COP 23, the mysteries of the interactive energy and depurations hided by the institutions.

(Fifth open letter to International Courts of Justice)

The United Nations World Climate Conference (Cop 23) will be held in Bonn, Germany, from 6 to 17 November 2017 will be another hole in the water (in the sense that it will leave no trace) because we are far from the possibility that some of the workmen talk about the mysteries of energy and interactive depurations hidden by all the world’s institutions to hide scientific, design and management mistakes that occur from the advent of the industrial era. If this does not happen, next year I will publish this article again by changing only the location and date of the conference. I will do this also for subsequent years.

As a citizen of Italy and the world, I feel fooled by the public institutions of the world for silence on interactive solutions for environmental protection and energy production, because I spent eleven years of work, especially in reasoning, to put them together , which led to the creation of unique energy and purification systems, unfortunately only virtual, in the absence of public listeners available for listening. But even virtual solutions are something compared to nothing that the public institutions in the world have expressed. From the website you can find several articles and patents that describe in detail the rational study of fossil energy cleaning, which includes the expansion of the smoke cycle beyond the chimneys, which the undersigned should be modified to capture the fumes to react with cooling water and purify it and calcareous material, it has come out that even fossil energy can interact positively with the environment by producing carbonates in waters that neutralize CO2 , sulphates and nitrates that neutralize SOx, NOx and fine dust simply crushed with artificial rain. While recovered heat from cooling water and the same fumes can be used to heat anaerobic digesters, which produce biogas and liquid digest used to produce digestible biomass again by purifying water into superimposed biological ponds. This important interactive system between energy and water and air purification, which starts from fossil thermal energy and closes all the processes involved in the process by producing purified and alkaline waters and biological energy has been deposited in numerous national and international patents since 2010 to 2014, all ignored and concealed by world public entities, who continued to develop non-interactive thermal systems with purifying systems.

One has to wonder why world institutions ignored everything? I think they have hidden these solutions because they are demonstrating their mistakes: no thermal power plants can be produced from thousands of KW / h randomly located on the territory, without analyzing complete purification cycles without the amount of water and calcareous materials needed to chemically neutralize the cycles of  CO2, SOx and NOx and the spaces needed to the collateral plants. It is not possible to realize at random large purifiers far from urban centers because the sludge waters must be separate at source and water and air must interact in the same urban centers as they purge each other in interactive processes. In addition, as stated above, purifiers must work together with fossil and biological thermal plants to complete a single complete process. These solutions did not arise by chance, but by applying to the environment the scientific work organization on the model used by Frederick Taylor in 1911 when he studied the scientific organization of industrial work. The undersigned has only replaced the environmental and energy cycles of machines and men. As the organization of industrial work has led to new inventions that have accelerated production and improved the quality of products, so the organization of environmental work has led to the diversification of energy and purification plants that can not be separated from one another can separate water and air processes, otherwise you lose the benefit of interactivity that increases the performance of all processes. However, the discovery of this interactivity, that would have the ability to clean the fossil energy of fixed installations was just the tip of the iceberg, because continuing the environmental work cycle analysis the situation can still be greatly improved and the costs of energy production and purification can be greatly reduced.  Indeed, by continuing to reason rationally, if we put aside pollution, and focus on the economic aspect of solutions, we can see that the most popular and cheaper energy in the state of the art is that produced with fuels, with an average yield of 0.35 compared to the lower heat power. This performance is thousands of times less than interactive energy that has never been produced. To understand this it would be enough to consider that the pressure produced in the combustion chamber by burning a fuel produces gases whose density is almost a thousand times inferior to water, while the maximum pressure can reach 40 bar. If instead of using the burst pressure, we use compressed air, we can even exceed 100 bar.  If we multiply the pressure for the fluid density, at the same passage section, we have a higher productive power of almost 2,500 times. Pur considerando la maggiore velocità dell’aria, avremo sempre potenze altissime rispetto ai motori termici.  In addition, the compressed hydroelectric motor is simpler to build and manage: it uses air pressure statically, on the water surface, within which one part of the same water circulates one water through a pump with a low prevalence (since the static pressure of an incompatible liquid does not oppose the kinetic energy developed within the accumulated volume). Therefore, if we practice a hole on the wall of the tank and by this we feed a turbine, this is fed with a pressure of 100 bar instead of 40 and with the density of water instead of air. The problem to be solved in the pressurized hydroelectric power plant is not to find the turbines suitable to use the pressure because all the pumps can be used as turbines, if they are fed contrary to normal use, above all, the multi-rotating pumps, which can reach a hundred bar, and gearbox volumetric pumps, used in the hydraulic system, which, with smaller dimensions, can get to much higher pressures. The problem to be solved was how to recover the water or liquid that produces electricity through the turbine and put it back into the pressurized circuit with low energy costs to achieve a continuous energy cycle. This is thought of by the same low-water circulation pump that circulates the water inside the pressurized tank, which compared to the current pumps has a second supply perfectly separate from the first, entering the same impeller of the pump. If we divide the so-called pump entry eye into four alternating sectors, two powered in high pressure and two in low pressure, with the water discharged from the turbine, when the impeller rotates, each sector enters successively high and low pressure water. Since the flows go in the same direction, the water in the high pressure, not only balancing the pressure in the inlet and outlet of the impeller, also pushes toward the exit of the water with less pressure. Obviously, for the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, only the amount of water (or other engine fluid) that can simultaneously expel the turbine can enter the pressurized tank. It can be easily understood that in this circuit the pump only serves to enter the water into the pressurized water recycle circuit consumes only a small percentage of the energy produced by the turbine. The kinetic energy of the water flowing through the turbine is provided by the compressed air, which acts statically through the Pascal principle over the entire surface of the pressurized water tank. The water crosses the passage section existing in the turbine with a calculated speed with the principle of Torricelli. There is no water consumption or even compressed air because it is locked in a closed enclosure not connected to the turbine output. However, if we apply the principle of henry we realize that a part of air dissolves in the water in proportion to the pressure exerted on the surface, therefore, because the air contains about 20% oxygen, this system in addition to being the most energy system powerful and economical invented by man, is also the most powerful and economical purification system.  In fact, every time that the water from the atmospheric pressure enters the pressurized tank spontaneously absorbs oxygen to the Henry’s law without energy expenditure, while with current oxidation systems requires immense powers absorbed because the power of the compressors or blowers must win the hydraulic pressure on the air diffusers. This also involves huge costs for diffusers that logged with sludge. So with the pressurized hydropower system, we can produce energy and oxidation in the polluted soils of agricultural and urban nitrates and phosphates. It is also the most potent and economic prevention system of droughts, floods, acidification and eutrophication. In fact, recycling water, without dams and docks in the mountains, but in the valleys, we slow down the flow of fresh water to the sea, making them more available for agriculture, making them enrich with oxygen while producing energy, but also carbonates through the contact with rocks and calcareous soils. At the same time, the same energy-generating plants can divert a greater or lesser amount of water to the irrigation channels or high water escape routes to the sea when rising river levels, which will already be frequent present, emptying the basins in the mountains.  We can also consider interactive water desalterers which through the pumps with the dual power supply separate to the impeller can allow the circulation of perforated balls containing ion exchange resins and at the same time produce energy with kinetic pressure in a hydraulic turbine (

We can consider interactive combat ocean acidification and increased food production achievable directly into the oceans by means of artificial Welling: It makes no sense to exploit only 5% of the oceanic surface where natural Welling occurs, and work the ground with the sweat of the forehead and pollute it with chemical fertilizers when we have an immense surface twice the size of the earth, where we can create food by simply lifting carbon and calcium solubilized in ocean depths without using fertilizers and chemical feed (

Above all, with the interactive energy between water and air we can drive all the means of transport, including low-cost airplanes, we can prevent fires by means of authentic hot-water balloons, which produce on board all the energy needed to heat the air, horizontal displacement and vertical with electric turbofans, without consuming fuels, which can even be stationed in space and remote controlled at the fire place. Today, low-flying planes keep their weight floating with wings on the air for aerodynamic effects. Water that can carry canadairs and helicopters is very small while the energy consuming and pollution they produce is very high. Moreover, not being able to stop the source of the fire largely off water disperses ( We are not talking about marine and naval land transport that will not need any fuel would emit a gram of CO2 (  All of these things confirm that we have no gratitude to the energy sciences developed in the last century who made the worst choices they could make was wrong in designing the pumps, which are the heart of all the plants, both wrong with the thermal and boilers that not only produce polluting energy are also less powerful and uneconomical than compressed air, which can be used statically. Interactive energy could be born at the beginning of the last century. Scientific heirs, especially public, do not yet understand that all the current misguided development and global warming is due only to the lack of in-depth use of the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry, which was to be supplemented with small strategic inventions, especially pumps with the dual power supply until to the impeller, of which there is not even a prototype because the current world class leader has a crazy fear they work. But the worst thing is that nobody speaks, as the created system produces work for public and private employees worldwide. Everyone is related to corporate fidelity and no one spits in the plate where they eat. Many private companies are tied to public procurement and subcontracting, others build and sell equipment that would become obsolete if the world’s energy and purification system changes. Many companies buy patents from public research bodies with the complacency of legislators, creating conflicts of interest that hamper the advancement of alternative solutions. World power systems have been organized to select the best brains, give them a salary, and make them work only in the direction they have set, with the results that, unfortunately, we all know. Everything has been organized in the smallest detail by the world’s ruling class to conceal public science errors and the interests of multinationals so that Pandora’s vase does not open up and does not escape the only remaining hope to save humanity that is just the energies interactive, on which only a pensioner could work, who could not help but discover the vessel after eleven years of work without having to find a single, public or private interlocutor, available for listening. The truth must come out in the interest of everyone, even designers and inventors of public and private research organizations who cannot work on alternative business solutions or even talk about such solutions.

Luckily the free genius of conditioning has entered at least in computing and electronics with low investments where they make giant steps, which indirectly benefit too traditional designers of civil works, mechanical, hydraulic. Traditional sectors unlike the computer and electronics, require very large investments and long implementation times much more. They are also hampered by trades handed down from one generation to the next that improve the technology but cannot overcome the original system faults if they are based on the wrong physical or chemical principles.   Changing a computer program or electronic circuit costs very little while noticing after more than a century, changing only the way we power the pumps we can bypass gravitational force and transform all of the world’s hydraulic lifting (which after transport is the largest energy expenditure of the whole planet) by energy absorbers in energy producers, it is all about making or modifying anything that has been done so far in public and private world works. If we consider this change to be able to replace heat engines with the most economical and powerful system, it is obvious that the world’s major managers pretend not to understand the invention until the top planes of the world hierarchies assume the responsibility of recognizing for all the mistakes made and starting the real reconstruction. Are there Statists with such courage in the world? I think they can come out more from developing countries than those who have too many obsolete plants to break down.

You will need to accept the collapse of all the world’s handbags but you will not miss a job because the whole world will have to be rebuilt. It can be done calmly, setting deadlines, but at least knowing what to do and the goals to be pursued. It is useless to continue to stimulate renewable energy-efficient renewable energies and battery-powered machines that cannot solve the problem of world freight and not even the means of land and yards.

Luckily, nature has done the right thing, it is very expensive to make demonstrative prototypes of the various versions of interactive energies and a compressed hydroelectric motor, because there are no secret formulas. I ask myself: what to expect the United Nations to organize the COP to create a prototype model of an ideal development to direct individual countries towards the best solutions from an economic and environmental point of view? Do they not know that the scientific organization of industrial work (Taylorism) has shown that only one is the best way to do things in all activities? This is especially true in the field of environment and energy, which should have been a single sector, since the advent of the industrial age to reduce investment costs and multiply returns. All this has always been evident to my undersigned that from 1970 to 1987 he was simultaneously engaged in the organization of work and production plants in the automotive industry. To reinforce this belief I left the great company to work in a small installation company of environmental and energy public plants in Italy and Tunisia until 2006. By summing up these two experiences, which altogether have lasted for thirty-seven years, I have been able to deal differently with the work of environmental and energy inventor from an organizational and plant perspective, crossing the synergies between the physical, chemical, biological, mechanical, hydraulic, thermal, ‘water and air, unifying the treatment cycles. As Taylor demonstrated in 1911 that by changing the way of working it could even double production, the undersigned has shown, unfortunately only virtually, that we can purify and produce energy at the same time, without using fuels.  It has also shown that compressed hydroelectric power can be achieved with small footprints and can be mounted on the means of transport and that these solutions have always been accepted by the workers of environment and energy and never funded by the institutions.  

UNITED NATIONS managing COPs also run WIPO, the World Patent Organization, the World Bank, and the International Courts of Justice. They can do far more than they do now. COPs can not yield hoped results because in no country in the world the scientific organization of work has entered the details of environmental and energy cycles.  If the World Bank-funded environmental projects had been experimental and innovative, they could have served as a guide to a more up-to-date alternative development model than the current state of the art and energy.   This was not an impossible thing to do, it would have been enough to bring together different technical experts to find the best solutions by applying the state of the art and the scientific organization of the work. That has not happened because the United Nations act as individual countries on environment and energy, not taking into account the scientific organization of global job that requires more multidisciplinary designers, not to make more complicated systems, but simpler and functional. In fact, the mistake made by all the countries that copied each other to the advent of the industrial era was to create monothematic thermal, nuclear, solar, wind, hydroelectric, biological, non-interactive systems that can not close all cycles that open, nor can enhance returns by producing two or more jobs simultaneously, as they can make energy interactive.

The United Nations, unless it seizes these elementary concepts, can not lead individual countries towards environmental and energy solutions that improve the environment, degraded by the current bad manned installations. When in 2006 I started producing the first environmental inventions the percentage of CO2 in the environment was 360 ppm, today it exceeds 400 ppm. The eleven COPs organized from 2006 to 2017 did not produce any effect. It certainly will not be the palliatives of battery-powered cars and renewable non-interactive, and discontinuous with low yields to reduce this growth continues. The same degenerative effect we are having on the water because only the few waters that pass through the purification plants (at high costs) are purified, while with the production of interactive energies, the purification of the waters would be a side effect of energy production, costs hundreds of times lower than the current ones, only due to the wear of the machines. There was an alternative development model that could only be simulated through a detailed study of the scientific organization of environmental work, which I signed from 2006 to 2017, identifying the strategic inventions needed in the various environmental, thermal, urban, domestic, sewage situations, agricultural, lacusters, marine, transport, land, marine and aerospace. It is all written on

I am sorry for all those who are in the embarrassing solution of having to acknowledge the mistakes, largely inherited from the past, but personally, even without prototypes, I put my hand on the fire that interactive energies will work. If and when what they assert will be shown, I think the author rights, which are inalienable rights granted to all authors of intellectual works, should also be recognized to the undersigned, regardless of industrial property, which has nothing to do with the inventions proposed by my undersigned. I do not have industrial masters. My inventions are accessible to anyone who wants to achieve them by respecting the laws of world democracy. If anyone, public or private, wanted to share these inventions, gaining industrial property, he had to collaborate first, allowing me to acquire my inventor rights, according to the current unjust laws. Now I just trust that International Justice will take its part to permanently divide intellectual property from the industrial one, which by logic can only coincide if the inventor is a company employee.

How can the United Nations uphold the current rules of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) punitive against inventors? How can one just think that a private inventor who is not tied to any economic power can pay the required fees? The most logical thing is to recognize copyright, if the invention is implemented, and leave entrepreneurs to realize it without the right to industrial property, but paying to the institutions the taxes due on the product, of which a small part would go to the inventor. In modern society, with the computerized management of products and invoices, there is nothing simpler. Free circulation of inventions would be a big deal for world wealth as well with lower corporate monopolies. Corporate monopolies become counterproductive if they create complications between public research organizations that sell patents to private companies and politicians and lawmakers make guarantors. In fact, if the public invention guaranteed by the institutions becomes obsolete for the sake of a private inventor, the simplest solution is to silence that invention and not finance it. Likewise, if a simple invention of a private inventor bargain expensive and complicated systems that are consolidated over time, changing the economy, even positively, but too fast, it is better to curb it by pretending it does not exist. A famous phrase attributed to Italian politician Giulio Andretti said, “Thinking badly is a sin but often guesses.”

Obviously, I have not been able to fulfill all the payments that the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) demands, which strangely claims that inventors are also entrepreneurs of themselves, granting him a year to decide whether to do so only at national or international level, paying the difference in taxes due to the institutions without distinguishing the nature of the invention. There should be a regulatory difference between a commercial invention of a consumer good and a public utility. The latter should not be monopolized and inventors should not pay deposit and maintenance fees if the laws were done correctly.

It is my case that all the inventions of the undersigned concerning environmental problems are of public utility, I have no financial means, neither to make the entrepreneur at national level, nor at international level, nor even the right age to do the work, entrepreneur, having started the activity as an inventor only retirement, with a fairly narrow perspective of life, but with experience behind him, that allowed me to properly deal with international environmental problems. environmental Inventors do not become winning a public competition, but by training every day at the same time studying the current problems and the systems in order to understand the flaws and the strengths, in order to simplify them, looking for possible synergies between scientific principles and technologies. In environmental systems, when purifications become complicated it means that the scientific principles used are wrong. In many cases it is much better to go back and look for other scientific principles and other technologies, but this can only be a free inventor with cross-cutting experiences, not a researcher bound by his own company or his scientific faculty, to find the solution in a single scientific discipline or a single technology.

I have only fulfilled the indispensable costs to show that the inventions of private inventors on environment and energy are not taken into account by anyone at national and international level, and legislators are at the forefront of preventing environmental innovations outside the power centers come out. There are other aspects that need to be clarified: what is the need to receive patent recognition for fossil-based interactive cleanliness, which is of public concern, if the public bodies that are supposed to do so ignore the inventions and the inventor by what right should pay the taxes that the inventor can not even access the areas to be treated and where they should produce energy?

Another painful aspect is the fact that the interactive hydro-electric compressed energy, which is a commercially viable invention, for WIPO patent examiners is contrary to the principles of energy conservation. For them, energy can not be created from nothing. All this is done while the well-represented world science within the United Nations is silent. I believe that the examiners of patents that do not include that the compressed air is not nothing, and that they do not grasp the concept that within an incompressible liquid the static pressure can not oppose the internal kinetic energy, they have been formed in universities thet have never looked into these aspects, for this reason interactive energies do not exist.  In the interactive systems proposed, respecting the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry, also respecting the principles of energy conservation. Energy mistakes have made those who have underestimated these principles, wasting energy and creating pollution unnecessarily.

Current patent laws are wrong because intellect’s works, especially public utility, must be made available to the entire world community, such as books and music without time limits and without paying patents. Like writers and musicians, they need not become publishers to receive copyrights and do not have to pay deposit and retention fees, so it should be for private inventors and researchers. If the writers and the musicians are not publishers or record companies their rights do not decay. Why do current laws undermine the rights of inventors and private researchers if they do not pay patent patents?

To maintain an international patent for twenty years, approximately 150,000 euros are needed. Legislators by linking intellectual property to the industrial one are making sure patents can only deposit them with strong powers. Patent Offices should not give technical judgments on patents but simply do not accept them if they are against public morality and against the environment. This latter aspect is not to be underestimated because new inventions must overcome the state of the art in the environment. This is only possible if the plants that will be manufactured in the future close all the chemical and biological thermal cycles they open or in the description of the invention it is proved that the patented plant is part of a more complete process than at the end the cycles concerned are closed. This means that all thermal current systems, fixed and mobile, and sewage treatment plants, nuclear ones, which leave pending cycles, such as CO2, the radioactive waste or simply, downloading acidic waters or not cool the flue gas and the water, they must not be patentable and have to run out as planned and installed environmentally-friendly systems.

 As an inventor, I appeal to the international judiciary because I think there must be a logical reason for which I have not found public and private interlocutors in eleven years of activity by filing about forty environmental patents, including one European and five international. These inventions, though not made by anyone, are probably the only alternative study of global energy and purification development.  All other or are energy, or are purifying. This system does not eliminate other systems, but it resizes them, as in some cases they may also be realized, but in general they will not be able to compete for economic reasons as well.

If international law has established that the way in which the advancement of state of the art in the world of the environment and the energy must be made by the public power centers and the multinationals, they officially write that private citizens are forbidden filing patents on these topics. Do not hide behind ridiculous intellectual property laws, which punish their intellect.

I seek no guilty but only scientific answers and justice. If my solutions are not wrong and more efficient than the present ones, I expect Justice with the capital G to intervene in the common interest and give Caesar what it is Caesar, and inventors what is inventors.

I do not know what other authors are pushing to make their own scientific, literary and artistic works, only as a technician, I knew I could make a contribution to society above what the society asked me as an honest worker in industry and industry, environment. If I tried to give more than I was due to the fact that I loved my job and I believed in democracy and justice. I did not become an inventor by chance but preparing for this task in a whole working life. Those who have been an employee know well that companies pay high on high specializations in individual sectors. But the fragmentation of the work does not allow a multidisciplinary training to deal with environmental problems. Those who want to grow professionally must be constantly questioned. This is the price to pay. Although despite the silence of the world’s institutions and zero-euro funding, I can at least shed the doubt that the Nobel Prize winners of Nobel Prize-winning economics specialists have missed the energies and the interactive purification, it may be that someone realizes that experience is not water. It is not enough to create the specialists of the individual sectors, but also who can reason entirely, retaining the ability to enter into the details.  Many are called, few elected. For the undersigned, it depends on where the call comes from. The call of the undersigned came from his own conscience, when he understood, by doing his job as an installer of industrial and environmental installations, that no system exists in the whole world that completely closes the cycles he opens. Having unnecessarily demonstrated with the patience of the details developed that the cycles could be closed, I have also shown, just as unnecessarily, that if they do not want to close the cycles, we must avoid opening them by producing cold energy and purification by means of interactive energy hydro-electric compressed. As outlined above, fossil energy can be overtaken thousands of times by the overall performance of compressed hydroelectric power, without violating the principles of energy conservation, but by applying instantaneously the principles of Pascal, Torricelli, and Henry, and capturing the moment in which in the impeller of modified pumps, uncompressed water can pass without energy absorption, from atmospheric pressure to pressure of the pressurized water recycle circuit. All this can happen without any purchase of fossil or nuclear fuel but only accumulating a very small amount of energy in a battery that only needs to open a valve that supplies the turbine that produces energy, but only at the beginning of the cycle. After energy continues to be produced almost infinitely because of the great difference between the energy produced by the turbine and that consumed by the circulation pump. The costs that will have to support the world community, will be mainly due to the demolition of large hydro thermal works, purifying, with low energy efficiency and energy transport means, of men and things that will become obsolete. They will not be due to technological innovations, certainly necessary, but inferior to any existing solutions, because energy and water purification can be produced instant for instant without polluting the air in every corner of the earth and even in space, at all hours of day and night, in the quantity that serves instant for instant, accumulating in the hydroelectric power the amount of water and compressed air needed, worn only the materials that make up the implant.

All this seems to have been a disgraceful news for participants in the world’s top past because they never believed and never worked. My work as an environmental inventor is over. Only in this task I devoted myself and many times I thought of not making it, especially when I was diagnosed with colon cancer, which fortunately, the Italian prevention services, medical science and the Cancer Institute Pascale of Naples, have identified and it operated in time, allowing me to complete my task. I have mentioned this personal episode, to say that I am not against public science in general, but only against what is not working and for dark reasons, it creates more harm than good to men and the environment.

I have nothing else to invent. What does it cost to check if I’m wrong and where? There are many details developed that those who have been empowered to defend the environment have overlooked. As it is said, the examinations never end. Are they afraid to look at my work or to be examined? Anyway, the exam is already in progress and we can not get it back. The world can not accept absurd solutions such as CCS, which has already cost tens of billions of dollars in research and which are expected to cost around 8.6 billion euros for every 1000 MW plant that does not neutralize CO2 but it interferes with the depths of the earth, with the concrete danger that it creates even greater damage ( The world can not live in the doubt that science, the ruling political and economic class in terms of environment and energy has been wrong all. If true it is necessary to ascertain the truth. Testing is not possible with certainty if it is not accurately identified, place by place, the absolute best system for purifying and producing energy from an environmental and economic point of view. If, as I hope, it will be assured that interactive systems will be unsurpassed, there will be work for everyone in the world for reconstruction, greater equity in wealth sharing, and greater democracy. I am sure that the transparency of the choices of the world institutions, which I have found, does not exist today, is the best cure also against wars and terrorism, which is growing together with unemployment, droughts, floods, cyclones, acidification of the ” whole planet.

I would ask all readers and all publishers to disseminate this article so that this summit comes out of the commitment not generic to reduce CO2 but to experiment with interactive energy and purification systems that cost a few thousand euros for the realization of small sample plants, according to the scientific principles of Pascal Torricelli and Henry and the technical ones of the undersigned. After eliminating all the faults of the current energy and purification systems with these systems, other improvements will make them the individual companies, without the brake of industrial property, reserved for a few companies, especially with new materials to better exploit pressures and lighten the systems. The challenge has just begun. The COP world leaders have to go into detail in the solutions, demonstrating scientifically and practically the best solutions for all countries from the economic and environmental point of view, not the bad example of the superficiality of the solutions that has been given so far, excluding the the best energy: the interactive ones between the water and the air that are around us.

Cordiali saluti

Luigi Antonio Pezone.