The natural cycle of water through the four seasons of the pre-industrial era respected the ideal natural system for agriculture, as, in the cold months, the glaciers accumulated water reserves which they returned in the warmer months through the natural flow of rivers, streams and lakes, without dams, which were created mainly to produce hydroelectric energy. These dams have produced more disasters than benefits for the environment, as the undersigned has demonstrated in vain to the entire ruling class, that hydroelectric energy can be produced even without the hydraulic jump with the submerged hydroelectric plant, which would also have allowed transport water remotely with the same hydroelectric energy produced. With subsequent inventions, compressed hydroelectric, boycotted by current science and the ruling class, it is possible to oxygenate water polluted by chemical fertilizers and organic pollution for free throughout the year directly in the aquifers and extract it from the subsoil as nature desires, without torrential rains and storms produced by current paid thermal, nuclear, solar and wind energy systems, without even paying for the transport of the energy produced (since the energy source is atmospheric air and the energy carrier is water itself). Furthermore, as written in previous articles, even the transport of high voltage electricity on pylons negatively interferes with the natural ion exchange between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere. But what is even more serious is the fact that compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy can also be produced cold on means of transport since the same quantity of water and the same quantity of air are always used, not only for cars, trains, the trucks, planes, ships and spaceships, but also the agricultural tractors that work the Earth, which today, unknowingly from a scientific and technological point of view, are blocking Europe because they cannot fight against climate change at the same time , the high cost of fuels, fertilizers, pesticides, and the distribution network of agricultural products that penalizes those who work the land and rewards all the systems that prevent the only system that could reduce energy and purification costs and stop the climate changes by means of compressed hydroelectromagnetism which would even allow the free oxygenation of aquifers polluted by pesticides and fecal coliforms, consuming only the wear and tear of the pumps with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller, the multi-stage pumps used as turbines and the current generators compressed hydroelectromagnetic. 11.11.2016

Obviously, worse than farmers are the inventors who are independent of the scientific, economic and political centers of power. Who, on planet Earth are very few and not believed by anyone, as all professors, designers, technicians need to be part of a public or private structure linked to the world’s centers of power to survive. The alternative is to join trade unions and make their weight felt with strikes and protests until they receive economic aid which partially compensates for the inconvenience without actually addressing the problem from the technical and scientific side. Those who really lose out in this perverse system are those who cannot join together to protest: the unemployed and future generations, above all, those who cannot have access to study to create a better future that would allow them to become part of a public structure or private linked to the world centers of power.

Personally, having started my activity as an inventor as a pensioner, precisely to escape the corporate, public and private logic, which prevents transversal reasoning, I cannot associate myself with any of the categories of workers mentioned above, as, in my two previous working lives, in industry and the environment, I understood that it is not possible to change the current systems but only to improve them in some small details which do not have much impact on the overall improvement of the efficiency and speed of existing purification and energy processes.

As I have written in previous articles, planet Earth has all the potential to be completely energy autonomous without paying for useless and polluting fuels. As regards nuclear energy, what we receive from the solar system is sufficient and is renewed daily through the ion exchange between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface which receives from the earth’s nuclear center the quantity of already purified ions to be exchanged with the aforementioned ionosphere. Nature itself, or rather the Creator of the universe, has put us in a position to produce all the additional energy we need, as long as we produce it cold, at the temperature of the terrestrial environment without exceeding the production of terrestrial ions which interact with the said ionosphere inevitably (as is happening) produces uncontrollable climate change and irreparable damage to the environment, which those who currently hold the world’s wealth and the governments that have allowed it together have produced.

The farmers’ protest is correct even if they do not understand the scientific reasons for it. The entire world population should protest, as the problem is general. Sooner or later the protest will stop by granting tax breaks and a greater discount on fuel without solving the scientific problems that are the real cause of the unsustainability of agricultural production, which will become increasingly unsustainable even with the new ecological transition. Especially, if it will rely on energy production based on nuclear fusion instead of nuclear fission. The new thermal power plants will not be able to help but produce immense quantities of steam in the terrestrial environment, much higher than the current ones, whose drops of water are not only 830 times denser than the air that transports them, proportionally increasing the ‘kinetic energy of atmospheric disturbances, creating greater destruction. The ions (OH-) and h+ of the water present in the atmosphere are already increasing the natural ion exchange between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere from which the earth’s energy that produces marine currents, chlorophyll photosynthesis, the Carbon cycle. All this excess energy has created the current global warming, for which CO2, with its percentage of 420 ppm compared to atmospheric air, has only a small part of the responsibility. Its mass (1.5 times greater than air) caused little damage. The real cause of global warming is steam, composed of water with a mass 830 times greater than air, which reaches percentages of up to 6% of the atmosphere. The increase in the costs of agricultural products will also lead to an increase in the costs of the distribution chain because the trade associations will make other demands. It is certainly legitimate to join together to defend one’s own category of workers, but for the undersigned it is not fair towards categories that do not have the possibility of joining together to be heard. I am also

thinking of private inventors, but above all, of the homeless, the unemployed, pensioners with social pensions, while some categories behave like deserters, above all, if they have had the opportunity to acquire scientific and technological knowledge, which can make the difference between a sustainable and unsustainable development model, but they simply adapt to the wishes of public and private employers. I assert this because I happen to notice that certain articles I publish receive hundreds of views but no comments. I don’t get offended if someone doesn’t share my solutions. But as long as public science and that of multinationals monopolize global research and experiments with their economic and legislative power and with patent trading which occurs only between them, above all in matters of the environment and energy, there is no no space for the inventions of private inventors, who are asked by governments to pay the same patent filing and maintenance fees that, in the case of public and multinational inventors, employers pay. But in addition to these expenses there are expenses for academic publications, participation in conferences and experiments that they cannot afford to bear. It is not a battle between David and Goliath, but between one small David and thousands of Goliaths. In fact, none of my forty inventions, as far as I know, have been tested and created anywhere on the planet even though I do not expect any compensation for my work.

My work as an inventor can be called “study of the scientific organization of global work” and can be linked, over a century later, to the study of the scientific organization of industrial work published in 1911 by Frederick Taylor. Obviously, it is much more complex to organize work in 1924 than in 1911, moreover, globally, while Taylor concentrated mainly, on the work of manufacturing industry, which gradually led to industrial automation and robotics. But we must not forget that the industrial automation of the automotive industry has also led to improvements in the purification process of welding fumes with electrostatic filters and above all, in electrostatic painting technologies, which are not only limited to saving the paint allowed, but also to the atmospheric air and water circulation system inside the painting booths, which current public environmental sciences, even today, have not taken into consideration, to improve civil chimneys, those of thermal plants, to improve sewer systems and water purifiers, which even today throughout the world, do not combine the water and air cycles together, as the undersigned has proposed in forty patent filings and hundreds of articles on these topics.

In the environmental and terrestrial energy sector which is mainly a public responsibility, especially to be able to tax energy sources at source, industrial innovations are very rare, probably on a global level. In this sector we work almost exclusively with tenders prepared by public bodies and associated firms that have little familiarity with technological progress and the organization of industrial work. The companies they invite to tenders are civil companies that subcontract technological work to electromechanical companies (like the one where the undersigned worked for twenty years).Therefore, the environmental and energy sector is very behind the industrial sector both from a technological and scientific point of view and in terms of work organisation. This was one of the reasons why I thought my industrial skills would be appreciated in this sector. However, I allowed myself to propose my solutions only as a pensioner, knowing full well that they would not be accepted by the contracting bodies and companies participating in the contracts. This sector does not willingly accept criticism of the procurement system and I have realized that even the industrial sector does not accept criticism of the energy systems it uses, for the simple fact that it uses specific technologies, while the undersigned, probably not wanting to, with the with the help of some superior entity, he used interactive systems that he did not know when he began his activity as an inventor.

The undersigned has brought into the environmental sector without being understood, the industrial system of circulation of air and water together, not only in sewage systems, anticipating the purification processes in the cities themselves without allowing the formation of hydrogen sulphide and sulfuric acid and modifying the water purifiers themselves, covering them so that the CO2, which is heavier than air, is neutralized in the sewage and purification plants, instead of being emitted into the environment as currently. These solutions of mine, also patented at an international level, with economic sacrifices for a person who lives only on his own pension, were not taken into consideration by world science, while the legislators asked me to pay the deposit and maintenance fees, without doing any distinction between commercial patents and patents of public social utility. Part of my purification solutions, not taken into consideration by terrestrial public science, as mentioned, based on the common circulation of water and air, electrostatic filtration, production of carbonates in water, I have also brought to space plants, because above all, in space, we will need energy that is not consumed, is infinitely recycled and can also be breathed, drunk and eaten by man. Furthermore, in space, since strong terrestrial gravity does not exist, but only the imperceptible universal gravitational constant, for the undersigned, as described in some articles, it is better to pressurize space environments to atmospheric pressure and produce photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, food production with hydroponic cultivation by circulating air and water in the environments by exploiting the terrestrial electrostatic and fluid dynamic principles of Pascal, Henry, and above all Venturi, to create depressions, centripetal and centrifugal effects, so that the water and air follow the desired paths even in the absence of Earth’s gravity, as we do today in industrial painting systems.

These solutions of mine, also patented at an international level, with economic sacrifices for a person who lives only on his own pension, were not taken into consideration by world science, while the legislators asked me to pay the deposit and maintenance fees, without doing any distinction between commercial patents and patents of public social utility. Part of my purification solutions, not taken into consideration by terrestrial public science, as mentioned, based on the common circulation of water and air, electrostatic filtration, production of carbonates in water, I have also brought to space plants, because above all, in space, we will need energy that is not consumed, is infinitely recycled and can also be breathed, drunk and eaten by man. Furthermore, in space, since strong terrestrial gravity does not exist, but only the imperceptible universal gravitational constant, for the undersigned, as described in some articles, it is better to pressurize space environments to atmospheric pressure and produce photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, food production with hydroponic cultivation by circulating air and water in the environments by exploiting the terrestrial electrostatic and fluid dynamic principles of Pascal, Henry, and above all Venturi, to create depressions, centripetal and centrifugal effects so that the water and air follow common paths, as we do today in industrial painting systems. From my misunderstood inventions one should deduce that it is above all the understanding of scientific paradoxes that makes the difference between a great and a small invention. It is the scientific paradox, created specifically, in the right place, at the right time, in the right way, that triggers natural purification and energy processes without energy costs and large investments. Who has not understood that pressure and vacuum expand in all directions; that the solubility of gases in liquids is proportional simultaneously to its percentage and its pressure; that the pressure of a fluid decreases as the speed increases, cannot even understand the reason why the pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller is probably the most important invention of all time because it concentrates these three paradoxes scientific in a single invention that costs nothing and can be made of any size to extract energy from the environment for free, at the north and south poles, as well as at the equator. Therefore, both at the poles and at the equator without producing CO2 and steam, we can produce compressed hydroelectromagnetic energy that can only produce electrical energy, or it can power motors coupled to driving wheels, fans, or circulate permanent magnets in a unidirectional electric field to couple together the push of Newton and Lorentz and also go into the atmosphere or space without nuclear energy fuels, without steam and CO2. The pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller is a national and international patent dated 06.10.2014 which on planet Earth has not found interlocutors at a global level

The figure above, extracted from the article and-nucleated-energy/ shows an example of how energy and purification experiences must be exported from one sector to another and even in space applications, appropriately adapted, while today on planet Earth the specializations pushed into individual sectors create more development disasters that benefits by preventing the exploitation of interactive principles, already partially identified by some scientists of the past. These principles have not been explored in depth by the world ruling class that holds economic and political powers, also influencing the academic studies of world universities that train specialists in specific sectors. The silence on my inventions that come from my work experiences cannot be explained otherwise. It is impossible to explain the reasons why my most important inventions that extract energy from the environment have been declared “perpetual motion” including the artificial heart and global linear motors that could also go into space. While, strangely, I have been granted patents such as pumps with dual separate power supplies up to the impeller and hydroelectric cars, which however have not found financiers, at least to verify whether they work on an experimental level. I am 100% sure that they work but I cannot sacrifice even old age to demonstrate it in general indifference. I wrote it all down on my website. Posterity will judge.

The study of the organization of industrial and environmental work is identical: it is necessary to go into the smallest details of the work cycles to close all the cycles that open in anthropic plants in order not to produce pollution, to speed up energy production, always choosing the best and most updated to the state of the art also from an economic point of view.

It cannot be said that I took my role as an inventor lightly if I only started doing this type of work in retirement after having seen with my own eyes on the front line the birth of an automotive company, its commissioning, the management and maintenance of the same for seventeen years and after having continued the activity of designer and installer of anthropic purification and water lifting systems for another twenty years, before allowing me to propose my solutions as an inventor.

It is obvious that at the end of my long work, my solution that extracts clean energy directly from the environment displeases all the powerful on Earth. I can’t do anything about it and I certainly can’t demonstrate the truth with my modest pensioner income. If they want to maintain their power, they are the ones who must demonstrate my mistakes. They can also use artificial intelligence to ascertain the truth, instead of using it to create algorithms that speculate on the stock market to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Artificial intelligence enhances the information it receives, not the information it doesn’t receive. On my website Https:// the articles illustrating the unrealized inventions of the undersigned in Italian and English are inserted in chronological order, which are also summarized in Spawhe’s nursery rhyme, which clearly explains that the current global warming, was not only produced by wrong inventions, but also by the concealment of potentially correct inventions boycotted by mutual agreement by those who hold global economic and political power. Obviously, the legend of perpetual motion taught in schools around the world leads one to believe that some inventions are works of fiction. Instead, on planet Earth energy is everywhere. Many scientists and professors are paid by their employers to remain silent. For the undersigned, those who remain silent agree, otherwise they would clearly say that the interactive principles of Pascal Henry, Venturi, Torricelli which no one had adequately exploited before the undersigned decided to reevaluate them are not useful for extracting clean energy from the environment. These are facts, not science fiction. Science fiction is being created by the current centers of power which with the new nuclear power will give us the final blow to destroy the hopes of survival of our children and grandchildren. This type of energy, even if it does not produce radiation harmful to human life, will produce immense quantities of vapor which, by increasing the ion exchange between the Earth and the ionosphere, will exponentially multiply atmospheric disturbances making life and the economy of the planet impossible, as this energy will have high production costs and will cause irreparable damage to agriculture and civil works built by men. Isn’t it presumptuous for terrestrial science to claim to produce nuclear energy on planet Earth after having demonstrated that in just one century of terrestrial electrical energy production with thermal and nuclear sources it has already produced global warming?

Science, above all, public science, should be ashamed of its silences, in the face of a series of rational inventions that would allow energy to be extracted from the environment by exploiting the static pressure permitted by the gravitational force. Which, in a logical sense, must never be opposed but circumvented with the tools made available by nature itself, which are nothing other than atmospheric air and incompressible water, both in the submerged hydroelectric system, which only requires the ducted series installation of a pump with a downward-oriented motor and a turbine coupled to a power generator. You don’t need to be a scientist to understand that the pump motor absorbs very little energy (having only to overcome the state of inertia of the water), while the current generator produces a much higher quantity of energy (proportional to the hydrostatic head present on the pump axis).

Yet this solution has never been implemented on planet Earth, preferring the banal hydraulic jump that uses water one way without recycling it and creating disasters and floods when the mountain basins are too full. But what is more serious is the worldwide silence of science on the invention of the pump with the dual separate power supply up to the impeller which would also allow for the lifting and transport of energy in fixed and mobile systems (with the use of autoclaves). The latter would revolutionize all current global transport by always recycling the same water and air. It is no coincidence that the undersigned also proposed them in air and space transport since, by producing energy cold, it is possible to combine Newton’s thrust with Lorentz thrust which cannot be produced hot as the solenoids which produce (to reduce eddy currents) are made with copper wires protected with insulating paints which cannot be exposed to high temperatures. Yet, world science at the service of public and private masters has also remained silent on this solution. As he remained silent about the artificial heart oxygenator of human blood which would be nothing more than the miniaturization of two small autoclave systems, one to replace the right ventricle and one for the left, producers of electricity with automatic blood oxygenation (due to Henry’s principle ). How can we trust the current world ruling class and current science, which has hidden these inventions and is also using artificial intelligence for its own purposes, increasingly increasing the gap between rich and poor.

Probably, the undersigned is not a normal person, because in my work as a designer and installer of anthropic systems, instead of thinking about career advancement, he has always tried to better understand the functioning of the systems themselves in the global context of the terrestrial environment. This curiosity of mine has led to changing many work groups in the automotive industry (alfa Romeo) as the work is fragmented, to the point of leaving the industry and trying to understand where the energy that powers the industry comes from and where goes the waste and waste that the industry returns to the environment. Probably, there are very few technicians and designers who have reasoned like myself, who gradually realized that his real work would begin when he was retired. In fact, many work cycles, especially environmental ones, are interrupted in the transition from one phase to another and are not resumed, since in the environmental and energy sector, there is no scientific organization of capillary work like the industrial one, mentioned above, which deals only with commercial products. To combat this organizational lack of global work, the undersigned has proposed forty inventions, not contested by anyone but simply silenced by public and private science and obviously also by governments and multinationals.

The ridiculous thing is that I had to fight against the patent offices that rejected my most important inventions with the accusation of “perpetual motion” because energy cannot be produced from nothing, as if the gravitational force, the atmospheric air and water were “nothingness”. What’s even more ridiculous is the fact that the same patent offices would expect me to continue paying patent maintenance fees on the patents that have been granted to me. They did not understand that I consider my patents to be intellectual, regardless of whether or not I have been granted patents. Therefore, my work is accessible to all those who want to correct current wrong inventions, saving everything that can be saved. But even on this front, I have only received silence, except invitations to participate in paid conferences and invitations to publish equally paid articles, where the person who pays must always be the inventor.

My goal was never to become a millionaire, but to do my duty. You don’t become an inventor by chance. I don’t know how other inventors ended up doing this type of work. In my case, it felt like I was called, some kind of calling, or something. My professional choices have never been stimulated by economic enrichment, as I have never proposed the production of commercial objects. I have accumulated various experiences to have a global vision of the scientific organization of work for the sole purpose of producing inventions of public social utility. From the point of view of my professional career, my choice to leave large industry to work in a small private company that worked on public subcontracts might have seemed meaningless. Yet, it helped me see some technical and scientific aspects that I would never have noticed if I had stayed in big industry. If I had not obeyed this kind of vocation, I would not have had the right experiences to make the right reflections, at least from my point of view. Whether I was right or wrong is yet to be proven and I certainly can’t do it alone, now old and run down. The political, scientific, economic ruling class cannot continue to speak generically about energy and environmental solutions if it does not first verify all my forty inventions one by one in the order described by the SPAWHE nursery rhyme to verify where my errors are, which for the moment , they did not cause any damage. While the damage caused by inventions already created is there for all to see.

With this circuit we can transfer water from one basin to another, even located at great distances from each other, exploiting only the gravitational force and hydrostatic pressures of the individual basins. I don’t know that this solution has ever been implemented on planet Earth.

  1. The three diagrams above extracted from the article -and-nucleated-energy/ show how the climatization of the earth’s environment occurs naturally through the ionization of the earth’s surface, water, water vapor and atmospheric air. Lightning acts as natural thermoregulators of the earth’s environment, keeping the earth’s electromagnetism always functioning, which has always allowed photosynthesis and the carbon cycle to function and today is also fundamental for radio, telephone and internet transmissions, invented by men. With the current way of producing thermal, nuclear and solar energy, we have released an immense quantity of vapor into the environment, which did not exist before the industrial era. Therefore, the amount of energy produced by lightning has multiplied exponentially. All this energy is superfluous because, as I explained in forty patents and 112 articles, terrestrial nature grants us gravitational force, atmospheric air to be used as a source of energy (especially compressed) and water to be used as an energy carrier, with very simple technologies described extensively by the undersigned, allow us to extract energy from the environment for free to power fixed and mobile terrestrial, marine, aeronautical and space systems. How much does the fuel that the giant agricultural tractors that we have seen blocking European roads consume cost and how much unnecessary pollution do they produce? The same thing can be said for all means of transport and work in the world but also for producing energy locally in factories, homes and street lighting with very simple technologies described extensively by the undersigned, without any high voltage energy transport, because this transport also contributes to producing unwanted ions exchanged with the ionosphere. But above all, thermal systems increase atmospheric disturbances because the drops of water contained in the vapor have a density 830 times higher than atmospheric air. Consequently, the damage caused to agriculture and civil works produced by men has also multiplied exponentially. Above all, the planet is warming. Furthermore, it must be considered that the current way of producing energy through thermal and nuclear power plants, wind turbines and large expanses of solar panels involves the transport of electricity on high voltage pylons which are then lowered in the areas of use of the ‘power. I think that all this never made sense, from a scientific and economic point of view, because terrestrial nature had already been predisposed by the Creator of the universe to function cold at normal terrestrial temperatures. In fact, if we reflect without being influenced by the advertising of the consumer society that advertises Ferraris, Mercedes, electric cars, solar panels, wind turbines, we with simple compressed atmospheric air and incompressible water, without extraction costs of energy from underground, without industrial transformation costs, without producing CO2, combustion fumes, steam, we can produce all the energy needed in fixed and mobile systems without interfering with the natural energy we have, which as mentioned regulates climatic conditions earth since long before the birth of man. Other details on these topics are distributed in the entire website, which seems to be written by an alien who comes from another planet, however, I believe I am a normal person, who in my working life has not done nothing other than installing anthropic industrial and environmental systems designed by public bodies and multinationals and who, as a pensioner, wanted to demonstrate that design can also be done differently, in a simpler, more economical and efficient way.

Best Regad

Luigi Antonio Pezone