(Twenty-four open letter to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations)

After the unusual article entitled: ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS AND REPLIES OF A FALSE SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UN, I write another even more unusual one, reported above.

For strange circumstances, I received a donation offer from a widowed 67-year-old lady. Never having received responses from global public institutions, especially from the United Nations, I responded to this lady with the same words I would have used against a public institution. For privacy reasons, I do not include the lady’s surname and email address. Here is the first letter received:

 Mrs. Johanna  to Luigi Antonio Pezone 30 September 2019 01:02

Good day Dear God’s Chosen,

Calvary Greetings in the name of the LORD Almighty and Our LORD JESUS CHRIST the giver of every good thing. Good day, i know this letter will definitely come to you as a huge surprise, but I implore you to take the time to go through it carefully as the decision you make will go off a long way to determine my future and continued existence. Iam Mrs. Johanna ………….. aging widow of 67 years old suffering from long time illness Cancer. I have some funds I inherited from my late husband, The sum of (US$ 8.5 Million Dollars) and I needed a very honest and God fearing who can withdraw this money then use the funds for Charity works. I WISH TO GIVE THIS FUNDS TO YOU FOR CHARITY WORKS. I found your email address from the internet after honest prayers to the LORD to bring me a helper and i decided to contact you if you may be willing and interested to handle these trust funds in good faith before anything happens to me.

I accept this decision because I do not have any child who will inherit this money after I die. I want your urgent reply to me so that I will give you the deposit receipt which the COMPANY issued to me as next of kin for immediate transfer of the money to your account in your country, to start the good work of God, I want you to use the 40/percent of the total amount to help yourself in doing the project.

I am desperately in keen need of assistance and I have summoned up courage to contact you for this task, you must not fail me and the millions of the poor people in our to days WORLD. This is no stolen money and there are no dangers involved,100% RISK FREE with full legal proof. Please if you would be able to use the funds for the Charity works kindly let me know immediately.I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality and trust in this matter to accomplish my heart desire, as I don’t want anything that will jeopardize my last wish. I want you to take 40 percent of the total money for your personal use while 60% of the money will go to charity. I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality and trust in this matter to accomplish my heart desire, as I don’t want anything that will jeopardize my last wish. You can contact me via this email address: (………………………)

Thanks and God bless you,

Mrs. Johanna ………….. ,

written from Hospital.

Luigi Antonio Pezone <> to Mrs  Johanna > 30 september 2019 04:41

I thank you for the opportunity you offer me, but I am very skepcal about its authencity not only because I

found it in the spam mail, but above all, because I received many false offers of collaboration, which in reality, only wanted to extort money. I have never fallen into these traps because I have no money to be extorted from me and I am not looking for private lenders, but social use and intellectual recognition on with the copyrights of my inventions, when it is ascertained that they are reliable and sustainable. If world environmental and energy authorities were interested in my solutions, they would already know where to find me. But it is clear that my solutions are uncomfortable for everyone. I cannot continue to spend money to find public and private interlocutors who have made me lose national and international patents by pretending not to understand the purifications and the interactive energies that could solve the major global problems. Sooner or later world governments will have to take responsibility because science cannot be based on the alliances of political and economic centers of power that are realized through the sale of patents, publications and paid congresses, from which private inventors are excluded. In fact, not finding financiers, they lose all rights to their inventions, unable to bear the legal fees to maintain their rights, which do not concern industrial property, but at least intellectual property, which is recognized to all authors of works of intellect, without the need to pay maintenance fees, and to make legal appeals, against power centers that pretend not to understand the simplest and most important inventions of all me based on scientific principles known for centuries, but never put together coherently to continue damage the environment undisturbed. Therefore, those who really want to help my social inventions should not ask me to anticipate even small bank charges to start the bureaucratic formalities that demonstrate the not authenticity of the financing.

Some of the following articles published on my website have been published by important international journals, but for myself, it is important that they are all together on my website to show that true sustainable development is not desired by governments, nor by multinationals, nor from the science that made a mistake in not identifying the primary source of world energy which is the gravitational force combined with fluid dynamics and the principle of the impenetrability of bodies that can be realized in every corner of the Earth, even in the human body, without energy costs and without polluting, but purifying the environment and human blood.







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43. -replies-of-a-false-general-secretary-of-the-un/

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone

Mrs.Johanna To  Luigi Antonio Pezone, 1 october 2019 01:38

Good day Dear God’s Chosen,

Mr. Antonio Pezone, May God almighty bless you for your kind devotion, I wish to confirm to you that I am glad to read your mail this moment. Mr. Antonio Pezone, Really you are the God chosen one and it pleases my heart and spirit to communicate with you especially when i believed and confirm that such a man like you is God fearful man. I decided to hand over this money to you and you should know that my contact to you is by the special grace of God, please understand that you are not helping me rather you are working for God the creator of heaven and earth. So that the work of God is maintained, I had no choice than to do what is lawful and right in the sight of God for eternal life and in the sight of man to witness of God mercy and glory upon my life.

Yes, I decided to hand over this money to you for the help of widows, less privileges and to do philanthropic work and building church’s inyour country, and you should know that my contact to you is by special grace of God, please understand me clear, you are not helping me’’ No, you are working for God the creator of heaven and earth. Now hear me again’’ I want you to take 40 Percent of the total amount for your personal use. And use 60 percent to help orphanages and do philanthropist works, Building Clinic, school, Church’s so that widows to endeavor that the house of God is maintained, I hope you will utilize this money the way I instructed you herein. My husband died after a brief illness that lasted for only five days. Since his death I decided not to remarry. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of (US$ 8.5  millions dollars) in a bank in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso in West Africa. Presently this money is still in bank there. I am doing this so that God will forgive my sins and accept my soul because this sickness has suffered me so much. Please, hear me loud, I do not need any telephone communication in this regard because of my health, and because of the presence of my husband’s relatives around me always, therefore, I don’t want them to know about this as they are not aware of the deposited fund.

However, as soon as i receive your reply I shall give you the contact of my late husband’s account management so that you will establish an open communication with her for proper directives for an easier and smooth transferring of the fund, and i will also introduce you to the bank and you will follow their instruction for the legal transfer of the fund, I will also issue you an authority letter that will prove you the present beneficiary of this money, as you have assured me that you will act according to my wish. I am waiting for your urgent response so that i can direct you to the bank for further procedures of the transfer. Don’t forget to always pray for me because all my hope to survive is in God the creator who holds death and life, Hoping to receive your reply.

Thanks and God bless you,


Mrs. Johanna……….   written from Hospital

Luigi Antonio Pezone  to “Mrs.Johanna …..”1 ottobre 2019 04:07

 I believe in God but I don’t believe in men. For this reason I continue to work without anyone paying my work to improve the environment and human health. If I receive a loan, wherever it comes from, I will never use the money for personal use. But I repeat that I receive many offers from fake lenders who then ask to pay a small sum in advance to access the funds. I don’t fall into these pitfalls. If your story is true I am very sorry for your state of health. But I think our health weaknesses make us more human, otherwise we will be much worse. Two years ago I was operated on for colon cancer. Thank God I’m fine now, but that didn’t stop me from doing my job even during my illness, because I think my life would have been useless if I hadn’t lived it the way I lived it. That is usi ng my work and my knowledge not to make a career and create a personal profit, but to give my contribution so that future generations will live better than us. This is very difficult to happen, because all those who do my work obey the public and private world centers of power that do not work for the common good. I can’t accept this. For this reason I retired at only fifty-seven years and without any public or private funding I studied an alternative environmental and energy development model. Today I am seventy years old and work above all for my six grandchildren whom I love most of my life. But I also think of the other Grandparents who can’t know my job and can’t do it. I also work for them without expecting any reward from any world and divine authority, but only from my conscience.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone.

Mrs.Johanna……….. To  Luigi Antonio Pezone  1 octobre  2019 15:57

Dear Mr. Antonio Pezone, O Lord, God of heaven, great and awesome God, who stays faithful to your covenant with those who love you and who strive to love others as ourselves. You alone are the Lord. You made the heavens, the highest heavens, and all their host, the earth and everything upon it, the seas and everything in them, God I depend in you and rely all my hope in you and I prayed you should save my life in this surgery operation I am planning to attend in India. Faith is so vital to the Christian life as the prescription of the ”Scripture”, faith from God grow to immense proportions in the lives of believers and spreading out to influence all they come into contacts with. Christ told his disciples that, with just a tiny measure of it, the size of a mustard seed, they could move mountains. I believed in this awesome scripture. Therefore, I believed in words of my father the owner of my living life and I knew that my awesome God will not allow me to die in this hectic illness. Perhaps, God anointing is about to empower a humble brother destined to do his work, Mr. Antonio Pezone, greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his brother”, it’s a word of God. (Psalm 37:23) The Lord said, you will establish peace for us, since you have also performed for us all our works, you are implementing this work for God not for human as well as I have devoted my wealth for the help of the less privileges in your country. Note: I would like you to contact my late husband account manager in Islamic bank Burkina Faso where the said fund is deposited because I have already passed an instruction to her in Burkina Faso so that she can assist you with more directives to make sure that everything about the transaction goes smoothly and successfully. Her name is Mrs. Angel……. Mrs. Angel ……….  is a very nice woman and she is a manager in Islamic bank in Burkina Faso. The below is her email contact information, try and contact her immediately via email. Name Mrs. Angel……… , Emails Address; mrs_angel………… Phone Number: +226…………..

Thus, you should quickly contact her immediately for onwards processing of the transfer, I have already instructed her to send you a copy of the deposit slip document once you contacted her. God bless you and guide you for this wonderful work of God. Please, always remember me in your prayers especially now I am planning to go for a surgery operation. I am really afraid of losing my life. Hoping to receive your reply. Thanks and God bless you,


 Mrs. Johanna ……… written from Hospital.

Luigi Antonio Pezone To  Mrs.Johanna ……….1 octobre 2019 19:18

Dear Mrs Johanna, I can only pray for the success of your operation and pass on our correspondence to

Mrs Angel ………… It must be her to contact me and convince me, because I continue to be very skeptical.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone

From Luigi Antonio Pezone To mrs_angel………… Ccn: mrsjohanna……… 1 octobre 2019 20:22

Dear Mrs Angel, I would like to convey them in attachment, the correspondence I had with Mrs.Johanna……. that has the unusual title “God day Dear God’s Chosen” automatically established by my computer. I hope you know what to do. For my part, I also confirm to her my skepticism and that I will do nothing against the existing laws and that I will not anticipate any sum, even small, to untangle bureaucratic aspects. If the situation is not clear, please close this correspondence immediately, because it distracts me from my work, which I intend to carry on at least virtually, without funding and without experimentation. In fact, I am completing the last patent deposits and related publications; so that at least future generations can understand that there are sustainable development paths that science and world institutions have never traveled without explaining the reasons.

 Best regards

 Luigi Antonio Pezone

 2 attachments Gmail – Good day Dear God’s Chosen,.pdf 82K Gmail – Dear God’s Chosen,.pdf 129K

 From Mrs. Angel………. To  Luigi Antonio Pezone   2 octobre 2019 11:05

Mr. Luigi Antonio Pezone, in respect to your mail, I have been informed about you by your partner Mrs. Johanna …………. who is in a very critical situation in Australia hospital. She told me about her intention to Will her late husband inheritance fund which are presently in our bank, Islamic development bank Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. Perhaps, I was the Manager foreign remittance department in Islamic development bank and also I was account management of the late Dr. ……….. before his demist, although I have retired from the bank few months ago but for the safety and subsequent disbursement of the transfer, their are my colleagues in Islamic development bank who will facilitate the transferring of the fund to your nominated bank account in your country for execution of the urgent project in your country as Mrs. Johanna have instructed. Notwithstanding, as part of commitments to provide you with better and more efficient banking direction. I am here for you and I will represent you here to make sure that everything about this transfer went successfully to your designated bank account but if only you wish, you can equally come down here so that both of us can go to the bank and it will easily allow you to witness the transferring of the fund before you return back to your country.

 Please be advise to follow my instruction and guidance because I have make all the necessary arrangement with the bank and the bank was only asking for your details information to enable them to open a file in your name and to speed up the transfer process, and the bank will also initiate an open communication with you via email, and once they contact you then try and cooperate with the bank. Note, while replying this mail then comply with your details information to enable me to submit it to the bank and also to enable them to open a file in your name and to prepare a change of ownership certificate in your name because your partner told me to obtain a change of ownership in your favor for the legal and comprehensive standard of the transfer. I am waiting for your urgent response. Best Regards,

Mrs. Angel ………

From Luigi Antonio Pezone To Mrs_angel…………,  Mrs. johanna……… 2 octobre 2019 20:22,

Dear Mrs. Angel, I continue to be very skeptical about the authenticity of this situation and certainly if it became real the Italian legislative and tax authorities would be skeptical, who do not understand anything about science and technology but are unsurpassed in terms of bureaucracy. However, I invite you and Mrs. Johanna to evaluate my proposal, which is not negotiable, so you can immediately back off from this business without consequences for anyone.

As I did, recently in a very similar fake financing situation (, regardless of your decision, I will publish an article on this topic on my website with the following title “AGAINST THE INEFFICIENCY OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND GOVERNMENTS EVEN THE OBED OF WIDOW MAY BE USEFUL TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT”.

This article has a dual purpose:

1) Justify the origin of the money to the legislative and tax authorities if your donation is real.

2) To make the world authorities understand the difficulties in finding an inventor who deals with social, environmental and energy problems, without partisan interests or alliances with the centers of power. As these authorities do not respond to their institutional tasks, isolating the inventors who represent no public or private society and no organized association that protests without solutions, such as the Yellow vests, the protesters following a girl named Greta Thumberg, the unions, or environmental associations. However, the undersigned has the evidence of being esteemed from a technical and scientific point of view otherwise he would not be invited to scientific meetings all over the world, to which he does not participate merely because he is not sponsored by economic, public and private centers of power, he can afford the travel expenses allowed to public and private employees who propose commercial solutions, or in any case not comparable with the interactive ones proposed by the undersigned for environmental protection and sustainable development.

However, if Mrs. Johanna, is a real person and with the intention of making her donation, I confirm that I will allocate 60% of the donation to the charitable works indicated by her and I will not use the remaining 40% for personal purposes, but only to demonstrate the validity of my interactive depurative and energy solutions.

For this purpose, the only personal expense I will pay is to open a new current account, which will be separate from the one I currently own, which is very modest, being fed only by my retirement income and no other income. My family is single income and the money I earned with my work was used to grow, study and marry my daughters. I have nothing over the apartment I live in and I have a fifteen-year-old car. I don’t need anything else to continue to invent useful things in the world of the environment and sustainable energy, even without experimentation.

Having said that, it only depends on the sincerity of Mrs. Johanna, and from your organization going ahead in this operation, because I will not come to your country at my expense (among other things, my international passport has expired for many years) and I will not even open the new current account without your confirmation that you accept my conditions. I will pray for Mrs. Johanna so that the surgery can succeed, if she is a real person and really sick. Otherwise my prayers will go to the hope of repenting his sins, without any rancor. I will pray, above all so that the world leaders in the environment, energy and lawmakers realize their scientific and technological and legislative ignorance, which deny the author’s rights to inventors of public utility solutions to support the power games of multinationals that propose only commercial solutions. I will continue to do my job so that, in one way or another, sooner or later, the many scientific truths of interactive energy come out. As I thanked the false secretary of the UN, I also thank the possible false widow Johanna for giving me the opportunity to write this article condemning the hypocrisy of the world public authorities.

Yours sincerely

Luigi Antonio Pezone.     


The one above is the full transcript of my correspondence with an alleged false widow and a false alleged accomplice banking. If public this article means that these two characters are false results, as the undersigned suspected from the first moment. The false UN Secretary described in the previous article was also false: /. Some might say that believing these characters is like believing the witch. I agree. But I purposely wanted to respond to these characters to show that the real characters at the UN and in governments are no more credible than these adventurers.

Of these false letters of donations and funding the undersigned receives many, while the real world centers of power do not respond, they exchange patents among themselves and make tailor-made laws without receiving any technical and scientific opposition. Apart from the street demonstrations in favor of the environment. These events have the opposite effect as they provide more funding for the environment, and therefore higher taxes to pay. But the environmental and energy solutions are always the same. They improve technologies and returns but do not question the principles on which they are based, which are partial and non-interactive. Therefore, they are not sustainable even if no scientist has noticed.

In fact, today we are in trouble because there are no sustainable projects proposed by those who govern the world and by opposition, environmental problems are even more aggravated, but public spending and debt are justified ( la-fraud-of-public-debt-World /). It would take a few thousand euros to deny the undersigned on a technical and scientific level but no one pulls them out because the entire world ruling class is involved.

I had decided not to publish this letter even after having translated it into Italian, but today (10/18/2019) I received another one that also involves a sister Reverend who works in an orphanage connected to a hospital in Paris. I do not know if any of these letters will be real, but as written above, until proven otherwise, I believe everyone, because I do not believe in world institutions that should protect the environment and human life.

This time the donation offered is only $ 150,000 but should be enough to prove the fundamental principle of primary energy. I will send this letter to the new alleged lender, confirming that I do not need his money to enjoy the last years of my life, but to show that interactive energies are not “perpetual motion” but the best sustainable inventions for the problems of our time.

The question I ask myself is the following: when the world public authorities realize that there are also inventions of private inventors that are much cheaper than those produced by public inventors because they are not paid by anyone and in many cases have gained experience transversal that cannot be acquired in universities, public research centers and multinationals that always investigate in the same directions, in order not to deny the work already done and the investments already made? In fact the current global energy and purification systems do not exploit the natural interactive principles that occur in nature because the machines and plants that should favor them are wrong. These principles in anthropic plants cannot occur automatically as they occur in nature because anthropogenic plants do not realize complete plants, as nature did them after 4.5 billion years. The anthropic installations, fixed and mobile, do not respect the quantities, the proportions of the components, the contact times between the chemical and biological elements that should react. We accept limits of toxic emissions in the environment not because they are inevitable, but because the plants are wrong, which with hindsight should not have been realized since the advent of the industrial era. Even if they have created the current progress. Today, we may be able to correct all the mistakes made by designing anthropic systems again, but since everyone is involved, public and private institutions, there is general omertà.

The transversal inventions can only be proposed by inventors who are free from the constraints of public and private company policies that have an interest in hiding their mistakes and preventing progress in the global state of the art, which would eliminate the main current energy sources that are not only polluting but also uneconomical.

Small mathematical formulas of the scientists of the past have revealed to us the mysteries of the universe and of the main forces that govern it. Let’s think about the most famous formula in the world E = mxc2 The letter c indicates the value of the speed of light (300,000 kilometers per second). The exponent 2 indicates that, to calculate the energy E, obtainable from a certain quantity of matter, the value of its mass m must be multiplied by the square of the speed of light. This formula is wonderful and all the scientists understood it, or pretended to understand it. Personally, I did not understand it, but I believe it by faith as I believe in God, even though Albert Einstein who identified it is not God.

What I really believe in as a technician are small practical details that scientists don’t understand. Unfortunately, these details have also escaped Albert Einstein. The fact is very strange because these small details can allow us to circumvent the gravitational force, purify and produce energy by consuming only the wear and tear of the machines invented by man based on scientific principles legislated long before general relativity. But we must first of all enter into the detail of how an impeller of a centrifugal pump is made and how it works. Many know this and would like to agree with me, but they cannot express their opinion without infringing corporate orders.

If scientists blindly believe that E = mx c2 but do not believe that the power of centrifugal pumps must be modified by separating it in at least two parts into the impeller in most of the world’s energy and depurative applications, I no longer believe in world science, because it is easier to believe the undersigned than the theory of relativity. I am sorry that Albert Einstein cannot answer personally, because Albert Einstein was a person with sound moral principles. It would not have escaped comparison, as world science is doing. Non si sarebbe sottratto al confronto, come sta facendo la scienza mondiale. Questa invenzione del sottoscritto si sta rivelando l’invenzione più scomoda del mondo. This invention of the undersigned is proving to be the most uncomfortable invention in the world. The figure of the widow, who often appears in the Catholic gospel, is the virtuous example of the spirit of sacrifice that less well-off people must show as opposed to the waste of resources that the powerful make.

Today, the figure of the widow is represented above all by the very few private inventors that without economic means continue to propose sustainable solutions, because it is precisely the absence of economic means and sources of financing that has sharpened the genius of the undersigned who has rummaged in the waste of multinationals and major global public bodies to recover scientific principles neglected by world science, designing an alternative development model.  The paradoxical thing is the fact that the undersigned has not spent a single euro to prove his inventions practically because he applies already known scientific principles, but he has had to spend about 20,000 euros for national and international filing fees to deposit forty patents, without have no legal rights to his inventions even if they prove to be correct. Moreover, he could not download anything from the taxes he normally pays from his retirement income, because the laws of the Italian state and probably world-wide, do not foresee that pensioners can decide to exploit their work experience, when they finally get rid of company orders and can show their creativity from a design standpoint. Therefore those who want to be a retired inventor must also be punished from a fiscal point of view. While scientists, legislators, entrepreneurs, show no curiosity to know their inventions, considering them only an element of disturbance between their legitimate and hidden business. This article is linked to an article published in the distant June 2015, on entitled “ALSO CHURCHES AND ASSOCIATIONS SHOULD LEARN TO DESIGN” “EVEN THE CHURCHES AND ASSOCIATIONS SHOULD LEARN TO DESIGN” to underline the fact that the moral motivations of scientists, designers and inventors are very important for planning sustainable development. The results that could be obtained are above all expectations, as the undersigned has shown with its forty related patents, has virtually changed the entire world society (purification, energy, transport, and even power supply if the dual function of artificial welling is included). But the world has not noticed anything because these inventions are uncomfortable for everyone. Above all, for science, not motivated by moral principles. Einstein himself thought the same way as was written in the book “Thoughts, ideas, opinions of Einstein” of Newton Compton Publishers. Here are the words of Einstein: “Science can only be created by those who are totally dedicated to truth and understanding. This emotional source, however, springs from the sphere of religion. Belief in the possibility that the rules valid for the world of existence are rational, that is understandable for reason, also belongs to it. I cannot conceive of a genuine scientist who defects this profound faith. We can express the situation with an image: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”.

I think that we cannot go on with a science that in schools, books, publications and paid congresses teaches respect for the limits of toxic emissions due to thermal, chemical and nuclear plants. However, he is silent on how to design the plants so as not to produce such emissions, and he is silent when ministerial bureaucrats ignorant of the world patent offices define “perpetual motion” as machines and interactive systems that could allow it. They are waiting for some inventor with no money to be financed by some wealthy widow to prove these scientific truths. This, as the undersigned has shown in this article, is very unlikely, but it could be more likely to receive funding from the current global power centers that have enslaved science that is not yet able to make a single fixed or mobile plant , complete and autonomously energetically. That is Interactive, like the artificial heart of man, the terrestrial and spatial means of transport, artificial welling.

World science still believes that “perpetual motion” is impossible to achieve, instead it is not convenient to realize it because it would not produce and would not consume energy. The compressed hydroelectric interactive energy is much cheaper, statically exploiting the energy of the most powerful energy accumulator in the world called “compressed air”.  Which, in this system, not only returns the energy accumulated at 10 bar with the interest of 1000%, but can double that interest if we double the pressure, and triple it if we triple it. Moreover, by purifying, the incompressible water that becomes the energetic actuator, dissolving oxygen in it as a result of Henry’s law. The world science that has not understood how to use the energy storage power of compressed air that can be delivered at any time of day or night at any terrestrial temperature, avoiding the use of fossil, chemical, nuclear fuels, has granted the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to the inventors of lithium storage batteries, which are certainly useful. But much less than you might think. As science refuses to understand and experience the compressed hydroelectric interactive energy that can be produced instant by instant in every corner of the earth. Lithium batteries, like all batteries invented by man, have costs and cannot have an efficiency greater than 100% of the energy that generated them. If we consider that the average efficiency of a thermal plant is about 35% of the lower calorific value of the fuel and that the transport of energy to the points of use, involves a loss of about 15%, a lithium battery cannot have a efficiency higher than 0.3% compared to the original fossil source (0.35 * 0.85), while the compressed-air energy storage in compressed hydroelectric plants, neglecting the purifying effects of Henry’s law, neglecting the fact that it has no costs of supplying components (air and water), neglecting the fact that it has yields at least three thousand times higher (1000 / 0.3). With these blunders of science and world centers of power it is easy that sooner or later they will succeed in destroying the planet. A scientific Nobel Prize does not make sense if science does not apply globally. It can be considered as a kind of corporate reward, but a company that is failing because it cannot design globally.

If we are not talking about the company but the entire world community, we must talk about development models. As communism and fascism failed, capitalism is also failing precisely because of the absence of scientific oppositions capable of scientifically organizing the global work that today is completely in the hands of multinationals, which have no global project, but are specializing in individual sectors and also buying patents developed by public researchers, who take their salaries with taxpayers’ money.

What sense did the constitution of the United Nations have after the Second World War, if the centers of world power do not develop global projects and are all at the service of the multinationals? These, as mentioned, are specialized in single sectors and produce only commercial inventions. Which, while respecting the limits of toxic emissions granted by public environmental regulations, are not equally compatible with the environment because not even public bodies develop projects globally, just to sell their patents to multinationals. In fact, globally designing the systems means closing all the cycles that open without tolerating any toxic emissions. Where it is not possible to close the thermal and chemical cycles, as in transport systems, it is not true that the only possible solution is lithium or lithium-free energy accumulators. The solution thousands of times better is the compressed hydroelectric energy that multinationals and public research centers pretend not to understand.

Therefore, the few inventors who try to develop global projects are obviously excluded from the political, global economic and scientific context, which obviously do not interest multinationals and consequently, not even to public research bodies and to those who distribute Nobel prizes. Should we ask ourselves the reasons why, even today, the intellectual property of inventions is not a right like other intellectual works? Is an authorial framework or the compressed hydroelectric energy that would not pollute and would not have the cost of fuels and batteries more important? Or the artificial welling that could feed billions of people and fight ocean acidification, which the centers of power and world science do not comment on for obscure reasons, without giving any explanation? We should talk about these things. Artificial welling is probably the most ambitious and important project conceived by man, certainly it cannot be financed with the donations of false widows and we hope authentic donors of more modest sums. World governments and science must assume their responsibilities. Science is not an opinion like politics, religions, economy. Everything can be tested and compared in every detail and choose the best solution. The undersigned has been able to make these comparisons only virtually, but it is evident that the powerful of the earth are afraid to actually make these comparisons. Because they would realize that the whole world society is to be demolished and rebuilt, starting from the primary energy that is not thermal, nuclear, solar, wind, but dynamic fluid coupled with the induced electromagnetic one, without the need for fuels, radioactive metals, catalysts and batteries, except in small applications, which will not affect global development.

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone.