COP22 failed, international crime of states not punished. When the collapse of worldwide economy?

The election of US President Trump, which took place while in Marrakech, placed the past climate conference COP 22, has completely obscured it and good intentions towards greater collaboration among states to seek common solutions against global warming have been postponed to 2018. In reality, knowing the position of Trump on climate issues, this issue will not discuss again until Trump remain the US government. However, the COP summits, even without the presence of Trump to the US government, have always been inconclusive, based on negotiations and not on the legal rights of the states and the scientific debate and technological purification and energy. In fact, analyzing the previous summits, including the one in Paris, which had made many promises, at present, no state and no world government, including the UNITED NATIONS, which organize COP summits, is exempt from the wrongful crime against the planet Earth.

I write this because it is not true that no one has studied solutions over the parts that protect globally environment from pollution in general and from wrong energies. The solutions have been designed, patented and published, but have not found partners public and private or financiers in any state of the world and were not even sponsored by the United Nations. These solutions can be found on site. Personally, as inventor of these solutions, I consider positive the election of Trump in America, hoping it will serve to bring out the hypocrisy that exists in all countries and across the world society, including those that still manifest in American streets, against the democratic election of Trump.

If it is true that in modern society, those in power is the god of money, the age of oil, for myself, it could  set aside in a short time, not only for environmental issues, and legal, related to international crimes of all states that do not respect the environment, but also for economic reasons. In fact, if we analyze the energy solutions and cleansing illustrated in, we realize that we do not need large thermal power plants, even of large purifiers, because the production of energy without fuel and depuration can be inserted with very low costs in our daily lives. No alliance between powerful men like Trump e Putin anchored oil economy could prevent the stock market crash of the world economy if a large part of the world population becomes aware that have been designed the simplest and important environmental and sustainable energy inventions of all time, but obscured, precisely because of the hypocrisy that defends the current economy and prevents real growth, which does not depend on Trump and Putin.

The first to fight hypocrisy is that the scientists who deal with environment and energy, which are not opposed but are silent on inventions based on logic and technical and scientific reasoning of the inventor, that having no access to any type of financing, it He forced to publish them without being able to create demonstration prototypes. This is pure hypocrisy, because in the world have been accepted a lot more complex reasoning and sophisticated, like the theories of Einstein’s relativity.

 It makes you think that Einstein’s theories have been accepted and included mainly because, even today, do not affect the consumer society and the wrong economy that is warming the planet. Rightly, to ascertain the validity of the calculations and Einstein’s reasoning was invested a lot of capital and even today are invested, capital in research because not all aspects of the quantum theories are still clear and probably, even Einstein’s genius has made a few mistakes. Probably, even the genius of Einstein has made some mistakes, but that does not diminish the immense value of his work. However, even when all aspects are clarified, our life on earth will not change one iota, if are confirmed to abandon the nuclear energy, which objectively, we do not need, as long as our feet will rest on the ground.

Instead, what is worrying is the fact that no one disputes solutions and no one pulls out a few thousand Euros to demonstrate simple things for myself do not need to be proved, that for all practical purposes of everyday life, they have much more value of the theories of relativity.

If, indeed, it proves that with more careful design of would be possible to clean fossil energy, and that energy can be produced with very small changes to current technologies, while purifies and protects the environment, with costs hundreds of times less to fossil energy and therefore, proves, indirectly, they are wrong also the new energies, which, as known,  economically can not compete with fossil energy.

The current new energy, can not compete with future hydroelectric energy also because, as explained below, interacting chemically with the water and with the air fighting pollution and acidification of the planet. We might even steal CO2 from the environment, if governments and the United Nations were more consistent in pursuing interests above parties.

However, the new hydro energy have no secret formulas. They are so simple and plain, that almost everyone can understand that produce energy while protecting the environment. Who wants to hide cannot do it for long. We cannot continue to hide that current water purifiers are useless cathedrals distant from urban pollution, consuming only energy. It is became inevitable a world stock market crash and of  world economy.

Before this collapse takes place, the better for all, because the world economy, especially in view of the growing world population, cannot stand the enormous and unwarranted disparities between rich and poor, caused mainly by the speculation on oil and the high energy and purification costs. Caused by incorrect design, that while developing good technologies have not been developed globally and therefore, profits were privatized, while the social costs have become public, preventing the real growth of the environmental well-being, social and public health. One could say with the consent of the Nobel science prizes, the economy, politics and culture. But in reality, if they do not realize specifically global projects, putting together different competences, no specialization can get to conceive of global projects. It is easier for a simple installer of industrial facilities, environmental and energy, combining the professional intuition to scientific studies carried out case by case. However, once the global projects developed, everyone can understand, including scientific and economic advisors of the SOVEREIGN STATES. What is serious is the fact that all pretend not to understand them, because it becomes very difficult to speculate on the cost of water and air that is used to produce energy, among other things, without consuming them, but purifying them.

From what has been published on the web site, was wrong the design of large treatment plants and large fossils and biological, thermal power plants since the advent of the industrial age, and have never been significant improvements processes. The improved technology has improved yields but not solved the basic errors, because the CO2 can be defeated in a sustainable and environmentally friendly, only producing, with cold process, carbonates in purified fresh water, which is the same system that uses nature.

Therefore, the purification of water, air and the production of fossil and thermal biological energy, would have to take place in common facilities where the amount of energy to be produced should not exceed with the amount of CO2 produced compared to the amount of water available , to be involved in the processes, not only to cool turbines and condensers, as has been done, but especially to neutralize the CO2. At this very serious error cannot be remedied except by dismantling the large thermal power plants and large purifiers, and incorporating the depuration water and air, including the neutralization of CO2 by means of artificial rains of calcareous materials in small and large greenhouses where It is made to converge the air polluted by heavy gases, including CO2.  Only it properly put plants on the territory, while all the global public institutions have committed the crime of omission by not taking account of these solutions. Nevertheless, http://www.spaw, it is not limited only to indicate how public institutions could clean fossil energy, has also shown how you might raise from the deep ocean carbon and calcium to increase the abundance of fish and the ‘alkalinity in the same oceans, but also in this case was committed the crime of omission.  But, it has also shown that existing hydraulic lifts are a huge waste of energy because it is necessary to modify plants and pumps, so, pressurized and no plants, are always full and the pumps are constructed with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller, which, by allowing the continuous recycling of water with increased pressure in the half of the pump, make it possible to insert in the recycle loop to the maximum pressure level, the renewal  water at low pressure, entering from the second suction inlet of the pump.

The water that comes from the overflow of the circuit with greater hydrostatic pressure, can be used for water distribution or to produce electricity. So from an energy management perspective are also wrong the lifting pumps  and motors coupled to them, being the water lifting the second World energy expenditure, after transport, which also use the wrong energy, polluting and with low yield. In fact, the average of a heat engine efficiency is 35% of the lower calorific value of the fuel, while the compressed hydropower can be hundreds of times greater than the energy expenditure, which however does not require the purchase of fuel.  Obviously, this solution also allows you to consume CO2, not produced from energy production, but produced elsewhere, or simply present in the environment. So, if applied widely, it permits the subtraction of CO2 from the environment, reporting to rates lower than the current 400 ppm. In fact, if the lifting of the water does not cost anything, it does not cost anything even the neutralization of CO2 in greenhouses limestone mentioned above while you oxygenate the water, with energy produced in the same system. What’s more, it suffices to say that even the defense of the territory from the high waters could be made by producing energy instead of consuming it.  This advantage is evidenced in hydroelectric that uses the compressed air for pressurizing closed tanks, because the pressure supplied by the air cushion, can be such as to provide a kinetic energy much higher than the geodetic height difference to be overcome and therefore, the residual energy , it can be exploited to produce energy in a turbine or a pump used as a turbine. In fact,, has shown that the only sustainable alternative to fossil energy, is through different forms of hydropower, which have nothing to do with the current hydropower, which It requires very large works and in many cases, favors alluvial disasters. In fact, the new hydroelectric power, that no one wanted to experience, would through water recycling and highest yields, in open circuits and pressurized. The latter even allow remarkable purifying effects due to the solubilization of oxygen in the water, due to the compressed air pressure, scientifically legislated for over two centuries by Dalton and Henry scientists. Moreover, SPAWHE showed that hydropower in open tank can be combined with sustainable desalination and the compressed can also be realized with reduced dimensions, to be mounted on marine and land transportation on aircraft. But all this is kept silent by private entrepreneurs who seek to defend their mistaken productions. What is more serious is the fact that all these solutions in the environment are silenced, especially by those in charge of individual states, and the world responsible for the environment and energy. The environment can not be protected with the public and legislators worldwide organizations That ignore the protective energies and interactive, it may even go to oxidize the water of wells polluted by nitrates and Those of marine and lake ports polluted by oil spills and organic waste.

It ‘need to remember that in the United Nations exists since 1947 a permanent International Law Commission, composed of 34 world personalities, who in 2001 produced an encoding draft articles on responsibility of States for internationally illegal acts, among which is included even the crime of omission.  As you can see below some articles taken from the cited document. The crime of omission is serious, especially if are omitted solutions who evidently, could effectively combat global warming and pollution.

The crime is even more serious if the solutions are developed by a citizen of the world that has no interest in any private company and public with the utmost transparency solutions, invoking the public advocacy. In fact, the United Nations and individual states have the power to adopt, as its own projects in the public interest processed by private citizens, recognizing the right of the author, who is known to the writers, poets, musicians, etc.

 Paradoxically, the inventors that they do grow the economy and public protection have fewer rights than other categories. If are at the forefront of environmental issues with transverse solutions, above the parties, they can not find private investors, since even those who might take advantage of it, as in this case, manufacturers of pumps, turbines and alternators, are expected to change much of the current productions. Obviously, entrepreneurs do not spontaneously change the systems and pumps until the market requires pumps and wrong installations. The correct environmental systems may be installed only after the ministries of environment and energy put them in their contract specifications. . They may take decades before the inventions are included, while the inventor must also pay taxes for the maintenance of patents as if the invention had produced economic benefits to the inventor. Instead it produced only losses.

 Similarly, the manufacturers of means of transport do not change the heat engine with the hydro-pressurized, until the legislature does not require the change by law. But although some forward-looking private company, was interested to SPAWHE projects, the award of such patents for individual companies, with private negotiations, can only lead delays in global environmental protection. However, it would be better a delay due to private actions that the current culprit general silence.

The world legislation cannot continue to think that the state in environmental protection can advance spontaneously by scientists who defend only their scientific disciplines and entrepreneurs who defend only their investments. In fact, the current consumer society shaped mono disciplinary scientists and researchers. Even private companies are mono disciplinary, to beat other companies on the commercial level.  This is demonstrated by the many companies created to exploit solar energy and wind power financing, which can not be defined as global energy and interactive. But also demonstrate the automakers vying to make battery-powered cars, without radically changing the car, as it would with the compressed hydro engine, until governments to intervene to force the radical change. The delay of the interventions of world public bodies is the main cause of global warming. The undersigned has included in a working life spent in installing industrial and environmental systems, public and private. All current systems are incomplete in terms of global environmental protection. For this reason the system SPAWHE(SD), Sinergy Plants – Artificial Welling – Hydroelectric Energy (sustainable desalinization) It should be considered a common heritage of humanity, especially because it was born against the wishes of the egoism of the whole world society.

Below are the main articles of the “codification project on the responsibility of states for internationally unlawful acts”, which in the opinion of the undersigned, call on their responsibilities, not only the one hundred ninety-six sovereign states, but the United Nations itself who worked out the document:

Article 1

Responsibility of a State for its internationally unlawful acts.

Every internationally wrongful act of a State entails its international responsibility.

Article 2

Elements of an internationally wrongful act of a State

There is an internationally wrongful act of a State when conduct consisting of in an action or omission:

a) it can be attributed to the state the same way as international law;

b) constitutes a breach of an international obligation of the State.

Article 15

infringement resulting in a complex act

  Paragraph 1. The breach of an international obligation by a State through a series of actions

or omissions, defined as a whole as illegal, is perfected when producing the action or

the omission which, together with other actions or omissions, is sufficient to constitute the wrongful act.

  Paragraph 2. In such a case, the breach extends over the entire period starting with the first of the actions or omissions of the series and lasts for as long as these actions or omissions are repeated and remain not

comply with the international obligation.

Article 48

Invocation of responsibility by a State other than an injured State

  Paragraph 1. Any State other than an injured State is entitled to invoke the responsibility of another State in accordance with paragraph 2 if:

a) The obligation breached subsists against a group of States including that State, and established for the protection of a collective interest of the group;

b) The obligation breached arises towards the international community as a whole.

 Paragraph 2. Any State entitled to invoke responsibility under paragraph 1 may claim from the responsible State:

a) cessation of the internationally wrongful act, and assurances and guarantees of non

repetition in accordance with Article 30;

b) compliance with the obligation of reparation in accordance with the previous articles,

in the interest of the State offended or breached the obligation beneficiaries.

Article 54

Measures taken by States other than an injured State

This chapter does not prejudice the right of any State, entitled under Article 48,

paragraph 1 to invoke the responsibility of another State, to take lawful measures against that

State to ensure cessation of the breach and reparation in the interest of the injured State or

beneficiaries of the obligation breached.

Article 58

individual responsibility

These articles are without prejudice to any question as to the responsibility

individual under international law of any person acting on behalf of a State.


From the reading of these articles it is clear that not existing in the world global purification systems and energy interacting positively with the environment by oxygenating the water and consuming CO2 producing alkaline waters, all states will damage each other. But currently, legal disputes concern only particularly serious and occasional acts as a nuclear accident, the rupture of the pipe of a pipeline, the sinking of an oil tanker, etc. Today nobody has the courage to cast the first stone, being all guilty.

Instead, if there were any rules regarding how to achieve the purification systems and fixed and mobile energy, states that do not comply they may be isolated and penalized by the UNITED NATIONS. The current public and private incompetence on overall plant design, prevents us from seeing also the positive aspects from the economic point of view. In fact, the pressurized water power is hundreds of times less expensive fossil energy.  To understand this comparison, also confirmed by the energy calculations, it would be enough to think about how much it would cost the current hydropower without building dams and natural reservoirs. But the pressurized water power is still cheaper hydropower without dams and reservoirs because it dissolve oxygen in the water in proportion to the working pressure, contributing greatly to the depuration without energy costs even in places inaccessible to the existing purification systems, such as the flaps groundwater and the depths of lakes and seas, polluted canals of the lagoon city, producing much more energy than it consumes.

For those who fear that the oil companies remain unemployed, the United Nations will be able to find other uses of oil. SPAWHE, use petroleum derivatives to create artificial islands floating on the ocean flat, indispensable both to increase food production for the upcoming growing world population and to restore the lost alkalinity to the oceans because of an wrong industrial and environmental development (, is only the web site of a pensioner. Since he was born, he sent in Italian and English updates of important patents deposits to email addresses of world public bodies found online. Almost none of these large institutions, national, European, world, can claim to be unaware of the solutions developed by SPAWHE. If the silence continues, SPAWHE publish the entire email list, those who have not responded, recalling also article 58 above, condemning not only states but also those who act individually on behalf of the states, with the offense of wrongful death against the planet, while being paid to perform precisely the function of search and promulgation of sustainable solutions purifying and protective energy of the environment.  The undersigned has devoted ten years of work in the study of these solutions and it is indebted to file patents because if government agencies still do not respond, they can intervene at least the private obtaining fair profit while protecting the environment and the real global economy not creating environmental and economic damage, as with depuration poorly sized and poorly positioned and polluting energies and uneconomical, non-interactive positively with environmental protection.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone