I wrote this article, as a presentation of a future joint-stock company named SPAWHE (Synergic Plants Artificial Welling Hydroelectric Energy) to participate in a startup according to the following website entrepreneurs-2024, but then I realized that as a simple pensioner I don’t have the requirements to participate nor the initial capital. This takes me back a few years to the time I wrote the following article:

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Readers, and above all, global environmental and energy authorities, should understand the choices that urgently need to be made.

In light of the recent climatic events that are happening on the planet, where long periods of drought alternate with sudden floods that cause irreparable damage to agriculture and cities, without any respect for the four traditional seasons, it should be obvious that in the hydroelectric sector it is everything was wrong. This sector must be entirely redesigned. The worst inventions were the artificial basins which took away space for natural waters to slow down and favored the acceleration of mountain waters towards the valleys, while, precisely following the climate changes that are taking place, we would have needed empty basins in the mountains to slow down the flows towards rivers, lakes and seas and at the same time, we would have needed water storage basins in the plains where agriculture develops, to cope with long periods of drought and avoid flood damage to agriculture and urban centers.

In the latest article published by the undersigned ( open-to-the-true-secretary-dellonu-antonio-guterres/) I highlighted that we could modify all the current hydroelectric plants by transforming them into submerged hydroelectric plants with water recycling that could produce hydroelectric energy throughout the year while conserving the water basins at the minimum level in order to prevent unnecessary stress on the containment dams and conserve the volume to accommodate the sudden floods that are occurring all over the world. These considerations do not arise from a sudden intuition of a pensioner, but from a lifetime of work in industry and the environment and above all from the development of the purification details of fossil energy developed in 20 previous patent filings from 2005 to 2013, which the world ruling class equally has never achieved. The previous patents also serve to rationalize purification systems and plants that involve the use of fossil energy such as the production of steel and the incineration of biologically non-degradable waste. Unfortunately, due to the rapid increase in climate change, alternative energy inventions have become more urgent, which I would never have invented if the world ruling class had taken me seriously and had modified the sewers, the chimneys, the purifiers to close all the cycles that open in anthropic systems. As they say, not all evils have a silver lining.

It wasn’t easy to work alone on these interactive purification and energy solutions, which no one sees and which no one feels the need for. I have been forced into solitude in the workplace, and also to work for free for future generations who are not to blame for the choices that current ones make. However, the turning point that led me to start extracting clean energy directly from the environment began with the following Italian patent filings:

102014902290390 (CE2014A000011) dated 09.03.2014 entitled Marine water pumping systems suspended from floating platforms for down and upwelling; 102014902298581 (CE2014A000012) dated 03.11.2014 entitled vertical hydroelectric plants with water recycling; 102015000048792 (UB2015A003412) dated 04.09.2015 entitled Mobile perpetual current generators with compressed air or gas and water recycling; 102015000048796 (UB2015A003404) dated 07.09.2015 entitled Electric pumps and turbines with double feeding mouth; 102016000057968 (UA2016A004148) dated 06.08.2016 entitled Desalinizers – vertical ion exchange demineralizers with hydroelectric energy production; 102016000058416 (UA2016A004177), dated 08.06.2016 entitled Floating system with extruded, ribbed, reinforced and polystyrene filled polyethylene tubes; 102016000066396 (UA2016A004687), dated 06.27.2016 entitled autoclave system for water lifting, producer of hydroelectric energy; 102016000087373 (UA2016A006226) dated 08.26.2016 entitled Hydroelectric car with peripheral drive torque at the wheels; 102016000111939 (UA2016A008002), entitled Pressurized hydroelectric plants submerged in wells with lifting and oxygenation; 102016000111938 (UA2016A008001), dated 11.16.2016 entitled Pressurized hydroelectric plants submerged in basins with lifting and oxygenation; 102016000058018 (UA2016A004152), dated 11.16.2016 entitled Floating, hydroelectric plant, desalination plant, calcium and carbon extractor from deep sea waters; 102016000130510 (UA2016A009428), dated 12.23.2016 entitled Pressurized domestic plumbing system, hydroelectric energy producer; 102017000059993 (UA2017A003967) dated 01.06.2017 entitled Pressurized hydroelectric aerospace transport system with turbofans and compressed air injection. The list continues with other inventions on fuel-free aerospace transportation. But stopping at the production of hydroelectric energy submerged in basins and aquifers, it would not only have produced free electricity, but would have even oxygenated the water. The simple submerged hydroelectric that the entire science, business, politics and economy has not understood for ten years is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the compressed hydroelectric that has not even been understood. This is only slightly more complex due to the introduction of the autoclaves and the pump with the separate dual feed up to the impeller. Which is probably one of the most important inventions of all time, as it was designed to dynamically balance, in the body of the pump, the pressure of the high pressure recycled liquid with the liquid recovered at the turbine outlet, so that the two liquids together, enter with a single pressure back into the autoclave to produce compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy again, consuming the energy that a recycling pump consumes, not the energy that a water lifting pump consumes or a pump that has to win the pressure of an autoclave. Without the invention of this pump, experimentation and improvement of performance, it will never be possible to create mobile systems that extract energy from the environment, instead of from fuels or from electric cars always charged with the energy produced with fuels , with serious consequences for the environment and high energy costs, while a large part of the world population dies of hunger, cold, floods, drought, cannot find work, on planet Earth, which is certainly one of the few planets in the universe , where life and well-being could be within reach for all living beings if there were not a dull hunger for power that prevents inventors from working in the interests of all. To produce energy on planet Earth you don’t even need bulky, expensive, dangerous nuclear reactors that produce immense quantities of steam which is even more harmful than CO2 for environmental purposes. In fact, with the reinforced compressed hydroelectric system, with the electrical energy produced by the current generator connected to the shaft of the pump used as a turbine, we can reinforce the quantity of current necessary to dynamically balance in the body of the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller with the same electrical energy extracted from the environment. Compressed air always remains the energy source and water the energy carrier which are recycled infinitely by replenishing only the percentage of air that vents from the water recycling tank, located at the outlet of the turbine that produces the electricity through the alternator. It is obvious that by using a small part of the electrical energy produced by the alternator to keep the pressure of the autoclave tank constant and regulate the speed of the motor which feeds the pump with the low pressure water with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, which inserts the water that produced the energy into the pressurized recycling of the autoclave. As can be seen from the list of patents above, since 07.09 2015 we earthlings have solved the serious global energy problem existing in both fixed and mobile systems, with electricity extracted directly from the environment. Instead we are still wasting billions of dollars studying new energies that can never be cleaner, simpler and cheaper than energy extracted directly from the environment. While climate change produces millions of innocent victims and hundreds of billions more are needed to repair the damage and the inventor of these simple and linear solutions still cannot find financiers although the patents have lapsed as he has not even been able to support the bureaucratic expenses to keep them alive legally. Terrestrial science, despite the Nobel Prizes, in terms of the environment and energy, has lost its way on the fundamental terrestrial fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic principles. Atmospheric air and water are complementary due to the physical characteristics they have. Compressed air is an excellent energy accumulator, while water is an excellent energy carrier. But they are also complementary from an electromagnetic point of view. In fact, the interacting particles of water and air are automatically ionized through the ion exchange between the earth’s surface (-) and the ionosphere (+), which behave like the armatures of a large capacitor which thermoregulates the temperature through electrical discharges (lightning). Earth’s temperature, as confirmed by the planet’s leading climatology scholars. With current technologies it is impossible to think of intervening on this complex thermoregulatory mechanism. It is already fortunate that we have understood how it works and that we still have time to change the way we produce global energy, moreover, saving immense economic resources compared to current energy systems. The first objective of men, if they had common sense, should be to bring planet Earth back to the levels of CO2 and steam of the pre-industrial era, modifying all the wrong anthropic systems starting from sewers, chimneys, eliminating fuels in ordinary production which they account for over 95% of human activities and using them only in rare cases requires reaching high melting temperatures. They always carry out complete cycles that end with limestone greenhouses and artificial rains that produce carbonates, sulphates, nitrates and other mineral salts in the waters that go towards the sea. Global public science has never tried to clean fossil energy seriously as the undersigned did by producing carbonates, sulphates and nitrates in water, otherwise, to save on energy costs it would have realized that it was cheaper to produce clean energy extracted from environment directly than clean fossil energy. But what is strangest is the fact that the long list of patents of the undersigned have passed through public bodies that should protect the environment, but instead they didn’t notice anything and in some cases, they accused me of not respecting the principles of ‘power. In today’s society, if you write a fictional novel you are likely to find a publisher. If you propose inventions they must be in line with the development model that governments and multinationals intend to carry forward, otherwise you cannot find investors, you have to pay filing fees, maintenance fees, legal appeals in vain and if in the end it turns out that your inventions were correct, you are guilty of not respecting the protocol, not continuing to pay maintenance fees and therefore you have no legal rights to your inventions. It’s like living in a Franz Kafka novel. Instead we are talking about a development model that completely alters the current one which also concerns the extension of human life as the compressed hydroelectric system also inspired the invention of the artificial heart which by oxygenating human blood could cure any pulmonary, metabolic or neurological disease. There has also been dead silence on this invention on the part of world authorities and science linked to the centers of power.

For the undersigned, it is clear that planet Earth functioned perfectly before the industrial era, regulating the temperature and degree of humidity of the planet in the four traditional seasons, even if the inhabitants of Earth did not have current comforts. We are paying very dearly for these conveniences because they are based on thermal, nuclear, solar inventions and the large amount of electricity released into the atmosphere, the inefficient purifications, have completely upset the earth’s natural thermoregulatory electrical and electromagnetic balance.

My instinct as a designer and installer of anthropic systems has tried to put together the most efficient industrial solutions that involve the cycles of water, air, gravitational force, electrostatic currents, organic and inorganic chemistry in the same process. I copied part of the regulation and purification system from industrial painting systems, which since the middle of the last century have pressurized the painting booths with air filtering plenums, which they extract from the inclined floor of the booth together with veils of water extracted from circular holes which produce a venturi effect by mixing it with the air which transports the paint fumes towards the water and air recycling system, preceded by a special section of stainless steel fins which separate the drops of air and water, which follow different paths of filtration, treatment and conditioning to meet again in the booth, where there is also the electrostatic polarization of the paint flow which is attracted to the body to be painted by means of strategically positioned electrodes, so that there is a uniform distribution of the paint on the body itself. I mentioned this industrial system because the environmental and energy sector is very technologically behind the industrial sector. Without a transfer of experiences between industry and the environment it is not possible to bring planet Earth to the same technological level. I was not surprised that my forty inventions were not financed by public bodies, which for unknown reasons prefer to continue using thermal energy. Even if these energies become cleaner, they will never be interactive with photosynthetic, chemical and biological processes and will always be uneconomical and produce excess vapor which can only go towards the atmosphere. I was not surprised when I saw that current society prefers cars with electric accumulators to be charged through the production of thermal energy, while no one took into consideration my hydroelectric car which would run with an engine at room temperature autonomously without being subject to continuous recharges, powered by a special electrical network always coming from thermal energy. On the other hand, my artificial heart that would oxygenate the blood is also an unwanted invention by the current world ruling class. If my inventions on cleaning fossil energy had been created they would have almost automatically led to a reduction in the quantity of greenhouse gases (CO2, steam, ozone, combustion fumes), heat and electrostatic charges present in the atmosphere. The next phase would have been the observation that other energies, nuclear, solar, wind, are not even useful, because the transport of energy, as well as being expensive, disturbs the natural ionic exchange between the earth and the ionosphere. Above all, large terrestrial, naval and aeronautical thermal engines are not needed. You don’t even need large pumps, turbines or large electric motors. If energy on planet earth is everywhere through gravitational force, water and air, it is better to use small-sized systems that are easily interchangeable, repairable and can be coupled together to meet any energy needs with closed energy cycles, but which they allow the venting of the air dissolved in the water at the turbine exit. These systems would not transfer any form of pollution to eternity, but only the electricity to be used. Planet Earth has been damaged due to the fact that the designers of anthropic plants have considered it a large open plant, where the concentrations of polluting substances are dispersed in the atmosphere and space and purify themselves over time. In part the reasoning is correct. However, we must not forget that the Earth is four and a half billion years old and that in that long time it has never had to cope with the demands of over eight billion people who consume resources and produce pollution without knowing how the environment works earth and its purifying potential.

This does not mean that we have to give up the consumption of modern society and go back to living without the consumption and comfort to which we have become accustomed, even knowing that there would be an environmental cost that future generations would pay. If we change the development model by designing human plants better, future generations will not have to pay for our mistakes. It is sufficient to bring the values ​​of CO2, steam, ozone and atmospheric electrostatic charges back to pre-industrial values ​​and maintain them in these conditions, immediately starting to use the new energy and purification model based on submerged and compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy. What planet Earth lacked were common sense inventions that did not increase either the quantity of greenhouse gases or the quantity of electrostatic charges in the Earth’s atmosphere. We can only obtain these two indispensable requirements by eliminating all current thermal, nuclear, solar and wind energy inventions, which cost much more than submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy, which extracts energy from the environment, with lower costs, improving the quality of the water without polluting the air, without producing steam and without transporting high voltage energy into the atmosphere. This means that we must immediately start producing submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy throughout the planet and where necessary also reinforce it with a liquid denser than water, without continuing to pretend that this energy does not exist because public science hides and that private sector does the same because the bosses are in charge.

It is no coincidence that I still maintain on my own that my energy can be produced locally of any size in a fixed and mobile version and therefore, in addition to not producing greenhouse gases, it also does not produce atmospheric electrostatic charges and cannot be involved in atmospheric disasters, seismic, wars. Current energies are lacking precisely in moments of emergency, due to natural disasters or products of wars and bad planning. All users, large and small, could produce it independently without the need for fuel of any kind. If there was a minimum amount of collaboration from world governments and the United Nations, multinationals would have to adapt.

The figure above indicates the way to transform a hydroelectric plant with the hydraulic jump into a submerged hydroelectric plant without the hydraulic jump reinforced with compressed hydroelectric energy extracted directly from the terrestrial environment according to the following articles already published. 

116) 20.06.2024;;

115) 26.05.2024; https://

114) 20.04.2024,

As written above, these plants, being able to produce hydroelectric energy even with the minimum level of the upper basins, without consuming the water, will be an excellent tool for preventing droughts and floods, together with the plants designed with the same criterion to better distribute the drinking water in the area without wasting it, as can be seen from the figure below.

The pressurized hydroelectric current generator, shown above, in addition to being able to be used on all means of transport of the future, also allows the supply of additional electrical energy to the electric motors necessary to regulate the flow of recycled water, and therefore to strengthen the flow rate. of energy-producing recycled water with other energy extracted from the environment on site without the cost of raw materials and without producing, CO2 and steam, which are greenhouse gases. Furthermore, without the need to transport high voltage electricity on pylons, which interferes with the natural ion exchange of the earth’s surface with the ionosphere. I’m sorry to say it, but Earth science has focused much more on the brute force of thermal and nuclear energy and much less on the interactive energy that can be produced at Earth’s temperature with fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic contact, which instead can also bring us in space by adding together the Newton Lorentz thrust. It is no coincidence that these two forces have never been added together. Terrestrial electromagnetism can only be produced cold and therefore must be coupled with cold-produced electrical energy. While global multinationals, not wanting to invest in raw materials that cost nothing, such as water and air, insist on producing it hot with new nuclear power or by transforming hydrogen and ammonia into fuel, regardless of the fact that they will continue to produce steam which is the major cause of global warming, regardless of the very high costs and the energy autonomy that would allow energy production extracted directly from the environment. I think that global energy and environmental science has lost all credibility by continuing to remain silent on this topic for ten years despite all the publications of the undersigned on this topic.

This energy, producing only wear on the rotating parts of the recycling electric pumps, turbines with their motors and power generator, can work 365 days a year for 24 hours a day with inverters that regulate the revolutions of the recycling pump with the dual power supply separate wire to the impeller, which is the heart of all systems of the future. The more the water circulates in the system, the more it purifies itself. This energy system could save the planet from global warming, hunger and cold at any latitude and longitude of the planet.

Luigi Antonio Pezone