I had already written this article dedicated to the new prime minister of the Italian government, certainly, one of the best economists in the world, when I was pleasantly surprised by his adhesion to set up a ministry of “Ecological Transition”. I was pleasantly surprised because I appreciated his sensitivity to the environment, but the words “ecological transition” don’t tell me anything, just as the current “renewable energies” don’t tell me anything either. In the following article, I explain the scientific reasons for this opinion of mine. If you really want to set up a truly innovative ministry, you call it “Ministry of Interactive Energy Transition”. After this brief introduction, I pick up the article and publish it in the way I had already written it. Starting with some questions, to which in the course of the article, I also try to give answers. I don’t know if he shares them. If you wish, you can always prove me wrong. I, as uncomfortable inventor for the world’s power centers on the environment, energy, health care, are used to writing open letters to the public powerful men, who rarely responded, unfortunately, not in recent times.

What can world economists do to save the planet, if world science has wrong the fundamental principles of energy and purification? Consequently, was the principles of sustainable economy also wrong? What is the world economy? A set of bureaucratic rules, or a set of scientific concepts?

Obviously, it would be desirable that it was a set of scientific concepts, but I doubt that it is, otherwise, at least economists would have had to read up on the economic potential of interactive systems and distance themselves from the current purification and energy systems, which not only produced heating global and the current coronavirus pandemic are also, clearly, uneconomic.

Why, allow me to write, this seemingly controversial letter, while everyone is already celebrating the winner? First of all, the spread which is the comparison with the German mark which has never been so advantageous for Italy. My letter is not intended to be polemic but of encouragement for the work of the new president, so that, at least he who has interrupted his retirement, who has nothing to lose, as the undersigned, sink the knife into the scourge of the sick development of Italian and world society. I am almost the same age as President Draghi, born in 1947. I am from 1949. It is said that experience is not water. We elders continually mull over the experiences we have lived and the decisions made. Small or large. In many cases, with hindsight, we would have made different choices.  It is also true that when we play an institutional role or are employees we are conditioned by surrounding factors. But it is equally true that the choices of the majority that governs the world, are not always supported by impartial scientific reasoning. For this reason I felt more comfortable working as a retiree even if no one paid me.

There would be more coherence between politics, science, economics, energy, environment and technology if pensioners who had seventeen years of training in the automotive industry were to design the world’s public facilities to learn about the scientific organization of work and twenty years to participate, to tenders for public sub-contracting of electromechanical works of purification, energy, water lifting systems, analyzing the costs of machines, pipes, equipment, accessories and construction and assembly times. Only by doing this hard work for at least ten hours a day, including Saturdays, can technicians and entrepreneurs from small electromechanical companies win the competition. You do not become supermen as a retiree by living these experiences live, but you realize that industrial plants are undoubtedly wrong from an environmental point of view, while public ones are wrong both from an environmental point of view and according to the scientific organization of work. Probably, I am the only one to say these things worldwide because I am the only one who, adding these experiences, has felt the desire to be a full-time inventor in the third phase of life. The facts have proved me right because I only collect silences. Until proven otherwise, those who are silent agree.

1) A reference to Frederick Winslow Taylor and John Maynard Keynes, who in different aspects have influenced the organization of modern industrial society, unfortunately neglecting the environmental and energy aspects.

The current global problem is not the absence of technologies that can protect the world from global warming and the viruses that are decimating the world population, but the lack of people able to put them together properly without breaking the existing balances of power. But break this balances, is essential because today, polluters are in the forefront in the fight against pollution, in order not to change anything important, but merely palliatives that make us lose time in a fight that is becoming increasingly urgent. The current division of human, productive and social activities and skills does not help the harmonious development of industry, agriculture, energy, of urban cities, and does not allow the return of minerals to the earth and carbonates to the seas in open cycles but interactive that nature has patiently developed over 4.5 billion years. Despite the scientific knowledge and technological development, the world is still ruled areas separated by downloading the superfluous in the environment, without structural works, to administer the waste in a rational way. Economists and politicians only care budgets economic and depuration that displace local environmental problems on a global level, with the tacit approval of the scientists, public and private, focused on large commercial inventions. But in the environment the great commercial inventions do not serve. There are enough logical, interactive inventions so that nothing is wasted, especially, organic pollution, heat and CO2 that can be turned back into renewable energy and alkaline waters directly counteract global warming.

Today, in the light of global pollution, and the virus pandemic, the concepts of efficiency of Taylor, who theorized “the organization of work in factories” to increase the efficiency of production, and the concepts of Keynes, who theorized ” state intervention in support of the demand for consumer goods ”, must be updated with new concepts not elaborated by the old economists, while the new ones have focused mainly on“ monetarism ”. The economists, called to the bedside of dying governments by the heads of state, with all the wrong anthropogenic plants from the foundations, do not have the tools for healing. They can only take wiser economic measures than political ones. In Italy we have already seen this several times. Unless they have the skills, the courage, the power to change the entire design system of the country’s basic civil and industrial infrastructures.

However, the problem is not only Italian, but global. The global economy, not coordinated in a multidisciplinary way by public science, is destroying the planet and seriously endangering the survival of men, in order not to share a little more equally the wealth that is concentrated in the hands of a small minority, with the consent only apparently democratic of the rulers and of the world population. This is mainly due to scientific errors that have given too much value to thermal and nuclear energy, and to current renewable energies, which, not being positively interacting with the environment, create more problems than benefits for the environment and the world population, while those who owns the raw materials, those who industrialized the activities that exploit these energies, who also bought the media, continue to benefit from this wealth because no one finances the experimentation of alternative solutions.  The majority of the world’s scientists, in addition to being specialized in individual fields, are also employees, are bound to corporate loyalty, but also have many other benefits. Such as, for example, economically benefiting from patents developed within the company or the sale of the same patents to other companies. This also applies to public inventors and researchers. Therefore it is not worthwhile for anyone to go against public and private employers. It is more logical to honestly divide the cake. After all, well-being has increased, energy returns have increased, toxic emissions have decreased. Too bad that this pandemic has arrived which for the first time has reduced the life expectancy of human beings. For myself, it was not bad luck. Since the beginning of the industrial era we have simply mistaken the primary source of world energy, therefore we have mistaken the purification, energy, means of transport and work. Everything could be simple, linear and interactive, if only we knew how to copy from nature. Today, anyone wishing to do so would risk their job because all multinationals and all governments have invested in other solutions. It would have been enough to use the formulas that already exist in fluid dynamics and electromagnetism, to create anthropic plants differently without devastating the environment, step by step, scientifically applying the rules of interactive work between water and air at different pressures, without dispersing any gas in the atmosphere.

In the presentation of my new website, preset by the WordPress company, on the first page, at the top right, there is the entry “About us” to be filled in. Not being an industrial or commercial company but a simple physical person, I introduced myself by slightly changing the question to “Who am I and what is SPAWHE”, summarizing in a small article the truth that begins in the following way: I am a simple technician, who despite not being paid by any world government, has committed himself more than the world public research bodies in the study of interactive systems for the cleaning of fossil energy, based, above all on inorganic chemistry which is able to absorb the CO2 producing carbonates in the water. To speed up the processes and reduce energy costs necessary for the very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, gradually, Spawhe has become the theory of industrial, environmental, energy, health anthropogenic terrestrial interactivity, economic, because I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle are based on interactive transformations that have been repeated with precision for billions of years, without any need to use thermal energy. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances.  Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Obviously, we should have built global plants that purify both the fumes and the water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and another feed to introduce the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin into the same impeller. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the exit of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a power generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Not having done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the waters and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers that today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to the Henry principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law. At the temperature of the environment, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by the current generators, which produce the primary hydroelectric energy, powered by the submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central tanks. Having not done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of the aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel. It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to create mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters or to build submerged bridges in the water that are raised by the effect of the thrust of Newton and Lorentz to let the vehicles pass. land transport.

Nothing has been tested on this long list of anthropogenic plants, therefore, we cannot say if it is a fantasy list, or a possible positive reality for planet Earth. We cannot say at what point on this list those who tried to experiment should have stopped because something would not have worked. We cannot even know what changes we could have made to make the interactive systems work as hoped. I think we don’t know because these systems are uncomfortable for the ruling class that governs the world, who don’t want to experiment with them because they’re afraid they’ll work. They are too simple and straightforward not to work.

This list, I did not invent it while I was about to write this open letter to Professor Mario Draghi, is the list of the main patent filings of the undersigned made as a retiree, after having spent a lifetime of work building the industrial and environmental plants that they currently exist and which, unfortunately, have produced current global warming, eutrophication and acidification of world waters and obviously, the current distribution of world wealth and finally the viruses that are attacking man. Since the whole world is full of public and private scientific laboratories, which can experiment in the utmost secret anything, without being taken for mad, we must ask ourselves what these laboratories are experiencing, if they did not want to experiment with these inventions published by myself? Do I have to be the only one to be considered crazy? That, not having financial means and laboratories, I am forced to publish all the details? I don’t worry about this being a simple retiree, who has nothing to lose.  But if I’m crazy, so are Torricelli, Pascal, Venturi, Henry, Newton, Maxwell, Farady, Lenz, Lorentz, who have experienced these things separately. At the time of these scientists there was no global warming, melting glaciers, acidification of oceans, eutrophication of lakes, damage caused by nuclear energies, therefore scientists have not been stimulated to study interactive energies, which are the only powerful ecological and sustainable alternative, which above all does not need electricity transport networks, being able to extract it directly from the environment, and therefore can also be produced on means of transport.

I only put together the fluid dynamics principles with the electromagnetic ones, realizing that the biggest scientific error in the world has been committed. Obviously, by making some small changes, not to the scientific principles, but to the machines and systems that have to carry out the work necessary to simultaneously improve purification and world energy production. The changes are very few compared to the achievable results. The bulk of the work we have to do is major demolition of the wrong anthropic plants around the world. The sooner you start, the better is for everyone. At least the simplest experiments are within the reach of any world university faculty. Not myself, who doesn’t even have a garage to do the smallest of experiments, and when he started being an inventor he had a family load of five people to support. Fortunately, there are only two of us now. The three daughters got married. The family income remained the same at around 1800 euros per month from which I subtracted around 20,000 euros to file the patents, otherwise no one would have believed me. Some, I have also deposited abroad (five international and one European) to check if only the Italian authorities are sensitive to environmental problems only in words, or if the problem is global. Unfortunately, evil is general and the ignorance of politicians is abysmal. They are racing for electric cars without realizing that they increase CO2 emissions even more, if they do not change the primary source of primary energy. There is still general silence on purification and interactive energies despite forty filings of patents and hundreds of published articles. There is not much difference between technical and political governments. What is missing is global reasoning. I did not aggravate my financial situation by making legal claims against patents that were not granted to me. There is not much difference between patents granted and not granted if none have been financed. I did not pay the taxes for the maintenance of the seventeen patents that were granted to me, including the hydroelectric car, because I could not pay them and because I never thought of being an entrepreneur as a retiree, but only to make my experience available as a designer and inventor, finding that throughout the world the division of scientific skills have simultaneously created environmental disasters and also the excuse to say “it is not my competence” because I am a politician, an economist, a physicist, a chemist, an engineer mechanical, electrotechnical, electronic. I have always written in my articles why the world authorities have not created multidisciplinary working groups to globally design anthropogenic plants? Never had a single answer, except for a few, which convinced me even more to do everything by myself, even if when I retired, I didn’t even know how to use the computer. I used the old-fashioned drafting machine and the desk, but above all the legs to visit construction sites and follow the construction in the workshop.

For myself, environmental, employment and food problems can only be addressed by expanding the work cycles in all human activities to preserve natural resources, which are precisely “the primary source of energy and also of the economy”. Unfortunately, world science, mistaking the primary energy source and the economy, has also forced economists who have managerial duties, not planning the world’s wealth and wealth, into error. While world science, public and private, hides behind new palliative inventions, world primary energy has always remained wrong. The economists called to the bedside of the governments of the five continents, as governors of central banks, as ministers of the economy and as consultants, cannot work miracles, if we do not change “the development model which must be interactive electromagnetic fluid dynamics to have the maximum efficiency with minimum expense ”, as has happened in nature for 4.5 billion years and as has also happened in the brains of humans and animals.

We do not realize that the brain is the longest-lived organ we have because we force it to die together with the heart that supplies it with oxygen and proteins. But if we equip elderly people with an interactive heart, energetically autonomous, electromagnetic dynamic fluid, with the help of information technology, robotics, cybernetics, mechanics, we can live as long as the brain, which has cells that regenerate naturally, lives as long as possible. We can probably double the duration of human life, in good conditions of efficiency and autonomy. However, there are no limits to research if we open ourselves to interactive systems. Only after several years will we know how long human life can last and if it will be worth living. Personally I think that if we are free, autonomous, we will have affections, and cultural or artistic stimuli, or we will like to travel and live in a true democracy, life will always be worth living.

All these solutions proposed in the SPAWHE system are nothing more than the rational and modern extension of the thoughts of Taylor and Keynes, who could not, in their time, know the importance that the study of work cycles, of the environment would have assumed. , energy and the human body. In fact, if we try to extend Taylor and Keynes’s thinking to the environment as well, we realize that the organization of work must not only concern the factories but the whole territory. Furthermore, the “State” must not only support the demand for goods, creating only incentives to consume, but also creating infrastructures, so that production cycles can continue beyond the factories, to bring organic materials back to agricultural fields, metals to foundries, pastiche to regeneration, also completely closing the collateral cycles to the production of the consumable good, also bringing the mineral salts and carbonates back to the earth, lakes and seas in the right proportion. In hospitals, in addition to the departments that treat the body of young people, there will also be those to repair artificial hearts and mechanical organs that will integrate artificial functions. There will be work for everyone, especially highly specialized ones.

Today, in the whole world, exactly the opposite happens: to produce goods to be consumed at all costs, too many environmental shortcuts are taken as if the final goal were not the common good and scientific and technological progress, but only the rapid return on the invested capital. and with the utmost interest. We do not realize that this type of society, due to the weakness of the body, also wrecks the brains of exceptional men such as Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Stephen Hawking, who probably would have preferred to continue living in an artificial body, because the real essence of human life is not in the body but in the brain. Unfortunately, not even these great scientists have understood that the first step to extend human life can only be done if we experiment with the interactive energies that will make it possible to create the artificial heart that, by oxygenating the blood, will ensure survival, for the moment, until hard the brain. Then we will see if the duration of the brain can also increase. For the undersigned, it is especially important to preserve the dignity of man and the autonomy of one’s thinking.

Today, the scientific ignorance of world politicians, the hunger for economic power on the part of entrepreneurs, military dictatorships, the division of scientific competences, are directing science towards objectives that are against the interests of the whole of humanity. Nobody opposes in order not to risk hunger and unemployment. The demonstrations of dissidents in the streets are of no use. It is necessary to find the few funds necessary to demonstrate peacefully that an alternative development is possible with purification and interactive energies.

Unfortunately, we have come to the point that we cannot do a simple and elementary thing: That of bringing environmental protection to the same productive level as industrial, applying the same concepts and in many cases, even the same tools. In fact, the territory has to be organized like the inside of a car company, where all departments are connected, each operation purifying and energy has to be done at the right place at the right time otherwise lost efficiency: This is Taylorism applied to environment. Today, without a global vision of the problems, politicians, economists, scientists, technicians, entrepreneurs, trade unions, environmental associations, are unable to develop the solutions that must necessarily be industrially organized in terms of production and environment with closed loops, using the same processes and machines as long as possible. When the cycles are separated in the phases of product consumption or wear of mechanical or electrical equipment, the objective must always be the closure and regeneration of the production cycle of the individual initial components. It is necessary to understand that the current large fossil plants cannot be neutralized in ordinary management and that large nuclear or hydroelectric works cannot be managed in the event of extraordinary accidents. These works do not bring any economic advantage and do not help the return of minerals to the earth, carbonates to the seas, do not prevent the aquifers from polluting with nitrates and arsenic and do not oxygenate the polluted seabed. Not even solar and wind energy favor the completion of natural cycles and are also uneconomical compared to energy extracted from water and air which is also self-purifying. Today it is necessary to stop the industrial property of patents because it produces conflicts of interest that prevent the emergence of global inventions that are simpler, cheaper, more efficient. The intellectual property of inventions must be recognized. Industrial property may concern small details, not the operating principles that the world ruling class is now hiding. Inventors must be as impartial as judges. Possibly intellectual inventions should be collegial, because it is difficult to find other retirees who will accumulate experience to think globally. The world of work does not allow it. The global interactivity of technologies and anthropogenic systems has not yet entered even the world schools, although there are natural global interactivity and specific electromagnetic, thermal, biological, physical interactivity, for this reason I propose that the Spawhe system, after the appropriate practical checks, with all the demonstrative examples, does not made by science, become a subject of teaching in all public schools worldwide, not only for elementary scientific aspects, but also for democratic ones. Above all, young people must ask how global warming was created when the solutions were simple and logical.

2) Example of an interactive ecological conversion project rejected by Italian public bodies in 2012.

The current ruling class continues to patch systems that need to be replaced or fundamentally changed, pretending that the problems are under control. They don’t care that the patches they put aggravate environmental problems, and cost a lot of money like CCS which does not recover heat and CO2 in favor of the environment. Not realizing territorial Taylorism, the purification and energy sectors produce more harm than good. However, those responsible justify themselves by saying that they comply with the regulations. This is the kind of response I got from an Eni official. I wrote to ENI, which at the time were still a publicly owned company, that by virtue of the fact that they were a publicly owned entity, they did not have to comply with the regulations but be the promoters of regulations in favor of the environment. If public bodies do not do it, private individuals certainly cannot. The article I wrote on this topic bears the title “Global pollution: question and answer with ENI” published by the MeteoWeb editorial team on January 21, 2013 is still online. (

This is the correspondence between myself and an ENI official, which I allow myself to publish because there is nothing personal. Furthermore, the subject matter is of public interest. I believe it is right to make people aware of the difficulties faced by those seeking to innovate environmental protection. I cannot give up this opportunity because, normally, politicians and public leaders do not respond. In truth, even private individuals do not answer. The silences on these topics are not news. I hope the skimpy answers make more news. In Italy, environmental inventions are considered to be provocations against the established power, to which there is no response.

I thank Eni for at least replying, even if not in the way I would have hoped, and I am sending you the article for information so that you can reply. I am sending this mail on 11/26/2012. To c. to. of the Eni technical office.

Dear Sirs, I hereby submit to you a sustainable project, alternative to the C.C.S. and the current water purification systems. I know that together with CNR, ENEA, ENEL you have invested resources in the CCS, but I also think that more than the other entities, you are interested in a revaluation of thermoelectric energy and not in a downgrading, as would happen with the CCS. other entities and had not saved us from the Japanese tsumani, our country would have already compromised other important economic resources in nuclear energy, which, like solar and wind power, will never be able to replace thermoelectric energy, especially if it will become clean.  But this energy can even become protective of the environment with the application of the patent deposits that I propose to you. I started the consultations with you because I believe you are less compromised with nuclear power and the new energies which, well they go, can at best be neutral towards the environment. However, in case you are not interested, for the sake of our country, I will also consult other state bodies, assuming they have nice people, like Mrs. Badini, who make sure that everything does not end up in a basket before someone read.  As, of course, happened with my previous inventions that did not concern energy, but the purification of the environment. None of the Italian environmental protection bodies has ever responded to my proposals of public utility. In democracy one can also think differently but one must never avoid confrontation, above all, on the technical level. I hope you share my opinion and that the copious documentation I send you will serve at least for a technical comparison. Since there are no others aware of these recent four patent filings (19/11/2012), I could interrupt the consultations with you and allow you to extend the patents internationally, even to expand them with details that I have not claimed. This will no longer be possible when I resume the consultations, communicating the patents to others, above all, if I am forced to publish the book, which I have prepared in parallel with them, of which I am attaching important chapters. Writing a book or articles while developing a topic is part of my way of working. It helps me to think. In this document I collect the researches carried out, the reflexions and personal opinions. From the voluminous dossier that comes out I extract the original ideas to be patented. If there are. The articles that you can find on the net by typing my humble name, or unknown topics such as sewerage, indoor or global, were born this way. I generally publish them after the ruling class, especially the public one, has not received my messages. On this occasion the documentation I have prepared is much more voluminous, but equally, I hope not to publish it. If I have to, this time, I’ll look for a publisher. Of course, I would prefer that Italy seize this great opportunity for growth. I hope that you too will take this opportunity to grow within ENI, believing in this project. If you don’t believe it, someone else will believe it, but it won’t be the same thing for us and for the country. I have not been discouraged by the silence received, up to now, because I knew that I was going against the interests of companies working in this sector. The global purification systems that I proposed were conceived in the interest of the environment, not of companies. The solutions I have proposed do not need 90% of the machines and systems currently designed and marketed. But in the case of the protective energy of the environment, in addition to gaining the environment, the economy and employment, also those who produce energy, which I believe are more powerful than those who claim to purify the environment and cannot do it. with the current palliatives. In the book, which I am not publishing at the moment, I also explain why they are unable to purify the environment, while the protective energy will succeed. There is a life of work in this solution that, with all due respect, could not be conceived either by those who produce energy or by those who purify the environment but only by those who, loving their work, have pigeonholed different experiences by touching others sectors, apparently far from the environment and energy. Only by realizing great environmental and technical synergies can this goal be achieved. However, I do not promise miracles, from the example of the transformation of a 320 MWh power plant, you will realize how many things must necessarily change to achieve these goals.  I hope you want to convey the message to your top management with your favorable comment and contact me for any doubts. Rome is not far away. We can also meet. While waiting for your prompt reply, I will continue to work on the book that I would not like to publish. The life of a modest environmental inventor is really strange. Best regards.

I receive this email on 18/01/2013.

Dear Mr. Pezone, we have received the documentation regarding a technology for the recovery of energy from the fumes of thermoelectric power plants while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. Although your idea certainly seems original and contains some interesting technical ideas, I must however inform you that the sector of abatement of emissions from combustion fumes does not currently represent an area in which eni is active from the point of view of technological development. In addition, the internal entity which would eventually compete for initiatives in this sense – the company EniPower – asked about the possible use of its technology has confirmed that our industrial plants do not currently require modification operations to the systems already present, however fully comply with legal requirements. In any case, we thank you for the attention you have given to our industrial group and we wish you to be able to identify opportunities for development and enhancement of the technology you propose from other parties. Best regards

I reply with this email on 20/01/2013:

Dear Doctor, thank you for having replied to the documentation I sent you for viewing, however, allow me to disagree with the too hasty way in which your company has dismissed the matter. First of all, I would like to clarify that my proposal does not only concern the “recovery of heat from the fumes of thermoelectric power plants while reducing CO2 emissions”. 95% of the heat is recovered from the cooling water of the thermal power plants which you did not even mention. This heat is used to produce biogas with a very high methane content, which can be consumed in the same plant, or placed on the network to be consumed in cities. The support of the very large linear digesters contained in the D.D.C.L. allows the transfer of CO2 and hydrogen sulphide (which, being heavier, stagnate on the surface of the digested sewage) in the limestone sections of the greenhouse building, improving the quality of the biogas. In the limestone greenhouses, the same waters that helped cool the power plants and heat the digesters absorb CO2 and calcium ions becoming alkaline (but we can also soften them). Lakes and seas need these alkaline waters as they are becoming acidic. While arid soils, especially near the sea, need fresh water that future thermoelectric plants could provide (obviously expanded with the sections added by the undersigned). I would like to remind you that the current thermoelectric plants, excluding the very few with combined cycle, do not reach an efficiency of 40%, everything else is lost in heat, even heat is a form of pollution, but above all, dispersions are an economic damage for society.  District heating is uneconomical and is not needed for the whole year so heat is currently wasted. (From a calculation by the undersigned also reported in the documentation sent, only the heat wasted in Italy by thermoelectric plants has an economic value of 15 billion euros, four times the amount raked by the last government with the disputed IMU tax. global purification of air water and energy production, everything is recycled (including heat) and general efficiencies are enhanced. The current plants, being separate, cannot increase yields and cannot close the carbon cycle in a way useful for the environment. Explain it to your Eni Power colleges as well, if you can’t, let me contact you, I’ll see what I can do to make them understand that up until now, we technicians have made a mistake in separating energy from the rest of the environment. Especially that of thermal origin. I do not doubt that Eni’s plants comply with the requirements of the law, I question the requirements of the law. We know very well that the legislator cannot prescribe to industrial, public and private companies, emission limits lower than those allowed by the state of the art. Unfortunately, the state of the art is determined by industrial companies, such as Eni and Enel. It amazes me very much that you who are involved in research and technological innovations are talking about systems that comply with the requirements of the law. These laws have not yet been defined because the state of the art has not found a way to close the anthropogenic carbon cycle. For this reason, world summits on the environment are held. This cycle will never end if companies like Eni limit themselves to applying the laws. Furthermore, I must point out that it is not true, as you write, that “the sector of the abatement of emissions from combustion fumes does not currently represent an area in which Eni is active from the point of view of technological development” I could quote you articles available on the internet in which it is stated that you are collaborating with Enea, Enel on the CCS system, even if, probably, you limit yourself only to the part concerning the injection of CO2 into the subsoil. I do not know to what extent it is worthwhile for Eni to increase energy costs by lowering the fuel efficiency that the process they are developing involves (we are talking about a loss of 11-12% for light fuels, up to to 30% for coal) and the need to significantly increase the flow rates of cooling water. All this without bringing other environmental advantages, such as the transfer of carbonates to the water, which would happen with the system I propose. Of course, leaving aside all the other problems that the C.C.S. involves, like the transport of CO2 and the landfill itself. Perhaps he does not know that in the Italian thermoelectric plants circulating quantities of water 20 times higher than those circulating in the purifiers. Since purifiers do not protect the environment from global pollution, we might as well eliminate them gradually and replace them with the global covered purcogeproduction proposed by the undersigned. Having to purify the liquid digestate of the digesters, these plants would not make a great effort to purify urban water as well, obtaining, even from these, biomass to be transformed into energy, instead of seeing them spilled without treatment with the first rains. But also and above all rainwater would be well received by the new system, being eager to absorb those famous carbonates that would transform CO2 into an unparalleled environmental resource. I’m not saying you don’t know how to do your job because thermoelectric plants, in the global purification system that I propose, are the only thing that would be saved, even if they should be reduced in size and better distributed throughout the territory. I simply say that new synergies are needed to overcome the state of the art, with sectors that have never entered the world of energy and purification, such as transport and industrial automation, which could industrialize and combine energy and environmental protection, without wasting anything. By pure combination, before dealing with the environment, I took care of industrial plants. I didn’t do it for a day, but in two separate twenties. Only as a retiree was I able to put things together. Probably, these things do not show much in the documentation I sent you, since I anticipated some chapters of a book I was completing and I would not have wanted to publish to maintain a minimum of industrial secrecy towards foreign countries, but I was forced to complete the book and publish articles that summarize the concepts I have expressed to you, hoping that at least abroad, they will be understood. I do not know in what capacity you wrote to me to inform me that your company does not feel like embarking on this arduous undertaking. If you wrote to me in a personal capacity, or someone ordered you to liquidate me quickly as you did, with grace, wishing me to be able to identify opportunities for development and enhancement of the proposed technology with other subjects. If Eni had this courage, in Italy, between direct and indirect activities, she would create more jobs than FIAT and in the world she would be the first to complete the closure of the anthropogenic carbon cycle. Unfortunately, one cannot give courage to those who do not have it.

I ask you, in your opinion what could be the companies I could turn to? What if those who purify water do so in the open emitting CO2, after having degenerated the sewage in the sewer system with hydrogen sulphide? The machines they have marketed that work outdoors are not used in the global purification of the environment. These companies are silent to defend their share of the wrong market, but even if they admit their mistakes, they are too small to tackle such big problems. Eni is also small in the face of these problems, but in Italy there are no others. Eni already covers most of the sectors concerned, from fuel production to energy. It has also entered into water management. It is certainly easier to manage than to design. But it is not with the management that you can operate systems that are unable to protect the environment. With the system I propose, ENI, which is a multinational company, in a country poor in fresh water, where it uses sea water to cool the plant, could return the latter softened, cooled and usable for agriculture, thanks above all to the CO2 which, above all Enel and Enea want to bury. This would also apply to regions such as Puglia, Sicily, Basilicata, Calabria. The large production of compost could be used to re-fertilize the land; the large quantities of water stored vertically, while purifying, would constitute an important system of prevention against floods and valuable reserves in case of drought. Vertical greenhouse buildings are already becoming a reality in some parts of the world, including Europe, especially to produce food (I am attaching the link to an article on the subject), but the undersigned prefers to use vertical buildings to consume CO2, alkalize water and produce energy biomass. It is certainly easier to manage than to design. But it is not with the management that you can operate systems that are unable to protect the environment. With the system I propose, ENI, which is a multinational company, in a country poor in fresh water, where it uses sea water to cool the plant, could return the latter softened, cooled and usable for agriculture, thanks above all to the CO2 which, above all Enel and Enea want to bury. This would also apply to regions such as Puglia, Sicily, Basilicata, Calabria. The large production of compost could be used to re-fertilize the land; the large quantities of water stored vertically, while purifying, would constitute an important system of prevention against floods and valuable reserves in case of drought. Vertical greenhouse buildings are already becoming a reality in some parts of the world, including Europe, especially to produce food (I am attaching the link to an article on the subject), but the undersigned prefers to use vertical buildings to consume CO2, alkalize water and produce energy biomass. Excuse me for frankness, but when I distribute my book, no one who deals with the environment and energy will make a good impression, especially in Italy, where the main leaders have turned a deaf ear to the reports. Mine, you can find them on Google, by typing my humble name. I do not say this because he believes he is right, but because of the flight of responsibilities that are evident from these silences, in a country that does not grow, that wastes resources, does not protect the environment, and where unemployment and debt are increasing at the same time. public.

The book will be released in about a week, only in digital version, but it will also be distributed abroad, at the modest price of five euros (hoping that not the whole world will be a small country). I hope he will rewrite me, but it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t. Thank God, I don’t get discouraged that easily.

I hope you don’t mind if I transform this letter, which has nothing personal, into an open letter to Eni, naturally without your name. Even these truths serve to spread the culture of the environment among ordinary people, without which politicians and multinationals, of which Eni is a part (despite public participation), things will never change. The telegraphic answer that I was kindly granted confirms this sad reality. People must know that laws and designs in the environment and energy do not come down from the sky, they can also be changed. Luigi Antonio Pezone “

Unfortunately, the regulations are not adequate because they cannot exceed the existing state of the art and the state of the art cannot grow if they themselves prevent the birth of interactive systems that are simultaneously energetic, purifying and with greater production capacity, as clearly described in the SPAWHE system. Scientific collegiality, today is limited to occasional advice. It is never constant and never global. Instead, it must be realized, full-time, where they prepare the public utility projects, which must be above partisan interests, and must not be specific but global. These obvious procedural today do not happen anywhere in the world, because no plant is designed jointly by experts of various disciplines. No company can afford to have experts who can follow all cycles that are put into play when we make any transformation of matter. But they did not understand that it is not necessary that the cycles are closing all where they begin. The important is that the cycle is not interrupted or contaminated, for this is designed SPAWHE. Lavoisier’s law says that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed. Each transformation has its own side effects, which in the industrial society well-designed would become resource (SPAWHE) while in today’s society (WORLDWIDE) turn into poison.

It is not sufficient that the law consider pollution as a criminal offense, contemplating only large spills poison. Even slow pollution by CO2 emissions and the failure to implement the alkaline of treated water to the receiving water body is environmental damage, as the omission treatment of sewage farm, the recovery of the heat of the cooling water. Even the degeneration sewage is both an environmental and economic damage, destroying the power energy and increasing the costs of sludge treatment plants, wasting other resources in open tanks that emit the CO2 and consume chemical flocculants, to produce acidic water and sludge that can’t be used in agriculture. Are not these environmental crimes and economic legalized?

What will future generations live, if no government is able to carry out a comprehensive environmental reasoning? Including public professors, who form our youth in the universities, where science and research are divided as lobbies, like the current policies and the multinationals? The nature of the planet Earth that was formed over billions of years, has proven infallible connection cycles between water, air and biological fossil energies, that were able to neutralize the early atmosphere made mostly of hydrogen and methane, while we do not we are able to neutralize the CO2 emissions by just copying what he did nature. That is, adding to each thermal plant a greenhouse limestone with artificial rain, of course, proportional to the quantity of energy produced, for which the thermal plants cannot be placed at random on the territory. It ‘so difficult to understand that where you cannot neutralize the CO2, you cannot achieve thermal plants? But that does not mean we can not produce a positive energy to the environment. Just think that the only atmospheric pressure, without expanding, in an empty air hose, has the power to lift water to 10 m. Therefore, an artificially pressurized tank with compressed air, without expanding, can raise the water in an empty pipe, for example, up to 350 m, or it can exploit these 350 m of energy in a turbine to produce electricity. The problem to be solved was only to recover the water that comes out of the turbine and put it back into the pressurized tank without spending a lot of energy. I think this problem has been brilliantly solved by the invention of pumps with separate double power supplies up to the impeller, which allow continuous internal recycling of the volume of water accumulated in a tank placed at the top, or in a pressurized autoclave. This can happen because the water does not compress and when the impeller is rotating it creates a depression in the center of the same that lets the two separate flows enter (low atmospheric pressure and high recycled pressure). At the exit of the impeller the flow becomes one and only the pressure for the Pascal principle. Therefore, with a pump with low head and low energy consumption, we can replace the one discharged from the tank placed at the top, or expelled from the air cushion of the autoclave for the principle of impenetrability of the bodies. In both cases, we can create a cycle that can be repeated indefinitely by producing a large amount of energy in the turbine while consuming a small amount of energy in the pump.

The new renewable energies are nothing more than decoy, which are maintained at the expense of taxpayers, increasing energy costs. Solar energy has a very low yield, very large dimensions and high disposal costs, wind energy has very high environmental impacts and better yields than solar energy, but always very low compared to compressed hydroelectric energy. Just think that it would take a wind traveling at 80 km / h to exert a pressure of just 0.83 bar on the wind turbine blades. Certainly not comparable to the 35 or even 100 bars that we could have on the small blades of a hydraulic turbine, with its pressurized tank that can also be housed in the hood of a car, let alone in the hood of a truck, a train, a ship, or of an airplane, or of a space transport system that overcomes the gravitational force by adding together the Newton reaction thrust and the Lorentz electromagnetic thrust, both originating from the pressurized hydroelectric primary energy, which is not neutral energy, but protective of the ‘environment. The same energy that installed in the submerged version can protect against high waters and floods, oxygenating the water. This energy would have a lower production cost than the cost of extracting, refining and transporting fuels. Therefore, from an economic point of view, it cannot be compared with any of the current world energies.

Nevertheless all my reasoning and all my patents are greeted with silence from world governments. As a man and as a technician, I’m in trouble to express my political vote. I cannot vote for either conservatives or liberals for my country. But the problem is worldwide. As I wrote in the article, also published in Italian, for myself, all the world’s politicians are guilty of international crimes against the environment encoded in 2001 by the UNITED Nations. Especially in articles 1, 15, 48, 54, 58, by failing to respond to projects of recognized international utility, developed by citizens who do not have funds and who cannot find even private lenders, because the protection of the environment and energy is a public responsibility.

3) Public research and planning work for multinationals. This is why neither global warming nor the great gap between rich and poor can be fought.

Private inventors are mistreated by lawmakers even though it appears that the laws are the same for everyone. They have to pay patent maintenance fees even if their patents are of public utility, and nobody finances them because they are inconvenient for the world ruling class. While public and multinational inventors are salaried and the deposit and maintenance fees are paid by employers. It is no coincidence that public and multinational inventors try to improve the yields of current purification and energy systems, not to eliminate the original vices, by switching to interactive solutions. It is no coincidence that by mutual agreement, public and private managers are silent, while employees cannot speak to comply with company regulations. It is no coincidence that the most important patents were not granted to me because the Italian patent office with and without the European patent office declared my inventions “perpetual motion”, without officially involving public and private science worldwide, which they are the real culprits for the wrong development.  I have always asserted that perpetual motion in the non-terrestrial environment does not exist, but if it did exist it is not convenient because if it would be true that it would not consume energy, it would not even be able to produce it. Instead on planet Earth, energy is everywhere. To extract it, it would have been enough to use the current pumps on the contrary, which raise the water in an open basin, making them pump in the direction of gravitational force and immediately insert a turbine with the water outlet connected with a large section pipe to the upper basin. I did not do this trivial experiment because I have no money to waste, because it is clear that the current generator connected to the turbine produces a quantity of energy tens or hundreds of times higher than the electrical energy absorbed by the pump. Indeed. The pump absorbs very little because it takes advantage of the gravitational force and the mass of water present in the down tube, while the turbine absorbs all the kinetic energy that is transformed into electricity in the current generator. I patented the inventions subsequent to this reflection because they allow to oxygenate even the water while we produce energy and raise the water for free by circumventing the gravitational force to invent compressed hydroelectric energy which can be of small footprint and replace very well and with less energy and environmental costs the current thermal engines, but also the current renewables. So even electric cars and aircraft engines become uneconomical, on which we could even add the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, which among other things would allow us to stop on the outbreaks of large fires with large volumes of water to stop the devastation of forests and savannas, without producing CO2, pollution and low energy costs.

Unfortunately, world science is silent on interactive inventions. If science is silent, how can politicians and economists understand that interactive inventions are interrelated and can grow virtually even if no one actually realizes them? An inventor cannot be conditioned by the taxes to be paid and the bureaucracy that denies him the copyrights that are recognized even to those who write a simple song. The truth in one way or another will come out sooner or later. But if it does not come out now that trillions of billions are being spent in defense of a small virus around the world, it is unlikely that future generations, full of debt, will have a better chance. Italy alone will spend 209 billion. In view of this money, the opposition parties that continually study the electoral polls, probably in their favor, or delude themselves that they are in favor, have called for new elections. Rightly, in the current case, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, in times of pandemic, has called these false patriots to reality: we could not afford a legislative vacuum to allow the preparation and holding of new useless elections. All is well that ends well. We have a highly experienced figure in the presidency of the board. It is what we need in the current historical period, that after the collapse of the Berlin wall, and the suspension of what the former president of the United States wanted to build on the border with Mexico, the differences in the world between conservatives and progressives are dwindling. But scientific ignorance persists.

It is time to begin to scientifically and impartially govern the planet Earth, without political compromises. Unfortunately, the current world governments have never encouraged the study and experimentation of multidisciplinary solutions and even governments led by technicians do not have reliable scientific reference points, because science does not make mistakes only if it is applied multidisciplinary.

I don’t expect the world to experiment and realize my interactive inventions if it doesn’t understand them, but at least to those who govern my country, I’ve always asked: where are the projects of the new governments? Obviously I never got any answers. Under the leadership of President Draghi, with a very large majority we should have an abundance of projects, and be spoiled for choice. I hope they show some. I do not yet know the choices that President Draghi will make, but on the part of the politicians who support him I only see the desire to resume activities in order not to lose electoral support.

I think that sometimes we should also believe in those who work unpaid by any world power center, to fill a world scientific legislative vacuum, because, probably, employee inventors are not free to study interactive solutions that are simpler, more efficient and cheaper. of the existing ones. If the pandemic is global, it means that something must change, especially in the global anthropogenic planning. If world governments don’t want to consider the inventions of a simple retiree, show their solutions. We cannot simply resume suspended activities and live with viruses that continually change the way they attack humans.

I refer to my some articles published on my website which have the following titles:

3.1) Where science does not reach, the scientific organization of work arrives, if it is applied globally.

This article shows that world science, divided into specific sectors, not coordinated by politics and public science, produces more harm than good to the development and world economy. But at the same time, politicians are unable to lead towards sustainable development, because they have not governed for a long time. They let themselves be governed by the world stock exchanges. While public science is paid for by taxpayers, it produces patents which it sells to multinationals with the consent of lawmakers. Furthermore, even if it were free to develop patents of public utility, being divided into specific sectors, not knowing the scientific organization of work globally, it could not produce the global multi-disciplinary inventions, which are needed in the historical moment we live.

3.2) Open letter to Mr. Elon Musk who promised 100 million dollars to those who manage to capture CO2 from the atmosphere.

In this article, I proposed to Mr. Elon Musk the cleaning of interactive fossil energy which even captures and uses CO2 in favor of the environment, already proposed to ENI on 11/26/2012, without success, as described in the previous chapter. With this article I wanted to demonstrate three things:

First: That world public science, despite the more than fifty billion spent to create the CCS, has failed to do so.

Second: That despite the failure of the CCS, after almost ten years, it has not considered my solution which is much better than simple capture, helping to combat ocean acidification and improve purification.

Third: I think I tested billionaire ELon Musk’s good intentions to show whether he is really interested in solving the problem, or just wanted to get publicity.

3.3) Open letter to Mr. Bill Gates on energy miracles.

In this article, written and published in March 2016 that intended to spend two billion dollars to produce miraculous energy, I explained to him five ways to produce miraculous energy extracted directly from the environment without the use of fuels, which will even dissolves oxygen in water by purifying it. He never answered me. It is clear that despite being both Catholics, we have different concepts on what a miracle is.

Personally, as a designer and installer of industrial, then environmental, and then inventor systems, in the last fifty years, I have always been at the forefront, like a soldier at the front. Away from the headquarters, where decisions are made, and obsolete public procurement specifications are spreading that have not undergone substantial changes in the last fifty years. In fact, the world scientific progress of the last fifty years has focused on information technology and electronics. It hasn’t changed neither the purifiers, nor the thermal power stations, nor the way of raising the waters, nor the world transport. No one has noticed that the undersigned without economic means, unfortunately, only virtually in the last fifteen years, has completely changed them, including Elon Musk, who will take us into space with an already obsolete energy, which will not be able to add up the thrust of Newton and Lorentz and will not be able to ensure an almost infinite energy autonomy, which will not depend on fuels and nuclear power, but only on a small reserve of water and air and on the wear and tear of the machines that simultaneously produce energy and purification.

If any entrepreneur and some world statesman truly wants to enter the history of humanity, they must convert to experimentation with interactive energy, otherwise they will be added to the very long list of those who have hindered it. This is the only worldwide invention that can accelerate environmental purification processes and extend human life with the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, but it is also the only one that connects best of all, without economic costs and with autonomy of operation infinite to electromagnetic induced currents, which can generate direct or alternating electric current for different applications including motors that produce torque or linear thrust to revolutionize world transport by land, sea, sub sea, air and space. But also to create mobile barriers with low costs to defend ourselves from high waters while oxygenating the water. The Mose in Venice, which cost seven billion and took seventeen years to build, could cost ten times less and be more environmentally efficient.,

The task of those who carry out the work that the undersigned did until 2005, was and is to comply with the sizing criteria of the systems, respect the tender specifications, the environmental legislative rules, and build the systems in a workmanlike manner. It was and is impossible to participate in public tenders and at the same time propose changes to world public facilities. It is like spitting on the plate where you eat. However, doing this type of work, I would have liked to design anthropogenic plants differently. But since these are large industrial plants, urban ones of great diffusion, changing small details would have been of no use and no one would have listened to me. No one would have changed the tender specifications and no one would have financed the invention. As happened with small preliminary inventions which concerned domestic water saving and energy saving of current domestic boilers. I had to wait until the minimum retirement age to seriously start the activity of inventor of new energy and purification systems, to sink the knife with greater energy into the global scourge of public facilities. How can the world legislators correct the environmental defects of private industrial plants, and the means of transport that multinationals produce, if they do not first correct the public plants? The state of the art of environmental protection and sustainable economy will never advance as long as public inventors continue to sell patents to multinationals. This is demonstrated by the fact that I have been left alone and without a public and private euro to tackle these great problems. But the downside was positive because without funding I had to think across the different energy and environmental technological disciplines and put together what has already been experienced even in past centuries, but scarcely used in today’s society. I am thinking in particular of the principles of Pascal, Torricelli, venturi, Henri which are indispensable for achieving both purification and interactive energies. When you enter in the Italian and foreign schools the study of interactive applications of these principles to dispel the myth of perpetual motion and that of thermodynamic principles, which on Earth are certainly less useful than fluid dynamics for sustainable development? 

Dear President Draghi, I do not envy you who have been called in life to cover very important institutional roles, because I think I would not be able to sleep at night thinking about the consequences of the decisions made and to be taken, however, I believe that there is a lot of difference between the work you do a president of the European bank and a president of the board of a European or world government. Because the president of the Bank, despite having great powers, is not forced to choose among the projects that the country must carry out to create sustainable development, especially if the country he governs does not know what it means to design in a sustainable way. Growth is one thing, sustainable development is another thing. Many seniors, like us and President Mattarella, regret the Italian growth of the sixties, I don’t regret it in hindsight, because my work made me understand that it was only growth. There was nothing sustainable. There is only one way to create sustainable development and that is to close all the chemical, thermal, nuclear, biological cycles that open, or they must not be opened. On this subject, despite being a simple retiree, I am willing to compare myself with all the scientists of the world. It is they who are hiding, because I first studied and patented the way to close the cycles and they did not respond. Later I studied and patented the way to produce energy without opening chemical, thermal, nuclear, biological cycles and they did not respond equally. Paradoxically, with this last solution we almost reach zero purification and energy costs worldwide, therefore we must focus only on technological development and producing food, which for myself will cost much less if we extract it from the oceans with artificial welling.,

It seems that world public science does not know that only 5% of the ocean surface produces food by means of natural welling and that the oceans, due to global warming, have lost 30% of alkalinity in the industrial age. So, we must ask ourselves why it allows oil to be extracted from the oceans to produce fuels that, using interactive energy, are unnecessary and unnecessarily pollute the environment? It is evident that world public science does not believe in the venturi effect that would allow us to extract the solubilized carbonates in ocean waters at a depth of over 4000 meters, but it also does not believe that interactive energy can be extracted clean directly from the environment, using water, air and gravitational force as raw materials. I believe that those who have governed the Bank of Italy, the European Bank and who today are called by the whole country unanimously to govern Italy, even with a broad consensus from governments and world stock exchanges, must distance themselves from this science, which forced him to make bad economic decisions both as governor of the Bank of Italy and as governor of the European Bank, and what is more serious, will force him to make bad decisions even as head of the government of the seventh world power. I too, as a simple installer of industrial and environmental systems, have trusted the science and technologies developed worldwide, but I have had more opportunities to verify them than the new Italian Prime Minister. I would not do my duty if I did not warn him of the great mistakes made, not by the scientific principles elaborated individually by science, but by their partial application, which has neglected to elaborate the interactive connections, both at a scientific and technological level. I believe I have done my duty to warn the Italian governments that have governed in the last ten years and subsequently also the European ones and the United Nations, without ever having had any answers from anyone, except those of the patent offices, which are completely inadequate and contradictory. , that without any logic, some patents have granted them and others refused them.  However, I do not think that oil is a resource that is not needed by humanity. I think petroleum derivatives are very useful, if used for industrial production purposes and there would be no better use than that of creating artificial islands to achieve artificial welling to defeat acidification, world hunger and unemployment. I have not even received answers on this subject from industrialists and politicians. These, apart from the fact that they do not know how to answer scientifically, before answering they want to know which social category I represent and how many voters I could bring in the event of an election. I don’t like associations and I don’t like politics. I started being an inventor as a retiree, to be free to think without being conditioned by personal and political interests. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, political divisions make no senseIt is our duty to identify, above all scientific and technological errors, because the world should be governed scientifically, applying the scientific organization of work impartially, industrially, not only in industry but also in the environment, where this organization cannot ignore interactive principles that govern photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, and biological equilibria. Global warming and the current pandemic have been produced because world public science has not applied the scientific organization of work to the environment impartially, which consequently would have also corrected the errors committed by the scientific organization of industrial work. So the world problems are above all scientific, technical, economic. All other political and humanistic sciences can influence the spirit, not the world of work, development, economics and public health. I think that those who have done the most damage to humanity are above all politicians, who, not knowing the world of real industrial work, the environment, energy and health, have made wrong laws, who rewarding industrial property instead of the intellectual one and allowing the trade of patents from public to private, have created enormous conflicts of interest, which are still preventing the emergence of interactive inventions linking science and technology, which are the only ones that can simultaneously save the environment, the world economy, sharing wealth more equitably, giving the right value to primary resources. Today, some expensive and unnecessary ones are overrated to the maximum, while the best, abundant and sustainable, are completely neglected. This great confusion, in my opinion, was produced precisely by the political parties that also enjoy public funding. For myself, governments should be formed without electoral campaigns, inviting people who have distinguished themselves in the world of work, science and economics but without having conflicts of personal interest. President Mattarella did well to call Professor Draghi who is not a politician, but a technician with proven experience, who can also correct his vision of the world economy without personal trauma, if the primary sources of world energy change. I hope that Professor Draghi has made the right choices, choosing ministers and undersecretaries capable of understanding that the time of politics and compromise is over and that the world must be scientifically governed. I am not surprised that in the upper floors of world politics and economics nothing has emerged that concerns interactive energies and purification, because the world of work is sick from its foundations and before the upper floors that do not live from the I live industrial, environmental and energy activities in workshops and construction sites. It is not convenient for global entrepreneurs who have invested in the wrong systems to lift the lid, nor for their employees. But it is the misused scientific and technological systems that have created global warming and the current pandemic. The first to suffer the consequences of the wrong choices are those who have less faults, such as tourism, trade, catering, schools. These activities cannot be resumed without removing the source of evil, without risking the decimation of the world population. It must be recognized that the scientific and technological castes have hidden the most important inventions. The only way to ascertain the truth is to follow the rules of the global scientific organization of work updated to the state of the art in all sectors. Whoever enters a parliament or a government must enter to perform a service in the interest of all, not to access a national caste, connected to other international castes that are destroying nature and man because there is no control body multidisciplinary world that distinguishes useful inventions from harmful ones. As I wrote in an article from 2019, just before the start of the pandemic, the crime of omission is the daily bread of public bodies worldwide. 15.04.2019

From the silences collected worldwide on purification and interactive energies, I think that no world country is ready to rationally spend the money allocated to face the world pandemic. Sustainable development can only be designed by public planners who simultaneously apply the scientific organization of industrial and environmental work in all purification and energy details, with multidisciplinary and interactive solutions, as nature does. But by developing the technologies and machines necessary to speed up natural processes, without changing them. Unfortunately, the world’s public planners have been trained as mono-disciplinary specialists and are used to collaborating only with other mono-disciplinary specialists. The multinationals themselves are specialized in individual sectors. Therefore, on planet Earth, there does not exist and never has been a transfer of experience between one scientific sector and another to identify the machines to be used to trigger interactive processes for the simple fact that no one thought that these machines could exist. This is due to the fact that specialists study specific cycles of water, air, fumes, earth etc., while the undersigned has studied global cycles. He did not want to do it alone, but was forced above all by the Italian public research bodies that underestimated the contribution of experience that I could have given.

I want to mention the only serious letter received from a public research institution over many years of partner research. This is the letter ENEA / 2009/370587 / PRES dated 2/07/2009, in which the former president of ENEA (Italian national energy and environment), the  Prof. Luigi Paganetto, He invited me to a meeting at their home in Bologna, writing me literally: “In order to deepen the technical aspects and the economic implications of the systems and technologies you have proposed, please contact the Dr …………., Head of the Methodology Analysis and Prevention of Anthropic Risk, which will be able to organize a Meeting with industry experts “.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to the undersigned, the collaborators of the President delayed the meeting, and they called me in the second half of the month of September 2009, making me there and back about 1100 km by train just to tell me that the prof. Paganetto had fallen as president of Enea, and they could no take care of my patents, not having enough funds to pursue their patents either. So there was no technical discussion on my patents All this could have been communicated to me with a simple mail, without even incurring the inconvenience of traveling expenses. This is the level of behavior of Italian and probably worldwide research organizations in relation to private inventors. Later, ENEA, like all other Italian and world search agencies, did not respond to submitting my publications, although it has submitted patents far more important than those produced until 2009.

I think that even though Prof. Luigi Paganetto was the only important personality to answer me, he was the only one to do his duty, among the many thousands of world-class energy and environmental world leaders who They could answer and invite me to a constructive comparison.

I believe that the Italian and world public scientific bodies have had the merit of making me angry by ignoring the interactive purification, making me raise the stakes, like a gambler who plays everything, up to the prospect of the rapid and positive change of the whole worldwide development that I would never have dared to think if they had had a more collaborative attitude.

If we reflect carefully, all current scientific knowledge is mono disciplined, apart from Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity, specific and general, which have begun to clarify the complex scientific multidisciplinarity of the universe, which has also opened the mind to other important scientists such as Stephen Hawking. However, universal scientific phenomena on planet Earth arrive filtered by the atmosphere around us and we could have made the right interactive terrestrial inventions, even without knowing the mysteries of the universe. Even if nobody is aware that the Earth revolves around the sun. It would have been enough to exploit the phenomenon of gravity, on electromagnetism, even without understanding its origin. For a strange circumstance, extraterrestrial knowledge, instead of helping us solve terrestrial problems, has distracted the entire world science, which has not realized that the primary earth energy is not thermal, nor nuclear, but simply fluid dynamics. The only external force we need on planet Earth is the gravitational force. For a very strange circumstance, Earth science has chosen the tortuous, polluting and anti-economic thermal energy to produce the concentrated force in a cylinder that is due to the pressure for the flow rate for the density of the fluid passing through it.  This was the biggest mistake in the history of mankind because heat does not produce thrust directly, but produces it through combustion gases, or steam, which are gases that have a density almost a thousand times lower than simple water. that circulating in the same cylinder at the same speed as the gas or steam would produce almost a thousand times higher energy. This concept, especially economists should understand it, while environmentalists should have understood that it was useless to pollute the environment with coal, oil or gas to produce heat because it is not necessary to produce energy on planet earth. However, even environmentalists do not understand interactive primary energy.

The undersigned has only virtually demonstrated why he has never had a single euro of financing that to produce energy it is not necessary to divide the atom, it is sufficient to hermetically divide the power supply of the centrifugal pumps into two or more parts right into the rotating impeller and feed one of the parts in the direction of the gravitational force with the water discharged from a turbine, after this has produced electricity, to insert it into the same impeller that recycles the pressurized water from an autoclave, which expels it by the principle of impenetrability of the bodies, with the pressure of the autoclave, to produce an energy cycle, not closed, but open, which can be repeated indefinitely in one-way circulation, without the expansion and compression phases of the cylinders or gas or steam pistons , which obviously have low yields because they absorb energy in the compression phase and release it in the expansion phase. With one-way fluid dynamics, everything becomes simpler and more logical because energy is produced with a continuous fluid flow through the current generator in proportion to the flow rates and pressures that pass through the turbine. But at the same time the water is oxygenated according to Henry’s principle, always in proportion to the pressure and flow rate of the water that passes through the autoclave, with almost imperceptible economic costs, due only to the quantity of air that dissolves in the water because the pressure it is statically exploited.

From 1987 to 2005, I participated in Tunisia in the construction of several purification and water extraction and lifting plants from the Medjerdah river, financed by the World Bank, certainly useful, but not innovative. I also participated in building water extraction wells in Puglia, where water was found at a depth of five hundred meters. In both cases, I think it would have been better to experiment with the following plant that I filed as a patent in the following years: vertical ion exchange desalinators-demineralizers with hydroelectric energy production. fact, I believe that the current desalinators are not sustainable because the membrane ones are too expensive to maintain and those with ion exchange resins disperse too many resins. Also, they consume too much energy. Unfortunately, with governments not governing, the inventors should all be billionaires, but if they become entrepreneurs they cannot produce other ideas nor can they improve previous ideas if they do not pay back the money invested on ideas that are not sufficiently deepened first.

It is shameful that private inventors are forced to write their solutions in a hundred different ways because no one understands them and they have been left alone by national institutions and by the opposition against the excessive power of multinationals and public bodies themselves who want to continue to use them. purifiers and desalinators, produce the current nuclear and also renewable thermal energies, which are worth very little compared to the interactive ones, not only for the purifying aspects of the environment, but also economic, when the whole world is about to spend over a thousand billion dollars or euros to create development alternatives to the current ones, put in crisis by a very small mono-cell virus, which is showing itself to be smarter than the entire world science.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone