COP23, the unthinkable has already been thought with interactive energy.

(Sixth Open Letter to Courts of International Justice)

(first letter to European Council)

What happened to the COP 23 that has just concluded outside the official proclamations? It is hard to know. Certainly, as I mentioned in the previous article, entitled “THE MYSTERIES OF THE INTERACTIVE ENERGY AND DEPURATIONS HIDED BY THE INSTITUTIONS”, they did not talk about interactive energy and purification. As I have already written in the aforementioned article, for the undersigned, the United Nations, instead of organizing the COPs, should teach sovereign states the best method of producing energy and protecting the environment with small demonstration prototypes by drawing on what has been published on the site web However, some breaches in the ruling world class are being created; just think of the “SIF17” parallel conference in an area adjacent to COP23, organized by journalists, managers and politicians who are looking for solutions that are more concrete. Nevertheless, even they I do not think have talked about interactive energy and purification although I have invited organizers to update on this topic by visiting the website

I learned to write in English but not to talk to and listen to it. When they publish something written, I will know what they have said. For the moment, I liked the slogan launched by organizers: “Thinking the Unthinkable”. Obviously, I think that the unthinkable has already been thought of and well hidden by the global ruling class. It might be in the stores of inventors’ patents without money, not funded by anyone, charged with the infamous accusation of violating the principles of conservation of energy, not by science, which has an interest to silence to hide their mistakes, but simple patent examiners with in-depth academic knowledge and cannot deepen, precisely because of the silence of science. I would advise the organizers of the “SIF 17” to investigate in the direction indicated, or to visit the website http://, which is available to everyone waiting to be denied or confirmed in the light of the sun by those who seek truth in the interest of everyone. I also hope that the organizers of the “SIF 17”, when it seems to have many sponsors. Unfortunately, most of these sponsors hope that SPAWHE is wrong and that the unthinkable has not been thought: it would be hard for everyone to admit it was wrong the way of raising and distributing water, producing energy and purifying the environment, it would mean the whole world development was wrong.

For the undersigned, the problem is far more serious than it is conceived and cannot be solved with scientific inventions but above all moral. The world government, which does not exist, if it exists, should be dissolved for “sadomasochistic” infiltrations. However, there are International Courts of Justice. What are International Judges waiting to condemn individual states for crimes of omission against the environment? Much of these crimes are due to the isolation of alternative environmental solutions proposed by those who have no political and economic power. If current judges do not have the courage to sink the knife in the many environmental wounds, they leave the spot to more courageous judges. Even symbolic sentencing against the powerful would be better than the current hypocrisy. There are too many politicians who rule the world through compromises with the strong powers of the economy, which have always conditioned the work of scientists, researchers, inventors and technicians, their employees, who create world wealth.

If legislators, national and international judges are swayed by politics, it is obvious that the intellectual property of inventions has been imprisoned by industrial property. Until inventors are strong power workers, this is not important. The imprisonment of the intellectual property of inventors, recognized by all authors of intellectual works, has been done precisely to prevent strategic inventions such as “interactive energy” from power centers that govern the world economy, with silences of science.

Today, the art of compromise has polluted all categories. Inventors are not free to invent according to their own conscience and creativity, otherwise they find no job. It is no coincidence that interactive energy has been well hidden for nearly one hundred and fifty years and has had to pull out a simple retired without money, only with the logical, rational, and multidisciplinary reasoning that did not do the power centers.  But reasoning has been concluded for a couple of years and in the following period the inventor has also reasoned on several applications, always alone, because other inventors have the order not to investigate this subject.

Science has no control over the situation because it is divided into many areas and never applied globally; for this reason, the undersigned has created the website http: //www.spawhe, where he assumed sciences and technologies globally applied, without conditionings.

National legislators and judges have hands tied by local powers. They cannot adapt the norms based on the theoretical and virtual potential of interactive energy, but United Nations that have autonomous funds with World Bank, run the “COPs” and the international judges, they want to do?

I am wrong, or is it the world that runs contrary to what should turn? The world cannot stop a private company that has invested its resources in its inventions to monopolize the market for twenty years. But it can at least ensure that public utility inventions, produced by public and private inventors, are released from the domain of industrial property  and make them available to all world companies. Is it not an advantage for governments to tax the profits of many companies that can better meet the world needs of projects that benefit the economy and the environment rather than taxing the earnings of a single company that cannot satisfy the entire world? Is not it lucky that interactive energy does not have secret formulas, and cannot be monopolized? Is not it a fortune that a vortex of fundamental importance for world development has been identified, which is how the pumps work? What it takes to understand that eliminating this vice will improve the performance of all hydraulic, thermal and purifying systems hundreds of times, while thermal engines can even be eliminated and replaced with even more powerful engines that do not emit a gram of CO2 or of fine dust? According to the current unjust patent laws, I would not have had to invent anything of this because no one would have believed and recognized the author’s rights, but the undersigned, went even further because he believes in justice more than the judges themselves, however things go.

Not even Franz Kafka, who was the master of the bureaucratic paradox, would have imagined the vicissitudes of a private inventor who decides to deal with environmental problems, between public and multinationals that do not respond, and public legislators make no distinction between patents public utilities and commercial ones and tax them the same way even if they do not find lenders?

I continue to write to International Judges to restore intellectual property and inventor rights that should not be penalized by legislators and must be able to choose whether to make their inventions public without being blackmailed, as is the case with current unjust laws. I think it is time that judges decide to condemn offenses of omission of office documents, which are covered in the main articles of the “Draft Code of Conduct on State Conduct for Internationally Illicit Actions”, drafted by the United Nations in 2001, recalling their responsibilities, not only the one hundred and ninety-six sovereign states, but also the individual officials acting on behalf of states, especially on environmental crimes. These are not just the accidental ones due to the sinking of a tanker ship, or to a radioactive outbreak of a nuclear power plant, but above all the organized silences that prevent the emergence of sustainable alternative solutions. These crimes can be tried by giving the judges the power to experiment the inventions concealed by the World Bank money.

Whoever commits these crimes, for the undersigned, commits the crime of “high treason” not of a single homeland but of humanity as a whole. Thinking of the unthinkable, for us living on the planet Earth, for the undersigned, is not to discover a secret formula that governs the universe, as did the great genius of Einstein, but something much simpler: “Identifying universal working methods that do not harm the three main elements: water, air, soil”. To do this, there are no secret formulas; you just have to use common sense when designing and working, always choosing the best solution. This is nothing but the concept of Taylorism, but globally applied to all human activities, alongside the main industrial, agricultural, domestic manufacturing, service cycles, purification cycles and energy production. In all human activities, it is necessary to close all the cycles that open, not in the purifiers, but instantly for instant in the same plant, or in an adjacent plant. We must avoid the cycles that the state of the art of science and technology cannot close. Especially the thermal and nuclear cycles. The current world class leader has shown that he has not been able to close these cycles while respecting nature. The undersigned, however, has shown instead that at least the thermal cycles can be closed respecting the nature, but the cost and the necessary spaces must at least triple compared to current systems. These solutions, which are equally ignored by the world’s ruling class, also show that fossil energy can be made interactive with the environment, but it is only necessary to use it when the use of thermal energy is indispensable, not to produce electricity but steel, cement, the incineration of non-digestible waste and the digestion of digestible waste. Those who did not undertake the study of complete solutions for the purification of fossil energy, respecting nature, could not come to conceive the various forms of interactive energies identified by the undersigned, including the compressed hydroelectric power, which is the best. In fact, the interactive energy between water and air was born, especially to make the cleaning of fossil energy cheaper and less cumbersome. How could the world’s ruling class come to this solution if, instead of cleaning fossil energy, it has spent tens of billions of dollars to intercept it in the underground with the C.C.S. system? With their scientific mentality, which international judges should investigate, interactive energy would be concealed for a few millennia, just the time, to destroy the planet and humanity.

Those who want to try to protect the environment can not cheat with solutions like C.C.S. but globally designing energy, purification, urban, industrial farming systems with great patience, entering the details of all human applications, avoiding solutions that disperse unnecessarily gas, heat, and pollution in the water, and continuously and continuously in the state of advancing multi-disciplinary technological art. Chasing pollution after it has been issued much more complicated and sometimes impossible.

However, if interactive systems utilize the physical purification principles of water and air, the scientific organization of work and the strategic layout of the plants on the ground much of the pollution can be automatically cut even in urban centers ( But ordinary people do not know these things and they are not even informed by the press organs, by environmental unions and associations, who raise funds for environmental protection and organize protests, but without getting into the merits of solutions that remain in the hands of those who have no knowing or willing to solve them. Protests without alternative solutions only serve to increase funding for current solutions. Does it understand or do not understand the oppositions that are silent like everyone else, on interactive energies? If one were to think evil might say that the opposition does not get to the heart of the solutions are part of the perverse power play.

Many industrial inventions such as robots and automation systems have sprung up from the scientific organization of work that have allowed the multiplication of productive and qualitative productive capacities of industrial production, which would otherwise have remained forever at the artisan level and only the most capable classes could have be happy. The current environmental and energy systems, having failed to deepen scientific and technological multidisciplinary and not even the organization of work, have built ever larger systems but with incomplete cycles that damage the environment, precisely because they are not multidisciplinary and with an inadequate job organization. Not raising the state of the art of energy and the environment, legislators have not even been able to issue effective anti-pollution legislation against urban pollution produced by transport, heating and discharges of polluted, industrial, agricultural waste.

Industries and users have adopted anti-pollution legislation as an additional fee to pay because no one has questioned the ability of science to identify the best energy and purification systems. Instead, for the undersigned, who has lived closely with the experiences of the organization of industrial work and the realization of public water purification and energy plants, a synthesis should be made to choose the best solution, creating small, unique and interactive systems able to purify and produce energy at the same time. To this, we have not arrived just because science does not admit that he got it all wrong since the advent of the industrial age.

The transport industry, well organized within its own plants, has not been concerned with overcoming the state of the art of thermal engines because global public heat-generating plants are more polluting than means of transport. Nevertheless, if we do, the adjustment to regulations and the continual improvement of environmental-friendly thermal engines worldwide has probably cost billions of billions without overcoming the source of CO2 emissions. These costs have largely been paid to the users who purchased the vehicles, but if they do not intervene massively the UN demonstrates to virtually everyone that it is not advisable to produce thermal, nuclear, solar and wind energy because compressed hydroelectric power is the cleanest, the most economical, probably the least cumbersome of all, it is not the head of global warming. How can this be demonstrated if the United Nations and European government institutions have spent tens of billions of dollars to fund CCS prototypes, they pretend not to include compressed hydroelectric power and do not pull out a few thousand euros for demonstration prototypes of the various fixed and mobile applications?

Public science not only misplaced energy sources on fixed public utilities, has encouraged the global industry to miss investments to build and market heat engines, boilers, steam turbines, and all that is connected to them. Knowing how to link the organization of human labor to technology and industrial processes is an unknown work in environmental and energy sciences. I learned this kind of work in the automotive industry and realized that my experience would have been more useful if it had been applied to the environment, since many already do so in industrial production facilities. I left the industry to better understand the environmental issues by working in a small company specializing in the installation of environmental public facilities in Italy and Tunisia. With the sum of these two experiences lasting for a total of thirty-seven years, in 2006, I decided to retire and began to do the work that the United Nations scientists would have to do, which unfortunately did not. This type of work that no one has done on a global scale and no one has funded has led to the identification of interactive energies that are at the same time the most powerful, both energetic and purifying. Of course, they are also the cheapest. If we consider that I left the automotive industry in 1987 to deal with these problems, it was exactly thirty years to say that I had found the solution. But for the world class leader who has not wasted a dollar in research in this direction, we are still at zero year, the undersigned does not exist and there is not even interactive, compressed or uncompressed energy. We entered the law in unwanted spam mail of the global ruling class. Certainly, Albert Einstein took less time to develop the theory of relativity. But my job was a long job of patience and research because I had a working method but not the solutions that were to be sought by putting together the plants in the territory different from the current ones, verifying whether at least virtually I could close the carbon cycle and the production of alkaline waters in the plants themselves or through the connections with adjacent sectors. These thirty years of work by the undersigned have been used to show that protecting the environment would cost less than polluting it. In order to pollute it, it is necessary to extract coal, gas or oil, transport it, refine it, distribute it, purify the fumes, while to produce interactive energy is enough water and air around us.  I do not hide that I would have liked to own the genius of Einstein. But I also think that for us who live on Earth, and not in space, the interactive energy that purifies the environment is more useful than the theory of relativity. In addition, with energy with the interactive pressurized hydroelectric power we can create all the energy it needs, even to travel in space and create within the spaceships the natural habitat that produces oxygen and nitrogen to allow the life of the man ( Obviously, NASA is silent on compressed hydroelectric energy, he prefers to use chemical fuels to leave the atmosphere and spacecraft without their own energy, with unreliable parachutes to bring the astronauts back to Earth. Nuclear power and Foucault currents that have been doing research for a hundred years have not yet produced acceptable solutions on air and space transport, while interactive energy has dual environmental and energy functions. Obviously, having not even spent a dollar in this direction, the system is all to be developed, making the best use of materials and pressures.

The uncomfortable interactive, compressed and uncompressed energy still awaits the first euro or dollar funding, even though it cost me thirty years of work to find it because it was well concealed from false scientific conviction, not in depth enough, both to economize purification systems by Henry’s law, and to produce energy by recycling water by exploiting many physical principles simultaneously: body impenetrability, compressibility of air, not water-compaction, the principles of Pascal and Torricelli It is obvious that some man’s strategic invention was necessary to put together all these things. When I came to conceive these inventions of great importance to the whole of humanity, I had already realized that my patents have no legal value, because lawmakers to favor power centers have bound intellectual property to the industrial one. No private inventor, especially a retired family pensioner, can afford to pay industrial fees for copyright recognition, which has nothing to do with industrial property. It would be as if a writer to publish a book was to make a publishing house. This way of legislating is very serious because the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is part of the United Nations.  Obviously, the motivations that led me to dedicate thirty years of work to the study of these solutions could not be stopped by these legislative balances and I went along equally, trusting equally in international justice.

The main problem humanity faces is the transparency of the institutions that govern us. It is not possible that science, politics, entrepreneurs hide their heads in the sand, rejecting all together to accept their mistakes without defending themselves, but simply ignoring the interactive energy, after surely in good faith, have forced men to dig up coal, gas and oil, to build nuclear power plants, create casualties at work and shake the environment, without humanity gaining economically because nothing can cost less water and air.  Too bad is human, but it is not human to hide responsibilities up to this point.

Supposing that only 5% of the world’s population can understand a technical or scientific discourse on the principles of energy conservation and interactive energy production, given that, we are 7.5 billion people and that we are in the internet era there should be a heated debate on the interactive energy of at least 375 million people.  Instead, there is the absolute silence, because the world’s worst energy system is fueling the world economy and those with a safe workplace prefer to be silent rather than hoping radical changes. Only a fool like me left a safe place in a multinational environment for care in a small company of 20 people, which risks every day to close for many reasons, and which ended when he retired, for the simple reason that even the company owner has retired. But if I had not made this difficult choice, I would not have known the environmental systems and water lifting as few people in the world (, to allow me to go against the current, challenging with only the reasoning professors, pump manufacturers, the world’s ruling class, who pretends not to understand to defend their wrong systems that waste energy and harm the environment. Probably in the world there would never be talk of interactive energies for future generations as no one wants to talk about it.

Today, intellectual freedom is no longer threatened by fascism, communism, populism, religious fanaticism, is threatened by power groups seeking to get the best brains to develop a unrivaled development model that wants to take on technologies, systems energy and sources of supply. This crazy race, which accentuates the social differences between rich and poor, between those who have a job and who does not, would be interrupted if energy and purification could be produced, in the majority of cases, by a single process, with water and air, without social costs, in every corner of the earth and at every hour of the day and the night through the interactive systems described at, free from the industrial property of multinationals and fuels to buy. Obviously, for humankind and the environment, it would be the manna that came down from the sky, but for the world market and the industrial leadership classes, politics and economics, information and the sciences that produced the current development, it would be a big defeat.

For this reason, the alleged 375 million people, are silent and await events without expressing their opinion, waiting to get on the winning bandwagon. If I win, anyway, I will not become as rich as Bill Gates, because I never dreamed of becoming, and even to make the entrepreneur during my retirement.  At present, current laws, created by art from the unjust power system, do not even recognize me the rights of author, which are recognized to all authors of works of intellect.

How can one define a global energy and protective system of the environment, based only on experience and reasoning, with zero funding?

The alleged people of 375 million people belong to the entire world leadership class, the false oppositions, the various COPs, G20, G8, G7, the international conferences on hydrology, biology, physics, chemistry, mechanics, economy, the various types of energy and cleansings of the world. Indeed, such meetings are not aimed at identifying interactive strategic inventions between principles, physical, chemical, biological, energetic, purifying and giving a breakthrough to the creation of a universal development model. They are aimed at improving existing systems to keep current power centers. down, enough if they achieve the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere. Every little success in that direction will be exalted even if it does not produce great improvements and job opportunities.  For the undersigned it is all time lost because if the pumps and the thermal motors were wrong, only the basic principles of development and the world economy were wrong. The first one to stop this development model will be for everyone.

Let us make a brief historical re-enactment: the so-called “Homo sapiens”, which appeared about 200,000 years ago, did not alter the natural equilibria until the invention of electric light by Thomas Edison in 1878. Shortly thereafter, trouble began for the environment because, rightly, the only lighting was not enough. Unfortunately, our great-grandparents have found in heat the primary source of energy to illuminate cities, create industrial activities, and feed transport. Heat production, using coal and fossil fuels, has created more harm than good. Other damage has created chemical plants, oil refineries, and chemical fertilizers. Other troubles have caused bad purification. Other troubles have produced nuclear power, others hydroelectric power diverting the natural waterway. The real sustainable energy, more powerful than the thermal and at the same time depurative of the environment, invented by the undersigned in 2015, no one believed that all countries, before desiring the defeat of global warming, want to save world-wide bags. All these world-class, general-to-scientific, and science-focused vertices are designed to defend their business interests, especially commercial ones, and to hide the mistakes and responsibilities of individual countries and individual categories that have contributed to the wrong energy and purification choices, which are, above all, choices of public research centers.

Those who put their face on the most important tops are chiefly politicians and economists who must manage world wealth distribute it in public works, which can not be corrected if wealth continues to be produced in the wrong way, which produces energy at the same time also the damage to be repaired, which absorb much of the wealth produced; droughts, floods, typhoons, fire. 

However, even today, nearly 80 percent of the energy is produced through heat, although this is not an indispensable element of energy production, but is used to produce steam or combustion gas whose pressure produces energy through steam or gas turbines. The other system is the thermal motors, where the combustion gases produce, through cylinders and cranks, the rotation of a shaft which can directly actuate a mechanical member, or an electric power generator, which in turn, by means of current transformers and electrical cabinets can operate other electric motors, pumps, conditioners, electric resistance compressors and so on. In any case, the energy produced needs to be fueled instantaneously by the fuel fluid, which on average has a thermal output of about 0.35. Steam or gas pressure is a dynamic pressure, whose kinetic energy is consumed through the steam or gas turbine, or the engine cylinder burst chambers. The initial pressure of the overheated steam can be overcome by sixteen bars, while that of the combustion gas on the forty bars, but, as said, resets at the output of the turbines and combustion chambers. If you do not fuel any other fuel you stop everything.

When natural disasters occur, the first thing that happens is just the one that runs out of fuel. People cannot warm themselves up, use water, and not even the means of transport to move to safer places. Those that are still considered great inventions today, in reality, if we had the so-called “hint of the then”, would be considered deadly traps, which we built with our hands, paying expensive fuel and environmental woes and human health which they produce from the extraction, transportation, distribution, depuration missed. Some might say, no less than we have at least the hydroelectric power that represents about 17% of the energy and does not pollute. This is true, but how much does it cost us to build dams and basins to use it? And what is the reverse of the coin of this energy provided free of nature, if we subtract water to its natural paths? Also, the production of this energy has produced more damage than benefiting from falls in the fall and winter and summer droughts due to the high speed of outflow from the mountains to the sea. If we want to console with the little renewable energy produced with even greater costs of thermal energy we can not do it because we need at least ten square feet of best exposure to produce only one KW of solar energy, and we can not even condone wind energy , which requires a wind of 80 km / h to exert the pressure of 0.83 bar on the propellers. Nuclear energy hopes have died in Hiroshima, but the costs of this energy are not better than thermal ones.

I think it is easy enough to be manipulated by the men of power when they appeal to our consciences, inviting us to be united against the mafia, terrorism, nuclear weapons, wars, but at the same time I think their true face shows it when they govern and create an iniquitous distribution of world wealth, even sacrificing the environment in which they live, themselves and their children. Since we cannot condemn the hidden political and philosophical intentions, we must focus on the technical and scientific aspects, forcing them not to miss through alternative designs. I think this is the only possible antidote, although it is very difficult to implement. This is mainly demonstrated by the general concealment of interactive energy, which is also the cheapest solution. This silence also barks false oppositions, because the ruling class is not only the one that governs, but also all those who have the power to influence public opinion through press social networks, trade unions, environmental associations, religious institutes, non-profit associations. It cannot be said that the oppositions do not make environmental protests, but they cannot even say they support a debate within them to support or not a solution like Interactive Energy that potentially solves all environmental problems. Even for oppositions, interactive energy does not exist. For oppositions, it is a private affair between the inventor, the rulers and the multinationals. They prove to be ignorant even at the legislative level, because an invention can only be claimed by those who have an economic power, not an inventor. 

The opposition, like rulers, can express doubts about the functionality of the “energy interactive”. If these questions cannot clarify, the governed are obliged to experiment and the opposition is obliged to support experimentation. No one can stand looking. Indeed, Oppositions should strive for inventions by public research organizations not to be sold to private companies, because one of the reasons why “interactive energies” do not find interlocutors is that they are in competition with private inventions sold to private individuals. This is a moral issue of international reach, above all, public bodies should finance themselves with intellectual property and copyright, separate from industrial property. This concerns not only the environmental and energy but also those patents on medicines.

Obviously, with current power systems and current oppositions, which are complications of the current model of development, a series of sustainable inventions on “interactive energies” cannot be accepted spontaneously by those who have chosen other roads and created an infinite public and private chain that involves all those who live in contracts, subcontracting, and civil and electromechanical supplies. The undersigned knows the system well enough, having been an employee, installer of industrial and environmental installations for a lifetime ( This system creates the wealth and well-being of which they take credit, especially politicians and economists, who accept pollution as a necessary evil, not being able to understand the mistakes made by public and private designers on the environmental and energy levels. In fact, even today on the planet, there is no global environmental protection study apart from the one reported by the undersigned at This small website can be read in two ways:

– From the old Home Page, going upwards to understand all the steps that have gradually led to the identification of “interactive energies” starting from the intention of the undersigned to identify an efficient purification system also against emissions of CO2 emitted from fossil energy. From this reading, we clearly understand that energy production was not foreseen, but it was born spontaneously by improving the purification systems conceived with interactive water-to-air criteria.

-Parting from the new Home Page and going down for those who are in a hurry and want to know only the most efficient interactive systems.

Of all the installations described at there is not even one because all public and private entities worldwide have always been busy with specific problems and specific solutions: just energy of any kind; only purification of water; only air purification. No one has thought, as the undersigned, to realize global plants that would inevitably lead to interactive energy if, in addition to knowing the purification cycles, they also had the knowledge of the scientific organization of work, the design of public lifting systems and the detailed operation of the pumps.

It is almost obvious that those who are accustomed to thinking of a single sense, fossilized on individual experiences and technologies, do not believe me when I assert that all environmental problems have begun since the advent of industrial times when centrifugal hydraulic pumps , invented by Eron Alessandrino in distant 1592, who before the invention of electric motors were turned by hand, or with streams of water dropped from above. That was the moment when the pumps, which today are the heart of all civil, industrial, agricultural, thermal, and purifying plants, have to be redesigned, not only to increase yields and create the many versions as it has been, but also to circumvent gravitational force. Today, to rescue the planet, it is necessary to start right from the redesign of the pumps and the plants that use them. If we make it clear to those who do not want to understand, that it is possible to circumvent the gravitational force and the hydrostatic pressures without the use of any kind of thermal or nuclear fuel, but only the physical principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry, by changing the pumps. Once you circumvented the gravity and the pressure which opposes, we can produce electricity through turbines, which are nothing more than pumps powered on the contrary, but coupled to power generators. We should agree that thermal energy does not serve, not only because it pollutes, but also because it is uneconomical, being a useless passage, not essential to energy production. Unfortunately, these concepts cannot grab them politicians who represent us in a leadership position, if we do not grab them their scientific advisors, and these do not grasp them because they made too many mistakes and do not have the courage to admit it.

For the undersigned, global rational scientific thinking is in the reach of everyone, even politicians who go to the top of the world if they want to deepen their concepts. In fact, all processes relating to the environment and energy can be decomposed in detail by following the chemical, biological, nuclear transformation cycles of the individual components involved, until their complete neutralization. For this reason, the energy and purifying cycles must be designed together. If it produces energy, does not clean the fumes, does not cool the water, does not neutralize CO2, or radioactive waste the project must be considered incomplete and not environmentally compatible.

http: //www.spawhe could not neutralize nuclear waste, but all other physical, chemical, biological, thermal energies can be completely neutralized by becoming interactive and protecting the environment. It is certainly expensive and bulky to neutralize the combustion fumes, including CO2, by means of the systems I have proposed through the circulation of water in calcareous greenhouses, but there are no alternatives if you do not want to use the capture and storage of CO2 in the underground, which is a solution that is even more expensive and which in turn does not neutralize it, but only conceals it, creating even more serious problems. One has to wonder: is it not a contradiction to realize large thermal plants with large volumes of cooling water and not involving such waters in the neutralization of CO2 and fumes?

Probably, if the designers of the thermal plants had done the same studies as the undersigned, alone or with the help of consultants, to save their water recycling processes, they could also come to the invention of the pump with the dual supply until the impeller. This invention is extremely logical because the backward action of the energy is used in all electric, electronic, hydraulic and hydraulic pneumatic circuits, just think of hydraulic valves that are large shutdown valves using hydraulic pilot taken from the side with more pressure. There is only one way to use the return pressure of delivery in lifting systems and to bring at least half of the pump flow into the suction side, dynamically exploiting the venturi effect produced by the section restriction at the center of the impeller , which enters the water from the outside and the Pascal principle in the next section, where the pressure expansion also raises the waters entering with less pressure.

This system allows us to lift the water at very low cost by bypassing the gravitational force in plants that are always full, or pressurized with compressed air, which have given rise to the invention of interactive hydroelectric power compressed, which also multiplies purely depurative efficiency. Since there is no limit to the pressure that can reach the compressed air, it is obvious that theoretically, we could produce very small and powerful hydroelectric motors. This only depends on the materials we will use, which will certainly not be cast iron, but light alloys, from the precision of the mechanical machining of the pumps with the dual power supply to the impeller, of the pumps we use as turbines and the sealing of the valves of interception and that we will use in transport applications. Much experience can be extracted from the applications of the hydraulic circuits which also work at pressures of 500 bar where the water could be replaced with hydraulic oil to limit the wear of the components, provided that the circuit must be designed as indicated by the undersigned, because in order to produce energy it is necessary that the turbine fully drain the pressure and that the pump with the dual power supply to the impeller introduces the water or the oil loaded into the pressurized circuit.

One has to wonder: what is the point of allowing the waste of public and private money in car racing and in aerobatic airplane flights when the thermal engine cannot have a future?

It would not be more stimulating from the point of view of the sport, the environment, the technological, the scientific, the competition for those who realize the best compressed hydroelectric motors and mounts them on the various categories of means of transport also by speed races, category by category, cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, boats, ships, airplanes, without polluting the environment? In addition, compressed hydroelectric motors can be more powerful than thermal ones, using pressures surely greater than one hundred bar and turbine water circulation, which has a density almost a thousand times higher than that of air. It is much easier to handle and maintain high static pressure at room temperature than a dynamic pressure at temperatures above 1,000 degrees with suction and discharge valves that open and close continuously. Moreover, it seems to have an infinite autonomy, since the fuel is replaced by the compressible air and the small amount of recycled water continuously in the plant, is of little importance for the rampant world masochism, and besides world leaders, it seems to involve all social categories. Everyone is accustomed to assisting the winners, Nobel prizes, statues and entrepreneurs who have produced a prosperity that would nevertheless be made on the basis of developed technologies, while no one realizes that environmental and energy inventions were all wrong with the advent of it was industrial, because few are the ones that create and many that copy, creating the wrong investments in civil, industrial, consumer goods and general plant construction.

What it takes to understand that the static pressure of compressed air (Pascal) on water or incomprehensible oil forces it to come out of a hole in the tank (Torricelli) with the compressed air energy and crossing one Hydraulic turbine connected to alternator produces electricity? There seems to be no problem at this point, everyone should understand it. The misunderstandings arise when you take the water discharged from the turbine by taking advantage of the depression that is created at the center of the impeller of a centrifugal pump to insert it again into the pressurized tank. It’s obvious that with current pumps you can not do it, but only because these pumps are not fed properly, otherwise a lot of them could already do it. Depends on the shape of the impellers used. Surely the ones most suitable for high pressures are those with the impeller closed. To feed them properly by circumventing the hydrostatic pressure of the tank where we want to enter the water, we must hermetically divide the water inlet into the pump in two or four parts, reaching the rotating impeller. Just under half of the flow we feed it with low turbine discharge water and the other half with high pressure water taken from the same pressurized tank. One need not be a scientist to understand that just a very small prevalence of the pump to recycle the water in the high pressure because the pressure in suction and discharge is the same. But since in the adjacent hermetically separated area of the same impeller enters low pressure water, which goes in the same direction, it is evident that during the rotation the higher pressure expands, also dragging the water under low pressure towards the impeller outlet and inside the tank. It is equally evident that the amount of water that can enter the pressurized tank is exactly the same as that of the turbine, otherwise low pressure water could not enter because the volumes inside the tanks already occupied by the water and the compressed air content (principle of impenetrability of the bodies).

There is something that is not world-wide if the science consultants of the statisticians do not grasp simple physical and mechanical concepts or are the world’s political and industrial leaders not to understand them.

As for the purification concept, it is possible that the water entering the pressurized reservoir absorbs more oxygen than the outside, so when it comes out again from the turbine it comes out with a degree of higher purification? Obviously, without spending the energy we now spend to clean the waters by blowing air at four-five feet deep in the oxidation basins with powerful  electric blower and air diffusers.

What we need to understand is that today only the very little water that passes through the purifiers is purified, while with the production of interactive energy we can also clean the rain, the waters, the wells and the rivers that are polluted by agriculture, from animals, from abusive discharges? What does it take to understand that compressed air acts like a compressed spring that exerts its static pressure even if it does not expand and that a spring exerts its own strength without requiring energy? Therefore, the compressed hydroelectric power consumes only the wear of rotating machines: first, the pump with the dual supply until the impeller, then the alternator turbine assembly and at least the compressor that only has to compress the air dissolves soluble in water, not that pumped into the water, of which only a small part solubilizes.  The energy we consume is several hundred times less than what we produce thanks to the compressed force once and only rubbed during exercise.  . What does it take to understand that the current performance of the engines of thermal plants (0.35) that in the turbines of aeronautical turbofans arrives at 0.25, and in jet rockets even less? Not to mention the pollution they produce and the costs that taxpayers or users have to pay to buy them.

All issues that go against any law of the environment and the economy are the scientific advisors who do not send them, or are the world leaders and industry captains who do not translate them? The absurd conviction of the ruling class governing the environment and what it would like to govern is that energy can not be produced alternately to current systems. They continue to argue with the scientific criteria that have led to the choice of fossil and nuclear fuels, which require complex plants to produce energy and even more complex to counteract the pollution they produce. They underestimated the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry, who required small technological and plant inventions to be able to use them without producing any kind of pollution, but free purification. These are the principles that make the difference between the energy spent by the pump that recovers water that uses hydraulic regimes that favor energy saving (vacuum aspiration and recycling in the volume of water accumulated) and that produced by the turbine that exploits a regime (Pascal static pressure imprisoned on the surface of the water that increases the height of water Hu coming out of the reservoir with the principle of Torricelli). This is nothing but the same system used to produce the current hydro power, but much more powerful, because we can exploit a useful Hu height of thousands of meters of water column in the formula Pu = η * Q * Hu, without realizing large dams and large basins, but simply recycling water with the favorable regime allowed only by the pump with the dual supply until the impeller.

It should not be forgotten that in the last 250 years the atmospheric concentration of CO2 has increased by about 45%, from 278 ppm of pre-industrial age to 403 ppm in 2017. The main causes of this increase are to be found in the use fossil fuels and deforestation. But what is funny is the fact that there are no economic reasons for making these choices because interactive energy cost hundreds of times less. This growth rate, which we have produced unnecessarily, is faster than any other record in the history of the planet over the last million years (Doney et Schimel 2007), and the current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is the highest recorded in the last 800,000 years (Lüthi et al., 2008). Nearly half the CO2 produced by humans over the last two centuries has been absorbed by the oceans by triggering this process; without this function, the current atmospheric CO2 levels would amount to over 500 ppm.

From preindustrial age to today, the average pH of the ocean’s surface has decreased by about 0.15 units, from 8.25 to 8.10, and according to projections based on different scenarios, a further decrease of 0.5 units is expected by the end of 21st Century (Royal Society 2005). In conjunction with the decrease in pH, the reactions caused by the increase in CO2 in the oceans also lead to a decrease in the availability of carbonate ions and a rise in the carbonate and carotene compensation depths, making calcification difficult marine organisms. The amount of plankton and the sea fisheries is decreasingly fearful as the coral reefs. The two simple solutions proposed by the undersigned have been ignored of the institutions but are the only possible because they are the only sustainable ones being interactive with the environment. In fact, in the oceans we can realize the artificial welling that raises calcium and carbon solubilized in the oceanic plains by aspirating them with a venturi effect so as to make it possible to create natural plankton and consequently fishy areas such as those where natural welling occurs ( The other solution is to send more quantities of clean and alkaline freshwater to the seas. This would seem to “the egg of Columbus” but is not so because currently through the purifiers passes only a very small amount of water, but the purifiers purify only, not the Alkalize because the process is expensive, also to provide alkalinity to water with calcium oxide, calcium carbonate calcination at 800-1000 ° C, according to the reaction: CaCO3 + heat → CaO + CO2, this reaction involves the release of at least 1 , 57 kg of CO2 per Kg of CaO produced on the basis of the molar weight plus the CO2 emissions due to the combustible used.  The only sustainable solution is to produce baking soda cold in water in calcareous greenhouses, but this solution, because of the energy cost for water lifting, is equally burdensome, so even in this case the invention of the pump with the dual supply until the impeller is very important to reset this cost. Therefore, if we are to completely eliminate the fixed and mobile thermal energy plants, we can create, throughout the low atmosphere of the atmosphere, energy plants with recycled water or compressed water that as a secondary effect in addition to oxidizing the waters can also to alkalize them directly in rivers, lakes, wells, sewers, where CO2 on the surface of the water stays, small artificial rainfall on crushed calcium-based materials that produce carbonates in the waters, going to the seas and lakes, absorbing CO2 from the environment and producing carbonates that fight the acidification of the same. The reactions of calcium reactions are the reactions of erosion. The reaction mechanism for carbon erosion is: H2O + CO2 -> H2CO3 (carbonic acid). In addition, CaCO3 + H2CO3 -> Ca (HCO3) 2 This compound is calcium hydrogen carbonate (calcium bicarbonate).

It is not paradoxical, above any fantasy novel, to think that we have always been able to subtract CO2 from the environment with very less expensive interactive energy. Instead, we chose the most expensive solution and heat the planet. What do COPs and other world conferences need to solve problems, or hide solutions? What do International Judges expect to stop these international scenarios and this collective suicidal will?

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone