simple autoclave by means of a modified pump which has a second supply, in addition to the recycling one, which makes the water discharged from the turbine that produced electricity.

The inventors cannot fill the school gaps of entire generations of professionals who refuse to understand elementary concepts without asking the reasons why we have created combustion cycles and combustion chambers, when nature has made available the elasticity of the air which, in order to exert its maximum strength, must not expand and must expel the water we let enter the recycling circuit at the same time through the only point where it can enter without spending energy. This point is the center of the impeller, through a separate power supply, made with the maximum precision of the mechanical processes to obtain the maximum efficiency.

I also did a second search on the word toolbar, at the top right, where there is the usual small magnifying glass with the word “find” and I typed “solenoid”.

Immediately, 10 results appeared on the left of the document and the pages where the words concerned are:

1) page 2 line 8. The complete paragraph is as follows and clarifies many technical and scientific aspects of the invention: “I don’t think it is a coincidence that Newton’s thrust opposes the flow of air entering the turbofan and that go in the same direction as the Lorentz force, if the flow of the permanent magnets that we use to produce the induced current goes in the same direction as the air passing through the turbofan. In fact, Lorentz’s electromagnetic force also opposes the magnetic flux that generates it. On the other hand, these laws have been widely tested even if no one has thought of sliding permanent magnets outside the turbofans and creating the air gap and an external induced solenoid. Even less to do the same thing outside the primary circuit producing compressed hydroelectric energy and the compressed air and water tanks that feed it and that recover water and air in an infinite recycling cycle that does not it leaves nothing out of primary energy sources. More than a hundred years after the important discoveries of electromagnetism, it can be said that apart from the Maglev high-speed trains that use them only partially, there are no practical applications of linear motors, which instead have great potential if they are used in conjunction with production of primary compressed hydroelectric mobile energy and to the cylindrical surfaces of electric tanks and turbofans. World science on planet Earth has made the mistake of not properly investigating and exploiting the energies present in the environment produced by gravity that has thickened the air to allow us to statically exploit atmospheric pressure. On the other hand, nature uses the simple atmospheric pressure on the water to produce sea currents, artesian wells, rivers, waterfalls, teaching us that it is convenient to use the force of water under the pressure of the air that can act even statically, taking advantage of its elasticity. World science has not perfected this system technologically with new and simple inventions. The undersigned did so by first inventing the “artificial welling” (patent filing 102014902290390 of 03/09/2014) and then “submerged hydropower” (Italian patent filing 102014902298581 of 06/10/2014) and subsequently, ” the pumps with separate dual power supply up to the impeller “(Italian patent filing 102015000048796 of 07/09/2015) which would allow one-way exploitation of the pressures of the compressed air in the autoclaves to produce fixed and mobile electromagnetic energy. An invention is considered such when it has the requirements of Novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. Above all, it must not be easily understood by professionals. Obviously, if the insiders do not understand them or pretend not to understand them so as not to scrape the previous inventions, the patent offices do not include them either, which very quickly declare that they are contrary to the principles of energy conservation. The current system of managing and granting patents, above all of public utility, is obsolete and against the interests of the environment and the world population. Strangely enough, the only energies that have never been produced on planet Earth are submerged and compressed hydroelectric ones, which would dissolve oxygen in the water by Henry’s principle. These energies do not consume and do not transform primary sources (water and air), they only wear out materials that can be regenerated by casting and machining. The primary hydroelectric energy compressed with the recycling of water, mounted on the means of transport, through the current generators can produce both the reaction and the electromagnetic thrust without any environmental counter indications. Today, it should be considered lucky that the undersigned has already proposed a sustainable air and space navigation system, based on the Newtonian thrust, through the creation of thrust tunnels with turbo electric fans and compressed air injections. From this system it was natural to add the electromagnetic thrust to be used above all in the vacuum to the electric Newtonian thrust tunnels. But, as anticipated in the summary, it is clear that electromagnetic thrust can also serve in the atmospheric environment, if you change the way you fly, creating a unique air navigation system that is both terrestrial and spatial. “

2) Page 13, row 6. The complete paragraph is as follows and as the previous one clarifies many technical and scientific aspects of the invention: In fact, by incorporating the chain that carries the magnets in a magnetically insulated tube into the return slots, we can create a one-way continuous magnetic flux, which interacts with a solenoid external to the fluid dynamic system producing the Lorentz thrust. We do not need to make two opposing inductors and the sliding track in the center along the entire path. Not needing the sliding track, this system can also be implemented in the airspace. While on planet earth it is better to combine it with Newton’s push to travel in the atmosphere. If we hypothesize to divide the external circumference of the containment tube of the turbofan and the pressurized hydroelectric plant below with 36 external sliding slots of the magnets (one every ten degrees) we will have 18 rows of permanent magnets that go down and 18 that go up in the inductor circuit. We will only use the non-magnetically isolated rows. In this way we will produce two overlapping but separate inductor circuits, as they perform different functions internally: One produces the Newton thrust and another the compressed hydroelectric energy which is the primary energy of the entire plant. The armatures of these two different superimposed systems, on the other hand, will consist of simple long solenoids when the entire plants and produce two Lorentz thrusts that go in the same direction. There is no need to have the armature fixed to the ground as in the Maglev as they always flow in the same direction to infinity. The total thrust will depend on the quantity of components used, their size, their speed and the size of the external induced solenoids, responding to the laws of Newton, Faraday, Neuman, Lenz, Lorentz. “

3) Page 14 row 16. The complete paragraph is as follows and as the previous one clarifies many technical and scientific aspects of the invention: “In this patent filing we mainly speak of Lorentz’s thrust, the reason why it is necessary to add it to that of Newton also in transport systems land. Not just to navigate space. In fact, the Lorentz force being a vector force based on electromagnetic waves, reduces the effects of gravity and the weight of the aircraft will no longer be P = m * a but equal to P = m * (a – aL – aN), where “a” Is the acceleration of gravity “aL” is the acceleration produced artificially with Lorentz’s force “aN” is the acceleration produced by Newton’s force. If “aL” and “aN” are powerful until canceling “a”, the weight (ie the force with which the aircraft is attracted to the earth) becomes zero. The Lorentz thrust is expressed with the following vector product: F⃗ = qv⃗ × B⃗x sin ϕ, where q indicates the electric charge in Coulomb, v is the velocity vector in m / s with which the electric charge moves, B is the field magnetic in Tesla to which it is subjected, ϕ is the angle between V and B. If we consider that the Lorentz force in Newton (Kg xm / s2) is exerted by the two overlapping external solenoids that enclose the electric turbofan and the system of production of primary hydroelectric energy, we can realize the direction of this force by ideally placing the right hand on a wire of the spiral of the solenoid, where our fingers indicate the direction of the current and the thumb indicates the direction of the magnetic field. The Lorentz force is always perpendicular to the current velocity vector (qv) and to the magnetic field (B), which in this case, are perpendicular to each other and express the maximum force, being the sin of the angle of 90 degrees equal to “1”. Therefore, Lorenz’s force follows the spiral of the wire parallel to the longitudinal development of the solenoids that surround the electric turbofan and the external tube in which the compressed hydroelectric primary energy is produced “.

4) Page 15 lines 10 and 14. The complete paragraph is as follows and as the previous one clarifies many technical and scientific aspects of the invention: “As stated by Maxwell, Faraday, Ferraris, Lenz, Lorentz, and demonstrated in many practical applications, we must assume that if we slide permanent magnets into the slots of the external wall of the turbofan and create an air gap and a second external wall that incorporates a solenoid, the moving magnets become inductors and the solenoid becomes an armature that produces an induced current that it opposes the variation of magnetic flux that generates it and therefore also produces the Lorentz thrust together with that of Newton. This is what is shown in fig. 1, which also inspired figure 2, where, instead, the Lorentz thrust is made by a special solenoid that even incorporates the primary source of compressed hydroelectric energy, specially developed in concentric tanks pressurized in low and high pressure, which as written , is the solution already used by myself, in unnecessary (for the world ruling class) deposits of previous patents that would have been useful to purify and lift the water from the wells and to circulate and purify human blood, without energy costs and batteries to be recharged . In these solutions, considering that the magnetic flux can be inverted by changing the supply polarity of motors that make the magnets move, we can also align the Lorentz thrusts in the direction of the Newton thrust produced by the turbofans. In addition, by adjusting the thrust force and acceleration by means of variable speed motors that feed the water circulation pumps, turbofans and small motors that circulate the permanent magnets. “

Page 18 row 31. The complete paragraph is as follows and as the previous one clarifies many technical and scientific aspects of the invention: “From the reasoning made on this figure and other similar ones made in the previous patent filing entitled” aerospace and submarine transport system with primary and induced interactive global linear motors “, we must deduce that if we transport inert material or food reserves by air, the weight of these elements can be lightened if inserted in special containers equipped with external sliding of the permanent magnets powered by primary energy of the transport aircraft, provided they have an external solenoid that produce the Lorentz thrust.


With the little research of two keywords on my latest patent filing, I wanted to show that the patent office’s cannot judge intellectual patents, which not even the most famous scientists have tried. At most they can judge industrial ones from the database of existing patents. But only to check if the same technical solution has been applied previously. The prior art search serves to protect the owners of the original invention until the patent expires. It also serves to prevent patents of technical and scientific solutions already outdated by the state of the art. They cannot judge whether the invention is sustainable and compatible with the environment, which should be the most important requirement. In fact, most of the anthropic implants are not sustainable or even compatible with the environment.

I wonder where the intellectual property of inventions ended up? Until proven otherwise, the abbreviation WIPO means “World Intellectual Property Organization”, it does not mean “World Industrial Property Organization. Industrial inventions that protect WIPO instead of intellectual ones are destroying the environment and have produced global warming. Lethal viruses are created by man who has taken over nature and animals without knowing how to design anthropogenic plants, which should not open chemical, thermal, electrolytic or radioactive material cycles that are unable to close.

Intellectual inventions produced by inventors unrelated to power centers are hampered at all levels. Even if in some cases they manage to pass the formal (certainly non-technical and non-scientific) examination of the patent offices, they find no funding from governments or by the multinationals, which created the current development system, where the energy must be paid by the taxpayers in the fixed and mobile versions, otherwise the economy does not turn. It doesn’t matter if in the meantime they also charge for the destruction of the environment.

Patent offices are not able to judge intellectual patents that exceed the current state of the art, but cannot be tried and tested by inventors who do not find financiers. If industrial property has taken the place of intellectual property, where are intellectual patents pending trials? It seems that this problem does not interest world politicians and legislators, although the protection of the environment is inefficient, unsustainable and polluting energies, world stock exchanges are collapsing because the safety of people in the workplace, on the means of transport, in public places. These politicians and legislators don’t realize that their scientific advisors are not foolproof. Those who have produced global warming and the proliferation of viruses are incomplete inventions, which they have approved and legislated, ignoring the alternatives proposed by inventors not related to the centers of power.

This open letter is the thirtieth addressed to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations organization. The United Nations manages both International Justice and WIPO. This large international organization has had all the economic, scientific and technical tools to realize for itself that all the current world inventions are incomplete because they do not close the cycles that open, as nature does, unfortunately, very slowly, not having technologies that speed up the processes. For myself, the acceleration of natural processes in a sustainable way can only take place by exploiting the principle of impenetrability of the bodies that acts, both at a purification and energy level by adequately designing anthropic plants. For anthropogenic plant also I mean the artificial heart oxygenator energetically self-blood, that the same Italian Patent Office declared “perpetual motion”, because it is not able to understand the importance of the principle of impenetrability of bodies in pressurized fluid dynamic systems at any pressure, including atmospheric pressure which is still a pressure, which world science has not been able to exploit and empower correctly, unnecessarily producing global warming. World science has produced floods and droughts for not having managed to manage world waters in their natural paths, simply exploiting the principle of impenetrability of bodies in the right place and at the right time, without creating unnecessary and harmful artificial basins and dams, only at the in order to produce energy with the banal hydraulic jump, which can also include a primary school child. To avoid this trivial mistake which cost the world economy thousands of billions in damaging structural works and immense damage produced due to the drought and floods produced, the deepening of the interactivity between water and air, had to have world priority, for the purposes of global purification long before the invention of electricity, being the interactivity between water and air based on natural physical principles such as those of Henry, Dalton, Pascal, Torricelli. The invention of electricity, of the electric motors that allowed the motorization of the pumps and of producing energy through the turbines, should not have found the fluid dynamics completely unprepared, as happened.

I understood the need to re-evaluate the legislated scientific principles before the industrial era by doing my job as a designer and installer of systems. I realized that all the systems I installed were incomplete from an environmental point of view. I also realized that the environmental and energy systems cannot be improved unless the highest world institutions are involved, which have not brought together scientists, inventors and designers with different experiences to find common solutions. If I could propose these solutions it was only because I looked for them in a life of work, having different experiences in the world of industry and the environment that work differently with each other and with different objectives, which are never global. Those who produce refrigerators in industry do not manufacture cars. In the environmental sector, those who purify the air do not purify the water and do not produce energy. For these reasons, global cycles have not been identified. The authorities have allowed for an improvised world development without coordinating public utility inventions, demanding from inventors to transform themselves into entrepreneurs. It has been too easy for world politicians to manage the wealth produced by entrepreneurs, hungry for money and power. The politicians did not ask themselves the following question: “if inventors turn into entrepreneurs for a single invention, who identifies collateral inventions to the scientific principles identified?” Unfortunately, the answer is None, because the invention that exploits a single scientific principle improves technologically by advancing the state of the art, but rarely leads to other collateral inventions. Entrepreneur inventors who have invested all their assets in the production of heat engines, boilers and steam turbines cannot spontaneously change, scrap everything and switch to interactive energies. For this we need separate powers, including scientific ones. Laws should not allow ignorance. Instead they rely on ignorance, preventing global scientific reasoning.

All in all, it was fortunate for future generations that the undersigned did not find financiers, precisely because, not finding financiers, I was forced to hypothesize the previous inventions to work and to advance the state of the art globally, also deepening the collateral cycles of the purification aspects, gradually identifying also interactive energies. This should make us understand the damage that the world bureaucracy produces and the absence of statesmen who have the courage to break the watertight compartments that exist in research, contracts, industry. United Europe has unified only the currency. Not even the United Nations has created global design teams.

With the United Nations-dependent WIPO, which only protects industrial and not intellectual property, the whole world has gone in the opposite direction to protecting the environment, because nobody has corrected the commercial inventions of the multinationals. Indeed, public inventors have rounded up the salary by selling patents to multinationals, which have no interest in producing energy that does not allow to sell oil, gas, coal, solar panels, wind turbines, heat engines, boilers. Water and air having no production costs are not interesting for energy producers and world governments.

In these years of silence and personal isolation, long before governments ordered social distancing, the undersigned has virtually perfected the interactive energy, always with zero funding. The circulation of water by gravity and its lifting to overcome the same gravity, has led the undersigned to identify submerged hydroelectric energy, which has also led to the conception of artificial welling, which by raising the solubilized carbonates in the ocean depths, does not only it would solve the problem of ocean acidification, the melting of glaciers and high waters, but also that of food production for future generations. For ordinary people, science is sacred, as it was for myself, but after proposing these inventions and other precedents on global urban purification, the question I ask is: Which side is world science, that with one hand throws the stone who denounces problems and hides solutions with the other hand?

If the undersigned had not had the experiences he had and had not decided to fight the hypocrisy that governs the world of the environment and world energy, it seems that the topic of interactive energy between water and air, nobody it would never touch, and never pass on to future generations for many more generations. In fact, I’m still only writing on this topic, without talking about it. Because if I wanted to talk about it at conferences, I would have to travel the world at my expense, helping to spread pollution even more. Fortunately, I can’t speak English (thank Google translator), but if I could speak with my pension of 1,800 euros per month and a dependent family, I couldn’t go far.

 Who ordered this silence, which no one has noticed yet? If I am right, it will be one of the greatest mysteries of world science. For the moment, the only one who is giving me reason is the covid -19, which cannot speak.

The historic turnaround of primary world energy, without fuels and electrolytic or nuclear materials will be due precisely to the one-way use of the autoclaves, where we can use very high pressures, compatibly with the state of the art of the materials used and the sealing gaskets around to the rotating and closing shafts of the valves. In these systems the primary motive force produces it precisely the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, expelling through a turbine, free of charge, the water that we introduce in excess into the recycling circuit inside the autoclave through a separate supply of the circulation pump, which works with a very small power absorbed due to the pressure balance in suction and delivery in the rotating impeller. This trick is the key to future global sustainable development because it exploits the elasticity of the air and the incompressibility of water, respecting the scientific principles legislated for centuries by Torricelli, Venturi, Pascal, Henry. This extremely powerful energy escaped from the whole world science, coupled with electromagnetism, excludes from energy and purification processes, for efficiency, environmental and economic reasons, both thermal and nuclear energy, both in fixed and mobile systems of vehicles. of transport and work. Obviously, even current renewables, which cannot compete with current fossil energy, can compete with compressed hydroelectric energy, in terms of efficiency, the environment and the economy. It should be deduced that the entire world development must be recreated if all the world political, scientific, economic leaders did not pretend not to understand, keeping silent on this topic. If they really don’t understand, they must all go back to school, including the teachers, starting from the practical study of the effects of gravitational force on planet Earth, which Albert Einstein has left hanging.

In the book “Thoughts, Ideas, Einstein’s Opinions” by Newton Compton Editors, Einstein says: “I do not consider myself the father of atomic energy. My part in this field has been very indirect. In fact, I did not foresee that atomic energy could be produced during my life. It became a practical fact thanks to the accidental discovery of the chain reaction and this is not a fact that I could have foreseen. It was discovered by Otto Hahn in Berlin and he himself did not immediately understand exactly what he had discovered. It was Lise Meitner who provided the correct interpretation and fled Germany to entrust the information to Niels Bohr.” Here is what Einstein says about atomic energy or radioactive disintegration: “The atom M is like a rich miser who, as long as he lives, does not give away any money (energy). But in his will he leaves his fortune as an inheritance to his sons M ‘and M’, on condition that they allocate a small amount to social purposes (less than a thousandth of the entire energy or mass heritage). The children together receive a little less than their father had, but the part destined for society, although relatively small, is nevertheless so relevant (considered as kinetic energy) that it poses a great threat. Foiling this threat has become the most pressing problem of our time. “

Einstein was the greatest scientist in human history. It would have been even bigger if it had been even more practical on the operation of the pumps. He would have noticed that it is not necessary to divide the atom to produce energy. It is sufficient to divide only the feed of the centrifugal pumps up to the impeller and insert with the second feed in the main recycling circuit of a plant that works with a higher water pressure at atmospheric pressure to produce energy indefinitely. In fact, the amount of water that we introduce in excess into the system is expelled from the system overflow or from a special outlet connected to a hydraulic turbine with its current generator. This concept is very similar to the example of the rich miser and the sons M ‘and M “, without producing any danger of nuclear war, because energy produces it the most innocent principle of the impenetrability of bodies. If Einstein had explained this concept after explaining the restricted and general relativity that are much more complicated concepts, it would probably have been believed and the history of the last century that has produced, together with progress, the greatest environmental disasters, up to destroy the biodiversity that the viruses that attack us mercilessly produce would have happened differently.

We must ask ourselves why a sharp mind like Einstein’s has not come to understand the power of the principle of impenetrability of bodies that can also be understood through other fluid-dynamic reasoning? I believe that it is due, above all, to the sense of fulfillment that scientists and inventors who are kissed by success reach. To discover and demonstrate well-hidden inventions and scientific principles, the inventor must be angry at the whole science and the centers of power that do not understand the logic of his reasoning. Einstein did not understand the energetic power of the principle of impenetrability of bodies linked to fluid dynamic principles, because the principles of thermodynamics are rightly the basis of the theories of restricted and general relativity. Einstein did not consider that on planet Earth and other planets, those who want to produce electricity must create a fluid dynamic physical force that opposes gravitational force, as is the case with Newton’s third reaction principle. But the reaction force that generates the acceleration (m * a) opposite to the gravitational one must be obtained from the same force of gravity, passing through a fluid dynamic-electromagnetic process that produces an electromagnetic Lorentz force (F⃗ = qv⃗ × B⃗x sin ϕ , where q indicates the electric charge in Coulomb, v is the velocity vector in m / s with which the electric charge moves, B is the magnetic field in Tesla to which it is subjected, ϕ is the angle between V and B) in opposite direction to the gravitational one. This force, in the compressed hydroelectric system, originates from a flow of water molecules which are inserted at atmospheric pressure by means of an additional supply to the impeller of the current low prevalence recycling pumps which recycle the water in pressurized closed systems, which today are used not to produce energy but to power heat exchangers. By modifying the pump power supply, the way to operate the autoclaves, which must be one-way, in order to exploit the pressure of the air cushion statically, and by opening an outlet of the pressurized water towards a hydraulic turbine connected to a generator of current. From this outlet, the same amount of molecules that we introduce through the second separate pump supply come out under high pressure due to the principle of impenetrability of the bodies. Therefore, we can infinitely produce the energy sufficient to move a quantity of permanent magnets that produce the magnetic field “B” in an external electric field (solenoid) where the electric charges “qv” circulate, in the direction we choose, deciding the direction of rotation of the motors that circulate the permanent magnets of the magnetic field. Obviously, by deciding to produce locally an amount of energy concentrated within a body in the opposite direction to that of gravitational force, the body can rise in space. While to rise also on planet Earth, where there is also atmospheric pressure, it is better to produce a greater amount of electrical energy that powers an electric turbo fan that produces Newton’s thrust. Which, in turn, can be equipped externally with small motors that make permanent magnets slide and with an external solenoid that also produces the Lorentz thrust.

If this, until now, it has not been realized on planet earth, it is due to the fact that electromagnetism has been powered by economically unsustainable, bulky and inefficient, as well as polluting energies. The weight of tons of fuels or nuclear reactors certainly does not help lifting. While in compressed hydroelectric we have no dead weights or heavy reactors. The energy source is extracted indirectly from the gravitational force, which has thickened the air around the planet earth, allowing us to compress it even more without producing chemical transformations and without losing the elasticity characteristics in the field of critical points of temperatures and pressures (- 140 , 6 oC, 3.76 MPa), which must take place simultaneously to transform into liquid air and lose this characteristic.

It may seem strange, but the terrestrial development was carried out based on the specific skills of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs, incorrect from the scientific skills put together through the study of the scientific organization of global work, as it should have been, if science were has been applied impartially by governments and the United Nations. In fact, the study of the scientific organization of the work not only serves to rationally put together the existing inventions, but also to identify the inventions that are missing and those that need to be modified so that they can be used better.    

Never having compressed hydroelectric energy ever been created on planet earth, although I have been fighting for years, to see it made by some world public body. To make it better understood I want to give an example that does not belong to the world of the environment and energy electric, but the intelligent use of force by man. Anyone who has taken some martial art lessons or simply read what the fighting techniques are based on, knows that the strongest athlete does not win the fights but the one who is best at bypassing the opponent’s strength, using it in his favor. This concept is also valid in natural energy transformations, but it is necessary to identify the scientific and technological path to use force in the desired direction, without producing unwanted chemical and radioactive transformations and unsustainable economic costs.

In fact, if it is true that the pressure of the compressed air force cannot become negative, this can impart its strength to the incompressible liquid that comes out of a hole (Torricelli principle) connected to a turbine, connected to a current generator. Therefore, the fluid dynamics problem turns into an electromagnetic problem, where the electric current is produced by the magnetic flux, which must be caged in solenoids made in different ways, in order to have direct, alternating currents, which can power electric motors for produce a torque or linear thrust, which can go in any direction. So also in the opposite direction to the gravitational force that has thickened the atmospheric air that served us as the primary source of energy. It should not be a problem to pressurize the spaceships of the future to atmospheric pressure and reduce the increase in CO2 due to human respiration, using it as carbon fertilization for food production produced on board the same spaceships, Since the water and the air that they produce energy, using the principle of impenetrability of bodies, self-purifying each other for Henry’s principle, we can also drink and alkalize them, consuming more CO2, in mini limestone greenhouses, always on board the spaceships of the future. I think there is no need to create gravity in the spaceships of the future because gravity and electromagnetism also exist in a vacuum. It will be appropriate to follow spatial paths where gravity and external electromagnetism will also influence gravity and electromagnetism produced internally to move in the desired direction with the lorentz thrust fed by means of the principle of impenetrability of bodies (http: // / aerospace-and-submarine-transport-system-with-global-interactive-primary-and-inductive-linear-motors /).   

This advancement of the state of the art did not occur even in space travel because world science and technology have continued to believe in thermodynamics, that can only exist in the universe, where the great distances between the stars and planets and the void that surrounds them produce the brutal universal energy that cannot be imitated by man (not even in spaceships).  if not in small applications, closing all the collateral cycles it opens. World science and technology have realized billions of chimneys without ever thinking of carrying out global purification cycles. All of which made them virtually the undersigned since 2009 with national and international patents that no world government has taken into consideration. In fact, if previously there were no global cycles in fixed heating systems, which also neutralize CO2, it was not possible to identify the basic technologies to create global cycles even on means of transport, which are the largest environmental plague in the world. It was the scientific study of the organization of global fossil energy purification work that gradually led to the identification and economization of the interactive processes between water and air that led to the identification of compressed hydroelectric energy and the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, which without intermediate processes, without costs and without any type of pollution, even, purifying the water, they connect directly to terrestrial electromagnetism. However, the world political, scientific, technological, trade union, environmental and religious ruling class has also kept silent on this solution, to the point of forcing me to propose a joint stock company open to all men of good will to replace governments and the United Nations. in the protection of the environment Obviously, this proposal has not raised even a dollar, since all the world economic operators are involved in the current perverse development model that is collapsing, attached by a single virus, while experts, as stated in the summary, they provide incoming 1,700,000.

In the meantime, all over the world we are witnessing the ridiculous rush to reopen work activities with masks and social distancing. Politicians and entrepreneurs are pressing to resume the construction sites of large public works left open. Without understanding that above all, the great works are those that have produced the greatest damage to the environment and favored the proliferation of viruses, to create deforestations, artificial basins, viaduct tunnels that are not needed. If energy can be produced at very low cost with the principle of impenetrability of bodies, the cheapest way to travel will be by air. It will also be used to immediately extinguish the outbreaks of fires, which are another huge worldwide scourge.

 Being the principle of Pascal and Torricelli much older than electromagnetism, the identification of the clean energy source had to be almost automatic by world science, since the beginning of the last century, however this choice was not made. And today, despite all the damage produced, global warming, not even the covid -19, moves the oligarchies of the world’s power centers and the concealment network that has hidden the only true sustainable world energy. Not only does the Italian patent office not understand the principle of impenetrability of bodies. It is the whole world science that does not understand this system that can energize even an artificial human heart by oxygenating the blood, making it not attackable by viruses.

Based on these arguments, for myself, it could be asserted that thermodynamics represents the universal brute force, which produces universal gravitational force and electromagnetism everywhere; terrestrial fluid dynamics (not yet developed), through the interactivity between the physical characteristics of water and air, represents the tool for circumventing the gravitational force; terrestrial electromagnetism (fairly developed), represents the final technology that produces the driving torque, or the linear thrust, or the composition of the thrusts together of Newton and Lorentz. Obviously, the purification and energy applications are infinite, but one must find the courage to scrape all the thermal and nuclear plants in the world immediately, while the current renewables, not being interactive, can be used in small, non-energy applications.

It is necessary to bring about a new peaceful world cultural revolution, where the monothematic scientific, political and economic specialists are the enemies to beat. Bio diversity must coexist in equilibrium in nature, in the same way sciences and technologies must coexist studying case by case the scientific organization of work globally, not only industrially, as has been done so far, without any real scientific support, if not partisan ones, which the whole world copied without any global reasoning.

This means that on planet Earth, we can live very well without thermodynamic brute force. Using only fluid dynamics and electromagnetism we can produce heat, cold and move on land in the sea and in space with infinitely lower costs and without producing any pollution. Therefore, the last century that we have lived, which has produced global warming, which is now producing viruses that want to destroy us, has been absolutely the darkest in world history from a scientific point of view. Those who have governed us in this century from a political, scientific and economic point of view, have no reason to be proud of their work.

If we want to correct mistakes, we must first admit mistakes and change the way we produce energy and purification. If the obstructions continue, it will be necessary to change the entire world ruling class. To make a mistake is human, to persevere to the point where we have arrived far exceeds the diabolical.

Ma nella società attuale, che è iniziata con l’avvento dell’era industriale, elaborare ragionamenti scientifici e tecnici globali è impossibile. Infatti, il riscaldamento globale è stato prodotto dagli specialisti scientifici e industriali, che sono i principali consulenti dei governi e dei giudici. Purtroppo questi specialisti non lavorano collegialmente e dicono soltanto verità parziali. Politicians, judges, economists cannot make the right choices based on partial scientific information. Unfortunately, they do not realize it because the phenomenon is due to school and professional training worldwide.

Contrary to what one might think, global reasoning simplifies technical and scientific solutions and reduces the costs of public and industrial investments. This is demonstrated by the fact that with global reasoning the purification of water and air is the side effect of energy production, while energy production is the side effect of water purification, which instead of being done by blowing air through diffusers, which absorb energy and production costs, simply exploits Henry’s principle, which solubilizes oxygen in the water every time the water passes through a statically pressurized autoclave, which, by not expanding the compressed air cushion, does not consume the energy to compress it again.  If it is not easy to make global reasoning, starting from scratch in today’s society, where the systems are designed, not to accommodate and circumvent the gravitational force and the pressures but to contrast them with man-made energies by means of combustion. Once the global energy and purification reasoning has been elaborated, which is much simpler and easier to understand than the theories of relativity, integral calculations and derivatives, those who do not understand such reasoning, cannot perform government functions, judge, cannot teach in schools. No world public official, salaried by a world government, can afford to write that he does not understand how one can “statically exploit the air pressure to circulate pressurized water through a turbine with a current generator” and add, immediately after that it is clear that, starting from the assumption that the air has an energy potential (not better defined) in a certain static condition, this potential energy of the air is converted into kinetic energy, or rather into the vehicle’s propulsion work.

Who writes these things is the product of a school that does not teach global reasoning from elementary to university, which is why these statements are endorsed by his head of office and by the minister of economic development and by the entire Italian government. But the problem is worldwide because the WIPO that protects the industrial property that produced global warming is a United Nations body. The intellectual property of inventions not made by this system is the only one that has no copyright, even if the inventions will prove accurate in a few years. The inventors isolated from governments and economic power centers cannot demonstrate truths of general interest that affect the entire world development.

This system cannot be fought because global scientific disinformation is general. Inventors who want to combat these disinformations should have infinite financial resources, having to demonstrate even the simplest things practically at their own expense. At their own expense they should pay for publications and congress participation.

In today’s society, economic power centers pay scientists and inventors to keep silence on the wrong inventions, which despite technological improvement, and the reduction of pollution produced, cannot completely reduce it. On planets inhabited by living beings, by logical sense, science should understand that if nature has created atmospheric air, fresh and salty waters and the perfect biological plant and animal balance, man cannot afford to produce billions of examples of boilers, internal combustion engines, chemical productions, which do not close the cycles that alter these balances. The holes produced in atmospheric ozone are the first symptoms of the breakdown of these balances on a planetary level, while the proliferation of lethal viruses are the symptoms of biological breakdowns.

Unfortunately, those who govern the world cannot understand that scientific disinformation produced by economic power centers is much more widespread than correct information. Although in some cases, inventors who are not paid by the power centers obtain patents, nobody finances them and everything stands still waiting for the situation to become increasingly serious. All the world’s fixed and mobile energy systems, the heating and air conditioning systems are not designed with global reasoning, which close all the cycles they open. Yet global reasoning is simple and straightforward. Everyone would be able to understand it, if teaching started from elementary schools, debunking myths such as perpetual motion and better teaching physics which is a source of infinite energy even without dividing the atom, as the principle of the impenetrability of bodies between water and air, if it were properly put in a position to exert this force through a good but simple design of fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic systems

It is not possible that those who understand the theory of relativity and thermodynamics do not understand fluid dynamics, which is much simpler. In fact, universal gravity and electromagnetism were produced by uninterrupted explosions lasting hundreds of millions of years with temperatures of billions of degrees centigrade. These conditions, which have produced millions of billions of tons of toxic gas, cannot be reproduced on planet Earth. Scientists should have understood that terrestrial energy and electromagnetism should have found a sustainable energy source alternative to thermodynamic energy.

If they had looked for this alternative energy source, sooner or later, they would have realized that nature had already given us the solution by creating the pressure of atmospheric gases, as a natural static force combined with gravity. In fact, gravity also exists in a vacuum, but only around the planets does the pressure of atmospheric gases thicken them protecting them from cosmic radiation and create phenomena such as artesian wells and communicating vessels. Sooner or later science would have understood the similarity between atmospheric pressure and  the internal pressures of what we now call autoclaves which are used to cushion water hammer and reduce the number of starts of pump motors. They would have understood that autoclaves can perform a much more important function than they do now, which is a simple function of energy actuators, in that they absorb energy in the compression phase and give it up in the expansion phase of the air cushion.

Instead, feeding them one-way, by means of a recycling pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller, they act as a multiplier of energy introduced at atmospheric pressure through the secondary power source of the pump, since the flow rates in excess introduced, compared to the volume of liquid already present in the autoclave, due to the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, it is expelled with the static pressure of the air cushion which can be many tens of times higher than the atmospheric pressure. This is very similar to what happens in electrical engineering through current transformers, but with the difference that the energy is extracted indirectly from the same gravitational force that we want to overcome in order to fly in the atmosphere and space or simply raise the waters to drink in a skyscraper.

The undersigned did not come easily to discover compressed hydropower, because he trusted science. He did not think it possible that the whole world science had made such a trivial mistake. Instead, he believed that the mistake made by the designers of world sewage treatment plants that do not purify polluted water and combustion fumes to neutralize CO2 by producing carbonates in the water was trivial. Through the study of cleaning fossil energy, he came up with this invention. Having previously virtually changed the chimneys, sewers and purifiers, creating interactive purification systems that would have created unique water and air purification cycles. Unfortunately, he had to find that on planet earth no government wanted to clean fossil energy, without giving any explanation, despite industrial patents obtained at national and international level, open letters sent to all institutional, national, European and international bodies. This is why I say that the inventor, to give his best, must be angry at the incompetence of the world’s centers of power. Einstein, after being rewarded and applauded by the whole world, could not identify the strength of the principle of the impenetrability of bodies and the way to trigger it without transforming the matter. In fact, by applying the principle of impenetrability of bodies between water and air, we simply borrow the water and air that we return after producing electricity and strength in twisting moments or linear thrusts. In addition, dissolving the amount of oxygen required by the impurities contained in the water, including viruses. Therefore with this system he has unnecessarily patented also the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood autonomously energetically.

These conclusions to which the undersigned arrived, without money and without experimentation, with only work experience, are at the antipodes of the thermodynamic concepts that are at the origin of the universe and that inspired Einstein. He would never have come up with these solutions because he would never have understood that gravity on planet Earth and other planets should dissociate from his thermodynamic origins and rely only on the fluid dynamics and terrestrial electromagnetism that he himself studied with scientists like Maxwell. Faraday, Neumann, Lenz, Lorentz.

To know the principle of operation of the impenetrability of bodies between water and air, electromagnetism scientists, including Einstein, had to know in detail a centrifugal pump, study the flow of water and the relative inlet pressures, during the rotation of the impeller and at the outlet. Only by knowing these elements could they understand how to get around the gravitational force in the earth’s environment by means of the autoclaves connected to the turbines and power generators. Only by producing cold energy starting from the gravitational force, as described, we could not alter the biological balance that nature has achieved in the approximately 4.5 billion life. Now, we must save the salvable, always if we can get rid of the silent world majority that does not understand or pretends not to understand. This majority has occupied all the key positions of politics, economics, science, media, otherwise, it would not have rewarded the industrial property of the inventions that is destroying the planet in place of the intellectual one, which is completely ignored. Even those who report the problems do not have the courage to support SPAWHE’s solutions, which are too radical, not to make themselves powerful enemies.

Today we could say that terrestrial electromagnetism is lame without the principle of impenetrability of bodies. But no scientific specialist is aware of this defect because global terrestrial scientific reasoning has never done so. Einstein’s stopped at the universal one, but very often it is the exceptions that confirm the general rules.

This is only pure physics, neither nuclear nor quantum. Even if the water molecules in an electric field polarize like many very small magnets with positive oxygen and negative hydrogen, this feature was not considered by the undersigned who used only the incompressibility and density of the water that is 830 times higher than air. He deduced that it is not convenient to produce energy by circulating a gas or air under pressure, but water pressurized statically from a gas or air since the energy produced by a turbine is given by the flow rate for the density of the fluid passing through the pressure which it exerts on the turbine impeller blades. In the future, when the first compressed hydroelectric current generators and the first global interactive linear motors will finally be built, with the internal primary energy produced with compressed hydroelectric energy, it will also be possible to verify whether the polarization of the water molecule can be used to increase the production of induced currents in the external solenoids of global linear motors. I have not talked about this possibility, because we are not even at year zero of these solutions that collect only hostile silences from the centers of power. For myself, there is no doubt that the extremely distant critical points of the mixture of atmospheric air (- 140.6 oC, 3.76 MPa), in space, will be a strength of the global linear motors, being the average spatial temperature approximately – 270.15 oCa nd the pressure is so low that it is preferred to give the density of molecules per m3, equal to about 1 molecule / cm3.

How can a modest pensioner with the few pennies of a modest working pension, break the immense public and private power games that use thousands of billions to show a scientific and technological progress that is only apparently beautiful. But full of flaws if it is analyzed from the point of view of the concrete results obtained in the field of purification, of the sustainable economy. Someone suspects that Covid-19 has escaped from an experimental laboratory. Of course, a road accident can happen. For myself, it doesn’t make much difference if he escaped from a research laboratory. This would add more blame to the already guilty world ruling class. Those who hinder the experimentation of sustainable inventions to continue to carry on an unsustainable development with polluting energies that also prevent the hope of being able to add together the push of newton and Lorentz, not only to navigate in space, but as already written, cannot be acquitted, at least to allow firefighting vehicles to stop on the outbreaks of fires that are destroying forests and savannahs with global biodiversity.


To complete the topic, I report some parts of articles already published by myself to make it clear that even by building systems without pressurized autoclaves we can take advantage of the principle of impenetrability of the bodies. Therefore, the undersigned is right to say that the fundamental concepts of terrestrial energy have escaped world science.

In a submerged system where intubated water enters the surface, consisting of a pump with the flow downwards, feeding a turbine, placed in series with the pump, increasing the depth, increases the positive head on the pump and the kinetic energy that is develops in the descent pipe before entering the pump (mgh = ½ m V2). Consequently, the power of the motor coupled to the pump decreases proportionally to the square of the speed that would develop. While the opposite happens in the turbine: the production of energy produced by the current generator coupled to the turbine proportionally increases proportionally to the same square of the speed that would develop. In fact, in a vertically ducted path, where the water that enters the descent tube is 100% renewed, we have 100% of the position energy of the surface water compared to the water positioned at the exit of the turbine which it lacks kinetic energy. If there were no turbine that slows down the speed of the water to make the current generator shaft turn, the speed of the water at the pump outlet would be much higher. The pump curve would move completely to the right, damaging the pump for the high speed reached. But until the pump breaks, all the kinetic energy developed would turn into heat since the pressure drop at the pump outlet would be V2 / 2g. Therefore, by inserting a turbine after the pump and transferring the rotary movement to the generator shaft, we produce electricity, which can be tens or hundreds of times greater than that absorbed by the pump, depending precisely on the installation depth of the system. These concepts that the patent offices cannot understand have not even been understood by the professors of the world universities, so the energy and purification disaster is general. If, on the other hand, these problems understood them, why do they keep silent?

In the figure above instead, we move to the water lifting systems and the general water distribution of the public aqueducts, where the lifting could be done in steps to produce energy instead of consuming it and eliminating the water hammer that produces immense damage, it would have been enough to build systems always full, where the water to be consumed is expelled from the overflow, while the water to be lifted is introduced into the recycling circuit of the upper basin which instead of consuming energy, as currently, produces it, in the descent piping to the lower basin where a pump with the separate double power supply that powers a turbine is inserted. It is not difficult to understand that the pump being under a positive head does not absorb energy but serves to overcome the state of inertia of the water, while the turbine produces energy by exploiting the kinetic energy produced in the descent tube, exploiting the position energy of the water from the upper basin, which must not be raised to the upper basin, as the system is always full and pressurized by atmospheric pressure which is equivalent to the force of gravity. To which the height h on the axis of the recycling pump must be added. In fact, the circuit ends at the outlet of the turbine with a very small perfidious load due to the submerged outlet (V2 / 2g) which has nothing to do with raising the water to the upper basin, the systems being always full at the highest level. While the more modern pressure of water distribution pressurizes that equally eliminates the water hammer and produces energy with the principle of impenetrability of the bodies and the recycling of water is shown below.

Unfortunately, these plants around the world have not been designed in this way and instead of producing energy, they absorb it. Expenditure on lifting water around the world is second only to that of transport. Which could also have been avoided by mounting pressurized hydroelectric energy on board the vehicles.

It is clear that if you don’t do simple things first, you can’t make more complicated things. Furthermore, it cannot advance the state of the art globally, because whoever has made the mistake of the development model hides behind the silences. With these partial truths, patent bureaucrats lose the points of reference to distinguish between good and bad inventions. Good inventions, even the simplest non-pressurized ones, are considered “perpetual motion” while the bad ones that polluted and warmed the planet continue undisturbed to pollute the waters and the atmosphere, without anyone going into detail about the solutions proposed by unknown inventors, not believed by anyone, because the concept of “impossible perpetual motion” has been misinterpreted and badly taught in all world schools.

It was necessary to teach the scientific reality of the principles of action and reaction which are equal and opposite only if isolated from external forces, which intervene both in the universe and on the planets. The principle of inertia which states that a body remains in its state of quiet or uniform rectilinear motion unless an external force intervenes to modify this state. This principle does not specify the acceleration or deceleration that the body undergoes if the force is favorable or contrary to the gravitational force and universal magnetism, which also exist in a vacuum. With the technology and good design of the systems, especially in fluid dynamics and electromagnetism, the effects of force can be neutralized or multiplied as we wish by exploiting the advantages granted by gravitational force, hydrostatic pressures, compressed air, magnetic fluxes in one way. and electromagnetic.

 Therefore, the concept of perpetual motion is useless. The convenience ratio between the energy spent and that produced for the purpose of accelerating the masses or braking them counts. But above all, it matters that the energy source is sustainable or unsustainable or even dangerous for human life, such as nuclear power. Above all, it is unthinkable to mount a nuclear reactor on a means of transport, apart from the fact that in any case, over time, even radioactive materials are consumed. It is unthinkable to use hydrogen as a fuel that would be consumed, apart from the cost. The only energy that is not consumed is that which has never been produced on the planet Earth with water that is not consumed and the small amount of air released into the environment by the water that is purified, leaving the turbine, which can be reinserted into the system, with a very small and insignificant expense.

Only with this energy can we think of attempting the space race by adding the thrust of newton and Lorentz in the aeronautical and space systems, as can be seen in the figures below.

These solutions on planet Earth could never come out because those who have designed environmental systems so far, have never put together the purification of air together with that of water. He never put a pump and a turbine together in a series basin, intubating the surface water from above to realize that the turbine produces much more energy than that absorbed by the pump. Environmental and energy inventions, which interact with the environment, are not like other inventions. This, the public and private world ruling class have been understanding this for a very short time, but they are trying to gain time, turning around radical solutions, proposing palliatives such as electric cars, those powered by hydrogen that involve other expenses for the distribution networks. Large hydroelectric works that are counterproductive for the protection of the environment, thermal and nuclear power plants do not intervene on the plagues of purely equally inefficient systems. While renewable energies are bulky, impractical and not very efficient. The covid-19 requires world statesmen to immediately decarbonise by bypassing the commercial palliatives of the multinationals. Behind which, in many cases, there are patents of public research bodies, who round off the salary by selling patents compliant to multinationals with the consent of governments and legislators.

How do world rulers fail to notice these inconsistencies? Of these conflicts of interest? If everyone had done their homework, there would have been no need for a retiree to become an inventor to investigate the reasons why the world’s purification and energy cycles are incomplete in all world plants. More than forty patents of interactive solutions filed and a few hundred articles published were not enough to make it clear that we need to change all the world’s energy and purification plants. Even in the face of the health and economic crisis produced by Covid-19, they are only starting again with the innovation of social distancing and the strengthening of pharmaceutical research. How do world rulers fail to notice these inconsistencies? Of these conflicts of interest? If everyone had done their homework, there would have been no need for a retiree to become an inventor to investigate the reasons why the world’s purification and energy cycles are incomplete in all world plants. More than forty patents of interactive solutions filed and a few hundred articles published were not enough to make it clear that we need to change all the world’s energy and purification plants. Even in the face of the health and economic crisis produced by Covid-19, they are only starting again with the innovation of social distancing and the strengthening of pharmaceutical research. Without removing the main cause of the crisis that began in the early twentieth century by mistaking the main energy and purifying sources of the planet, which not surprisingly, are contained in a single physical principle which is also the cheapest in the universe: the principle of impenetrability of bodies. This shows that those who created the universe and the planets have prepared the survival conditions of humans and animals through simple and linear inventions without altering nature. Instead, men have complicated things with uneconomic, polluting, and dangerous inventions for human survival.

To solve the environmental problems, which also produced the viruses, a widespread industrial efficiency and a widespread organization of environmental work is needed. But today industrial efficiency stops inside the factories and the organization of environmental work has never been born, as the plants are arranged randomly in the area, are not rationally connected to each other and do not complete the purification cycles of the water and air.

It is not enough to improve existing systems; it is necessary to radically change them. The topics that I have covered in these fifteen years of unpaid work, summarized in patent filings that are not legally valid, are the following: domestic water saving; sewage treatment, cleaning of fossil energy with smokestacks that capture the fumes and limestone greenhouses, urban purification with overlapping biological ponds; sewage treatment with sewage settlers and mini limestone greenhouses; linear digesters combined with dehydration in draining bags with pneumatic transport of calcium powders; lake, port and coastal purifiers; marine food production by means of artificial welling; an unsinkable flotation system to create artificial islands necessary for increasing food production; sustainable desalination with circulation of ion exchange spheres; hydropower submerged at atmospheric pressure; pumps and turbines with separate dual power supply up to the impeller; hydroelectric energy with the recycling and stepwise lifting of water at atmospheric pressure; domestic pressurized hydroelectric energy with independent heating and air conditioning; hydroelectric energy pressurized with water distribution; submerged pressurized hydroelectric energy for water lifting and purification in water basins; pressurized hydroelectric energy in the wells for lifting and purifying groundwater; mobile pressurized hydroelectric energy mounted on land transport vehicles, mobile pressurized hydroelectric energy mounted on air and space transport vehicles. These inventions that the world ruling class never made, are linked to each other since the following ones could not be conceived without the functioning of the previous ones. As none of these inventions have been funded, the entire world development reported on is entirely virtual. However, this does not mean that this development may not work. On the contrary, this development has been elaborated, considering that everything that has been listed above in the current state of the art does not work or does not even exist virtually.

Based on this virtual development model, today we no longer need the electricity distribution network. Energy can be produced and consumed in fixed and mobile versions, instant by instant, where it is needed, without transforming matter because all transformations are only physical and electromagnetic. We don’t need energy accumulators because the world’s largest and most powerful energy accumulator is compressed air. These claims make the world ruling class more fearful than covid-19, which is why they hope they are not true and do not bring out the little money to experiment with them. They prefer to reopen the traditional construction sites that fueled global warming as soon as possible. Floods, droughts, fires, deforestations listening to entrepreneurs who threaten mass layoffs. For these leaders and entrepreneurs of the short-sighted reasoning is simple: You either die of viruses or hunger. I believe this is an opportunity to get rid of this ruling class that has not been able to govern and plan. We will not die of viruses or hunger if all world stock exchanges collapse. It is necessary to close the current gap between rich and poor, restoring dignity to work and intellect. We do not even need multinationals and large electricity and gas distribution networks, but free competition and widespread application of the scientific organization of work around the world. This will also be understood by viruses that will retreat in the face of water and human blood automatically oxidized by the energetic and purifying principle of the impenetrability of bodies. The more industrial, agricultural and food production we do, the more we will protect the environment and humans. If energy and purifications can be produced everywhere, wealth can also be created everywhere. There will be no poor and rich countries, but well-governed and poorly governed countries. Industrious and less industrious countries. If we do not want to spend resources to demolish the large and useless public works that have indebted us, let nature take them back and fly over it with the push of Newton and Lorentz, which produced by means of the principle of impenetrability of bodies, will not consume fuels and will not produce pollution.

For some years now I have been trying to make my sustainable inventions known by publishing articles that everyone can read and download freely from my website But publishers hardly publish them because academics pay to publish their research because each publication allows them to earn credits that are used to advance their career. While the trade in one-way patents from public research entities to multinationals, it prevents public research and designers from seriously dealing with the protection of the environment, since if they did, multinationals would have to scrap a large part of their industrial production, which is not compatible with the environment.

It is worth mentioning that today, asynchronous motors can be powered with a symmetric polyphase system at any voltage, and can also be used as current generators if coupled directly to the pumps used as hydraulic turbines, as provided by myself in the production of submerged and compressed electricity. Today, a three-phase motor, built in large series, can have powers ranging from hundredths to a few tens of thousands of kilowatts. The frequency and speed of rotation is practically constant since the speed difference, from empty to full load, generally does not exceed 4%. Having a reversible operation, like all electrical machines, it can also be operated as a generator, and also as a brake in landing maneuvers of the aircraft of the future.

Today we can free man from electricity and gas energy bills by leaving only those of purification that must be completely modified and integrated into the condominium and global purifiers, very different from the current ones. We can also get rid of fuel stations. What servile science has never tried to do, as it has never tried to put together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz together, as it has never tried to create an artificial heart oxygenator of the blood that can extend the life of man by oxygenating the blood

But I, as the grandfather of six grandchildren, who were not yet born when I decided to retire to protect them from the wrong installations legally by the entire world ruling class, in all these years of work I have found only indifference from these international rulers, national and local that today are protecting us with social distancing and satellite control, instead of scrapping the wrong man-made plants from the foundations. If there is no radical intervention, by changing all the systems that do not close the cycles they open, our children will never get rid of the masks, gloves and condoms. How will they be spontaneous when they exchange an innocent kiss? How will they not be worried when they get ready to conceive a child?

At the end of 2016 I published the following article: COP22 failed, international crimes by non-punished states. When the collapse of the world economy? After three years, no punishment of international justice arrived, but that of the virus-19, which also made the stock exchanges collapse, unfortunately also making innocent victims, which without the social distancing adopted by the governments, could have been many more than those we have had and are still having.

Here is what I write to publishers who ask me to publish a scientific article:

Dear publisher, I do not write articles on request of publishers, but you can visit my website (, choose the files you want and to publish them, citing the source. If you need the original word version, I will send them to you. I am writing articles on my small website that has few visitors, which only speaks of my own inventions that relate to energy-efficient and purifying interactive systems that have never been realized anywhere in the world. I’m honored if you also publish my articles but I do not pay publishing fees to any publisher because nobody has ever paid me for my job. I publish my articles on my website where readers can better understand my work that would otherwise be dispersed in the big internet network. A single article is not enough to understand the mistakes made jointly by public bodies and multinationals, which continue to commit with impunity, because no one has carried out comprehensive energy and purification studies simultaneously, as did the undersigned. I do not earn merit for publications because I am not an academic but a retired inventor. I do not make money from my inventions because legislators do not recognize intellectual property separate from industrial property. However, people need to know that there may be the interactive energies, that are much more efficient, economical, and even protective of environment and of human health. I think that publishers should not only publish original articles. Above all, they have to publish articles that talk about sustainable scientific and technological solutions that have never been implemented by public bodies and multinational companies despite their publication. Continuing to publish them, sooner or later, the leaders of governments and multinational companies must explain the reasons why they do not want to implement these solutions. I do not say that the fundamental principles of energies and purifications are wrong, but that the world plants that did not put them together correctly are wrong. The worldwide crisis we are experiencing due to coronavirus shows that the development model that I propose is the correct one, because the percentage of deaths produced by the virus is much higher where there is air pollution produced by fossil energies. In addition, my low-cost and pollution-free flight system would avoid deforestation and would easily allow extinguishing large fires by being able to stop with fire-fighting vehicles on outbreaks. While my artificial blood oxygenator heart multiplies the defenses of debilitated people in the lungs, kidneys and liver. Making mistakes is human, but making mistakes all together and persevering for generations is certainly not human. If governments and multinationals do not respond, sooner or later the responsibles of the United Nations and the judges of the international court of justice will have to answer, who have already received 29 letters opened by the undersigned without answering.

This too is not human, but it can be understood why public officials and judges cannot respond directly. The answers in turn must have them from world science, which divided into very many branches, is not represented by anyone globally. Unfortunately, the interactive installations that serve the survival of the planet and to prolong human life need a science applied globally. When the United Nations and international judges decide to order the practical experimentation of interactive systems in order not to waste any more time on useless and partial consultations, it will always be late for the planet and the world people, who have been waiting, without knowing it, for at least a century these solutions, which no one has ever talked about. Meanwhile, I will continue to write open letters.

Some of the following articles published on my website and so have been published by important magazines but for the undersigned, it is important that they are all together on my website to show that true sustainable development does not want neither the governments nor the multinationals.






6. energy/.
















































As for the use of oil resources, I think they should not be used to generate energy, but to create an alternative development. In fact, petroleum derivatives could enable us to create floating islands off the oceans to create artificial welling and multiply human nutrition, as well as combat ocean acidification, allowing carbonates to be lifted from the depths of the sea. I dealt with these topics above all in the following files:,, http: //


During my work as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental systems, I realized that the current society due to the divisions of scientific and technological skills works in watertight compartments both in the public and private sectors. It did not create professionals capable of rationally connecting anthropic plants in the area to produce complete purification and energy cycles. This is the reason why I believe I have been more useful to the company as a pensioner than as a designer and installer as an employee, when I obeyed the orders received to bring home a salary. The problems that I have faced in fifteen years of unpaid work by anyone, to which I have also had to add about 20,000 euros of expenses for filing national and international patents. In the face of the thousands of billions allocated to deal with the Covid emergency -19, there are few pennies but for a medium-low pensioner they are an important expense.

Having dealt with problems of public utility, on an intellectual level, to suggest the solutions, not to implement them directly, I cannot also spend my scarce economic resources to make legal appeals against the representatives of my country and my planet, which unanimously, without no scientific answer, they trashed my solutions for global environmental protection and sustainable transport.

These great problems would have had to be addressed by the United Nations and by great enlightened statesmen if they had understood that the serious world problem is above all the ability to reason and plan the anthropic systems globally. Unfortunately, it is not easy for politicians to have scientific insights that even Albert Einstein missed, just as it is not easy for scientific and industrial specialists to have such insights, as the whole society is divided vertically into many parallel sectors such as the faculties. universities, government ministries, specialized industries, which do not transfer enough information to adjacent sectors, so that the world’s plants are designed globally.

It is no coincidence that no scientist worldwide understood the strength of the principle of impenetrability of bodies, as it is no coincidence that no one put together the thrusts of newton and Lorentz on air and space transport, because global design had to start first by putting together simple systems, such as chimneys and sewers, then gradually, solving the problems of collateral cycles to prevent unwanted effects and always gradually choosing the right energy process that must intervene at the right time and in the right place, not only to produce energy but also to purify and maintain alkaline values at the right values. In global terrestrial processes everything must be connected through the scientific organization of the work studied globally. Nothing can be left to chance because it would be uneconomical or inefficient.

However, today purifications and interactive energies, at least on paper, exist equally designed by myself with the only reasoning. For what reasons have they ignored them at national, European and world level? Personally, as a common citizen and person of advanced age I thank the Italian politicians for ordering me to stay at home so as not to expose myself to the infection, but as a technician, designer and inventor I expect much more important answers. They consult with all the scientific consultants they have available, but they stop talking about purification and interactive energies, because this is my job and I think I can do it much better than when I was a simple employee, conditioned by company directives. They take responsibility for giving comprehensive scientific answers, otherwise they risk losing the credibility gained momentarily in the management of this crisis that could have caused many more victims and can still do so. We cannot delude ourselves. Life after the acute phase of covid-19 will never be the same again. Governments and the United Nations cannot reopen the yards they have suspended unless we first modify the world’s purification and energy systems, making them interactive, that is, at the same time energy and purification systems at low cost and environmental impact. Keep in mind that it is not enough to bring together experts from different sectors to automatically have the solutions, because the solutions are expressed by publishing the projects developed together. As did myself by publishing the global purification projects that have changed the chimneys and sewers to create global common cycles. As it did also in the case of artificial welling by lifting carbonates from the ocean depths to create phyto and zooplankton by fighting acidification. As for the means of transport, it will be sufficient to replace the thermal engines with the compressed hydroelectric ones. Possibly adding together also the push of Newton and Lorentz for the means of air transport and to stop in the bud the fires that have destroyed forests and savannas. Then you will see their usefulness also in the space race. First we must save the planet from global incompetence, shown by the specific skills of current government scientific consultants and multinational transport companies in the field of environment and energy.

Luigi Antonio Pezone