What is the use of international treaties if no government respect them?

The hoax of the fight against global warming

Global warming is a hoax? Second US President Trump and his advisers the answer is yes. For the worldwide scientific majority warming it is real. For myself, instead, though it may seem impossible, due to the large amount of scientific personalities, political, technical, economic involved, the real hoax is the he actual fight against global warming, that global the institutional organs are carrying out, from before and after the Kyoto Protocol. In fact, there are detailed responsibilities, scientific, technical, economic and legislative, for the choices that have led to global warming, being wrong all the purification and power plants, since the advent of the industrial age. Global warming has become real, because no one has applied the organization of industrial work  in environment and energy production to clean fossil energy through a rational study of the territory LAYOUT, which would lead to the purification of water and of ‘air together in smaller plants, but more complete arranged differently in the territory that would produce energy interactive and protective of the environment, biological, flanked to the fossil, just to close the inorganic cycles that produce CO2, SOX and NOX, physical ones, which produce fine dust, and the biological and organic chemistry, in common facilities, defined by the undersigned, synergistic global systems ( time /,, The collected silences, worldwide, by the designer of these solutions for clean fossil energy, which would produce even alkaline water, consuming CO2 into limestone greenhouses with artificial rains, have led the designer himself, to deepen the argument of ‘interactive energy even in a other direction, which proved to be even more efficient, on which public and private organizations worldwide have never investigated by the advent of the industrial age.  In fact, in the world lacks the egg of Columbus on energy matters, which would produce clean energy for twenty-four hours a day and three hundred sixty-five days a year, in any weather and temperature (even at the north pole), in our apartments in wells, rivers and lakes and on means of transport, without fuel and no solar panels, the system is called pressurized hydroelectricity with water recycling. It is based primarily on the “compressibility” of air and the “non compressibility of water.” In the version with a lesser amount of water that can be used to produce energy in an apartment or on a car to replace the heat engine, are used: A water tank pressurized with compressed air, a motorized valve at the exit of the water that drives a turbine, a reservoir at atmospheric pressure collecting the water drained from the turbine, an electric pump of new conception with the dual separate power supply until to the impeller, complete with feed pipes and one-way check valves, which, has connected the delivery at the entrance of water into the pressurized tank and the two aspirations respectively connected to the outputs of the open water tank and pressurized. Therefore, the feed connected to the open reservoir permit to enter the water discharged from the turbine in the recycling pump with the dual separate supply, while the feed connected to the pressurized tank recycles the water to the interior of the same, by balancing the hydrostatic pressure on suction and delivery of the pump and therefore allowing the external water inlet in the pump impeller and into the pressurized recirculation loop, without the opposition of the hydrostatic pressure But, being the pressurized reservoir already full of water and compressed air at the highest level, at the same instant, the same amount of water that enters from the outside it is ejected from the compressed air cushion by another output, producing new energy in the turbine. It only consumes the energy to circulate the water with a very low absorption of energy within the volume of water accumulated without having to win the compressed air pressure on water because the water volume is not changed not even the volume of the compressed air.  However, water ejected from the air cushion produces energy in the turbine in an amount proportional to the flow and the compressed air pressure. Assuming you have a small domestic system pressurized to 4.0 bar with a flow rate of 7, 5 L / s, a single-stage recycle dual supply pump DN65 and a multistage pump used as a turbine of equal magnitude, we will have a power generation in ‘alternator coupled to the turbine  of 1,76 Kw,  but it is  produced with the force of the compressed air cushion, without  expanding, that leaves the water at the pressure of 4 bars.  The power consumption, of 0.183 kW of the system is due only to the operation of the electric pump of the water recycling. Therefore the relationship between expenditure and energy consumed is equal to 9,61 (1,76 / 0, 183). This should not surprise us because the compressed air is an external element to the hydraulic circuit and therefore does not violate the principles of conservation of energy. In addition, these systems have never been made anywhere in the world, because: 1) the pumps with double separate supply are not (have just been patented by the undersigned); 2) the existing autoclave systems do not work as an energy accumulator with the water that circulates in one way, without expanding the air cushion, but doing work expand and compress the air cushion, thus, do not conserve energy; If we use the same system (DN 65 and 7.5 L / s) to replace the thermal engine of a car but with a pressure of 40 bar, we will have an energy production of ten times higher (17.6 Kw) of the domestic system, with an almost identical energy consumption (0.366 kW), so that the ratio between the expenditure and energy consumed becomes equal to 48, 08 (17,6 / 0, 366). If we consider that the average efficiency of heat engine mounted on the car it is about 35% of the lower calorific value of the fuel, we can derive the ratio of convenience between a compressed hydroelectric motor and a thermal engine, which equals 137.39 (48, 08 / 0.35). This relationship of convenience excludes the cost of fuel, the increased complexity of the heating systems, the charges for the filtration of the fumes, etc. So, the actual ratio affordability  between fossil energy and pressurized hydroelectricity can even be double. But the Columbus egg of energy is also a purifying egg because the water which flows through the pressurized tanks with compressed air, absorbs oxygen, contained in the air in proportion to the operating pressure, for the very well known law of Dalton and Henry. Whereby, when the water is discharged from the turbine in a basin or a well, containing polluted water at atmospheric pressure, the oxygen carried by the pressurized water, oxidizes also the water of the basin or of the polluted well. Moreover, this way of producing energy, not costing almost nothing, can create artificial rains of calcareous materials in closed greenhouses to subtract CO2 from environment. The situation is paradoxical even from the legislative point of view, because the legislator has united in patent both intellectual property, both industrial. So the private inventor, who invented these solutions, which cannot afford the industrial property, is not recognized even if the intellectual property, if fails to sell patents to the highest bidder. But public authorities do not buy the patents from individuals. In fact even they sell their patents to multinationals and even this latest buy them, because, before public authorities should amend laws. Intanto, l’inventore deve pagare le tasse di deposito come se fosse un industriale, non un inventore. Meanwhile, the inventor has to pay the filing fees as if it were an industrial, not an inventor. Meanwhile, the inventor has to pay the filing fees as if it were an industrial, not an inventor. All this happens while world public agencies, in silence, commit the most serious offense of official act of omission contemplated in articles 1, 2, 15, 48, 54, 58 of the “Project for Coding on responsibility of States for internationally unlawful acts”, signed by almost all the one hundred ninety-six sovereign states, at the same United Nations in 2001, precisely to prevent and punish  environmental and other serious  international crimes.

What are the bad design that world public agencies and corporations do not want to change with the complicity of legislators? And, sometimes, even with the help of fake government oppositions. Who, not knowing how to design, can not even stand up for truly alternative solutions. They have to settle for a lesser evil of existing state of the art, which is always in the hands of those who in one way or another, however, not only warmed the planet, but also damaged the economy of all countries, having to pay fuels and inefficient technologies that do not serve. For myself the patent regime must continue to exist to ensure the originality of the world’s inventions, but the public utility inventions, must be made available to all Public and private companies. Obviously, private inventors who deal with these problems should not pay the industrial tax, but those who pay musicians and writers, receiving only the copyright, due to intellectual property. Today, it happens that the inventors are forced to pay the industrial tax, but the government and multinational organizations ignore the inventions, while lawmakers and the United Nations and the opposition are not involved. Therefore, global warming that is a real great problem, the world leaders public and private of environment and energy, they want to fight with a colossal hoax created by scientists, technicians and legislators, who have not been able or not have wanted to design and legislate globally, as we could and still can be done, without secret formulas, according with, which is only  the web site of a pensioner with no money, who also had to borrow to pay taxes not due, to demonstrate, through patents, stored at sites such as, that these logical solutions of energy and protection of the environment, no one has never look for one hundred and fifty years of industrial development. It ‘s crazy claim     payment of filing and maintenance fees of industrial patents by private inventors, that at most are fighting only for the recognition of intellectual property. If lawmakers had acted in the same way against writers and musicians, it would not even exist the culture, because writers and musicians should pay taxes before finding publishers or record companies. In fact, today’s culture, fortunately there is, while protecting of the environment and sustainable energy does not exist anywhere in the world. This should comprise the worldwide opposition. But how do they understand it, if the best brains, multinationals go pick them up directly in universities, before they learn to think for themselves, while those who win public competitions, although good, will never be put in a position to fight against the system that feeds and supports them? These are the reasons why, the international and national organizations are afraid above all of simple and new ideas that can come, surprisingly, only by small private inventors. If this were not true private inventors would not be the subject of international legal harassment. If this were not true, someone in the world would realize that the current new energies are already several decades old and patents on the principles on which they are based are largely fallen. In the absence of truly new ideas they compete only on technological improvement, to approach the maximum the cost of fossil energy But this improvement is taking place thanks to government incentives. If these energies were based on energy efficient principles, already on the card would have shown an efficiency, which according to many applications published by the undersigned, the compressed hydroelectric energy, however varies from tens or hundreds of times higher than fossil. Where is the science? Above all, the public, which is paid by citizens of the world, that not responding? Leaving the hot potato in the hands of politicians, economists and legislators, who do not know how to behave?

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone