The european social innovation competition lottery.

(Fourteenth open letter to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations)

I participate in the “2018 European Social Innovation Competition” even though this competition is a real lottery, to make known my environmental solutions, which go beyond this competition, because, I believe that the current model of development is unsustainable and can not be understood by those who do not observe the development from different scientific and practical points of view that can be acquired only after many years of transversal experiences, which modern society does not allow to acquire, as it rewards specialists in individual sectors. Global reasoning is essential to develop sustainable innovative social projects. But it is also difficult that these projects can be understood by the judges of these types of competitions, if they do not know the global design project. Indeed, a sustainable global project must be divided into many interrelated projects that divide the tasks, not the objective In the 2015 social competition I participated with 15 related projects that have not been understood because there is no global project to protect the environment but only generic commitments to contain global warming by reducing CO2 emissions that continue to increase. The world public bodies carry out tenders and single-issue tenders, uncoordinated among themselves. For this reason, in the whole world we have environmental and energy plants arranged at random in the territories that perform all incomplete cycles and produce more harm than good. Current hydroelectric plants favor floods and droughts; thermal plants favor air pollution, lung diseases and global warming; nuclear ones favor radioactive accidents; water purifiers produce acidic water because they can not alkalize them with the current purification cycles. Environmental science does not include, for example, that an air conditioner can work by exchanging heat with external air or with a low enthalpy geothermal well. In the first case, it carries out a partial cycle that heats the planet and spreads the dust in the environment, in the second case it is inserted in a global cycle. It must be the public authorities to impose the way of constructing the air conditioners even if, apparently, the air conditioner costs less if it exchanges air with air. In reality, the global cycle is always cheaper because it eliminates the external units of the air conditioners and the same geothermal  well, if realized differently from the current geothermal wells, can also produce electricity, not only for air conditioning, but also for other urban energy and purification functions, like oxidation and alkalization of water in mini limestone greenhouses. Suffice it to say that if we decarbonize the world’s energy production and make purification plants oxygenating and raising water without fuel costs, we can even remove CO2 from the environment by making artificial rain on calcareous materials producing carbonates that go towards the sea, slowly bringing back the oceans and the atmosphere to the alkaline values existing before the industrial age, also reforming the glaciers.

In the environmental systems everything is connected in a logical and elementary way, it was enough to find the skein of the skein, which found the undersigned, not fortunately, but because he tried it with greater insistence, compared to the world public research institutions, which had the task of looking for it. If the pumps and autoclave systems, the way of building the turbines, are not modified, it is impossible to understand that thermal energy is hundreds of times more complicated than expensive inefficient compared to compressed hydropower, therefore, a new industrial revolution cannot start. This revolution concerns all sectors of human activities because it is not a matter of replacing one energy with another of greater efficiency, but of moving to an energy that directly and positively interacts with the environment in physical, chemical and biological terms. This energy will allow the survival of man even the extreme conditions, as I wrote in the article  Currently, the undersigned, who is the inventor of this solution, the world legislators will not even recognize the copyright, if the time proves that he is right. In fact, I should fight against patent offices that accuse me of violating the principles of energy conservation, adding legal fees to unsustainable taxes that should not be paid on patents of public utility, of which the inventor does not claim industrial property, but only intellectual property. International laws should spread these solutions to the entire world community by eliminating the current monopolies on energy sources that, moreover, do not serve and damage the environment. But even international justice is silent on this argument.

I think that even Europe as an institution has failed its role, especially on the environmental and energy, not having been able to recognize environmental projects of public utility, such as the following titled: PHOSPHOR REMOVAL FROM DETERGENTS WASTEWATER AND GREYWATER RECYCLING SYSTEM FOR FLUSHING TOILETS,  CE2006A000014 del 22/05/2006 transformed into European patent n. EP1860072 A2 of 30.03.2007. This patent did not find public interlocutors in Italy and Europe. But this was the patent with which I started my activity as an environmental inventor. Water saving is not a social innovation but a social duty. Europe did not have the courage to finance this patent which represented the first global purification form. In fact, since 2006, it would have been possible to avoid using the toilet flushing water, recovering it inside the apartment itself without underground cisterns and without structural changes to the buildings. But the solution I proposed with that patent was too socially demanding for users. In fact, I proposed to add a mini lime metering unit to each apartment to prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide in the sewers by dosing in a capillary way to each discharge about 70 mg / l of lime. The addition of lime to the sewage system was recommended approximately 50 years ago by Stevenage’s (U K) authoritative “Water Pollution Research Laboratory” (Esther-Ribaldone-Bianucci and Hoepli). The lime in the sewers has never been added because it could only be done by involving all users. Today, after eleven years from that proposal, having invented the compressed hydropower, which is small and does not cost anything, apart from the wear  of the machines, we can achieve complete decarbonisation of energy in fixed and mobile plants (including transport). While the problem of hydrogen sulphide in the sewers can be solved simply by making the sewage sewage and equipped with mini limestone greenhouses that without energy costs, make the alkaline waters, subtracting CO2 from the lower layers of the atmosphere while oxidizing the water by means of pressurization in autoclave (Henry’s law) and small artificial rains which, by flowing on the calcareous materials purposely accumulated near the purification pits, produce carbonates in the purified waste water in the same urban centers. Hence, hydrogen sulphide can be prevented at the origin, together with all the degeneration of the sludge that is currently occurring, but also the pollution from fumes and fine dust is eliminated. Europe, as requested by the citizens’ collaboration with the separate collection, if it had included the environmental design of the undersigned, could have asked for the collaboration of the citizens to save water and to prevent hydrogen sulphide in the sewers, but it did not. I presented the social project also in 2015 and re-presented it in the 2018 competition, simplifying it and transforming it into a producer of hydroelectric energy, with obvious advantages for users both in terms of water saving and completely eliminating energy bills.  

In 2015 I wrote two open letters to the European Commission (sent by mail also to many members of parliament) in which I denounced that European public bodies do not take into consideration the experiences and environmental proposals of private inventors, continuing to propose tenders mono issues that do not address problems globally. In fact, the public tender published with the competition ttps:// he partially faced problems that the undersigned had studied more comprehensively but without being taken into consideration. On the page, the undersigned has published these two open letters, in the general indifference of all the insiders who continue to work in watertight compartments. Obviously, the European Commission has not replied to me, as the international judges and the United Nations have not yet replied to, to which I have addressed the next twelve open letters. It is scandalous that the United Nations manages the intellectual property of patents through the WIPO (World International Property Organization) protecting only the industrials that can pay and not the inventors of public utility solutions that should not be protected but widespread and made available to all, to correct the mistakes made by the science of the part that has not developed the projects globally to serve those who give him a salary.

What is strange is the fact that public scientists have made the same mistakes as scientists working for multinationals. It is also the fault of national and international legislators and judges who do not seek the truth to the end. They legislate by sticking to the state of the art of science and technology, without investigating the science and technology concealed from the world centers of power. Yet, thanks also to the work done by myself, the investigation to be done is simpler than when one can think.

Lawmakers and judges must understand what, for reasons unknown, science does not understand.  Today we are no longer in the Middle Ages, with the sciences and technologies developed, public and private planners have at their disposal many sciences and many technologies that collaborating with each other can overcome the current state of the art in all sectors. In particular, the motor speed control electronics and the exploitation of the non-compressible liquid flow under the static and elastic pressure of the compressed air, which does not consume energy. I think that world science is exaggerating with its own silence on the invention of the pump with the double feed separate to the impeller that the undersigned has explained in many ways and I also think that the world’s lobbies of physics should return many Nobel prizes for costs that have forced to support the whole of humanity to develop thermal, nuclear and battery propulsion systems in land transport, but also in submarines, where to balance the loads due to the weight of the diesel fuel and aspirate the combustion air and the fumes evacuations it required very complicated works of high engineering. We do not talk about space flights, where the inability to design sustainable energy to be produced on the transport vehicle has forced to spread the space around the earth of an immense amount of technological trash. Everything happened to have neglected the deepening of the static exploitation of compressed air pressure and the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry, which required a common invention, which is that of the aforementioned pump, which does not work differently from the current pumps. The situation is paradoxical, above the imagination of a modern writer of the hypocrisy of science and world bureaucracy, as was Franz Kafka at the beginning of the modern world: The pumps must not even be modified, but only fed differently.

Today a world self-criticism is needed that even Franz Kafka could not imagine. This must happen not only for environmental reasons, but also for economic reasons, because compressed hydropower is hundreds of times more powerful than thermal energy and even simpler to build and manage, but has not raised a single dollar or euro from the authorities political, scientific and multinationals.

I think that world leaders in development cannot continue to hide a global scientific truth developed in the practical details of existing physics and technologies: the plants that involve the environment must be designed again by closing all the cycles they open. If designers specialized in a single scientific or technological sector do not find the solution, the legislators and judges must not accept emission limits theoretically tolerable by human life, they must demand the change of the solution. Alternative solutions exist but are inconvenient for those who have not looked for them and have not developed them. Unfortunately, all public and private organizations worldwide are involved, none excluded.  It is not said that the cycles should close them a single machine or a single plant, it is necessary to design and legislate globally, therefore, the machines and plants must be rationally linked together in factories, on the territory and in urban centers so that what is discharge into the atmosphere and into the water is neutralized at the end of the more or less long purification process. The task of researchers and public planners worldwide is to design infrastructure and public facilities so that the final result is zero emissions into the atmosphere and PH of the purified water appropriate to the receiving water body. The task of legislators is to check that everything happens regularly and to legislate so that users and multinationals also play their part. Today, however, we have public research bodies that sell incomplete patents to multinational companies with the complacency of the legislators, without there being no one who says how to design the plants globally, not even at the UN, where the scientists of the IPCC (Intergovernmental) Panel on Climate Change), awarded with the Nobel prize in 2007, are the main architects of the CCS system (Carbon Capture Storage) that instead of neutralizing or eliminating the anthropogenic CO2 emissions capture them with high costs through the chemical washing of fuels, pressurize them at about 800 bar and hide them underneath in the cavities to be identified in the subsoil. The awareness that no public body in the world and no multinational company would have ever developed global projects for the correct cleaning of fossil energy, after having mistaken the design of the heating systems in terms of location, size and purification cycles led me to publish my system cleaning of fossil energy described in the file, in Italian in 2012, after filing the patents. Not having found world public interlocutors available to design the plants to clean fossil energy differently, with this system I participated in the 2015 social innovation competition, obviously without being included even by the examiners, who examined as many as 1400 applications for participation from over 40 Countries, the winners were a French car-sharing project for wheelchair users; an Irish project to facilitate the tourism of the elderly; a Bosnian project to make beekeeping accessible to the disabled and the elderly. I do not know who won the social competitions of 2016 – 2017, not having participated. It is clear that this type of competition is only smoke in the eye to show that people’s ideas are also heard. With very few funds available and with improvised projects do not solve social and employment problems. For myself, innovation cannot be improvised. It must be scientifically organized like the industrial one, which I know very well having first experienced industrial experiences and then those of the environment and energy. If, as an inventor, I have focused only on the energy and energy aspects, it is only because they are lacking in what I have called environmental Taylorism. To achieve innovation and employment it is necessary to plan everything again by starting from the basic principles of energy conservation that have been partially interpreted by science, leaving out the most important part: the systematic and correct coupling between the water that does not compress and the air that is compressed, which allows the elimination of all types of fuels, and a new industrial revolution with many jobs and no pollution. But if the world public bodies, the multinationals, organized by the United Nations, shut themselves up in silence and do not answer to hide their mistakes, what can an inventor do without money?

First of all, at least some world authorities should ask themselves what made a pensioner settle thirty-eight patents, even though he never saw anyone realized. The reason is very simple: I wanted to show that to protect the environment, the environmental and energy systems must first be designed differently and then connected to each other.  If the environmental systems are not designed differently from the current way, they cannot be connected correctly, The current world sewage systems are the clear proof of the failure of world environmental policy because they mix sludge and water without separating them at their origin through vertical aerobic depurative pits , which without emitting bad smells would separate the sludge in a separate line and would only travel in the sewers drain and rainwater oxygenated and alkalized in mini limestone greenhouses, which also purify the urban air.

The world environmental authorities do not understand that the environment must be managed in a capillary manner, by putting both water and air purification in the same plants. Only by developing many separate projects and linking them then you could make people understand that they are wrong both large power plants, both large purifiers that perform incomplete cycles. While having demonstrated this and subsequently that energy can be produced directly from water and air, especially compressed, the inventor of these systems should continue to deposit patents without anyone taking it into consideration. He should continue to pay unnecessary filing fees. In addition, for the undersigned, the patents of public utility should not pay any deposit tax at the international level, especially if they are made available to everyone, giving up industrial property. There is not enough such quantity of concealed patents to demonstrate that public inventors claim exclusivity in the field of environment and energy, and that corporations are not interested in the progress state of the art, if not imposed by legislators, having to cover the investment made in the wrong direction? Meanwhile, the entire world continues to build large thermal power stations, even coal, and to produce millions of vehicles with thermal engines and large water purifiers far from urban centers that can not cooperate in the abatement of urban dust and fumes. The world’s public research bodies and multinationals have wronged the model of development and monopolized the ways of producing energy. Even the renewable energy that they are producing is inefficient, justifying the current use of fossil and nuclear energy, although polluting and dangerous. Pope Francis says almost every day that “indifference is a virus that infects our times”, but I see that not even the church and non-profit associations support alternative solutions for those who are not linked to any center of power. They support alternative power centers that offer current renewable and battery powered cars that are palliative. They do not trust the solutions that arise only from the experience and the reasoning of an isolated inventor that, among other things, does not cost much to verify them. If they really wanted to fight indifference, even the church and associations could finance experiments. At the point where we are it is not possible to identify which side good persons are. A private inventor without money and funding can only write articles and open letters and participate in competitions such as European social innovation that, considering the number of participants, is nothing but a lottery for anyone who wins it.

An private inventor without money and funding can only write articles and open letters and participate in competitions such as European social innovation which, considering the number of participants, is nothing but a lottery for anyone who wins it. If we really want to create social development, the simplest economic and sustainable solutions should be preferred. The patents of public utility should be accessible to all world companies without industrial property, but recognizing the copyrights to the inventors, as happens with other works of intellect. Today industrial property only slows progress with monopoly. It is necessary to protect inventors because the industrialists who make the biggest investments in industrial automation are routing the competition of those who cannot make the same investments. This has happened above all in the transport sector where small car manufacturers have been absorbed by the big ones, but unfortunately they have blown the heat engines and try to delay the innovations with the complicity of the legislators. The same thing happened in all the industrial, environmental and energy sectors worldwide. It is suffice to think large plants of hydroelectric, thermal power, nuclear s, purification, desalination, solar energy, terrestrial air naval and space transport. All these sectors have developed excellent technologies, but using science partially they are not able to close all the cycles that open and have a low overall efficiency. All these sectors have developed excellent technologies, but using science partially they are not able to close all the cycles that open and have a low global efficiency. Traditional hydroelectric plants, which exploit rainwater, melt glaciers, require large investments in dams, basins, deviations of water courses, which create more damage than beneficial for environmental purposes by altering the natural hydrogeological distribution. All these sectors developed with partial visions since the beginning of the industrial era have developed independently in competition with each other, not by exploiting science globally, but the science of part of the country or the private owner of the presumed energy source: oil, methane, sun, wind, geodetic differences in level, geothermal, agriculture producing biofuels and so on. In the light of the environmental and energy costs achieved for me, it has proved wrong since the origins of the industrial era, because it was sufficient to create the essential technology to overcome the inertia of the natural synergistic system that together with water, air, gravitational force, magnetism to produce all the energy that is needed, without polluting in the world fixed plants simply by putting together pumps and turbines in series that act in the sense of gravitational force. Not against it. Obviously, in smaller and mobile energy plants, to exploit the same principles and make them smaller, it was necessary to increase the air pressure and study different hydraulic circuits. Unfortunately, one hundred and fifty years of industrial development and many generations of technicians and scientists have not been sufficient to identify the road to synergies. Today, those who have made these solitary reflections, find themselves for the second time, after the 2015 competition to participate in the lottery, with about twenty proposals that world leaders in science, politics and economics, continue to pretend not to understand. What does it take to realize that the synergies put together by myself are the only ones that act simultaneously on energy conservation and purification increase, without altering any chemical or biological properties? How do you fail to understand that if one of the synergistic elements (water, air, pressure, electromagnetism, coupling of pumps and turbines) is missing, we fall into the current simply energy or purifying systems, where world users are simple consumers and have to pay the services and energy to suppliers? Above all, the silence of world science is shameful, including complex reasoning on the theory of relativity, theoretical physics, nuclear and quantum physics, and does not include the functions of the very simple pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller which allows the connection between a pressurized open and closed hydraulic circuit, which allows the simultaneous exploitation of the principles of Pascal, Torricelli, Henry for simultaneous energetic and purifying purposes.

Contrary to thermal systems where the efficiency is determined by the proportion of energy developed compared to the lower heating power of the fuel (on average 35%), in pressurized hydroelectric plants, we must speak only of multiplying the energy based on the flow rate and hydraulic jump, as in traditional hydroelectric plants but without investments in dams, reservoirs and deviations of watercourses and with a much higher hydraulic jump, due to the compressed air pressure that has no limits and that can also enter the bonnet of a small car displacement. There can be no comparison between costs, performance and size between current energies and pressurized hydropower.

The international deposit PCT / IT2016 / 000202, has not found worldwide interlocutors because they all pursue partisan interests. Global warming is used to obtain more funding from global research institutions, but nobody has to go into the merits of solutions, because patent trade must continue excluding private inventors, who have no bosses and cannot pay the cost of maintaining industrial property of the patent that must be abolished recognizing the rights of works of intellect. Because legislators require inventors to choose between everything and nothing. What logic do they follow? Where is the international justice that tolerates these discriminations? If I had reasoned rationally on the hypocrisies existing in the world organizations that should protect the environment and create energies of sustainable economies, I should not have done anything, but these hypocrisies have stimulated me to study alternative environmental solutions, even if hypocrisy will continue without the recognition of the copier’s rights earned with the sweat of the front in almost forty years of work.  How could I enjoy retirement or continue to work for a boss who only wants to invoice if I felt called to do my duty as a technician alien to the interests of part and to tell the truth not accessible to the world population or even to many technicians who have not had transversal experiences? The undersigned has shown that with the existing technologies we can apply differently the principles of Pascal Torricelli and Henry, which contain the secret of interactive energy, in small and large fixed and mobile installations worldwide, freeing us from the slavery of pollution and energy to pay, but also creating greater chances of survival of the world populations in the face of great natural disasters:

I think that all means are good for questioning the competence of the world’s scientific and legislative authorities because they have no right to make mistakes by representing the world’s people. Also participation in the 2018 European social competition can be used with old projects never realized and new projects even more advanced. The people must ask themselves the reasons why they are not taken into consideration. Contrary to what one might think, the state of the art can also advance virtually, without money and without funding. It is sufficient to imagine the inventions that public bodies and multinationals have not taken into consideration to see how they would improve certain aspects of human life such as air quality, water quality and the global economy. It would certainly be useful and inexpensive to design the plants globally, to grow them first with an advancement of the virtual state of the art, to verify the correspondence of the virtual advancement to the real one before producing large thermal, nuclear and purification plants with incomplete cycles, which they should never have been done. As the means of transport with thermal cycles that cannot        be closed in the small space of an engine hood. On the other hand, compressed hydropower, by not opening thermal cycles, can also enter in such small space. This is why global development of pure virtual solutions is needed. If a solution works virtually there are good chances that it actually works, while a thermal power plant, nuclear power plants and heat engines that do not even theoretically close the opening cycles, should have been changed before they were realized. It’s a hundred years since we’ve improved them without ever reaching optimal levels that compressed hydroelectric plants have reached theoretically without a single euro or dollar of funding.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone