The causes of the failure of the world summit in Paris

The causes of the failure of the World Summit in Paris on the environment (COP21) currently underway, from 30 November to 11 December 2015, are independent of improbable agreements between countries that could be achieved. They are, as always, the lack of depth of the solutions that could effectively fight global warming, the may not be current purifications local and partial, but should be global and multi-disciplinary. The complexity and the time required that require discussion of the solutions also leads the delegates of world summits to think that someone has completed all the arguments and the necessary testing and that solutions are ready, therefore, there is no need to go into detail, just to agree on the outline and funds to be allocated. Discussions and confrontations among the various delegations, which have occurred in the past and will have in this summit concern only specific issues that affect the interests of the various nations, not global environmental policy, which is not in question.  In reality, the details are very important. For myself that for a whole life has only occupied of industrial environmental, energy plant engineering details, is the sum of the details that makes the difference between systems that work well and those that work badly. In fact, the depuration may be apparent or real. The current purifications are apparent. Those of the heating systems are limited to the filtration of the air that leaves out all the CO2, fine dust particles, SOx and NOx, while the depuration of polluted water are concentrated only on a few parameters and are wrong the facilities that do not provide global cycles. They do not meet the filtered air with the sedimented water to continue together along the subsequent purification processes. All that is not neutralized in the local works  becomes global pollution. In addition to the CO2 emissions of particulate matter, SOx, NOx emissions there are heat and the production of acid water from the purifiers, which, through oxidation in open tanks, also participate in the emission of CO2, SOx, NOx, to a lesser extent compared to thermal power stations, but in the overall budget, the cleaners can not be defined systems that protect the environment, because in reality they damage it. So, worldwide, the current state of the art is not enough to protect the environment. It is necessary before  that the delegates to the global environmental protection will take note of reality, then advance the state of the art, then the proliferation of equipment, but no one says it. It would be a huge mistake to divert resources to the people of the world to increase the number of existing installations, which have already shown enough the inefficiency in the global protection.

The protection of the environment could be achieved only if they changed radically all existing installations to complete the purifying cycles, producing carbonates in water with CO2, sulfates with sulfur, nitrated with nitrogen, phosphates with phosphorus, and consuming such components in same processes that produce biomass energy, which should be used to produce energy in the same purification cycle. But the current systems cannot do it, having been set up and designed when not supposed consequences that would produce CO2 emissions and dust in the atmosphere, the nutrients and the acidity in fresh and marine waters.

Government agencies worldwide have pretended that scientists and researchers did also as designers, but this is not their job. One thing is the scientific study of the problems, another thing is to offer solutions, which is not a work by researchers but eclectic and creative designers, above all, free from constraints of part, by science and technology. The designers of installations of public utility, should be free to choose the technology and the science right, the right place, at the right time, in synergy with other technologies, regardless of who has invented or commercialized. It must count only the amount and quality of pollution abatement in the time unit, as in any industrial process.  In fact, the only possible solution to solve the problems of global warming is the industrialization of environmental protection, which is very far from the scientific mentality of scientists and researchers super specialized in individual areas: biology, chemistry, geology, hydraulics, thermodynamics. The contract specifications that do not provide never synergistic public facilities, but mono thematic, impede the growth of the state of the art. Large contractors do not research and experiments, do not hold patents. They adjust their work to the specifications of tender.  Even the private design studies that support design public, do not innovate, dealing with specific problems with solutions mono thematic. All these categories of respectable professionals, not only do not work together, but do not even have the experiences to increase both the quality and productivity of the treatment plants and energy. They lack the experience of the organization of production, which are the basis for industrialization combine quality, quantity and competitiveness. Indeed, today the pollution is industrially produced while the purifications are artisan, even if they are part of the same systems, as in the case of thermal systems, that produce thousands of MWh, but neglect even the recovery of heat and the opportunity, which have always had to meet the cooling water with the CO2 that emit in the atmosphere in greenhouses scrubber containing calcareous material to produce carbonates in waters, taking, many birds with one stone from the environmental point of view. Designers thermal power pretends not to realize that lost the unique opportunity of contact between water, air and calcareous material that can take place in the plants, the damage becomes irreparable both in the atmosphere, both in the water, which will continue to be acidic. So what if these greenhouses occupy large spaces if even the CO2 would become a protective element of the environment? This solution in almost four years that I try to make it known, did not find a single party public, private, scientific, ready to listen. Environmental sciences in the entire planet were never applied globally. Until this does not happen the protection of the environment can not take place. While he realizes the COP21 are realized world coal plants of 6000 MWh that are great crimes against humanity. Although they adopt the CCS, because the place of CO2, if not the atmosphere in high concentrations, is not even in the underground pressurized and liquefied, with many geological hazards and pollution (Nyos effect). The CO2 should be distributed equally in the water and soil along with calcium and magnesium to adjust the alkalinity. If coal is a resource no one should forbid the use, it is necessary to regulate the designs that employ it, producing complete systems that neutralize sustainably all pollutants.  To do this it is necessary realize the power at the right place and the right size. In any case, it is not possible to realize thousands of MWh of power stations but at most a few hundred, because to properly neutralize the CO2 needed water and calcareous materials, not available anywhere in the quantities needed. Paradoxically, an Italian institution with public participation, which realizes power stations around the world, wrote to me that they was not interested in my solution because they already complied with the international regulations. It ‘easy to comply with the regulations, if first public institutions impede the progress of the state of the art with multidisciplinary solutions. The industrialization of environmental protection is not to create larger systems of existing ones and not even bring in mass industrial systems in the environment, but above all, the mentality and organization of industrial work, which now allows the production of thousands of technologically complex parts in a single day, in a single factory, respecting the quality of the product. This would not be possible without organization and multidisciplinary. The only aspect not tackled by the industrial organization is just what is environment, but only because there are no regulations and infrastructure. If there were, the industry would be forced to follow. These regulations and infrastructure cannot exist until the designers public do not realize at least plant sample that  at the same time  close the organic and inorganic cycles, to allow lawmakers to emit regulations. To this should serve the world summits on the environment, not to impart general directives, which are meaningless if the back of the same there is no state of the art sufficient to achieve the desired results. Until it goes into the details of how the facilities are and how they might be changing all the wrong things, we will always be the starting point.

As has grown industrial production and quality of production must grow protective systems, using the same organizational criteria. Suffice it to say that the modern economy lays the foundation on economic concepts of Taylor, who theorized “the organization of work in the factories” and Keynes who theorized “the intervention of governments in support of the demand for consumer goods.” But in the environmental sector and energy have been spent huge amounts of public money, while the organization of work, which should involve the whole territory, was not made.  To organize the work necessary to protect the environment we need to start by global working cycles, which today do not exist, They must take into account all the ramifications of chemical, physical, biological involved.  In fact, as in factories it has to be observed working cycles and efficient linkage between the various departments of production, equally it is essential to establish global purification cycles and efficiently connect the various parts of the territory and human activity so that no resource is wasted in ‘environment. Lavoisier’s law is clear: “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”, but what does not change in the working cycles predetermined, inevitably becomes global pollution, especially if cycles do not exist or are incorrect. It would be enough to realize public infrastructure that sits alongside the private resume cycles left over from private activities. This is why the drains should be purifying of waters and air and should separate the sludge, which by anaerobic way should be pumped directly to the nearest digesters. Even the CO2 which is not neutralized in urban centers can be accumulated in wells, compressed and transferred to neighboring greenhouses limestone. How can the power and water treatment plants follow logical cycles of the environment protection if they are placed randomly on the territory, without any link with existing resources, without having defined the main work cycles and the side of the chemical and biological elements that entering and come out of the process? It ‘clear that their designers in the past has not raised the issue of the closure of cycles, but it is also clear that those who continue to design it in the same way at the time of COP 21, this problem does not arise again. The questions we must ask are:

1)         If we are still in this state, what are served previous world summits?

2)         It ‘better to invest in the prevention of damage by creating employment opportunities by changing the current systems, or spend resources to repair the damage caused by climate change becoming ever more important, will reduce any chance of economic growth and thus the quality of life?

Obviously, those who will suffer more for this lack of growth social will be poor people. Unfortunately, today no private company can afford to offer solutions that exceed the state of the art in terms of global plant. Who would do this would waste resources in research and prototypes, becoming less competitive. The state of art environmental and energy can grow only from the public design and legislators. Existing technologies are largely sufficient to put together different way the current systems. No company in the world, public or private, would have hired and paid for ten years myself, or any other technical, to study global environmental protection solutions. Public companies do not feel the need for such solutions, because they do not conceive the industrial organized work. Private companies, instead, would not have the economic return from poor commercial system solutions. I had to do alone because I am convinced that if the world does not develop a capacity to design alternative that goes into detail solutions can never distinguish apparent depuration than real. Without alternative projects that demonstrate the errors of current environmental design are useless even authoritative complaints, as those of the Pope. Which is not a technical nor a scientist, can not put into question the professionalism of those who govern the environment. But those who govern the environment, believing they have delegated powers in white, just because no one offers alternatives purification solutions, even in a hundred years, would come to conceive global security solutions. Go on for a hundred years with current environmental solutions, even increasing the number of plants, the planet would age a hundred thousand years compared to normal aging, as has already happened with passed industrialization, but further accelerating the process for the increase of population. Probably, someone will ask the reason why environmental solutions I propose are so different from today.  I believe I have written on several occasions, but it is better to repeat: For a chance myself was before, for two decades, a designer of systems in the automotive industry and for a second two decades an installer of public facilities environmental and energy .  I was able to to note strengths and weaknesses of both sectors. Consciousness.  The awareness and insights, unfortunately, could not be enough to convince anyone, it took ten years of hard work.  Only those who have worked in these areas and felt powerless in the face of environmental challenges can understand.  Unfortunately, those who share these projects, in many cases can not speak. Who design for the environment is not free to think for themselves, must follow the directives of those who hired him, instead, he should follow the many ramifications in which disperses pollution, with logical reasoning and multidisciplinary weave a three-dimensional from which the water and the air can only leave if they return to initial conditions.  In a sense it is Taylorism applied to the environment. But all of these applications will be possible only if the environmental authorities, scientists, designers public, remove antibodies against the alternative solutions.  Until now, these antibodies were many because all solutions have been published as they were processed, not only to look for partners and moral support, but also public bodies who shared the aim of the research towards global solutions that I did not think of being able to complete alone. Not finding partners, and public support, has convinced me even more of the usefulness of my work, but unfortunately antibodies prevented the experimentations of these solutions. Not to respect myself, that until proven otherwise, are deemed valid its own solutions, but for the respect of the billions of people, not being involved in the work, can not understand who is wrong and who is right, I think that in a very small area of the world, as desired, these systems should be tested.  All countries can do, not being solutions protected by international patents.  For the reasons over set out industrials are disinterested in the market of real protection of the environment. Industrials think that they do better business with apparent environmental protection, which it is more commercial, but the Jobs  opportunities offered by the global treatment can produce one billion employment, whereas concerns all human activities and all the work cycles. This would be the real global economy, not the current one that moves only the capital from place to place quickly where there are fewer environmental protections and where labor costs less. Those in power today are economists, both in capitalist countries than in those communists, but as the economy can rule the world without synergies with environmental sciences that even scientists and industrialists know put together correctly?

There is little point published tables on emission limits of pollutants when very little air and polluted water through treatment plants. But even today, in the city air purification there is not and the water purification was moved to several tens of kilometers from the urban centers, as the crow flies, but following the intricate paths sewer, the actual distances from treatment plants are hundreds of kilometers.  How can environmental authorities do not know that in the sewers happens the destroys of the energetic power of the sludge and is produced septic water, of which regeneration by oxidation forced with compressed air, in addition to consuming a high amount of energy, made in open tanks, produces CO2 in the atmosphere and acid water, which sent to the lakes and seas, that lower even more the value of alkaline and raising the water level of the sea? How can they not know that many millions of air conditioners in the cities, instead of cool climate, with heat exchangers air / air, heat the urban environment? For a long time, probably in good faith, political and industrial, they have made people believe that pollution was the price to pay for more convenience in daily life. For myself, the good faith disappeared when everyone has been silent on energy in protecting the environment can also be made with fossil fuels, if we realize global installations that combine the production of biological energy with fossil, recovering from this the heat, CO2, water cooling.  Also, so-called, renewable energy, are other incomplete works. The only exception could be the biological energy, if it had been funded properly, as described in Spawhe, exploiting the thermal energy dispersed  from fossil fuels, but the environmental authorities prefer to finance the biological energy that does not recover anything, simply turning farmers in producing energy, which can not do other than emit CO2 into the atmosphere instead of the organic fossil record. It is not what you need to the environmentbecause even the biological CO2 in the atmosphere has little opportunity to meet with the calcium and magnesium that adjusting the alkalinity of the oceans and soil acidification will slow the global planet. But the few of the opposing factions, who have visited the website have kept silent about such solutions. They wait that a pensioner produce also prototypes. Even the scientific press was kept away. Environmental authorities finance all kinds of energy   provided that you do not put your finger on the wounds cleansing which should be able to bring salts to the seas and minerals to the earth without polluting the atmosphere.

Who said that fossil energy is the cheapest energy in the world? This is also a myth to dispel that goes on for at least one hundred and fifty. Blame of hydroelectric plants that current, using the hydraulic jump, the river currents, ocean waves, led astray designers and inventors, who thought to produce energy in a turbine can be done only if you have kinetics energy. Who said that fossil energy is the cheapest energy in the world? This is also a myth to dispel that goes on for at least one hundred and fifty. Blame of hydroelectric plants that current, using the hydraulic jump, the river currents, ocean waves, led astray designers and inventors, who thought to produce energy in a turbine can be done only if you have kinetics energy. For myself, hydropower, could be produced in any basin and reservoir, through the combination of pumps, turbines, ducted vertically positioned on the seabed and connected in series, which would take advantage of the energy position of surface water. The rotation of the pump (with very low prevalence), being in the middle of two balanced loads and opposites, would produce the descent of the entire water column transforming the energy of position into kinetic and consequently, producing energy in the turbine. Assuming move 1000 l / s at a depth of 50 meters, with an overall performance, 0.7, it is possible produce about 343 kW consuming only two or three kw to keep in rotation the pump, without create reservoirs, dams and without consuming fuels. We would produce more than 100 times of the energy expended.  More than 36% of the performance of thermal power plants that require boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, cooling water, chimneys. While fuels require extraction, transportation, refining. All activities involving high environmental risks. The European Patent Office has recognized to the invention of submerged hydropower features of novelty and inventive but not those of the industrial applicability, believing that it is not possible to produce energy in this way being it in conflict with the principles of conservation of energy, but he did not explain the specific law of physics wich refers. The undersigned, while not having the financial resources to build a prototype does not agree. The reasoning is very simple: “If it is possible to exploit the hydrostatic head to save energy by pumping water upwards and overcome the force of gravity, it is also possible to transform the hydrostatic head into energy with the help of the atmospheric pressure, not lifting, but pushing the water still down, so that the turbine dissipates the energy hydrodynamic and draining water in the bottom. The hydraulic circuit ends at the turbine outlet with a loss of load V2 / 2g regardless of the depth of discharge, just as with the underwater pipeline resting on the seabed.  In our case, however we unload surface water rich in oxygen which shows the life, especially in those which are polluted. This water has the same density as that of the seabed, it is therefore not necessary a special energy to exit from the turbine and remains on the seabed, not consuming energy for the ascent. Since water is an incompressible liquid, at atmospheric pressure, always assumes the shape of the tank which contains it, we shift only the surface water which enters the tube from the top down, and we can do it indefinitely if the basin is at a constant level.  Aside from the energy consumed by the pump does not have to pay more in energy costs, but because of the force of gravity and the weight of the water that falls on the pump impeller, we multiply the energy used by the pump proportionally geodetic height on the intake of the pump to produce pressure energy (m * g * h), which is transformed into kinetic in the turbine (1/2 * m * V2) without violating the principles of conservation of energy. In fact the pump, positioned deep, triggers a depression in feed tube which does not affect the surrounding waters, but only superficial ones that feed the descent. No one notices that with the ducting of a column of water surface, we create the same conditions of the hydraulic jump with the only difference that the pump serves to win the state of inertia but once won the state of inertia, is the resistance of the turbine which regulates the flow. If there was not the turbine, the pump flow would increase to the point that the pump not be able to control it and all the energy of pressure of the water column would be wasted in heat, partly in the tubes of descent and in part the exit of the pump. The same thing would also happen in the down pipes of the hydroelectric plants to atmospheric pressure that exploit the hydraulic jump, if it were not the turbine to dissipate the kinetic energy and position. The only difference between the two systems is the need to use of a pump in the submerged circuit. Which not being able to exploit the hydraulic jump, sees only the energy of position of the water surface than that of the seabed and discharges water in a submerged mouth of a basin in open vessel, but the pressure drop at the outlet is always the same, not depending on the height of the receiving reservoir but by the energy remaining at the outlet of turbine, where the hydraulic circuit concludes.  This working condition, always with the combination of pumps and turbines during the descent of the water, can be reproduced even in ground installations, with limited volumes of water and further geodetic heights coinciding on suction and discharge, by means of a large tube lifts water to the upper reservoir, paying only negligible energy friction in the pipe lifts, making possible the production of hydroelectric power at low cost even in the water towers, in the catchment areas lifting and even condominiums. All these hydraulic solutions that could be designed with an old technology of fifty years, would have allowed for circumvent the force of gravity in lifting systems of the water, both for the distribution of water, both to protect us from high waters. But these solutions have to be developed by the environmental design public, were never born, and have allowed the development of a market for large pumps and large motors up to 3000 KWh, powered 6000 volt which could be avoided. Obviously, it is easier to be silent than to proceed to experiments, both by designers public, both by manufacturers of pumps, turbines and engines. But these solutions are not a dream, have long been meditated, after participating in the creation of a hundred of lifting equipment of every type and every size.

While with some variations and the introduction in the circuit of a dual inlet supply pump on the suction side you can get the energy production also lifting the water in stationary and mobile, as shown in the website Hydropower pressurized Mobile appropriately miniaturized improving circuit performance, with time and experimentation will certainly replace existing heat engines. We should not be surprised by these affirmations, whereas the efficiency of internal combustion engines is very low and that the current performance are due to one hundred and twenty years of research and experimentation in the world, while the hydropower pressurized engine is only one hydraulic diagram that was not even experienced in the essential line.

However, those of the undersigned are not critical to the ruling class worldwide, but constructive proposals in the interest of all. But more than three years by the spread in the network of global purification and one year of hydropower submerged energy, although these projects are not protected by international patents, it does not seem that there are in the world authorities and entrepreneurs willing to invest a few euro or dollar in prototypes, which would open the hope of a better world in terms of purifying and energy.

What is the strategy of the scientific and technical worldwide that want to solve the problems of global warming give up these opportunities? No one talks about solutions but only agreements on the reduction of CO2. Apart CCS mentioned above, even the scientists of the IPCC (interngovernmental Panel on Climate Change), who in 2007, along with former Vice President Al Gore have deserved and received the Nobel Prize for their contributions to the knowledge of climate problems. As ordinary citizens of the world, we should ask the ruling class worldwide, including the various committees that award prizes of various kinds, are worth something if the solutions against global warming and those who decide on the validity of the projects. If they decide only those who keep alive the current purification systems and energy, which never worked properly, for undersigned is not a correct solution or by the technical point of view, nor from the democratic point of view.

If environmental proposals are not relevant, they should be criticized openly embracing the responsibilities that entails judgment. Do not ignore, because they have to be presented to the relevant sites. There are no appropriate fora to propose global solutions but only partial and monothematic, which are not sufficient to protect the global environment. In addition, an ordinary citizen can seek only partners, public or private, if do not find them can only try to spread them to the four winds. But regardless of how they arise, projects exist or do not exist. They have value  technical, scientific, and functional, to be judged, point by point. They can not be ignored, especially if all countries can copy them without accounting to the inventor, that it is not a powerful multinational. If do not take advantage of these solutions studied above the parties, that with existing technologies would make a leap of the state of the public environmental planning of at least thirty years, it means public entities of sovereign states, assume responsibility for prefer the current chaos plant that can not be overcome until they are realized public global solutions.  They can not claim that private entrepreneurs finance solutions little commercial of public utility, if they do not advance the state of the public. The solutions that protect the environment are primarily structural, private companies will be able to provide only the necessary technological components. Above all governments must take responsibility to try these solutions and must be done immediately to not continue wasting resources in incomplete solutions, which damage the environment and long-term, also hurt the global economy. The Nobel Prize for economics in 2001, Michael Spence, said that the public sector is now below the level needed to support a robust global growth. I do not know on what economic considerations has come to these conclusions, but from the environmental, certainly backwardness is much more serious than that of the economy.

Four projects on the global protection of the environment have allowed a simple retired to get the triple recognition of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability of the European Patent Office and international. The other I have not submitted for examination international because international law does not protect inventors but only those who can pay industrial protection. However, the international patent practice, started and not completed by the absence of public and private investors has served to demonstrate that the solutions on the global protection of the environment has no one looking for, otherwise, these awards on such important topics would not beIt was within the reach of a single pensioner. In fact a patent on an industrial system can be recognized once, only to the first depositor, since the decade novelty requirement. This shows that environmental authorities, public entities, corporations, pursue other roads, than those developed by myself, to fight global warming. I hope, like everyone else, that my work is unnecessary and that in this summit, which defined special, someone might pull out the solutions to see how protecting the environment globally.Anyone with a modicum of competence in environmental and energy solutions should be able to make a comparison with the solutions proposed by myself, without top local and international, and without a penny of public or private euro. I would not have embarked on this difficult battle, certainly beyond my modest strength and capacity, if the world there had been a single nation that had developed protective solutions worthy of being copied globally.

The undersigned does not know what to will propose but believes that in the study of solutions, in addition to scientists and researchers, were to participate also experienced designers in all sectors to find solutions multidisciplinary and multi technology. In fact, it is very difficult to have the ability to see global problems, preserving also to go into details to follow the various branches in which divides the pollution and find solutions for water treatment, resource recovery and energy conversion.  This special ability, you can buy just putting together a lot of professionalism as in a large industrial manufacturing company, where the state of general updates automatically every day, embracing all sectors involved both in management aspects that technology. But in the environmental and energy there is no this type of organization because the primary asset to produce is transversal to all existing activities in modern society. Therefore there are not even the managers trained to manage the environment globally. This is demonstrated by the plants environmental randomly distributed on the territory. Specializations not associated do not make possible to summarize the various experiences in global solutions. Unfortunately, the global solutions are not appreciated and recognized even by those who oppose the environmental policy of governments and corporations. Philosophers, writers, scientists, environmental groups, trade unions, religious, publish torrents of words and thousands of tables and diagrams, to say more or less the same things, already widely denounced by specially constituted bodies as IPCC. All these reports are useful, but also counterproductive, because they distracts the attention of the very few who really enter into details, proposing solutions, that should be discussed and meditate.  The oppositions are well-versed in technical details when they have to protect their habitat locally, due to the positioning in the vicinity of an incinerator, landfill or digester. No one realizes that these systems damage the environment because they realize incomplete cycles. If they were designed globally, paired and connected to other systems, or positioned adjacent, or to an acceptable distance, they would bring complete cycles and become a source of welfare and work. Purifying air and water together in the same cities, will realize many small parallel purifications that do not miss out on anything even odors and everything that is not neutralized is moved to a higher purification level, then to the next seamlessly, with separate transport for each component, which can not be mixed, as in the existing sewage systems. At the end, in the final plant, we will produce energy, compost and alkaline waters. Who wants to make real information, must also have the patience to read the hundreds of pages that wrote myself on global purification and speak of hope and solutions that could emerge only with the cooperation of all. The state of the art in environmental protection, if he took the right direction could advance indefinitely. But having taken the wrong directions of the large combustion plants and the great purifiers disconnected from the land, we arrived at a dead end. Or we go back and we take the right way, or the wealth that we will produce in the future will not be enough either to pay damages neither save the planet.

The website in a year received less than 5000 visitors, but patents, have no international value, then every country can copy them, criticize them, experience them, improve them, but if all keep silence, and no one spreads the  global purification systems, meaning that the current state of environmental degradation has many accomplices and a few real opponents. What is the difference between those planning a central MWh by 6000 that can not be purified; who knows how to build the plant but does not continue to be competitive; who does not legislate to prevent the construction of installations wrong; those who fight only to build the plants environmental wrong away from his garden? No one is exempt from criticism and sins of omission because want is power. Why non-profit organizations do not realize prototypes depuration global? Probably the sponsors who donate by downloading the sums donated by taxes, said to use funds otherwise. Paradoxically, today polluter is in the front row to finance false purifications displacing pollution at global level. Even donations, foundations, the Non-profit, applied in the environment and energy assume ambiguous aspects, while in other areas give excellent results.  Those who already know the environmental issues and want to know the solutions that have never been funded in any part of the world, may consult the website I would have another project to be developed that will propose the neutralization sustainable water salted, which is different from desalination unsustainable based upon ultra filtration and demineralization which is useless for agriculture. I think we could have intubated small rivers of water rich in minerals with a neutral pH that go from sea to land, bypassing the gravitational force by means of dual fuel pumps on the suction side. It would also be sustainable fertilization, but without the testing of previous patents, on which the solution is based, it would seem another work of fiction. There are already too many what I produced.  Let’s see what emerges from COP21, among the delegates inside the conference center and among those marching in protest, that this year, left outside the palace the empty shoes. It takes great statesmen that if not emerge from this COP 21 it is useless to expect them still. Better roll up our sleeves and do alone. Public organizations and private, have the funds for trials, may not respond, it is important that they learn to design globally. Even the opposition as they march should flaunt global projects, not slogans. If really want to use a slogan for the COP 21, it would be the following: “In the world of environment and energy, all that is not designed globally is configured incorrectly.” Therefore, all is to be redone. Before we start again, better is for everyone. Those who think differently wants to buy time, but time is up: the issues and populations to feed growing visibly. Only the blinds do not see and the blinds can not rule the world. Some scientists argue that global warming is not influenced by man, I’m not a scientist and I do not agree. I only know that pollution is due to man and that from a technical perspective, realize all the plants described on http //, suitably distributed on the land and the sea, we could trigger natural processes of purification and cooling of the planet, which would slow down even heating that comes from cosmic phenomena, in particular through the artificial welling in oceans, of which I have talked about in this article. The problem is that there is nothing of SPAWHE solutions but installations that go in the opposite direction.

Best regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone