PCT/IT2016/000202 open letter to W.I.P.O. and the international legal offices.

(For information eleventh letter to International Courts of Justice and the UN Secretary)

Dear sirs and ladies, I do not know if the open letter system works because I have written many without ever having answers. The funny thing is the fact that I wrote them because I’ve never had answers from the authorities of the environment and energy, while the entrepreneurs in these sectors have received only some evasive response, the kind that they already comply with environmental regulations. Yet the industrial, environmental and energy plant problems have been my daily bread since January 1970, when I started working as a technical designer at the Alfa Romeo plant section, which I left after seventeen years just to get to know the public purification plants too and lifting water. Looking back on it, in the field of the environment and energy, nothing works as it should be. How can open letters work? However, being a stubborn I will continue to write them just to show that power does not respond and does not assume its responsibilities, at least for the problems concerning this sector. In the environmental sector I did not do the senior manager, but the operational manager of the hydraulic and mechanical systems of a small installation company. Therefore, my environmental solutions are not born from scientific theories but from the practical knowledge of existing machines and plants, which unfortunately do not work properly in an organized system that follows precise cycles of work from the birth of pollution to reach the sea for the waste water. While for the polluted air, the current chimneys and the filtrations of the exhausts of the means of transport are certainly not a solution, being necessary a chemical and wet abatement. Today all the purification cycles of water and air are incomplete and only a small part pass through the purifiers or filters. The current world authorities of the environment and energy do not have the courage to let go of the current large treatment plants far from the cities and to achieve a widespread urban purification. My letters open to the European Commission were useless at What is the use of creating united Europe and the United Nations? Only to multiply the bureaucratic aspects? Instead of multiplying the design skills?

Probably, the fact of not being heard has stimulated even more the desire to demolish all of the current purification and energy systems, because after the absence of responses from the European commission that date back to 2015, the following years, they were even more prolific of proposals. In fact, my most recent solutions are invisible and globally protect the environment without the existing purifiers and without the large thermal power stations, but not even solar panels and wind turbines, simply producing pressurized hydroelectric energy that uses water and air as energy sources, exploiting at the same time the principles of Pascal Torricelli and Henry. This is not a perpetual motion because the machines that need to be continually working are used: pumps, turbines, valves, alternators, electric motors, speed regulators. However, the advantage is immense compared to other systems as we do not produce pollution, but purify and do not waste economic resources in unnecessary thermal, chemical, or nuclear fuels. In addition, yields are hundreds of times higher because the efficiency of a thermal engine or boiler is around 35% of the lower heating power, while the efficiency of a compressed hydroelectric plant statically exploits the air pressure that does not come out of the plant and therefore is not consumed. Not even the water that is  consumed, being reinserted in the circuit, consuming very little energy (produced by the same system that is not a closed circuit). There is no waste even in the use of materials because the energy is produced moment by moment based on the consumption of the user fed, making the pumps of the plants run more or less quickly with the double supply separated until to the impeller. Furthermore, we release oxygen in the water in proportion to the static operating pressure (Henry) and multiply the energy consumed by the water circulation pump by the same static pressure that powers a turbine (Torricelli). All these solutions are merciless toward the current energy and purification solutions of water and air because they realize unique and complete cycles, with costs hundreds of times lower than the current ones, making cross polluted water and air, avoiding the current chimneys and pipes exhaust, but also the dimensions of solar panels, wind turbines and large energy accumulators.

Rightly, entrepreneurs respect current regulations. Why should they demolish plants on which they have invested their money, that are accepted and even funded by the environmental authorities? Why should they do the installations according to my point of view, if there are not even prototypes? It is not enough for me to say that what I write has already been demonstrated and applied for centuries by Pascal, Torricelli Henry, from existing machines on the market: pumps, turbines, compressors, electric motor alternators, fans. But no one put them together properly because first it was necessary to change the power supply of the pumps and then design the new plants. But the undersigned did not want to waste any more time, knowing that nobody would listen to him. He did everything virtually (with the only reasoning), but first filed the patents, although according to current laws are worth nothing for not paying maintenance fees and not having satisfied the patent examiners who have continued to write that not respect the principle of energy conservation, without saying which one. As if there were only one principle of energy conservation The story will tell those who are right and wrong, but before of the story it would be the case that even justice did its part, if science continues to be silent, after having unnecessarily polluted and warmed the planet.

The ability to design for the environment can only be acquired by critically and impartially analyzing existing plants. I have been doing this for twenty years, as an installer, before filing my first patent on the environment plants in 2006. Who designs the environmental and energy systems, before increasing the world public debts, must have the ability to make the plants work virtually in mind by following the paths of water and fumes in the entire sewerage and purification system of water and chimneys to make themselves account of the inconsistencies of the physical, chemical and biological principles that occur. Only by capillary meeting the right quantities of water, air, chemical and biological components, moment by moment, can the environment be protected in the entire cycle. Those who created large thermal and depurative plants without taking into account the proportions to be respected and global cycles, created immense damage to humanity. Even  large hydroelectric plants produce more harm than good. These become even ridiculous if we demonstrate that hydropower can be produced everywhere with very little recycled water, even at the North and South Pole, in the deserts and on the means of transport terrestrial, naval and spatial. But all these facilities that could be the salvation of our children are accused of violating an imaginary and non-existent principle of energy conservation, by patent examiners who should simply refrain from making scientific judgments, not knowing how to argue scientifically the opposition:,,,,,,,,,

I assert that the patent offices simply have to keep the public utility patents of technical and scientific avant-garde that do not claim industrial property. If these are to be understood and implemented in the near future, intellectual property and copyright should be recognized to inventors, as are all works of intellect. For these patents the times granted by the current regulations are not sufficient and the regulations themselves are not adequate because the patents of public utility do not have to pay taxes of any kind, apart from those on author’s rights received if the inventions will be realized.

From the extensive studies of water and air and the machines that bring together these elements is born  the international patent PCT/IT2016/000202,  that it is a very simple patent deposit, but probably, it is also the most important of all time for energy and environmental protection, being the only invention that allows water to be recovered at no cost after it has produced the hydroelectric energy to reinsert it back into the energy producer’s water volume to exploit free of the natural physical principles identified by Pascal, Torricelli and Henry long before the invention of electricity. The importance of this invention is made even greater by combining the compressed air of an autoclave tank, because it allows the use of one-way water in a hybrid circuit (open-closed), which due to pressurization and water recycling can take very small dimensions, to replace all current thermal engines of all sizes. From motorcycles to airplanes and future spaceships. In fact, since the water is replaced in the original volume of water at each instant, it does not vary nor the volume of water, nor the volume of air nor the static water pressure that produces energy in the turbine. Therefore we can produce energy and water purification to infinity consuming only the wear of the machines, but without emitting even a gram of harmful gas into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, even science, with its silences, is proving its ignorance in the practical application of the principles of conservation of energy. My current objective is to fight at the UN because  the inventors of patents of public utility do not have to pay any tax in any country in the world and that patents must be accessible to all countries in the world, such as medicines. With my patents that no one has financed, I wanted to show that both governments and multinationals are currently not really interested in protecting the environment and neither are international justice nor the United Nations to whom I wrote ten open letters without receiving any answers. In all these letters, I invite the United Nations to separate intellectual property from industrial property, which, of course, as now, can also coincide if the inventor is an employee. I ask for this change because with the current legislation private inventors are highly penalized, not being able to face the costs of patent deposits and those of maintenance of the same. This must take place at least for environmental and energy utility patents that have been monopolized by the alliance of public research centers and multinationals. Where the research institutions sell their patents to the multinationals with the complacency of the legislators. This has led to the development of commercial depurative and energy solutions that are not compatible with the environment and with the sustainability of the systems. It is no coincidence that my thirty-two deposits of environmental and energy utility patents, one of which became a European patent and five in PCT, have not found public or private financiers, including the one in question that is about to expire. Only this patent managed to pass with difficulty from the examinations of the Italian and European patent offices. The patents that should use this type of pump have all been accused of violating the principles of energy conservation, as described in the article This is a very serious contradiction because if it works the pump with the double separate supply until to the impeller, can no longer work the other parts of the plant that perform simple functions that are no more than shut-off valves, turbines, electric motors, alternators, already widely tested and marketed. However, the undersigned did not find public and private lenders willing to invest on pumps with the double separate supply until to the impeller that do not involve the modification of the pumps but only the modification of the supply on the suction side. This only means that science does not want to admit its mistakes, entrepreneurs want to continue to build wrong facilities that damage the environment and the economy, politicians, lawmakers and justice do not intervene waiting for the inventor, without sufficient income is unfair to prove materially things that do not need to be demonstrated, but only to be put together correctly, as has already been shown by the descriptions and drawings. At these expenses the inventor should also add legal fees to appeal against patent offices that have no right to judge an invention of public utility from the scientific point of view; especially in the case of energy conservation, that science has not sufficiently deepened.  In this letter addressed to the specialized patent law offices, I invite you to join me for the recognition of international inventors’ copyrights, together with intellectual property, which is in fact already recognized. In fact, an invention if it has already been filed in a country even if it has not been extended internationally cannot be filed in any other country. However, copyrights are not recognized to the inventors, which are only linked to the recognition of industrial property and the payment of international taxes. This is a very serious discrimination against private inventors, who do not have a public or private company behind them that pays taxes for them and shares industrial property with them. In fact, 50% of patent sales are due to inventors employed by companies. They do not need to claim copyright as well.  Instead, a private inventor, such as myself, who deals only with environmental and energy utility patents, is seen as a competitor by public research bodies, which do not cooperate to share the patent in the transition from national to international, despite invitations sent. Moreover, it does not find private interlocutors as multinationals prefer to buy patents from public research bodies, thereby also acquiring the complacency of legislators and governments that are final customers. These evident conflicts of interest, between public and private bodies, completely block the activity of private inventors in the field of the environment and energy.  The undersigned, who started to work as a retiree inventor, because in a life of work he had the opportunity to get to know the problems of plant engineering and work organization, both in the industrial and environmental sectors; he believed that these experiences were indispensable for identifying the solution of environmental and energy problems; he could not imagine the bureaucratic, legislative difficulties and conflicts of interest with which he would clash. Even when he understood that no one would welcome him with open arms, he went ahead in his work trying to minimize the expenses to be incurred, depositing internationally only the international strategic patents, including the one in question. Which, like all the previous ones, did not find interlocutors. The reasons why I went ahead equally in my work are essentially two.

The first, was the certainty that the current insiders would never have come to find the solutions developed by myself, to solve the problems purifying water and air since not analyzing the organization of human work globally, they were going into the the opposite direction in all environmental and energy solutions, creating great counterproductive works, as written in many publications.

The second was trust in international justice. I thought that at least justice cannot continue to equate inventors, without capital to entrepreneurs, since inventions, like or not to those who boycott them, are works of intellect, cannot be treated differently from other works of intellect.

For myself, an inventor who files a patent in the patent application form should ask whether he wants industrial or intellectual property. This is a serious incoerence of the United Nations that manage the intellectual property of patents worldwide, which is called, precisely intellectual, not industrial.  In fact,  WIPO it is an organ of the United Nations and means: World Intellectual Property Organization. Intellectual inventions of public utility, if the United Nations respects the mandate received from the world populations,  of the earth, must be diffuse, not hidden, and the rights of authors to recognized inventors.

What happens in the world of the environment and energy is a serious contradiction, because if an inventor develops ideas of public utilities, and government agencies do not sponsor, finds himself in the position of a writer who writes a book rejected by publishers. What happens to the writer? Nothing. The writer can continue to hope that his book will be understood at least by future generations. His copyrights do not decay and he does not have to economically bleed to pay taxes of deposit and maintenance that do not compete him. Indeed, publishers have every right to refuse a book they do not like. The world public bodies have no right to refuse the testing of a patent of global public utility if they do not justify these choices with incontrovertible scientific motivations. Instead, all the world’s environmental and energy agencies are silent, including the United Nations, which has reached the twenty-second COP (conference of parts) without ever having emerged from such conferences a single solution of those published by myself, without a penny of a world public organ.

To the legal offices that in these years of activity have written me many times to remind me of the deadlines of patents and use their services, I have always written that I would willingly use their services if I had found the entrepreneurs interested in investing in patents. In this respect they were not of any help and therefore also the international phases I had to carry on by myself, minimizing the costs, however unbearable for a simple pensioner, stopping at the fateful deadline of the thirty-one months from the national deposit to choose the countries contractors, which, of course, I could not overcome, without having behind an industrial company, a public research body, or a government that believes in my solutions. This whole procedure is absurd for a patent deposit that does not aspire to industrial property but only to the intellectual, unforeseen, unrecognized and unwanted by the world institutions. Why not delete the word intellect from the initials of the WIPO?

I do not doubt that the current patent system functions for commercial patents, but in the field of the environment and energy, it certainly did not work, because in the world, polluting solutions continue to exist with original non-resolvable flaws, both from an environmental and economic point of view, both for purification systems and for energy systems, which, as the undersigned showed, through a series of deposits of alternative patents that have not been created (thirty-one national, one European, five international).

These problems can be solved only through a model of development coherent with the environment, composed of many patents that follow the pollution step by step, intervening in the right place at the right time, closing the chemical and biological cycles that open after ‘use. Where it is possible not to open such cycles it is advisable, from an environmental and economic point of view. I believe I have demonstrated these things with my patent deposits even if they have not found investors.  This cannot mean that an inventor has less right than a writer, to whom the publisher probably explains the reasons why the book does not like it. Nevertheless, this, for myself, is not important. . But this, for myself, is not important. The important thing is that justice recognizes equal rights and obligations for all. Even if patent deposits have been rejected at the outset with the defamatory scrutiny of violating the principles of energy conservation, if it is established that they were accurate, the rights must be restored. Patent offices should not make scientific judgments but only keep patents that go beyond the current state of the art. If science is silent, they cannot speak in the name of science. In any case, even science in the field of environment and energy, has committed many errors that cannot question the experience of myself avoiding the experiments. These cost a few thousand dollars and it is shameful that they have not yet been done because on the other energies, which are worth less, billions of dollars have been spent all over the world.

I hope that the International Judges, who will also receive this letter, as the eleventh open letter, intervene, both to condemn the crimes of omission of world public bodies, and to change the laws on intellectual property patents, which is not at all intellectual. If they do not, I hope at least the law offices take steps to change the current regulations. At the end, even if private inventors are poor and cannot pay for their assistance like entrepreneurs, if they recover their rights, they could increase their business. 

In light of the experiences lived and published by myself, to respect the principles of energy conservation the following rules should be respected:

– before opening a thermal energy cycle, chemical, biological, atomic, which involve the opening and closing of side cycles required, it is necessary to verify the possibility of using a cold cycle predominantly physical between the water and the air .

-if you used thermal, chemical, biological, atomic cycles, at the end of the process all must be closed perfectly (we know very well that this does not happen at the exits of chimneys and pipes of transport means, or at the exit of the waste water, or at the exit of sludge and radioactive waste.)

While, the physical energy cycles of water and air for maximum efficiency must follow the following rules:

1) To be used with maximum efficiency, they must recycle the water and statically use the air pressure. Since, each expansion of the compressed air involves a subsequent compression and therefore an absorption of energy. While the recycling of incompressible water, at constant volume of water and air, entails only the energy consumption of a circulation pump that does not have to overcome the hydrostatic pressures of water and air compressions.

2) in the terrestrial environment they can be realized only with the use of pumps with the double separate supply until to the impeller that have the power to connect an open circuit that exploits the pressure jump and kinetic energy in a turbine for the principle of Torricelli, and a closed circuit that recycles the water inside a pressurized tank by replenishing the same amount of water that feeds the turbine by means of the second supply of the pump. Therefore the complete circuit is an open-closed hybrid circuit, which produces energy with the open circuit of the turbine powered by the compressed air pressure that cannot be expanded. However it exerts its pressure in all directions (Pascal), forcing the water out and feeding the turbine consuming the pressure energy, but consumes the energy of a closed circuit because the water comes back through the second supply of the pump recycling and keeps the volume inside the autoclave constant.

3) in the energetic circuits conceived in this way we must not forget the side effect of Henry’s principle that provides oxygen without energy costs to the water every time it crosses the pressurized tank. This is useful to purify all urban and industrial wastewater that does not pass through the purifiers.

4) in the energetic circuits conceived in this way, without prejudice to the use of submerged pumps with the double feed separated until the impeller, we can partially or totally reduce the energy production, partially or totally diverting the water that feeds the turbine, using the pressure compressed air (Torricelli) to raise the water in drains in the event of flood hazards without creating appropriate energy or water lifting works.

5) in the energy circuits conceived in this way, above all, on the means of transport we can reduce the volumes of water and air to produce energy by amalgamating the operating pressures and the number of energy plants that work in parallel on the same volume of water in circulation, since the difference between the water coming out and entering the pressurized autoclave tank is always equal to zero. This is a great advantage especially for air transport, which will have the power to rise vertically. On longer distances will be cheaper and safer transport, not needing wheels that wear out, roads, tunnels, rails. The extinguishing of fires can also be carried out with the fire-fighting aircraft stationary in a fixed position on the fire site, without dispersing the extinguishing water.

On the basis of these rules, we could say that the principles of energy conservation legisliferous, especially those of thermodynamics, are largely superseded by the principles of multiplication of the above mentioned fluid dynamics, which have never been legislated, due to the absence of the invention of the pump with the separate double feed up to the impeller, This allows to exploit both the gravitational forces and the hydrostatic pressures that today oppose the motion of the bodies and require the purchase of fuels and other energies, however not very efficient, not having the possibility to exploit statically and in one direction the powerful hydrostatic pressure energy due to the laws of Pascal and Torricelli together in an autoclave. If we notice, today, the autoclaves do not use the air cushion statically and the water circulates with the current pumps that compress in air cushion absorbing electrical energy, because the autoclaves are used as accumulators of water to mitigate the perturbations of motion varied and to reduce the number of hourly starts of the pump motors If we were to mount a turbine at the output of a current autoclave powered by a current pump, the pump would absorb a lot of energy and the turbine would produce less energy than that absorbed by the pump for the following reasons:

1) we can not keep the level of water and air in the autoclave constant while we feed the turbine and therefore there is an absorption of energy to restore the nominal level;

2) we can not recycle inside the feed pump to balance the suction and delivery pressures in the impeller while feeding the turbine. In fact, the recycling of water inside the tank allows the pump to absorb less energy and the water to enter in low pressure on the side from the suction side of the pump. .

3) If we recover the water at the exit of the turbine and insert it into the autoclave with a second pump of the current ones we worsen the situation because the water enters only by overcoming the pressure of the air cushion and therefore the system would absorb even more energy .

From this and many other examples published on, today we have to reflect on the fact that other sectors of technology that use energy and transform it grow and develop, above all, electronics, electromagnetism, computer science. The sectors that use primary energy, the one that must necessarily be extracted from nature, marks the step because of the wrong interpretation of the principles of energy conservation. This sector, having mistaken the primary sources of energy production, has particularly wrong the following sectors that must undergo radical changes, even if the world’s ruling class pretends nothing:

1) the purification plants that absorb immense amounts of energy that could have saved simply exploiting the principle of Henry, combining the purification with energy production; moreover we can also purify the groundwater of the basins and ports producing energy;

2) large thermal power stations, which are expensive and polluting;

3) the land transport, marine, aeronautical, agricultural and earth-moving industries,

4) the current hydroelectric plants, which require large works for the collection and containment of water that are against producing for the protection of the environment from the hydrogeological and even dangerous point of view.

5) Nuclear plants, which are expensive, dangerous, at risk for earthquakes and tsunamis

6) the pump and turbine industry, which would transform itself by carrying out much more important functions but by reducing the range of models currently in circulation and also the size, so that the energy would be produced everywhere.

7) industry of thermal engines, of all-purpose generators, which would turn into hydroelectric groups.

8)  the motor industry and electromagnetic current generators that would connect directly to the pumps with the double power supply separated by small electric motors and to the turbines with alternators of much larger dimensions, because of the multiplication of energy produced by the principles of Pascal and Torricelli. While today, in the hydraulic systems we have large electric motors that absorb miles of Kw, fed at 6000 – 9000 volts because the lifting systems do not exploit the gravitational forces and the hydrostatic pressures but they challenge these forces precisely because of the absence of the pumps with the double feeding separate to the impeller

9) The industry of bulky and inefficient solar panels that produce energy only at certain times of the day does not make sense. As the wind blades do not make sense that to exert the pressure of 0.83 bar on the blades of a wind turbine require a wind blowing at 80 km / h. These energies cannot compete with a small-footprint energy that is one hundred times more efficient and even purifying.

10) Do battery-powered cars do not make sense, those with compressed air, those powered by hydrogen that must stop to be recharged by paying the energy? Apart from the cost of energy, do you imagine an agricultural tractor powered by these systems?  The best solution is to use static air pressure and water density, which is about 830 times higher than air. Circulating the high-pressure water in the turbines, we will have smaller plants at equal power developed compared to the thermal engines with relative fuel tanks. This also applies to boats, ships and planes that will not have to stop at airports and ports to fill up with fuels. But it is also true for space flights where oxygen and the air produced on board the spacecraft with photosynthesis can be compressed and used for the reaction push in the electric turbochargers fed by the water and the air produced and recycled aboard the same spaceship.

Obviously, all these solutions have been considered contrary to the principles of energy conservation from the unquestionable judgment of Italian and European patent examiners to force the inventor to make expensive legal appeals. For what purpose?  If the world public bodies have not even realized the public utility patents that have been granted to me for the purification and cleaning of fossil energy, with the patent deposits that I have paid regularly, for those with compressed hydropower I have to add also the costs of legal appeals? Is it not better to accept the deposits without making scientific judgments that even official science cannot afford and leave the arduous sentence to posterity? Naturally without claiming absurd taxes on deposits of public utility that should develop the world research bodies. On the other hand, they, in many cases, limit themselves to investigating problems instead of solutions. When they find solutions they are commercial solutions that sell to multinational companies. There is some world public body that has developed more global protection patents than those published on If it existed we would not have the current world pollution, because the solutions designed by the public bodies realize them, do not boycott them like those of private inventors.  See also the article

In the Italian election campaign where we vote on March 4, 2018, while publishing this article, no political party knows the background of the wealth produced and of all the public and private world plants, which should be demolished and rebuilt with different criteria, as indicated on http: But everyone promises growth, well-being, and tax reduction. Meanwhile, they enjoy privileges, annuities and high pensions with very few contributions paid. Players and showmen pay millions of euros for each performance. While the invention of the undersigned has cost eleven years of unpaid work by anyone and about 20,000 euros of expenses, mainly due to taxes on international deposits that he would not even have to pay, considering that I never aspired to become a retired entrepreneur.

If global public bodies do not know the scientific organization of environmental work leading to the conception of global environmental protection solutions, how do legislators properly legislate on the environment and energy? How do they distinguish between an invention of public utility and a commercial one? Lawmakers cannot realize that to foster the production of commercial consumer goods and economic growth, they discourage sustainable inventions. In fact, everyone works in the direction of economic growth. Even public research entities to finance working for multinationals. If this were not the case, researchers and public, planners would have realized that current purification and energy plants do not close the cycles they open and that are also inefficient. A private inventor who reports these problems, demonstrating that there are no public and private patents that purify the environment by producing energy, the legislators ask him to pay taxes, without even recognizing the copyright. While patent offices make life even more difficult by rejecting patent applications. Meanwhile, other national and international legislators continue to finance inefficient and unsustainable public works. I have reported above ten world problems that the PCT / IT2016 / 000202 patent, accidentally escaped the accusation of being contrary to the principles of energy conservation, but equally not financed by anyone, could help to resolve in a short time. I could add others too. I can only say that if I had not decided to become a retiree inventor, these problems no one would ever raise them because they all agree: public and private bodies, legislators, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists and judges. Obviously, the reasons for which I agree to remain silent are different from one category to another, but have nothing to do with the moral principles that should govern the world. The sovereign people (so to speak) do not know and it is better that they do not know.

I am sure that sooner or later, someone will experiment and build the pumps with the double power supply separated to the impeller, which are essential for realizing the energy and purification plants, fixed and mobile, as the undersigned indicated to produce energy protecting the environment. I have already done my part. I would prefer International justice to intervene by imposing on WIPO the change in patent laws, recognizing inventors the same rights as writers without continuing to force them to run after entrepreneurs and public bodies, which is clear that they have no interest in listening to them, at least in the environmental and energy fields. Also to safeguard the dignity of the work of the inventors who are dedicated to solving these problems. In the meantime, in the short time remaining until the end of the thirty-first month (7/03/2018), if there are entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of current laws, to begin to innovate at least the pumps, I give my consent. As they say, do not give up the egg waiting for the hen. But I do not participate by subtracting other resources from the already scarce family resources to support the current system that does not deserve any support from private inventors, for the way they are treated. The absence of these pumps that allow to circumvent the gravitational forces and to purify and produce energy with costs hundreds of times lower than the current ones has already cost humanity more than the damage done by the mafias and wars. Only a free inventor could invent them, even if they differ from other pumps only for feeding. I expect things to take their course, especially justice, otherwise the free inventors of studying impartial solutions in the common interest, already very rare, will disappear from the face of the earth. They will remain only paid inventors that do not work in the interest of the common people, the environment and the survival of humanity.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone.