Open letter to the Creator of the Universe.


The strange subtitle of this article, addressed to the Creator of the Universe, who certainly will not be able to answer me, is due to the fact that I have already written open letters to the most powerful men on Earth and to the most important international trade associations, including two important entrepreneurs who they are also inventors, like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, without ever having an answer. I believe that only the Creator of the Universe could explain the reasons why the powerful men of the Earth do not want to look for the keys that trigger the interactive energetic and purifying processes that exist in planets such as the Earth where biological life has developed.  Although there are extensive treatises on these topics, written by eminent scientists, certainly the keys have not been found, otherwise men would not have produced global warming, destroyed much of the biodiversity, while the terrestrial nature where man did not intervene, continues to purify itself without using any technology. I quote once again a small paragraph extracted from the book “The Environmental Raket” by prof. Paolo Sequi: “every 35 million carbon atoms coming from photosynthesis require 30 million oxygen atoms, 60 million hydrogen and 1,552,904 atoms of different elements brought by water (1000,000 nitrogen, 250,000 potassium, 125,000 calcium, 80,000 of magnesium, 60,000 of phosphorus, 30,000 of sulfur, 4,500 of iron, 2,000 of boron, 1,000 of manganese, 300 of zinc, 100 of copper, 3 of cobalt, 1 of molybdenum “. I used this quote not only to emphasize, once again, the difference between the science of man and God, because I wrote this article to accompany my last intellectual patent application, registered in Italy on 26.07. 2021, which has the following title: System captures interstellar dust and space environmental implants. In fact, as we know, the universe, even where it appears empty, contains at least one atom per cm3 of the elements mentioned above. Contrary to what one might think, with the right technologies, the suitable transport systems, the environmental systems inside the suitable spacecraft, we can capture all the elements that serve human life and begin the colonization of space by the planet quite early. Earth, as long as the world political, entrepreneurial, scientific ruling class stops cheating and begins to implement anthropogenic plants impartially in the interest of humanity and universal science, because in space everything that is wrong does not work and damages health of human beings. Therefore, to go into space seriously, we must first scrape and correct the terrestrial man-made facilities and then begin space colonization. The shortcuts that some billionaires want to use, while governments stand by, will only lead to other wastes of resources and technology.

The undersigned who has lived a lifetime to realize anthropogenic systems designed by others, wanted to test a pensioner for bringing plants anthropogenic to terrestrial needs, realizing that anthropogenic systems seem designed by amateurs compared to those designed by , which despite not having technologies, is able to carry out complete physical, chemical, biochemical, electromagnetic cycles, which are automatically renewed and perfected over the centuries.

Probably, even the universe, within certain limits, is renewed through the so-called “black holes” that thicken matter in a vacuum at temperatures close to absolute zero. It is clear that there are similarities between the densification of matter at very high pressures and temperatures and those that occur between high vacuum and absolute zero temperature. But we who live on Earth should be especially interested in finding some scientific and technological details that trigger the interactive processes of terrestrial survival that nature has found in about 4.5 billion years, inventing biochemistry instead of chemistry and electromagnetism instead of magnetism. In fact, what occurs spontaneously in nature at the temperature and pressure of the environment because everything is connected, cannot take place in specific systems designed by man at different pressures and temperatures if the connection keys with the external environment are not found, so that all the collateral cycles involved can be completed. Understanding all the biochemical and electromagnetic steps for us mere mortals is impossible. But finding the keys to trigger the processes by letting nature do the rest is a possible undertaking. The connecting keys between biochemistry and electromagnetism belong to hydroelectromagnetism pressurized at atmospheric pressure and higher pressures by means of autoclaves, which was invented by the undersigned with much delay compared to other scientific and technological solutions because it required the transversal knowledge of the different scientific and technological disciplines and the scientific organization of industrial and environmental work.

Too bad, that the powerful of the earth, above, including science, in the rush to accelerate the growth of the commercial development, have overlooked the importance of identifying and introducing pressurized hydroelectromagnetism in anthropogenic systems, which could trigger the interactive processes between water and air, not only to purify, but also to produce fixed and mobile energy, up to the possible sum of the thrust of Newton and that of Lorentz, which without fuel, in space, could also allow the capture of interstellar dust. This dust, containing the main terrestrial minerals, could integrate the food and industrial production of the terrestrial space caravans that could colonize Space. This means that we humans, if we knew how to design anthropic plants, exploiting terrestrial technologies and interactive physical fluid dynamics photosynthetic, biochemical and electromagnetic principles we could develop a civilization parallel to the current one, where a part of the earth’s population would live safely in space, far from earthquakes, fires, water bombs and terrestrial viruses, looking for other planets. Obviously, by choosing the paths less exposed to cosmic radiation together with the astronomers.

For practical, scientific and technical reasons, above all, to better exploit electromagnetic currents and capture the interstellar dust useful for food, research and new technologies, the spaceships seen in science fiction films would be replaced by very long space caravans and every autonomous element energetically, it would be connected to the others only electromagnetically to distribute the Lorentz thrust linearly in the predetermined direction of travel. While the primary energies, which have been hypothesized and realized thermal and nuclear, would be replaced by the simpler, economic interactive compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy, which is the only one that can simultaneously power biological life, transport, industrial activities and civil services, without being consumed, and without environmental contraindications, recycling everything 100%. Unfortunately, the current world ruling classes, including the scientific ones, have not noticed these possible innovations and are continuing to develop a self-destructive terrestrial model. Deforestation, fires, water bombs and viruses in recent years have been increasing exponentially. If NASA has never thought of adding together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz or even of capturing space dust through means of transport, it is due to the fact that the Earth’s energy state of the art, having not searched and found the access keys to terrestrial interactive systems, could not even find the keys to access universal ones. In fact, the two systems can interface with each other only through electromagnetism. But universal electromagnetism has a primary source of energy developed by very powerful nuclear explosions, while the source of terrestrial primary energy must be much more delicate and it must not be consumed. Only hydroelectromagnetic energy that statically exploits the pressure of the air and recycles water one way, has this potential, but until now, it has been boycotted by the entire world ruling class.

I believe it is evident that the Creator of the universe does not want the earth power centers to continue to destroy the planet by exploiting commercial energies that cost much more and are less efficient than natural ones.

I also believe that my work, which has escaped the powerful of the Earth, has not escaped the Creator of the Universe, because despite the silences collected by the powerful of the Earth, scientists, trade unions, environmentalists, the Catholic Church itself and all strata social networks, I have never felt completely alone in my impossible undertaking to change the world’s purification and energy systems. Indeed, as I have already written in some previous articles, it seemed to me to be guided in an alternative path to official science, public and private, although I have a simple diploma of “mechanical expert”. My idea was to apply Frederick Taylor’s scientific organization of work, which multiplied industrial production, to other sectors of human activities, especially purification. But just finding where to start was a problem until, I don’t know how, after more than five years of work, research, small patent deposits, preliminary on domestic water saving, I decided to proceed with the modification of the chimney stacks, of the sewage system and the introduction of artificial rains and limestone greenhouses to produce carbonates in the water, which with a simple process of inorganic chemistry would have eliminated global warming around the world. Faced with the great silences collected throughout the world on such a simple and logical solution, also filed with a large economic sacrifice to obtain four international patents (WO2014 / 076724, WO2014 / 076725, WO2014 / 076726, WO2014 / 076727), with my modest forces I would have given up doing this important job. Instead, I have only given up on believing in the world institutions and the industrial patent system that protects only the commercial inventions of those who can pay the fees for filing and maintaining patents, regardless of the social utility of the invention. I have no longer filed industrial patents, but only intellectuals, I have not paid the maintenance fees of the patents granted and I have not made legal appeals against the patents not granted. I thought that this is the only possible way to propose sustainable inventions in the interest of all, even if the world people themselves do not understand them and do not support them. It will be history and the creator of the universe to judge who has worked for or against man and nature.

 However, it was not easy to keep working. Many times I would have given up on continuing, but every time I was about to give up, a new idea would arrive that confirmed the correctness of the previous ones, and I produced over forty interactive inventions, which gradually reduced energy costs to extract the energy directly from the environment. Finally, arriving at the virtual conception of global linear motors and the environmental systems of survival in space. I do not think that alone I would have succeeded in this enterprise, even if I only developed it virtually, having never received public or private funding.  It does not bother me that I can be considered a madman, a delusional person, or a religious fanatic. I am none of these things. Until the details I have published are tested, the representatives of governments and multinationals that have funded, experimented and created all kinds of uneconomic, polluting, certainly non-interactive energies all over the world should be considered crazy. These energies are exhausted when the fuel reserve contained in the tanks or reactors runs out due to the fact that the system is not interactive. It does not regenerate.

 The current energies are not able to take us into space as conquerors, but only as visitors to a very small part of the surrounding universe, which does not represent any progress in the advancement of the global state of the art.

The recent spectacular adventure of billionaire Jeff Bezos (20.07.2021), who with some family and friends made a rapid exploration (eleven-minute) of the upper layers of the earth’s atmosphere, returning to earth with the classic parachute, only shows how far we are from true space science. Not because this science is complicated but only because science has not been able to seek and find the correct primary earth energy and the keys to connect with universal electromagnetism.

Many anthropogenic plants, for those who know science and technology in a multidisciplinary way, seem designed by amateurs because they are incomplete (sewers, chimneys, power plants and heat engines, water and air purifiers), but the damage to human health is diluted over the years and it is mitigated by medical advances. Even the world space entities, public and private, are designing the anthropic space plants as amateurs, not considering that human respiration and physiology are designed by the Creator of the universe to balance atmospheric pressure in the human body, not other pressures. For this reason, we need to pressurize the means of space transport to atmospheric pressure. But are we lucky or did the Creator of the universe want the atmospheric pressure to be composed of a gas mixture that can even be compressed to miles of bars if kept at a temperature above – 140.6 degrees centigrade? I don’t believe in luck. I believe that the Creator of the universe wanted to show us the correct way to produce the energies and purifications of the world and of space. I also believe that the Creator of the universe has lost patience. For this reason, he communicated these simple scientific truths to a modest pensioner. Not to the Nobel laureates, who would not have had the patience and probably not even the experience to develop all the interactive details that the undersigned has developed to prove these conclusions with zero public and private funding.

For myself, the keys of the primary interactive terrestrial energy are undoubtedly the principles of Pascal, Henry, Torricelli, Venturi and the impenetrability of bodies, which used together with machines and systems designed correctly by men, would exploit compressibility and elasticity of the air, the incompressibility of water, and the solubilization of gases in the water in proportion to the pressure. We do not understand the reasons why Earth science has chosen thermodynamics as the primary source of energy, when it is necessary to produce it specifically and then purify its side effects. For myself it would have been much more logical to exploit gravity and atmospheric pressure, appropriately increased, creating one-way systems with pumps and turbines in series, which working in the direction of the gravitational force, would automatically produce electrical energy and oxygenation of the water, consuming very little energy in the pumps, which working under positive pressure save energy, but producing a lot of it in the turbines which would exploit the sum of the static pressures and the kinetic energies.

Having never had answers from public and private science on these simple and linear topics, I could think that on Planet Earth there is an entity similar to the Creator of the universe that forbids making such proposals.  But this is not logical because if such an entity existed, it would be the head of a powerful criminal organization against the whole of humanity. It is more logical to think that world science has truly believed that it has done everything possible to advance the state of the art while respecting the individual disciplines, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism. Those who made the mistake were above all the government and United Nations scientific consultants, who should have insisted on overcoming the state of the art of the individual scientific disciplines in order to find global solutions by exploiting the interactive principles with technologies, already partially identified in some applications.

It is not necessary to be a great scientist to understand that the key of the localized depression identified by the physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746-1822 who was a priest, therefore a man of God) produced by the increase in the speed of the water in a slotting and the key of the depression that is creates at the center of the impeller of a centrifugal pump, they can trigger energy and purification processes without dispersing both the energy source (Pressure) and the energy vector (water) in the environment, while terrestrial science disperses both the energy source and the energy vector, with devastating side effects for the environment and the economy of natural resources.  I believe that this cannot be tolerated by the Creator of the universe who took 4.5 billion years to create the world’s biochemical balances in a natural way, without the use of multinational technologies.

Isn’t it strange that the undersigned, although not a doctor, has invented the only invention that could extend human life by hundreds of years, which is the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood? (31.05.2018 Even this invention did not go against the will of the creator of the universe, because I did not alter the human DNA. If the soul of man exists, it is in the human brain that contains all our experiences and knowledge. If after this invention I proposed space inventions even though I had never dealt with aeronautical engineering, it means that the Lord continued to give me a hand, while the abusive owners of the Earth continued to remain silent even on the artificial heart that could lengthen their own life. What makes me smile, despite the gravity of the situation, is that despite their power, powerful men will die like myself before the time that correct scientific progress would have allowed, victims of their own ignorance. While the undersigned, without money and power, also fought for them the premature death of the earth.

 This invention will also enter the history of humanity because human life is too short to be able to face the very long space journeys. We cannot freeze men and thaw them when they arrive at their destination, as seen in some science fiction movie. When the scientific truths come out, we old people will probably be dead, but history will enter those who have seen things in the right way and tried to correct the wrong ones, not those who have had very partial views of science and technology and have used their temporal power to hinder the affirmation of interactive principles, which are the only ones that come close to the science of the creator of the universe.

Contrary to what one might think, science is not only mathematics but also the ability to develop details, identifying through them all the possible interactive connections and designing the machines and systems that allow connections with minimum expense and maximum yield. This terrestrial science, public and private, has shown that it does not know how to do it, or does not want to do it in order to preserve the current model of development that has created global pollution, environmental disasters, viruses that decimate the elderly and those weaker economically. Who decides what is to be tested in the world’s public and private laboratories? These decisions are not made by individuals but by world leaders (G 7, G20, the COP managed by the UN) with the help of the best scientific and economic advisers in the world. Yet the most important inventions have escaped worldwide. I think that an athlete to participate in the Olympics must train for many hours a day for many years in a single specialization, so do scientists and researchers. The results are seen because hard work always pays off. However, I believe that no one on planet Earth has trained to develop the global scientific, technological and organizational reasoning of work at the same time, because there are no public and private organizations that pay for this type of training. These decisions are not made by individuals but by world leaders (G 7, G20, the COP managed by the UN) with the help of the best scientific and economic advisers in the world. Yet the most important inventions have escaped worldwide. I think that an athlete to participate in the Olympics must train for many hours a day for many years in a single specialization, so do scientists and researchers. The results are seen because hard work always pays off. However, I believe that no one on planet Earth has trained to develop the global scientific, technological and organizational reasoning of work at the same time, because there are no public and private organizations that pay for this type of training. I believe I have obeyed moral orders that I don’t know where they came from and I also believe that I have been helped to do my job. But I am also aware that it is very difficult to be understood. Is everything that I have filed as patents and what I have published deserves to be experienced?  Who has to answer? Seeing that all of science, governments and the bosses of multinationals are hiding? Who represents the Creator of the Universe? Long before I proposed this invention I wrote an article published on 15. 06.2015 entitled  to say that design cannot be blindly delegated to economic power centers. Those who want to protect the Earth, in the name of the creator of the Universe, cannot blindly accept the industrial property of multinationals, participating in the isolation of independent inventors who propose alternative sustainable intellectual solutions. The same must be said of the unions that oppose the dismissal of workers. These moral and social bodies must go into details or finance those who go into the details of the planning and scientific organization of alternative work.  The same must be said of the unions that oppose the dismissal of workers. These moral and social bodies must go into details or finance those who go into the details of the planning and scientific organization of alternative work. But if the world churches that would like to represent the Creator of the universe, trade unions and environmental associations, who would like to represent social oppositions, do not even know what interactive global reasoning is, how do they fight to enforce God’s will. and defend the weakest categories of the world population? Do they want or do they not want governments, churches, associations to know global scientific truths, as well as specific ones that do not work if anthropogenic plants are not designed globally?

With this question, I resume the summary of the article in question, without wanting to offend anyone. Trying only to break the silence on my retirement job, which has now lasted for sixteen years, after another thirty-seven years in industry and in the environment.


It seems that world science has found nothing better than what Julius Verne proposed in the novel written in 1865 (From the Earth to the Moon) to conquer space. Verne even calculated exactly the escape velocity that the space entities still use, in order not to fall back on the earth due to the attraction of the earth’s gravitational force. What science has not understood is the fact that we don’t need to reach escape speed, but a powerful propulsion system that extracts energy from the environment and makes it last over time without consuming it. This system is interactive and linked to Pascal’s principle (1623-1662), which is valid in pressurized and empty environments. Both environments expand in all directions, but while the amount of pressure decreases as it expands, the amount of vacuum increases. However, reducing the pressure globally.  If we make a hole in the hypothetical pressure container, all the fluid contained goes towards the hole. If we make a hole in the hypothetical container of vacuum (black hole), everything that is present in the vacuum goes towards the hole, creating an even more extreme vacuum. Who produces these two phenomena in the universe is universal electromagnetism generated by nuclear energies that reach 20 million K and cold black holes with temperatures close to zero K (-273.15 oC).

On planet Earth, the environmental conditions are very different: we have temperatures of a few degrees centigrade oC, which allow photosynthesis and the carbon cycle through fluid-dynamic, electromagnetic, chemical, thermal biological exchanges. At terrestrial temperatures we have designed and built fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic machines, which with small modifications, would allow the creation of air gaps in the atmospheric pressure, which would allow the aircraft to be lifted to terrestrial temperatures, simply by adding together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz in the vacuum d air created by extracting the primary energy from the same air of the earth’s environment, without heating it, consuming it, or altering the chemical composition. But world science is silent on this subject. World science does not accept to understand that nature has already selected the primary source of terrestrial energy made of molecules of incompressible water and compressible air at terrestrial temperatures. We simply had to develop the primary fluid dynamics and electromagnetic induced technologies, which would also have allowed the production of terrestrial, marine, space motive energy, without altering the environment, as well as triggering the physical, chemical, biochemical and natural processes that in most cases , depend on the operating pressures of the systems.

Very strangely, on planet Earth the complex technologies of electromagnetic induced energy were developed correctly before the simpler ones of primary fluid dynamics energy, because world science has tried in every way to be inspired by thermodynamics for primary energy production, even if the heat does not directly produce a potential or kinetic energy: it does so through the pressure of the gases or vapors it produces.

All this made no sense even from an economic point of view because the production of energy to produce induced electromagnetic energy involves enormous costs of purifying the fumes and cooling the fluids in circulation as the electrical circuits and mechanical parts work better at low earth temperatures.

In light of these considerations, the compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy proposed by the undersigned after many years of work and research without public and private funding, should have been welcomed as manna from heaven, however, it is not even understood by the economists who govern the main world governments.

In light of these considerations, the compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy proposed by the undersigned after many years of work and research without public and private funding, should have been welcomed as manna from heaven, however, it is not even understood by the economists who govern the main world governments. Who are the scientific advisors of the world governments? Are they the same ones who advise the multinationals, who insist on the production of thermal energy and distribute it to charge accumulators of electric energy so as not to pollute urban centers? These solutions are devoid of elementary environmental and economic logic because it is logical that with these solutions global warming increases. It does not decrease.

Faced with the great ignorance shown by world rulers in the design and management of earth’s environmental and energy problems, it is worthwhile to summarize the history of fluid dynamics discoveries underestimated by science.

Evangelista Torricelli (1608-1647) measured the atmospheric air pressure through a tube full of mercury, devoid of air open from the lower side immersed with the lower part in a basin of water, realizing that the mercury did not descend into the basin but stopped at a height of 760 mm, corresponding to the atmospheric pressure of a bar on the water. In his time he could not understand that atmospheric pressure could be locally increased and used as a fixed and transportable energy source at a distance. What is strange is the fact that science has not compressed it even now, after all the publications of myself. In fact, even today, compressed air is used in energy actuators that absorb energy and return it without any energy gain, while to become an energy producer, compressed air must be used statically, one-way, exploiting the principle of the impenetrability of bodies, modifying the water circulation pumps and using water as an energy vector.

At the time of Torricelli, with atmospheric pressure and the kinetic speed of water (V = √2gh), at most it was possible to grind grain in mills. Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746-1822) noticed that by making a small hole in a bottleneck where pressurized water circulates, instead of leaving the water, air entered the tube. World science has made little use of these phenomena that interactively link the circulation of water, atmospheric pressure and vacuum. He also neglected Henry’s principle (1775-1836) that by dissolving the pressurized air on the surface of the water in proportion to the pressure, it purifies it without energy costs. World science has been silent on the many inventions of the undersigned that have revolutionized hydroelectric energy and the use of electromagnetism in fixed and mobile versions. In fact, the Venturi system combined with Henry’s could combat ocean acidification through artificial welling, sucking carbonates solubilized by high pressures from the bottom of the oceans to create food phytoplankton and alkalize surface waters again. He was silent when I modified the pumps by creating a second separate power supply right into the impeller to feed a double circuit that recycles statically pressurized water in an autoclave and at the same time, inserts the water discharged from a turbine fed free of charge by the same autoclave into the same circuit , which automatically expels excess water due to Pascal’s principle or the impenetrability of bodies. Obviously, by connecting the turbine to a current generator we can extract the electricity directly from the environment in the fixed and mobile versions. World science was also silent when I proposed the way to add Newton’s thrust to Lorenz’s at low temperature in all terrestrial, underwater space applications, by assembling electric turbofans, compressed hydroelectric plants, in series within an electromagnetic flow. unidirectional and solenoids that produce induced currents.

The escape velocity does not matter if we can produce an electromagnetic energy in the means of transport which produces a force opposite to the slightly higher gravitational force which does not run out over time. This is what terrestrial science has failed to do, having persisted in producing powerful energy to reach escape velocity with fuels, wasting infinite economic resources, without ensuring the return of crews and equipment to earth. Earth science has failed for the simple fact that the Lorentz electromagnetic push can only be achieved in an electric field produced cold at the temperature of the Earth’s environment with thin copper wires protected with paint wound in coils as in electric motors. Science has not realized that even the primary energy that makes the permanent magnets rotate in the aforementioned electric field can only be created cold, using simple compressed air as an energy source and incompressible water as an energy carrier, which are both recyclable at all times. infinite, in circuits that I have proposed for a long time, which do not disperse either water or air, being partially open, to allow the pressure of the atmospheric air absorbed by the water to be released before being inserted again in the pressurized recycling circuit, as described in the relevant articles on

74) 31.01.2020,

73) 31.01.2020

Paradoxically, the realization of artificial Welling would allow the creation of artificial islands off the oceans that would be the safest place on Earth, not being able to be damaged by earthquakes and tsunamis. Equally paradoxically, the safest place in the universe would not be the planets, but the containers pressurized at atmospheric pressure, which being energetically autonomous (with water and air recycled indefinitely) could avoid being hit by asteroids and space junk, but also choose paths away from dangerous cosmic rays that are closest to large nuclear explosions.  Equally paradoxically, the interactive global linear motors, in addition to being very powerful transport and exploration tools, would also be powerful tools for the supply of mineral salts, usable as fertilizers for food production endlessly recycled in the same space containers. In fact, they could easily capture the interstellar dust that contains all Earth’s materials, sterilized by billions of years of vacuum. Equally paradoxically, the elderly men and women of the future, on Earth and in space, could live much longer than current ones, consuming less food, if they replaced the natural heart with an energetically autonomous heart that works with the same energetic principles of the motors. global linear systems by oxygenating the blood instead of water, producing the energy needed by artificial organs and artificial intelligence, with fewer medicines, vaccines and without altering human DNA. Of course, the blood oxygenating artificial heart has also been ignored by award-winning earth science.

1) The blurred boundary between pressure and vacuum, misunderstood by science, has prevented sustainable development on land and aerospace.

Universal electromagnetism is produced at very high temperatures that generate the vortex of ferromagnetic nuclei that produce immense centripetal forces that thicken the solid matter present in empty space, stratifying the matter based on the decreasing density. The gases gather in the surrounding areas, attracted by the same gravitational forces. Science committed to looking for the mathematical formulas that justify these phenomena, has not realized that centrifugal pumps are one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind.Not so much for current use, but for future use. In fact, a centrifugal pump is designed to let the liquid enter from the suction side producing a centripetal force in the center of the impeller, but gradually the liquid passage section expands in the spiral fins of the impeller and the pressure increases until it becomes a centrifugal force at the periphery of the impeller. These centripetal and centrifugal physical phenomena that are concentrated in every single impeller of a pump can be used to multiply the flow rates if the impellers are connected in parallel, but they can also multiply the pressures if the impellers are connected in series. If, on the other hand, we always want to recycle the same water and the same pressure, we have to modify the main pumps, making them with a single impeller but with the double separate power supply up to the impeller. There was no need for internal combustion engines, steam boilers, the division of the atom, solar and wind energy if world earth science had learned to use pumps correctly. A centrifugal pump can also be used in reverse, letting the liquid in from the periphery of the impeller at low speed and high pressure to let it out at the center of the impeller with a higher kinetic energy that produces a driving torque. If we connect several impellers in series, the drive torques are added that can be used as heat engines, or to turn the shaft of a current generator, without the use of fuels. If we consider that in a combustion chamber of a piston the pressure reaches about forty bar and then is released into the atmosphere to turn the crankshaft of the engine, we should not be surprised if the efficiency of a thermal engine is barely 35% of the heating power of the fuel, while the efficiency of a hydroelectric engine that recycles water and statically exploits the air pressure without any expansion and compression phase is practically infinite because the pressure can reach values much higher than forty bar of a combustion chamber, the air is not discharged into the atmosphere and the incompressible water is recycled indefinitely. There is no calorific value, nor the cost of fuel, nor the costs of the purification of combustion fumes, nor are there the costs of the cooling systems of the materials that would be consumed in a short time working at high temperatures. World science and technology not using interactive principles have only complicated anthropogenic plants making them more expensive, cumbersome and inefficient. We cannot speak of the difference in yield between an energy source that has a selling cost and is consumed and another that is extracted from the environment and is not consumed. We cannot speak of environmental performance if one source produces toxic emissions and another even dissolves oxygen in the water, increasing its purity. Only scientists and inventors unable to think globally have been able to create the current model of world development. The fault lies above all with world governments for not putting them together and forcing them to think globally. By creating global and interactive systems that extract energy from the environment, we only have to verify the difference between the energy consumed by the motor that turns the pump and the energy produced by the current generator, which is always hundreds of times higher. because the pump works with the low prevalence of closed circuits (Open only on one side of the impeller to recover the fluid that has passed through the turbine), while the shaft of the current generator is powered by the high pressure which is discharged to atmospheric pressure through the turbine by means of the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. World science has made important scientific researches and discoveries in the field of universal thermodynamic, nuclear and chemical laws, but has neglected the interactive transformations that can be produced by the practical experience of fluid dynamics, machines and plants, which only expert technicians, with good scientific knowledge, they can guess, even if they do not have the economic means and experimental laboratories. In fact, knowing the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and at the same time the pumps and turbines, it is possible to identify the weak points that allow the triggering of the interactive principles that can occur between water and air, which cannot occur with machines. and current systems, which are designed to perform a single function, without taking into account that the physical characteristics of incompressible water, of elastically compressible air, the principle of impenetrability of bodies, Pascal’s principle, that of Henry, Venturi and the electromagnetic ones of Maxwell and Lorentz, allow the design of plants with interactive functions, completely excluding the use of thermal and nuclear energy that produced the major earth disasters. In fact, as the undersigned has virtually demonstrated, without spending public and private money on research and the purchase of thermal and nuclear fuels, we can produce electricity, drive torques and linear forces without transforming matter, with a very small absorption of energy that it is subtracted from the total energy produced.

World science with 860 personal Nobel (until  2019) laureates and 22 world organizations has created global warming because it has sinned of silence towards the wrong inventions. Everything that is not interactive on planet Earth is not cheap and is not sustainable. But science, compartmentalized, ignores looking for interactive links to satisfy the wishes of public and private employers. Who commands is the law of the market which is falsified precisely by the absence of sustainable and interactive experiments that are simple to understand and implement, but cannot become real if the scientists of governments and multinationals keep silence. Therefore, the whole of world science is responsible for global warming. The CO2 problem could be solved at the origin with inventions thought out globally. It would have been enough not to open energy cycles that the world state of the art is unable to close perfectly. Purtroppo, la scienza mondiale, pubblica e privata, non ha provato seriamente a chiudere i cicli perché certamente ci sarebbero riusciti se ci avessero provato. Come ci è riuscito il sottoscritto progettando impianti interattivi che mettono insieme i cicli depurativi dell’acqua e dei fumi. Io ho spiegato questo metodo in un recente articolo:  I cited the aforementioned article to underline the hypocrisy of private and public science because the award to the inventor who would have solved the CO2 problem should have been granted by the United Nations organization, not a private entrepreneur, who tried to make only advertising saying that he wants to solve the problem that the undersigned has virtually solved in 2012 by unnecessarily filing four international patents, which no one has created, including the billionaire Elon Musk who pretended to want to reward the inventor, not knowing the solution. But I mentioned this topic, above all, because having the undersigned tried to seriously solve, with concrete solutions, the cleaning of thermal fumes with an interactive system, to save the cost of the proposed systems, he had to deepen the scientific knowledge of all the elements involved, coming to the conclusion that it is not convenient to produce thermal and nuclear energy and not even current renewable energies precisely because, not carrying out interactive functions, they cannot be convenient even from an economic point of view. Like biochemistry performing interactive functions and more efficient than chemistry. In fact, even if the compressed hydroelectromagnetic system has never been built on planet Earth, it is the simplest, cheapest, cleanest and most space-saving way compared to other energy systems. It can even neutralize the CO2 emissions emitted by human respiration that will travel into space, which although it is a natural phenomenon, in space environments of reduced volume, must be neutralized in the recycled air recycling circuit, so that the amount of CO2 does not become toxic. It is fortunate that interactive global linear motors with small plant integrations can allow the capture of interstellar calcium to produce carbonates in the internal waters of space containers dedicated to hydroponic food crops. This and many other spatial problems in space would be unsolvable without going into the details of the interactive solutions that are unknown to NASA and to the space entities that still seek the thermal energies to go out and navigate in space. Therefore, if we really want to conquer space we must deepen all terrestrial interactive systems and bring into space environments pressurized at terrestrial pressure, with the terrestrial interactive energy that must interact with the external motive energy without dispersing anything through vent valves conveyed in tanks. recovery and recycling where the chemical parameters that vary in the exchange processes are corrected and must always be kept at terrestrial temperatures. The thermodynamic and nuclear processes do not serve either to feed humans, nor to produce the energy inside the containers, nor that necessary for land and space travel. Once it is established that the best, cheapest, least cumbersome way to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz is that of global linear motors. If the same system allows you to capture even the space dust that restores the mineral resources dispersed in the same space, due to natural failures and processes, it only means that world public and private science has not been able to put together the best world inventions to protect the Earth, living things and colonize space. It has only produced an apparent development with incomplete cycles that cannot be exported to the mobile space environments, where everything has to be endlessly recycled and mistakes are not allowed. However, the world ruling class is trying in every way to hide the potential of compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy which has not yet received a single world public and private dollar despite the publication of the article dated   28.02.2020

Therefore, the universal energy source of man in space must be the atmospheric air that man carries with him, while the electromagnetic energy production will be produced by the static pressure of compressed air in autoclaves. The energy carrier is the water contained in the autoclaves, which is recycled indefinitely.

To seriously begin space colonization, it is necessary to select the technologies that we need to take into space, especially to produce energy, feed the human body and cure diseases and ensure the reconstruction of essential spare parts. Haste has always been a bad advisor. The physical, thermal, chemical, nuclear monothematic solutions should have been used to test essential scientific principles, not to industrialize steam engines, thermal engines, nuclear reactors, water turbines, wind poles, solar panels, energy accumulators, worldwide. which all perform useful but partial functions. The anthropic world plants must be designed globally and completely, closing all the cycles that open. In Space we cannot carry with us the mistakes made by multinationals and public science that have not closed the cycles in the chimneys, sewers, agriculture, urban centers and industry.

2) The utopia of artificial gravitational force.

  It is utopian to think of creating the artificial gravitational force in space transport, as the original gravitational force was produced by centrifuging the ferromagnetic nuclei of stars and planets at many millions of degrees. It is much easier to be satisfied with the pressurization of the environments at atmospheric pressure and regenerate it by consuming the CO2 produced by human respiration, either by using it as a carbonic fertilizer in artificial photosynthesis, or by using inorganic chemistry with particles of mineral salts based on calcium and manganese. captured in interstellar space through interactive linear thrusters.

To go into space we do not need nuclear energy, fermions, the Higs particle and neutrinos, but the earth’s interactive energy between water, air and vacuum, which unfortunately, is the only renewable energy that has not been developed on planet Earth. Earth’s interactive energy could only arise from global scientific and technical reasoning, made in the general interest. Not for commercial purposes to sell the single invention which neglects all collateral aspects. Unfortunately, world science divided into separate sectors commercially and scientifically, has never made these arguments and today the planet Earth finds itself with many different energies, but none complete and positively interactive with the environment. Unfortunately, the specific scientific and technological interests of governments and multinationals have prevented the development of these arguments which, inevitably, would have made the selection between sustainable and unsustainable, efficient and inefficient choices. If we want to start space colonization, we must make this selection not only regarding energy, but also about survival technologies without hypocrisy. Few have been global scientific achievements. Even if, all in all, the benefits of quality of life have been there, unresolved problems are emerging, and we run the risk of paying the consequences. For the first time, the expectations of the terrestrial lifespan, due to Covid 19, have been reduced, while if we want to start space travel, we need to extend human life and reduce food consumption, introducing technology and intelligence. artificial in the human body.

Politics, economics, world justice, by separating scientific skills to deepen specific knowledge, have prevented the development of global reasoning and the crime of omission, above all, of world public research bodies is rampant. Today, public research bodies are more interested in selling patents to multinationals than in seeking common solutions against global warming, the waste of resources, the defense of mankind from disease. The planet Earth is ruled by politicians, economists, entrepreneurs, scientists, who have totally accepted the development model created by specific competences separated in sealed sectors, where the right hand does not know what the left is doingThis ruling class did not realize that with Covid 19 we have reached the head of the line. US President Biden’s proposal to temporarily suspend intellectual property on vaccines is only a palliative. Because intellectual property doesn’t exist. There is only industrial property, which is shared among the world’s power centers, which can afford to make alliances with each other, pay the costs of industrialization, patent maintenance fees in all countries of the world. The real intellectual property should be that of the first inventor who files a patent of world public utility in any world country and publishes it on the Net works to make it known to the whole world so that everyone can benefit from it, not for commercial purposes, but to identify the global utility of the invention, also applied in other sectors in an interactive way. Especially if the invention concerns fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic processes at different pressures and fluids, it is possible to discover still other inventions useful to man, but always closing all the cycles that open in the invented processes, without waste and toxic emissions, as nature does, but speeding up the processes.

Unfortunately, the crime of omission of the scientific information organs is so widespread that only the inventions made are able to be known. Those that remain in the virtual state, even if they grow virtually and are connected to each other, creating an alternative development model that concerns all human activities, continue to be silenced by the entire world ruling class. This parallel virtual reality is described only on, where the purification and energy patents not made on planet Earth are described, which would have protected the Planet and extended human life, up to take us into space infinite without producing any form of fossil and nuclear pollution. It has not been enough to separately identify excellent scientific principles from many Earth scientists if we have never succeeded in putting them together coherently and comprehensively in the general interest. This task should have been carried out by the United Nations. Unfortunately, the United Nations is a collection of scientifically incompetent political bureaucrats who, instead of protecting, encouraging, experimenting with true intellectual property, have protected the industrial property of commercial inventions, which have produced global warming. The United Nations has also asked poor inventors to pay patent maintenance fees, as if they were multinationals.

Today, no one in the world is paid to build interactive global systems. The undersigned had to do it for free as a retiree starting from the year 2005 by depositing over forty interactive patents that have grown only virtually without any contribution from public and private science, which does not know how to design systems globally, while the designers of current systems design only specific plants, following the laws of the market desired by governments and multinationals. Even NASA did not understand that in order to colonize space, plants must be designed globally otherwise resources are wasted and human DNA is destroyed.

Today, the entire world ruling class, hoping to come out victorious against Covid 19, wants to reopen the interrupted construction sites without changing anything of the current development model apart from a hasty vaccination which when completed and the deaths count will certainly be higher. to the third world war. How long will vaccine protection last? Will they be able to protect us from all the variations that are spreading? While the development of vaccines usually takes years or even decades to test their effectiveness and especially their safety, this time virologists have not been able to take all the time necessary for the trials. The consequences could be very serious for mankind. However, those who govern the world do not want to understand that terrestrial problems are all connected to the model of development created.

To produce energy on planet Earth we don’t need to transform matter but only borrow it from nature, returning it with the same chemical composition, indeed improving the purity of the water that we will use not as an energy source but as an energy vector. Since the water would absorb oxygen from the energy source which is the compressed air that must be statically exploited in one way. Not as it is exploited now that it absorbs energy in the compression phase and gives it up in the expansion phase, as is also the case in piston heat engines, equally wrong from an energy point of view. This way of producing energy is wrong because cylinders and pistons are energy actuators, not energy generators. To generate energy we have to statically exploit the pressure of gases or compressed air, which is the cleanest and cheapest and we have to change the way pumps that do not have to raise water (which is the cleanest and cheapest liquid) work. but they have to pump it in the direction of gravitational force. The pumps must be equipped with a second separate power supply right into the impeller, while the main power supply recycles the water inside a pressurized autoclave at many bars. With this system, the same quantity of water introduced in low pressure into the autoclave is immediately expelled in high pressure from the autoclave due to the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, therefore it can power a turbine connected to a current generator that produces energy and oxygenation water at the same time (Henry’s principle), at very low costs because we can carry out energy and purification cycles of infinite duration by consuming only the wear and tear of the materials. Unfortunately, it seems that sustainable, simple and clean inventions displease science, governments and global multinationals. Yet, it is not difficult to understand that by enhancing the electromagnetic fluid dynamics system we can endlessly recycle water and compressed air to create global linear motors capable of simultaneously producing the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. We don’t even need to produce the current dangerous space junk that poses a very serious threat to future space expeditions. In space we don’t need Earth’s gravity. The universal one is sufficient, but we need to live in pressurized environments at a bar with nitrogen and oxygen to avoid heart disease, lung disease, osteoporosis. Those involved in politics, economics, science, technology worldwide, have not yet spent a single euro to verify and experience the only possible interactive terrestrial energy that could be endlessly recycled without cost to make us move on Earth and in Space , enter the human chest to reduce energy consumption, enhance performance, extend life, defeat viruses without vaccines, simply by oxygenating the blood to a higher pressure in the autonomous artificial heart energetically, which the artificial heart itself would reduce to normal 120 -180 mm of Hg. In fact, by passing the blood through a mini turbine which, by reducing blood pressure to the desired value, allows the connected mini current generator to produce the current necessary to manage the artificial intelligence of future elderly people.

3) Space caravans are the only way to explore infinite space.

After more than eighteen months, I refer to the previous Italian intellectual patent filing no. 102020000000031 of 03/01/2020 Although these are sustainable intellectual inventions, which would cost nothing to verify them at least in the fundamental principles, the time is not yet ripe for science to at least talk about them. The public and private employers of scientists and researchers do not want to discuss interactive principles so as not to make the entire world people understand that the entire world development has been wrong. Scientific disinformation is rampant through advertisements on electric cars, energy accumulators and renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, which, not being able to exploit interactive principles and constant pressures over time, are discontinuous and have low yields. World politicians recite rhetorical messages from memory that speak of homeland, art and culture that do not affect sustainable development, the restoration of the environment, the distribution of world wealth and human life expectancy. An author’s painting, which does not affect social development, is sold millions of dollars, while no one takes out a euro to experiment with the sustainable inventions of inventors not linked to economic centers of power, even if these could improve the living conditions of the humanity. The current division of scientific and literary skills allows us to live in separate worlds that lose sight of the global vision of terrestrial problems.

The people of the world still believe that Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was the greatest genius of all time. What did Leonardo da Vinci invent? Nothing that has changed the history of humanity. Not because he wasn’t a genius but just because he couldn’t invent anything important. In 1500 some scientific principles had not been revealed that would have opened the mind to interactive inventions, which are the only ones that can change the quality of human life and the earth’s environment. We think of general relativity, electromagnetism and also the basic fluid dynamics principles completely unknown in the time of Leonardo da Vinci. The connections between these principles, even today, have not entered into terrestrial applications precisely because there are no men who think globally as Leonardo da Vinci did. If he had lived in our time, he probably would have actually been the greatest genius of all time. But having lived in a previous era, he had only brilliant intuitions, which today are largely outdated. The same aerodynamics that he studied is useless in space and not even in the atmosphere, if we can extract free energy from the environment and we can safely add the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. Why should we trust the aerodynamic buoyancy that is subject to atmospheric perturbations, if clean energy will cost nothing and we can oppose the winds simply by varying the number of revolutions of the motors and pumps that extract and manage energy that nature itself puts into it available? It is obvious that a single man, however brilliant, cannot work miracles. If Leonardo da Vinci had lived in our time with the current divisions of scientific expertise and economic power games dominated by world stock exchanges, he would hardly have found financiers. Today even the Nobel Prizes are a scientific farce because the continuity of the development model created is rewarded, not the alternative. If the Nobel Prize awards new ways of accumulating electricity, instead of interactive energy extracted without economic costs from the environment in fixed and mobile systems, it means that the scale of scientific values of inventions has been completely reversed.

Today scientists, managers, inventors are subject to the laws of the market like footballers and showmen. Everyone is paid for specific skills required by the market. Nobody is paid to rationally put together the scientific principles legislated for centuries because if they are put together rationally, the first to collapse would be the world stock exchanges.

As written in the summary, one of these principles to re-evaluate is the old Blaise Pascal principle (1623 -1662), which says that pressure expands in all directions. This principle must also be extended to vacuum which is still a pressure, although of a negative value compared to zero measured by the gauges that measure the pressure of the gases. Why am I repeating Pascal’s principle after having proposed the above patent? Because world science continues to be silent despite some scientific applications and theorems confirm the great advantages that we could have at a universal level by exploiting the interactivity allowed between the fluid dynamic pressures and depressions achievable at the temperatures of the earth’s environment.

We must ask ourselves why patents not granted to inventors who have no money, born for applications unknown to the state of the art, must die in swaddling clothes? Who has established that intellectual inventions that exceed the existing state of the art must be judged by ministerial bureaucrats who do not sufficiently know the sciences and technologies? How do ministerial bureaucrats judge interactive inventions if science itself has never developed them, being rigidly divided into individual specializations? How do professors teach interactive principles if the whole world refuses to combine polluted air and water in the world’s chimneys and sewers. It refuses to put pumps and turbines in series in the water to exploit the gravitational force and hydrostatic pressures in favor of sustainable energy and purification.

Suffice it to say that on planet Earth, no scientific body and no government has wanted to modify the large and small chimneys that shoot polluting fumes into the environment for many hours a day. If world science has not changed the fixed installations which are easier to modify, how could it have modified the mobile installations on means of transport? If public science has not solved these problems, how could we have hoped that the multinationals did? Read the following articles:

 10.06.2016;          01.02. 2021

It was no coincidence that the undersigned first modified the fixed systems, including the chimneys and then the mobile ones. If simple solutions are not implemented first, it is not possible to gain the experience to design the most complicated systems. But these arguments those who govern the world, starting with statesmen, economists, parliamentarians, scientific commissions do not understand it. All together, these millions of people do not realize that the accumulators of energy instead of reducing pollution increase it but do the magic of hiding it from urban centers. Who should oppose these choices if they are common to the governments of the right and left?

After spending my few savings to pay for everyone’s unwanted patent deposits, I decided not to bleed myself economically with legal appeals and demonstration trials. If I wanted to create all the neglected interactive systems, my work would be similar to that of a child who tries to empty the sea with a bucket. There are so many mistakes made by science that I would not know where to start, even if I recommend starting in chronological order starting from the publications of SPAWHE.EU.

The right hand of science does not want to know what the left is doing in order not to complicate life and still bring home a salary. The same reasoning does the other categories of professions that should work in general interests: parliamentarians, ministers, judges.

As an inventor, without money I could not help but virtually update the state of the art and add new virtual pieces to the already published nursery rhyme of unrealized inventions. It will be up to posterity to judge whether I have made a mistake in my inventions and where the mistakes are. Everyone can make a mistake, that’s why there should be experimentation. But anyone who does not understand that the experiments must also concern the side effects of the main inventions cannot be a statesman, parliamentarian, minister, judge, scientist, inventor. He cannot even do the work that I did, who was a designer and installer of systems. If there is a professional conscience, everyone must contribute to improving the state of the art of their daily work, do not ignore it when you see fixed and mobile systems that are unable to close the cycles they open. If the insiders don’t do it, who has to do it?

When a patent is filed, the main requirements that the invention must have must be novelty and inventiveness. The patent does not have to be easily understandable to patent practitioners and examiners. In the case of the inventions of the undersigned, it is exaggerating because they are misunderstood by both the one and the other. What good are the United Nations and the World Bank if they do not finance trials of world public utility? Who is to judge what are the world’s public utility inventions?

These problems cannot be solved by forcing inventors to file legal claims against the patent offices and paying the maintenance fees for patents granted indefinitely, waiting for lenders. Intellectual property and copyrights should be recognized to inventors, as is the case with all works of the intellect. What is not financed and tested by the will of the world ruling class cannot decay, penalizing the creativity of impartial inventors. When the world ruling class is ready, it will be verified who is wrong and who is right.

The real world problem is the fact that the world scientific committees that have supported the governments have not imposed the complete closure of the cycles by the inventors and builders of the world’s anthropic plants. This would have been possible only by designing interactive fluid-dynamic and electromagnetic systems. Today, those who try to do so are accused of wanting to produce perpetual motion and of going against the principles of energy conservation, while government scientific committees are in hiding. The undersigned who tried to close the cycles by modifying the anthropic systems, after having patented the relative solutions, silenced by these phantom world scientific advisors, understood that the best solution is to avoid the opening of the cycles, because nature enabled to borrow the essential elements for the production of primary energy, which are water and air at atmospheric pressure and from these elements, developing suitable technologies and machines to obtain induced electromagnetic energy, without changing the chemical composition of the primary energy elements.

It is only necessary to update the simplest part, which is the production of primary energy, by changing the way pumps, turbines and autoclaves work. Only with this system, in addition to protecting the Earth and extending human life, will we be able to create the inexhaustible global linear motors that will be able to capture large quantities of interstellar dust that will allow us to integrate the food resources and worn materials of the space caravans that will explore the universe with generational journeys that will not endanger human lives. Paradossalmente il luogo più sicura della Terra potrebbero essere le isole artificiali che il sottoscritto ha proposto inutilmente per combattere l’acidificazione degli oceani e sfamare la popolazione mondiale.

Equally, paradoxically, the safest place in the universe could become the autonomous space caravans energetically, technologically and with their own food production, which could move away from any danger and any collision.

The other space energy systems, despite the billions of dollars invested, are destined to be scrapped because, not being interactive, they have failed all the objectives mentioned above.

The maximum of the hypocrisy of science, world governments and multinationals is the silence that they maintain by mutual agreement because with interactive systems it is possible to both completely clean energy and avoid opening polluting cycles. Neither has been done in the whole world. But still no world government has pulled out a token coin to start experimenting. The only money that has been spent on this subject is that of the undersigned, who was forced to pay the fees of the initial patent filings. These payments, although they cost me about 20,000 euros, were only symbolic, because inventors are not like writers and other authors of intellectual works, who are granted copyright on their inventions. To inventors isolated from the world’s economic centers of power, the hungry bureaucratic machines require legal fees against the waste of the patent offices that do not include inventions that exceed the known state of the art. If they pass the exam in one country, they must pay international taxes in all countries of the world, without world science bothering to enter into the global scientific merit of inventions. In fact, still none of the world organisms that should protect the environment from global warming, from lethal viruses, and that should organize the colonization of space, know what I am talking about in my interactive inventions. Interactivity and artificial intelligence are operational only at the computer and electronic level. It costs very little to modify computer programs and printed circuits. On the other hand, it costs a lot to demolish large world public works for energy production, energy transport, machines that work the earth, lifting water, purification, land, marine, submarine and space transport. All these works lack the logical and interactive connection of primary fluid dynamics energy with terrestrial electromagnetism. The best universities in the world still pretend not to understand that Earth’s electromagnetism can only work at Earth’s temperature. Not to the thermal and nuclear ones of the stars, therefore, in space we have to go with the earth’s fluid dynamic primary energy that has not yet been developed on planet Earth due to incredible errors of science.          

4) Here is the rhyme of unwanted inventions by science and world governments updated up to the use of interstellar dust in space containers.

My original idea was to clean the combustion air from CO2, which I also patented internationally, in the general disinterest of governments, science and entrepreneurs, by producing carbonates in the water of purification plants at room temperature. Obviously these plants would have had to be modified all over the world according to my projects to purify water and air together, exploiting not only inorganic chemistry, but also the physical principles of Henry and Dalton regarding the solubility of gases in water as a function of pressure.  Unfortunately, the world ruling class, including the scientific one, canceled my patents without financing them. I insisted on my solution, to make it more and more economical in its initial weak point, which were the high energy costs due to the large circulation of water needed, due to the low solubility of carbonates in the water, until I realized that by modifying the pumps, and the way turbines and autoclaves work, we can produce large quantities of energy without any type of fuel. Unfortunately, I have done nothing but increase the silence of the world ruling class, including that of science, which divided into many separate sectors, has forgotten the existence of the fluid dynamic principles that if fully applied would produce all the primary earth energy for free and space that serves to power induced electromagnetic energy without resorting to thermodynamics and nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Here is the nursery rhyme:

“In my patent filings and on the website, I explain how we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas .Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators. of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel.  It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science. “

In modern industrial society governed mainly by politicians and economists, governments try not to lose the consent of the voters. There is not much difference between progressives and conservatives, because the way of governing is identical. Voters vote according to the social well-being they receive. But social well-being is not produced by politicians and economists. It is mainly produced by inventors and manufacturers of anthropogenic machines and plants. If the inventions are sustainable and compatible with the environment, they produce an equitable and well-distributed socially wealth. If they are not sustainable and incompatible with the environment, they produce social malaise and an unequally distributed distribution of wealth. If governments and multinationals share the same patents, it is obvious that social malaise cannot be eliminated and that no one produces impartial inventions in the global interest, no one experiments them, no one industrializes them. If human life can only be lengthened by oxygenating the blood and preventing the cerebral death of the brain which can be done by exploiting the interactive principles of Pascal, Henry in small autoclaves and terrestrial electromagnetism, we have reached the point that to defend the interest of a few rich ignorant people, not terrestrial but universal development is penalized, as we do not yet know if other forms of intelligent life exist in the universe and we do not know what level of intelligence they have reached. I think that on planet Earth we have been fortunate to have inventors who have developed the interactive fluid dynamics and electromagnetic principles, but unfortunate to have at the same time inventors who have confused ideas with non-interactive fossil, nuclear and renewable energies, which having arrived earlier, and having created the current distribution of power and world wealth, they do not want to give way to true sustainable development.

What the world ruling class does not understand is that inventions cannot be random. The politicians and economists who govern cannot be satisfied with what the multinationals offer. Even if politicians and economists do not know how to design plants, they must encourage innovative ideas and also be open to the ideas of those who are not tied to the public and private economic centers of power. It doesn’t take long to understand that the current trade in public patents to multinationals is a brake on global development. Because the controllers are on the same side as the controlled. Read the article environment/.

As the legislative and justice roles are separated, the roles of public and private planning must be separated. But they are not. For this reason, I began to be an inventor as a retiree after having worked half my life learning about industrial systems and the other half learning about public purification, water management and energy production plants. All the world-wide anthropic plants, private and public, have the serious defect of not being interactive, while the natural terrestrial plants, even if they do not have any technology, are all interactive. Unfortunately, natural interactivity, which depends on gravity and universal electromagnetism is not sufficient to absorb the pollution produced by anthropogenic plants. To become compatible with the terrestrial environment, anthropogenic plants must connect to the gravitational system with the terrestrial electromagnetism which must have a primary source of terrestrial energy, different from the universal one which, being thermal and nuclear, originally developed at about 20 million degrees, it is not compatible with the terrestrial environment. The only sustainable and powerful primary energy capable of producing interactive terrestrial electromagnetism similar to the universal one is fluid dynamics at room temperature described by the undersigned.

The errors that the poorly thought-out inventions of the last century produced will drag on indefinitely due to the scientific ignorance of politicians, legislators, judges, media, because despite everything, they produce work and food for a large part of the world population. The current coronavirus pandemic has highlighted precisely this aspect. Everyone wants to resume interrupted work activities so as not to stop the economy. Unfortunately, it is precisely the wrong and industrialized inventions that have produced environmental disasters and viruses. Even by vaccinating the entire world population, we cannot think of periodically renewing vaccinations indefinitely without expecting collateral damage. We cannot get out of this world crisis without global interactive inventions. Where are the inventors who can propose global solutions? 99% of inventors are employees of public bodies and multinationals. These inventors have partial skills, they do not want and cannot change the world’s anthropogenic plants, without risking their jobs. They can’t even express their opinion. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d still be alone writing these things.

The correct way to produce energy from the planet has been explained in many ways on but everyone pretends not to understand. To produce energy, we don’t need to transform matter but only borrow it from nature, returning it from the same chemical composition, indeed improving the purity of the water that we will use not as an energy source but as an energy vector. Since the water would absorb oxygen from the energy source which is the compressed air that must be statically exploited in one way. Not how it is exploited now that it absorbs energy in the compression phase and releases it in the expansion phase. This way is wrong because we use it in energy actuators, not as energy generators. To transform compressed air systems into power generators, we need to change the way pumps work far away, which do not have to lift water but have to pump in the direction of gravitational force. The pumps must be gilded with a second separate supply right into the impeller, while the main supply recycles the water inside a pressurized autoclave at many bars. With this system, the same amount of water introduced in low pressure into the autoclave is expelled immediately in high pressure from the autoclave due to the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, therefore it can power a turbine connected to a current generator that produces energy and oxygenation of water at the same time (Henry’s principle), at very low costs because we can carry out energy and purification cycles of infinite duration by consuming only the wear and tear of the materials.

5) What good is the knowledge on relativity and electromagnetism if science still uses fuels to go into space?

For myself, to heal the planet we cannot do without the use of interactive energy solutions and not even the scientific organization of work studied globally. But it is not possible to do neither of the two things because everyone pulls water at their mill, including the world’s scientific faculties. Yet, the scientific organization of work applied globally also includes economic studies which cannot be ignored in the choice of solutions. It is evident that interactive solutions are cheaper than specific and monothematic ones for the simple fact that they perform multiple scientific functions at the same time, as it is evident that by extracting energy directly from the environment there would be no need for paid energy sources. It is clear that even if the means of transport become interactive it will cost less to move in the atmosphere than to build large public works: roads, railways, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, methane pipelines. Even the current hydroelectric plants would not be needed, therefore not even the dams. Water will be able to follow the natural distribution of the planet and biodiversity will also be restored. Of course, the current tanker fleets would not be needed either. Science wants to advance in small steps to avoid the collapse of world stock exchanges. Today, everyone expects miracles from hydrogen used as a fuel. If it is true that this solution will solve environmental problems, we cannot say that it will solve even non-economic ones. We cannot even say that with hydrogen it will be possible to organize generational space travel, which requires energy that is not consumed. So it is better to study the best solution directly. That is, interactive, which extracts energy directly from the environment and does not consume it, not even in space travel.

The undersigned virtually used frames equipped with “interactive global linear motors that use compressed hydroelectric power as primary energy, to produce the electromagnetism necessary to power both the motors that power the turbofans that produce Newton’s thrust, and the solenoids that are used to produce the Lorentz thrust to bring into space the containers in which the space explorers and their families will live. The solution of the motorized frames is indispensable because to overcome the gravitational force without the use of aerodynamics is required an amount of energy tens of times higher than the current, but once reached the space motorized frames can also go back and the containers travel autonomously, with a less powerful energy system. Although I already had in mind the transport system to propose, it was not easy to return to the topic. Collecting only silences from the science of governments and entrepreneurs it seems that I am a science fiction writer. Instead, I think that in the Planet of the Blind, those who use the other senses can find the way not to fall into the abyss. Only the synergies between the different sciences and technologies that can be put together by transversal industrial and environmental experiences can global solutions be achieved. But it is clear, the current world ruling class, used to not planning anything and to consulting the specialists on duty to deal with environmental, health, terrorist emergencies, will never take global solutions into consideration, we might as well conclude my thought, also publishing how space containers should be conceived. It will be posterity to judge.

The containers that will travel in space will not be simple means of transport but authentic research laboratories. It will produce human food, electricity, heating, cooling, purification for survival needs. Given the great distances to be covered, the explorations will involve entire generations of explorers organized as autonomous communities in which the children will continue the exploration work of their parents and grandparents.

In previous patent filing I anticipated that the frames must travel in single file as long caravans to maximize the electromagnetic network produced by the caravan elements themselves, creating a kind of aerial railway, where the wagons, equipped with autonomous energy, are pushed towards the exit of the atmosphere even from the fixed location of the airport of departure and push each other in the atmosphere maintaining the optimal distances, up to the exit of the atmosphere and the insertion into the solar orbit, to then decide the routes to follow, scanning the space with telescopes oriented in all directions. This kind of electromagnetic aerial railway can only be achieved with compressed hydroelectric interactive energy that is recycled, not consumed, and does not chemically transform the energy components used, which are water and air in the earth’s atmosphere. This type of energy has not only escaped, but is also misunderstood and boycotted by world science, without any world scientific committee ever explaining the reasons for the misunderstanding and tacit opposition.

I believe that the reason why the Lorentz thrust has never been added to the Newtonian in air transport is very simple: Today, Newton’s thrust is achieved through the exit of fumes through combustion chambers (not there may be a worse system for the terrestrial environment from an environmental and economic point of view). The Lorentz thrust cannot be achieved thermally. It is achievable only with relatively low temperatures, having the need to use coils of copper wires and equivalent materials painted with insulating products that cannot be overheated. Obviously, the electronic control circuits also have the same problems and cannot be subjected to high temperatures. This should have been an incentive to try to use the electricity on board the aircraft even if it is less powerful than the thermal one. Adding the two thrusts we would have had equally good results.

Unfortunately, Earth science has insisted on experimenting only with paid thermal energies to achieve the powerful escape velocity from the atmosphere. He was silent on the electricity produced cold by means of compressed hydroelectricity 31.07.2017 Above all, he was silent even when the Lorentz thrust was added to that system.

Thus, even the space race starts without a global scientific logic. We do not think about creating an energy that guarantees the duration in infinite time and the return of means of transport to Earth because they must continue to use the development model that has produced the current distribution of Earth’s wealth.

Yet it is clear that the Lorentz thrust cannot be hot produced. The formula that links electromagnetic waves to energy is: “E = c x B”, where c is the speed of light and B is the magnetic field. By Faraday-Neumann – Lenz law. The value of the induced electromotive force is equal to the ratio between the variation of the magnetic field flux and the time necessary to have this variation (Ii = ∆ɸ / ∆t). The Lorentz thrust is expressed with the following vector product: F⃗ = qv⃗ × B⃗x sin ϕ, where q indicates the electric charge in Coulomb, v is the velocity vector in m / s with which the electric charge moves, B is the field magnetic in Tesla to which it is subjected, ϕ is the angle between V and B. As anticipated in the summary, if at the world state of the art the Lorentz thrust has not been realized up to now on the air, submarine and space navigation systems, it is only due to the fact that the electrical circuits cannot work too close to the primary source of the ‘energy, which at the current state of the art is produced thermally, both with fuels and with nuclear energy. Suffice it to say that the electromagnetic thrust is achieved with coils of electric wires painted with insulating paints and the control instrumentation of the circuits cannot operate at high temperatures. Consequently, the best solution to add Newton’s thrust to Lorentz’s, which is also the cheapest one, is to produce energy at the temperature of the Earth’s environment even in space, as described in the patent filing,  Suffice it to say that the electromagnetic thrust is achieved with coils of electric wires painted with insulating paints and the control instrumentation of the circuits cannot operate at high temperatures. Consequently, the best solution to add Newton’s thrust to Lorentz’s, which is also the cheapest one, is to produce energy at the temperature of the Earth’s environment even in space, as described in the patent filing fact, even this invention will be very useful in space to carry out local explorations and connect the various containers that will travel in single file and have individual specializations together with a means of transport of smaller dimensions.

6) What do we have to carry in space caravans to survive on generational travel?

Assuming that the interactive global engines and transportation system, silenced by science, work to answer the above question, sadly, in spite of the predominant world science that continues to use Julius Verne’s system, albeit updating the type of fuel, I I think that world science does not really want to colonize space, otherwise it would have understood that it is not enough for fuels to become clean. They don’t even have to be consumed otherwise we can’t get away from the Earth. So, we need to go beyond the way we think about current space missions. We must think of them as an exodus of explorers, who will need food production, repair shops during the journey. They must even have hospitals and schools. Therefore, to colonize space we must bring with us the astronomical knowledge developed and technological energy, purification, food production knowledge that we have not yet developed. Where do space entities have to get these technologies from if on Earth the interactive energy and purification technologies have been boycotted by the entire world ruling class? while the food ones are still in an embryonic state. The space entities have shown that when they wanted to, they surpassed the state of the earthly art. What has held them back in developing interactive reasoning? Yet we know that with artificial light and the right ingredients we can reproduce photosynthesis and the carbon cycle. So if the space containers depart from the earth already pressurized at atmospheric pressure, it is only necessary to integrate and purify the components of the terrestrial atmospheric air. The CO2 that we will produce with our respiration can be used as a carbonic fertilizer for food plants and to alkalize the water that we will equally recycle indefinitely, together with organic waste.

I propose again for space use a part of the patent filing No. 102018000004864 of 04/26/2018, which did not receive the patent, because the Italian patent office, like the world ones, cannot judge interactive inventions, if the concepts interactive applications do not enter world schools first. The entire terrestrial world society is conditioned by the enormous economic interests that hide sustainable inventions. Where global scientific ignorance ends and where the interests of multinationals and governments that do not want to implement interactive solutions begin is a mystery that must be solved as soon as possible because everything is connected to interactive systems, even the possible and concrete lengthening of human life. , with the artificial heart that directly oxygenates and nourishes the blood and artificial intelligence.

World science, especially public, is silent and does not participate in the experimentation of interactive systems proposed by the undersigned in numerous intellectual patents. “Since 2006, with the filing of the patent CE2006A000014 of 22/05/2006, it would have been possible to avoid using drinking water for flushing the toilet, recovering it inside the apartment itself without structural changes to the buildings. In fact, I proposed adding a mini lime dispenser to each apartment to prevent the formation of hydrogen sulphide in the sewers by dosing approximately 70 mg / l of lime in a capillary manner at each discharge.  Paradoxically, this solution not used on earth, we can use it in space because by oxidizing the water to infinity, the alkalinity is lowered. As written above, calcium is one of the elements most present in interstellar dust, dissolved in water together with the CO2 produced by the respiration of humans and plants inside the space containers, would produce calcium bicarbonates that restore the original alkalinity.  Paradoxically, on Earth we can only extract calcium from limestone rocks, heating them to about 1000. Under these conditions, calcium carbonate decomposes into calcium oxide (quicklime) and carbon dioxide. The schematic reaction of the process is as follows: CaCO3 -> CaO + CO2. This reaction involves the production of 1.51 kg of CO2 which diffuse into the environment to produce one kg of calcium oxide only based on the molecular weight ratio. In reality, the quantity is much higher considering the impurities of the rocks and the CO2 emissions emitted by the combustion necessary to heat the limestone material. On Earth, the abatement of CO2 emissions could be carried out in a sustainable way only by cold corroding the calcareous material with artificial rains in closed environments (limestone greenhouses) producing alkaline water, but the world ruling class has preferred to produce global warming instead of this solution, which of course, would have been an expensive cumbersome solution.

The undersigned, on the other hand, has deepened the solution of limestone greenhouses and to make it more economical, has discovered hydroelectromagnetic energy compressed with the recycling of water, which does not emit CO2, purifies the water according to the Henry principle and does not consume the water or compressed air does not involve the use of fuels. Therefore it is also the ideal energy to conquer space, having infinite autonomy, smaller dimensions, less weight, no production of exhaust gases and nuclear waste. The silence that still exists on this energy only demonstrates the current prostitution of science towards the strong powers of the world economy.

However, real science cannot be stopped, it must go on with simple and sustainable solutions that can be such, only if I use interactive solutions as nature does when it uses biochemistry instead of chemistry, electromagnetism instead of magnetism, fluid dynamics instead of thermodynamics. Therefore, the undersigned, having identified the way to extract energy from terrestrial air and water and believing that it can be used better than other energies also in space, thought that in space we must also solve other problems in a sustainable way, such as that feed the people who will face generational travel, but also the CO2 emissions produced by the same humans, animals and plants that will travel in space must be neutralized. This problem that on Earth I had addressed on a much larger scale by proposing limestone greenhouses with artificial rain, fortunately becomes simpler in space. In fact, since the quantities of CO2 produced by humans, animals and plants are modest compared to those produced by thermal plants, the necessary calcium can be extracted directly from the interstellar dust without the complex work necessary on the Earth of extraction from the rocks.

Thinking globally, we know that on Planet Earth we pull all our nutrients from the soil we tread and the oceans. What is the soil made of and what is the interstellar dust made of? The researchers who examined it found carbon (C), magnesium (Mg), silicon (Si), sulfur (S), iron (Fe), calcium (Ca). Thus, in space we can also find the fertilizers that we use on earth. How can we capture interstellar dust? By pure combination, with the invention of global linear motors, capturing interstellar dust is easier than you might think. All we have to do is add an external option to the interactive global linear motors. In fact, electric turbofans in vacuum will not produce Newton’s thrust, but if we use them anyway they will produce a degree of vacuum higher than the surrounding vacuum that will capture the space dust rich in the minerals mentioned above necessary to fertilize hydroponic vegetable crops, meat produced in vitro. These technologies, which are already developing on Earth, must be accelerated, both to avoid the overcrowding of the Earth, and to prevent possible disasters due to global warming or cosmic phenomena. We do not know what caused the loss of gravity and the desertification of the planet Mars. We must be able to industrially reconstruct the spare parts of what is consumed during the journey by recycling the original materials and integrating them with others captured and compacted with possible technologies that we have not yet developed. This is not science fiction, but scientific organization of work applied globally, which with the current world ruling class, political, scientific, it is not possible to develop because they still believe that it is not possible to go beyond the economy of coal, oil, gas, cars. battery powered, the hydrogen transformed into fuel. Nothing is more wrong than these solutions that have polluted and heated the planet and that will also prevent us from space colonization, as well as not allowing the extension of human life with the artificial heart that would always work with the same type of hydroelectromagnetic energy.

Therefore, the next generations, if they managed to get rid of the current ruling class, could inspect the universe by traveling in linearly developed space cities in order not to disperse the linear thrusts and electromagnetic forces developed inside and outside the same means of transport.

 Therefore, the next generations, if they managed to get rid of the current ruling class, could inspect the universe by traveling in linearly developed space cities in order not to disperse the linear thrusts and electromagnetic forces developed inside and outside the same means of transport. .tà La maggiore distanza tra le varie attività umane necessarie alla sopravvivenza e all’aggiornamento culturale, sarà ampiamente compensata dalla velocità dei trasporti. In this article that accompanies an intellectual patent filing, I describe, in addition to the interstellar dust capture system, how the internal habitat of transport systems must be conceived to protect human lives. I’m sorry to say it, but the recycling and space purification plants will not be very different from the domestic ones that I have already proposed on Earth, with compressed hydroelectric energy, which the world ruling class has pretended not to understand in order to continue selling the fossil energy, thermal engines, gas and steam boilers, to create the current purifiers and sewage circuits that do not exploit the interactive potential of water and air. We cannot take the errors of science, governments and terrestrial entrepreneurs even into space. In space we must use Henry’s principle to purify, Pascal’s and the impenetrability of bodies to produce primary energy. Paradoxically, we can use the same air we breathe both to make us navigate in space and to create the internal systems of space containers without consuming it. Nature with the earth’s air at atmospheric pressure protects us from cosmic radiation. Why shouldn’t it also protect us in space? Above all, if we keep away from areas that are too hot and black holes.

I propose below the summary, some considerations and illustrative drawings of the following intellectual patent filing, which with current laws has no legal value because current laws protect only the industrial patents of those who can pay the patent maintenance fees in some or in all countries of the world. Who established that inventors must necessarily turn into entrepreneurs or find financiers to have copyright on their work? If planet Earth is not yet ready to develop purification and interactive energies, isolated inventors certainly cannot advance the global state of the art. Above all, the United Nations that manages the WIPO (Word Intellectual Property Organization) must assume their responsibilities. Intellectual property is an inalienable right and concerns all works of the intellect. The rights of inventors who innovate sciences and technologies should be at a higher level; instead they have no rights, if they are not affiliated with economic power centers and industrial property.

7) Global linear motors with Newton and Lorentz thrusts, interstellar dust capture system and space survival implants.

I think that the current world ruling class, including the scientific one, is the worst of all time because, in the last conference between the parties COP 25, which was attended by representatives of all the countries of the world, postponed decarbonization of the planet to 2050, when the world population will exceed nine billion, which will be made up mainly of the poor. The United Nations that organize these conferences and also manage the intellectual and industrial property of the inventions, have never replied to the undersigned who addressed to them and to the International Judges 25 open letters, including this one, in which I believe I have demonstrated with intellectual inventions and publications related to these inventions that thermodynamics in the production of energy on planet Earth, rich in water, air and gravitational force, is a useless and counterproductive process also from an economic point of view. This is even more evident, especially in transport systems, where in order to increase performance and reduce overall dimensions, it is possible to increase the air pressure which has no limits on planet earth, being the critical temperature of the air – 140.6 degrees centigrade and the critical pressure of 37.6 bar. This means that we can use very high pressures of compressed air if the operating temperature of the water and air does not drop. This is an immense advantage that science has underestimated since the advent of the industrial age, because the plants designed correctly on planet Earth are those that have never been built. Those who statically exploit the elastic pressure of the air which acts like a very powerful spring, which without expanding must transfer its force to the water. In fact, the mechanical energy to be transformed into electrical and electromagnetic is produced by the pressure (P) of the air by density of the fluid (ρ) that circulates, which is water, by the flow rate of the same water (Q). Thermal plants are wrong because they produce energy with the pressure of combustion gases or steam which have an average density of 1000 times lower than water, while the maximum pressure that can develop in a combustion chamber of a cylinder, at most can reach forty bars and it decreases in the expansion phase. So the limits of the thermal system and thermodynamics are evident, besides the fact that the fuels are exhausted and are subject to charges. Including hydrogen which has a high and unnecessary production cost. Furthermore, being very light, before being burned, it must be compressed at very high pressures. While water and air are energies ready for use. What does world science gain by persevering in these absurd solutions instead of admitting mistakes?

 Non riporto la descrizione e la legenda di tutti i disegni, che sono descritti in altri articoli e depositi di brevetti. Descrivo solo le figure 9 e 10.

Fig. 9 shows two generic energy autonomous space containers with a global linear motor equipped with interstellar dust capture devices. These containers can be specialized in various scientific, technological, craft, commercial, or simply human dwellings disciplines. They can be coupled in space to create a single unit. It can be seen that each container is mounted on electrically powered wheels with driving torques applied to the periphery of the load-bearing rims for possible landings. In addition, two smaller wheeled aircraft have been provided at both ends (Fig. 11) which the undersigned has filed as Italian patent application n.102020000001369 of 24.01.2020 (Flying and floating cars with interactive global linear motors, thrust Newton and Lorentz).

Fig. 10 shows an enlarged view of one of the implants of fig. 9, of which the legend is reported:

(10.1) domestic water purification plant; (10.1.1) ultraviolet disinfection system; (10.1.2) drinking water withdrawal point; (10.1.3) shower; (10.2) toilet waste water treatment plant; (10.2.1) toilet drain pan; (10.3) hydroponic cultivation; (10.4) waste water collection channel; (10.5) purification, humidification and air recycling system; (10.6) electrostatically polarized air inlet vents into the environment; (10.7) ceiling air distribution plenum; (10.8) regenerable filter ceiling in steel straw; (10.9) grilled floor with air passage; (10.10) electrostatically polarized air intake vents; (10.11) water reserve tank with external solenoid and vertical circulation of permanent magnets to produce Lorentz thrust; (10.12) compressed air reserve tank with external solenoid and vertical circulation of permanent magnets to produce Lorentz thrust; (10.13) Airtight passage porthole; (10.14) electromagnetic flexible metal bellows with external vacuum-tight gasket; (10.15) external connection steel tunnel between the electric turbofan fig1 and the compressed hydroelectric primary energy production plant of fig.2; (10.16) truncated conical sector closure of the interstellar dust collection tunnel by means of a steel rope which runs in rings external to the closing cone; (10.17) electric actuator for activating dust collection closure; (10.18) shut-off solenoid valve; (10.19) electric vacuum pump; (10.20) high vacuum dust collection tank; (10.21) air inlet solenoid valve at atmospheric pressure; (10.22) solenoid valve for interstellar dust output; (10.23) electrostatic filter; (10.24) removable container for interstellar dust; (Fig. 11) interstellar local displacement vehicle.

To understand the reasons why space systems that protect human lives with interactive systems have never been conceived by current public and private space bodies, it is necessary to take note that space bodies cannot also invent water purification systems and air. Some technologies must draw from the state of the earth art. Unfortunately, the state of the art on earth has never created the interactive purification and energy plants shown in the legend above the positions (10.1 and 10.2). These plants have been filed as patents but not built on planet Earth either by public bodies or multinationals (Patent No. 102018000004864 of 26/04/2018 entitled Mini domestic water purification system producer of hydroelectric energy, of which I publish the summary, with some small additions that I consider necessary because these systems have not been understood by the world ruling class: “In homes and public places we can endlessly recycle water that is not polluted by oils and fats, such as the one we use for personal hygiene and rinsing of the washing machine and dishwasher. This is recovered by means of a collection system in the floor, which filters and lifts it. Then, by means of a pump with separate double power supply up to the impeller, it is introduced into a pressurized autoclave tank with compressed air that acts as a purifier by dissolving oxygen in the water by means of the principles of Henry and Dalton. The water that comes out feeds a hydraulic turbine producing electricity returning to the autoclave, or feeds the washing machine and toiletsThis system will allow us to save almost 50% of the drinking water we consume, in addition, by producing energy in our homes. (Obviously, if we use these systems in space, we must recover 100% of the water by creating special purifiers with the same system for the toilet water that we do not drink). This is possible thanks to the invention of pressurized hydroelectric energy which uses the physical principles of water and air differently: the autoclave tank is inserted in series in the water flow, which is one-way. The water enters from the bottom of the pressurized tank and exits laterally while the air cushion statically exerts the pressure on the surface of the water. By keeping the pressure constant without expanding the air cushion, due to the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, the circuit expels only the amount of water that enters at low pressure through the secondary supply of the pump impeller. The principle of the impenetrability of bodies has never been exploited by world science, but it is much cheaper, logical and cleaner than the division of the atom. In fact, it does not take long to understand that the depression created in the center of the impeller of a centrifugal pump easily allows a large percentage of low-pressure water to be inserted into the high-pressure pressurized recycling circuit, if the same amount of water deviates. Its path through a turbine connected to a power generator. This is the same system that the undersigned used in the invention of the artificial heart that oxygenates the blood and of the global linear motors that will take us into space without fuel and will allow us to capture interstellar dust in order to survive. World science has not clearly explained to schoolteachers the difference between the head of a pump and the pressure of the circuit in which the pump is inserted. In fact, we can have a pump that works with a low head and a low energy absorption, inserted in a closed pressurized circuit with high pressure by means of compressed air. The production of electricity through the turbine and the generator takes place at the minimum cost due only to the amount of air that dissolves in the water, if we create an opening communicating with the same center of the impeller, which allows the same amount of water to enter without increasing the head of the pump. This phenomenon is due to the Pascal principle as the pressure at the outlet of the impeller expands in all directions of the circuit pressurized by compressed air. Obviously, the same amount of water introduced in this way is expelled at the same time under high pressure, producing electricity through the turbine. The phenomenon can last indefinitely without releasing the pressure of the air cushion, since it is stabilized by the same water that enters in equal quantities at low pressure. There is no difference between a domestic or space circuit. The water expelled from the autoclave that is used for domestic purposes does not pass through the turbine. From a separate outlet, through a pressure reducer, it feeds the drinking water taps, passing through disinfection with ultraviolet rays, or feeds appliances and toilet flushing systems. Only the latter in terrestrial plants is definitively discharged into the sewer, while in space it must be discharged into another plant (10.2) which recycles it indefinitely.

I have not changed the final sentence that describes this simple terrestrial home system, which is as follows: “This system will also be very useful on trains, campers, planes, ships, boats, submarines, planes and spaceships”. As can be seen from this sentence that since that patent filing dating back to April 2018 I had written that these systems could also be used in space, even if I had not yet invented global linear motors and the system for capturing the interstellar dust, because the first thing to invent before starting the space race had to be the human survival system. Instead, the current space bodies, public and private, have placed this problem in the last place, also mistaking the spatial development model, just as they did the terrestrial one. In fact, the simple domestic system that recovers and purifies water by producing free energy on planet Earth does not exist, just as there is no artificial heart oxygenating the blood. Patent offices reject intellectual inventions not funded by anyone with the most banal excuses. Science and justice, which should be impartial, are silent and inventors who are not tied to public and private power centers are completely isolated.

Unfortunately, the advancement of the world state of the art cannot be done by inventors not financed by governments and multinationals, above all, with the current culture that considers interactive energies “perpetual and contrary motion and the principles of energy”. The complete description of the interactive purification plants producing electricity is reported in the article,

Continuing in the description of Fig 10, we have two purification and total recycling systems of air at atmospheric pressure as the whole environment is pressurized at the basic atmospheric pressure, which is kept constant by a quantity of compressed air tanks that are part of the diagram of fig. 2, pressurized at an initial pressure of about 20 bar, and integrated into the space by the production of oxygen and nitrogen produced by hydroponic plants (10.3) always present in all space environments. In fact, the quantity of oxygen, nitrogen and CO2 produced overall by plants and human respiration is regulated by pressure switches placed in the environment which compress the excess air in the tanks (10.12), while the CO2 is regulated by producing carbonates in the water as occurs on Earth: dissolving particles of calcium and manganese in the water that circulates in the purification plants (10.1) and (10.2). Obviously, calcium, manganese, and any other alkaline materials that may serve the purpose will be provided by the interstellar dust capture system coupled with interactive global linear motors, which world earth science has not yet understood.  Even if on average the space vacuum contains only one mineral atom per cm3, the speed of movement of space containers can reach 30,000 km / h. Will it not be simpler to extract minerals from the vacuum than the current extractions from land mines and subsequent industrial processes?

The efficiency of electrostatic filters is about 99% even in the case of very fine dust such as interstellar ones. The treatment consists in applying a high potential difference between the electrodes between which the powders are forced to pass at low speed. The electric field generated causes the ionization of the air around the surface of the emission electrode. The effect that is created is called the corona effect. The flow of air is passed between the collection plates, where it is ionized. The ions move from the capture electrodes towards the collection electrodes to collide with the suspended particles and give them an electric charge (each particle can be charged by the action of more ions, up to reaching high levels of charge). The charged powders are then attracted to the collection electrodes where they are retained and subsequently removed with a dry shake or wet wash.

The electrostatic phenomena of fluids and the compressibility of atmospheric gases and the incompressibility of water have not been sufficiently exploited on Planet Earth. This was the biggest scientific and economic error in the world, which also led us to global warming and the alteration of the earth’s biological balances. But what is even more serious is the fact that world science and the entire world ruling class are also making a mistake in the development of human survival technologies in space.

Industrial property on inventions that are conceptually wrong, as they are not meditated on global aspects, have prevented the affirmation of interactive scientific principles, which could only be identified at a later stage, deepening the purification and saving aspects of natural resources. Today we have reached a world-wide paradoxical situation: the specializations of science and economists have fully accepted the current model of development, denying intellectual property and copyrights to inventors who develop patents without party interests, without money, without funding, forcing them to pay expenses in legal appeals against the patent offices and patent maintenance fees that no entrepreneur and no public body has an interest in financing precisely to hide the errors committed by the current development model.

Being, all insiders, public and private involved in these colossal errors, even if private inventors are invited to speak at international congresses as speakers, should go to these congresses at their own expense while public inventors who should have corrected the errors corporations, are paid by governments to attend congresses and continue selling patents to multinationals. How does an elderly private inventor who does not have the money to file legal claims, pay patent filing and maintenance fees, and travel the world at his expense to convince everyone that the current development model is fundamentally wrong? Who can answer this dilemma? What if not even young people who protest against this development model, like Greta Tumberg, who at least are heard by the media, are fighting to develop the details of unwanted inventions?

Obviously, not being able to access public and multinational research and experimentation laboratories, private inventors are considered dreamers by the entire world community. For today’s society it does not matter that the inventor does not use complex mathematical formulas, but simply develops mechanical and fluid-dynamic plant details, to make the scientific principles already legislated by the scientists and researchers of the past work better together with the natural physical, biochemical, electromagnetic principles. , which have occurred on planet Earth for four and a half billion years.

Today, the role that independent inventors from the centers of world power should play is to make the world understand that the current divisions of the scientific specializations of physics, chemistry and biology make no sense, because hydroelectromagnetism can enter everywhere and would have positive side effects. very important as a function of the operating pressures and temperatures. These effects would affect the entire world development, including, human health, as demonstrated by the “energetically autonomous blood oxygenating heart”, which is another unwanted invention, rejected by the patent offices, which has not yet found financiers, despite invitations to international congresses. The reality of the inefficiency of bureaucracy and world institutions surpasses any fantasy, because those with political and economic power are afraid to go into the details of interactively developed inventions that would highlight everyone’s mistakes. Including the current space entities.

Therefore, all anthropic plants must be designed globally without division of skills between electrotechnics and electronics, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics at the pressures and temperatures tolerable by humans, animals and plants, taking into account the biological factors, not simply the chemical ones of the transformations. In terrestrial nature everything is connected. In particular, we must keep in mind that we still know little about enzymology, which is the study of the intermediate animal or vegetable metabolism. Enzymes are substances of a protein nature that perform the function of biological catalysts, accelerating the speed of biochemical reactions (synthesis or demolition) that take place inside a cell, in the terrestrial environment. Each enzyme is specific to a given reaction or to a group of similar reactions.

The complexity of chlorophyll photosynthesis and metabolism of living beings should make world scientists and inventors reflect who accept the state of the art of sciences and technologies without investigating across them to seek interactive links between different disciplines. For these gentlemen who try not to make powerful enemies between rulers and multinationals that have produced global warming, viruses and the current distribution of world wealth, the words compressed hydroelectromagnetism mean nothing, because they cannot admit that the current hydroelectric energy that takes advantage of the one-way hydraulic jump, it is a banal and primordial energy. They cannot admit that they have not understood that the pressure and elasticity of gases, especially air, can be exploited as a source of energy (not as is currently the case, which are used as an energy actuator). The worldwide silences of science on these topics cannot be explained, leaving entrepreneurs, politicians and economists in their ignorance as they continue to build wrong machines and plants, make wrong laws and wrong economies. The shortcuts that nature has found to transform chemistry into biochemistry, not only to speed up processes but also to simultaneously cross thousands of different molecules that must faithfully reproduce plant and animal cells at terrestrial temperatures and pressures.

In global laboratories around the world, science has made different crosses between all species of plants, it has even tried to clone animals, probably even humans. He did not do the simplest things: put together the purification cycles of water and air in the same plants to exploit Henry and Dalton’s interactive purification principles of the solubility of gases in water. The undersigned who only hypothesized to do this, having no laboratories available, discovered that the interactivity between water and air, in addition to purifying the water and absorbing CO2, producing carbonates in the water, can also be used to produce energy , extracting it directly from the environment.,

The worldwide silence of science, multinationals and governments on these issues was shameful. Their credibility will be even less, if this energy is the one that will lead future generations to start the true space colonization by humans, because in the long generational journeys they will be able to feed and live in a very similar way to terrestrial life, but living several hundred. of years, replacing the natural heart during the journey with an artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, which works with the same interactive principles of compressed hydroelectromagnetism.

Today, assume you start the space adventure without carrying around the earth’s atmosphere (which is a very powerful accumulator of energy that can be compressed to thousands of bars) and terrestrial water (which is a very powerful energy vector, being incompressible and much more dense of any gas that can be used to produce kinetic energy) is sheer madness on the part of world science. But we should not be surprised because the science that wants to take us into space is the same that has produced global warming and the viruses that are attacking humans. He did not do it out of malice towards humanity, but unknowingly, not being globally competentEven if the skills are there, the interests of the part of the same scientific faculties, of specific technologies, the trade of patents of public researchers towards private companies, prevent the global scientific truth from coming out spontaneously, while the politicians and economists who govern the world do not realize the gravity of the situation and favor and encourage a development model that with current renewables, and hydrogen transformed into clean energy, but always exhaustible and non-interactive, cannot become the energy of the future. Therefore, man’s colonization of space will never happen, not because of the inability of world science as a whole, but because of obscure power games that are incomprehensible to the players and spectators themselves, who still applaud the heat engines of the racetracks. Ferrari and Mercedes, as gladiators applauded in the past, without realizing that thermal energy, in all its forms, is outdated, because we can produce the heat that humans need without the unwanted side effects that global warming has produced and the current distribution of world wealth.

I think that science must change completely and that it must be studied globally, before being industrialized, because today, for the undersigned who has been an installer of industrial and environmental anthropogenic plants for a lifetime, we have only built incomplete anthropic plants that do not they close the cycles they open like those designed by nature, which are interactive, even if they do not have technology and artificial intelligence. With hindsight, world science should have understood that technology and artificial intelligence should have served to accelerate interactive processes, not hide them, as it is doing all over the planet. It is not strange that all the world’s technicians and scientists try to fight global warming with immense public and private investments, while those who have filed over forty patents by modifying machines and systems to work interactively have not received even a cent of any coin world?

If I had wanted economic success I would have concentrated on a single invention, trying to make it marketable, instead I wanted to highlight the future potential without damaging the economy, with wrong investments, as inventors, entrepreneurs and governments did in the past and still today. . First it is necessary to globally experiment with interactive solutions with small plants, improve technologies and then proceed to realize the plants on a real scale.

With interactive systems, the current major civil and structural works worldwide would be reduced by 90%, while my country is preparing to finance the bridge over the Messina Strait. All these great works are useless, harmful, expensive. If interactive energy works, it will be necessary to demolish them all before they collapse corroded by atmospheric agents on innocent future generations.

I do not deny the importance of specific research in every sector of human activities and I do not want to place any limits on science, but I invite reflection, so that development takes place globally, verifying interactive solutions before making major investments. Terrestrial nature has shown that without the use of technologies with its times it manages to keep in balance all the complex thermal, biochemical, organic, inorganic processes, neutralizing all the side effects due to accidental phenomena (such as fires, explosions, floods). We humans, with the technologies that we have developed above all electromagnetic and electronic, can control all terrestrial processes, as long as we avoid high temperatures and radioactive phenomena. We must use compressed fluid dynamics that can be directly connected with electromagnetism, biochemistry, biomineralogy, photosynthesis, the carbon cycle at earth temperatures without intermediate steps, because it is not the heat that produces the primary energy, which generates the electric current that produces the driving forces, heat and cold, but the flow rate and pressure of the fluid-dynamic flow of water at temperatures compatible with the terrestrial life of humans, plants and animals. The induced electromagnetic energy produced by the primary energy uses only a small percentage of it to power the pump motor with the double separate power supply up to the impeller, which again trigger the advantageous fluid dynamic process of compressed hydroelectromagnetic primary energy.

I think that the concept of mechanical efficiency cannot exceed the value of 100% must be reserved only for simple machines, not for plants, above all, if they start from conditions of advantageous pressures and intelligently exploit kinetic phenomena in the direction of gravitational force, which in their path produce pressures and depressions that trigger the fluid dynamic and biochemical interactive principles, which produce electromagnetism and complete the purification and growth cycles of organic elements. Fluid dynamic cycles are essential because they have the ability to multiply the primary energy yields as a function of the degree of vacuum or pressure that they are able to increase by working in the direction of gravitational force or under the action of a positive pressure head. Only after having extracted the energy from the environment in this way and transformed into electrical energy, can we decide in which direction to turn the electric motors that produce the driving torques or the motors that make the permanent magnets move linearly to produce the induced currents solenoids that produce the induced linear Lorentz thrust.

It is no coincidence that anthropogenic compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants had to invent them, the undersigned who developed and installed industrial anthropic plants for half of his working life and for the other half environmental anthropic plants, realizing that the current industrial and environmental anthropic plants are incomplete, polluting and uneconomical because they do not close all the cycles they open. Only by studying the scientific organization of work globally and combining energy and water and air purification cycles has it been possible to gradually arrive at the conception of global linear motors that also capture interstellar dust to create complete anthropogenic systems even in space. Obviously, even the systems inside the space caravans (not ships) must be conceived with the same compressed hydroelectromagnetic interactive principles, because electromagnetism serves to attract or energetically repel bodies and molecules to exploit electrostatic phenomena (If bodies become a single body, such as a spaceship, do not develop energy distributed linearly in the desired direction to better exploit electromagnetic forces, including gravitational ones). For the purposes of exploiting gravitational forces and electromagnetism, it is more convenient to build space caravans instead of space ships.

I did not marvel at the silence of world science because I have been an employee for thirty-seven years, and I know that science obeys employers. Going against the tide was a greater stimulus because I know that the truth would hardly have come out in the interest of future generations. The current patent legislation protects only those who can pay international filing and maintenance fees, it does not matter that the anthropogenic plants are all incomplete, since there are no examiners able to judge interactive patents. For these reasons I have filed the patents, but I have not filed legal claims against the refusals and I have not paid the maintenance fees for the patents granted. I would have paid them only if I had found lenders, which of course, I have not found in the current company. Even this did not discourage me, otherwise I would not have come to these latest inventions that have never been hypothesized even in science fiction films. It is the entire world education that must be educated in inventions and interactive designs, otherwise men will self-destruct with their incomplete inventions, which no one has been paid to rationally put together. The undersigned has been working for free since 2005, also losing money to deposit unnecessary intellectual patents unwanted by the world ruling class that prefers current inventions.

With hindsight, world science should have realized that technology and artificial intelligence should have served to speed up interactive processes, not hide them, as it is doing all over the planet. It is not strange that all the world’s technicians and scientists try to fight global warming with immense public and private investments, while those who have filed over forty patents by modifying machines and systems to work interactively have not received even a cent of any coin. European, US, Chinese, Russian, African, Asian, Australian. The whole world is a country. Governments depend on world stock exchanges and they keep afloat on misguided inventions.

For myself it is impossible that world science does not understand that the development model is wrong. Continuing to remain silent on compressed hydroelectric energy which is a universal interactive phenomenon, such as electromagnetism and biology. It also risks undermining the important discoveries, electromagnetic, biochemical and biomedical that have made important scientists and inventors of all time in the fields of specific knowledge. All terrestrial interactive phenomena would interact better with compressed fluid dynamics, produced at the earth’s temperature. World public and private science does not want to understand that if Lorentz’s thrust has not yet been added to Newton’s it is only due to the fact that Lorenz’s cannot be connected to the high temperatures of thermal and nuclear processes. Biochemistry is also an interactive terrestrial phenomenon that is very different and much more complex than organic and inorganic chemistry among a limited number of components present in the universe in the natural state. The presence on Earth of gravity, of chlorophyll photosynthesis, of the carbon cycle, have created the micro organisms that allow animal and plant biochemistry without which there would be no life itself. We cannot think of going into space without carrying with us the elements that activate the processes of terrestrial life which are water, air, atmospheric pressure, machines and fluid-dynamic systems that are able to endlessly recycle the conditions of terrestrial life, drawing from space a small share of general gravity (integrated with electromagnetism and terrestrial electrostatics) and also drawing a share of the inorganic materials to be integrated with those recycled. Since in space, we will live in extreme conditions. We will not be able to afford, as we did on Earth, not to perfectly close all the cycles we open. We could have mechanical, electrical, water and air leaks that would be lethal. Unfortunately, world public and private science, which has not closed the simple terrestrial thermal cycles and the more complex nuclear ones, wants to continue exporting errors even to space, where even before leaving it is spreading space junk, which if we do not carefully clean up with mechanical arms when we begin to navigate with clean interactive energies that do not consume, getting out of the earth’s environment will be a dangerous adventure for humans, machines and space systems.

Mistakes made on planet Earth would be lethal in space. In fact, on planet Earth, at any latitude and longitude, even in the chest of man, we could borrow primary energy from nature and return it with the same chemical composition, thanks to correctly designed fluid dynamic, mechanical electromagnetic machines. As photosynthesis and natural biochemistry allow us to extract food resources from the earth’s environment, in space, with artificial light it is possible to create photosynthesis starting with air, water and a little earth, recycling all the components indefinitely. What must be integrated to survive in space can be extracted from interstellar dust by developing interactive technologies at the temperatures and pressures to which man is used to living.

Nature has done the hardest part well by creating the original development model based on photosynthesis and the carbon cycle, while humans have completely mistaken man-made machines and plants, proving that they cannot copy from the original model. It was fortunate that electromagnetic machines work even better with primary cold produced energy, but the world ruling class did not appreciate this fortune and continues to remain silent on all the inventions proposed intellectually by myself, without public or private money. The whole world is a country. The terrestrial scientific committees are made up of specialists who deal with specific emergencies validly. Unfortunately, there are no global scientific committees because the higher you rise in the hierarchies of the men who govern the world, the less you go into the details of the solutions. Instead, global problems emerge precisely because of the lack of the invisible links that perform invisible elements such as biological enzymes that do an occult job of connecting millions of particles at the earth’s pressure and temperature. It would be crazy to go into all these details. It is much easier to avoid opening cycles that cannot be closed perfectly but to do this it is necessary to design the cycles, machines and systems together and all the connections with other machines and systems. The specialized scientific culture has not formed in any part of the world technicians and scientists who go into the details of the functioning of machines, plants and men to carry out global cycles. With current machines and anthropogenic plants, the speed of industrial processes is not compatible with the slowness of environmental processes. Therefore the scientific committees, the legislators, the politicians and the economists, have accepted compromises represented by toxic emission limits not to be exceeded. But global warming and the proliferation of viruses that attack humans and animals, passing from one to the other, have shown that the scientific committees are wrong to accept limits on toxic emissions into the environment. Natural cycles cannot be altered. However, the undersigned has shown that they can be accelerated by increasing the operating pressures, the speed of flows and temperatures within the limits allowed by the terrestrial environment. It has studied, patented and published solutions that create complete cycles using existing state-of-the-art machines. Clearly, these solutions would have involved the demolition and modification of thermal power plants, chimneys, purifiers, sewers, but gradually, assuming they were working and modifying the machines with subsequent inventions, they became increasingly interactive and economical: the side effect of the production of compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy due to the saturation of oxygen in the water and the production of energy, the side effect of energy production for the same reason. It was no coincidence that these solutions, suitably miniaturized, would allow the creation of a small artificial heart oxygenating the blood autonomously energetically (obviously patented without success). It was no coincidence that made in normal size would revolutionize world transport and work machines, not polluting, but purifying the environment. Obviously, these solutions have also been patented without success because the advancement of the state of the art is not done by plant designers and inventors but by public procurement specifications and multinational companies that market the machines to be used. A plant designer who decides to become an inventor as a retiree to take advantage of his experience should have an immense amount of capital to invest because no one wants to change the development model globally. This would involve the transition from the current inefficient fossil, nuclear and renewable energies, to the perfect interactive energy at the same time energetic and purifying that is not consumed because it does not transform matter but borrows it from nature, involving the best natural, scientific and technological processes: compressed hydroelectromagnetic.

It is no coincidence that these solutions are the only ones that can put together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and at the same time capture the interstellar dust that will allow us to colonize infinite space, creating entire technological communities developed linearly to support the most convenient electromagnetic paths, integrating with the particles of minerals captured during space navigation, both the minerals that we extract from the earth today for food, and those that we extract from mines for the purpose of industrial and technological construction.

In space, the absence of gravity has advantages and disadvantages that cannot be solved by hiding the interactive processes as happened on Earth to create a distribution of world wealth based on global scientific ignorance in favor of the specialized scientific culture linked to both profit and entrepreneurs, both scientists and world governments.

The terrestrial development model, created by the current divisions of competences, which created the current distribution of world wealth, cannot work in space because all the knots come to a head. Only the best solutions with the smallest dimensions, the smallest masses, the lowest energy and food consumption, can become spatial. Habitable planets, if they exist, are billions of kilometers apart. Those who leave the Earth must be aware that they will never return and the descendants will continue the journey. Therefore, already on earth a different development model had to be studied, based on the endless recycling of the elements essential to human life, which are water, air, the food and health system. Spatial development must be based on these elements.

Unfortunately, the technology developed to conquer space has neglected these elements because the terrestrial development model has not valued the correct elements from an energy, economic, technological and health point of view. Earth science has not understood that to produce energy we do not need to transform matter but only to borrow it from nature, returning it with the same chemical composition, indeed improving the purity of the water that we will use both as an essential food element, but also as an energy vector. . The same thing applies to atmospheric air which we will use as a primary energy source, but also as an essential element for breathing and a protective shield from cosmic rays.

In space we cannot afford to waste air: we must produce it, compress and administer it wisely. Compressed air must be used statically in one way. Not as it is now used in pneumatic cylinders, which absorb energy in the compression phase and release it in the expansion phase. To transform compressed air systems into energy generators we must change the way the pumps work, which must not lift the water but must pump it in the direction of the gravitational force. The pumps must be equipped with a second separate power supply right into the impeller, while the main power supply recycles the water inside a pressurized autoclave at many bars. With this system, the same amount of water introduced in low pressure into the autoclave is immediately expelled in high pressure from the autoclave due to the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, therefore it can power a turbine connected to a current generator that produces energy and oxygenation water at the same time (Henry’s principle), at very low costs because we can carry out energy and purification cycles of infinite duration by consuming only the wear and tear of the materials.

This is the energy technology that we have to bring into space because it is the one that can integrate the small part that is consumed or dispersed in space due to technical failures. This technology, through photosynthesis, allows us to also produce human food and to create the space environments where man must live, pressurized at atmospheric pressure. Without the atmospheric pressure that also enters the human chest, men quickly fall ill with heart disease, osteoporosis, pulmonary insufficiency and other pathologies related to metabolism.

It was no coincidence that by deepening the study of the interactivity of these two elements, the undersigned arrived at the invention of the “artificial heart oxygenator of the autonomous blood” No. 102018000005791 filed on 28/05/2018. The artificial heart oxygenator of the autonomous blood energy and the watershed between the present and the future of man. Thanks to the artificial heart, men and women will live several hundred years, especially if at the same time the ongoing studies for the production of artificial neurons advance. When the marriage between artificial and natural neurons is advanced it will be very difficult for man to die from the current causes of death, since he will be much more like machines. All survival parameters will be under the control of the brain that as long as they have even a minimum percentage of natural neurons, it cannot be said that the important decisions are made by machines instead of men.

I think that science applied globally could work wonders if it freed itself from the hidden constraints linked to the industrial property and patent trade of public researchers who do not work for world well-being but for the multinationals that buy their work.

Statesmen, world parliamentarians, judges, economists, cannot realize that the current economy and development model is fundamentally sick because they cannot understand the technical details that prevent global progress. Science itself fails to understand them due to divisions of competences. Only those who have entered into the details of how the plants of multinationals and world public bodies are designed, have been able to notice the reasons why the energy and purification cycles are not completed in current plants. Unfortunately it took sixteen years of solitary work, not recognized and unpaid by anyone. This work is still hidden by the scientific advisers of the world’s top authorities. Yet it is easy to understand that you have to start from the beginning and then change everything else: Hydraulic pumps have to pump in the direction of the gravitational force to produce the primary energy for free.

There is no point in paying public money for research, filing and maintenance fees and selling patents to private multinationals. Controllers and subsidiaries cannot have common interests. This is the reason why the undersigned left his job with a minimum pension at fifty-seven years to propose the first interactive systems on water saving and purification together of air and fumes that gradually through over forty patent deposits not tested by public bodies and multinationals have led to global linear engines with the interstellar dust capture system and space survival plant, which has nothing to do with the current model of Earth development, which has not made any progress in development of interactive fluid dynamics and electromagnetic technologies, although these are the only physiologically compatible with human life.

The world technical scientific economic ruling class has become bogged down on a senseless development model, the design of which began following random inventions, disconnected from each other, based above all on the thermodynamics that produced global warming. To mitigate its effects, they invented discontinuous and inefficient bulky renewable energies. To compensate for these inefficiencies, they have invented energy accumulators and electric cars, without taking concrete steps forward in sustainable Earth and Space energy development. The failure of nuclear power and the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters have made it clear that even nuclear power is not a business for humanity. However, the world ruling class continued to delight in their own inventions. Lithium batteries (2019) have been awarded among the most recent Nobel laureates for chemistry, demonstrating that the global energy development model is very far from understanding the potential of compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy. In fact, only the undersigned, who is not an academic, but a simple pensioner, takes care of it.

Even if there are many environmental complaints in words, no one gets to the heart of the details published on the htps website: //, which are hundreds, but developed only virtually by myself, without a single euro of public funding or private. SPAWHE’s nursery rhyme is completely virtual because if I had stopped and experimented with my modest retirement income, I probably wouldn’t have gotten beyond the first invention. And to make it happen, I had to become an entrepreneur. Who stipulated that private inventors have to do everything themselves? Without the support of the institutions? And that they must necessarily turn into entrepreneurs? Even if they are elderly retirees who want to dissolve the technical and scientific doubts that have accompanied him for a whole working life? My experience in the large automotive industry led me to learn about the scientific organization of work to increase the productivity of plants, while my experience in the construction of purification plants, water, thermal and public hydroelectric lifts, led me to understand that the scientific organization of work must be applied above all to public facilities. How could I have become an entrepreneur in these immense sectors that have completely mistaken the fundamental principles of purification and sustainable energy production, never using the interactive principles between water and air and gravitational force?

It is very strange that world science (public and private) insists on producing electricity starting from thermal energy, when it knows that heat cannot produce any force directly. It can only do this indirectly through the production of a flue gas or through steam, which not only have higher costs, but also have side effects that must be neutralized with other additional costs. What good are world economists if they don’t even understand the economic arguments related to energy and the environment? It would have been logical and linear to use clean atmospheric gas, already ready for use as an energy source and as an energy carrier, incompressible water, just as clean and ready for use, which having a density about 830 times higher than the air, at the same flow rate and pressure, would produce 830 times higher anergy. The only problem to be solved was and is to find a way to exploit the pressure and the one-way flow and this can only be done by modifying the systems and pumps as indicated by the undersigned in many patent deposits and publications starting from year 2013.

However, no world government has ever ordered the experimentation of the interactive inventions between water and air proposed by myself and summarized in the SPAWHE rhyme, which starts from the cleaning of fossil energy, up to the global linear motors, which could not only lead us into the space without fuels, but also to make us survive in space with terrestrial technologies, capturing just by traveling in space, among the poor interstellars, the mineral particles to be integrated into our food supply and industrial production recycled indefinitely, but still subject to accidental losses.

This is the time of the “corona virus” pandemic but also the time to legislate correctly, definitively eliminating the current patent legislation and the trade in patents that have falsified world development, preventing the emergence of interactive inventions. To these inventions also belongs the artificial heart oxygenator of the autonomous blood, which has never been tested, like all the inventions published by the undersigned on the website

Having landed development wrong, it is impossible to achieve sustainable spatial development correctly. Sustainable development models are realized by developing the details of interactive inventions because only the interactivity requirement allows solving more problems at the same time. Interactivity is present in all physical, chemical and biological systems, while man’s energy inventions have very low yields and produce pollution to the environment. Just think of heat engines, steam boilers, gas turbofans, combustion rockets, which do not borrow matter from the environment, but consume it and transform it into other elements without closing all the cycles they open. These inventions on Earth have produced global warming. With the development model that we have created, we can only reach solar orbits by sowing space junk, but not being energetically autonomous and not being able to produce human food in space, we cannot even imagine starting space colonization.

The preparatory terrestrial inventions published by the undersigned on, have been declared contrary to the principles of energy conservation by the bureaucrats of the patent offices. Who educated these bureaucrats? The current school that separates physics from mathematics, chemistry, biology from elementary schools to specialist degrees. World science for unknown reasons has not deepened the search for machines and systems that favor the triggering of natural interactive principles that interfere with each other by finding incredible shortcuts called photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, biochemistry. These shortcuts applied globally together with technology will also take us into infinite space by first modifying the man who must not die as the heart and other organs age, but only when the brain dies, which is much longer than the other organs and with artificial neurons could live even more, without altering the original DNA of the human person.

Current science, ignoring interactive principles, has served the interests of polluters and those who have taken over the resources of the subsoil that belong to the whole of humanity. Unfortunately they used these resources, not in favor of humanity, but against it. Science also got it wrong with renewable energies, which are not based on interactive principles. Nobody denies that solar energy is a resource, but it cannot be denied that it is cumbersome and discontinuous and cannot develop the high powers that are needed in means of transport and work. Hydroelectric and wind energies and sea waves are also bulky and discontinuous. While compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy has the potential to develop any power, it can also be shrunk to enter the human chest.

Only when I understood that human life can be extended by many years, I thought that it is worth thinking about very long generational journeys in space and therefore to think about the technologies to be used in space for the motorization of vehicles. transport. The most complex part was certainly the study of internal environments due to the absence of gravity and the search for technology capable of producing human nutrition without the minerals that the Earth provides. Only when I realized that the global linear motors, already published, with a small modification would have been able to capture the minerals contained in the interstellar dust, I decided to publish the whole solution, despite being aware that I would find the rejection of the bureaucrats of the patent offices and the silence of world science, which has always been silent on purification and interactive energies, demonstrating that it is not at the service of humanity but of those who pay it best, to exploit patents for commercial purposes.

The diffusion of heat engines, battery-operated electrical energy accumulators, solar panels and wind turbines with large dimensions and low energy efficiency cannot be explained differently, while nature has provided us with the air that if we compress it and use it one way. it is the most powerful and economical energy accumulator, while water is the most powerful energy carrier, having a density a thousand times higher than combustion gases which are not only uneconomical, but also pollute the environment.

Those who have pretended not to understand the interactive terrestrial plants for water saving, the purification of fumes and the production of hydroelectric power included, will continue to pretend not to understand that the terrestrial plants are all wrong, therefore, will continue to launch rockets and technological junk in the space, which future generations will have to collect with patience and special mechanical arms when they understand that the correct way to navigate in space is to carry around in space the sciences and interactive technologies that have not yet been developed on Earth but described in the nursery rhyme of SPAWHE which I updated on the home page of the website, where I explain who I am and what SPAWHE is.

I extract the following episode from Wikipedia: February 10, 2009 at 16:56 UTC. The inactive satellite Cosmos 2251 and the operational satellite Iridium 33 collided 789 kilometers high above northern Siberia. The relative impact speed was approximately 11.7 kilometers per second, approximately 42 120 kilometers per hour. Both satellites were destroyed. The collision produced a considerable amount of debris (estimated at 1,700) which poses an additional risk to spacecraft.

Why has world science been silent on all the interactive sustainable inventions proposed by myself and has also been silent on linear space engines? Which today the undersigned technically updates to capture not the space junk (which can be done later with mechanical arms applied to the interactive transport system in question) but the space dust that is needed to survive in space.


 On the basis of the above, the drawings already published of the aerospace and submarine transport system with primary and induced interactive global linear motors (Italian Patent Filing No. 102020000000031 of 03/01/2020) must be integrated with figures 9 and 10 which show the internal systems essential to a space container.

Obviously, the figures are only symbolic, as they only show the essential elements to make it clear that the systems of water and air circulation, purification, recycling, energy production external and internal to the space environments must be similar to terrestrial ones (Although on Earth these plants have not yet been built) because men need water and air at atmospheric pressure to survive. It makes no sense to expose yourself in space to heart disease, lung disease, osteoporosis to live in environments not pressurized at atmospheric pressure, especially since water and air are also the most powerful elements to produce together the external thrust of Newton and Lorentz that we it serves to exit the atmosphere and for space navigation with the infinite recycling of energy.

Paradoxically, the division of the atom and the nucleated energy that cost humanity immense expenses in research, experimentation and many environmental disasters, regardless of the atomic bomb, was less suitable for the interactive primary energy between water and air, which it cost zero dollars in research and experimentation, as it was developed only by undersigned virtually with zero funding, in the general silence of public and private science and multinationals.

What does it take to understand that on planet Earth the concept of perpetual motion does not make sense? Where do the professors who teach this nonsense in schools live, who also trained the bureaucrats of the world patent offices, who deny the feasibility of interactive energy inventions? Thanks to the gravitational force and the difference in the pressures of the fluids, differences can be created everywhere between the low energies absorbed by the water circulation pumps (with the double separate power supply up to the impeller) which work with balanced suction and delivery pressures. and the high energy produced by the turbines that power the power generators, which use one-way water introduced in excess into the recycling circuit through the separate power supply, which is expelled by the overflow of the upper basin or by the pressure of a autoclave, for the principle of the impenetrability of the bodies, to feed the turbines again in infinite cycles.

It made no sense to develop energy and purification technologies on Earth that excluded the interactive principles between water and air and to try to fly in the atmosphere and space with polluting and uneconomic energies. It makes no sense to ignore the human blood oxygenating artificial heart that could extend human life by hundreds of years. It is unthinkable to start looking for new planets without taking along the best of science and technology land which unfortunately has not been developed on Earth to obscure and ignorant of economic power game which was attended by the whole world class executive, including the scientific. The crime of public omission has been silently legalized worldwide by the governments of the right and left.

As can be seen in figs. 9 and 10, at the end of the space containers there are space transport vehicles of smaller dimensions (Fig. 11) which can be accessed through circular portholes (10.11), surrounded by an electromagnetic extensible bellows that does not disperse the air ( 10.12). These means of transport are described in the Italian intellectual patent filing n. 1020200000001369 of 24.01.2020 published on

These small space transport vehicles for local travel are pressurized at atmospheric pressure with reasonable margins of autonomy to ensure human respiration. It being understood that those who travel in space, if they move from one container to another, will make use of suits and safety devices, in this specific case, being the energy source that moves the means of transport compressed air, to avoid excessive CO2 enrichment due to human respiration, breathing masks can be used, such as those used on airplanes, which by means of pressure reducers feed the passengers’ breathing with the compressed air reserve of the means of transport contained in the tank (2.12) which produces the Lorentz thrust. While the atmospheric air in the passenger cabin is constantly maintained at atmospheric pressure by introducing excess air into the pressurized tank at the higher pressure. Obviously, when the transport vehicle returns to the rest station, the tank is connected to the global purification plant of the container to which it belongs, which reports the CO2 values, under normal conditions (2.12).

As can be seen in figures 9 and 10, also the systems inside the containers contain isolated tanks for accumulation of water or compressed air (10.11 and 10.12) similar to those shown in fig. 2, equipped with external solenoid and circulation of permanent magnets . Obviously, these tanks must be strategically placed in the containers so that the thrusts occur in a balanced way (to always maintain the horizontal position of the passenger compartment) by regulating the circulation speed of the permanent magnets. These tanks will work in combination with the main linear motor placed under the container, which as written above, in addition to the task of carrying out the horizontal movement, also has the task of capturing interstellar dust. The reason why these storage tanks have been equipped with electromagnetic thrust is due to the fact that the transport system with motorized frames with multiple global motors will certainly be super-dimensioned compared to the normal space navigation inserted in the orbits of stars and galaxies. In fact, the motorized frames are mainly used to overcome the gravitational forces of planets such as the Earth. Once this work has been done, they can return to the airports of departure, while the containers can continue their space travel autonomously. However, detours may be necessary to avoid collisions with other bodies wandering in space and for possible landings. For the latter reason, each container will be equipped with independently powered land wheels with peripheral drive torque to the wheels, as indicated in the position fig. 11 of fig. 10.  Obviously, in the event of landings, the space caravans must also be equipped with the motorized vehicles in fig. 11 equipped with mechanical shovels to level the landing area. It is obvious that we are in the field of science fiction and these things can only be done in many years. I believe that they will not be done even in many years if we continue to govern the world through the current political parties that do not understand anything about science and technology and do not abolish industrial property and the trade in patents, which instead of favoring global progress create conflicts of interest, public and private, which hide the best development ideas for the benefit of the worst ones, which on planet Earth have created global warming, destroyed forests, biodiversity to create roads, bridges, viaducts, railways, cities of millions of people who do not always coexist peacefully, precisely because of bad advertising information, which impedes the global development of science and technology.

Continuing the description of the plants inside the space containers, we must say that hydroponic cultivation in space will be indispensable for the ability to produce food with small dimensions compared to cultivation on land and the ease of treatment and recycling of water. As can be seen, the wastewater from the hydroponic plants (10.3) is connected with siphon wells to the water discharge manifold (10.4) which feeds the purification plant (10.1). Obviously, since purification plants are equipped with statically pressurized autoclaves with compressed air that dissolves in the water in proportion to the operating pressure according to the principles of Henry and Dalton, even in space we can carry out global purification and energy cycles, as described in the following article., Obviously, small changes will have to be made to the circulation pumps to grind the organic waste, but the components and the operating system are identical.

Observing fig. 10, which is the enlargement of fig. 9, which also reports the reference numbers of the legend, we can consider that the fact that there is no earth gravity in space but only general gravity, can be compensated by the presence of the integral pressure of the environment at the earth’s atmospheric pressure and by the circulation at one way of the same atmospheric air, which comes out of the delivery vents (10.6), pressurizes the upper plenum (10.7), passes through a filtering ceiling (10.8), passes through a steel grating floor (10.9), enters the intake grilles ( 10.10), and passes through the treatment unit (10.5), where it is heated and humidified. These units will always be doubled in number to always ensure the pressurization of the environment even if one of them is out of operation for maintenance reasons.

The fan of the air handling unit (10.5) pushes it upwards again with a pressure capable of overcoming the pressure drops in the ducts and in the ceiling filter. To avoid that the absence of gravity makes unsolved water float in the air, the entire path will be guided by electrostatic charges that attract the water and air particles towards the delivery grids (10.6) or suction (10.10) , while water, which has a molecule that automatically polarizes itself in the presence of a small electric current, dissociating it into two varieties of ions (the hydrogen ion hydrogen ion H + and the hydroxyl hydroxyl ion O-, follows the polarized paths of air. Instead, the ducted paths are guided by the circulation pumps without spreading into the environment, the ground gravity water drains of the taps and toilet cleaning will be guided by electrodes placed in the drain siphons.

Basically, in the environments where human activities take place, atmospheric pressure and atmospheric gases that also enter the human chest, create the same terrestrial conditions from a physiological point of view, so we will not suffer from cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis, but we will have less fatigue. to move, being lighter. While the flows of atmospheric air and water in the environments in which we will live will be integrated by electrostatics, which is still an electromagnetic phenomenon produced locally. Those who do not believe in these phenomena can go and visit an electrostatic spray booth, where they can notice that this technology is already used on Earth, as there is both the upper pressurized air intake plenum and the guided flow of the paint towards the objects to be painted that are charged with electrostatic charges opposite the nozzles that spray the paint. Therefore, gravity in the means of transport is not essential to travel in space. It is essential to produce atmospheric pressure in the means of transport to physiologically respect the nature of man and to protect man from cosmic rays as happens on earth. Obviously there will also be a need for other inventions to reinforce the protection of human lives, such as the emission of electromagnetic rays opposite to the cosmic ones captured, but the first steps to begin space colonization were and are the identification of sustainable and inexhaustible clean energy. that terrestrial science, including space science, has never wanted to seek, also exposing astronauts to useless and irreversible damage to health.  Yet astronauts are highly trained people from a scientific and technical point of view. What are they waiting for to take positions to defend their health? Many anthropic plants, for those who know science and technology in a multidisciplinary way, seem designed by amateurs because they are incomplete (sewers, chimneys, thermal plants and engines, water and air purifiers), but the damage to human health dilutes over the years. For those who have to venture into space, the damage is much faster. The multidisciplinarity of the solutions is essential, but the space entities are also behaving like amateurs.

Below are the updated drawings of the entire system with the related legends.