I was publishing this article with the following more scientific title, but then I thought I was even clearer:

How you can live most of the human body a well-fed and well-oxygenated brain? Technological scientific system of survival against disease, disability and old age.


In my last long article (Where science does not arrive, the scientific organization of work arrives, if applied globally) I was unable to delve into the subject of technical-scientific choices regarding human survival. Even if today we have no alternatives to vaccinating the entire world population, we cannot resign ourselves to reducing the life expectancy of humanity due to the mistakes made by the entire world ruling class in the last century. The Covid 19 pandemic requires us to accelerate interactive inventions, which would defeat even viruses better than any vaccine, at least in experienced elderly people, who could govern much better than those who have governed in the last hundred years by blatantly wrong the model of development, which has neglected the interactive principles, which on Earth are everywhere, but work at the slow pace of nature, which does not have the technologies and artificial intelligence. Today we may have these resources, but they are overshadowed by many flawed inventions, kept alive by false advertisements, and a ruling class lacking a global scientific culture. Specializations in individual sectors do not help to understand the seriousness of the problems. Today we need real statesmen, not actors playing a part, without understanding that they are defending a wrong development model, wanted by those who created global warming, the current distribution of wealth and viruses, which we must fight with inadequate means. so as not to collapse the world stock exchanges. Which, not conceptually wrong, but applied to a wrong development model, prevent its recovery due to the fact that investors and politicians are more interested in hiding mistakes than in improving the environment, economy and defenses. human. Ironically, the statesmen, who have not understood the potential of interactive principles, being, in most cases, like myself, elderly people, are among the first designated victims of the system they created. Only interactive inventions could do the miracle of making them survive and we are already very late. These intellectual inventions reported on exploit technology to accelerate the interactive purification and energy processes in the environment and also in the human body. In fact, the death of the elderly man could be delayed for many decades, if he were equipped with a heart that oxygenates blood that reaches the brain and makes up for lung, liver, stomach insufficiencies, fights internal infections due to organ inflammation. such as the bladder, prostate and those due to viruses. In addition, he would produce an amount of electricity capable of powering an artificial intelligence that manages chemical parameters and blood pressure and flow ratesIn other words, if the natural energetic and purifying interactive principles entered the human body, with technology, man could live until the human brain dies, which is already the longest-lived organ today, which is forced to death. cause of heart failure. At the present time we cannot say precisely how much the brain could survive the body if it were energetically powered with autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart, but we can say that neurology is also making significant progress extending the life of the brain. Unfortunately, I have found that politicians, not being able to scientifically analyze world work globally, use the same language as advertising messages on energy, the environment, medicines, battery-powered cars, solar panels. While public and private science working in watertight compartments, it has not realized that these inventions do not solve problems, not being interactive. We are in a paradoxical situation with the ongoing global virus pandemic, for the first time in history human life expectancy has been reduced, while the world ruling class, including the medical one, is underestimating interactive systems that could even double the duration the life of man, which will remain human until we have a human brain, even if gradually, the body will become more and more artificial. This is the possible and realistic evolution of man. Not what we see in science fiction movies.


1) Politics and science inadequate at the time of the pandemic.

A strange New Year that of 2021. The world heads of state and government have explained to us that the best way to show love in families is to keep distance. Where were these leaders when they allowed the sciences, the technologies? Have global stock exchanges, in the name of progress, almost destroyed world biodiversity? This did not happen in a day, but in just over a hundred years, which compared to the time it took the planet to build such biodiversity, of 4.5 billion years, can be considered as a fraction of a second. I write this to underline that the heads of state and government, even if democratically elected, cannot be guarantors of the crime of public and private omissions that have been taking place on planet Earth since the advent of the industrial era in the name of scientific and technological progress. and quality of life in general If it is true that we have achieved a greater quality of life and greater well-being in the last hundred years, it is also true that the mistakes we have made are coming to a head, and they are not only environmental and health. They are also inexpensive. No world statesman of the 196 sovereign states mentioned the word “interactivity” in these year-end messages. It is not the fault of the statesmen, because this word has not been sought by the entire world science that has dealt with the economic, industrial and health development of the earth. However, it was the statesmen who ordered the world wars of the last century, allowed the acceptance of toxic and anomalous emissions to biological balances, allowed the current distribution of world wealth, ordered the quarantines and current curfews. They also had the power to order the experiments of purification and interactive energies, which are the cheapest, simplest and most efficient that can exist on planet Earth. But they didn’t. They didn’t have to do it all together. It would have been enough for at least one to do it. The truth would have come out anyway. It may still come out, especially now that we are still in full pandemic. Statesmen cannot continue to hide behind national and international scientific committees, which have never done anything to favor interactive inventions, legislators who have legislated in favor of industrial property, instead of rewarding intellectual property, in favor of the whole of humanity. As a simple citizen, I don’t know how to become a statesman, because I never had the time to deal with politics and public economics, but I think that, for a logical sense, before industrializing any invention that interferes with the environment, public debt, one should develop intellectually all the collateral aspects that the invention produces in the surrounding environment.

I never understood what politicians are for. I have always thought that the world should have been scientifically governed, but only when science is applied globally, prudently, developing all the details and neutralizing all the side effects it produces in the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, on planet Earth, science has never been applied globally. Science was the first to hide and underestimate the negative side effects, together with the entrepreneurs, who financed it and the politicians who legislated the acceptance of emission limits in water in soils in the atmosphere, always with the advice of the science.

Hence, no one has done their job well on a scientific, business and political level. There was no material time to delve into the collateral aspects of the inventions because everything happened fairly quickly, just after the discovery of Joseph Eve’s steam boilers in 1825 and Faraday’s first electromagnetic current generator in 1830. The thermal and electromagnetic energy are still linked to each other almost 200 years apart, without science ever making a serious attempt to rationally clean it, with a natural interactive system that also neutralizes CO2 emissions. The undersigned has uselessly proposed this system with a series of national and international patents from 2009 to 2013 (patent WO2014 / 076724 – 25 – 26 – 27) which by carrying out complete cycles, modifying the chimneys of thermal power plants, biological digesters, purifiers of water and air, instead of producing the current global warming, would have produced the hydrogen carbonate ion in the water, according to the well-known formula CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O ↔ Ca2 ++ 2 HCO3-, exploiting the Co2 for the benefit of the environment that dissolved in the water it would have been very useful to the environment while dispersed in the air it was the biggest disaster in the world. How can one trust the science of world entrepreneurs and politicians who do not understand such elementary things?

But my distrust of the science of politicians and entrepreneurs increased when I realized that by deepening the solutions, I could even produce energy and purification without thermal energy. By exploiting only the fluid dynamics principles coupled to the electromagnetic ones. Therefore all the inventions developed from 2014 to 2020 concerned the study of interactive energies that are simultaneously purifying and energetic. But the triad of science, politics and business, by mutual agreement, did not even understand these inventions, which are equally simple and rational.

Therefore, scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs must be enabled not to do harm. Because damage is inevitable without global scientific reasoning, which can only be done through the scientific organization of world work which, before spreading inventions worldwide, must demonstrate that the invention and related infrastructures must close all the cycles that open . This cannot be done with the current laws, which protect the industrial property of those who can pay the huge taxes on filing and maintenance patents, while they do not recognize the intellectual property of inventors who have no money, who try to carry out simple reasoning. and interactive by identifying incomplete cycles and trying to close them with special inventions that are inconvenient for the science that has not worked globally, the current economic power centers that have made investments and the politicians who have not been able to govern. All guilty, no guilty?

Even if no one has noticed, the world’s problems are mostly scientific, not political. It is well established that we are all equal before God. Racial divisions never made sense and after the collapse of the Berlin Wall neither political divisions make sense. Politicians are outdated, but they continue to rule the world and run absurd election campaigns by promising things to voters they can’t keep.

Who creates world wealth is the scientific organization of work that each country manages to express. The world’s politicians and entrepreneurs seek only to defend the positions of command and acquired wealth, with outdated inventions that together with well-being have produced a lot of damage. Science is made up of workers who depend on entrepreneurs and politicians, cannot focus on inventions unwanted by politicians and entrepreneurs.

The major disasters in the world have been created and created by those who designing man-made plants, fixed and mobile, who do not realize the responsibilities they assume, albeit in good faith, when they make incomplete plants. I, who have carried out this work for a whole life, above all, dealing with the installation and connections with other systems both in the industrial and environmental sectors, I felt this great responsibility despite being a simple and small pawn.

World politicians who welcome entrepreneurs as great benefactors do not feel this responsibility, who in addition to bringing work and well-being also bring electoral approval. Everyone is happy, especially if it is a manufacturing industry, such as the automotive one that does not produce a lot of pollution around the factory, but spreads it throughout the planet with CO2 emissions, even if it produces battery-powered cars, because to charge the batteries uses the world’s current thermal and nuclear power plants. In this way the multinationals that pollute are legally authorized and become more and more powerful, allying themselves with each other in large international groups. The same thing can be said for the factories of planes, helicopters, which are even more polluting which instead could add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz without producing any kind of pollution, changing the primary source of energy from thermal to fluid dynamics, such as proposed by the undersigned. There is no world statesman who imposes the experimentation of alternative energy systems to multinationals, nor does it impose it on public research bodies. What good are these entities if they do not collaborate with private inventors who without money develop intellectual patents that they should develop themselves, instead of collaborating only with multinationals?

There is a popular saying that says: “The ways of God are endless” It is very strange that public and multinational researchers did not notice anything, while I who earned my living by installing plants, following industrial work cycles and environmental, I noticed the main and collateral effects they produce in both sectors. I had to note that the machines used in industrial plants focus mainly on carrying out the work cycles related to the production of the commercial product, delegating the purifying side effects to the public sector through the sewers and purifiers located many kilometers away from the place where produces pollution, while the polluted air is partially filtered and purified on site. I have mulled over this system for a whole life, coming to the conclusion that anthropogenic plants are all wrong because the work cycles of the industrial, agricultural, domestic, urban product must be included in a single process that is at the same time energetic and purifying the water. and air and producer of industrial, agricultural, domestic, urban, etc. product. An ideal anthropogenic plant is complete only when it has managed to obtain the desired results and has closed all the cycles it has opened. Obviously, these plants do not exist on planet earth, but, strangely, if we think about it, if they did exist, complete plants would be simpler and cheaper than the current anthropogenic plants because they avoid opening useless cycles that are difficult and expensive to close. These plants would simply be multi-disciplinary. They would use the right solution in the right place and at the right time. For these reasons, the purification must be inserted directly into the production cycles, the water and air must purify each other and the energy must be extracted directly from the environment. These are not personal opinions, but the scientific study of the work done globally, both from an industrial and environmental point of view that science has never done because those who work for industry do not work for the environment, those who teach in schools do not know the job’s world. We must not forget that we are over a hundred years behind where we should have been, if some world statesman of the past had had the good sense to put together a group of people with different experiences in the world of scientific organization of work and in the design of industrial and environmental machines and plants to identify interactive systems. Unfortunately, no world statesman of the past and present had this idea. Each world professional category has continued to pull water at their mill, up to the current pandemic, which suddenly in less than a year has reduced life expectancy by a few points for the first time in the history of humanity. I have no confidence in the current world ruling class, but I am not pessimistic, if in some way it repents, because despite the mistakes made, the technologies developed are good, but to make them interactive, changes have to be made. Unfortunately, we have to make these changes all over the world. The biggest problem is to make world statesmen understand that they must have the courage to scrape a hundred years of wrong plants, which, not being interactive, consume resources, pollute the environment and have not inspired the most important multidisciplinary invention that can extend human life. probably hundreds of years old. Previously there were sufficient reasons to create the artificial heart oxygenating the blood autonomously energetically and a direct connection of the same with the human brain which today is forced to die prematurely due to the weakness of the heart and other organs of the body, which infect with cancer. the blood. The Covid 19 pandemic requires us to immediately accelerate this interactive invention that would defeat even viruses better than any vaccine at least in elderly people full of experiences that will continue to be a resource for the governments of the future. For this we need real statesmen, not actors who play a part, without understanding that they are defending a wrong development model, which will destroy them first, being themselves, like myself, elderly people, who in the coming years would need of an interactive heart that will restore the vital functions of the aging organs, or replace them with its own interactive functions, or work together with artificial organs and components, but coordinated by the natural brain, kept alive by the artificial heart. If necessary, even with the help of artificial neurons. The triple combination of the versatility and indestructibility of the artificial heart, the immense capacities and humanity of the natural brain, the honesty and efficiency of artificial intelligence, will allow the new generations to have a better future, provided they know distinguish the difference between real and apparent development that has led us in the last century to make useless wars, to unnecessarily heat the planet and to unnecessarily destroy biodiversity to create works that are useless or for transport (with interactive energy the medium cheaper to move will be by air), nor to create food, because most of the food will be extracted with much lower costs from the oceans with artificial welling, which by repotting the solubilized carbonates to the surface will also fight global warming.

For myself, the question that world citizens must ask is the following: In modern society, after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the end of class struggles between workers and entrepreneurs, the subjugation of science, the press, and justice to public and private employers, where can truly democratic reference points be found? I who have lived as an industrial worker since 1970 and subsequently as an environmental worker, finally as an inventor of interactive solutions, believe that against opposing interests and opposing ignorances that have produced wars and destruction of all kinds, today we have an additional democratic tool, which is artificial intelligence. Let’s try to ask different computers the reasons why purification and interactive energies are unknown to parliamentarians, statesmen, industry, environmentalists, public and private science, school teachers and universities. Even if the answers will be different because they will depend on the source from which the computer programmers will draw the data and on the way in which they will insert the data into the program, however, you will be able to have answers to discuss, and compare between different computers and programs, not zero answers, as in the current situation.

If today we have not yet reached the experimentation of the autonomous energy oxygenating heart of the blood, it is not due to the fact that the Italian patent office has declared it “perpetual motion”. This is normal, considering the school education received and the existing inventions, which are not interactive. It is due to hidden interests in many important sectors of the world economy, environment, energy, transport, health, which, having mistaken the general fundamental energy and purification principles, cannot apply them only in the health sector, without putting evidence that other sectors, since the advent of the industrial age, could have had the same update, saving us from global warming, the costs of production and transformation of the material and unwanted viruses.

Since man appeared on earth, he has divided the tasks into trades to exchange through work the mutual help necessary for common survival. The politicians, the nobles, the ruling class have governed them making the most of them, without having particular merits. This system worked until the invention of electricity, which increased the production of consumer goods, without prejudice to the divisions of work tasks. With the industrialization of the trades, a serious disaster happened, which the world ruling class has not yet realized: The trades, not scientifically coordinated by the authorities, have increased production industrially but have also increased pollution. From the beginning of the industrial era, the interactive purification energy systems had to be identified, which the undersigned identified from 2014 to 2020, after that from 2006 to 2013 he had identified only the interactive purification ones. But, previously, from 1970 to 2005 he worked as a designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants to learn about the anthropic plants to be modified. So, my interactive inventions have been produced by half a century of transversal experiences in the world of work. Where have the scientific advisors of world statesmen worked in these fifty years, who are still silent about interactive inventions? The answer to this question would have no importance if the world statesmen had at least listened to the two bells.

Today we are in 2021, in full coronavirus pandemic and still no world authority of industry, environment, energy, transport, and world health, no entrepreneur has pulled out a single euro or dollar to create a single prototype of the forty patent deposits concerning purification and interactive energies that affect all sectors of human activities, which above all, would cost much less and would require less public structural interventions. Hence, less public debt.

On planet Earth, no one has noticed, including Albert Einstein, that heat is only used for melting and processing metals and plastics. All the other functions can be achieved with interactive fluid-dynamic cycles between water and air, at room temperature inserted directly in the homes in the workplace, on means of transport and work. These cycles are so simple and cheap that we do not need the current water purifiers, the current large thermoelectric, nuclear power plants, large hydroelectric plants. Consequently, we do not need large pylons, conduits for the transport of energy, just as we do not need gas and oil pipelines, oil tankers.

These interactive inventions of the undersigned were not produced in a single day, but gradually over fifteen years, in the indifference of the world ruling class. To avoid confusion, they can be understood little by little, by all those who have a little scientific and technical culture, including statesmen, without scientific consultants, having been collected based on the date of publication in Italian and English on the website http: //

Obviously, having not carried out interactive energy and purification inventions in the industrial, environmental and energy sector worldwide, it was not possible to transfer these experiences to the health sector as well. The undersigned had to think about it in the hope of finding at least among doctors people more interested in the use of interactive systems than those who have kept silent in industry, in the environment, in world transport.

I have only replaced the water with human blood and reduced a plant already designed to purify the water in wells by producing energy, obtaining a small autonomous artificial heart that purifies the blood and feeds both the lymphatic and pulmonary systems. It therefore also feeds the brain with oxygenated blood, but it can also supply the proteins in liquid form to the brain itself and to the muscles of the joints, in the absence of the organs responsible for these functions.

The world ruling class of the last century, having completely mistaken the model of world development, has also prevented the prevention and treatment of many diseases and viral infections for not having understood that the interactive fluid dynamics principles could have avoided man’s brain death by extending his life more than today it is possible to imagine.

working worldwide in watertight, non-interactive scientific compartments, there has been a significant complication of all world inventions and it has not been possible to transfer experience from one sector to another. Medical science must use complicated means such as vaccines, designed specifically for each strain of infection. Some sectors have been underestimated, such as dynamic fluid, others have been overestimated, such as thermodynamics, nuclear power, solar energy and wind. Others are rightly making enormous progress, such as artificial intelligence, bionics, cybernetics.

Ironically, interactive primary energy can be produced precisely by the most underrated sector. The fluid dynamic one. Despite its simplicity, coupled with electromagnetism, it can lengthen the duration of human life. Coupled with artificial intelligence, bionics, cybernetics, robotics, it can combat disabilities of all kinds.

Unfortunately, history has taught the rulers of the past and present nothing. Planet Earth was ungovernable before the invention of electricity due to wars between neighboring countries and poor scientific and technological progress. It is ungovernable even now due to the opposite scientific and technological ignorance, which, having not sought interactive purification and energy solutions between scientific principles and technologies, together with the well-being produced with industrialization, must also bear the side effects due to the lack of purification, to the higher energy costs and higher public debts that the solutions not studied globally by terrestrial sciences and technologies involve. Political, scientific, technological powers continue to work in watertight compartments without understanding that only an interactive development model is compatible with the earth’s environment.

2) The free will granted by God to men is a personal matter. The community can no longer be governed without the honesty of artificial intelligence.

Today, despite the presence of the internet, those who talk about interactive energy and purification systems are isolated like the voice of someone crying in the desert, because all those around, well paid, continue to talk about something else to obey the orders of their employers, public and private, to change nothing and save world stock exchanges. Everyone is hoping that the coronavirus pandemic is a passing event. Unfortunately, this is an illusion. We have reached a point of no return. Either we change the way we design the world’s anthropogenic plants and strengthen the natural defenses of man, or man will be considered by nature a species in extinction, not for natural causes but for causes produced by man himself.

Today we are in a paradoxical situation. The complex intertwining of science, economics, religions, sustainable development has not been understood even by the best contemporary writers. The intertwined events told in 550 pages of Dan Brown’s latest novel, “Origin”, focus above all on the conflicts between religion and science, but above all prophesy that human intelligence is about to be overtaken by the artificial intelligence of the machines of the near future. In this book published in February 2017, translated into 42 languages, the key phrase is: “Dark religions will disappear and sweet science will reign”. The dilemma “where do we come from and where do we go” is the dominant theme.

I think otherwise: It doesn’t matter if we are descended from the monkey or from Adam and Eve. The presence of a universal God cannot be doubted if we only observe the nature that surrounds us. Where we go and how we go there is much more important than knowing where we come from, because it depends on the choices we have made and will make. Unfortunately, we made a mistake in the most important choices precisely at the advent of the industrial era, which increased the consumption of earthly resources but using the wrong energy and purification systems that have altered the environmental and biological equilibrium of the earth with difficulty achieved by the planet in 4.5 billion years.

The undersigned, as a man and as an inventor of solutions never implemented by the current world ruling class, believes that we should not take too much offense with religions and that sweet science does not exist. Science, as I have also written in many articles, would not make mistakes if it were applied globally. Unfortunately, it has never been applied globally. It is evident that not even a famous writer like Dan Brown has ever heard of interactive energy and purification systems, while artificial intelligence is an acquired reality.

As a plant installer I had to study the work cycles first in industry, then in the environment. Only as a retiree was he able to think about these cycles globally by adding the two experiences, which were very different from each other. In fact, industrial plants are very different from urban, environmental and energy ones. I realized that thinking globally, purification processes must be inserted directly into industrial, urban and agricultural production cycles and therefore, it is necessary to re-design the entire model of world development. the shortcuts we have taken in industrial, urban, agricultural anthropic plants, in transport systems have all turned out to be counterproductive, not only for the pollution produced, but also for the complexity of the plants built, the costs of the same, the consumption of the raw materials they produce.

To honestly govern scientifically it is sufficient to undo all the knots that are encountered by following the processing and transformation cycles of the material, always using the best solution known to the state of the art, inserting strategic inventions only to increase the speed of natural processes, without change them. In the terrestrial environment, sooner or later, all the knots of the cycles come to a head and when they dissolve, they lead to other knots that must always be dissolved interactively, without accepting scientific, political and religious compromises. The cycles are infinite and just as many are the knots to untie. But nature, if we have patience, rewards us by showing us the way not to open unnecessarily the cycles that do not need to be opened. For this he created incompressible liquids, compressible gases and created the gravitational force that we must always support, never contrast it. He also created electromagnetism which, coupled with fluid dynamics at normal temperature, can allow us to circumvent the gravitational force to allow us to circumvent the gravitational force by means of electric currents induced in current generators, torque motors and linear motors, without thermal, or nuclear energy, making the liquid circulate. incompressible one-way, under the elastic pressure of air. Only in this way can we produce a Newton thrust that opposes atmospheric pressure and a Lorentz thrust that neutralizes the electromagnetic gravitational force, extracting energy directly from the environment.

Isn’t the worldwide silence of science on this subject strange? How could this silence be possible if the current world statesmen were not in agreement or misinformed? Let’s not forget that there are 196.

According to the needs we could create complete interactive systems to circumvent pressures and gravity, producing purification and energy without the cost of transforming the matter, or, partial interactive systems to produce only purification and energy without overcoming gravity. This is the case of the artificial heart that oxygenates the autonomously energetically blood, which by oxygenating the brain, regardless of the state of health of the other organs, can lengthen human neurological life. Until when will it be able to lengthen it? We will know later only if we avoid taking the shortcuts that science has taken up to now, bypassing the knots, instead of undoing them delicately without creating collateral damage even in the human body.

The mistakes we have made in the entire terrestrial environment; we avoid making them even in the human body. So far it has gone well because human life span has always increased. The first general setback was caused by the current pandemic, but due to the mistakes made in managing the environment and in choosing the primary source of world energy.

Today we have arrived at an epochal choice. Either man evolves technologically in order not to be destroyed by diseases and viruses and at the same time overtaken by artificial intelligence, which is proving to be more efficient and more honest than human intelligence, or man becomes an endangered species. The cunning of world politics, compromises, strategies cannot stand in the face of the transparency of artificial intelligence

Errors are paid for and we inhabitants of the Earth are paying for them because of the sciences and technologies applied hastily and partially thinking about the economic profit of a few at the expense of sustainable development, which is economic for all. The world statesmen who represent the world people are either accomplices of multinationals or have been cheated. I am not the one to judge whether there are civil or criminal crimes, it would be enough for me that this pandemic made world statesmen understand that science is infallible only if it is applied globally. To apply science globally, it is necessary to change the scientific organization of world work and modify the fixed and mobile anthropogenic systems, which have led us to the current situation. The deaths we have suffered and will still suffer will not be useless if this happens.

Survival and the extension of life cannot be separated from the model of world development that has been chosen. Above all, today that in order to defeat the pandemic and support the economy, governments are investing several trillions of billions throughout the planet, I think that before spending this money it is necessary to analyze once and for all the causes that produced the pandemic. In words it seems that all the world governments agree that the pandemic is directly linked to global warming, deforestation, bad purification, but in fact the governments that have to spend the money to face the emergency do nothing but try to support the current development model which is the main cause of the pandemic.

It is not enough to support companies in difficulty, nor to accelerate the transition to renewable energies, solar, wind, hydrogen transformed into fuel, electric cars. All these systems are the result of research and technological development due to industry experience in specific sectors. They are only less polluting than fossil and nuclear energies, but more expensive and inefficient.

The purification and interactive energies have never been tested by the world ruling class, having been boycotted by all the world power centers, by mutual agreement to avoid the collapse of the world stock exchanges. But in the face of pandemics, this collapse can no longer be avoided.

As the inventor of purification, interactive energies and the artificial heart (which have not collected a single euro of funding from the current world ruling class) I am not against the specialized experiences of scientists and technicians, but I believe that mine is also a specialization and I am proud that I do not have to thank anyone in the current company who taught me the way to work.

My teachers are named Torricelli, Venturi, Pascal, Henry, Newton, Bernoulli, Maxwell, Einstein, Tesla, Lorentz who lived before the current model of development, which in a hundred years has altered nature which took 4.5 billion years to free the planet from the unbreathable gases of the primordial era and to create the biological balance between the different living species.

I only thank the inventors and specialist scientists mentioned above, who have identified the most important basic scientific purifying and energetic principles, the fluid dynamics and electromagnetic ones up to the early twentieth century, the modern computer and electronics, which allowed me to almost completely eliminate thermal energy, completely nuclear, at least virtually. I do not thank the thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, wind inventors who have produced incomplete, polluting, or bulky, discontinuous inventions. I do not thank the world ruling class who blindly accepted these incomplete inventions. Making mistakes is human, but making mistakes in a collective way only recalls the authoritarian regimes of Nazism and Fascism. Industrial property created this monster to hide errors and hidden interests. These errors, like fascism and Nazism, involve everyone, especially politicians, legislators, judges who may not be able to make scientific reasoning on their own, at least until these reasonings are accepted by science itself, which divided into specific competences, it has allowed the degradation of the terrestrial environment and the proliferation of viruses. The current division of scientific expertise has confused even the legislators who, instead of recognizing the intellectual property of multidisciplinary inventions not linked to economic power centers, recognize the industrial property of incomplete inventions that are not compatible with the environment. They force inventors who have proposed interactive inventions to pay patent maintenance fees on public utility inventions that no one finances.

The legislators have allowed the patent offices to reject interactive energies from a technical and scientific point of view which, having never entered school teaching, cannot be understood even by international scientific committees. But no one has the courage to ask for the experimentation of interactive solutions In 2015 and 2018 I participated in the European competitions for social projects with many projects collecting only silences.

It is obvious that with scientific committees inextricably linked to the economic power centers and  of health, not even the “energetically autonomous artificial heart oxygenator” was not understood, which is the only way to extend life and automatically protect us from viruses, from diseases, aging, and fatal accidents, compatibly with the life span of the brain, which obviously, if kept in good conditions of nourishment and oxygenation, will last much longer than now.

3) The honesty of artificial intelligence is necessary to govern the world without equivocal compromises but must be coordinated by the natural brain.

Today the brain in most cases dies due to the arrest of the heart. We do not know what would happen if we immediately made artificial blood oxygenating hearts and connected them to brains separated from the body at the time of the death of the natural heart, waiting for electromedical technologies to develop sufficiently in the coming years to allow the transplantation of the group constituted by the artificial heart and natural brain in an artificial body. Certainly enormous ethical problems would arise, for the simple fact that nourished and oxygenated brains could continue to function without human body.

 If we connect them to magnetoencephalographic helmets, we can even record the brain activity of the brains separated from the bodies. The ethical problem would arise, mainly, because the human brain is not just any organ. In it there is our personality, our culture, our affections, our feelings. It would be embarrassing for everyone to record the brain activity of brains separated from the deceased bodies of people we love who cannot communicate with us, despite the scientific and technological development in the medical health field, just because science globally has the primary source wrong. world energy, which is also the simplest and most natural. The only one that can oxygenate and nourish the human brain even without lungs, liver, digestive system.

This means that ethical problems are created by human hypocrisy and partially applied science, not globally applied science, which has a moral duty to protect human life by always choosing the best solution available at the state of the art without separating the brain from the body. Faced with the silence of world health towards the energy-oxygenating heart of the blood, we must ask ourselves the following question: “Even in world public health there are the same economic conflicts of interest that hinder environmental protection and sustainable development through interactive principles? “

I filed the patent of the artificial heart oxygenator of the autonomous blood on the 29.05.2018 and immediately after I started writing articles on this topic while of the interactive purifications I began to file patents in 2006, the interactive energies in 2014, without ever finding scientific interlocutors public and private on these issues, which are fundamental for the protection of the environment, the production of sustainable energy and the protection of human life. None of my inventions have been tested by the world ruling class, world economic science policy. Therefore, all these inventions remained in the virtual state, that is, intellectuals. But without having the legal value of other intellectual works, to which the copyrights are recognized even if their value is appreciated many years after their publication.

But these inventions are more important than a work of art because they are closely linked to the survival, not only of man but of all living terrestrial species, plants and animals, already partially destroyed by the inventions mistaken by man, which today threaten to destroy man too. I think that art has an inestimable value, but if it is considered more important than the inventions that protect the lives of men, the world ruling class deliberately uses two different systems of measures.

The interactive inventions are linked to my work as a designer and installer of industrial, energy and environmental systems, studied beyond professional duty. Since the design of industrial, environmental and energy plants cannot be done without knowing the scientific principles, technologies and physical, chemical, biological, thermal exchange cycles that occur instant by instant in the various types of anthropic plants. I think that above all, the politicians who govern the world have mistaken their role to facilitate their work, separating the ministries, the university faculties, by specializations, as the crafts are separated. When the functions are separated, it is also necessary to provide for the interactive connecting organs between the different functions. The ruler must act as a brain, gathering peripheral information, processing it, and quickly deciding which organ to use to move and which direction to go. Today, since there are no automatic interactive systems between purification, energy, natural and artificial intelligence, the answers occur with many delays, while politicians only create problems with their discussions without scientific and technological knowledge.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus, human lifespan expectations were reduced by several points. According to the article, In Bergamo, the most affected Italian city, life expectancy in 2020 is reduced by 3.6 years for men and 2.5 years for women compared to the 2015-2017 average. The problem is global. Politicians of the world opposition criticize the delays in government interventions, call for new elections, promising economic support to voters. While waiting to be understood by future generations, the blood oxygenating artificial heart, which could not only fight viruses better than vaccines, but also extend human lifespan, possibly doubling it.

The artificial heart is not against the ethics of human religions because if nature created the human brain that is able to survive man for many years in good oxygenation conditions, it was also logical that sooner or later some inventor would have invented this solution. Unfortunately, not in today’s society, but in many centuries, because the current divisions of scientific competences and the occult interests of the world ruling class have not allowed the emergence of interactive systems, which are emerging only for the stubbornness of a stranger specialized jobs of world power centers. These centers of power are reaching the edge of masochism, because we have seen that politicians and the rich also get sick and die from coronavirus.

This masochism of political and economic power risks nullifying the enormous potential of interactive energies in defending the environment and human life with the silence of science. It is not logical that world science, which has spent trillions to divide the atom, and produce nuclear energy, allows the death in bands of all purification and interactive energies. World science is guilty of neglecting the search for the perfect source of earth’s primary energy. Which cannot be any energy but an energy that is perfectly integrated into the environment, that is interactive, as is the gravitational force, photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, electromagnetism.

Interactivity costs nothing, it exploits the physical and chemical characteristics of the components used and the favorable conditions that nature makes available. What our great-grandparents had to do at the beginning of the industrial era and which they did not do. We have to do it now, first doing the simple things that cost nothing (the interactive ones) and then the more complicated things (always interactive) to conquer space, the ocean depths to create world well-being, forgetting the current solutions that are not interactive, they are not self-purifying and require unnecessary additional transformation costs. the miracle of the discovery of electricity, should have encouraged the search for the perfect, economic and non-polluting energy source worldwide, instead, they extracted coal and oil from the underground, subsequently created the division of the atom, committing major environmental and economic errors of world history.

The leaders of world governments of all times, until the beginning of the last century have monopolized research for war purposes to attack other countries or to defend themselves. The power of nuclear gunpowder explosions and heat in general influenced science and inventors until 2000.

What Dan Brown, in his novel “Origin” calls sweet science, refers to the artificial intelligence of computers, which could help humans make more rational environmental choices. Not even Dan Brown has documented the interactive energy that can be sweet and powerful at the same time, thanks to the pressure exploited statically. Not having read my publications, like everyone else, he could not understand that this energy is everywhere, and it is also easy to capture it.

Having started my activity as an inventor as a retiree, I thought it appropriate not to waste time looking for money for experiments (that I would hardly find) but to describe how to create the many interactive solutions starting from the simplest. If someone had funded them, I would have moved on to the next ones. Having understood that on planet Earth there is too much ignorance or too many interests in not implementing interactive solutions, I continued to develop more complex solutions, assuming that those that the world ruling class did not finance are working. Without the artificial heart that oxygenates the brain Human life is too short, above all, to develop interactive inventions that follow a logic that only the inventor can see. Not surprisingly, despite global warming, no world scientist in over a hundred years of industrial development has studied systems to connect water and air purification together, adding together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz. If I die before practically proving the inventions at least with prototypes, I will not have failed completely, having at least filed intellectual patents and published fairly detailed articles on how to develop projects.

It was probably a coincidence that the study of interactive purification solutions and subsequently interactive energetic ones, have also led me to the conception of the “Artificial heart oxygenator of the energy autonomous blood”. This invention is both energetic and purifying, like all the interactive inventions proposed by the undersigned in recent years.

4) The link between the artificial heart and the natural brain demonstrates that the intellectual property of inventions, although not recognized by lawmakers, is more important than industrial property.

In this description I also want to mention a collateral invention that is not proposed by the undersigned which is the following: “The artificial neuron” which is very important because if we delay brain death for many years, we will need to reinforce the transfer of information from the brain to the organs peripherals that we will artificially reconstruct with mechanical systems or stem cells. But these are the problems that doctors and specialist researchers have to solve in a phase following the salvation of people’s mental faculties, which can only happen by nourishing and oxygenating the blood. So fighting infections even in a run-down body to be restored.

These two inventions are still in their infancy. However, they will be developed, they will change the lives of men and women, elderly or disabled as early as the next decade. Updates and improvements can be made gradually. Today it is important to start the turning point without hesitation in the face of the problems of human survival, seriously endangered, not only by COVID-19, but above all, by the wrong inventions, unanimously allowed by all world governments of the last century. COVID-19 is an opportunity to restart with an alternative development model, which cannot accept compromises. The historical moment is crucial. We need real statesmen, not strategists of the art of compromising between real and apparent development. Today the development is more apparent than real. The defects of society are many and are kept hidden by mutual agreement by governments and multinationals, but also by world universities, which are structured only to provide the world of work with specialists in individual sectors of the world of work. World politicians and legislators have never realized that since the beginning of the industrial era the world of anthropic work has been in stark contrast to the earthly environment, where everything is interactively connected. The lack of perception of interactive systems even by world-renowned writers are clear proof that the whole of science is involved in this darkening of the knowledge of survival systems.

It is evident that if the invention of the energetically autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart is a virtual invention born from other virtual inventions not financed by the world ruling class, there is something wrong, in the world ruling class, not in the inventor, which could easily be denied with scientific and technological arguments, as happens in the courts with partisan expertise. What are the opposing parties to world public interest interests? If there are no oppositions, but only silences? I have filed intellectual patents, not required by international law. I was forced to file them as industrial patents, due to very serious legislative gaps to which no one has ever opposed because no one has deposited complete and interactive inventions that cannot be understood without demonstrative prototypes after science has stated that energy is not produced by nothing, without specifying that atmospheric air is not nothing. But an energy compressed at a pressure of one bar, which can be compressed even more at very high pressures and statically exploited as a very powerful energy accumulator.

These scientific gaps have prevented the design of global and interactive installations, which can hardly be proven by a retiree with no financial resources and intellectual patents not recognized by scientifically ignorant lawmakers, while science continues to hide on this topic. This is the reason why a painting by an author, or a simple song is worth more than the “energy oxygenating artificial heart of the blood” which could extend human life by hundreds of years.

It is not obvious that the legislators of industrial property by protecting incomplete inventions have contributed to the fragmentation of sciences and technologies by preventing the development of global and interactive solutions?  It is not obvious that  these inventions being at the same time energetic and self-purifying, like natural ones, would have defended us from viruses and extended life. human beyond all expectations?

Who must answer these fundamental questions for world development? Politicians, philosophers, writers, economists, sociologists, legislators, scientists, theologians, environmentalists, trade unions, professors, if no one has noticed anything?

World medical science, with the current division of competences, also due to patent laws, would never have conceived by itself the invention of the artificial heart oxygenating the blood autonomously energetically, indispensable for avoiding brain death and extending human life.

Today, faced with a globally widespread pandemic, which seriously endangers human survival and in the face of scientific advances related to the neurological, computer, bionic, cybernetic medical fields, it should not be complicated to understand that if we experiment with this invention and it works, in most cases we will be able to avoid human brain death due to accidental causes or infectious diseases, or tumors, by treating or removing the diseased part.

If this system manages to protect mankind, it is evident that it will also demonstrate that it was not complicated to understand how we could avoid global warming and the destruction of world biodiversity, which have also produced viruses: It would have been enough to favor from the beginning of the industrial era the exploitation of the static pressure of the air on the water according to Henry’s principle in all the basins and in all the world wells, simply by putting in series a pump and a turbine in the direction of the gravitational force to realize that the pump absorbs at least ten times the energy produced by the turbine is less, but at the same time, the water that comes out of the turbine is richer in oxygen than that which enters it. This is the simplest of the interactive energy and purification solutions, the others would have come later in the course of a few years or even a few months, as the undersigned demonstrated even without public and private funding. Instead, no one has noticed anything worldwide for over a century and a half and the whole of science continues to be silent. While the artificial intelligence in 1997, with the Deep Blue computer managed to win by 3.5 to 2.5 against the world chess champion, Garry Kasparov.

Undoubtedly, the game of chess is an excellent mental exercise and demonstrates that well-programmed computers do not make mistakes, but the program must always be made by men, inserting the ascertained and tested experiences. When I started my job as an inventor in 2006, I didn’t know how to use computers, but I thought like a computer programmer. I did not know how to use the computer because my job as a system installer did not allow me to stop for a long time at a desk to learn how to draw with the Autocad program and to write on a keyboard. I started using the computer only as a retiree precisely to put on paper and on the web the interactive purification and energy solutions that the current divisions of scientific and technological skills of public bodies and multinationals, have not included in artificial intelligence, because they have ever been made in anthropogenic plants worldwide. And still, they are hindering them.

I, in 2006, I was wondering and still I ask myself: if man wanted to win the fight against global warming, instead of teaching the computer to play chess, why did he not insert the formulas to produce carbonates and salts in a computer water starting from the gases present in the primordial atmosphere of the planet (methane, carbon, hydrogen, ammonia) and the materials present in the earth’s soil (rocks, limestone clays), which practically cleaned the earth’s atmosphere through eruptions, earthquakes and continuous shuffling of the water and air. Even the simplest of computers would have developed interactive purification solutions by mixing polluted air with water in man-made plants to deposit the carbonates and insoluble salts in the ocean floor, cleaning the atmospheric air to produce the composition of oxygen and neutral gases. that men breathe today.

No world research center has ordered computer programmers to insert into artificial intelligence the experiences made by the current world power centers that have produced global warming and interactive solutions that have never been realized. They would have realized that the current solutions would never have had the theoretical potential to produce interactive energies capable of adding Newton’s thrust to Lorentz’s, nor the potential necessary to extend the duration of human life with an interactive heart.

There is not much difference between plants, natural, vegetable, animal. There is always a primary source of energy, a fluid-dynamic and an electromagnetic circulation system. On planet earth, having mistaken the primary sources of energy, inspired by the principles of thermodynamics, not fluid dynamics, all natural balances have been blown. The primary energy produced by fossil and nuclear heat are universal energies, based on the transformation of matter, not compatible with the earth’s environment, especially mobile plants, they cannot carry all the components necessary to close the cycles that open or to cool the temperatures that reach the reactors.

The correct primary earth energy is fluid dynamics, which can be extracted directly from the environment at ordinary earth temperatures. The terrestrial fluid dynamic circulation system is based on the infinite recycling of all elements at ordinary temperatures and pressures. The same thing can also be said for the electromagnetic system incorporated in terrestrial plants and animals which always works at ordinary terrestrial temperatures.

Artificial intelligence cannot give its maximum potential if the data concerning the interactive purification and energy systems are not entered in the computer programs, although these are still in a virtual state, having been boycotted by the world power centers.

This shows that artificial intelligence can be a tool to expose the inefficiencies of the world’s economic, political, scientific and industrial centers of power. But, once the errors have been corrected, it must be man who controls artificial intelligence, not artificial intelligence that controls man. Unfortunately, the opposite is happening because of those who do not do their job well, and associate themselves in parties, companies, to hide progress and defend the interests of the centers of power to which they belong. Faced with parliamentarians and men of government who do not understand the difference between a passive and an interactive principle, it is better to be governed by a computer that is still forced to give answers instead of the silence that world parliamentarians oppose http: // www.

Before I filed the patent for the blood oxygenating artificial heart, I had already talked about survival energy in the article In fact, because I think it is ridiculous on the part of mankind, to pay dearly for the current polluting energies, not very powerful, discontinuous. Agree to also pay for the transport or storage of the same, which are not necessary, since energy can be produced with very low costs, very clean and protective of the environment, when needed in every place on earth and even in space (if we carry the necessary amount of water and air, which can be recycled indefinitely). I was not believed by the current world ruling class, scientific and economic policy. In that article I had not yet understood that that same energy could enter the man’s chest. I had defined it as survival because the current world energies, also being paid, are punctually lacking, on occasions when they would be most needed: when earthquakes, floods, major advances occur.

since delegated world development to multinationals and public researchers, through the patent trade, also work for them.

Transparency is essential to achieve the interests of the whole of humanity. Current laws allow too easily the crime of omission especially to public bodies worldwide. Anyone who has revealed diplomatic or political secrets is considered by governments to be a traitor to the homeland and is imprisoned. See the cases of Edward Joseph Snowden and Julian Assange in the United States. Industrial espionage is also much feared by multinationals, while governments and multinationals by mutual agreement compete to ignore the possible inconvenient interactive energy-environmental inventions that could, save humanity from pollution and extend human life. These inventions, strangely, don’t even interest charities and environmental associations. They probably think that scientific truth will come out sooner or later anyway. But I think that any delay produces innocent victims and that we are already a hundred years late.

For myself, despite the filing of 41 interactive patents, the granting of 17 patents, nothing has changed yet despite the publications and invitations to congresses. The specializations created by the world ruling class have become cages that prevent global reasoning and the implementation of interactive systems. Nothing has changed even after publishing the following article: -will-kill-us-if-we-modify-mans-defenses /.

Culture extended to general aspects is reserved for the humanities, law and politics that do not go into scientific and technical details. Those who govern the world in the face of emergencies turn to specialists in the individual sectors of industrial, urban, energy, health and environmental planning and management. The latter is divided between soil, freshwater, marine and air specialists. While energy is divided into fossil, nuclear, solar, wind, hydroelectric, electromagnetic, chemical, biological. Instead, healthcare is divided into as many specializations: cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, dermatology, psychology, hepatology, virology, surgery, urology, angiology. Obviously, research is also specifically oriented in all these sectors of the environment, energy and health. I am not against the high specializations of the individual scientific sectors, which we need, however, to deepen the technologies that will extend human life. I am against the lack of coordination on the part of world public authorities who have delegated all development to world stock exchanges. This system hides public utility inventions until it pays off all investments made on the wrong systems. Since the sources of primary world energy are wrong, it will never be possible to get out of this abyss unless great international statesmen emerge who take responsibility for the mistakes of the past as well

World science has allowed the supremacy of polluting thermodynamics for a fee to the detriment of purifying interactive fluid dynamics, free at room temperature, for not having deepened a very simple reasoning: so that an incompressible liquid such as water and blood can produce more energy than consumes for circulation, must circulate one-way in the hydraulic circuit, discharging the residual pressure to atmospheric pressure after an energy generator (turbine). Then he has to insert the incompressible fluid back into the recycle circuit with higher pressure. In order to do this, the anthropogenic plumbing systems must always be full and produce energy, only with the water that comes out of the overflow of an open system, or only with the water that comes out of an open hole of a pressurized autoclave that powers a turbine. In both cases it could do so only through a modified pump that does not currently exist, only because the world ruling class, scientific, political, technical, economic, by mutual agreement does not want to carry it out, in order not to admit their mistakes committed since advent of the industrial age.

This pump which is also an international patent (wo2017 / 0442847) would have made it possible to transform all fluid-dynamic systems from energy absorbers into energy producers and interactive purification, because the circuit becomes open at the turbine outlet, where they can be inserted together with the blood for recycling, nourishing liquids and medicines. Therefore, due to the effect of the greater solubilization of oxygen in the liquid circulating in the path through the pressurized mini autoclave, purification, absorption of nutrients and medicines in addition to the production of energy due to the mini turbine also takes place. This obvious thing has not been understood by the world’s public and private purification and energy science. Unfortunately, it has not even been understood by world electro-medical science, because it seems that no one has yet decided to make the artificial heart oxygenating the blood autonomously energetically. The wolf that has occupied the centers of world power also disguises himself in a white coat but does not lose the habit of ignoring the sustainable inventions of inventors who do not belong to the system.

In fact, the undersigned has shrunk the plant that other world power centers have not built to purify and raise the water in the wells by producing energy, to design the artificial oxygenating heart of man’s blood. This heart, not only would be autonomous energetically, but at the same time oxygenating the blood, regardless of the respiratory system, would avoid brain death, as well as replace the lungs and digestive system in case of need. Medical science is silent, just as environmental and energy science has been silent.

I, who am not a doctor, I am not a scientist, I am only a retiree who through work has known the strengths and weaknesses of man-made systems and has decided to make his own contribution to science and technology, even if it is not appreciated. The planet does not belong to the centers of power but to all of humanity, especially to future generations. I wonder if it is not stupid to waste economic resources and pollute the environment when we can use self-energetic and self-purifying systems in the aquifers and I wonder if it is not equally stupid for humans to die of heart failure, or to die from a lung cancer, when both problems could be solved with an artificial blood oxygenating heart. Unfortunately, faced with unexplainable silences on the part of those who should protect us, at least someone directly interested in their own survival, if they have the economic possibility, should take the whim of financing a demonstrative prototype of inventions. This has not happened yet.

I think that people, like Maradona and Paolo Rossi, like so many others who have been lucky enough to do well-paid work, in hindsight, if they had known that the artificial heart would have had some chance of solving their problem they would have financed even if it would have been too late for them. It takes years to create such complex inventions, without the support of large specialized companies, which for unknown reasons do not collaborate. In reality, the reasons are not so obscure: companies must defend the investments made and keep alive a fairly profitable market for pace makers and defibrillators. It is also possible that some company is secretly working on my artificial heart, but I will be the last to know because world legislators do not protect the rights of intellectual inventions. Above all, these inventions are declared perpetual motion by patent examiners who have been educated in the world’s public schools.

However, inventors cannot shirk the moral duty of producing inventions useful to humanity even if the ruling class does not appreciate and do not deserve them. Of course, they must first think about the survival of their family. Contrary to what one might think, inventions that go against the already established systems of public and private economic centers of power do not produce income until some brave entrepreneur or government finances them. I was right to start this job as a retiree risking only the bare minimum, because I have not found neither entrepreneurs, nor courageous governments, while science hides itself because it has not correctly understood the fundamental principles of earth energy, which are different from energy of the universe. Probably, scientists have not noticed the difference because they live in another dimension where physics, thermodynamics, nuclear explosions are so distant from human life that side effects can be neglected. These scientists simply thought that thermodynamics at a very low temperature compared to the cosmic one would produce acceptable side effects and accepted the limits of the emissions we know, which in any case produced the pollution we know and the greenhouse effect, which in addition to CO2 it is also due to the steam produced in large quantities that could be reduced to the bare minimum using only fluid dynamics to produce primary energy. The great atmospheric perturbations are also due to these large masses of vapor that move in the atmosphere. But we must above all consider that the use of thermodynamics, in addition to pollution, has entailed higher energy costs and has not allowed, due to the high temperature, the direct connection with the electromagnetic currents induced to directly produce electricity with small dimensions. therefore, due to this error it was necessary to create large and small energy accumulators that lower even more already low energy yields for payment of thermal energy, which is just about 0.35 compared to the calorific value of the fuel. Considering the transport of energy, and the efficiency of the batteries, modern battery-powered cars have a yield that does not exceed 0.25 compared to polluting and paid primary thermal energy. Hence, battery-powered cars globally produce more pollution than cars with heat engines. However, no-one worldwide has financed the hydroelectric car which would directly extract energy from the environment without fuel costs and without producing pollution. How can one believe in current world governments, current science, current justice, if no one finances or orders the ascertainment of the truth in the interest of all?

The crime of omission by governments against inventions of public utility is implicitly authorized by the world population who isolates private inventors.

It is obvious that all these public and private omissions have continued even in the face of the invention of the artificial heart that oxygenates the autonomously energetically blood. Those who do not want the ascertainment of a universal scientific truth cannot make exceptions for individual applications. But in the terrestrial environment, even if cars and means of transport pollute and cost more, at least they perform their function. It is stupid the world population that does not finance alternative solutions and trusts governments and entrepreneurs who do not change the development model.

In the health system, if we want to oxygenate the blood of the lungs autonomously at a pressure higher than normal (120 – 180 mm Hg) to defend ourselves from vision without entering a hyperbaric chamber, but in daily life, we have no alternatives to the system proposed by myself that directly couples fluid dynamics with electro-magnetism with small dimensions at low temperature, without energy costs and storage batteries. This confirms that the primary source of correct earth energy is the fluid dynamics of water and air together, which also uses photosynthesis that created life on earth. Why should humans be satisfied with a pacemaker or a used heart at the risk of rejection, when they could have an artificial heart that, thanks to technology, can work better than the natural one and make it live much longer? It is no coincidence that death from cardio-circulatory arrest is the most common in the world. The heart is a unique pump that must work 24 hours a day, while all the other organs rest from time to time. The artificial heart is not a simple pump; they are two small pressurized autoclave systems that work in parallel. They are not made of wax but of wear and corrosion resistant materials. They can hardly fail at the same time. If one of the systems fails, the other can continue to operate while changing quickly with a spare.

 I think it will not be humiliating for anyone to use artificial organs to survive because the feelings are not in those organs but in the human brain. This is the main organ to be saved. The human brain can never be invented by any human being. However, the oxygenating heart of the blood if it had already been experimented and realized would have allowed the removal of the diseased heart and if necessary, also the diseased lungs, to allow survival. centers of world power towards private inventors. Even the covid -19 would have difficulty in crossing the pressurized mini autoclaves of the artificial blood oxygenating heart unscathed.

It is evident that medical science, with the current world mentality of separating scientific specializations, could never have conceived the artificial heart oxygenating the blood autonomously energetically. Unfortunately, the specialist mentality exists in all areas of human activity, including in the environmental and energy sector. Those who purify water cannot purify the air. Those who produce fossil energy, cannot produce hydroelectric, solar, wind and nuclear energy and those who teach in schools, do not know the world of work and the scientific organization of work, to also update the principles of energy conservation, which are misinterpreted and worse taught, they have created more disasters than good for the economy, the environment and human health.

Interactive energy that does not transform matter but solubilizes gases in water by Henry’s principle, and produces kinetic energy by Pascal’s, Torricelli’s, the principle of the impenetrability of bodies, those of Bernoulli, and Venturi, they demonstrate how much fluid dynamics has lagged behind electromagnetism and electronics, but it also demonstrates the reasons why these technologies can no longer advance. In fact, they cannot add together the thrust of Newton to that of Lorentz for the same reasons for which they cannot create the artificial heart oxygenating the blood.

Interactive energy has been declared perpetual motion by the Italian and European patent offices, in many applications proposed by me, while world science, which has favored global warming, is silent. Governments promise to decarbonise the planet by 2050 with renewables, which are worth nothing, such as solar wind and hydroelectric power which, not being interactive, are uneconomic and non-purifying.

Even hydrogen transformed into fuel is uneconomical and non-purifying. None of these energy is cheaper and more efficient than compressed hydroelectric energy with the recycling of water or blood which is also purifying for Henry’s principle. But as long as economic power is in the hands of those who have produced the current development model, no one can believe the interactive development model. You risk losing your job.

With hindsight, thinking about the simplicity of this type of energy, I think that even medical science could identify this solution since the scientific principles that can be used to purify water are also usable for blood. Unfortunately, they were not used for either water or blood, even though they are very old. It would be enough to think of the era in which Pascal, Venturi, Torricelli, Newton, Bernoulli lived, who well explained the fluid-dynamic circulation of gases and water and also the interactive solubilization principle (Henry).

Do not you have connected the interactive principles of Pascal, Henry the next invention of electricity and electromagnetism was the biggest mistake in the history of world science. In fact, world science has linked the principles of energy conservation to thermodynamics. Not only by making the energy wrong from an economic point of view, because the heat does not produce the motive energy directly. It produces it by means of the pressure of the combustion gas, which not only involves the purchase of fuels, but to produce a force must multiply the pressure by the density of the gas, which is about eight hundred times lower than the density of water. So world science has completely mistaken the energy principles from an economic point of view, but it has also made purification impossible, because the combustion gases produce oxides of nitrogen, sulfur, carbon, lead, heavy metals, fine particles, CO2. Global warming is due to this trivial mistake, from amateurs to ruin, jointly committed by the entire world ruling class (economic science policy) of the last hundred years. The current ruling class is the worst of all because unanimously, it is hiding and not experiencing the enormous possibilities of purification and interactive energies, even in the time of the corona virus pandemic, which is due to the loss of biodiversity, infects the blood and produces bilateral pneumonia , which are all problems that can be solved in a simple and economic way with purification and interactive energies in the environment and with the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood in people at risk in the event of a pandemic. But we also think of people who perform dangerous work such as firefighters, easily subject to smoke poisoning. Also for these activities the artificial heart would allow a greater defense, since it contains a quantity of compressed air or oxygen in the small autoclaves, which is released directly into the blood, independently from the lungs. The operating pressure and the volume of the autoclave can be customized for each person according to the state of health and the activity they carry out, without interfering with the pressure of the human body circulation which will always remain within normal values (120 – 180 mm hg) measured at the outlet of the mini turbines that produce the electrical energy necessary for the management of the body, precisely by lowering the blood pressure, as in a normal interactive energy fluid dynamics system.

Unfortunately, the artificial oxygenating heart of the blood is only a virtual invention, resulting from other virtual inventions and from the reasoning on purification and interactive energy systems, which equally have not been produced. These inventions are still untold and not experienced by the world power centers. However, for myself, who is the author of these inventions, experimentation is only for skeptics and false skeptics, because the technical choices cannot be misunderstood. The scientific principles on which these inventions are based have already been legislated and tested, some for many centuries, but have been set aside, due to disastrous historical events, such as the two world wars, the subsequent hasty reconstructions, not globally reasoned by science. The disastrous inventions of steam boilers and heat engines have led to the devastation of the planet, colonialism to seize oil wells, and the exploitation of oil resources for energy purposes, which we would not have needed if science had thought globally, with due calm, first experimenting with interactive purifications and then identifying the interactive energies. Unfortunately this did not happen and even the emerging countries have copied the wrong inventions. The trade war between the five earth continents is being fought with the wrong human inventions, the statesmen, the wrong ruling class and even the wrong peoples, who do not fund alternative inventions autonomously from the centers of power. At least on a demonstrative level.

Today, if medical science has no skeletons in its closets, as do the politicians and industrialists who have produced global warming and pretended not to understand interactive energies and purifications, it must be medical science that demonstrates the scientific truth of interactive purification and energy production, because through the oxygenation of the blood it can lengthen human life, defeating many congenital and non-congenital diseases.

It is not difficult to understand that by exploiting the static pressure of two small autoclaves, which will replace the right and left ventricles, not only will we be able to save many elderly people from certain death, but also younger people born with congenital defects and many people who fall ill with insufficiencies. heart and tumors because all diseased organs can be eliminated as they are no longer indispensable for the continuation of life.

In fact, through the artificial heart oxygenating the blood, if necessary, sick people can feed themselves with sugars and proteins without the digestive system, but they can also breathe without lungs if oxygen enters the blood directly. The other functions necessary for human life can be gradually improved, improving the use of speech synthesizers for those who cannot speak, and cameras for those who cannot see, with or without artificial neurons.

It will be better to have artificial neurons because they will be able to allow an exchange of information and energy directly coordinated by the brain. But if we don’t have them, miniaturized cameras will be able to guide the blind with satellite maps and voice information. While the deaf will be able to take advantage of visual information through special glasses.

7) The human race is at risk of extinction like the dinosaurs because of the wrong energy choices.

We must not forget that we are more than a hundred years behind where we should have been, if some world government had had the good sense to put together a group of people with different experience in the world of scientific organization of work and in the design of machines and industrial and environmental plants to identify interactive systems. Obviously, by financing the experiments that this impartial working group would propose. Unfortunately, no world statesman had this simple idea. World statesmen probably cannot afford to have simple and ingenious ideas. They are simple actors who have to play their part.

Even the undersigned, who loved his work, was a small actor who played his part by participating in the construction of industrial and environmental plants respecting the tender specifications. He was never able to discuss the orders received. He tried to understand without interlocutors the reasons why the industrial plants were and are incomplete from the environmental point of view and the environmental ones were and are incomplete from the industrial point of view. Personal opinions are useless, I leave them to politicians and philosophers. The technicians who design anthropogenic systems must follow the work cycles and the main and collateral effects they produce. An implant is complete when it has achieved the desired results and has closed all the cycles it has opened.

Strangely, the most complete systems are also simpler and cheaper. I don’t want to talk about genius but about practicality, because by studying the organization of work well, you avoid opening useless cycles that are difficult and expensive to close. This means that man-made plants must be multi-disciplinary and must use the right solution in the right place and at the right time. For these reasons the purifications must be inserted directly into the production cycles. The water and air must purify each other and the energy must be extracted directly from the environment. These are not personal opinions, but the scientific study of the work done globally.      

This is precisely the key to understanding current earthly problems. The right hand of world institutions does not know what the left hand is doing at any level: in municipalities, regions, nations, continents. While in nature everything has always been connected with billions of billions of invisible biochemical, bionic, biophysical, electromagnetic connections. The lives of humans and animals are also inextricably linked by the same connections that reproduce the life of plants. It is no coincidence that the remains of humans and animals return to the earth. Cremation is not a natural path. All forms of life reproduce indefinitely and evolve slowly, improving their defense characteristics against viruses and diseases, if external catastrophic factors do not intervene that interrupt natural cycles.

An example of a catastrophic event was the asteroid that crashed into the earth 66 million years ago, which by producing intense climate change destroyed many living species, including dinosaurs. The natural evolution of the planet after that event led to slowly re-establish the Earth’s biological equilibrium, until the advent of the industrial age that in a hundred years is altering them again, probably at a speed higher than that produced by the asteroid. aforementioned.

Since the phenomenon of human-induced climate change shows no signs of abating, many living species are already in danger of extinction. With viruses such as Covid -19, human decimation also begins, which has already begun with many diseases, such as tumors, which, however, have been amply compensated by advances in medical science. In fact, it has been the advances in medical science that, extending the life of men, do not make us realize that nature attacks us as unwanted elements.

From the article article.php?approfondimento_id=14403, I extract some data relating to the spread of tumors of the year 2018: Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer worldwide in terms of incidence (2.1 million, with a mortality of 1.8 million). Breast cancer is the most common in women (2.1 million new cases). Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in both sexes worldwide (1.8 million new cases). Prostate cancer 1.3 million new cases. Stomach cancer with an estimated 1 million new cases in 2018 resulted in 783,000 deaths. Cervical cancer, with an estimated 570,000 new cases, produced 311,000 deaths in 2018. Also in 2018, 770,000 people died worldwide from HIV “. In 2010, around 281 500 people died of leukemia worldwide. On average, around 4 people per 100,000 inhabitants contract Hodgkin’s lymphoma every year.

Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic and progressive syndrome that affects approximately 5% of the population over the age of 65. According to, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), produce good results. Obviously, artificial neurons and better oxygenation of the brain of people suffering from this disease through the artificial heart would greatly reduce the consequences of this disease.

Muscular or Duchenne dystrophy has an incidence of one patient for every 3,500 new males born. This genetic disease also affected the famous scientist Stephen Hawking, who died on March 14, 2018, who certainly would have deserved the Nobel Prize for his contribution to knowledge of the universe. This man with one of the brightest human brains of all time has been forced to live a large part of life in a wheelchair and in bed, unable to perform even the simplest acts in life and communicate through an artificial voice produced through a computer. (speech synthesizer)

However, the greatest deaths in men occur from the arrest of the heart regardless of the diseases mentioned above. From the article, I extract the following data:

Around 17 million annual deaths worldwide are attributable to cardiovascular disease, and of these over 50% are due to sudden cardiac death. This shows that heart prevention is not enough and heart transplants are not a solution.

As seen above, the main causes of human death are due to heart and lung failure. The Covid-19 pandemic increases premature deaths exponentially, polluting the blood that cannot defend itself without specific antibodies. The lungs, already severely tested by global pollution, tumors and the old woman, cannot oxygenate the blood.

Meanwhile, Covid – 19 becomes increasingly aggressive and insidious: A new strain has been identified in mink farms and another strain has been identified in the UK, another strain in South Africa. The new strains appear to have much greater transmissibility. So the vaccines that the whole world has already started giving, it is not known if they will cover all strains and it is not even known how long people successfully vaccinated will be immune. In fact, many people recovered from the infection, who believed they had become immune, got sick again.

Considering that the Second World War, from September 1939 to May 1945, produced about 70 million deaths, the average annual deaths due to heart disease and cancer were already much higher than the last World War, before the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, we cannot live forever, but considering what is spent in the world every year for scientific research and technological development (1.883 billion dollars in 2016), it is not strange that the forty-one patent deposits of the undersigned on purification and energy interactive, which also include the energy-efficient artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, have not raised even a euro of funding?

What is even stranger is the fact that world research continues to be mono disciplinary, while the undersigned who is a former worker in the automotive industry and environmental plant engineering proposes multidisciplinary inventions that are inspired by natural systems. If mono-thematic inventions had worked in the automotive industry and environmental plants certainly, I would not have felt the need to turn me into retirement inventor. This cannot be understood by those who in life always search in the same direction. The improvement of specific knowledge is useful and indispensable, but the leap in returns can only take place through multidisciplinary, i.e. interactive, inventions.

The most important inventions have been declared perpetual motion by the Italian and European patent office. Interactive principles are implicit in all the activities that nature carries out and also in the organs of the body of animals and men, especially in the human brain. However, world science has divided into individual specializations and studies the individual purifying or energy processes, the individual organs of the human body. World science has not primarily understood interactive energy processes because it has never put a pump and a turbine together in series in any world plant. He did not understand that the pump must not be used against the gravitational force but must work by pumping in the direction of the gravitational force to be able to produce motive energy through the turbine which, transformed into electricity, allows the economic savings of the purchase of fuels and also the saving of purification costs World science has not understood that compressed air pressure must be used statically in one direction only because when used in two directions, as in current autoclaves, it behaves like a shock absorber or an energy-consuming actuator. While, if used one-way, it becomes an energy producer, as long as it only uses the amount of liquid necessary to power an energy-producing turbine, which must re-enter the pressurized recycling circuit through a modified recycling pump, having a second separate power supply which must enter the same impeller. Not having understood this in the world’s anthropic purification and energy plants, he could not understand that to solve the problem of the most important human heart and lung diseases, he had to modify the human heart making it self-energetic and self-purifying. There are no other organs that can perform this function.

Unfortunately, medical science could not understand what world purifying and energetic science did not understand. He began recovering used hearts still in good condition and transplanting them to heart patients in 1967, with the famous Christian Barnard. Above all, he had to fight against the problem of rejection. The first transplants were very short-lived. Today transplant recipients have a much longer life. But the waiting lists to receive a suitable heart for transplantation are very long and very few are the lucky ones who manage to have it. Even the lucky ones do not extend their life expectancy by many years.

Artificial hearts that mimic the functioning of the natural heart and Pace Makers, the developed technologies connected to this system certainly are useful in containing deaths. But mortality is equally high, because even in this sector as in the environmental and general energy one, interactive principles have not been used, which by carrying out several functions at the same time, can radically improve human performance and lengthen the duration of life, without altering the DNA.

It is evident that introducing in the human body of the adult persons at cardiac risk, the artificial heart with the oxidative capacity of the autonomous blood energetically, also the problems, pulmonary, hepatic, stomach, virus infections such as covid, hiv, leukemia are resolved.

In the case of terminal cancer of the lungs, stomach, liver, urinary tract, colon, sooner or later the infection spreads to the entire lymphatic system and also gives way to the heart. We might as well anticipate events, immediately transplanting an artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, and try to save what can be saved by treating the sick organs thanks to the strengthening of the defenses allowed by the greater oxidation and greater solubilization of the drugs that pass through the pressurized mini autoclaves.

If despite the increase in the defenses allowed by the artificial heart, the diseased organs have to be removed anyway, the food and respiratory functions can be replaced directly by the artificial heart, the others with other artificial organs. Death will have to have the patience to wait for many more years.

It is necessary to understand that sooner or later, in the men of the future, the human heart will have to be changed to an artificial blood oxygenating heart if human life is to be extended by adapting it to the duration of the brain, which is certainly much longer than the other organs, but cannot survive if the heart stops.

I think that medical science cannot be left alone to win this battle while everyone else is rowing against it by continuing to preserve the current model of development that has produced lung diseases and reduced natural defenses by destroying environmental biodiversity.

It is no coincidence that the undersigned has made a long journey of seventeen years of industrial plant knowledge, twenty in environmental plants to decide to become a retired inventor. It was no coincidence that the undersigned first modified the environmental systems, then the energy ones and in the end, despite not being a doctor, he invented the artificial heart.

It may seem strange, but the basic reasoning of my inventions is unique: the search for cycles and interactive principles, which must always be favored in all human activities, which instead are not sought in the current industrial, environmental, urban, agricultural anthropic plants, purifying and energetic, It is no coincidence that the undersigned collects only silences worldwide. What is true in environmental systems is also true in the human body, even if it is inconvenient for professionals. Especially for industrial, environmental, energy and health investors.

If we exploit the physical principles of air elasticity and the incompressibility of water or blood, we can produce a quantity of mechanical energy, which through small mini turbines, is transformed into electricity and therefore, can electrically power small special pumps. recycling that activate infinite biophysical, biochemical and electromagnetic cycles, which could not have been conceived in the past, without modifying the pumps, which must have the double separate power supply up to the impeller. This invention deposited on 05.28.18, which could have oxygenated the blood of elderly people without going through intensive care, is still ignored by world science, without any world statesman having known about it. Or did they not want to know about it? When the Covid -19 virus arrived in autumn 2019, if this invention had been put in experimentation, wouldn’t it have been an extra hope of survival for the elderly? But I think that in the future the artificial heart can even become a professional tool that increases human performance and defenses and will also reduce social costs because we could work even as centenarians, without committing the current scientific errors that are destroying the planet and the man. Today’s elderly will be the backbone of the society of the future.

How can the current world ruling class think of defeating viruses if it continues to destroy the world’s biodiversity, through fixed and mobile anthropogenic plants that do not close all the cycles they open? Those who claim to rule the world or a single country, or a single city, cannot trust only the specific scientific advisors who face the most urgent emergencies. We need to globally design the world’s anthropic systems. Even temporary solutions must comply with a general plan so as not to demolish them again as soon as the environmental  or health emergency phase is overcome.

This is what the world statesmen should expect from their collaborators, if they want to serve the general interests, not just those of their constituents. Being good people is not enough to be authentic statesmen in the era we are living in. Our era differs from previous eras in that it requires the ability to think globally scientifically to stop global warming and viruses at the same time, while society has only trained scientific specialists from separate fields that do not communicate with each other. Inventors have invented wrong inventions, legislators and economists have legalized and regulated them by creating the so-called global economy, which legally produce pollution, viruses and environmental disasters at an industrial pace. Politicians don’t study problems. They study the winning moves and advertisements to beat political opponents on the media level, promising tax breaks and tax discounts to key voters, hiding public debts, largely due to the wrong inventions by public science and multinationals. Nobody noticed that on Earth there was a lack of interactive inventions that had to create the links between the different scientific disciplines and the world of work.

Yet the global reasoning is not complicated, if you accept natural systems and work on them without modifying them. I give examples that are very simple to understand: nature is so complex that the production of a simple blade of grass or any plant molecule requires an immense amount of components 35 million carbon atoms from photosynthesis require 30 million oxygen atoms, 60 million hydrogen and 1,552,904 atoms of different elements brought by water (1000,000 nitrogen, 250,000 potassium, 125,000 calcium, 80,000 magnesium, 60,000 of phosphorus, 30,000 of sulfur, 4,500 of iron, 2,000 of boron, 1,000 of manganese, 300 of zinc, 100 of copper, 3 of cobalt, 1 of molybdenum “).

We should not be surprised that the human brain is an equally complex and mysterious object. In fact, in 1,300-1,500 grams of gelatinous tissue, it contains about 100 billion cells (neurons), each of which develops on average 10 thousand connections with neighboring cells. So, we have roughly a trillion direct or indirect connections to the brain overall.

It would be crazy to fully understand chlorophyll photosynthesis. Equally crazy is fully understanding how the brain works. However, through various attempts and experiments, we have identified a way to intensify agriculture (although in the opinion of the undersigned we use too many poisons and we have to take steps backwards). Same to you. In the field of medicine, neurology, cybernetics, robotics, through various attempts and experiments, we can gradually individualize the essential links that allow us to overcome disabilities due to disease, old age, to make human life more acceptable and longer.

What is true for plant species is also true for humans and animals. We must not alter the DNA of living beings, not for religious reasons, but for practical reasons: we cannot know the consequences that the variations that alter the existing balances will produce. You have to move very carefully.

Just think of the simple observation that marriage between relatives leads to the inheritance of diseased genes and evident weakening of the immune system. Hence, the cloning of humans and animals is to be excluded. At most, therapeutic cloning of single organs or tissues can be conceived.

From the following article I quote:

“In therapeutic cloning from blastocysts, embryonic stem cells are taken and then cultured in vitro, to build tissues and organs to be used to treat human diseases that require transplants, but also to treat the damage inflicted by stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s , and from other diseases today incurable. The ethical problem linked to therapeutic cloning revolves around the origin of stem cells. They can be obtained in an organism already formed, from the spinal cord of an adult individual or from the placenta and umbilical cord of newborns. Their use in this case is lawful, because it does not harm the donors. Conversely, they can also be obtained from the production of embryos as a source of biological material: this is considered ethically incorrect, because it goes against the value of life, as it causes the death of the embryo.

The undersigned has the utmost respect for human life even in the embryonic state, as has the utmost respect for nature. I make very simple practical arguments, assimilating the human body to a machine, which as it ages must be repaired and transformed to reduce consumption and give the performance it can give using the available technologies, without working miracles. The miracle has already been done by the Creator of humanity by producing the original version. However, I believe that doctors and inventors, such as mechanics and electricians, have a duty to extend human life with all possible spare parts, even unconventional ones. Noi non possiamo creare sempre cose nuove, dobbiamo anche e soprattutto aggiustare quelle vecchie che sono sbagliate. We cannot always create new things, we must also and above all fix the old ones that are wrong. Publishers not only want to get paid to publish inventions, they also want to publish unpublished articles on inventions. It doesn’t matter to them whether the inventions were made or not, or even ignored. On the other hand, I always publish the same inventions with different words until the world ruling class responds.

8) The school has failed in its mission because it is difficult to teach things that are not known: interactive principles and the scientific organization of work

The world school has failed because the science that has deepened and used the thermodynamic and nuclear principles, which have produced global warming and the great nuclear disasters and atomic bombs, has failed. He did not delve into and use the interactive principles, which are everywhere on Earth, through photosynthesis and the natural carbon cycle, which regulates the climate by means of rains, winds and sea currents. If science had made these insights, it would have realized that nature extracts energy directly from the gravitational force and from atmospheric gases that have been thickened to the pressure of one bar on the oceans and soils: this elastic pressure energy of the air it is exploited elastically, one way, which circulates on the molecules of incompressible water in the oceans and in terrestrial fluid dynamics. This energy also produces blood circulation in animals and humans, without the participation of nuclear energy and with a very small and marginal participation of thermodynamics. Thus world science, by choosing thermodynamics and nuclear power, and neglecting fluid dynamics, which through the principles of Henry and Pascal is interactive at earth temperatures, has upset the entire world development. The world school continues to teach the wrong energy principles and the world industry continues to use them devastating the planet and not making progress in the interactive potential of defense of the environment and human life, simply by increasing the pressure of one-way exercise of the air on water and human blood.

Today, in times of pandemic, there is a great debate on the closure of schools, but I believe that even the school has failed its function, only nursery schools and elementary schools are saved. High schools should allow young people greater freedom of training by following their creativity, especially by drawing on the enormous amount of documentation that can be found online in all fields of human activities. Current school education, specific professional training courses organized by public and private employers, which in turn are conditioned by global stock exchanges, block the creativity of employed inventors. These seek to improve what can no longer be improved on a scientific and technological level if one does not go beyond the scientific and technical schemes established by a system that is wrong from the foundations. Inventors must be free to go out of established patterns and can only do so if they are not paid by anyone. This is the great contradiction of the world economy based on world stock exchanges, politicians and economists, who want to manage the wealth produced by a system that cannot be corrected, not having been designed on the basis of the interactive principles neglected by science and school and of consequently, even by industrialists

Personally, I have learned more from work than from school, but I think I was lucky to get a job in the auto industry when I was just twenty.  I think I was even more fortunate to have been assigned the task of helping to fix cars and the plants of a new production plant, which was born at that time in Pomigliano d’arco in the province of Naples (1970). I immediately understood that, for better or for worse, the transport industry was and is the most up-to-date in the world. As I immediately understood that the work was very fragmented. The company did not ask me to carry out complicated tasks but to do the small task assigned well. If I had wanted to, I could have taken care of just one manufacturing or assembly department in the plant for my entire life. Those who made this choice were rewarded by the company and by life, while I, in order to get to know different machines and plants, moved from one work group to another, always starting from scratch. Without ever being rewarded by the leaders. Companies are well aware that those seeking to enrich their scientific and technological knowledge through work have different objectives from those of the company. I am equally grateful to Alfa Romeo, which gave me the opportunity to get to know the plants, technologies and scientific organization of industrial work. But I couldn’t help but change jobs, starting from scratch again, after seventeen years, to get to know the way environmental systems work. If I had not made this choice and had not realized that in the world of the environment and world energy, there is no equivalent scientific organization of work, I would not have had the inspiration to become an environmental inventor as a retiree. Unfortunately, starting from scratch again. The whole world society knows well that it is necessary to transfer experiences from one working sector to another, but for reasons of interest of the individual sectors and to defend the wrong investments, no one has the courage to sink the knife into the global scourge of open cycles. and not closed in all areas of human activity.

If I had started the third phase of my life (that of inventor) with the solutions already identified, I would have directly proposed interactive energies, which are simultaneously energetic and purifying, instead, in thirty-seven years of work, between industry, environment and energy, I only understood that it was necessary to start from scratch in the design of the simplest anthropic systems by purifying water and air together. Only by developing the details could the solutions come out, but I never expected that by developing these details and identifying the interactive purification, which would already have been enough to stop global warming, I would not have received even a euro of funding for the modification of the chimneys, sewers and domestic systems. However, I’m happy with how things turned out. If I had been rewarded by the success on interactive purification, probably, feeling satisfied, I would not have investigated the interactive energies, which gradually allowed me to also have the Italian patent 102016000087373, filed 08.26.2016 entitled “Hydroelectric car with peripheral drive torque at wheels “. Ironically, to invent this type of car, I had to leave the car industry, learn about purification systems, water lifting systems and energy systems in general. When I invented this type of car, I had already been retired for 10 years. Practically proving that the human brain continues to produce neurons if it stays in training. I did not make the hydroelectric car and I did not even pay the patent maintenance fees because I am not interested in being an entrepreneur as a retiree. If the world is not ready to carry out these inventions, the world statesmen must take responsibility for them, who want to govern without knowing that the specific skills of science are not sufficient to identify anthropic interactive purification and energy systems because to increase the speed of processes natural, both purifying and energetic, it is necessary to increase the operating pressures of the plants. But at the same time, it is necessary to overcome the state of inertia of the interacting fluids. So it is necessary to change most of the world’s anthropogenic plants, making the pumps work the opposite of how they currently pump, not to lift the waters against the gravitational force but to pump in the direction of the gravitational force and produce electromagnetic energy through the turbines and generators of current, placed in series with the pumps themselves in open circuits to fully exploit the kinetic energy produced inside the system, independent of the surrounding environment which can maintain its inertial state. It is a little more complicated to apply this concept in mobile systems such as cars and the small artificial heart where the volumes of water or blood are limited and you need to recycle the water and blood, for this reason pressurized autoclaves have been inserted, but the circulation is always one-way in the direction of exit from the autoclave. In this case, the turbine and the current generator are placed before the circulation pump and this must be modified, compared to the current pumps, so that it is equipped with a second separate power supply that must reach the impeller. Obviously, only the amount of water or blood that comes out to power the turbine can enter the autoclaves due to the principle of impenetrability of the bodies.

Failure to understand these simple concepts that could also be understood by scientists like Einstein, Hawking or inventors like Tesla changed the history of humanity, favoring global warming, the destruction of biodiversity and the proliferation of the viruses that world statesmen today want. fight with vaccines. Of course, today there are no alternatives to vaccines, but the question is: when will they understand that all the world’s anthropogenic plants must be changed? There was no need to divide the atom. It is sufficient to divide the power supply of the pumps. There is no need to transform hydrogen into fuel, because compressed air is more powerful than hydrogen, it allows infinite operating autonomy and can also enter the human body as it can also take us into space without producing any type. of pollution.,

Unfortunately, the current world ruling class has not been able to understand interactive purification and is unable to understand interactive energy. The patent offices that have granted me the patent of the hydroelectric car have declared all the other inventions that use one-way compressed air as a “perpetual motion” energy source, including the oxygenating heart of the blood which avoids brain death is the the only tool we have for adapting human lifespan to brain duration. I say, if the creator of the universe endowed the brain with a longer life than the body, he certainly predicted that sooner or later someone would also invent the oxygenating heart of the blood to compensate for this imbalance. There can be no ethical problems regarding this solution because if the soul of man exists it is not in the heart but in the brain. We have the duty to continue to feed it even if we have to make it survive in a body that gradually becomes artificial with mechanical organs or recreated with stem cells. Think about which resource would still have among us Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Nikola Tesla, even in completely artificial bodies. If it is true that the human brain cannot be transplanted onto another body, above all for ethical and rejection reasons. Nothing can prevent the body from being fed with an artificial heart oxygenating the blood, autonomous from external energy sources, and replacing secondary organs with artificial ones. The important thing is to think like men, not ordinary, but with a high technical and scientific culture, not tied to the physical needs of the flesh. I wonder, would it not be better for future generations to be governed by these men, rather than by current world politicians, who do not know how to make any globally reasoned decision. The absence of global reasoning has produced global warming, floods, droughts, large fires, deadly viruses.

Today the world problems are mainly due to intellectual honesty, because the commercial interests of scientific power centers are hiding the best inventions in the fields that require the greatest investments which are the transport industry, the environment, infrastructure, health. . These unspoken inventions and not tested by mutual agreement between governments and multinationals cannot even enter schools to train future generations. Only on can young people find what is not taught in any world school: “how should we follow the industrial, environmental and energy cycles at the same time to identify industrial environmental and energy planning errors, which are destroying the planet “. If young people understand the mistakes made by the same undersigned with fairly rudimentary, cumbersome and expensive solutions, such as covered purifiers to neutralize CO2 with complete cycles between water and air, but traditional circulation pumps, they cannot understand the entire logical path that led to the identification of subsequent inventions that have modified pumps, autoclaves, turbines, motors that make the systems less cumbersome, cheaper and more interactive, which even protect the environment instead of polluting it.

World science, accepting CO2 as a necessary evil and accepting that energy must be industrially produced and paid for, could not discover that nature has enabled us to simply extract it from the environment without altering the components used to produce it (water and air) and in the human body blood and air. Still denying, with its silence, the experimentation of interactive systems takes the side of organized crime, not of impartial science, which also has the right to make mistakes in the experimental phase. It does not have the right to distribute incomplete systems as it has done in the last hundred years, without ever completely eliminating the original defects. This is not intellectual honesty, but the crime of omission in the exercise of a public service, not temporary, but secular. To agree with politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs worldwide is not an excuse but an aggravating circumstance, because there is nothing simpler than the interactive systems between water and air. The experiments are used to demonstrate functionality to the skeptics but they cannot be doubted even without the experiments because they are inherent in the principles already experimented individually by the scientists of the past, but never put together interactively, modifying the pumps, autoclaves, turbines.

9) Can the brain live without the body?

It seems that science does not want to serve the interests of humanity, but only of those who pay it best. But I ask science: Isn’t it a contradiction to hide the interactive energy and the artificial oxygenating heart of the blood that would extend the life of public and private employers too? I also ask how long the artificial heart can be extended? Although I am not a doctor, I thought that everything depends on the duration of the brain which is the only part of the body that cannot be replaced by an artificial organ, nor can it be transplanted. If you change the brain, the human individual changes, with all the experiences, memories and affections. The body is the human shell, the brain is the soul.

In the following article found on the web, I indirectly found some answers because I am not interested in knowing if the brain can live without the body. I am interested in knowing how long we can extend our life with our brain, even if we will be forced to change all other organs.

These are the answers I found in this article:

Scientists observed that, as expected, neurons ceased to function due to lack of oxygen when the heart stopped. However, the surprising aspect was the observation that even in the absence of oxygen, the neurons resumed a certain activity (called depolarization). This activity lasted for some time even in the absence of oxygen without causing irreversible damage to neurons. Later, we entered a critical situation that caused irreversible damage. This finding indicates that neurons survive even in the absence of oxygen for a fairly prolonged period of time. This happened despite the fact that the EEG recordings did not show any signs of brain or heart activity (which had stopped forever). These data invite us to reflect on the limits of life beyond death. “

“In a new study, published in the journal Nature, the brains of some pigs were kept alive even outside the body. The researchers isolated the brains of the slaughtered pigs and, after four hours out of the body, inserted them into a system that allowed the delivery of nutrients and oxygen through the brain’s blood vessels. A fascinating aspect was that the reaction of the neurons was not simultaneous. This would indicate that each neuron acted autonomously independently of the selective stimuli. It is as if they had recovered their functions using a certain “conscience”. Six hours after this operation, it was observed that the neurons had recovered their metabolic functions, were consuming sugars, and that the immune system had resumed functioning. Later, the researchers were also able to electrically stimulate the neurons which thus recovered the ability to communicate with each other. The researchers stopped brain activity after six hours due to ethical problems. Their purpose was not to obtain the “resurrection of consciousness”. They wanted to find a study model to analyze the effects of drugs or other treatments on brain activity. However, these results have opened a debate on the life of the individual’s consciousness beyond death. In most countries, an individual is considered legally dead when the heart or lungs stop working. To live, the brain needs an enormous amount of oxygen, blood and nutrients, therefore, up to now, it is believed that its resurrection of this organ is impossible.”

Clearly, whoever wrote this article dated 28.05.2020, does not know the invention of the artificial heart oxygenating the blood that would not resuscitate the brain, but simply, would not make it die by oxygenating and feeding it together with the body.

 From the following article published on 02.09.2019,

In patients with acute brain injury, the experiment showed that persistent states of electrical silence in the cerebral cortex are induced, in most cases, by extensive depolarization. Extended depolarization is a wave of almost complete depolarization of neuronal cells and glial cells, coupled with a response of vasoconstriction and vascular vasodilation. This event occurs in the following cases:

• Migraine with aura.

• Subarachnoid haemorrhage.

• Intracerebral haemorrhage.

• Cranio-brain trauma.

• Ischemic stroke.

In these cases, a propagation pattern of this wave can occur, in which the extended depolarization can invade the tissue. It appears that this depolarization is only visible through neurological monitoring with neuroimaging techniques. In conclusion, the researchers were able to determine that before dying the brain responds to acute cerebral ischemia with a concrete pathological pattern. Some types of neurons try to avoid brain death by causing an electrical imbalance between them. When the brain stops receiving oxygen due to a stoppage of blood circulation, the neurons try to accumulate the remaining resources. An “undissolved depression” then occurs, followed by extensive depolarization, also known as a cerebral tsunami. In summary, depolarization marks the beginning of toxic cellular changes that lead to death. However, brain death cannot be declared at this stage, because depolarization can be reversible. As we have seen, the sequence of events affecting the brain before death is still unclear and many more studies will be needed to investigate many of the aspects that still appear obscure today.

This other article published on 29.08.2020, states: Neurogenesis can be explained in a few words: the birth of new cells. This phenomenon represents a key aspect in neuronal plasticity, in important processes such as learning and memory.

• The hormones of happiness, allies of well-being

• Sleep hormones: sleep intermediaries

• Stress hormones: what are they?

The belief that neurons are created only in childhood is quite widespread. Yet this thesis is false. Neurogenesis can be explained in a nutshell as the birth of new cells. This phenomenon represents a key aspect in neuronal plasticity, in important processes such as learning and memory.

Neurogenesis is a fundamental discovery on which the scientific community is still questioning, precisely because the benefits of knowing this process could be numerous.

Neurogenesis has only been relatively recently defined. In the sixties, in fact, Altman and Das (1965) demonstrated the presence of this phenomenon in rodents; but it was not until 1998 that Peter S. Eriksson’s team showed that neurogenesis also affects humans.

Subsequent studies (such as Moreno R., Pedraza C. and Gallo M. 2013) have shown that we generate new cells even in adulthood and that it is vital to stimulate this process.

Do you want to know what it consists of and how we can benefit from this phenomenon? Read on!

Where does neurogenesis take place? This phenomenon occurs in the subventricular area (lower part of the lateral ventricles), and specifically in the subgranular area of the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus (Ehneger and Kempermann, 2007). This structure is located in the temporal lobe and is part of the limbic system.

Among the main functions of the hippocampus we find those relating to memory, learning, sense of orientation and the regulation of emotions.

We can classify the new cells into two groups. On the one hand, we find mother cells (or trunk cells), which have the ability to divide an indefinite number of times and which diversify into distinct and specialized cells. On the other hand, we find neural progenitor cells, whose ability to reproduce and self-regenerate is more limited than the former (Arias-Carriòn, 2007).

Why is neurogenesis so important? According to Couillard-Deprés and collaborators (2011), “there is a stimulus-response relationship between adult hippocampal neurogenesis and the performance of learning and memory exercises; the latter depend on the hippocampus during aging “.

This statement highlights the importance of learning and memory exercises for the creation of new neurons. In other words, if we want to stimulate cell regeneration during our lifetime, we must not stop carrying out stimulating activities for the brain.

Learning something new does not just mean acquiring new skills, but also creating “neural material”. Speaking a new language, playing an instrument or doing any activity that keeps the mind active will stimulate the creation of new neurons. And it is something we can do throughout our life. It is never too late to learn, indeed it slows down the natural cognitive impairment due to age. Neurons do not die from over-activity, but for exactly the opposite reason: from inactivity.

-José Manuel García, Professor of cell biology- On the contrary, sedentary life and inactivity have the opposite effect: not only do they not stimulate neurogenesis, but even contribute to accelerating cognitive deterioration. Contrary to popular belief, excessive activity does not damage neurons, but inactivity does. Alcohol, tobacco, sleeping badly and following an improper diet destroys them by hitting them directly.

If we look at life from the point of view of an elderly person, like myself, who remembers his youth with regret, but at the same time fears losing his autonomy of reasoning and action in the coming years (71 years) to save one’s pride and dignity, one can also wish for death as a lesser evil.

But I, while not wanting to deceive many people who see death near, I think that times can be accelerated only if we elderly people react and everyone does their part. There are many details to be developed and perfected, mine is only one of the forty intellectual patent deposits on purification and interactive energies in which the world ruling classes have not invested even a dollar and will not do so even now that they have allocated a few million dollars. billion dollars to fight the Corona Virus pandemic. In this global context, it is the elderly who must defend themselves, as do all those who join together to defend their interests. First the political parties, employers ‘and workers’ unions. We Elders who are outside the centers of power have no rights even if we propose inventions in favor of all, obviously intellectuals, because it is impossible to pay the filing fees, the maintenance of patents and find, even the financing for experimentation and production of interactive systems, certainly more efficient than the current ones. As I wrote in an article published in October 2019, against the inefficiency of the United Nations and governments, even the widow’s offering (obviously elderly) could be useful for protecting the environment and human life. Unfortunately, the undersigned has received many bogus offers of funding for interactive inventions even from fake elderly widows. But don’t despair. As long as there is life there is hope. The important thing is to sow and I believe I have sown enough. I hope to see at least a few sprouts before I fall on the fields where I have worked for a lifetime.

We elderly people could have an energetically autonomous blood oxygenating artificial heart, personalized, of different sizes, with different blood flow rates and electricity production, according to the natural and artificial organs to be fed. In fact, with the small multistage pumps used as small turbines with variable revolutions, it is possible to precisely adjust the pressure values ​​and the degree of oxygenation of the blood without using medicines, while at the same time adjusting the amount of electrical energy required by the body. A few dollars a day will be enough to feed the body, deprived of internal organs, which with age, inevitably, will fall ill with tumors. We will have cameras instead of eyes, but we will see further and we will be stronger and more resistant than now. We will speak many languages, without having studied them, and we will have a memory hundreds of times higher than the current one. Obviously, not right away. My generation and the next will have to act as guinea pigs and continue to suffer for future generations. But it will also be an honor to have opened this path that is not easy to identify. I think the time is ripe to start the growth of the future starting with the experimentation of the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood. Which must be the new starting point of human cybernetics. Those who participate in this venture as a financier, designer, inventor or simple guinea pig, will be more human than other humans, even if they will come up with several artificial prostheses, an artificial heart and a Bluetooth-connected computer a few meters away which will not prevent them from doing normal human activities.

Luigi Antonio Pezone

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