Environmental projects and replies of a false general secretary of the UN.

(twenty-third open letter to the International Judges and the United Nations).

For strange circumstances, someone who came to know of my numerous open letters to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations informed me of an email address of the UN Secretary-General. I did not believe that the e-mail address is genuine, but never having received replies from worldwide public institutions, especially from the United Nations, I wrote to the e-mail address I received the same things I would have written to the real UN secretary.

Public below the correspondence that ensued as the twenty-third open letter to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations, not to denounce those who possibly was passed off as the secretary of the United Nations. For my part, I am grateful to those who gave me the email address and also to those who answered me pretending to be the secretary of the United Nations. At least this unusual fact allowed me to write this unusual article to return to the subject.  Silence is the worst enemy of truth, especially national and international judges should know.

If someone has committed crimes in this circumstance, I certainly will not be the one to hide the documentation from the investigating authorities. However, if any judge wants to investigate, I would also like to investigate the silences and crimes of omission of all the global institutional bodies in the field of the environment, energy and the trampled rights of inventors not linked to world centers of power. These, while dealing with public utility problems, are forced to pay filing fees, maintenance fees, legal recourse fees, even if they do not find public and private interlocutors involved in their inventions.

For privacy reasons I do not publish the email of those who provided me with the fake or real mail of the United Nations secretary, but I publish the date and time of the correspondence that took place at my email address

 From Luigi Antonio Pezone To UNITED NATIONUN 31 ago 2019, 13:43.

TO the attention of the United Nation Secretary General Mr.Antonio Gutters.

Dear Mr. Antonio Gutters, I am a private inventor not funded by anyone who lives with his pension, but I spent about 20,000 euros to deposit national and international patents without receiving any copyright because I would have had to pay patent maintenance fees even if no one finances them. Furthermore, the most important patents bureaucrats of the patent offices have declared them perpetual motion, while public science and the multinationals that have heated the planet are silent as if my solutions of interactive energy that would be the most economic and powerful but also protective of environment did not exist.

Dear Mr Gutters, I tink that your work, along with the work of billions of people, is wasted if we together do not change the primary source of energy worldwide. I am a private inventor not financed by anyone. If you are interested, you can access my publications on, which concern in particular the interactive energies which are also depurative.  My systems include the artificial heart oxygenator of blood autonomous energetically. These energies are considered by the patent offices “perpetual motion” while the world science that has warmed the planet with non-interactive energies is silent. Obviously, they did not even invent the artificial heart oxygenator of blood, which is an important invention that can allude to human life derived from miniaturized interactive energies. I cannot fight against all those who pretend not to understand. I could not support the financial weight of my national, European and international patent deposits, because the international laws do not protect intellectual property but only industrial property. I cannot pay to attend conferences and video conferences. I wait for the scientific truth to come out spontaneously and for everyone to assume their responsibilities in the face of future generations. In the meantime I publish my publications and my patents (which with the current laws do not have a legal value, although I have regularly paid the filing fees) with the subtitle of letters open to the international Court of Justice and to the United Nations organization.

Some of the following articles published on my website have been published by important international journals, but for myself, it is important that they are all together on my website to show that true sustainable development is not desired by governments, nor by multinationals, nor from the science that made a mistake in identifying the primary source of world energy which is the gravitational force combined with fluid dynamics and the principle of the impenetrability of bodies that can be realized in every corner of the Earth, even in the human body, without energy costs and without polluting, but purifying the environment and human blood.







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Best regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone

From UNITED NATIONUN to Luigi Antonio Pezone 2 set 2019, 13:01

Well, your letter and its narratives is well understood, as well as your publications and they have been thoroughly looked into , the UN/ U N D P have decided to be active in  helping or assisting you to prove  it globally by offering a loan to you ,and to other  interested private owned companies, company and country developments in United Nation Charter.

I received your explanations fr  om Achim Steiner of the United Nation Development Program (U N D P) Director.

Do you need a loan? for you to be able to fund your invention?.  how much do you need , let me know for further details on how the loan will be given to you.


Antonio Gutters.

UN, Secretary General.

From Luigi Antonio Pezone to UNITED NATIONUN 2 set 2019, 18:14

I thank you for your prompt reply. But I am only a retired inventor, who offers interactive purification and energy solutions, which should be accessible to all public and private companies worldwide. Unfortunately the current laws on industrial property governed by the United Nations through WIPO, do not recognize the intellectual property of inventions separate from the industrial one and at the same time ask the inventors of public utility solutions filing and maintenance fees as if they were multinationals , while no one finances their inventions. This discourages the search for these solutions by independent inventors. Moreover, in some cases, the peripheral patent offices, without any scientific support, declare the inventions “perpetual motion” forcing them to make expensive legal appeals that inventors without financing cannot afford. In these working conditions I have deposited around forty national patent deposits, of which five have been transformed into international and one European deposits. I only paid the filing fees but not the maintenance fees and I didn’t spend money to make legal appeals against the “perpetual motion” charge. I think it is in the interest of the United Nations to verify the usefulness of these inventions that are transversal to existing technologies and scientific principles and do not favor any existing global company. As described in my publications, these solutions are universal and concern all areas of human activity. I’m just a seventy year old pensioner with no company behind me. Even receiving funding, I could do very little. For the undersigned it is necessary to put aside the existing public and private interests that are hindering these solutions and immediately experiment them in everyone’s interest, encouraging the companies that will participate in developing them without any monopoly due to industrial property. To the inventors like myself I should be recognized only the author’s rights that today are recognized to the authors of works of intellect. Instead today everyone pretends not to understand these inventions that are uncomfortable both for the multinationals and for the public science that has not identified them. Not knowing the address of the Secretary of the United Nations, I wrote many letters open to Italian and European institutional bodies, including 22 open letters to the international Court of Justice and to the United Nations organization. This is the first answer I receive, apart from some fake lenders who wanted to steal my personal data and a few hundred euros. I beg to doubt also the authenticity of this letter, but I think that if they are really roses, sooner or later they will bloom.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone

 From UNITED NATIONUN to Luigi Antonio Pezone 2 set 2019, 20:27

Irrespective of all the expert ideas you have and the global publications you have so far made concerning inventions , what exactly do you need from the United Nations and the United Nation Development Program? because considering your status regarding funding the project you are talking, we decided to assist you by offering you a loan, but you seems not adhering to the support , you were asked how much loan you may need for you to expand the inventions to the globe system for them to benefit from you  because it will cost you some money to get it to standard.

If you do not need any loan to begin , then go on with the amount you have and continue publicizing your inventions, i expect you to quote the amount that can be giving to you, but where you do not need any funding , but prefers to use your own money , you have our support for such an invention.


Secretary General of UN,

Antonio Gutters,

From Luigi Antonio Pezone to UNITED NATIONUN 3 set 2019, 10:24

Dear Mr. Antonio Gutters,

 I thank you again for giving me your attention after so many years of silence from all the world authorities. I have not proposed a single invention but many related inventions that represent an alternative development model to the current one. The United Nations, which through the Wipo, protects the current development model, cannot ask me how much money I need to make my inventions. The most wrong plants are above all the large public hydroelectric, thermal end nuclear plants that have produced global warming floods and radioactive waste. These plants should be demolished and designed again with interactive systems. Even all global transports should be designed again with interactive systems. Mass scientific, technical and economic mobilization is needed to carry out demonstration prototypes under the guidance of the United Nations. Say rather how much money you can make available to hire the technical and scientific staff working full time on the realization of these projects on which world public science is still silent. I have published everything so that even without my person this alternative development can be realized, but I do not hold back to do my part, although I am now seventy years old and still have some ideas of global development to develop. But we must consider above all what I have summarized in this recently written article.


Even if those who do not respect environmental laws are many, unfortunately, the greatest damage, global warming, floods, droughts, radioactive waste, nuclear disasters are due to plants built and managed legally worldwide. Before inventing interactive energies, the undersigned has invented interactive purifications, but even these have never been realized. An functionary of the multinational Eni wrote to me that they were not interested in my CO2 neutralization system, through the limestone greenhouses, because they already complied with the regulations ( hit-and-answer-with-eni / 179710 /). This means that there are great technical, scientific voids, which prevent science, legislators and justice from doing their job well. In the world, scientific research groups across the various scientific disciplines would serve to synthesize the best solutions with universal prototypes and help governments to implement public utility systems and at the same time legislators to legislate and judges to judge. But the real world problem is the fact that nobody noticed this absence, neither the scientists, nor the technicians, nor the politicians, nor the economists, nor the journalists, nor the unions, nor the environmentalists, nor the legislators, nor national or international judges. The undersigned was aware of this, and in his working life he was involved in the organization of work and in the design and installation of industrial and environmental plants, which in 2006 decided to anticipate his retirement to propose new global development solutions, starting precisely, from the organization of work that is very lacking in all public purification and energy plants worldwide. But when he started filing patents for his solutions, he also noticed legislative gaps. Is it ever possible that the patent system does not grant the copyright to inventors who do not find the financiers in the short time granted by the legislators? Is it ever possible that legislators make no distinction between public utility patents and commercial goods patents? Is it ever possible that legislators allow the sale of public patents to private individuals? It is never possible that this absurd legislative system is managed directly by the United Nations Organization, through a body called W.I.P.O. (world, intellectual property organization)? Unfortunately, all this happens. This way of legislating, not only allowed enormous conflicts of interest, has also prevented public research bodies from looking for the impartial purification solutions that I was about to study. It is obvious that with these laws no public research body is encouraged to broaden their horizons and study global solutions that cannot find buyers among the industrial companies that purchase patents.  In fact, even private companies are specialized in single technological sectors. Is it ever possible that public researchers do not understand that they cannot work in watertight compartments in both universities and ministries and produce partial and specialized patents without studying the plants globally? In fact, if public facilities are studied globally, right from the initial planning, connections with the other plants present on the territory are expected, but also those inside the various gas, water and fumes purification cycles, to make complete cycles and interactive with each other. The undersigned has always found closed doors on the part of public designers on these arguments. All he could do was go on with his research, knowing that it was the right way to find the right solutions to the environmental and energy problems of our time. This institutional absence of public bodies of reference of the global design, for the undersigned is the reason why the state of the art in environmental protection and the search for truly sustainable energies does not advance, while all at the scientific level seek solutions and it seems that everyone does his duty, both from a scientific and a legislative point of view.  In reality, no one does their duty completely, hiding global solutions, which require a way of designing plants that is completely different from how the specialists of individual urban, industrial, agricultural, water, air and smoke systems design them. without ever creating global cycles. This was the state of the art of depurative and energy world plants in 1987, when I left the industrial plants to take care of environmental plants. These are the same reasons for which the undersigned anticipated his retirement in 2006, when I anticipated my exit from work to become an inventor and this is the state of the art of 2019, despite having deposited forty patents, some of which were transformed into international warehouses, subject to absurd rules for paying taxes on public utility patents , only blind and incompetent legislators can claim from the inventors. None of my forty public utility patents has ever been realized anywhere in the world because global design involves the modification of all current installations and the creation of logical and rational connections that no one has foreseen between the water and air cycles and fumes. It is obvious that the world public bodies, not having used my working method, could not identify the interactive purifications, but what is worse is the silence that they are maintaining even on the interactive energies, to which the undersigned arrived unexpectedly, to try to to make the interactive purifications that I repeat cheaper make unique purification cycles of air and fumes both in urban systems, in sewer systems, and in large final plants that are simultaneously fossil and biological thermal purification energy. Today these scientific and economic centers of power continue to remain silent as they have always been silent about the thirteen years of work that I used to arrive at the current state of virtual development of purifications and interactive energies.  With their silence do these centers of power want to leave the world people in doubt? Or do they want to demonstrate without prototypes that my solutions don’t work? I am the opposite of St. Thomas: although I do not see, I am sure they work because I have only done my job as designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants. I didn’t invent anything complicated. I have only put the systems together rationally, making the necessary modifications to the machines and circuits. With the current laws on intellectual property, even if my inventions are correct I have no right to copyright, because, despite having regularly filed patents and paid filing fees, I have not paid maintenance fees. With what money could I have paid them if I dealt with public utility solutions that the world public bodies did not want to finance? As for the patents not granted on the charge of “perpetual motion not feasible”, those who authorized the bureaucrats of the patent offices to issue scientific judgments on interactive energies, which would simultaneously solve the energy and environmental problems, while the official science still silent? What was the inventor going to spend the money to make legal appeals? Even winning the appeal, the inventor would always have been at the starting point. If global public bodies have not financed fossil energy cleaning patents also granted at international level, it is obvious that they would not even have financed those of interactive energies. Global public bodies treat private inventors as unwanted antibodies, while actively collaborating with private companies that buy their patents. Aren’t these conflicts of interest?

Best Regard 

Luigi Antonio Pezone 

 From UNITED NATIONUN to Luigi Antonio Pezone 3 set 2019, 18:15

Thank you for your vivid and voluminous explanations on the global needs, we can only afford to give you loan to increase and to develop your skill, no time for us to continue writing than to implement .

If you need loan to develop, contact us for loan that is only what we can do for you.


From Luigi Antonio Pezone to UNITED NATIONUN 3 set 2019, 19:43

I knew immediately that you are not the real Antonio Gutters, but I was at the game to see where you wanted to go. I am an inventor, not an entrepreneur. Everyone has to do their job. I have shown that I can do it without funding. The United Nations with all the funds at its disposal, including the World Bank, is showing that it is unable to do its job, which is to create sustainable development.

Best Reegard

Luigi Antonio Pezone

From UNITED NATIONUN to Luigi Antonio Pezone 4 set 2019, 10:41

I think you should do it either ways, my duty is to encourage and represent countries under the United Nations Charter , which i would have given you more directives even introducing you to the International Monetary Fund ( I M F ) as well contacting the World bank , but since you can fund it alone and does not need funding , move on with your expectations.

If we had proceeded, i would have shown you more examples of my self, but since you concluded that i am not the very person, keep searching for the real UN Secretary General.

Antonio Gutters

From Luigi Antonio Pezone to UNITED NATIONUN 4 set 2019, 18:44

The United Nations has failed 24 international COPs which involved 196 sovereign states without finding concrete solutions against global warming. It is not possible that they want to solve the problems by financing a retired inventor who has never participated in these conferences because he has never been invited and could not even participate as he does not even have the money to pay for planes and hotels. I have published solutions if the United Nations wants to implement them, regardless of who the general secretary is, they can do it in many ways. If, on the other hand, they want to continue pretending to seek solutions, their reputation is ruined, regardless of who the general secretary is.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone.

 From UNITED NATIONUN to Luigi Antonio Pezone 4 set 2019, 20:12

You said it all.   


This is the complete transcript of my correspondence with the false UN Secretary General. In fact, the real name of the UN secretary general is Antonio Guteres, not Gutters. The difference in the name I noticed only when I was writing this article. But the substance of my article does not change because regardless of the name, I had already understood that my interlocutor could not be authentic. The real UN secretary would never have answered me. He is still in time to do it.


Luigi Antonio Pezone