LAST APPEAL FOR SPAWHE (before the expiration of international patents)

Dear ladies and gentlemen, if you have the time available, the undersigned begs you to visit the website to know how, in his experience, and his hopes, we could change everything by creating an industrial world that protects, does not destroy the environment. The road followed to prove this has been expensive and difficult to get the international patents for his ideas. In fact, get these coveted awards in the years 2014 – 2015, in areas that see undertaken by leading multinationals and public researchers worldwide, means that, even today, in the whole world, no one works with global objectives and were never made global treatment plants. In fact, the recognition of a patent requires the simultaneous presence of the novelty, inventive and industrial applicability which together are recognized only once to an object or an industrial system. The inventor of SPAWHE to show that you can protect the environment globally, he retired with the minimum pension to have the physical strength needed to carry on the work. Only with this objective was achieved asked that someone would recognize his work, not to get rich, but to be treated as a simple worker of the environment. Do not want to be paid like a movie star, or as a player and even as a great leader of the world organizations and multinational corporations. Also would like to return the money to those who lent them to him to deposit patents.

Unfortunately, it seems, are not interested in recognizing this work, neither the authorities nor the great entrepreneurs. The patents obtained are destined to decay for lack of funds necessary for the payment of maintenance fees. In fact, not just pay a one-time deposits patent. The intellectual property laws do not protect the inventors, but only those who have the economic power to exploit inventions. If they really would protect intellectual property, patents should be frozen until they are exploited. Anyone who exploits them should pay royalties. It happens with books, why should not it happen with inventions? The inventor should be protected, especially if cannot objectively realize its own resources his inventions and even more, if the patents are in the public interest and not commercial. Unfortunately the logical reasoning does not serve against the powers that lay down the rules that apparently are democratic. But some, like myself, while paying very high prices must show that things could change in the interests of all. Anyone with an average technical and scientific knowledge can understand that the current local depuration not closing all cycles anthropogenic, produce only a apparent purification Today, with the current systems, the bulk of pollution becomes a global problem that can be atmospheric or oceanic, where it is impossible to intervene for the dispersion of polluting components. But even in these cases, SPAWHE has some new solution as the submerged hydroelectric power that would oxygenate the seabed polluted of waters producing energy and with the artificial welling which could lead carbonate and nutrients to the surface to create food and return the lost alkalinity. But this patent can also be used to extract (in special areas) from the deep ocean the globigerina sludge which can be dried in the sun in ponds floating (as in the salt marshes), that will allow the production of calcium oxide with lower CO2 emissions, lower costs without spoiling the mountains. Is of little use to continue to deepen the problems from science if not proceed to test the solutions with existing technologies and the synergies between them. These are cheap and render more of pure research. 

Is of little use the institution of criminal offense for polluters, if the entire environmental protection legalized is a sieve. The damage caused by industrial plants, energy, agricultural, urban, disconnected from any logic of global security are immense. Having shared the winds, the atmosphere and the oceans, once established an environmental protection system universal no country should be allowed to not apply it. If not to experience even better solutions, integrating the same system. The money spent to repair the damage that we could have avoided are those spent in the worst way, as they are removed from the growth, well-being and protection of resources. So SPAWHE could be the most powerful tool for environmental protection and also the most powerful tool of global economic growth. SPAWHE you cannot compare to the real plane with existing plants because it does not exist, but it has already won the first comparison, because it is not cost anything to taxpayers. But if it is true that the physical confrontation you cannot do is also true that SPAWHE being a multifunction system, can replace the current separate systems, industrial, sewage, purification, energy, closing the cycles of the anthropic changes affecting water, the air, and the organic materials before return it back to the environment. Current systems, separate can never do the work of SPAWHE, even if you tried to connect. In fact, the installations must be designed to be connectable with logical criteria, such as the right size and the right position on the territory, having to interact with at least the surface water necessary to close cycles of carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, etc., which leave open the current plants, to produce biomass and carbonates. Today it is impossible to close in a sustainable manner the carbon cycle of a power of thousands of MW / h, built without knowledge of global environmental problems, which can not be solved with a simple filtration of smoke, even if this was done well, neglecting heat recovery and CO2, and at least alkalinization of cooling water turbines and condensers, which could be done by turning the CO2 in the environment. This would automatically entail the construction of thermal power stations of a hundred MW / h. However, the world continues to build power ever larger, regardless of anything. The current global political of environment continues to offer cures the worst of evils, such as the capture and storage of CO2 underground and extraction of gas through the fraking, the market share of the CO2 credit. In addition to the group of patents synergistic myself that recover heat and CO2 from fossil plants to produce biological energy, natural fertilizers and alkaline waters, is passing in silence even hydropower submerged, that does not involve drilling the earth’s crust and pollution part of the fumes, the flooding of the valleys of the mountains that requires large dams and produces large risks of landslides and floods. The energy submerged is based on simple principles and the combination of hydraulic pumps and turbines, can be realized everywhere, even oxygenating the seabed and polluted with some modifications, even in an apartment building. While costing just prototypes, the undersigned is forced to talk about it without having been able to experience, as the previous patents, and lack the money to become international patents. The theoretical details to produce this fantastic and simple energy in the site  

SPAWHE is not against the technologies developed but it is a system that contains and connects them, so that the waste of a technology are a resource for another technology. Each technology can continue to develop their patents by increasing yields, but this does not include those who develop bio technologies and not even those that produce industrial systems and equipment, which could find a huge development in the vertical systems with automation of biological ponds, the production greenhouses and with limestone. SPAWHE is not against public designers, which, unfortunately, produce incomplete contract specifications that do not allow the synergies between the state of the art of plant, industrial, urban, environmental, agricultural, energy. It is not even against private developers who are paid to design what the market demands.

Designers public and private where they would learn how to design complete systems, if does not exist no text in the world that teaches how to put together systems rationally on the territory to save resources? In fact, the existing sewer system hinder the work of the purifiers. The activated sludge treatment plants, which are the most prevalent in the world, emitting CO2 into the atmosphere as if they were small thermal power plants and produce acidic waters, instead of fighting them. They are not suitable to enter into a global system, not being able to purify the air together with water. 

While the plants are in conflict on the territory of the nations represented environmental, are contrasted in the world summits on the choices to make, but not entering into the details of the current systems that do not work and the details of the solutions that could solve the problems, on what basis could find agreements common?

The global urban sewage must be completely re-entering the sewers purifying water and air, the smokestacks that capture the fumes or urban smog, the towers of heat and geothermal wells that connect the plants at home to avoid losses energy and pollutants. If you produce in the same city completely clean energy, with the recycled submerged hydroelectric and solar (if competitive), the chimneys purifying (CCPC), towers (aftet) and purifying the sewers could devote only to purify the smog caused by traffic urban. But these solutions the citizens of the great metropolises in the world does not know and cannot stand up for them.

SPAWHE is not against environmental authorities. If the designers, because of the splitting of responsibilities, could not deal with the problems globally, more so, they could not do even the authorities. However, the authorities and public planners silence on SPAWHE, do not help us to understand their real desire for the environment. In the absence of answers, the inventor of SPAWHE, which as mentioned above, does not even an effective recognition of intellectual property, can only continue to look for partners wherever they may be hidden, in the short time that remains before the patents lapse. Who wants to help the authorities of the environment in their own country, even without their consent, to design systems of global environmental protection does not have to do anything but take on the burden of becoming the legal representative of SPAWHE SPA in his own country and pay the filing fee with the first installment of annual maintenance, on agreement with the undersigned. SPAWHE not go in countries where no one will take this small burden of a few hundred euro (for each patent). This payment of money will not be a donation to the undersigned but an investment. In fact, only in this way can be born into the world SPAWHE SPA and who will make this investment, will become a partner and shareholder, as it will be the undersigned that has already paid eight years of work and money for initial deposits. If among investors there will be a great entrepreneur like Bill Gates, who has proven to have significant environmental sensitivity, he is welcome. Unfortunately, today there is little funding individual projects in the world when it lacks the support structure for environmental protection and sustainable energy production. Today the individual environmental inventions are dispersed as drops in the desert because of the lack of a comprehensive design as SPAWHE. We have not only environmental but also social problems, such as hunger and unemployment that will worsen with the imminent growth of the world population. Faced with these major problems are of little philosophical concepts, religious, political, even scientific research. Solutions are needed immediately and achievable with existing technologies. 

To create work SPAWHE proposed to create environmental cycles in cycles of production of consumer goods and of all human activities. This would imply the closure of the main work cycles (which is now closed) with cycles side (that do not close and pollute the environment), involves changing the existing infrastructure and the creation of many works that are missing. It need a second industrial revolution to combat the errors of omission made by first.

To produce feeding, has two solutions:

  1. The greenhouses photo synthetic verticalized and mechanized, which would use soil and compost organic product from the system SPAWHE, work automatically with motorized trolleys equipped as in the manufacturing industry, placed alongside the ponds biological superimposed. These greenhouses would use the CO2 recovered from thermal plants as carbonic fertilizer and recycled water that does not pollute the water.
  2. The colonization of the oceans through ARTIFICIAL WELLING, which is a kind of “MANNA” that does not fall from the sky but is produced by engineering works floats, which will open an immensity of shipyards (not produce ships but floating platforms towable) and produce food without plowing the land, sow, spray pesticides and GMO produce.

From May 1 to October 31, 2015 will be held in Milan EXPO 2015, an extraordinary event that will involve more than 140 participating countries and over 20 million visitors expected from all over the world. The official theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. But, although EXPO both Italian and SPAWHE a set of Italian patents, which cover the same topic, SPAWHE will be absent. It does not matter if these patents are expressed industrial and environmental experiences gained in a lifetime of work. At EXPO will speak only of the production technologies of individual companies, while these technologies, such as purification systems and energy should be addressed by the global systems of protection of the environment expressed by SPAWHE. From May 1 to October 31, 2015 while performing EXPO, the desertification of land advancing at the same rate ever (12,000 km2 per year), parallel to the acidification of the oceans and the melting of glaciers. Meanwhile on May 19 SPAWHE will die because the inventor does not have the money to fight patents. For not do death them would be enough a millions of money wasted in the Expo, which certainly will not talk about global protection of the environment. If this will be discussed, will in general terms, without going into details of the solutions. It means that after EXPO there will be no trace of the global environmental protection. The details of the protective system global are exposes only by SPAWHE, absent in EXPO.

It is very difficult to understand these global solutions those that deal with local solutions, which change only the form of pollution in the atmosphere and acidifying dispersing a part of the treated water. Moreover, today, most of the pollution is not captured, nor treated, such as the fumes of smokestacks, smog urban traffic, wastewater agriculture and illegal discharges. In 2015 we are still a year zero of environmental protection, public researchers, which deepen the knowledge of the problems, do not dare to propose solutions, not being designers; companies specializing in individual fields of technology, focus mainly sull’energie renewable incentives from governments, but that does not interact with the chemical and biological processes that are acidifying and desertifying the planet. Even the biological energy is another unfinished work which is limited only to emit CO2 biological instead of the fossil. Designers are individuals committed to producing a vast market of machinery for transport, heating, air conditioning, for energy production, but there are no works, less commercial, which should design designers public, to recover the fumes, smog , the heat that the machines emit into the environment Designers public merely preparing contract specifications incomplete, based on a state of the art facilities of obsolete premises, refusing to learn the state of the art facilities that global instead, rely on the synergies between all the technologies developed in the world, especially those who have never entered the world of purifications and that would make a difference by multiplying by hundreds of times the productivity of environmental protection, such as biological ponds and greenhouses stacked limestone. 

All barriers between one area and another, which have not been removed, have allowed the world to produce industrial pollution, along with consumer goods and while protecting the environment has remained to the state craft. Today it is necessary to organize the territory as a manufacturing industry with all necessary connections: air, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical. How can we think to entrust the protection of a few professionalism that although supported by local universities, can only copy the current state of the art, which as we have said, is obsolete and crafts, far away from industrial systems. First you need to establish design criteria environmental GLOBAL industrially applicable in all areas, then create the links between the various activities and finally get to the central unit where they terminate processes started in the peripheral sections, seamless, producing, in any case, always the same elements: purified air in the peripheral and central sections; treated water and alkalized in the peripheral and central sections. While in the central unit will also produce natural fertilizers stabilized and composted; biological energy, combined with the fossil. It must be created a single energy system and cleansing. Renewable energy, especially the energy underground (which is also purifying) must produce the remaining energy. 

Only when you have completed the entire system, you can use the current system of tendering assigned to companies that do not develop environmental technologies, but simply perform the work. What do the hundreds of government agencies in the world dealing with environment and energy? Who do not have time to respond to those who propose SPAWHE?

Procurement of public works should be approved by special committees only when there is a requirement of “TOTAL PROTECTION”, which today does not exist anywhere in the world.

A private project must have the same requirements, or be connected to a public project that has the requirement of “TOTAL PROTECTION”, ie, the ability to close all cycles anthropogenic involved. For example, an urban neighborhood must have the requirements to dispose of pollution smokestacks, traffic and urban wastewater. The same thing should happen to an industrial area. A port city or lake must adopt energy systems and treatment plants that carry oxygen in the depths polluted by discharges from boats and abusive. all these things seem impossible to do. Instead are possible with current technologies. Just knowing how to design systems. The solutions are on and may have various combinations and proportions, to be sized case by case.

Unfortunately, it is easier to include the system SPAWHE who created and who understands the usefulness of the Internet, that the experts of the energy sectors and purification, used to working in watertight compartments.  

To a great entrepreneur, like Bill Gates, who has realized most of all the great opportunities of a global system as INTERNET, SPAWHE does not ask for charity, but to become the real majority shareholder, to create the Internet of the environment that avoids the existing dispersions of poisons nutrients and energy. Indeed, SPAWHE is like the Internet, cannot function without a network of structural links between human activities, that restores minerals to the earth, carbonates seas and zero emissions into the atmosphere. But if Bill Gates is not available to interpret itself for the Internet of the environment, or will not be informed of this great opportunity, which could consecrate him even more positively, to the history of humanity, other entrepreneurs could enter the history, with ethical investments. Some entrepreneur is interested in the patents of hydropower submerged, which features the most commercial. Before selling the family jewels myself hopes to save the real protection of the environment, which are the synergies between existing technologies. Probably, it is necessary to give a market value also to environmental protections otherwise the state of the art does not advance. But this cannot do SPAWHE, they must do governments. They serve very little money to internationalize also the four most recent patents, but the inventor are so many, it continues to be supported only by people who have no money, SPAWHE, dies in bands. They will not have won those who do not respond. We would have lost all.

We only have a month to give birth to legally SPAWHE SPA, which could be an engineering company, with public and private capital that helps to design complete systems industrial, agricultural, urban, environmental, energy, with the requirement of totality PROTECTIVE. But the public bureaucracy has to stay out of the management of SPAWHE because creativity of inventors and designers must not be imprisoned.

Probably it is not right to patent the public utility projects, such as medicines but the rules do not do us. However, one thing is certain, there can not be progress without personal stimulus. Without SPAWHE, people continue to think that pollution is the flip side of industrial development. This suggests the current purification systems applied without synergies. But this is not true. The life of the undersigned spent between industrial and environmental would be useless if I did not at least to disprove this vile lie that it suits only those who want to enrich themselves at the expense of the environment and health of the people, with the complicity of those who believe that environmental design is only the size of the plants according to established rules from textbooks and outdated regulations. 

Those who have created Internet have worked alone and without economic means, like myself, but when the world has realized the importance of the system has invested great capitals. The application of the SPAWHE system requires capital much higher than those invested in the internet, because there is nothing that can travel in the ether free, apart pollution. All need to close properly the cycles of carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, must be conveyed by means of hydraulic hoses, pneumatic, mechanical transport. This should not be seen as a limit. It is instead a great advantage, that will create millions of jobs in the world that otherwise could not be created. If there will be work for everyone even terrorism will find less supporters. Fanaticism was driven by the desire for revenge of those with nothing to lose, not by any value to their lives and that of others.

All countries have the right to political and religious autonomy but have no right to environmental autonomy, having, all countries, share the winds, the atmosphere, the oceans. Therefore there should be a competition between countries to study comprehensive environmental solutions that can not be the current sewers, treatment plants, large power plants, digesters, which work badly connected, or disconnected, and without any logic of Global Environment. Instead, between sovereign countries there is a competition between those who hide better the mistakes made in the management of the environment. Even scientists closer to the United Nations wants to bury the CO2 underground to save the large thermal power plants, always incompatible with the environment, not only for the pollution they produce, but also to the heat dispersing, for fertilizers and natural for alkaline waters that do not help to produce, how could they do if they were smaller, positioned in the right place, and connected with other systems that would act synergistically to waste nothing, not only to meet economic principles, but because each uncontrolled waste or badly controlled, is nothing more than the current global pollution.

We only have a month to give birth to legally SPAWHE SPA, which could be an engineering company, with public and private capital that helps to design complete systems industrial, agricultural, urban, environmental, energy, with the requirement of totality PROTECTIVE. But the public bureaucracy should stay out of the management of SPAWHE because creativity of inventors and designers must not be imprisoned. But it seems that there will be no need to imprison it because will win the silence and indifference. SPAWHE will not be born. 

It grows quite the number of visitors to the website http: //www.spawhe, but who are they? Are friends or enemies of the environment? If they were all friends, they invited other friends to visit the site and the number of visitors would grow even faster and SPAWHE have already found investors (not donors) interested in leaving a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Luigi Antonio Pezone