A small Italian miracle of Giuseppe Conte’s government

After refusing to comply for the umpteenth time with the bureaucratic requests of the Italian patent office, instead of being punished for not granting the patent, as has always happened, unexpectedly, I was granted the patent. Obviously, this patent is useless because I have no intention of becoming an entrepreneur at seventy-one years old, but knowing the narrow scientific mentality of the Italian patent office, I think he was forced to swallow the toad by the new government of Professor Giuseppe Conte. Unfortunately, the same toad should swallow the entire Italian society that has actively participated in producing global warming and producing large, useless and harmful public works in the world, which have favored droughts floods deforestations for having misinterpreted the principles of energy and worldwide purifying plants. Today, running out of ideas, this company is the tail light of European development, which does not even shine, by inventiveness. The European community, although it is on average more efficient than the Italian ruling class, has done nothing concrete to change the current development model, which in addition to the environmental damage mentioned above, has also led to COVID-19. This virus is not Chinese, but due to the current world development model. COVID-19 and similar viruses that lie in wait are not a problem that can solve world health facilities, vaccines and social distancing. Anthropic inventions must interact positively with the surrounding environment, not as negatively as current ones, destroying biological and environmental balances. The hydroelectric car with peripheral drive torque on the wheels, of which I was granted, the unexpected Italian patent, is only one of more than forty proposed inventions of the undersigned which have not been tested and financed by any world country. Although around fifteen of these obtained the patent certificate, no country has financed them, including previous Italian governments. These certificates are of no use if, mainly, governments do not practically demonstrate to world entrepreneurs how they must make man-made plants, how to connect them together so as not to damage the environment and alter the natural biological balance. Furthermore, how mobile systems and means of transport must be designed, which, being unable to chemically, biologically, nuclear, interact with the environment, must not open chemical, biological, nuclear cycles, but only physical and electromagnetic ones. Governments cannot grant public utility patents to inventors and wash their hands, waiting for them without economic and technical support to experiment and industrialize their inventions on their own. They must ban the current trade in public patents to private individuals and share copyright with national inventors at an international level, so that growth is global, not local. New international laws on intellectual and industrial property are needed, which must also and above all include the environmental compatibility of inventions.

If the government of Giuseppe Conte has done this little miracle, to order the granting of the patent to an inventor who opposed the bureaucracy, which nobody expected, especially the undersigned, must do many more, because in one hundred years of industrial development the whole world went in the opposite direction from where it was supposed to go. Many famous Nobel prize-winning scientists have created more disasters than benefits to humanity because they have not closed the chemical, biological, nuclear cycles they have opened in their plants. The true positive history of humanity’s political and scientific choices has yet to be written. But it must be written urgently. We can’t waste any more time.

Below is the certificate of patent just received from the Italian patent office.

Below is shown an excerpt from the recently published article entitled: “Open letter to the patent office and the Italian government in the time of the coronavirus”  

Santa Maria Capua Vetere, 09/03/2020.

Subject: Question 102016000087373 (Hydroelectric car with peripheral drive torque at the wheels) – Exam procedure.

With reference to your letter of 10/01/2020, I inform you that I refuse to rewrite for the third time the claims of my patent filing, which I consider intellectual, not simply industrial. The difference between these two types of patents, the first of which is not recognized by the world patent authorities, can only be understood by reading the document attached below, which I also send for information to the President of the Council of Ministers and to some ministers directly involved. in the protection of the environment and in sustainable and cultural development. For myself, the lack of recognition of intellectual property, separate from industrial property, has prevented global sustainable development and our country, which has not grown for thirty years, has suffered more than other countries. Industrial property has been monopolized by large multinationals that also buy public patents in line with their development model. For an inventor who deals with environmental and energy utilities, obtaining a patent is not enough to find lenders. It is essential, above all, the collaboration of public bodies, which in the first place must recognize their mistakes and adapt the public procurement specifications so that these inventions can be realized and act as a guide or imposition also on private entrepreneurs in the civil and industrial sector. But what is strange is the fact that worldwide, the inventor who does not find financiers must also be forced to pay the patent maintenance fees nationally and internationally. In addition, the Italian State does not allow the payment of patent and maintenance deposits to be discharged from taxes to pensioners such as myself, who do not have corporate income. For the Italian State, retirees must wait quietly for death, instead of making use of the experiences they have accumulated in a working life. Above all, the environmental and energy inventive activities that the undersigned has dealt with, need inventors with transversal experiences that today are very difficult to acquire in the world of work in the civil and industrial sector. For this reason the world in just over a century of industrial development has produced global warming.

Today, the whole world science is in search of miraculous energy, but being all specialized in individual sectors, they try to win this race without resorting to the identification of natural interactive principles and the scientific organization of global work. Instead, this race, certainly the most important in the world, I believe that the undersigned won it involuntarily. In fact, I had no ambition to be able to participate when I decided to take part in a slightly less important race, which was that of “sustainable cleaning of fossil energy”, which I also believe I have won, even if the noble participants and the governments have pretended not to notice my participation. However, on my website everyone can read and download the projects, drawings and patent filings that demonstrate that this problem could only be solved by scientifically applying the organization of work to the environment, as it was applied to industrial work. the undersigned found himself unwittingly participating in the even more important contest of miraculous energy. In fact, the deepening of the interactive purifying principles of the air polluted by the fumes and the various fluid dynamic principles of the water polluted by other substances, has led the undersigned to the identification of the most economically advantageous processes for purification purposes and also to the most economic ones for energy production. In fact, after virtually cleaning fossil energy without a penny of help from world institutions, with other projects drawings and patent filings showed that even the problem of sustainable energy could and can be solved only by scientifically applying the organization of work also to the environment. But faced with the usual silence of the scientific and political institutional bodies, having nothing more to offer, he just has to propose the following solution: A joint stock company open to all to finance at least the demonstration prototypes of inventors not linked to the power centers worldwide, which deal with problems of public utility, in the energy and health environmental sectors. I don’t know how many these lone inventors are. But I believe that they are very few because the current laws, not recognizing the copyrights of the inventors, these, finding no financiers, cannot pay the patent maintenance fees and lose all the rights on the work done, even if subsequently, their inventions are will prove accurate.

Today, unfortunately, the solutions to serious problems are monopolized by the centers of power that only pretend to want to solve them, but they cannot do so, if they do not have the courage, to change the model of global development, which they themselves have created, starting from correcting, first the public plants and then issuing the anti-pollution directives to which private companies must comply. Not to reduce emissions, but to eliminate them completely, without compromising on hybrid solutions and inefficient and bulky renewable energy.   According to the scientific organization of global work, only one is the best solution, which must be identified, case by case, always using globally the advancement of the state of the art of all the scientific and technological sectors involved. All the other solutions are palliatives that cannot stand comparison in the face of a globally developed solution, which has simultaneously identified the most economic and efficient solution. Not easy to identify, but possible, if you combine the transversal experience, the scientific and technological knowledge and the patience to go on, despite the silences collected. For myself, the silences are tacit consensus of those who do not have the courage to oppose the directives of their employers and those who do not have sufficient scientific arguments to defend current energies in an open confrontation.

I don’t say I won the race for wonderful energy because I think I am a better inventor than others. I had more patience to find the solution, taking many years. If the Institutional bodies really wanted to solve environmental and energy problems they could shorten the time by bringing together technicians and designers with different experiences, ordering them to find impartial and sustainable zero-emission, non-commercial solutions, such as those produced by multinationals. These working groups, sooner or later would have understood that the study of the scientific organization of work is like a comb that cannot move forward unless it completely undoes the knots it encounters from a scientific, technological and economic point of view. For the undersigned, putting together the water and air treatments, dissolving all the nodes that meet along the purification and energy paths, it is not possible to arrive at impartial solutions other than those identified by myself. In fact, I did not know what solutions I would have chosen when I started inventing as a pensioner but I trusted my working method, even if it was longer than the others, having to start from the beginning of all the processes. In fact, environmental and energy solutions cannot be wrong if all the scientific, technological, economic information available at the state of the art are brought together consistently, and the main and collateral work cycles of energy and environmental production are correctly set. This working method, which is the same that Frederick Taylor taught in 1911, has never been applied to the environmental sector, but would have allowed us to find the best solution, which is always one,  if we put the same basic information in the research, as today  happen putting information into a computer. In fact, if today we visit several factories of cars or household appliances, where automation is very advanced, we seem to visit the same factory for each type of product built in series.

The undersigned, who has learned to put the systems together correctly and to create the related connections in the automotive industry, has also applied the same working method in the environmental sector, linking together the water and air purification cycles. By first modifying the sewers and chimneys and technically undoing the knots of the long purification process, using existing technologies, he modified what he deemed necessary according to his experience and research. Each modified node represents an intellectual patent to identify an alternative development model that cannot be identified in a single patent. Only after untying the depurative nodes, did I continue to advance the comb to also remove the energy nodes, using the same working method. I believe that this work has not been done by any world research group in the industrial and pre-industrial era. If they did, it would have been impossible to create global warming and alluvial disasters produced by current hydropower. Current research groups have untied the knots inside the individual scientific and technological specializations. They did not go to the next stages, which concern the passages through increasingly narrow combs, where only the best energy could have passed. That is, the interactive one between water, air and gravitational force. I have discovered that this energy no center of world power, public and private, wants it, above all, the governments that have mistaken the model of development followed that are hiding behind science that does not have the courage to admit that it has erred in the fundamental principles of energy, which cannot be separated from the basic purification and economic principles: “Maximum energy and purification performance with minimum expense”. These should have been the objectives of world public science, instead they produced: “Maximum expenditure with minimum energy and purification yields”

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Luigi Antonio Pezone