Second open letter to the European commission


Dear Sirs, I take inspiration from recent correspondence I had with the office “Europe Direct Contact Centre / Research Service Enquiry”, which deals with the financing of European research, but rightly, does not have the power and the ability to support my patents. Those who have to respond institutionally to a citizen who poses a twofold question economic and technical (probably even moral), are you honorable representatives of the Commission and the European Parliament. The question is very simple: As a citizen and as an inventor, disappointed by the European environmental authorities in technical and legal, I provide my solutions and my patent applications to solve environmental problems of employment without conditions, but to make up time lost offices national and European public that, not only would have to solve the same problems, but even they never responded to me. I can produce a long list of organizations and public figures who deal with environment and energy that have not responded either as technicians or as politicians. But to the undersigned not interested in controversy, nor the political color of the interlocutors. It affects only the substance. That is to avoid the waste of resources, including the work of the undersigned. Which, if not appreciated, can also employed myself, but that is wasted without being rated by anyone is unacceptable, while the European Commission has allocated € 3,000,000 to solve only some of the problems faced by myself, for moreover, not immediately, but after 2018, starting from scratch, because those who set the way to tackle the problem of urban pollution does not know the work done by myself. Interest for Europe, the first thing to avoid is that patents lapse. Today there are no customs barriers, the only law recognized officially by one hundred and fifty countries is intellectual property, which unfortunately, is too expensive and not within the reach of private inventors. But a state or the European Union can afford thi costs  and can protect Thus the work of several European companies. To acquire a patent for an industrial system needed the requirements of novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability, Which especially in the field of environment and energy, today, are hardly Recognized inventions. If the undersigned has received this recognition means that has come new roads which also involve investments of vanguard that must be protected for twenty years, otherwise the state of the art in environmental protection and energy does not advance. In fact, the holders of patents, at least in the period of protection may apply higher prices to recover the costs of research, testing and product improvement. Meanwhile, the patented system, acquire technological and human experiences that enable him to be competitive for many years following the decay of the patents. These arguments are normal in the industrial world. But my patents show that those who come first, it can exploit the patents even for the vanguard public facilities. Unfortunately it is difficult to explain these things to politicians and their advisers who come from the university and the professions. Not from large industrial productions. In fact, the professional figures involved in these strategic choices may include biological, chemical, technological, architectural, engineering, geological, also features novelty and inventiveness, but not all things at the same time and above all, they can not grab concepts of construction of plants connected with industrial production capacity. in fact, although the industrial Taylorism goes back to the early twentieth century has never entered the public sector and requires a type of work organization is very different in the design phase and in the subsequent management. Not enough occasional advice. The production facilities are designed and managed jointly by all the company technicians, and are improved day by day, correcting the mistakes that delay the production and quality of the product also unimportant quantities. In the public sector, as there is no competition in the sale of product management errors trees survive. Politicians, professionals and those who create installations, not participating in the operation and race with competitors, do not improve either the product or the plant. This is the reason why in 2015 the pollution is produced industrially and environmental protection is artisan. The industry polluter because the design public is not able to develop infrastructure adapted to the pollution produced and even the regulations that would require at least to change the chimneys and the connection to the sewer system, which must take place after the aerobic purification primary vertical of water and CO2. If do not choose the system can not be determine the limits of responsibility between the public and private sectors and even the regulations to be respected. One thing is certain: water and air must be treated together. It is  useless that  the environmental authorities and the experts continue to pretend not to understand. Since can not move thousands of cubic meters of polluted air from combustion and traffic it is needed redesign entire systems purifying industrial, urban and farming. The public is also responsible for the design of industrial pollution, by permitting the construction of installations especially thermal, where there is not enough water to dispose of thermal pollution and CO2. In the majority of cases there is not even space to expand the installations and recover these resources. In fact, a thermal power plant that recovers all the heat and all the wasted space CO2 requires three times higher than at present, but would double yields also producing energy not only neutral but that would protect the environment through the production side of manure, biomethane and alkaline waters. It ‘a scandal that this world system has had to design by a pensioner but the scandal greater is the silence that receives by the worldwide environmental and energy.authorities. However, for the European Commission that is not been informed, the system is the follows:


This system is based on a dozen patent applications of the undersigned that have never been realized but have served to get gradualemente to four international patents and a deposit of national patent, listed below:

A) International patent that will expire on 05.19.2015 in some countries such as the US, China, Brazil, if they are not funded money needed for the selection and payment of taxes in the contracting countries. In other countries such as Europe, India, Russia, Africa, will lapse on 19/06/2015.

WO2014/076724 Capture cooling purification chimneys (ccpc)

WO2014/076725 Linear synergistic system of digestion, dehydiration and composting (ldcc)

WO2014/076726 Global synergy plants for depuration, biomass production and thermoelectric cogeneration (gspdptc).

WO2014/076727 Vertical synergic buildings (vsb) for co2 and water depuration plus biomass production

B) Italian demand patents Ce2014A00003 Air filtration and thermal exchange tower with geothermal pit.

 This patent application would have to be turned into international demand before 05/13/2015 but myself have not heard to subtract other 3500 Euros to my family, as the previous were not welcome from Italy and Europe.

Obviously, the producers of fossil fuels and organic that receive funding and facilities to produce the current energy, do not change their systems spontaneously, even industries and residential buildings spontaneously change chimneys and municipalities prefer to continue to have the existing purification systems if before the European Commission, then the individual nations do not require changes to those who produce pollution.

Whatever happened, the representatives of the Italian and European people if they want to solve environmental problems and employment must learn to recognize the projects and designers. They can not continue to accept solutions that hide the pollution in other forms, such as the old purifiers and new CCS (carbon capture sequestraction). Any public body, such as universities and research institutions can obtain my patent, paying only the taxes in the contracting countries. The problem of the transfer of ownership can be solved even after. Now it is important find the money to prevent them dying. For the moment may be made payable to the undersigned, who, not getting the money personally and physically could not run away anywhere to enjoy them. If they do not the patents they can use for free all over the world and I hope that at least from a distant land will come to me some little word of thanks for the eight years of work that  I used to weave the web that brings them together rationally. Others following patents not yet concern this donation bankruptcy cost me a few months of work because they concern new installations, where there is nothing to be demolished. If are more fortunate than the previous, they will become international patents, but only if the public or private partners will come forward in the next two or three months. I will not do other appeals those who do not understand or pretends not to understand:

Ce2014A00011 Marine dewatering stations for artificial welling to increase the purification, the fishing grounds and alkalinity.

Ce2014A00012 Submerged hydroelectric plants for energy production, oxygenation of seabed and artificial welling.

Ce2014A00013 Vertical hydroelectric plants with water recycle

Unfortunately, as I wrote, Europe has learned from ‘Italy as it pretends to solve problems getting lost in the maze of the bureaucracy. I will continue to report these problems and if in two years I am still alive and still only, will participate in the race “Materials for clean air” (, hoping to win the best solution is also the most comprehensive. That is my solution, although the patents will be forfeited. Meanwhile, Europe will have wasted money and time. For the moment I’m happy to participate with 15 cards in the competition “European social innovation competition 2015”. It will not be the fault of the undersigned if the overall protection of the environment will have to compete with those who want to cultivate mushrooms in a basement pool. . It ‘the Europe that forces private and unwanted inventors to mess those competitions that have only a symbolic value for the creation of jobs. What are three awards while involving thousands of competitors?. when I filed my first patent on home water saving  I always thought that as I would go along, my job would be better understood and I still think so, but I did not think it would be so hard. With twenty nine deposits of national patents, one European and four International, of which I have not seen anyone yet realized, because no one in the world wanted to understand where I wanted to arrive. Although it is now clear, equally everyone pretends not to understand for not admit colossal mistakes in the development of industrial society. I I believe that I demonstrated, without a euro of funding and with a pension of 1,700 Euros per month, with which five people were living, that the treatment can and should be incorporated in all human activities, it can not be delegated to distant purifiers against every principle of physics chemistry and biology. I did not enjoy demolishing the designs of existing sewers, treatment plants, smokestacks and power plants. If I could I would have saved all but we can save only thermal power plants that combination, not for programming are in the right place and the right size for water management that will allow the recovery of calor and CO2, always it is accepted the logic of combination of fossil and biological, that I propose. If The greater Europe does not accept the logical reasoning of the plants synergistic, what hope is there that accepts  to experiment hydropower submerged and recycling of water that could allow a single shot in the production of energy, not only clean but competitive, even with coal, less bulky solar and wind energy, can be produced in every country, easing the balance of payments. Also this energy is the result of synergy between pumps, turbines, hydrostatic pressure and kinetic energy. The only current hope to experience this energy is that a retiree will win a prize of 1,500 competitors in a competition on social innovation while would dispense money to rain at energies which are certainly not competitive. . Hydropower submerged will start from   turbine pumps motors and alternators submerged already existing on the market, if it works, you’ll see right away without creating fake jobs. The yield willi ncrease even as they  increase the technology that allows to increase the installation depth and the speed of the water in the pipes to drop with pump impellers from more experience. This, obviously, it can not be conditioned by winning a competition by a pensioner. Which if he wins should put aside his other ideas that have lost. Such as the floating pumping stations, based on the synergy between the techniques of floating, submersible pumps, Bernoulli’s theorem, the Venturi system, the science of mechanical engineering, electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic. Why would not it work the welling artificial, if it works that natural? Europe is afraid even to give birth this project, which will give reliable results in enhancing the performance of food and alkalinity in ocean surface waters, which we desperately need. Also for this patent greater Europe, it will ensure when the truth, if ensure, will have missed the boat competitiveness.I do not even speak of Italy that does not finance even the competitions open to individuals, as these are only symbolic and publicity. I am not for Felix  Degrowth that would take many Green parties but for the industrialization of environmental protection, because I deal with all sectors. I do not understand the trade unions that to preserve jobs want to keep factories That do not need to the economy and not spend a word to create a lot of work That lacks alternatives to create SPAWHE, Which also would repair  the damage caused by industrial development wrong. SPAWHE (Synergy Plants – Artificial Welling  Hydroelectric Energy) It is the environmental and industrial system of the future. No coincidence that I chose the ending eu and not it for the website But and in Europe and the world, in all categories, for different reasons and interests, I do not see engines but only brakes to sustainable economy. Those who fight for the environment does not have global projects as SPAWHE but only good slogan and organizations to raise funds and donations. What do they do with the money? In addition to the marches and protests? For them SPAWHE does not exist as for politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, journalists, religions, philosophers, mafias. If everyone is silent on SPAWHE certainly have reasons, we hope that they have the courage to take them out. They will not. Continue to be silent because no one has the courage to shoot at the Red Cross, which has no interests. If not to protect the investment of those who have the courage to change the direction of travel industrial, urban and environmental. I wrote that the chimneys private and public today are the end of the combustion process, but can also be the beginning of the heat recovery of CO2 in favor of the environment, may also be the way to escape to the atmosphere of natural gas light and clean while heavy and polluted self together to purify urban waste water producing clean air and treated water alkaline. If we place side by side to them also to the towers of heat exchange, that function as chimneys for the separation of gas, but would also enable the replacement of the existing air conditioners with the outdoor units that contribute to global warming and the atmospheric diffusion of the particulate, we can have clean air conditioning and sustainable throughout the year by connecting the wells with low enthalpy geothermal and heat pumps, which produce heat and cold in a single circuit of water recycling.

With SPAWHE we can take many birds with a few beans:

1) Put together rationally purification of water and air;

2) Dismantle existing treatment plants that only waste resources and create more harm than spilling Aque unpurified in rain and acidic water when working normally.

3) Making urban air breathable, reducing lung diseases.

4) subtract to the winds smoke, dust and ash that go to produce acid rain and obscure the glaciers that absorb greater amounts of solar heat.

5) Preventing drought and floods accumulating water downstream and not upstream, in parallel and not in series to the flow of water main, without building dams because energy can be produced with only the hydrostatic head and the waters may auto purified in large quantities in the overlapping ponds biological, while cooling the thermal plants and produce energy, before being discharged into water bodies.

6) purifying coastal areas and marine  consuming eutrophication and oxygenating the seabed.

7) Create useful work for future generations, since the factories that produce consumer goods today need more of robots than   workers.

8) Create food in the flat ocean without plow and sow, GMO-free and parasite treatments increasing the PH global.

If these solutions have to compete with those who grow mushrooms in a basement because the Parliament and the European Commission, decided democratically elected in this way, without even the opposition say nothing, myself must be content with what passes the monastery. I consider myself lucky if I can freely say my opinion, being in a minority position. Although it is difficult, I hope to win at least a small premium, not to recover the money spent on useless patents that society does not want, but to build a small prototype of one of the fifteen proposed projects, chosen by the committee. This prototype can be difficult to understand the overall project but it will be better than nothing.

However, as a citizen of the world, I hope that other countries will wake up in the real environmental protection. Despite all its flaws Europe is more than the others. That says a lot about the dramatized that occur among the world where they only spend taxpayer money on air travel and five star hotels. My humble website http: //WWW.spawhe, which cost me 12 euro per month and does not allow translation is the only one in the world who speaks concretely of sustainable industrial survival. If I have make something wrong is because I have not been able to experience anything. I hope people will understand.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone.