The interactive energy, inexhaustible and protective of the environment unwanted by science and governments.

Open letter of denunciation to Court of International Justice on energy, environment and sustainable economy

Dear Sirs judges of the International Court of Justice, with the utmost respect and trust to your very important function, I send you the likely longest opened letter in history, to denounce the great and widespread international crimes that the hundred and ninety Sovereign States commit daily against themselves, neighboring and distant countries, persevering not to understand that in the face of global warming, there is a need an alternative development model that interacts directly with the carbon cycle that has been altered by current industrial development and energy and purification systems, born long before the Kyoto Protocol and never Changed. Unfortunately, even with the new environmental and energy strategies that are moving forward, it seems that the authorities of the environment and of energy and economy have forgotten how the universal carbon cycle and the Tourmaline circulation work. The crime of “omission of acts of office” is the daily bread of all the world’s leading authorities environment and energy, and commit it to the output of each chimneys, each exhaust pipe, in every sewer meter, in each thermal plant, fixed and mobile, where the carbon cycle anthropogenic disperses, or degenerates, worsening even more the state of the environment and preventing the development of a sustainable economy. This crime is committed mainly by public science, not investigating sufficiently sustainable economy. With the last invention of the undersigned, named “Aerospatial pressurized hydroelectric transport system with turbofan and compressed air iniection”, I think I have ended my activities of environmental inventor, started in 2006, with the start of my retirement. For this reason I write this letter.

I believe that eleven years of hard and solitary work give me the right to write it, having investigated three hundred and sixty degrees on the main technical and scientific aspects that have led to global warming, not stopping at appearances and the half-truths, which all tell with the only purpose of raising funding, but entering the details of the solutions. How it can make only a designer of industrial and environmental plants, which had cross experiences and then can choose the ones that in his opinion, among the technologies available to the state, can be better used to create a development model compatible at the same time with Industry and the environment. If I have not saved almost anything from the current energy and purifying systems, we can not say that I did not save the science principles and the technologies developed. In fact, for the undersigned, only the plants are wrong because they are incomplete and partial and do not properly put the sciences and technologies together to get maximum yields even from the point of view of purification.

Global warming is not a hoax as some would like to believe, the real hoax is the way they are fighting those who represent us at the world’s tops of the environment. They do not yet understand that to defeat it, it is necessary to design globally plants, not only energy, but also purifying, agricultural, urban, and industrial. In other words, the commercial renewable energies on which the world is focusing with incentives and large investments is another waste of resources to get tiny results that the domesticated media will advertise with great emphasis, While the interactive energies, simple, economic and protective of the environment will continue to be unknown to everyone, simply because they have not been invented by any power center, public or private.

Unfortunately, for myself, the world-class executive, scientific and political, of the present and the past, was lost in a large glass of water, producing unnecessarily the current “global warming and the current unsustainable development”. No one has the courage to acknowledge their mistakes and redesign everything, including the protection of the environment in all human activities, as could have been done since the advent of the industrial era through the simple scientific organization of work that would lead to automatic closure of the cycles in the place where they are produced.

In fact, the economic benefits of fossil energy to the world economy are wholly deceptive, since this energy is much less beneficial than clean energy that would be produced by the simple recycling of water, especially if pressurized with compressed air. This is above all the object of my complaint because this energy could be born even before fossil energy, being the production cycle less complicated than fossyl energy. However it is still not born in a century and a half after the birth of fossil energy. This happened because the world public bodies have not scientifically looked for environmental and energy solutions through the organization of work, as it did the private companies in the industrial sector, to improve the production of consumer goods. In fact, the undersigned has discovered this type of energy, investigating the work cycles necessary to purify together water and air, which is also a logical process, on which, strangely the public science has not investigated enough, If they did, as the undersigned (only theoretically, because he never had any funds to prove it practically), probably scientists and public technicians would have realized that thermal energy is not compatible with the environment, not only for environmental but also economic reasons. In fact, in industrial processes, the product economy is achieved mainly through rationalization of work cycles. The undersigned, who spent half of working life dealing with the organization of the industrial and manufacturing plants work and the other half to install energy and environmental systems, as a pensioner, has done nothing but bring together the two experiences, looking before creating suitable cycles for cleaning fossil energy, which requires a capillary encounter of water and polluted air to neutralize CO2 in calcareous greenhouses. From these researched and in vain patented solutions because no entity worldwide public was really interested in clean fossil energy, they are also born reflections to minimize the costs for water recycling and promote contact with the CO2 and material calcareous. These reflections, after the failure of the CO2 purification systems (however valid), have been useful to propose, following the various forms of hydroelectric power with water recycling, including compressed air, which is the least cumbersome and the most efficient, which can also fly airplanes and spacecraft without fuel.

I think that if in the environmental and energy sector had been working with the same organization of work, which does not leave anything to chance, following precise work cycles to do the right action at the right time and the right place, the sector operators of environmental and energy would have realized that fossil energy is less competitive than it seems. In essence, fossil energy seems to be competitive only because current renewable energies from the economic point of view are worth much less. In the public sector who deals with water purification does not put the nose in energy production and vice versa. While those who produce energy do not put their nose in other types of energy, so no one has ever questioned the current ways of producing hydroelectric power, with water that is used in one way, without recycling and without pressurization. Not even the industry could invent compressed hydroelectric power, which is the most powerful, economical, and least cumbersome of energy, because if the industry is better off working organization, it only does it to produce better consumer goods.

The undersigned has shown that it is possible to clean the fossil energy but it is cumbersome and expensive, to close the carbon thermal cycles, while it is impossible to close the same cycles in the moving and working mobile systems. If he had not done these searches, probably no one would ever realize that it is possible to produce energy with small footprints, cold, renewable energy, powerful as the thermal, but infinitely cheaper

Sustainability Must Be Scientifically Searched by the Organization of Work

The undersigned, in the face of the silence and the indifference of the world public bodies, has been able to continue to propose solutions, because only adding more logical solutions to each other can be made clear to the public and private workers who have gone wrong All from the advent of the industrial era. Workers cannot expect to continue to pretend to look for global warming solutions and at the same time silent about these solutions.

It may sound strange if we think of the current environmental situation, but with the more energy-intensive energies we will produce, we will protect the environment by consuming only the wear of the machines, which is, however, less wear than the thermal cycles. Even more strange it may seem that the world’s ruling class, ignoring, is one of the most important inventions of all time, which is the “Pump with dual separated supply until to the Impeller”, Which is forced to be only a virtual invention, despite the conceptual simplicity and the very little money needed to realize it, without which the sustainable development model hypothesized by the undersigned, including the latest invention, is not possible, which would also make it sustainable Terrestrial and, probably, spatial flights. The fact that even this invention is so simple and so important no one has funded it, he says so long about the reasons for which we are at the present economic and social environmental degradation.

Probably, I have taken everyone by surprise with this public denunciation primly of science, to which we all owe a great deal. However, I consider it necessary, because science is no longer the one conceived by the fathers of science, but only the manipulation of legitimate principles for the purpose of economic profit. In many cases, especially, public facilities, energy and water treatment, go against these principles, but nobody wants to deepen the arguments not to antagonize the powerful of the earth, they do not like turmoil in world stock markets that are based on current unsustainable systems.

In fact, we could have a model of sustainable development, at the same time energetic and of purification, which closes the natural carbon cycle everywhere, zeroing the cost of energy without penalizing the potential of industrial development but increasing them.

The alternative to today’s polluting and unsustainable development is very simple: do not open the

Carbon cycle where you cannot close properly. This is the case with all the means of transport and

Mobile work, which use thermal energy. However, the demonstration example of this title application “Hydroelectric car with peripheral drive torque to the wheels” Has been ignored not only by car and Carriers generally, but also by world politicians and legislators. I wonder what the Formula One races mean, followed passionately by millions of spectators, who still reward heat engines today?

It would be more exciting to drive speed races with engines without fuel?.

Do they think it’s a dream? Why do they escape the comparison and do not get into the details of the solutions?

I was already writing this letter to the International Courts, considering it unnecessary to insist on the economic, scientific and legislative politicians involved directly in the development without wishing to add other proposals but I could not resist getting into the details of the flight solutions terrestrial and spatial, although I have never been busy with these arguments. So, I delayed the publication of this letter for about a month, including this topic as well, because the question we have to ask is as follows:If producing energy will only cost the wear of the machines that produce it, taking the ingredients out of the environment and whether the designed systems will be powerful and cumbersome, are we sure that the cheapest land transport in the future will be on wheels? Even the wheels wear out and need roads to many lanes. If we use the railways and the subways we need railways and dig into the subsoil. All in all, if producing clean energy does not cost much, it’s best to carry everything or almost everything by air.

The fundamental principles of physics, chemistry, biology, and hydrology were trampled in environmental and energy plants constructed by man. The only plant that worked properly was that of nature, through the NATURAL CARBON CYCLE, which involves the oceans, the atmosphere, the winds, the rainwater, rivers, lakes, and soils. Although on the planet Earth, there have always been important natural phenomena that altered the cycle (volcanic eruptions, large combustions) the environmental balance has always been kept, until the advent of the industrial age.

Today, the balance has been altered, and in no time the damage will be irreversible, because who has a minimum of organic chemistry expertise knows that the acidification that involves the waters and soils is a phenomenon which advances with a logarithmic curve. The first stretch of the curve is almost horizontal, so the climatic consequences are not overly overestimated, but exceeded a certain limit, which we probably have reached (having oceans lost 30% of alkalinity, glaciers an equivalent percentage, desertification advances to rhythm of about 12,000 Km2 per year), the acidification curve of the planet will follow an increasingly sloping trend towards total acidity.

Therefore, those who design the anthropic systems has a great social responsibility and who approves them, at the legislative level, has an even greater responsibility. Everyone should do his part for the common good, but we go up in the social strata that govern the world and more we find people who do not do their duty, comparing the current situation of energy and environmental systems with new proposals, unrelated to partisan interests, which may only come from those who are not related to specific scientific or business interests.

In the web site http:, there are thousands of pages described with all the details and with many designs and operating arrangements. If the science that is paid to protect the environment does not approve these solutions, mainly designed to prevent the current breaks of anthropic cycles, it should simply cite the file, the page and the line where, in their opinion, I write incorrect things.

While I’m writing openly that all existing systems do not work and they can not work, explaining the reasons for it. Indeed, the undersigned, proposes, for years, a long series of logical and sustainable environmental solutions that are linked to each other, which, because they are based on logic and synergic connections, gradually from depurative, have also become interactive energies.

In fact, fossil energy could also become an interactive energy by recovering the heat dispersed in water and fumes, to simultaneously produce biological energy and recover CO2 to produce alkaline waters and combat acidification of oceans.

So, if we synthesize environmental protection only by referring to the correct carbon cycle closure, it can be asserted that this is reduced to the minimum, requires the transport of purified and alkalized waters to the oceans, in proportion to CO2 produced by the activities Without entering the same CO2 into the atmosphere. At the current state of the art, both thermal plants, both purifiers have taken this task. However, for the undersigned, we can have two solutions, which certainly work, but with different costs:

The first solution is to clean up the fossil energy by redesigning all fossil fuels that were wrong, not closing the carbon cycle.

The second solution is to not open the carbon cycle and use sustainable energy, which interact positively with the oxygenate the water environment, combining an alkalizing process of the same waters that gradually subtracts the CO2 emitted into the environment with the current energy solutions and non-alkalizing depurative.

Obviously, since all the energy and purification plants that do not respect the carbon cycle, it is advisable to declare them obsolete and go directly to the second solution, which is much cheaper and more efficient both in terms of investments, both in terms of management, being at the same time energetic and depurative and usable also for means of transport.

There is also a third equally important backup solution, but to be experienced: lifting to the surface from the ocean depths of the dissolved carbonates.

These solutions have been silenced by the public science, politics and world legislators, despite the “Coding Project on the responsibility of international illicit were for acts”, subscribed to the UN, almost all sovereign states in 2001, condemn clearly the offense Of “omission” especially on environmental issues.

The undersigned has no doubts that what he proposes will work, because the projects are based on principles, above all, physical, legislated for centuries, never used, for incredible oversights of public and private science. However, if he’s wrong, what crime he committed spreading its solutions? There is the crime of “spreading energy and environmental protection sustainable solutions”? It could be a crime if the solutions were wrong. But who would be most guilty? Who invented them or who did not want to experiment with them, having the economic means? The undersigned think that everyone has the right and the duty to seek sustainable energy and purification solutions, within the limits of their technical and scientific capabilities, which do not harm but benefit men and things. Those who do should be awarded only for the good intentions instead is isolated as a public enemy, because who has warmed the planet wants to continue to have the exclusive rights to such designs. In today’s world society, it would not be surprising if the solutions of the undersigned, they would experience it secretly, without revealing the positive results (on which the undersigned does not doubt) to preserve as far as possible the current state. This risk should be avoided by the judges of the International Courts, by ordinating and directly controlling the trials. If I’m still alive, if and when they will do this, I’ll be happy to collaborate.

I cannot say I’ve come to the interactive energy because I’m looking for them. They spontaneously emerged from my purification solutions, starting from the aspects that in my opinion have not been sufficiently deepened by researchers and public and private designers, past and present: The sewage treatment that does not exist, which has marked the way forward, to arrive at a global system of environmental protection, which is at the same time also energy. In fact, starting with the right logic, which is to prevent and combat pollution step by step in every place, an invention acquired (even virtually only), produces a state-of-the-art advancement, which allows to develop another invention connected to the first, which in turn gives rise to another, until arriving at a complete system perfectly compatible with the cycle of the general carbon.

Current flaws of purifying systems no one has put them into question, but they are more severe than energy: the sewer degeneration, the inability to treat large flows of rainwater, the inability to alkalize the water in a sustainable manner, the inability To purify, at least partially, the waters that do not pass through the purifiers (oxidizing the waters directly into the rivers, lakes, ports). In addition to these defects in industrial and energy plants: CO2 emissions from stationary and mobile thermal plants, the inability to dispose of nuclear waste. All these problems unresolved, tolerated by legislators, are only partially justified by the fact that regulations cannot exceed the state of art. The state of the art is not advanced because they did not want to advance for reasons of interest and to hide centuries of public design mistakes. It was necessary alternative design of the undersigned, based on simple reasoning and current technology, because today, those who protest without going into detail solutions, supplies the current purification systems and new energy, inefficient and not interactive.

Unfortunately, the law is not the same for everyone. Those who fail to design a bridge that collapses rightly are severely punished by justice, while those who fail for a century and a half energy and purification systems, creating even more serious damage, can hide behind the fact that the state of the art does not Is advanced enough to prevent the above mentioned damage. But what would it take to understand the simple concepts that underlie the interactive energies, which have also been patented by myself in vain? Unfortunately, reality is far worse than you could imagine, otherwise, among the many powerful, someone would have broken the wall of omissions, to test virtually my very simple and economic experiments, which have nothing to do with how much it was spent until now only to experience a crazy solution and unnatural as the capture and storage of CO2 underground (CCS), failed after many tens of billions spent to unnecessary testing.

Nature, without any available technology, has worked much better than the scientists of the present and of the past. We, with the technology available, must only create the conditions to increase their natural potential, both to purify, to alkalize water and to transform the energy of matter into electricity. In most cases, to purify and alkalize the water we do not need chemicals. While to produce energy in large quantities at all hours of the day and night and in all latitudes and longitudes, it is sufficient to slightly modify simple single-stage pumps and to modify the existing hydraulic systems which raise the water, so that we can produce hydroelectric energy with the Water recycling, using hydraulic regimes favorable to energy saving in the recovery and lifting of water, and favoring the production of kinetic energy during the production of electricity by hydraulic turbines.

As it is not contrary to the principles of conservation of energy, the current hydropower, produced with the hydraulic jump (energy position of the water in upper basin), it is not contrary either hydropower with water recycling. It is only necessary to subtract the energy spent on water recycling. Of course, the skill of the plant scientist, inventor or designer is seen above all by the energy that is spent on recycling water, and also by the system used to increase the energy that can be produced.

Who invented reversible machines called “pumps / turbines” has failed the solution because it did not produce energy but management benefits. In fact, these machines can not work simultaneously as pumps and turbines. The right solution is to work together the turbines and pumps without ever draining the plant so that the pump does not need to raise water but recycle it only by spending a hundred times lower energy. Suffice it to say that the recycling of 1,000 L / s of water in a pipe DN 800 requires a pressure drop of about 1.5 m. Then we spend the same energy to raise 1000 L / s of 1.5 m or recirculate the same flow without lifting in a kilometer circuit. This demonstrates the validity of the reasoning of the undersigned, who has invented the pump with the dual that can immediately recover the water discharged from the turbine and insert it into the recycle circuit of the same water of the basin that produces energy without making it emptied. This is not contrary to the principles of conservation of energy that are valid for isolated systems, because the pump with the double separate supply connects two different hydraulic circuits: one open that produces energy in hydraulic turbine and one closed that saves energy by recycle of water with the hydrostatic pressure of the upper basin.

But hydroelectric power with water recycling also has the advantage of being pressurized with compressed air by reducing the space needed to allow us to produce energy even in the basins and wells, dissolving oxygen in the water, Our apartments and the means of transport. I’m sure many have realized that I’m right, even without experimentation, but they do not talk about not coming against their bosses who have invested economically in other energies, who can not compete with energy produced only with water and air. In addition to all the air, according to the well-known physical principles legislated by Henry and Dalton, it is dissolved into water in proportions to air pressure, producing very important purifying effects.

However, silences on these solutions continue, even by public science. Therefore I think that the problem of global warming is no longer a technical issue, but a general morality. If world leaders continue to waste time, if the scientific press is silent, oppositions do not support these solutions, if International Justice does not intervene, the problem of global warming will also become a technical problem because not even the powerful and economical pressurized hydroelectric energy depurative of the environment will be able to remedy the damage done by presumptuous and unpractical science and by legislators who only hear who has caused the damage and continues to produce them. The powerful do not listen to who has worked a lifetime to know the problems and has used retirement to study solutions, which do not have secret formulas and do not cost a penny of a dollar or euro to any taxpayer in the world. Those who do not know the problems in the various branches can not propose global solutions or even interactive energies. For this, we now have all half energy and purification solutions that do not solve the problems and waste resources. The International Courts of Justice are in a position to impose immediately the simple demonstration experiments of interactive energy and in a very short time, impose regulations that would bring an alternative development model, sustainable and protective of the environment.

Indeed, for the undersigned, the large current purifiers should not exist because purification needs to be incorporated into the water and polluted pathways, starting from the point where the pollution is produced until it is completely eliminated without interrupting the cycles. Therefore, a global environmental protection study should start from the study of the LAYOUT of the territory to be purified and fed of energy and work organization, through cross-working cycles between the air-water purification and the production of energy. It is not possible that after one hundred and fifty years from the advent of the industrial era, and after the Kyoto Protocol, The workforce of the energy and purification of no country have understood that they should work together; losing the commercial energy and Creating interactive energy that protects the environment.

Paradoxically, compared to the current situation, more energy would produce with complete cycles, more will protect the environment. Today, however, large thermal power plants, incinerators, steel mills, digesters, large purifiers, are randomly located on the territory. All are disproportionate in size, therefore, may not close all anthropogenic cycles, but only a very small part. All cycles that do not close, especially CO2, which can only be neutralized chemically, released into the atmosphere, acidifies and warms the oceans and the planet. For this reason, I have deepened only the energy and water treatment systems that uses nature, with the same basic elements both to purify, both to produce energy: water, air, calcareous materials, atmospheric pressure. Obviously, by combining these elements to modern technology that best fits to this objective and new personal inventions to make sure that the natural systems that the nature uses only to properly close the inorganic organic cycles (which also comprise the zeroing of CO2 emissions ), Have been strengthened to produce electricity as well: fossil, biological and especially hydroelectric with water recycling. The latter must always be present even when using fossil, geothermal or biological energy. Low cost water recycling is indispensable for contact between water and CO2 in calcareous greenhouses to produce carbonates in water instead of CO2 emissions, which, even if they are biological, should always be dropped for reduce the total percentage in the atmosphere.

In fact, if we produce clean energy at very low cost and we were to use to circulate the water on calcareous material in closed environments in the lower layers of the atmosphere, where stratifies the CO2 (being heavier than air), we would solve both problems: producing Alkaline waters, which by reducing CO2 from the atmosphere, would revert to the seas in the form of carbonates, in accordance with the natural carbon, calcium and magnesium cycle, which regularize oceanic alkalinity.

If the hydroelectric systems created by the undersigned allow you to recycle the water by producing more energy than you consume, why not use them to cut down CO2 wherever it is produced, or do you sag in higher percentages? This simple question should have had a positive plebiscite response, but received a plebiscite silence.

I thought after the first publications of the first patents, someone would share my work, especially among public agencies, which in theory should have no vested interests in choosing one or the other energy and environmental solution, but I was wrong. The world’s public bodies and science that deals with the environment and energy, oddly, do not behave scientifically. They do not apply “the scientific organization of work” theorized by Frederick Taylor in 1911, which was used instead by the industry to improve industrial production in order to beat the competition, proposing the goals of greater productivity and quality, irrespective of from what is produced. “The scientific organization of work” could also be applied to the environment and energy, instead of making large, randomly-placed plants on the territory. One has to wonder: why are all world installations environmentally sound?

The answer might be: because they have been designed without any global environmental protection objectives, and therefore, today there is a lack of spaces and elements needed to close all the inorganic and inorganic cycles that they open. Who designs the systems based only on individual technical and scientific disciplines that have the skills to pursue the objective of protecting the global environment. It realizes only part of the objectives, hiding behind the state of art, which has nothing to do, because they are the basic arguments that are lacking in logic design and scientific plant.

One has to wonder: if the Environmental Taylorism existed, how would the plants be designed to protect the environment globally?

The answer might be, would have been carried out studies to identify the global cycles of the environment; Then selecting the energy and purifying systems that can be used to realize such cycles; Then, identify the machines to realize such cycles; then invented new machines, if the existing ones do not meet the requirements; then, identified the various connections between similar and compatible adjacent processes; Finally, the installations on the urban territory, agricultural, industrial would have been made, incorporating within them the energy systems and water treatment, already proportioned to close independently organic and inorganic cycles that open. Even the chimneys would have a different shape: even without filters and heat exchangers to recover heat, they would have at least a double room and a higher expansion to slow the output speed and plunge into the outer chamber much of the dust and CO2, which are known to be heavier than air, to purify them in the subsoil along with rainwater and urban drains. Only with logical solutions is it possible to achieve a sustainable development compatible with the world population growth, where the expansion of human activities also automatically entails the expansion of the integrated energy and purification system into the general system. But where is the logic of current purifiers? The only intelligent solution purifying, which is the Imhoff tank, founded in 1904, which knocked down almost 75% of the organic load source has been eliminated from the urban centers to promote degeneration and sewage treatment plants with activated sludge, which waste resources And far from the cities do not give the least contribution to air purification. It would be enough to change the Imhoff, deepen them and providing them with surface aeration with air polluted city, including that of smokestacks, to also eliminate bad odors which are known to produce Imhoff. To solve the tiny problem of smell, the world’s public science has created the current urban smog. The many patents of the undersigned on these topics have all been trashed impetuously. But today it would be even more valid because with pressurized hydropower with compressed air to oxidize water and to alkalize it locally and to produce energy, it would not cost almost anything. However, even pressurized hydroelectric plants leave the world’s environmental authorities indifferent, but also small municipal councilors, public technicians, and even environmental associations, who oppose without ever having to go into detail about technical solutions. All have the same cultural background, which starts from the universities, which are lost in mathematical and metaphysical calculations without knowing how to develop concrete and comprehensive plans, which would follow the processes, step by step, without interruption, as in any Manufacturing Industry applying industrial Taylorism to be competitive and not fail.

All this was not done because world public science, paradoxically, did not organize its work scientifically. And today is behaving even worse, calling for more funding to improve technologies that have led to global warming, which can not be improved globally, being the plants at the wrong place, the wrong size, and performing incomplete processes.

For the undersigned, who knew practically “the scientific organization of industrial work”, having been busy for seventeen years, of the Lay Out and the automotive plant, which also represents the maximum of technological advance, and who knows even the deficiencies of the purification and energy systems, having worked over the next twenty years in these areas, it was obvious to put together the two experiences as soon as the pension was reached. If he had not done so, he would have committed the same crime that the world public agencies commit daily: the offense of omission. It was not easy to resist the indifference and skepticism that accompanied this solitary work. But after eleven years of work and many patents, none of which has been made (N.32 national patents, No. 1 European, International No. 5), I believe that it has produced virtual advancement of the state of the art parallel to That of the public bodies of the world and the multinationals, which I submit to the Judges of the International Courts of Justice, being the individual projects, already, in vain, subjected both to public agencies both to private companies.

I do not think it is right that a private inventor dealing with public utility issues should be humiliated by public and private silences, and at the same time, see his copyright rights decay because he can not pay the deposit fees payable by public agencies and Multinationals, who, moreover, have veto power on the realization of the own patents.

Intellectual property rights should be inalienable and do not pay any tax because they have nothing to do with industrial property. If the legislature used the same system in comparison to writers, there would not even be culture. But today, there is no alternative environmental and energy design to incomplete public and private solutions.

Though my solutions are only virtual, I think no one can deny that they are both energetic and depurative, which consistently close the carbon cycle of the modern era, that can be realized everywhere, with any earth temperature at any time of day and night, which cost far less than current energy and purification solutions. The only doubt that could be there is to be certain that these solutions work. This doubt would only be legitimate if it were technical details, but, as I have written, it is also the reasonings, the logic, the scientific organization of the work of the energetic and purifying public plants that do not squander. At least the International Judges are not curious to ascertain these truths, since it’s in play, the notorious global warming and sustainable development while the world population is growing exponentially?

For the undersigned, the key to planet cooling is electrical energy produced by systems that interact positively with the environment, because only fresh water can carry the anthropogenic CO2 to the oceans positively transformed into carbonates. But water recycling costs too much, to be able to do with current systems. In fact, current water lifting facilities are wrong: they absorb too much energy because they raise water by challenging gravitational force. With systems designed differently, kept constantly full, artificial rainfall on limestone materials can only be achieved with overflow water that does not require energy costs for lifting but only for water recycling, which are hundreds of times lower. This is the first neglected solution by science. But even more important is the compressed hydroelectric power that can be realized in many versions, which is hundreds of times cheaper than any form of energy created by man, including coal, which today is wrongly considered, the world’s most economical form of energy.

It need someone to explain this topic, above all, the scientific advisers of President Trump, but also to those who advise others one hundred ninety-five heads of government, which in any case are wasting resources in energy that faced with interactive ones, are worth very little in all the aspects.

The main great news that the world’s environmental authorities pretend not to understand in order not antagonizing oilmen and thermal engine manufacturers is the fact that pressurized hydroelectric power, with increased pressure, could also replace the thermal motors of any size and power, Clearing energy costs and completely eliminating CO2 emissions.

Who asserts that the energy can not be created from nothing does not include that the compressed air is not “nothing.” Unlike battery-powered batteries, compressed air can be clamped in a tight volume and work like a compressed spring that transmits its strength to uncompressible water, which circles a part of the same, entering and exiting from the same volume, by means of a pump with the dual power supply separated until the impeller, which allows this operation by spending very little energy because the water, being incomprehensible, in the rotating impeller, sums the two flow rates with a single pressure, which is that of compressed air. However, it can produce electricity through a hydraulic turbine under the thrust of compressed air imprisoned that is not consumed. Since the energy produced by the turbine (which depends on compressed air pressure) is hundreds of times higher than that consumed by the pump (which recycles the water inside the accumulated volume), this system is fully autonomously energized and only needs of a small starter battery, which opens the solenoid valve that supplies the water in the turbine with compressed air force. But this system is much cheaper and cleaner than thermal motors and battery cars and can not be compared even with cars that are running on the market that work with compressed air (pneumatic engines) by consuming the compressed air accumulated in Tanks, which need to be recharged by consuming electricity, such as battery cars, and therefore cost more and have little autonomy.

The solutions of the undersigned do not concern public scientists, who should be above the parties, and consequently do not even interest politicians and legislators who are waiting that the scientific oracle says. But science is silent because it is divided into so many areas and a global reasoning from the point of view of solutions does not address it, in order not to deny the partial solutions that the various branches of science carry, which reason with the same logic as multinationals: focusing on the industry alone, developing details compatible with current systems, without questioning systems that do not interact positively with the environment and the natural carbon cycle.

I believe, above all, in my solutions based on centuries-old physical principles and mechanical and hydraulic solutions where energy production and the amount of oxygen soluble in water is proportional to the air pressure on the water. No matter if the science, politics and the citizens themselves, have the courage or ignorance to overlook these solutions, while beautiful cities like Venice, Amsterdam, Suzhou, Shanghai, seem open sewers for the absence of oxygen in the water in which they float. I do not know how they can not understand that the same system that would produce energy and oxygen could keep the water low in the canals, not only in case of high tides, but also prevent floods, if we produce it by purifying the rivers and lakes. In fact, to raise water in a security zone, it is sufficient to temporarily reduce the energy produced (

International Legislation do not Help Private Inventors

Unfortunately, for myself, also the current international patent term is wrong, because in fact does not recognize intellectual property separate from that industry. Today easily happen what happened to the undersigned: important inventions, utilities are not funded either by public research organizations or private companies. . Since the inventor cannot produce inventions alone, the state of the art does not advance. Meanwhile, patents on international patents undermine intellectual and industrial property on inventions, as they would claim that the inventor would also pay patent patents. These are laws without justice and logic. This is another reason why the judges of the International Courts of Justice should intervene. Today, easily it happens that a business owner will ruin economically to industrialize an invention that is quickly overcome by the state of art.

It would be more correct if the risk was not mandatory, but a free choice. Indeed, global public entities should be obliged to share the intellectual property of patents of public utility of all inventors who apply for it if the patent has patentability (inventiveness, novelty and industrial applicability). In other words, the private inventor should be able to choose whether to risk everything about his invention, or to reserve only intellectual property, shared with a public agency that helps him in the realization of a prototype that demonstrates the validity of the invention. After that, the invention of public social utility should be made available to all companies in all countries that adhere to international treaties, which would achieve free competition, paying only the copyright laid down by international law to the inventor and the public entity that funded the demonstration prototype.

This would enable faster growth and equitable world economy. Unfortunately, instead, in the legislative field the worst choices were made:

  1. Do not separate intellectual property from the industrial one.
  • Allow global public entities to sell their patents to exclusive private companies.

This has led to a huge conflict of interests, which stifles the development of the global economy and the protection of the environment. There can be no reason to explain why no one wants to experience interactive energies. But it can be easily understood that hydro-electric water-recycling, above all pressurized, will undermine the entire world fixed and mobile energy market, and also the market for industrial machines, means of transport, Agricultural processing, purification, sewage treatment, heating and air conditioning. In fact, this energy would only consume the wear of machines and materials. Those who talk about perpetual motion, asserts something false because in perpetual motion there would be no wear.

They are the laws of physics and the way of designing and constructing machines and systems that allow realizing a very positive balance between the energy produced and expense in the exploitation coupled incompressible water and air of atmospheric pressure and compressed air.

The Significant of Spawhe Acronym

The entire system, developed by the undersigned, which is the only one in the world that would protect the environment globally, was virtually developed virtually because it did not receive any economic contribution from any government, public entity, which would prefer to fund commercially available patents and equally commercial but not efficient and non-interactive renewable energies with the environment. While, private entrepreneurs, the environment, energy, pump manufacturers, turbines, electric and thermal motors are kept out of such inventions because they should completely review their organization and production.

This system is described on the website The term “SPAWHE” has the following meaning:

SP, means “Synergic Plants”, Where with the synergy between different, well-proportioned plants, with the available water resources in the territory, it would be accompanied by the production of fossil energy to the biological one, recovering the heat and the CO2 dispersed from the former to heat digesters that would produce biological energy, While CO2 produced from both plants would be used in favor of the environment to produce alkaline waters by means of artificial rainfall on limestone materials stored in covered greenhouses. The second part of this process could also be achieved in urban centers by transforming the sewerage system into water and air purification together, being CO2, SOX and dust, heavier than air and therefore easily conveyable down. However, fossil energy is less economical than hydroelectric power and in the future it will only have to be used in particular cases, such as steel production. Biological energy is also less economical, and it will only use the energy produced by the biological purification system (

AW, means “Artificial Welling”, Where the synergy between unmanageable floating systems, pumps and turbines in series that would produce the submerged hydroelectric power that would produce energy by exploiting the surface water energy that intubated on deep-mounted pumps would produce the necessary kinetic energy , both to produce electricity, both to create depressions in bottlenecks venturi, which would allow the aspiration of percentages of deep waters, calcium and carbon-rich solubilized by the high hydrostatic pressures in billions of years. This system would not only allow the multiplication of oceans’ fisheries naturally, creating phytoplankton and zooplankton, which today is concentrated only in 5% of the total surface (where natural welling occurs), but also raising calcium together with carbon, it would also allow the development of superior fish species and the increase in alkalinity of surface waters.

HE, means “Hydroelectric energy”, But the title was abbreviated to not complicate the acronym. In reality, the hydroelectric energy conceived by the undersigned is completely different from the current one, which exploits, above all, one-sided, the energy of the position of the water accumulated in basins made in the mountain valleys. Current hydroelectric power, conceptually very simple, has many contraindications requiring great works to accumulate water, which in many cases favor floods. In addition, water can only be used once and only to produce energy. Instead, by basing energy production on water recycling, in the valleys, not in the mountains, we not only prevent floods, during the recycling we oxygenate and alkalize them without cost, But above all, we have a huge amount of water to handle during the summer drought. As of this writing (April 2017) is expected very dry summer across Europe for the very low level of rivers and lakes. What can they expect African countries, which under the water aspect are even less fortunate? The energy solution that is proposed, however, does not require large investments, recycles water for as long as you want and while producing energy at the same time can purify, alkalize, lift or desalinate, according to local needs. It mainly uses water incompatibility, air compressibility, new hydraulic circuits, in open vessel and pressurized with compressed air, old but modified pumps to overcome gravity and hydrostatic pressures to recycle water at low energy costs. This energy interacts positively with the environment because the water recycling always produces an oxidation of water, which still employs a greater effect in pressurized systems with compressed air, according to Henry and Dalton laws. But this energy in the compressed version, with small dimensions, in proportion to the operating pressures, could also produce energy in wells, apartments and means of transport for twenty-four hours a day and in any climatic condition (even at the north pole) without fuel.

The chronological order of the proposed inventions respects the abbreviation of SP. AW. HE, demonstrating that the undersigned has given priority to the depurative and protective aspect of the environment. Not the energy aspect from which it could find the greatest economic profit with its own inventions. Probably, I would have felt satisfied if the public science and potentials that heated the planet had taken into consideration my inventions in the SP. and AW sectors, and I would not investigate on the HE sector, which even without prototypes, I can assert, which beats abundantly all the world’s energy solutions, even economically.

In the synthetic presentation of the SPAWHE system I have used the conditional because the silence of the world’s environmental authorities has hindered the simple and costly experiments that would dispel any doubt about the feasibility of the projects in question.

It may seem strange that these projects have not been drafted by any world public agencie, but it is not very strange, because if we look at patents from public research institutions and universities, we see that they focus on disciplinary specializations such as multinationals. In other words, it seems that public research organizations have not understood the main reason for which they exist, which is to select and coordinate all existing sciences and technologies in the common interest. Instead, they continue to do researchers in single disciplines, denouncing the severity of the problems, but when it comes to studying the solutions, they do not differ much from multinational solutions. Public scientists make consultants for public tenders but do not question systems inherited from the past, which against global warming have never worked and even against floods. They have not understood that the true environmental design must be done globally, performing multiple functions together and, above all, chasing the way to close the anthropogenic cycles as a function of available water resources, which being different from one place to another, also affect the size of the plants doable. In fact, it was never followed this design criterion, all the existing energy systems (heat, water, biological) and purification, for the fight against global warming are wrong because they do not realize complete processes involving along polluted water and air: The size does not correspond to the neutralizing capacity of the environment and did not create the necessary infrastructure to increase the depurative potential required to close the anthropogenic carbon cycle, according to the thermoaline circulation of the oceans, as described in thousands of pages of SPAWHE, among articles and patents.

In addition, in many countries, public science uses patents as a form of financing of the entity belonging to and of the profit of the same inventors, with a substantial percentage of the patents being sold. If the patents were not specialist, nobody would buy them. Therefore, research organizations are arguing as multinationals. In fact, the absence of global targets makes more commercial inventions. For multinationals, there is no need for coordination on the ground between scientific and technological discoveries. For them, it is sufficient to gradually get to a greater percentage of renewable energies, to walk some of the means of transport with huge lithium batteries or compressed air engines, hiding in the world that batteries and compressed air should be charged with fossil and renewable energy that is not efficient. No one is talking about modifying purifiers that have not focused on any global purification objective. No wonder if these are the objectives of the multinationals. But there is to cry if coincide with the objectives of the world’s public science. The words are not enough because the mountains can not continue to give birth mice, forcing the mice, like myself, to give birth to the mountains. But in the general silence and without funding, which are in the hands of those who continue to warm the planet. Who can believe in mice? It ‘s easier to believe that a camel can go through the eye of a needle than for the International Judges can believe in myself, but I’ll try anyway, because I believe in miracles. The inventions that produced the mouse are already a miracle. I do not have the presumption to think it’s all flour on my small bag.

Inventions should not serve to sell machines; they can also be structural inventions. Private and public inventors, not related to industrial property, for living or funding, could only be enough intellectual property, if it were recognized, as it should be, separate from the industrial one.

In fact, the depurative sewers and overlapping biological ponds, the submerged hydropower in wells and basins, which I have invented, do not require complex machinery and plants, such as phosphor and nitrogen removal bioreactors, which can Be located only in large purifiers. While small depurative wells and small superimposed biologic ponds, linked to small limestone greenhouses with artificial rainfall, could be realized everywhere, realizing complete cycles. Without allowing the breaks of current purging cycles, which involve current sewers, with aggravated energy costs and additives. But allowing the combination with urban air purification, which needs water for dust suppression, consume CO2 and transform SOx and NOx in sulfates and nitrates, more purifiable, compared with oxides suspended in the air.

Purification sewers are important, but public researchers have not deepened them because, like private companies, they focused only on technological and commercial inventions that can be used in purifiers. Infact, from the beginning of the modern era, among the workmen, it was discussed, and there is still talk of the choice between the mixed sewerage system (which involves the mixing of black and rainwater) and double sewer lines, which provide for the separation of black water from rain. Today, most cities use the mixed line but there are several cities that use the double sewerage line. These two systems are both wrong on the technical and scientific level, because the sewer mixed by mixing the rainwater, which are acidic, with the waste water which shall contain organic material and sludge, produce in large quantities of hydrogen sulphide sewers, sulfuric acid and Ammonia nitrogen, which corrode pipes and destroy the energy of sludge. Therefore, To the purifiers comes a mixture of septic water and degraded sludge, which needs high energy costs and long time to be regenerated with the current active sludge systems. Which is a very delicate system that easily produces the so-called sludge diseases that float, sediment, produce foams, do not aggregate, swell, become viscous. So in addition to energy costs they require large amounts of chemical products, with high costs, not to alter the delicate balance of the sludge. Just an excess of rain to put out of operation the plant and force most of the water incoming to be diverted directly to the drain without passing through the purification plant. While separate sewers are equally wrong, the separation of the two types of water causes rainwater to flow rapidly to purifiers, while black waters that are poor in water and with high sludge concentrations do not go to the purifiers and aggravate the production of Hydrogen sulphide and sulfuric acid and sediments depositing at critical points, clogs them. Notwithstanding that purifiers have the same management problems as mentioned above.

All this has happened because it was not applied environmental Taylorism or scientific organization of work, it would find the best solution to purify water and air together in the same towns. Today, urban air can not breathe, and water purifiers away from cities waste resources and produce acidic waters. But public science continues to silence and ask for funding to continue to purify the same and produce non-interactive energies. To change things is useless to discuss with local authorities, it is necessary to communicate with the main brain. But where is this brain found? I have the impression that the highest level of scientific solutions are published, the more confusion they create, if they do not take many steps backwards and step by step, we apply the basic principles of physics, chemistry and biology as it could and should To be done, since 1911, when Taylorism was born that rationalized work in the industry. When it comes to global rationality of the natural carbon cycle in anthropic systems of environment and energy?

The undersigned with three Italian patents 0001399595 of September 15, 2009 and 0001403863 of 02 February 2011, 0001419534 of December 19, 2012, turned the mixed sewer into a purification system using vertical wells that are at the beginning of the sewerage, which oxidize the surface waters and make them alkaline with artificial rainfall on limestone materials, so these semi-purified waters increase the alkaline value of rainwater, preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid and ammonia nitrogen. While the sludge would be extracted from the bottom of the scrub wells and would go directly to the nearest anaerobic digesters, by means of a pressurized inlet line by means of an electropump. These patents, which have now fallen off due to the absence of national and international interlocutors, would become even more efficient with the reduction of energy costs and the contribution of oxidation produced with patents No. 1020160000111938 and 1020160000111939 of 07/09/2016, respectively, “Pressurized hydroelectric plants submerged in reservoirs and wells with lifting and oxygenation”. But even these patents have been completely ignored by environmental authorities who will continue to discuss mixed and double sewerage, to finance inefficient depurations and energies, pretending not to understand that the new system is 100 times more efficient and economical because it allows to purify, Also the urban atmospheric air from heavy gases such as CO2, SOX, lead oxides, smog and fine dust, and alkalize rainwater and urban drainage before they disperse. These treatments can not be made in existing active sludge systems, far from where urban pollution is produced, can not contribute to air purification and waste huge amounts of energy to repair the damage caused by sewage systems. In addition, they emit CO2 in the environment because they use open oxidation tanks and produce acidic water. In fact, the regulations accept drain water with PH 5,5 that going to lakes and seas, they increase acidification.

The patents of 2009 and 2012 have let them fall. What do you need to pay maintenance taxes if the public sectors that they should use and export to other countries pretend they do not exist? Also the European Commission has ignored my global patents and launched public tenders for the urban cleaning air by simple filtration, as reported in an article published on As if a simple filtration could overcome a purification system contained in four international patents (WO2014 / 076724 – WO2014 / 076725 – WO2014 / 076726 – WO2014 / 076727) and as many national, which include in addition to the electrostatic filtration of smokes also the purification iand the alkalization of urban water and the neutralization of CO2.

If the global public entities they might make the purifying sewage, as proposed by the undersigned, would give him reason and should also break down the great purifiers that out in the country, never

been used to clean air and not be useful anymore even to purify water, Madly degenerated by infernal seismic paths, which the undersigned has unnecessarily denounced for a decade. What is scientific in this system? Science has never wondered what serves the current purification, which produces acidic waters, when our main problem is just oceanic acidification? Science is like an octopus does not coordinate its tentacles. While politicians, lawmakers, entrepreneurs interrogating a branch of science at a time, they create scientific justifications to make unjust and inefficient laws and to cover their own interests. Universal science cannot afford this ignominious game because it is also the most important reference point for environmental law and civil and criminal justice worldwide.

Those who work in the name of science, before committing an oath to a public or private company, must respect universal moral values. The argument is much more delicate than it may seem, because American President Trump has defied national and international environmental commitments taken by former President Obama in the name of American national interests. So, in the whole world, there will be a big step back in protecting the environment, reducing the percentage of renewable energies, restoring coal and fossil energy in general. Most likely, this is because science has not been able to create interactive energies that interact positively with the environment on the purification plan would have lowered the purifying and energy costs at source. If science had done its job well, oil and coal would never be used to produce energy. In fact, if the principles of energy conservation were applied along with the principles of the least effort to produce the work, it would have come to realize that the thermal passage for energy production, in most cases, is useless and costly: pressurized hydropower, produced cold, by recycling the water is hundreds of times more efficient.

The energy policy of President Trump, would be prehistoric, but it exceeded even that he wanted to accomplish President Obama and all current world statesmen, most liberals and environmentalists, but equally misguided scientifically, energy and environmental terms.

Today there are two opposite lobbies: the producers of fossil energy and that of inefficient renewables.

Both lobbies do not defend the environment but their bad investments.

Public research organizations should be the arbiters, instead sell patents to the one who offers the most, to keep alive both systems, born obsolete since their birth, having Incurable vices of origin.

In fact, the third way, the most efficient, which is both energy and purifying, the energies interactive with the environment, no one knows and no one wants to know, including public research organizations, the environmental authorities, People who appear in squares, environmental associations. The more progressive people are pushing for the lesser-known evil in the state of the art, accepting the philosophy of science, which, having not been able to invent interactive energies, is content with polluting, inefficient, intermittent energies.

No more false could be taught in universities all over the world because the undersigned has shown that if there were the interactive energies, more we would produce it, more it would increase the protection of the environment. But throughout the world, the only money spent in this direction are the little money he was able to escape to his family a pensioner to deposit unwanted patents by the global ruling class, including the scientific, not for scientific reasons.

What did not understand the opponents who are content with the lesser evil is that if they finance inefficient renewables, there is no way to finance efficient and interactive ones. By changing governments to environmental and energy issues, they will not go in the direction that nature requires.

Probably, it is easier to win the battle against President Trump’s positions, based on the economic aspects of energy, than against the half renewable , the battery cars, that carry out fake progressives and fake environmentalists.

President Trump, in front of demonstration prototypes, should go back and above all economically, because the cost of compressed hydroelectric energy that would protect the environment would be less than mere extraction and refining of fossil aneurysms, while science Public is conditioned, As well as the mistakes made in the designs to cover, even from patents sold to private companies operating in the field of the environment and energy. Probably this is the real reason why public science is silent on logical energies and in line with the natural carbon cycle, that public science teaches in schools.

Today, in addition to lobby political, economic, commercial and industrial categories, there are also various scientific lobby: every scientific discipline grows with parallel disciplines in other countries of the world, becoming important reference points for the development of businesses but not for local and global development. In fact, we have international conferences on chemistry, biology, hydrology, engineering, construction, urban planning, agriculture, bioenergy, nuclear power, renewable energy, electronics and information technology. We have all kinds of energy, but public designers have not expanded the functions of the plants to perform interactive functions to recover heat, purify fumes from CO2 and produce alkaline waters, which would be possible by completing the cycles and dimensioning the plants in function of the water resources available on the territory, as described on,, In order to expand the functions of the plants and neutralize CO2, it would be necessary to reduce the energy potential or enlarge the dimensions to include the missing sections: heat recovery digesters, superimposed biological ponds for the recovery of liquid digestate, calcareous greenhouses with Artificial rainfall to consume CO2 in favor of the environment, dehydrating sludge composting products. But public bodies have done nothing to close the carbon cycle in the plants. At most, they have completed the district heating of the nearest urban center, recovering heat, spending more resources for the installations and insulations, and to create independent local heating.

Public bodies, if they do not correct their design mistakes, that are immense, can not allow lawmakers to impose on private companies the relative adjustments. They will never be able to do so if they continue to develop the same projects that multinationals develop to sell patents to them without learning the overall design of plants that is different from local and specific design. In global design everything has to be rationally connected, seamlessly as it teaches the natural cycle of carbon invented by nature. The current solutions of the world’s public bodies are welcomed by multinationals in procurement of large plants, large water, purification, electricity and gas management. While, for the undersigned, all that is great in the world of energy and energy, it must be overcome because it has not worked and can not work.

As noted above, the pressurized hydropower with water recycling is based on the difference between the energy expenditure and the energy produced, to which must be added the value of the positive side effects produced. This difference will be so great that residual energy will serve to fed industries, urban lighting, heating and air conditioning systems (by exchanging heat with underground water, without the external units of the air conditioners that contribute To heat urban centers and to spread dust and smog). The current large thermal power plants, the big purifiers, the great works to produce hydroelectric power are harmful because they can not work synchronously with the natural carbon cycle. In fact, for the purification and alkalization of the planet, water must be uniformly distributed across the whole territory, especially in the valleys, where it is used for agriculture and simultaneously purified seamlessly even in the same aquifers where inevitably nitrates, phosphates and pesticides are over. While the current purification systems purify only sampled water that, by pure chance, passes through the purifiers. Past designers and the vast majority of the present, to produce energy with the banal hydraulic leap, have wasted immense economic resources and conditioned the entire world sustainable development, preventing the natural distribution of water across the world, accelerating the speed of ‘Water to the sea and favoring floods in some areas and droughts in other areas. All this has happened because the pumps and hydraulic lifting facilities were wrong and nobody has noticed it in over a century and a half of unbridled industrial development. No one could see if water lift plants were not framed in a wider global project, which included water recycling, purification, alkalization, and sustainable carbon cycle closure. By extending the functions of the plants, it is necessary to expand the functions of the pumps that are the heart of the plants. If we think about how the human heart works, even the pumps can do more than they do now.

Today, we can do better than nature because we have the technology developed. We need to put them together more rationally than we do now, but keep in mind that if we open organic or inorganic cycles we need to close them completely. If it can not be done in a single plant, it is made in an adjacent plant, so the plants must be seamlessly connected, not as it is now, where the cycles interrupt the sewers and resume many kilometers away. Or as in the current chimneys, where they stop with CO2 production and are not resumed nowhere, because CO2 can only be neutralized with a natural cold chemical process just as nature has always done.

Today, the low level of efficiency in the state of the art and energy is not dependent on the low scientific and technological level, but by the lack of global projects and patents, such as those illustrated in, which perform multiple functions at the same time:

Depurative sewers; The smokestacks that capture depurate and cool fumes; linear digesters that exploit the heat of thermal plants; vertical synergic constructions, with superimposed biological ponds that purify water with photosynthesis as it rises upwards; the lifting step of the waters, which by exploiting the hydraulic head of the upper reservoir by means of the pumps with the dual separate supply produce much more energy than they consume; The submerged hydropower plants that by producing electricity with the high water position energy compared to those on the backdrops would lead oxygen to the polluted seabed, purifying and lifting the nutrients, increasing the fishery; pressurized hydroelectric power with compressed air in basins and wells that would be much more powerful than the one that could only be produced with the surface water surface energy and with greater deep water purification capabilities; the desalination achievable with ion exchange, raising the water and producing energy by means of the pumps with the dual supply, which allows to have the desalinated water raised to the height of several meters can be sent by gravity to the use; the desalination achievable with ion exchange, raising the water and producing energy by means of the pumps with the dual supply, which allows to have the desalinated water raised to the height of several meters can be sent by gravity to the use.

These are all global utility patents, which are dying in bands one after the other, while world-wide public science, salaried by the citizens of the world, produces environmental patents of energy and purity details of specific utility that do not change the substance of the plants that have heated the planet. But such patents are funded and sold to the same companies that then sell the equipment to public entities managers. How can emerge the real protection of the environment and sustainable energy, interactive, whether the things in the world, work this way?

I allow myself to ask to the International Judges, if for they are more important the global or specific patents? Which patents should give priority to public bodies in the world? That said, I do not say that they do not have to develop specific patents in specific disciplines, I just say that these patents should only reserve intellectual property and make them available to all companies that are able to make them free Competition in countries that adhere to international treaties on intellectual property. If patents are actually useful to the community, intellectual property can certainly be a useful funding tool, but without conflicts of interest and increasing the state of general art, not individual companies.

The Sustainable Economy Must be Combined with Environmental Taylorism that does not Exist

I have worked for half of my working life in a large company and for the other half in a small business, I know multinationals can grow very well on their own, while public design is indispensable for growing all the other activities. To create a sustainable development model, it was necessary to bring together technicians with industrial, environmental energy experiences that would select the best technologies, case by case and reasoning together, to find the best solutions.

This solution should have been achieved by individual states or the United Nations alone, but no one has done so because no global organization has a global vision of solution problems, which should converge to one objective: ECONOMY SUSTAINABLE, which cannot exist without a perfect organization of environmental and energy work on the territory. This is the reason I am talking of “ENVIRONMENTAL TAYLORISM”. Today, environmental and energy plants are completely strange to each other, while they can only be one thing and interact positively with the environment, costing hundreds of times less, and increasing returns. Until the global ruling class will prevent the emergence of interactive energies that would show the current inefficiencies, the selection will never do because the current solutions being all incomplete, are more or less equivalent and cannot be issued a comprehensive scientific judgment. We are forced to choose, case by case, the minor evil.

For signed a cross-working life is needed and many insights to get to interactive systems. But it has taken so long because the division of labor exists everywhere and therefore he had to change many offices in major industries and conclude own experience in a small company that simply installed all kinds of equipment, working, especially in large electromechanical sub contracts of public works. Only in this way could I have a global and at the same time detailed view of the problems of the environment and energy, which are those that strategically affect human survival. I’m sorry if disgruntled by all the powerful on Earth, but seeing so much human, economic, environmental, wasted energies hurts the heart. Someone has to say clearly, coming in details, how to plan the plants globally, to multiply energy and purification yields, otherwise science will continue to sink into its omnipotence, instead it should sprinkle ashes on their heads and ask for forgiveness for all the serious mistakes which he commits. Global public authorities, pretending not to understand how environmental and energy systems can be designed, aggravate citizens’ misgivings, who pay huge bills for energy and purification, while they may be entirely offset by local energy and depurations

produced in the same condominiums with more efficient and invisible installations. also they aggravate the distrust of those seeking work, while there are many things to correct, if only broke the wall of silence of those who pretend only to look for solutions. The current system of large-scale procurement of water, purification and energy production has also been disastrous because it has disrupted the territory by favoring high water concentrations to produce flood-promoting hydroelectric power; High concentrations of poor water areas that favor droughts; High concentrations of CO2 emissions that can not be neutralized naturally (by producing carbonates in water). The dams were not supposed to serve in the mountains to produce energy, but to retain the waters in the land, managing them with the interactive energies that producing oxygen and alkalinity would make them more available and useful for agriculture, industry, and human activities. While today we have to tremble when the big rains come, which are forced to overflow because no one has been able to organize rational environmental and energy work. Today, there is extensive information on environmental issues, just to get more funds to find solutions, and at the same time there is a widespread organization to hide the logical solutions that could solve the problems at birth.

The mistake made by the world’s environmental authorities has been to confirm the environmental and energy solutions born with the advent of the industrial era, such as thermal plants, water treatment plants with activated sludge, hydropower one way, even If they have brought them to global warming and drought, without realizing that we had to start from scratch in the study of solutions. Even the undersigned committed the same mistake, taking more time to look for solutions that clean up fossil energy and less time for new energies. But with the difference that the world’s environmental authorities have tried to rescue existing facilities further complicating them with systems like C.C.S. Without doing anything to improve urban and water purification systems, while the undersigned, also transformed fossil energy into an interactive system based on smaller but more complete power plants, which would naturally close the Carbon cycle. My solution is much more logical, but not compatible with current installations of thousands of MW / h, due to the lack of space and water availability. The inventor free from political constraints or part interests must study the ideal solutions, not put the pieces on systems that have insurmountable vices.

As justice must be separated from politics, even the inventors must be free to invent according to their conscience. This cannot happen if the inventors do not recognize intellectual property separate from the industrial property without payment of fees and without time limits the validity of the patents. Inventors should not knock neither the politicians, nor the entrepreneurs, nor those of the compliant sciences, with such powers. If and when their inventions are to be understood, copyright will come, as is the case for all intellectual works. Why inventors have to pay patent patents if inventions are undesirable by power lobbyists? What is the link of intellectual property with the industrial property?

Interactive fossil heat energy has fallen because the inventor, while believing, could not continue to pay taxes without any foundation. However, it remains valid for redesigning the thermal plants of the future, which cannot be eliminated. Probably, if I was a public employee, I would not have allowed myself to work on these solutions in order not to deny the solutions they have ever worked on and the patents they have given to private companies that would become worthless. For ethical and moral problems, which should be obvious, public science should not sell patents to individual private companies. It would have been honest and proper to reserve intellectual property and make patents available to all the companies in the countries covered by international treaties. Public or private inventors (who choose not to sell patents) would be paid a percentage established by international law on the value of the installed work or the product marketed by all companies using the patent without any conflict of interest to the entities Public.

Public science can not be mercified. It is the only one that must be over the parts, like justice. It can be overcome by advancing the state of the art, but it must be the first to get it done and update. It should encourage updates, not hinder them, as it is doing in the face of energy interactive.

Judges in the courts, around the world, not to make mistakes, pretend scientific evidence. Where are they going to find out if public science is also unreliable? We all know that science is divided into sectors and only provides partial answers. But International Judges, if they want to fight international environmental crimes, can not listen to a huge amount of experts to answer complex questions, such as: WHAT IS THE BEST SYSTEM FOR COMBATING GLOBAL HEATING? To answer a question like that, not even enough thousands of scientists, if they have never worked together, selecting everything that exists in the field of cleansings and energy, to create an ideal development model. Without such a model, only accidental crimes can be condemned, such as the sinking of a tanker or the rupture of a pipeline, not those that warm the planet every day.

UNITED NATIONS have put together a group of scientists who formed the so-called IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2007, which however did not yield great results, although thousands of scientists and other experts contribute. These experts do not work every day to simulate global environmental solutions in the various ramifications to find common solutions. They publish their articles, but have not tried it, even virtually. To put together in detail, different plants and technologies, can not say where and how to intervene, to prevent and combat global warming. If they did, they would probably have come, with greater authority than the undersigned to the proposals on The undersigned would be happy. He would not go to the field and would also have avoided spending his savings to prove that if his solutions have the requirements of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability, it means that the world’s public science has never looked for it, despite the great amount of economic means and brains that he had available.

I think this has happened because the experts, However they have partial interests and try to bring water to their mill, either public or private. Today, it is necessary to select and cut all the purifying and energy systems that have been used to bring us to the present state of economic well-being, but not having overcome the defects of origin must be set aside. This can only be done if there are no conflicts of interest. This is why public science has to do experiments. You can not expect that private companies do not defend the capital they have invested. However, private companies need to be helped in sustainable industrial conversion, because if the solutions were wrong, it was mainly because public science never intervened. At least, with the hint of then, it does not take much to understand that energy cycles, to be closed properly, involve higher costs of cold cycles that would combine water and compressed air to develop the same powers. But the hint of then does not emerge either from private science, or from public science, as if they were only one thing. If this happens, it is clear that there are conflicts of interest, which should not be there.

If we implement sustainable development models, we realize that it is much more complicated to follow the flowchart of an automobile manufacturing plant, where thousands of components are involved to close the cycle of the finished product. While closing the carbon cycle of an industrial, urban, and agricultural area, it requires few elements: water, air, calcareous materials in large quantities in the case of thermal cycles and the same elements in very small quantities, if we carry out cold energy cycles. The latter will even subtract CO2 from the environment. But in the manufacturing industry, great investments are made to make the necessary connections so that production cycles are carried out properly, while in the environment, public science has not provided any link. The plants are randomly arranged on the territory and the simple cycles that produce global warming and oceanic acidification should be closed by themselves, ignoring the study of the organization of work that is done in any manufacturing company that does not want to fail due to Poor productivity and quality (industrial Taylorism).

How can they close the carbon cycle energy companies, if the Italian multinational ENI, in 2009, he wrote me that he was not interested in my solutions for the cleaning of fossil energy because they respect existing regulations? So the fault of the legislators? That does not publish appropriate legislation? Ambiguities can only be overcome by developing all the dictates and normalizing them in well-defined processes worldwide, eliminating all defects in origin and process, always choosing the best solutions.

In a well-conceived global system the details can be improved day by day without any trauma. Just think about industrial systems that change car models and mechanical and electrical components continuously. While in current environmental systems, if we improve sewage, we remove organic loads to scrubbers and collapse the entire purification system, based on active sludge. To these things, public scientists had to think about before they could create a system that cannot be rationally managed. The organization of environmental work serves to prevent the purification processes from being in conflict with each other and with energy processes. It is no coincidence that the solutions of the undersigned are different from those of public designers who do not know the organization of industrial work. Work organization can not improvise without knowing the work cycles, machines, plants, purification and energy processes. The links are not automatic. In fact, the current environmental and energy systems can not be connected because they had to be designed differently, following global cycles, and had to be of the right size so as not to disperse or polluted water, or polluted air in the environment. So, even the chimneys should not be of the simple fireplaces, but authentic plants that retrieved the heat and CO2, for use in the environment in other plants, studied case by case, by the undersigned to close cycles, in accordance with the cycle of global carbon. Who has taken on the responsibility of deleting interactive solutions in the name of a state or government must assume its scientific, moral, civil and criminal responsibilities. They can not just keep quiet because the inventor does not represent any world power and is not even sure of being heard by the International Justice Courts. He only hopes for it in the name of all those who believe in Justice and Science above the party’s interests.

Today we are at zero year in the exploitation of interactive energies. The possibilities for improvements in industrial, environmental, energy, purification, agricultural and urban hydraulic systems are immense because by modifying the pumps and using different hydraulic regimes, we can purify the waters in rivers, lakes, ports, wells and produce energy. In the case of high waters, we can defend ourselves from floods with the same system. But we can also revolutionize water lifting and distribution systems. Transforming them from large energy absorbers into producers of the same. We can produce the domestic energy used to heat homes with any external temperature and to travel with any speed and power means of transport and work with the energy produced with recycled water and compressed air imprisoned in an air cushion which consumes only the amount of air that melts in the water.

Anthropic interactive solutions do not exist because designers plan to design only one type of implant, improving technology, but not looking for synergies, which instead uses nature. Such as terrestrial and marine chlorophylline photosynthesis, thermoalloy circulates in the oceans, and the up and down welling phenomena that produce the oceanic food chain. If nature also had the technology available, it would be able to design plants better than humans, just because it mixes them, exploiting all the synergies available, case by case, temperature, pressure, ionic, chemical, biological exchange and so on. In other words, the synergies that nature finds spontaneously, man can not find them because he wants to understand them in the smallest details, but in the meantime he does not use them by making complete, small and large plants copying natural systems, putting together Air, water and essential elements, increasing pressures, that in closed environments do not disperse, instead of increasing the temperatures that require fuels, they emit CO2, and cost more. Where is the economic and scientific logic that governs the world?

What is the point of locating national patent offices in the economic development ministries? If this location does not need to distinguish between commercial and public utility patents? If the economic development ministries were competent, they should automatically contact inventors who are offering innovative solutions. But everything is silent, as the problems of development were not of their competence. If international justice courts do not even condemn offenses of omission of office acts, public entities in the world will continue to prevent the emergence of interactive solutions between energy production and environmental protection.

The link between politics, public research organizations, policy-makers, and industrialists is too strong to take into account the inventions of a private inventor, even if it demonstrates, irrefutably, patents Which comes to the details of the solutions, that current environmental and energy industrial developments are wrong, because all the plants have to be included in a larger global project, which is the universal carbon cycle, and this must be ideally connected and in most cases, Even physically. This way of design would lead to the choices required in the ways of purifying and producing energy that no one developed rationally, otherwise they would realize that completing, purifying, and producing energy would cost from tens to Hundreds of times less, both in terms of initial investments, both operational, and with results that are not neutral, but even protective of the environment and that in lakes and seas rivers will increase the lives of fish species.

On the other hand, hydroelectric power with water recycling is also logical, if we do not open thermal cycles, which are not indispensable, we save both the cost of fuels and the cost to properly close those cycles. Today, no one is concerned about adjusting the waters discharged by a purifier to the alkaline value of the receiving water body. How can we think that those who produce thermal energy take advantage of the cooling water passage that crosses the central unit to make it alkaline? Yet we are talking about public utilities. Because world and national legislators do not order it, at least from the Kyoto Protocol, at least for new plants, which consequently could not be randomly dimensioned or randomly placed on the territory.

In fact, the alkalinity of an aqueous solution is expressed in mg / L of CaCO3 equivalents, also characterized by PH, which varies from a zero to 14 in a logarithmic scale. When an aqueous solution becomes ten times acidic, the pH drops from one unit, if it becomes 100 times acidic, the pH falls by two units. The carbon cycle can be closed with or without carbonate transport to the oceans by land areas. If you close with the transport of carbonates we preserve or even increase the alkalinity, if we close it without such transport we increase acidification. The current water alkalinisation with calcium oxide, which do partially in purifiers, it is not sustainable because the calcium oxide is produced in warm and each kg product, involves the emission of 1.57 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, Apart from the CO2 emissions needed to heat the limestone rocks, estimated at another 0.5 kg. Therefore, the only solution we can adopt to increase marine alkalinity (apart from artificial welling that would increase oceanic carbonated soluble carbonates, which has not even been taken into consideration) is to create water recycled pathways, where we clean and produce hydroelectric power in the lower layers of the atmosphere, where it thickens the CO2, blankets greenhouses containing calcareous material, to produce, with a cold cycle, carbonates in the waters. With the invention of pumps with the separate dual supply and the new hydraulic circuits that would use them, the cost of energy needed would be reduced by hundreds of times and processes, however slim, could be extended For as long as you need it. The energy produced is always higher than the consumed, obtaining oxidized and alkaline waters while simultaneously reducing the CO2 value from the environment. All this is exactly the opposite of what hydroelectric plants do today, producing one-way electricity without recycling water speeds the speed of water to the sea without allowing for alkaline growth. While current purifiers even acidify water and emit CO2 in the environment by oxidizing water in open-air tanks.

It was a very serious mistake to think of some plant and technology solutions just because no one questioned them (sewers, purifiers, water lift pumps, and hydraulic circuits connected to them) when they could be challenged from the very beginning industrial era, if the implants were designed with objectives for greater energy conservation and sustainable energy research.

For the undersigned, the most practical, economical and efficient energy inventions around the world are two, closely linked, which enable small but powerful energy and purifying plants in many versions:

  • Pumps with double separate supply until the impeller, which can be made of any size;
  • Hydraulic circuits containing compressed-air tanks with one-way water circulation, which take advantage of the air cushion pressure as a constant volume energy accumulator. Energy production takes place outside the pressurized tank to take advantage of the pressure drop. The same amount of water that exits the tank is made back in the same, exploiting the

characteristics of the pumps with the dual separate supply, which circumvent the pressure of the hydrostatic pressure.

These facilities are patented by my undersigned in many versions, but no one is funding experimentation, which costs very little, because the world-class public and private is afraid they will work, investing research and resources in all directions except in this, which would produce energy with very small bulk, low costs and existing technologies, releasing oxygen in the water proportionally to the pressure of the tank’s operation. Raising water, purifying them, alkalizing and producing energy with this system costs nothing, because the energy consumed by the pump (which recycles water without lifting it but inserting it into a parallel pressurized recycle circuit operated by the same pump) Is much lower than that produced by the turbine (which uses the pressure of the air cushion without consuming it). In some cases, we can maintain a residual pressure at the turbine output to raise enough water to produce artificial rainfall on limestone materials that combat the acidification of rivers, lakes and seas, but at the same time produce oxygen oxygenation, both in the pressurized tank, due to the laws of Henry and Dalton, both for the physical flow of water over calcareous material, for as long as necessary for the process. Being small systems, invisible (even submerged in water), cheaper and near all urban agricultural activities, industrial can purify air and water together for the whole day and the whole year, with any terrestrial temperature. These plants can produce energy coming easily endogenous oxidation, consuming only wear of pumps and turbines, slightly that of compressors, which only need to provide the air which dissolves in the water, not the one for the compression of the air cushions, which are not allowed to expand, running systems with constant volumes of compressed air and water. Part of the water comes out of the circuit and produces energy in the turbine, but is instantly replaced by the same amount of water that is inserted into the pressurized recycle circuit by means of the pump with the dual supply until the impeller.

I allowed myself to explain to the Judges the simple technical arguments on the operation of the plant because it seems that engineers, scientists, researchers, professors, public and private, worldwide, have been ordered to not understand these simple inventions, for obvious orders corporate fidelity, which could make sense for the employees of private companies. Certainly, there is no sense in corporate fidelity for public scientists who should work for the common national or international good. Unfortunately, for myself, there are too many errors in public planning to hide and too many conflicts of interest. These include the sale of patents of research institutions and universities to private companies. In the environment and energy sectors, governments are at the same time producer of the services and customers of companies supplying machinery and equipment, in some cases patented by other public bodies, but sold exclusively to private companies. Indeed, we should ask all, and above all, the International Courts of Justice: what are the patents of research bodies and universities? This conflict of interest, together with the monopoly of purifying and energy management and public tenders of purification and power plants, prevents the emergence of energy and alternative purification solutions, such as those proposed by me. That is seen by world public agencies, and industry entrepreneurs, as a body outside at a proven business system, not as a collaborator in solving environmental and energy problems.

In the face of the immense legal, but inefficient, energy and purification, for the world leaders, the only possible defense is that of killing the infant interactive energies, especially the pressurized energy, that multiplies energy yields and Purifying them proportionally to the working pressure. Unfortunately, if you do not intervene the International Judges, they will succeed in their venture, because national legislators have already proven which side they are, by choice, for incompetence or political opportunities. While political and environmental opposition are used to always fight for the lesser evil, which offer the same staff to public and private works, without ever questioning the fundamental principles of science, which have not been extensive in equipment design from the Advent of the industrial era.

If I was not just talking about Taylorism environmental and interactive energy, it could not hide that global warming is due to banal design errors that could be corrected since the advent of the industrial age. Continuing to not correct them, and growing new technical and scientific generations in error, world leaders, are bringing all populations to gradual mass suicide. While we would still have time to change the model of global development, because much of the world’s population is still developing, not having sewers, water and energy. We cannot make them grow by repeating the same mistakes. Worse still, exporting cleaner and energy plants that will continue to heat the planet, costing hundreds of times more, both in terms of initial investment and ordinary management, than interactive systems that would be both energy, purification and preventive of environmental disasters.

The presumed truth is scary to governments and corporations, because no one could imagine that a simple, inexpensive alternative system, and small size, Achievable by small and medium enterprises, we could produce sustainable energy, fixed and mobile, protecting and Cooling the planet in every corner of the planet, at all times of day and night. Thus, existing renewable energies, such as solar and wind, would be useless, being more expensive, bulky, discontinuous and not interactive with the planet’s depurative and alkalizing system. These energies only subtract investment in more efficient energy.

No one could imagine that compressed hydroelectric motors could be mounted on all means of transport and work. Which could work fine without fuel, given the great difference between the energy produced and the expense to recover the water in the designed circuit. I have not received any criticism from thermal engine manufacturers, as I have not received them from pump manufacturers, turbines, and public and private science. Apart from some small and insignificant discussion on Linkedin’s networks, and Xing, where someone has talked about generic principles of energy conservation, everyone has been entangled in silence. The principles of energy conservation are respected instant to instant in interactive systems. Those who legislated them could not predict a high performance in energy transformation due to the uncompressible water coupling, the compressible air, with the presence of a special pump that circulates the water by circumventing the pressure and the presence of a circuit that It uses the one-way air pressure of the air on the water.

Who are the 12.500 visitors to the website, who did not leave comments? Are friends or enemies from the environment? However, they are very few. What does the public science that have experimental laboratories around the world, which creates and encourages non-compatible systems, or non-interactive with the global carbon cycle?

The silences of science and leadership classes have forced my undersigned to accelerate the time of the virtual development of the state of the art of protecting the alternative environment, to highlight their potential. In fact, compressed hydroelectric motors had to belong to a development phase subsequent to that of fixed installations in urban centers, rivers, lakes and seas. After verifying the functionality. If I had waited for their answers, which never came, the desire to develop new solutions would cease. If I had decided to enjoy the well-deserved retirement, I do not know if anyone would follow the same track, coming, at least virtually, to the total protection of the environment, seemingly unwanted by Science.

How do you keep silent about costly hydraulic lifting and the production of interactive hydroelectric power, which you can almost touch with simple descriptions? How can we not recognize that this solution would already be winning with respect to thermal motors having already overcome the vices of origin on the environmental and economic level? Thermal motors have cost a century and a half of worldwide research and experimentation and hundreds of billions to refine them, without eliminating CO2, lead oxides, SOx, NOx and fine dust produced. The pressurized hydro engine has received the world’s silence.

I think there are too many mistakes to hide and too many interests to defend. The silences will not finish never against compressed hydropower fixed and mobile if not intervene the International Courts of Justice in the interest of all humanity.

The problem of world unemployment is another very big plague. Politicians, to create jobs, encourage multinationals to invest in their own countries, closing one or two eyes on environmental crimes, instead of innovating water-saving designs, low-enthalpy geothermal exchange, water and air purification sewers and, above all, the interactive energy.

Today with the pushing automation that has entered the factories, work can only create public services. This can only be achieved if the world’s wealth is best distributed by growing small and medium-sized businesses all over the world, who can manage through the interactive energies the natural carbon cycle by eliminating unemployment and returning more dignity to human labor. Obviously, by eliminating large thermal plants and large purifiers, which have failed dramatically, both in environmental and economic terms, but also in social terms: not creating enough work.

Public science instead of putting itself at the service of multinationals, who can do it very well alone, should put their own research and experimentation, especially at the disposal of small and medium-sized businesses. If they produce patents, they must make it available to all companies capable of achieving them in free competition by rewarding their intellectual property rights, without favoring any company in particular.

For the same reason, it is necessary to free intellectual property from the industrial one, which in the specific case means to free public and private inventors who deal with environmental and energy issues from public and private political and economic power centers. The current system, based on large systems, energy and water treatment, is not only inefficient, but also holding the monopoly of designs, legislation and cleansing management and energy, prevents the emergence of sustainable solutions.

The burden of proving the efficiency of interactive energies, which is a worldwide problem, can not be left to an inventor, who for unjust laws, having worked without compensation for over eleven years to study solutions, paying unpaid taxes, It can not even claim intellectual property. If public bodies are not doing their duty to proceed to the easy experiments and lawmakers WIPO does not separate the intellectual property from the industrial, it is necessary to intervene the International Justice Courts.

The Difference between New Energy and New Interactive Energy

The new energies that have funded and encouraged around the world environmental authorities, which do not interfere with purification systems, can be considered as renewable, but they are low in yields and do not protect the environment. Suffice it to think that in the best conditions of sunshine 10 m2 to produce a Kw with solar panels and that wind power, to concentrate the force of 0.83 bar on the blades of a propeller would need a wind blowing at 80 km/s per hour. Instead, with compressed hydroelectric power we can easily concentrate 40 bar of pressure on the blades of a pump used as a turbine to produce 17.5 kw with two small tanks with 30 cm diameter side by side replacing a thermal engine without consuming any type Of fuel.

In fact, if we make a small pressurized hydroelectric plant to replace the thermal engine of a car with a pressure of 40 bar or 400 meters of water column, a flow rate of 7.5 L / s, and a turbine efficiency of 0.6 , We will have an energy output of about 17.6 Kw (0.6 * 1000 * 0.0075 * 400/102) with an energy consumption of around (0.35 Kw) for water circulation, which must only overcome losses Load of the hydraulic circuit always full. Therefore the ratio between the energy used and consumed is about 50.28 (17.6 / 0.35). If we consider that the average performance of the engine mounted on the car is about 35% of the lower fuel power, we can derive the convenience ratio between a compressed hydroelectric motor and a thermal engine equal to 143.6 (50, 28 / 0.35). This convenience ratio excludes the cost of fuels, the greater complexity of thermal installations, the charges for fuming filtration, etc. Thus, the actual convenience ratio between fossil energy and pressurized hydroelectric power can even double. This type of plant can be realized on all the world’s transposed vehicles, even on spaceships, having infinite autonomy. But it can be realized in fixed versions in every home and office. It’s not worth taking out of the underground, fossil energy transporting it with ships and pipelines, refining and marketing it to pollute and warm the planet, and yet we’ve been doing it for over a hundred and fifty years.

At least scientists and technicians should understand that because of the incompatibility of water, regardless of the pressure of the compressed air pillow, in the hydraulic circuits designed, we could circulate the water inside the accumulated volume with a very small pump prevalence And therefore, spending very little energy (If this were not true there would be no marine currents, and the circulation pumps of the pressurized closed systems with an expansion vessel should have a prevalence equal to or greater than the pressure of the expansion vessel. Instead, water circulates with a Small prevalence of the pump, having to only overcome the circuit leakage losses, not the pressure of the expansion vessel). If we were to get out of the water from a hole placed under the air cushion, maintaining constant the volume of water and compressed air, the water would come out with the pressure of the air cushion even if the air cushion does not expand, provided which, at the same time, from the bottom of the tank, enters an amount of water exactly equal as that which comes out. In essence, the air cushion presses on the water and expels it out of a hole, but its expansion is compensated by the water entering the reservoir from another hole at the same instant. Obviously, in order to exploit the pressure of the air cushion, the energy expenditure of the water entering the pressurized tank must be much lower than that of state-of-the-art systems. For this reason, I have invented the pump with the dual supply until the impeller, which uses the same pressure as the air cushion to bring the water into the pressurized tank. This pump is already an international patent (WO2017 / 042847), but based on the simple modification of the power of current centrifugal pumps, without altering all other features, since it has never been thought of by pump manufacturers, scientists and plant designers of lifting and circulation of water in 150 of industrial history can and should be considered one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. It alone represents what can be considered in the mechanics the inclined plane, the Archimedes lever, the belt drive or the gear ratio, which reduce the force needed to lift the weights against the force of gravity. But in water, this invention is even more important because water is not a solid body and does not compress. Therefore, new plants will save energy in recovering and lifting or pressurizing water and producing it in the next stage, in an infinite cycle, which has nothing to do with the perpetual motion, because it involve several physical laws and different technologies: The system is based on the difference between the energy consumed by the water circulation pumps and compression of the air (which consume very little by exploiting favorable regimes) and the energy produced by the turbines that exploit the geodetic water leakage at atmospheric pressure), or the pressure drop (in pressurized compressed air). As it does not consume and does not expand the atmospheric pressure, equally, the compressed air will not be consumed or expanded unless the level of the underwater is lowered. However, both systems exert their pressure, otherwise water would not get out of the overflow, exerting the force of the water’s fall on the turbine, or by the force of the entire hydrostatic pressure (Torricelli’s principle) from the outlet hole in the pressurized systems with compressed air.

Without the invention of the pumps with the dual power supply separate to the impeller (which despite the simplicity, everyone pretends not to understand), pumps are still the machines that absorb the greatest energy of the planet, in fact, only in the big hydraulic lifting Motors with installed power of several thousand Kw are used, powered to 6000 – 9000 volts to reduce heating. While modifying pumps and circuits and inserting them into the same as turbines or pumps used as turbines, it is possible to modify all current, even non-pressurized, hydraulic systems, transforming them from absorbers to energy producers while still continuing to raise water, but with a Hydraulic system hundreds of times more favorable (as in closed systems). In fact, in all hydraulic applications it is always worth dying or even tripling the size of the pump with respect to the amount of water raised because recycling on the pump of the upper water reservoir with the pressure of the same, consume only the energy needed to overcome the leakage losses due to friction in the pipes and valves, which are always hundreds of times lower than the energy required for direct water lifting.

The same applies to compressed air pressurized hydraulic systems, which have never been used with the use of the pump with the dual supply until the impeller.

In fact, in these plants we produce electricity only with the water coming out of the hole, which is less than the total flow of the pump, but it is exactly the same as that which has entered the pressurized tank, which in turn is equal to the discharge from the turbine, and resumed from the pump through the second separate feed on the impeller, which is also fed in parallel by the first supply that recycles the water inside the pressurized tank.

With this system, in the rotating impeller, the two half portions are added, while for the Pascal principle, the upper pressure expands throughout the entire section. On the other hand, even at the output of the impeller of the pump we have the same pressure, being half the flow of the pump taken by the same pressurized tank.

Obviously, if the hole that supplies the turbine is closed, the pump with the dual power supply can not let water into the internal recycling circuit inside the pressurized tank Obviously, if the hole that feeds the turbine is closed, the pump with the dual supply can not let water into the recirculation circuit inside the pressurized tank. Therefore, in this case, water does not enter and does not leave the pressurized tank, but only water is recycled internally, fed by one side of the pump, with a small prevalence of the pump itself, which functions as a normal pump of circulation with a reduced flow rate. Obviously, when the hole that feeds the turbine opens again, the water from the outside goes into the internal recycling circuit. The pump operates at full capacity, but low pressure operating condition of the pump do not change much, since the amount of water entering is simultaneously ejected from the air cushion. Neither the pump nor the compressor should provide more pressure because the volume of water inside the tank does not change: “The pump with the dual power supply to the impeller “must ensure the normal flow of water (as in a closed loop), while the compressor must provide only the amount of compressed air discharging into the water due to Henry’s and Dalton laws.

It is obvious that if we replace the open tank with the pressurized tank, the compressed air pillow which has a much higher pressure than the atmospheric pressure increases the water drop height proportionally to the pressure, even if the water does not lifted, because it always circulates within the same volume, while at the turbine output we always have atmospheric pressure, which is identified with normal gravitational conditions. It is equally obvious that the turbine only produces energy with the water that comes out of the tank, not with all the pump flow, which is about double that that comes out. In fact, in the pump are added the two flowing through the two feeders, one of which recycles only the water inside the pressurized tank, to allow the balance of pressures to enter the outside water to enter. As mentioned, both because of the rotation of the impeller, both because of the principle of Pascal and because of the clear separation of the two streams before the inlet into the impeller, the non-pressurized water, entering from the suction side of the pump with the dual feed, Is inserted without the energy costs that would be needed with current pumps to overcome pressure in the pressurized water recycling circuit. This energy miracle could not occur if the incoming streams were not hermetically separated until they entered the rotating impeller. In fact, if you encounter before entering the impeller, the system would not work because the water with greater pressure would not enter the water with less pressure. Instead, meeting inside the rotating impeller is water with greater pressure to push towards the pump outlet water with less pressure.

I go on to describe these very simple concepts because they have not emerged in the textbooks of science and technology, nor in the international conventions of public and private workers, as have not emerged the patented concepts of the undersigned on the cleaning of the ” Fossil energy with interactive systems linked to the natural carbon cycle. Despite the great communication efforts made by the undersigned, these simple concepts do not exceed the barrier of silence. But I can not give up because this is my job, it is not the fruit of fantasies, but of experiences and in-depth reflections on the necessary and possible synergies to produce interactive energies. I know by experience that those who design the same plants themselves can not improve them conceptually if they do not know the other plants because they are the synergies that make the leap of quality. This is demonstrated above all by natural processes such as chlorophylline photosynthesis which is a masterpiece of immense synergies unobservable by the undersigned and probably not completely by science that deepens the specific sector. That is why the undersigned thinks that we must concentrate at least on the search for simple synergies that everyone can understand and all can accomplish with a little of good will. It is not reasonable by humans overlook the advantageous conditions of combination of energy and water treatment principles while focusing investments on renewable energy poorly performing non-interactive, and others that require large investments and even detrimental to the environment, such as large hydro.

In the case of pressurized hydroelectric power, innovation would change the entire world market not only of fixed and mobile energy, but also of purification, by simply dissolving free oxygen in the water wherever it would produce energy, especially in the waters of the aquifers, Lakes and coastal areas, contaminated by phosphate nitrates, which cannot be purified otherwise. In other words, consuming, only the wear of machines, we can have plenty of energy and purification. What are the great dams, the large artificial basins, the big thermal power plants, the big purifiers that do one thing, do bad and waste enormous economic resources in counter-productive infrastructures for the protection of the environment?

In the pressurized hydro electric system, if we feed the pump (with dual supply) with a variable-speed motor, we can linearly adjust the electric power produced by the alternator coupled to the turbine, since the other half of the flow never leaves the pressurized tank, keeping it always at the same hydraulic and pressure level. This allows us to vary the energy produced and also the speed of airborne naval air transport, probably also spatial, because it is not necessary to stop filling up the fuel and not even replacing radioactive material that produces energy. Water and air are totally recycled even if they cost nothing.

It is important to note that the pump with the dual supply until the impeller, if it is powered by a single water flow and a single pressure that includes the two supplies, works with the same performance as the current pumps (So you do not need to change the current pumps, but only change the power supply). If, instead, as in the above cases, is fed on one side with the water discharged from the turbine, low pressure, and on the other side of the water tank pressurized with compressed air, it works differently: The two separate streams arrive inside the impeller, but in different core areas. the rotation of the impeller allows to receive in the same central section low and high pressure water flows alternating. Low pressure water can not be discharged by the hydrostatic pressure of the pressurized tank because it is pushed toward the periphery of the impeller, as well as by rotating it, even by recycled pressurized water. Therefore, the two incoming streams exit the pump with a single flow and one pressure. Also, since the pump delivery is directed back to the pressurized reservoir, for known physical principles, hydrostatic pressure can not oppose kinetic energy developed internally to its own volume of water (see submerged outlets, marine currents etc.).

Practically, with this system, we overcome the opposition of hydrostatic pressure and we can instantly insert the same amount of water from the outlet hole that feeds the turbine, without re-compressing, into the water recirculated water tank the air cushion, which does not expand, as happens in the current autoclaves, precisely because the water that enters the tank replaces the water that comes from moment to moment. In addition, the prevalence of the pump, which circulates the water, is low because the water pressure in the impeller is balanced in suction and delivery.

This is the best way to use pumps from an energy point of view, even though it has never been done for an incredible scientific and technical knowledge that has affected the entire world industrial development. Infact if we think, the current pumps working with a pressure-unbalanced load between inlet and outlet. To raise the waters at high altitudes should be used multistage pumps, which increase the pressure from one stage to the other (up to 100 bar), but consuming a huge amount of energy.

It is precisely the multistage pumps that confirm the operation of the pumps with the dual supply until to the impeller. Infact, if multistages work with very high pressures between inlet and outlet, therefore with high no return function of water (Due to rotation, impeller profile and precision of mechanical machining), Even more so, the pumps with the dual supply separate, which have a more balanced load between suction and delivery.

Balanced load is important for energy expenditure. In fact, in many hydraulic, pneumatic, hydraulic circuits, the pressure of the downstream circuit is used to open the valves, consuming less energy (hydraulic or pneumatic driving). On the same principle, the pumps with the dual supply separate until to the impeller, but with much wider passage sections, because to circulate the flow rate is not sufficient only to transmit the hydrostatic pressure but also the kinetics. In order to transmit the kinetic pressure to the full flow rate, it is necessary to multiply the unit pressure for the whole cross section. For this reason, it requires two separate supplies with the same section and one outlet, from which the total flow exits with the maximum pressure.

But, as mentioned above, the pump does not directly feed the turbine. It feeds the air cushion with a much higher pressure than the pump prevalence and with a flow rate, which is about half that of the pump. But the air cushion cannot expand, it does not consume pressure energy, and therefore, electricity for compression, apart from the gases that dissolve in water, which perform a purifying function of water, therefore, cannot be considered wasted energy. Especially from environmental authorities.

We should also note that in the current pressurized water tanks, air cushion does not perform the function of energy storage. In current autoclaves, water enters and flows alternately by the same hole, allowing the air cushion to perform the function of shock absorbers of various motion disturbances and to use the expansion of the air cushion to provide water to the hydraulic circuit, In order to avoid too many starting of the pumps engine that would overheat. In them, each expansion of the air cushion corresponds to a lowering of the pressure and therefore an energy consumption by the circulation pump, which cannot be a simple recycling pump but it must be a pump that exerts a pressure that can compress the air cushion and raising the water at the tank outlet with its own strength, consuming energy. This is due to the fact that current pumps do not having the dual power supply separate until the impeller, they cannot recycle at the same time the internal water of the autoclave to balance hydrostatic pressure in the pump and therefore, cannot use the air cushion as a powerful, constant volume energy accumulator at maximum pressure.

In the pressurized hydro-electric power plant, the pumps are always in operation, only the number of revolutions to increase or decrease the flow rate and therefore the energy produced, but the energy expenditure is minimal, since the water coming out of the circuit is only one that enters the second suction mouth of the pump, which is inserted into the closed circuit of pressurized recycle and is ejected by the air cushion due to lack of space in the pressurized volume. Obviously, this water being injected from the aspirating side of the same pump that recycles pressurized water does not require energy to pressurize, due to the combined effect of the physical shape of the rotating impeller blades that push it inside the Tank, the principle of pascal expanding the higher pressure coming from parallel power, and the presence of air cushion, which expels excess water to the system if the outlet hole is open. If this is not open the excess water to the system does not even enter into the circuit, so it can not even be expelled from the circuit that runs through the hydraulic turbine. Therefore, in this type of plant, the difference in energy consumption in the energy production and without it is almost irrelevant, as it varies only the internal recycling of water flow accumulated.

The energy benefits of this solution are enormous, because if it is true that we need to double the size of the water circulation pump respect the flow rate across the turbine, it is also true that the water pressure gain is not by means of a multistage electric pump requiring a very powerful engine according to the pressure to be reached. In these plants, instead of using force, they use hydraulic principles known for centuries. In fact, it is not necessary to raise the water in pressurized closed circuits or keep it full to the highest level if is exploited only the water power from the overflowing or submersible outlet (m * g * h). In addition, the energy coming out of the open reservoir or pressurized tank is increased by gravitational acceleration (g) and water drop height (h), which can be increased or replaced by the pressure of the compressed air cushion, that does not have to expand by losing its original pressure, as does not expand the atmospheric pressure on a basin that feeds an artesian well, which raises tens of meters of water by adding the effect of atmospheric pressure to the effects of the principle of the communicating vessels (difference in geodetic height between the upper basin and the exit hole). If we imagine that the atmospheric pressure from the side of the basin supplying an artesian well, doubling or tripling, the water that would come out of the artesian well would rise by ten or twenty meters more respectively. Of course, instead of lifting the water we can use the greater energy due to the higher pressure to produce electricity with a turbine, until the water in the upper basin does not run out.

But water will never run out, if we recover it and insert it, through a pump with the dual power supply up to the impeller, into the recycle circuit of the upper basin, spending the energy for recycling, which is hundreds of times lower To the one required for lifting. The same system is also valid for the utmost expression of interactive energy that is pressurized hydroelectric with compressed air that is much more powerful, consumes even less energy, having no piping connected to the upper reservoir, and releases solubilized oxygen of the air in water, proportional to the working pressure, contributing or replacing the purification.

I repeated several times the same concepts in different words, because, the International Judges, without scientific advisors, can understand these concepts, as they understood them, with some difficulty, the examiners of patent offices, who have rejected the first deposit with the ‘Infamous accusation of’ perpetual motion. But they think again, because you are, for official duty, must inquire into the worldwide database of patents and recognize that these solutions no one has ever proposed and follow the principles of physics.

The Silence of Professionals of Environmental and Energy Sectors

Those who do not want to understand but remain silent are public and private workers, who theoretically should be qualified to understand these concepts and to contradict them. We have to ask, what do they mean the silence of science, manufacturers of pumps and turbines, the public and private planners of sewage treatment plants and energy production? Pump manufacturers and turbines will only adapt when the market demands dual power to the impeller. Why should they produce machines that can not be used if designers of public and private plants require traditional pumps? We need to ask: when will these innovations come to universities and lower schools? If even the professors hang on these topics? On the other hand, at least in Italy, there is no public or energetic public facility, without the advice of local universities. But for a few years, I’ve also published articles in English and I’ve noticed that the whole world is country.

It is not dignified silence of public and private science on the invention of pump with double separate supply and associated circuitry, for partisan interests, and even the silence of legislators, who do not understand that if they want to protect the environment must also protect inventors not tied to the lobby of power, recognizing them the real intellectual property. Not related to the industry or even the payment of patent maintenance fees that should only cover those who exploit industrial-exclusive patents. It is not understandable the volition of the legislators to reward the exclusive development of patents of public utility, rather than favoring the spread of the best, making it accessible to all. It is obvious that in the present case, the invention of the pump and turbines with the dual feed down to the impeller, boycotted by lawmakers from science and manufacturers of pumps and turbines becomes equally accessible to all but this means delaying development and trampling copyright, because if the invention had been technically and scientifically simple in more than one hundred and fifty years of industrial development, it would have been realized and applied universally. Infact, It is not enough just to change the pumps and turbines, you must also change the implants, even patented by the inventor and even boycotted by the lobbies of scientific and industrial power, public and private.

One has to wonder: It is not an advantage that these inventions, all linked, have been produced by a private inventor who wants to share them with world search organizations and make them available to the entire world community rather than to a single company that can not meet world demand? What should the inventor do if he finds a small businessman willing to buy industrial exploitation rights worldwide? If these patents are really important for the global protection of the environment and the development of a sustainable economy, the undersigned, by giving it to those who can not meet the demand, would not slow down the whole process? I would like to receive these answers shortly from Judges of International Courts, because the world can not be governed by hypocrisy, which someone calls “REAL POLITIC”.

Recognizing intellectual property to an inventor, amongst other things shared with a public research body, is not a favoritism, but an act of justice already recognized to writers and musicians who share intellectual property with their publishers, because culture is a universal good, as is the protection of the environment. If a book nobody reads it, it does not produce income to the writer and publisher. Equally, it should be for inventions of environmental and social utility. If these are invalid, nobody realizes them and does not produce income for the inventor, nor for the public sponsoring research body. If the private inventor does not find sponsored public entities or private entrepreneurs who purchase the invention, why does the current law require him to pay the maintenance fees? Is it no longer logical to simply freeze the invention, like a book you do not like? Waiting for users to understand the value of the work? Above all, in the world of environment and energy, there is too much interest and too much information, which in reality are misinformation if they do not propose concrete solutions. To the inventors that deal with energy environment we should not punish them, as now, but at least freeze their inventions, waiting for better public institutions than at present, technical and scientific, that legislation.

Alternatively or in combination there is hydroelectric power with water recycling, which does not open carbon cycles, but closes them equally, creating low-energy artificial rains on limestone materials in the low states of the atmosphere. In addition, pressurized air with compressed air also solubles oxygen in the water. The most logical and important invention is the “dual power pump up to the impeller” pump that uses a power to introduce water into a pressurized tank with internal water recycling that supplies the second pump power, which no one Thought of the advent of the industrial era, could be considered one of the most important inventions of all time. Indeed, he should receive three Nobel prizes: for physics (because no scientist has properly exploited energy and physical properties of water and air); For the fight against pollution and global warming (because no scientist has produced small energy that releases oxygen into the water and produces energy without CO2 emissions in fixed and mobile plants); For the economy (because no economist has found a solution that can almost reset stock market speculations on energy, being produced with ingredients that cost nothing: water and air. Instead, the inventor is forced to file a complaint with the International Courts because everyone pretends not to understand them, even the Nobel prizes for physics, those awarded for global warming and those awarded for the economy.

The powerful lobby that governs the Earth at the political, scientific, and economic level wants to keep everything under control and tune innovations in their own way, otherwise the global economy is twisted. Faced with the possibility of diminishing the economic power built on wrong, old and new energies, the fight against global warming can await. For political and economic power, inventions must come from authorized laboratories. Science, even the public sector, has become a tool for lobbying. But the powerful have not understood that with the current technological development, rational inventions can be done even without laboratories and funding, but with only the reasoning, if the inventors are able to form, independently, a cross-culture technique. This is not simple, but possible, the SPAWHE system demonstrates this.

Global warming would impose brave choices on the part of the United Nations and sovereign states, even if these choices were uneconomical and everyone would have to give up on the current level of life and social welfare. Many, even speak of “Happy Decrease”. In reality, we are in the opposite conditions: the United Nations and sovereign states must not make any uneconomic choices, they must eliminate the current polluting solutions, which are also uneconomical, because science has proven to be not infallible and to persist in error.

Public science has a duty to experience more complete environmental solutions than the current ones because people, businesses, public and private have proved unable to pursue complete reasoning even when they associate themselves with such important organizations as the NATIONS UNITE. As demonstrated in http: //www.spawhe, the puzzle of global environmental protection, it requires interactive energies spread across every corner of the earth that produce energy even when not needed. In fact, if energy becomes sustainable, because it is produced with incomprehensible water and compressible air, in any case, it performs useful functions for the environment and human activities: oxygenates water, consumes CO2 from the environment, heats the environment at the poles and cools it in the deserts, cleanses and alkalizes the waters, dissolves where it is needed and where it is necessary to lift them to defend themselves from the high waters, raises them.

As part of the natural carbon cycle there are all the elements necessary for the production of energy and environmental protection unsurpassed for efficiency and sustainability. All inventions of the energy and environmental of man have turned out to be uneconomical, polluting, dangerous or harmful. In the majority of cases, the four defects coincide, while the current renewable ones are only economical and harmful. In fact, if we can produce energy at a lower cost by combating global warming and acidification of the planet everywhere on the earth and giving up to produce energy that costs the most and does not interact with the environment producing oxygenation and alkalinity, that energy Produces harm to the economy and the environment. However, in some cases these energies may also be useful. You always have to analyze the costs and benefits.

It is very ambiguous the behavior of public scientists who, on the one hand, denounce the severity of the glaciers disappearing, the coral reefs, the slowdown of marine currents, which are all consequences of the inability of the natural carbon cycle to neutralize the excess of CO2 emissions, with the production of equilibrating carbonates. On the other hand, they are silent on the solutions that would strengthen the carbon cycle alongside the fossil energy with sections that would prolong the treatment of the fumes in limestone greenhouses with artificial rain, as also are silent on the lifting of the solubilized carbonates in the oceans and in submerged hydroelectric, which would lead to oxygen in the polluted seabed.

It has never happened before and probably, it will not even happen in the future, that a private inventor, without academic titles, encounters the whole world energy and purification system, not with a single invention, but with a long series of inventions Succeeded in realizing a virtual and parallel advancement of the state of the art of both sectors, based on inventions kept by the workmen. They have generated other inventions, assuming that previous inventions worked, to create energy-efficient, potentially interactive with the environment. Today, no world-wide environmental and energy expert can say that water and air purification systems come to everywhere and are complete, especially for subsistence and sustainable desalination. And no expert in renewable energy can say that renewable can be produced everywhere, with continuous operation, with high yields. No world-known environmental and energy expert can say that a particular energy perfectly integrates with the natural carbon cycle, which has been forgotten by the authorities of the environment and energy since the advent of the industrial era.

The International Judges must take note that if instead of the current environmental and energy state had developed the virtual state, shown on the website, which does not require the most advanced technologies, But wiser, in every detail, the whole world would be better. The study of the environmental work organization, which has never been done by world public research organizations, would inevitably lead to the identification of the work cycles necessary to protect the environment wherever energy and labor are produced, instant For instant, depending on the available depurative resources. Do not postpone depurations to remote purifiers. At the same time, deepening these studies would have led to choosing the easiest to clean and the economical resources that could be used for such cleaning. Eventually, by manipulating energy and purification systems almost automatically, public research organizations, if they followed this path, would have come to the conception of interactive energies. If these solutions came to the undersigned who worked alone and without financial means, why should not they come to them that are so many and have immense resources?

This is the concept of environmental Taylorism elaborated by the undersigned, with the similarity of industrial Taylorism, which asserts that only one is the best way to produce with maximum productivity and quality. Especially in manufacturing companies, the best way to produce commercial goods is scientifically sought after, leaving nothing to chance, with highly detailed work and assembly cycles, automating everything that can be automated and timing even man’s movements.

Instead, the public purification and energy research institutes have dealt with problems and solutions without any logic in the organization of work, and without thoroughly following the water and air cycles involved. All the big plants are unfinished works, but the little ones do not joke. Just think of millions of thermal engines, but also air conditioners that in summer contribute to heating the outside air of urban centers and spreading fine dust. Even so much decanted electric and gas heat pumps that seem like an energy miracle because they overcome the 100% yield between energy expenditure and yield, are nothing compared to domestic and condominium hydroelectric plants the ratio of energy spent and rendered can produce hot and Cold all year round with any climate with energy spends and rendered more than 1,000% without exchanging heat with air but with water in geothermal wells, which in addition to making heat exchangers with the Subsoil can also produce energy by oxygenating the water circulating there, which can also be used for drinking. Obviously, on the means of transport the performance is even higher because we use much higher pressures.

The public science if it does not perform first the interactive systems in public facilities and at least some of pressurized hydropower engine prototype on some means of transport, can not demand that private companies change their production, after thei have invested thousands of billions around the world on Wrong energies, and on depurative machines that do not serve, even incentivized, or patented, by public bodies.

The Codification Project on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Unlawful Acts

Below are the main articles of the “codification project on the responsibility of states for internationally unlawful acts”, subscribed by the member states to the UN in 2001, which concern the offense of “omission” that all governments commit lightly to defend unsustainable energies and conceal design errors that are heating the planet.

Article 1

Responsibility of a State for its internationally unlawful acts.

Every internationally wrongful act of a State entails its international responsibility.

Article 2

Elements of an internationally wrongful act of a State

There is an internationally wrongful act of a State when conduct consisting of in an action or omission:

  1. it can be attributed to the state the same way as international law;
  • constitutes a breach of an international obligation of the State. Article 15

infringement resulting in a complex act

Paragraph 1. The breach of an international obligation by a State through a series of actions or omissions, defined as a whole as illegal, is perfected when producing the action or

the omission which, together with other actions or omissions, is sufficient to constitute the wrongful act.

Paragraph 2. In such a case, the breach extends over the entire period starting with the first of the actions or omissions of the series and lasts for as long as these actions or omissions are repeated and remain not

comply with the international obligation.

Article 48

Invocation of responsibility by a State other than an injured State

Paragraph 1. Any State other than an injured State is entitled to invoke the responsibility of another

State in accordance with paragraph 2 if:

  1. The obligation breached subsists against a group of States including that State, and established for the protection of a collective interest of the group;
  • The obligation breached arises towards the international community as a whole.

Paragraph 2. Any State entitled to invoke responsibility under paragraph 1 may claim from the responsible State:

  1. cessation of the internationally wrongful act, and assurances and guarantees of non repetition in accordance with Article 30;
  • compliance with the obligation of reparation in accordance with the previous articles, in the interest of the State offended or breached the obligation beneficiaries.

Article 54

Measures taken by States other than an injured State

This chapter does not prejudice the right of any State, entitled under Article 48,

Paragraph 1 to invoke the responsibility of another State, to take lawful measures against that State to ensure cessation of the breach and reparation in the interest of the injured State or beneficiaries of the obligation breached.

Article 58

Individual responsibility

These articles are without prejudice to any question as to the responsibility individual under international law of any person acting on behalf of a State.

After the publication of the main articles of the “Code of Conduct on State Responsibility for Internationally Illicit Actions”, which recall the collective responsibilities of states and individuals, of those who act on behalf of them, the undersigned wants to emphasize the function Social issues that the designers of environmental and energy systems, especially public, carry out.

Although I have never been a public designer, I have worked in public utilities, and I have heard this grave responsibility, I have been convinced, more than other designers, that through interactive energies could have come to improve the quality of life of everyone, I could not escape the challenge of studying the solutions. If I had not done it, I that believed in the interactive energies, certainly, it would not have been done by those who did not believe it. Morally, I would have been a “omission” no different from the one that scolds the public design bodies.

Indeed, the interactive energies, while being easy to invent, have not been invented, because no one has gone beyond his own specialization of fossil, biological, chemical, solar, wind, nuclear, hydroelectric power, seeking synergies with purifying systems and the design of machinery and plants on the territory.

Science has made the grave mistake of focusing on the most striking energies, such as the heat of fire, the sun, the hydraulic jump, the wind, the movement of the waves, neglecting the physical principles known for centuries, that with the help of Machines (pumps, compressors, and turbines) can create favorable flow regimes for energy saving during water recovery and favoring the production of energy at the next stage.

It is obvious that the solutions that arise between the synergies of machines and physical and hydraulic principles also involve phenomena such as gas solubility in water and it is obvious that this plant could be realized everywhere because they start from static waters and atmospheric pressure. But it is also obvious that they would lead to a very different model of social development than the current one. In particular, growing up, small and medium businesses, where I worked for twenty years, after working for almost the same time in the big industry.

Probably, scientists and researchers of the present and of the past, experiencing other experiences, had other visions of energy and purification. But I knew that the organization of industrial work, when I started installing different systems with each other in the area, I could not help noticing that in the energy and water treatment cycles were and are incomplete and difficult to manage. Based on my experiences, studies and patents developed, we would have to design plants that are both energy and purity equally distributed across all areas that are completely autonomous and simple to manage, within reach of small and medium businesses.

Today, however, large industrial, energy and purification plants have created very high operational and economic depurative inefficiencies. Probabilmente, a questo è dovuto il grave problema del riscaldamento globale, ma anche sociale. Probably, this is due to the serious problem of global warming but also social. Nearly 70% of the world population has only 3% of the planet’s wealth. Over one billion people live with less than $ 1.25 per day, and 1 out of 9 have not even enough to eat. Despite the high level of scientific and technological achievement, the International Monetary Fund, in the first place, says helplessly that the extreme inequality between rich and poor continues to grow, damaging global economic growth.

Who has created this type of global society has the power to silence and silence its employees on sustainable inventions, which are also, simple to understand. Is not it strange that none funds them and that the inventor is left alone to fight. Ignored by Public and private Science, and penalized also at the legislative level.

National and international environmental and energy lawmakers are required to legislate by issuing legislation that protects the environment on the basis of advancement in the state of the art. But, in my opinion, they are also required to investigate the reasons why, despite the significant increase in the state of the art, environmental protection does not advance, the percentage of CO2 in the environment continues to increase, the glaciers continue to dissolve, desertification increases exponentially, the alkalinity of the seas decreases, the sea currents slow down.

Investigations that have made public science on the origin of problems are all correct; The technologies are good, but the plants they have built are all wrong from the point of view of the work organization and are not in tune with the natural carbon cycle. Is it a case? Or who has planned and contracted it has executed orders from politicians, employers, or others who are more interested in business volume than plants functionnig? Who can see that the plants do not work if they all agree, and even the plants comply with the regulations?

The main reason why the plants are wrong is because they are designed with very limited objectives, do not exploit synergies and have low returns, waste resources, and do not protect the environment. The only thing they do, and not always, comply with compliant regulations.

Today, the only global business that may need fossil energy is steel production, but CO2 emissions from blast furnaces can also be counteracted, according to the natural scheme illustrated by the undersigned at http: // SPAWHE .eu, If the world’s environmental authorities understood that steel production facilities like any other fossil heat plant should be proportionate to the available water resources. If the world’s environmental authorities understood that steel production facilities like any other fossil heat plant should be proportionate to the available water resources. Therefore, you need much more space and water for ton produced. Even the fumes of geothermal energy, incinerators, and calcium oxide producers could be neutralized in covered limestone greenhouses that do not escape the emissions before the purification by means of artificial rainfall produced with pumps and plants that would overpower the force Gravitational. Therefore, anthropic activities would have to be part of the cycles of nature without altering them, instead they are alienating them from the advent of the industrial era with the active participation of science. Legislation and justice are also not effective on environmental crime, especially because it does not require experimentation with alternative solutions, unwanted by those who make business with technologies that could easily be overcome. Today many doctors are out of order because they do not adapt to the official medicine and experimented. This is good. But in the environmental sector, nobody can be expelled because they all agree not to bring out the best solutions for different reasons, including the most common one, which is job preservation.

The SPAWHE system is logical and simple: to miniaturize plants similar to the global Earth system to extract clean energy, purified air and purified and alkalized waters from such systems. All this, without the dosage of chemicals, but by simply making the right size implants, in the right place, in the right way and inserting the right ingredients (water, air, crushed calcareous material) so that the cycles can close. In essence, sustainable environmental and energy design must repeat everywhere, in miniature the natural carbon cycle, changing only the size and quantity of the components, which are always the same (water, air, crushed calcium material) Locally produced pollution.

Obviously, fossil thermal cycles require greater plant complexity, greater size and higher costs to close the exhaust fumes cycles (including CO2), water and air, recover heat. This is not impossible on fixed installations, but plant designers had to think about it before building the existing plants. Oggi si dovrebbero abbattere tutti e ricostruire con i criteri stabiliti dalla natura. Infatti, Il riscaldamento globale è avvenuto perché nessuno ha applicato l’organizzazione del lavoro industriale all’ambiente alla produzione di energia per pulire l’energia fossile attraverso uno studio razionale del LAYOUT del territorio, che avrebbe portato alla depurazione dell’acqua e dell’aria insieme in impianti di minori dimensioni, ma più completi disposti diversamente sul territorio che avrebbero prodotto un’energia interattiva e protettiva dell’ambiente, di tipo biologico, affiancata a quella fossile, proprio per chiudere i cicli inorganici che producono CO2, SOx e NOx, quelli fisici, che producono polveri sottili, e quelli biologici e della chimica organica, in impianti comuni, definiti dal sottoscritto, impianti           sinergici           globali (,,

Patents for fossil energy cleansing have been awarded triple recognition by international patent, inventive, and industrial applicability patents. If they got it, it means that no world public body, in spite of the wealth of means and brains, has the longest time available, before thinking that the negative effects of fossil energy could and can be neutralized by designing plants globally: inspired by the universal carbon cycle. Despite these awards, world environmental authorities have been ignored, but they continue to pretend they want to fight global pollution and global warming. How would they want to fight them without modifying the thermal power plants and purifiers, that being born when they did not know the problems deeply, could not even be studied the solutions? The authorities want to fight them without changing anything, but simply by increasing the production of renewable energy. Unfortunately, even renewables are wrong, being expensive, bulky, discontinuous and not interactive.

The natural evolution of interactive energy positively with the environment has led to, the birth of pressurized hydro-electric power with compressed air, which protects the environment by dissolving water oxygen, but this system can also produce energy in homes and with high pressure it can replace heat engines, generating sets, and it can fit on all means of transport, including cars and motorcycles, although today these solutions seem impossible.

In fact, special mono-block versions are specially designed to reduce the size of the pump and turbine body in the cast iron or aluminum castings of hydroelectric motors. It should not be forgotten that in current heat engines, combustion gases reach temperatures around 2,300 ° C and pressures of 35 to 45 bar.

Who determines the power of the thermal engine is not the heat, but the pressure and the flow of the combustion gases, which make the pistons into the cylinders, which through the connecting rods and the crankshaft produce the rotation of the semi-axles. Even in steam boilers, who produces energy is not the temperature but the pressure and the flow of steam.

In compressed air pressurized hydroelectric power, who determines the power generated is always the pressure but instead of circulating the gas or the steam, the water is circulated, which, unlike combustion gases and steam, does not vary Its own volume in the pressurized tank does not disperse the pressure and therefore, no heat is needed to produce the gas or vapor pressure.

The heating and an unnecessary step that forces the fuel expenses of the engine cooling and purification of the fumes.

It is unlikely that a jet plane will fly without fuel on board, or a means of transport in a naval accident. But even the manufacturers of vehicles are silent. It is obvious that manufacturerrs, having spent immense economic resources in the impossible work to clean up fossil energy, which is also economically ineffective with respect to a fuel-free, interactive energy, and has more functions, cannot start from zero, for the sake of an isolated inventor, which is not even considered by the smallest of sovereign states. In fact, the smallest of sovereign states is the Vatican City where the Pope of the Catholic Church lives, which is certainly favorable to sustainable development, but how can he doubt the great science and believe the undersigned? The Pope can only pray, but International Judges can investigate.

Meanwhile, manufacturers of internal combustion engines and vehicles are copying each other, trying to undo the mess produced by a number of palliatives, such as catalytic converters anti leachate filters. Next, with hybrid vehicles and electric batteries. The latter, very costly, with high disposal costs, which require exhausted materials, which can not always be recovered, have decreed the slow end of the car’s thermal motors, also because the urban purification systems are wrong. However, environmental and energy authorities, who are encouraging and encouraging these costly processes, are pretending not to understand that batteries should always be powered by electricity, produced for 80% by fossil energy. And what do they do about trucks, agricultural and work vehicles?

For the undersigned, historical guilt is of universal, public and private science, which at the cost of curbing development, had to investigate more on the search for sustainable energies. They had everything needed: The time to do it, the financial funds, the best brains, Torricelli’s laws, Newton, Pascal, Henry, Dalton, who already addressed hydroelectric power packed with water recycling. If this energy does not exist, it is due to the fact that nobody has looked for it with the willpower that was needed.

Unfortunately, universal science does not exist. There are many separate sciences fighting for greater power and international prestige. It may seem strange, but the only system in the world where science is applied collegially was invented without the contribution of science and any economic and political power. This system is SPAWHE: Synergy Plants, Artificial Welling, Hydroelectric energy.

Spawhe Interactive Energy in Aerospatiale Applications

I think even NASA, which has experienced everything and is far ahead of the technology and the ordinary energies, it is not noticed, that even the ordinary physics could work together to explore the universe, along with the nuclear and astronomical.

It is true or not that in order to explore the universe we must fill the missiles with fuel so they can get out of the atmosphere. To do this we have to consume almost all of the fuel, and then land by means of luck on the planets for the absence of energy that would be needed to curb and drive the descent? Suffice to think of the last failure of the ExoMars mission, due to the bad opening of a parachute, which cost about a billion and a half euros to taxpayers. Or do we have to go and pick up the astronauts who come back on the ground to fall from the space, risking life, both for the tank’s heating and the malfunctioning of the parachute?

Even the race in space is conditioned by the absence of clean energy, inexhaustible and simple to produce, based on the water on the air, which could create in spaceships, small, terrestrial living conditions, while traveling infinitely in the universe without any problems to enter and exit gravitational orbit of planets. What is better than an energy that can be breathed even in space does not cost much and is not consumed, apart from the wear of the materials that produce it, which is, however, lower than that which implies the current energy plants thermal.

The various satellite launch experiments and rocket probes have created thousands of bodies that orbits around the earth, which can damage future shipwrecks with thousands of people aboard who could in future navigate and land like ordinary planes, and even so Safer, checking at any moment the inbound and outbound speed of the atmosphere.

Indeed, if we are to embark on space travel, we need not only energy but also systems that produce water, oxygen, nitrogen, and nutrition. Space travel, especially exploration, will last for generations. Whole families of volunteer explorers could choose to live the whole life on the spaceships, for the spirit of adventure and love of science. All the system described in, appropriately adapted, could serve to create a natural system with artificial light that produces oxygen, nitrogen, water, power and electricity, suitable for men who would live in these greenhouses traveling in space that would be pressurized to atmospheric pressure by the same air that is breathed, renewed, accumulated and produces energy together with water. What Needs We Have of Nuclear Power, which interact negatively with the environment and the health of men and animals? They also cost a lot more in terms of initial investment and management.

These spaceships, after construction, would be hermetically sealed and shipped in space with all men, animals, equipment, spare parts, laboratories, workshops, artificial ponds, digesters decomposers of organic substances, linked to superimposed biological ponds, greenhouses of agricultural productions Superimposed, depurative greenhouses with artificial oxygenating and alkalizing rain. But most of all, a lot of hydroelectric power plants pressurized with water recycling, otherwise they could not rise from the ground. As already explained, these plants produce energy by purifying water and air and without consuming any of the two elements because the air that would come out of the system, such as that produced by the general system, would remain in the greenhouse, increasing the internal pressure, With nitrogen, oxygen, CO2 and lower gases produced in the greenhouse. These gases will be compressed and accumulated with the maximum allowed pressure tanks, being very useful in the endless space travel to the spaceship greenhouse and space shuttles, which would move with the same energy system and propulsion: generators of hydroelectric pressurized with compressed air and compressed air tanks that releasing small air doses in many thrust tunnel, strategically distributed in the structure of the greenhouse and on spaceships, horizontally and vertically, which would produce the thrust through electrical turbofan arranged in series.

If we imagine we have built this greenhouse – space shift, we can even imagine that before leaving, everything works perfectly: in the SP (Synergic Plants) sector of the greenhouse, it could produce vegetable nutrition from the complete cycle of production, decomposition and purification of it, produce nitrogen, oxygen, and recycle the purified water. While from the AW sector (Artificial Welling) it would be possible to produce freshwater fish and oxygen and recycle precipitated carbonates in the ponds of artificial ponds. Instead, HE sector (Hydro Electric energy) would be distributed everywhere: Producing with the compressed hydroelectric power the control of the internal temperatures of the “Greenhouse spaceships” and all the energy needed to power the electric motors that supply the turbofans placed within the thrust tunnels, incorporated in the indoor and outdoor structure of the greenhouse, which lift it and make it travel in the atmosphere and in the void. Nothing would be expelled from the artificial greenhouse but all recycled and purified while the percentage of excess oxygen, nitrogen and CO2 would be accumulated in the tanks, separate from those used with water to produce electricity. Considering that critical pressures and compressed air temperatures are 3769,290 kPa and -140,6 ° C respectively, there are ample margins to produce all the energy it needs, not only for aerospace navigation but also for create nitrogen oxygen and human nutrition.

Thus, even in space, the natural interactive energy system would work, provided that if necessary it could be integrated with synthetic gas energy, which, to be useful, should be produced on the same spaceship in special laboratories and with all the ingredients needed. Instead, the ingredients to produce oxygen and CO2 are the same as compressed air, which we can produce by producing human nutrition and recycling, even if the percentage of components we compress will not be exactly the same as atmospheric air. Propulsion system will also work without chemical laboratories and with low operating costs. In fact, the solution I propose is to enter the compressed air in the horizontal and vertical thrust tunnels of the green spaceships through pressure reducers, so that this air can be repeated several times by variable speed electric turbofans, placed in series and interspersed with section extensions to increase pressure.

In every passage through the fan series the spaceship receives a thrust opposite to the direction of the air circulating, but in the vacuum, to save compressed air you enter only at the beginning of the tunnel, however the thrusts are added too. At the last stage of each fan turbine, a portion of the compressed air can be pulled back to the storage tanks, passing through an air dryer and a compressor. In the vacuum we will not wear much compressed air for maneuvers, because maneuvers are only made when speed is needed to change orbit, or to slow down speed when you enter the Earth’s atmosphere or another planet and land softly.

Obviously, this system, with lower costs, could also be used for current land transport. In fact, the current form of airplanes and rockets is largely dependent on energy saving, but if energy does not cost anything, because it is produced with water and air, and they do not need to take the fill of fuel, the planes would look like To the parallelepipeds surrounded and crossed by the thrust tunnels that would rise and fly almost vertically, without a take-off and landing car, operating at various speeds the various turbofan motors, which could also be aided by the compressed air that, produced by the same energy system it would help the performance, especially, in the take-off and landing phases. I would ask the NASA and the entire aeronautical industry, though despite the high-tech technologies developed, airborne aircraft dynamics and high speeds, the sustainability and security of the solutions were not missed. Certainly, this solution seems less rudimentary than the current flights with the rocket and landing systems, with parachutes and spacecraft landing and touch down where it happens, risking the lives of astronauts.

The only world entity I’ve ever written is really NASA, so I can not reproach her for not answering. However, the observation made to NASA at the beginning of this chapter remains valid: Is it possible that NASA, which has experienced everything and is far ahead of ordinary technologies and energies, did not realize that ordinary physics could also collaborate to explore the universe, along with nuclear and astronomical ones?

While some technological applications experimented with NASA have become commonplace, it is also true that they have become, above all, those that have found easy commercial use. Then we always return to the starting point: “What are public science, politics and economics studies, if in the end always prevail in the interests of a part that do not bring out solutions of environmental and social utilities? From a small network research (, with a little approximation, it is estimated that a Jumbo jet on a route of about 6,000 km (eg Milan-New York), consumes more than 63,000 gallons of kerosene, an average of 19 liters per nautical mile (1,8 km), about 158 for each passenger (around 400) . For each seat, 4,000 kilos of carbon dioxide are also produced. Short routes have, in proportion, higher fuel consumption because 1/3 of the fuel is burned during takeoff. On long flights, however, the ratio drops to 1/8.

All this cannot be considered a merit to science and technology, which has not sought sustainable energy solutions. As can not be a source of pride the lack of safety of flight systems, they can not control instant by instant by instant the flight attitude and can not handle a fault in an internal combustion engine, despite the high technology developed. While with the pressurized hydroelectric system and turbofans in series and parallel, it may be possible to have even more than an outbreak turbofan, and equally manage the flight layout and landing operations. Not only on earth, but also in space.

Therefore, as far as aerodynamics is important, the problems to be solved are, above all, energy, environmental, flight safety, and load capacities of aircraft traveling to the atmosphere and space. With thermal energy, it is nowhere to go, both economically and environmentally, in terms of flight autonomy and safety.

Instead, if we are able to produce electric energy within the means of transport without fuel, we can physically interact with the outside through the electric motors, to move the medium itself on the ground, air or water, by spinning respectively, wheels form earth, turbofans for the flight and propellers for sea.

The Unknown Environmental Taylorism is Key for Sustainable Growth

There is no need thermal, nuclear power to initiate and sustain fluid motion over time: it is sufficient to couple of the not compressible water with compressible air properties. Indeed, above all, the most used thermal energy is a useless passage of energy from cold to hot, which implies more disadvantages than benefits: fuel costs, energy consumption for cooling, the production of gaseous chemical compounds, which, to be neutralized, would require other sewage treatment plants, which cannot be accomplished in order to not increase costs and weigh of air transport.

Interactive energy, too terrestrial to be discovered by NASA scientists, dealing with space systems, in reality, was not even discovered by scientists dealing with terrestrial systems. The interactive energy that would cleanse the water in the backwaters and in the backdrops, which would cost much less than coal, which could be mounted on land, aerospatial and sea transport vehicles without fuel and purse costs, no one is concerned about achieving it. Which side are the world’s public research institutions? Do they want to continue selling their patents, which have not solved the problems, to major bidders?

Today, it seems that compressed hydroelectric power, which would initiate the solution to much of the economic and environmental problems, is, above all, an uncomfortable energy for all economic, public and private power centers. Today, the enemies to fight are not just those who would like to believe that global warming is a fable invented by environmentalists, but the same environmentalists who do not support interactive energies for unknown reasons, but above all, the science that continues to insist on Energy solutions disconnected from a global environmental protection logic. Among these solutions, unfortunately, there are also the present renewable energies, advertised by those who do not know “the organization of environmental work”, which as “the organization of industrial work”, It does not allow mistakes, because only one is the best system to protect the environment with the least expense and maximum efficiency, and can only be identified by accurate work cycles that should cross the plants, exploiting the possible synergies between the elements that participate in processes from a physical and biological point of view. Exactly as it would be in a well-organized factory, where everything is automated to the maximum state of the art in each component. This kind of efficiency, as I have just written in writing, would be called “environmental Taylorism” even if it could be called “Environmental Pezonism” because Taylor never thought that his concepts could be employed to rationally organize the fight against global warming, that it had no sense at the beginning of the twentieth century. These concepts are unobtrusive for researchers and public and private designers, are paid to focus for years on individual energy or purification details, a single scientific or technological discipline. These concepts are fundamental, if you do cross arguments between science and technology economy, if you do not want to waste resources and inventing useless things for the community. In fact, in the industrial Taylorism, before designing the cycles to be performed, then determine the timing to be used for each operation, and then build the machines that have to perform individual operations and means of transport that do meet the various components in the right place and At the right time. Nothing is left to chance. In “Environmental Taylorism”, the same thing should happen, but we are far from grasping these concepts because those who grab them are just the industrialists to produce consumer goods. No one has transferred them to public managers who should coordinate environmental and energy activities worldwide, despite the many advanced training courses and master colleges that cost thousands of dollars to participants. Today, due to the absence of synergies between interactive energy and purification systems, all purification and energy systems are wrong. Which, in any case, both cold and warm, both fixed and mobile, should have been interactive to be complete. Today, we have thermal energy that pollutes, nuclear energies, which can create radioactive disasters and renewable energies bulky and inefficient The only efficient, sustainable and affordable bulletins are the interactive ones that can be produced with water and air together, but they all pretend not to understand them, simply ignoring them because they have not been born from any power center. Is the only example in the world of application of the “Environmental Taylorism” and has not been elaborated in Oxford or Harward and not even at the United Nations because it is not the sum of individual scientific competences that lead to a global result, but on the contrary, a single global reasoning that goes into detail of the individual designs of the anthropic systems of all types (Energy, purification, industrial, agricultural, urban, land and marine transport, aerospace) taking into account the state of the art and always choosing the best solution.

The “environmental Taylorism”, unlike the industrial one, does not start from the commercial product to be produced but from the purifying cycles needed to close the organic and inorganic cycles of the production processes used (energy, purification, industrial, agricultural, urban, terrestrial transport , marine, aerospace). Following this design criterion, which is practically the most important invention of the undersigned, even if it is not patentable, automatically establishes what is actually useful, economical and environmentally compatible. It is no coincidence that this reasoning has produced, chronologically before the biological interactive energies which also include the closure of fossil thermal cycles, in the SP sector (synergic plants), and then, it got to the conception of produced interactive energies by cold in the HE (hydroelectric energy) sector. It is obvious that the cold interactive energy is much cheaper than the one produced in hot because there are fewer cycles to close.

With the then tink of all the applications I have outlined, it would have been desirable to ascertain scientific truth, but no world government spent only one euro to see if the interactive energies published on It seems that governments do not care that these energies can be produced by purifying air and water urban, agricultural, coastal waters, distributing water, desalinating them, preventing floods. No one has spent one euro to experience “the pump with dual power to the impeller” which is the key to the operation of cold interactive energy, which is hydroelectric, but has nothing to do with hydroelectric power current.

For the undersigned, those who should respond and do not respond do not understand that they will not be able to hide this very important interactive energy for a long time because applications are immense and in most cases cannot be realized with current energy and purifying systems: In low pressure, these plants can produce energy, hot and cold in all homes, without any fuel at all hours of day and night, making life possible and sustainable even in extreme temperatures such as the north and south poles and deserts. Realizing them as a submerged version of wells, rivers, lakes, and seas, they can produce energy by oxidizing the waters, especially those of the backdrops polluted by natural and man-made sediments, improving the quality of world waters and fisheries. In addition, compressed air pressure, in the case of high water, can divert the waters into safe areas by avoiding floods, consuming very little energy, between the atmosphere produced by the same system, with sustainable and fuel-free technologies.

I would not have been astonished that all of my patents have been ignored by public and private entities. The latter have fewer responsibilities, since, in most cases, they have to comply with public and regulatory tender specifications, which do not go ahead. Only in the end when I came to the conception of hydroelectric power packed with water recycling, which is the utmost expression of energy that interacts positively with the environment and with economic sustainability, after I have patented applications in all the areas involved and land and aerospace transport, I realized that my work was finally over.

Now it comes to justice, doing its own course to ascertain the reasons for the silences of those who have, officially, the task of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

The immune system developed by the world’s public bodies, which, like multinationals, are divided into parallel areas, which do not cross and do not interfere with each other (even if they are in competition), consider my patents as simple unwanted antibodies to isolate, no attack. The disease of specializations pushed in one direction has invaded all the central and peripheral organs of the organization that should defend the planet. No one seeks synergies. Who can answer? The topics are too delicate. Until we talk about insignificant details everyone can do the professors, but if you question the fundamentals of systems that govern the world economy, it’s best to be silent, because it’s not convene getting powerful enemies. Today, it can be said that there are no skilled workers over the parties. If they existed, they would be retired or unemployed. Hypocrisy of corporate fidelity prevents private employees from talking, while bidding and subcontracting companies can not afford to leave the lap that allows them to survive. It does not matter if the plants have always been wrong in the environmental and economic terms. The undersigned knows it well, having been a private employee for thirty-seven years. While the attitude of public scientists can not be understood, if they are not explaining it. Certainly patents sells serious conflicts of interest. They are puzzled by the silences on patents they have never developed and developed by the undersigned. Se qualcuno volesse contestarli per difendere gli attuali sistemi depurativi ed energetici, scollegati gli uni dagli altri, dovrebbero spiegare quali teorie scientifiche globali perseguono, ragionando in base a quello, che c’è a monte e a valle degli impianti. They should explain the reasons why they leave open cycles: organic in sewers, bogs, lakes and seas, and inorganic in the air. That this will allow the norms do not justify their responsibilities because they are the ones who make the norms, not the legislators who are neither technicians nor scientists. Lawmakers behave like computers: they elaborate information received, above all, by technicians and public scientists.

If we were in a court, I would say that the world public bodies are guilty of any reasonable doubt because organic cycles can continue with the purifying process in sewers, lakes and seas, and inorganic ones, likewise, in the low layers of the atmosphere, specially covered, recirculating water infinitely, producing energy without fuel costs and consuming only a small part of energy produced for water recycling. This system, pressurized with compressed air, as demonstrated by undersigned, can be transferred to all mobile and transport equipment, including aerospace, without emitting a gram of CO2.

Therefore, the planet can heal economically and environmentally, if we realize everywhere interactive interactivity that would cost hundreds of times less than the current ones, both in terms of investment and management. By eliminating pollution at source, and expenses, resulting in unnecessary cleansings, and eliminating the daily speculation on oil products, you may more evenly distribute the world’s wealth. They could grow small and medium-sized enterprises, giving dignity to human work and creativity mortified by existing specialist training and the division of labor, which covers both private companies and public, including science. The latter, in modern society, has shown that it does not know and does not want to know what goes beyond his sphere of competence. It has lost the trust of ordinary people, as the undersigned, who place science and justice among global reference values.

International Judges, if they want to do their work well, should ask themselves: Who commands when science and economy choices are to be made? Why does economics have to prevail over science? Who prevents science from finding solutions that meet all the requirements? The virtual energies developed by the undersigned, though not realized, demonstrate that we could have together productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness from the earliest times of the industrial era, because no special technology is needed, but only more complete reasoning in plant design.

The state of the art on the website, with current technology, is 100 years ahead of the real state, because it produces unique, purifying and energy plants by cutting infrastructure and machine costs and multiplying the yields. This is the growth model that needs to be pursued, but nobody talks about it because nobody is allowed to talk about it. I myself when I was an employee could not have been able to talk about it freely without risking damaging the company I was working for, that, mainly living in public bidding.

We must ask: to what extent can public science be conditioned by the political guidelines? I think public science is a domesticated science that has allowed to improve existing systems, not to overturn them, radically changing them, not to upset the world economy. At the same time, public science is co-responsible for the energy and environmental choices made so far and cannot deny them too hastily. In fact, if we enter patent databases deposited by public research bodies, we find many patents to improve the management of existing energy and purification plants.

We do not find anything that puts into question simultaneously purifying and energy systems starting from the origins of state of art and developing them differently, although using the same scientific principles. As I have signed up with the SPAWHE system, which, with different arguments, patents legally linked to previous patents, has come to a state of virtual, parallel and alternative art, unknown to sciences and companies specializing in individual areas of activity Humans who have followed or copied the same systems without questioning them: Fossil, biological, hydroelectric, solar, wind, nuclear, industrial, agricultural, depuration and land,marine and aerospace transport.

Today, all these areas are separated from each other and those in need of energy and depuration must pay for those who offer such services, with high costs because the production costs are high. Typically, manufacturers of energy and purifications are public entities or companies authorized dealerships While in the SPAWHE system, the energies and depurations are interactive and integrated into the same man-made plants (industrial, agricultural, urban, transport). If sewage systems cover entire territories, they connect together, with separate water and sludge lines, to complete the treatments. In any case all the world become autonomous plants producing more than quells energy that serves by recycling together the same water and air to be purified, including CO2, SOx, NOx and particulate matter, if they are present.

The current fossil fuels, biological and hydro power can not confront with these solutions for the simple fact that designers and scientists who worked, have developed with very limited objectives them. In fact, you could not have more ambitious goals, energy and water treatment, using compartmentalized the various branches of science, technology and the same water and air, instead, put together, indoors or with the necessary pressure, they purify each other, producing a lot more energy than they can consume, not only to purge but also to alkalinize and desalt. Water distribution, which is a very great source of energy absorption, would become an energy producer.

While, from the point of view of purification, still today, we can not explain all the interruptions of organic and inorganic cycles, that the slurries undergo in sewers and can not explain the reasons why public science ignored patents on sewage treatment And those who continued the cycles after the chimneys to clean the thermal energy and recover the heat under the same plants.. How can we not explain the lack of scientific surveys on hydroelectric energy on the coupling of air compressibility and the incompatibility of water.

I think my patents are fairly clear to go fast to the truth, if anyone really wants to know it. The “International Courts of Justice” and the United Nations can stimulate the advancement of the state of the art of the environment and energy, by ordering public or private companies of trust (if they exist), the experimentation of systems studied by undersigned. If these systems work, as I am sure, judges will be able to issue their judgments on the world’s public research and design organizations. Today, International Judges cannot penalize any world public body because there is no evidence that the environment can be better protected. The tests were made by me in all areas of the world activities, without any public or private contribution of the experts. Mine are only virtual evidences but detailed. The undersigned has selected the energies that can interact with the purifying systems, respecting all the physical, chemical and biological principles legitimated by the fathers of science and explained how to put them together in the implants. If no one officially contests these trials, go straight to practical demonstrations.

The world is already full of large and damaging thermal power plants and electricity distribution networks, which can be replaced by local local pressurized hydroelectric power plants, which would avoid blackouts and cost hundreds of times less in terms of infrastructure and production investments. The large and useless purifiers that would be replaced by the local endogenous oxidation of rainwater and rain that would also be alkalized; Water networks that waste water and energy for high pressures, while water could be distributed at low pressure, producing energy by moving the force of gravity to ever-filled installations, with step-lifting that would also eliminate the blows of ram; Unsustainable desalination due to the high cost of energy and filtration membranes could be replaced with plants that produce more energy than they consume to circulate infinite perforated balls containing ion exchange resins that do not need maintenance; While with pressurized hydropower with very small bulkheads we can also produce energy to the north pole and yield hundreds of times higher. Even marine and aerospace transportation could travel without fuel costs and CO2 emissions. It could eliminate the danger of floods that produce large and damaging hydroelectric plants, producing submerged hydroelectric power directly downstream, into lakes, wells, rivers, seas, and artificial basins, also oxidizing water. It seems that science, with its own internal divisions, in the field of energy and the environment, has done everything wrong. The same C.C.S. Is another danger of science not applied globally. Environmental and energy science has always left pending issues, in many cases, more serious than original problems.

I appeal, especially to the International Judges because I firmly believe that Justice must be strictly separate from politics and governments. It is the only bastion in defense of democracy. I also believe that patent intellectual property must be strictly separate from industrial property, and only the International Judges can separate it, at least for private and public inventors who cannot develop on their own and market their inventions. The undersigned, since the filing of the first patents, has understood that worldwide patents legislation only facilitates industry and public entities that can pay patents for research and patents in individual countries that are party to international treaties, He has lent himself as a victim to this power game, anticipating the first expense for obtaining national and international patents and leaving them, subsequently, decaying, not paying subsequent fees.

I ask International Judges what taxes would I have to pay, which I have invented only public utilities that no world public body wants to achieve without even explaining its reasons?

If I had not touched my hand, would I never have imagined that interactive energies could not find interlocutors in the whole world? This very serious reality can only be demonstrated by concrete examples of valid patents, which have never been realized, which are left to decay for the general disinterest of the workers and the incompetence or indifference of the legislators and the justice bodies. If there were no naive inventors, as the undersigned, despite all that they continue to invent alternative solutions, and to patent them, there would be no legal proof of these omission offenses made by public entities in the world. Patent deposits, granted or not granted, are public documents that cannot be destroyed.

What can an inventor think that he does not find interlocutors if he thinks he knows his job? Thinking bad is a sin, but it often guesses. The undersigned thought that if there were no current conflicts of interest of public research bodies for the sale of patents to private companies, The alliance between public and private inventors (not dependent on any company) would be a natural fact. In fact, public bodies lack industrial experience and practical applications, relying mainly on professors and researchers who go directly from school to work. Public bodies could support and share intellectual property with private inventors, helping them to pay taxes (as they currently share with their inventors), promoting a state of the art more sustainable than the current one. Do not forget that due to lack of financial resources, private inventors are the only ones who seek persistently sustainable solutions.

Industries do not seek sustainable but commercial inventions. At best, they can collaborate with the so-called “CIRCULAR ECONOMY”, which involves the recovery of materials and the return of some manufactured items, revised and reintegrated into the market. The push-pull automation of large serial production will increasingly reduce the workforce in factories. Hence, the future development model must be the one that makes small and medium-sized businesses grow all over the world, both to better distribute wealth and to better protect the environment, because as demonstrated by large plants and large Energy management and purification systems are not able to connect capillarily with the universal carbon cycle as small and medium-sized businesses can do, either by realizing the plants or by handling them capillaryly as the universal carbon cycle requires. This management cannot be done with the current purification and energy systems that have created the world public bodies and multinationals. The future of the environment and energy must go hand in hand with small and medium businesses and interactive energies.

The multinationals specializing in piercing the seabed, could specialize in making, without perforations, the system “ARTIFICIAL WELLING” To extract more food from the oceans naturally, bringing the lost alkalinity into the surface water as well, because if the oceans have lost 30% of alkalinity on the surface, it is also true that in the ocean depths there are billions of tonnes of solubilized carbonates From high pressures in billions of years. The lifting system of oceanic nutrients and carbonates does not require the installation of machines in the ocean depths or even special materials because the inner and outer pressures of the pipes that fall into the depths and go back to the surface are equivalent without stressing the material. As for deep water lifting (containing nutrients and carbonates), we can only put in the surface water recycling circuit, small percentages of deep water, by the so-called venturi pump invented by the Italian inventor Giovanni Battista Venturi ( 1746 – 1822) that does not need mechanical parts that could not work with static pressures above 400 bar.

What are the world’s public scientists who can claim that the “ARTIFICIAL WELLING” system described in is not a powerful interactive system with the natural carbon cycle, like the other systems I propose? Creating food, great job opportunities and, above all, correcting the oceanic acidification produced by the wrong environmental and energy plants, collaborating with interactive energies, described on the same web site. Is it not a public offense to omit this solution, instead of experimenting with it? Along with all the energy and purification solutions offered at


For the undersigned, the first thing to do is the essential experiments, the SPAWHE system, to be entrusted with impartial organs chosen by the International Courts of Justice, the second is to change the regulation of the worldwide patent organization: WIPO Which means “World Intellectual Property Organization”, which in its own name only indicates intellectual property. But in reality, intellectual property is trampled, it only counts industrial property. In fact, to WIPO, we can make the following observations:

Intellectual property is recognized, but having it, the legislators, bound, indissolubly to industrial property and the payment of national and international deposit and maintenance fees, in effect, has no value. This is an injustice to the inventors is obvious because intellectual property has an autonomous economic value for a writer of a simple fantasy novel or a simple song without paying taxes of any kind, except on perceived remuneration. In fact, an invention, like a book, can be appreciated several years after its publication. While the book’s copyright does not fall, those of the inventor are declining if they do not pay maintenance fees in individual countries? It is so difficult for lawmakers to understand that as long as inventors do not find sponsors, these are just intellectual works that do not produce any income? If the copyright of a book can also be conveyed to the author’s heirs, why should rights of inventors be trampled on? For the undersigned, if the law is the same for everyone, the correct formula should be the following:

  1. No modification of the current system for inventions claiming industrial property.
  • No deposit and maintenance fee to be paid for inventions that do not claim industrial property, but only the intellectual property.
  • To make accessible the patents that do not claim to industrial property to all participating countries to the WIPO treaties and to all companies (open source), which are able to realize them in free competition. In fact, the inventor patentizes the system, process, cycle, but who constructs the patented object or plant uses different means of production and hence the quality and market price may also be different.

Who will use the patented system will pay a percentage of the value invoiced to WIPO, which would be its share of management fees, and in turn would pay the copyright to the inventors. Practically, equating to the worldwide system that recognizes copyright writers with the same duration, because a book is valid until someone buys it and reads it, an invention, valid until someone uses it. It should not be complicated to understand that the industrial monopoly is contrary to the global development of the economy. It can only be justified when the invention is fully realized with private economic funds and consumer goods are produced. But in public utility, environmental, energy and public health projects, the maximum spread of the invention should prevail in order to accelerate common progress. So even private inventions should be required by offsetting inventors for their work and expenses, but making inventions accessible to everyone.

Today, however, an inventor of public utilities is punished by legislators and unwanted by public and private research bodies because they consider it a competitor. Therefore, he is ignored along with its own inventions, regardless of their value. But how does a person like myself, who have acquired a life of considerable knowledge in the work to see that all the environmental and energy designs are wrong from the ground up because they lack a basic logic, which was to promote synergies between physical, chemical, and biological transversal process, without boundaries between the various business and scientific specializations?

Today, in spite of many international environmental conventions, CO2 emissions records go far back year by year, because they use energy and purification systems, devoid of any environmental logic that should be conceptually prehistoric, but have been enriched by high-tech management technologies to show that state of the art in environmental protection advances. But this advancement creates more confusion, because it can not cope with the problems of CO2, nor the global performance problems of systems that require interactive energies, that are still unknown worldwide although they are at hand from the advent of industrial times.

Today we need an alternative development model that can not be based on individual separate inventions, like the current ones, but on a set of logically related inventions. Until when is not realized an environmental development model such as that illustrated by SPAWHE which covers the three hundred and sixty degrees environment, we cannot highlight the mistakes. Today, International Justice can not intervene in sanctioning serious environmental offenses because science and economy and national legislators do not allow the advancement of state of the art in sustainable direction, by reasoning globally when designing energy and environmental installations, fixed and mobile.

Today, state of the art advances only with technological development and patents of small details that cannot create great differences in performance and yields. After the boom of the big economic incentives, most solar panel manufacturers and wind turbines are closing. The renewable market has gone into the hands of those who can produce at the lowest price and with good quality. Practically, they are winning companies that best apply the industrial Taylorism, or have the capital to make it happen. But industrial Taylorism focuses on products, not on quality of life. Unfortunately, as I have already written, public entities in the world have not realized that they have to carry out environmental Taylorism, which has in common with the industrial one only the organization of work, no the objectives. The environmental Taylorism must satisfy the physical, chemical and natural organic, using the machines, systems and infrastructure that particularly favor the global carbon cycle with lower investment and operating costs. In this cycle, nuclear energy, wind and solar energy are excluded, while the fossil thermal interactive is anti-economic, producing fuels, neutralizing harmful emissions, heat and CO2; Biological interactive energy is uneconomic for the same reason but necessary for purifying purposes. The ideal energy is hydro-electric water recycling, which is the only one that does not exist in the state of the art. Especially that pressurized with compressed air, which would have the lowest investment costs, small footprint, very low operating costs and would produce oxygen in the water, as a secondary effect.

The undersigned, who is the inventor of the various interactive energies (fossil, biological, hydroelectric, and terrestrial and aerospace transporters using hydroelectric power with water recycling) to which he came in the order described, has only collected Silence, in addition, the current legislative system forces the inventor to make a run against time to seek entrepreneurs or public bodies that help him pay taxes, which he should not pay, being concerned only with intellectual property.

The current international patents management system probably runs with commercial inventions. The undersigned has shown that it does not work in environmental and energy systems, which cannot be conditioned by market laws and speculations on world markets. In fact, for the undersigned, energy and the environment can be freed from any kind of speculation if energy sources become water and air and at the same time the system becomes interactive, producing energy while depurating and protecting the environment. Today, to produce and manage energy, it is necessary to purchase fuels, uranium, solar panels, wind turbines, large accumulators of energy, while on the environmental side we have air conditioning machines and purification machines that consume energy , Without creating any direct interactivity with natural carbon cycles. The current system is inefficient and has led to global warming, despite the high technological level achieved by the commercialized machines. It is not the fuels or the machines to be wrong, but the plants are globally, which do not realize complete cycles. Ironically, those who thought to justify the oil in the name of political economy, can be easily refuted by globally-designed systems that are hundreds of times cheaper of the plants built with today’s solutions listed on stock exchanges worldwide. No wonder this result, because current industrial well-being is not only due to scientific and technological inventions, but above all to lowering the costs of industrial Taylorism. The same reduction in energy and purification costs can take place through environmental Taylorism. But the Taylorism applied to the environment, to be economical and efficient does not have to open the carbon cycle, it must oxygenate the water and produce carbonates in the same that subtracts CO2 from the environment while producing energy. In other words, it must do the opposite of what fossil energy has done in one hundred and fifty years of wrong industrial history. This may do only hydropower with water recycling pressurized with the compressed air.

Always by the irony of the fate, the more energy we produce, the more we will protect the environment, and if we make many limestone greenhouses where we purify and oxidize the water, we remove the CO2 from the environment that we have given it with the wrong industrial development. This development model has not understood either the science or the technology of the present and the past. They did not even understand NASA focusing on chemical and nuclear fuels, while water and air could be enough to produce energy even in space, using compressed air accumulators to move into the vacuum, rechargeable from numerous ASTRONAVI SERRE Could allow humans to explore the universe in a sustainable way by providing food, water and air to feed their inhabitants and with the same elements to produce the energy needed to move. Without the need of parachutes to return to Earth, at least until they are efficient and safe nuclear or Lorenz currents they are experiencing. And even when they become, if they become, they are not sure that they will be more efficient than the interactive energy produced with simple water and air, of course, after they lighten the materials and make the most of the pressures allowed. Today we are at the zero year of pressurized hydroelectric power because even NASA has invested zero dollars on the simplest and most efficient energy in the world. My work as an inventor of sustainable environmental and purificative systems consists of eleven years of non-interlocutor monologues.

What are the Boundaries of Duties of Office of Local Public Research and Management of Environment and Energy?

International patent legislation should give greater importance to intellectual property than industrial ones, because simple and sustainable ideas of private inventors, based on existing technologies, could increase small world-based plant companies in parallel, which would lead to more capillary management of the environment. Although today’s systems are clearly incapable of protecting the environment and producing low-cost energy, the link between public bodies that provide and incentive and entrepreneurs in the purification and energy sectors has become so strong that No one wants to change anything substantial. This is demonstrated by the eleven years of public and private silences collected by myself. Lobbies have been created that prevent access to innovative ideas. Science, too, is silent, if not for reasons of interest, to cover design errors, which have penalized growth and environmental protection. This way of growing reminiscent of the inefficiencies of non- democratic countries, where creativity is not rewarded but business loyalty and power system. If the wall that hides all the inefficiencies collapses, the entire system collapses. It did not teach anything about the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Now they want to raise other walls to defend economies that do not create well-being for everyone because they have mistaken the fundamentals that would lead to interactive energies that would neutralize pollution at source without cost.

For the undersigned, who has lived on his own skin, the current Kafkian a patent protection organization, the separation of intellectual property from the industrial one is crucial and should also involve public research bodies if the State concerned does not industrialize and market its public inventions. The most ill-treated are private inventors, who are nobody’s children. Inventors are more protected by public bodies, who receive a salary, and if they produce an invention, the deposit fees pay the membership body (ie taxpayers). For the public sector is easier to sell the patents, and when to sell them, public inventors is up about 50% of the proceeds, the rest of the institution they belong to. Such agreement would also fine for private inventor, who instead is isolated and does not know where to turn after spending thousands of hours of work, spent their savings to pay filing fees, that he should not pay, and without I did not get any salary. A new inventory management of private inventors is needed for civil society for many reasons:

  1. Grow small and medium-sized enterprises with scientific and technological inventions at their reach. albeit having developed excellent technologies, they have shown that they are not able to get involved in the organization of the work that is necessary for the overall protection of the environment. Researchers are not global plant designers, as they are not the pumps manufacturers and various equipment manufacturers. Who can improve the plant is only those who are accustomed to pass from one type of plant to another and studies the processes and possible synergies with adjacent implants. There are few companies that can train technicians with such experiences because global reasoning is not allowed in the current system. The current system of partial specializations could only work if we had achieved a perfect global state of art. But, having not reached it in any sector, no one is aware of any mistakes. Today, however, we are still at the beginning of the year just because public inventors have missed that by reasoning globally, they would have allowed the end of anthropic carbon cycle locally. Where would they be able to learn to design plants globally if they come out of universities that do not make global projects within universities. The whole society of the studies and the work is divided by specializations and who tries to make a global reasoning is isolated. The undersigned has accumulated cross-cutting experiences by constantly changing work for professional curiosity, having no career aspirations in a single industry. Science. If global public science had produced interactive energies, the global economy would also have another meaning.
  • Bring in environmental systems and energy efficiency of the industrial Taylorism. The undersigned, in seventeen years of experience in the automotive industry, where everything is connected, appreciated the organization of work. For the successive 20 years, lved in environmental systems, he did not appreciate the inefficiency of public purification and energy plants, where everything is disconnected. It was natural to understand that the ideal development model is an environmental Taylorism. But it was also natural to understand that before Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856 – 1915) nature had already created logical environmental links through the natural carbon cycle. Therefore, those who design the world’s environmental and energy plants should only put in the carbon cycle the components that participate in the right proportions. This did not make it public scientists, politicians and legislators Taylor’s contemporaries nor subsequent years, up to the present times. The inventions that I have unsuccessfully proposed could have been born since Taylor’s times, even in the most rudimentary forms, since pumps, turbines and compressors were already invented, avoiding all the current global warming, floods, desertification and even oceanic acidification. Although I was not a scientist and a researcher, I decided to study them as a pensioner because I realized that the current type of society would never have looked at the world from my point of view because even the renewable energies they chose do not go Towards interactive energies. The facts have given me reason because no one has taken my solutions into consideration. But I think that eleven years of unpaid work and N.32 national patents, N. 1 European, No. 5 international, connect logically with each other to produce energy by protecting the environment, give me the right to be heard at least by Judges of the International Courts of Justice.

I believe that those who are in charge of the defense of the environment, silent on these solutions, have not done their duty, committing crimes of omission of office acts. Even those who are called to legislate cannot make completely different laws to protect the works of intellect. They do not need a return receipt to show these offenses. My publications are widespread on the web and I do not accuse anyone in particular. If environmental and energy patents are not read by the officials of the ministries of the environment, economic development, research centers, universities, who else can be interested in reading them? Who visited the website Not certainly housewives, traders and small craftsmen. Who is authorized to intervene with authority and decision-making powers on these topics? Almost no one can do it without consulting the Olympus who does not know where it is located.

Who should make it clear is above all the Universal Science and the legislature, urged by International Justice, that should be supported by a multidisciplinary International Technical and Scientific Commission. Because multidisciplinarity is one that is lacking in all human activities. What I should have done the “Technical Committee and Scientific International multidisciplinary”, even without the complaint of the undersigned, identify all plants built by man, that somehow damage, slow down, are harmless, or help to promote carbon universal cycle, so as to create a kind of table where they would be highlighted those to prohibit, discouraged, and those to be encouraged. I think if the members of that Commission were competent would come to my conclusions, that is, all the existing man-made facilities in the field of the environment and energy, including sewage systems, depurators, large thermal power plants, Large hydroelectric plants, thermal motors, would be forbidden, while for different reasons, nuclear power would be banned. Instead, they would not advise the current new energies that are uneconomic and do not favor the carbon cycle, they would take away protective environmental investments. There is no state-of-the-art facility for incentives because there is no energy with interactive systems that protect the environment by consuming CO2, oxygenating and alkalizing the waters.

WIPO should also not grant patents to plants that do not close the thermal, chemical and biological cycles that open. Indeed, today, the current air conditioners, current cars and means of transport and work, which use fossil energy, would be removed from business. WIPO should also not grant patents to plants that do not close the thermal, chemical and biological cycles that open. Indeed, today, the current air conditioners, current cars and means of transport and work, which use fossil energy, would be removed from business. We should modify current chimneys, current sewers, current purifiers, which do not complete purification cycles. All this, today is impossible, but it has only become because environmental authorities have allowed everyone to design incomplete facilities. The science and the world legislature that allowed these disasters have hidden behind an impossible advancement of the state of the art, while clean energy could be born before the thermal energy, with simpler cycles and costs hundreds of times lower.


The current consumer society has not created a model of sustainable development because it has reversed the scale of values. It’s more like a football player in the lower category than an environmental invention. Like in the old Roman amphitheatres, in the autodromes it is cherished by the strength and power of thermal energy, knowing that it is the main cause of global warming, rather than competing for fuel without fuel. The Nobel Prize organizers prayed as a saint Bob Dylan who wrote simple songs to get him to receive the prize for literature, while the whole world does not have a few thousand dollars to prove that the interactive energy with compressed air could work in all areas of human activity, until to terrestrial and space transport. This is because the ruling classes in these sectors, both public and private, do not want that it functions in order not to break the existing economic balances. Not to undermine the literary value of Dylan’s songs, I say that the present society does not reward the intellect, but only those who have succeeded. No one understands that if you are wrong in rewarding literary works there may also be criticism, but nothing serious happens. If, however, one can not understand the difference between polluting, neutral or interacting with the environment, the problem becomes very serious and those who do not understand these things must not be allowed to continue to cause damage to humanity whole. Unfortunately, I speak of hundreds of thousands of people who occupy strategic positions in the government of the environment, energy and the world economy. These people do not even know that their institutional task is to answer those who propose concrete environmental solutions. Otherwise, the reasons why industrial patents, especially logical, that concern global purification (water and air at the same time) and interactive energy (which produces energy while depurating and raising water) have not been found to be interlocutors globally. The same silence has also occurred when I have virtually mounted the pressurized hydroelectric power generator on land transport vehicles, which also includes agricultural labor, in particular. The same will happen when they see the virtual application of the system on aerospace, which almost simultaneously appears to this open letter.

Not because I’m involved as an inventor, so subtle in this story that remembers the most famous of Galileo Galilei, who was subjected to the Inquisition for six years and tortured for saying that the earth was moving around the sun. I was not tortured, but universally ignored, just because the torture was abolished. But at that time, at least the inquisitors were in good faith and acted in the sunlight. Today, however, the hypocrisy governing the world is immense. Power lobbyists keep silence despite the internet, simply paying the salary to scientists, researchers, designers, and anyone who might investigate in the right direction. Power lobbyists know that single inventions are not enough to cut off their power. A new development model is needed based on many inventions, which will hardly be realized, until the economic power is in their hands. But this has also included myself, why has also developed the applications of such energy in lakes, wells, apartments, in the seas, in dissalazioni, on land and aerospace vehicles. So, if I’m right, the alternative development model could start right away, making poles, Arctic and Antarctic, and deserts even habitable because if energy produced with water and air does not cost much, it can be produced to all Hours of day and night, it does not cost anything to even heat and condition greenhouses that can be inhabited at the poles and to cool and condition those in the deserts. As it would not cost almost nothing desalinate large flow rates of water with the ion exchange, while lifting upward and send them to irrigate the deserts themselves. Instead, the world’s ruling class pierces the soils and seabeds to extract gas and oil, costing much more water and air, but also need tankers, gas pipelines, and methane pipelines that cost even more. Environmental disasters are not counted when gas and oil are extracted, or those that occurred when a tanker crashes, or those due to pipeline and pipeline breaks. Even billions of tonnes of CO2 emissions are not counted. All this to have an energy efficiency that does not reach 35% of the lower heat power both in thermal power plants and in the thermal motors that are used on transport. In aerospace aerodynamics, the yield is even lower for the large concentration of thermal energy needed in the unit of time, which of course can not be distributed over many engines as is possible with electricity.

While compressed hydroelectric power does not need extractions, refinements, transport, methanodes, distribution networks. You cannot even talk about efficiency because you do not use a fuel. We can only talk about the relationship between the energy produced and that consumed to recycle the water and compress the air, which do not happen with the systems currently in use, because it intervenes in the new circuits the pump with the dual power supply allows ito insert the water discharged from the turbine from the suction side of the pump which is common to pressurized water., In addition, the one-way flow of water into the autoclave tank forces the air cushion to not expand and therefore not to consume energy but expelling as unwanted the water discharged from the turbine and bringing it back into the pressurized tank from the second aspirating mouth , We can produce energy infinitely, consuming only material wear and we can multiply energy production by increasing the air cushion pressure The ratio between the energy consumed and produced by the same system is always high because the static water pressure can not oppose the kinetic energy produced within its volume, which introduces water from the outside but at the same instant , Expels the same amount of water from the output connected to the turbine with all the force of the air cushion, which can not expand because in the meantime other water has been expelled. The absence of this simple hydropneumatic circuit, which consumes only material wear and the percentage of air pressure that melts in the water positively contributing to the purification, which no one ever invented before the undersigned, has cost to humanity A huge waste of resources and almost global warming because it could be invented together with the first steam boilers and before the thermal engines, being the much cheaper and easier operating cycle, but equally powerful. However, people driving the world economy, who have attended the best universities in the world, and others chewing daily on the complicated Einstein’s theories, pretend not to understand it.

What is the difference between legitimate and unlawful activities? Who rules the law, does it make it tailor-made to circumvent justice, hiding behind the state of art insufficient to increase energy efficiency and purification? These obscure maneuvers prevent mankind from taking two pigeons with a single bean through interactive energies: the more we produce it, the higher it would become the protection of the environment. Who prevents the emergence of these solutions does not commit a serious offense?

From what is stated in this article of denunciation, it is clear that there is a clear responsibility of all sovereign states on the current environmental degradation and even the United Nations that have produced the “Code of Conduct on State responsibility for Internationally Illicit Actions”, and every Year they organize world summits to fight global warming. At these summits all states go with empty hands without solutions. When making the agreements, it is always good intention to reduce CO2, without ever coming into the details of the solutions, as has the web site of a simple retired: To none of the tens of thousands of participants ever came to mind that the solutions published by SPAWHE could make their conferences useless, which only produce pollution with air travel and expenses that pay taxpayers?

Unfortunately, in addition to making the inventor, I had to learn how to do the writer, by publishing an Ebook titled “Closure of anthropic carbon cycle” that no one read, and many publications that I distribute on the net directly with my patents and related articles. But the result has never changed, despite the many friendships and contacts grown in the networks. No one can believe in the simple solutions of a pensioner who does not cost a single euro to taxpayers when the half-scientific truths of billion-dollar private and public research institutes fill millions of publications without going into the heart of problems, which is a Transverse heart, which does not deny their research, but goes directly to the solutions by applying technology to natural systems.

The United Nations wrong to consult the scientists because they are not the sciences to be wrong, but the plsnts that are incomplete, which do not cover a single science. But no one goes a step back, giving to Caesar what is Caesar and to plant designers what should be to plant designers. Which, unfortunately, never design complete plants because no one pays them to do so. That is why the undersigned, who in a working life has learned to design many incomplete implants, has tried to invent complete plants, starting from scratch, because who did my job knows that the plants if not they are specifically designed, they can not simultaneously close the anthropogenic cycles of water and air and not even be connected to other systems, to do so at a later stage. Who does not understand these things what’s going to do to world summits on the environment and energy? It is better that those who do not know how to solve the problems remain at home instead of creating confusion, as they are doing long before the Kyoto Protocol, focusing on individual specializations that no one can rationally put together on the territories. Solutions are unnecessarily shown on http:

The Paris agreement, rejected by President Trump, the undersigned has declared them insufficient and generic, almost like all previous before the summit ended. Just read the following article: If global delegates had really serious intentions of protecting the environment, they would experiment with interactive energies, proving that fossil energy is not only polluting, but also uneconomical, President Trump and his scientific advisors would not even have had The courage to speak. The Trump opponents have not done so because they support the lobbies of inefficient renewable energy, despite having increased yields. It would have been too much to go directly to interactive energies, which are not supported by any world lobby, indeed the inventor does not even have the money to deposit patents. The world’s progressives who want to save the world have been caught by surprise from President Trump’s election, which was certainly not favored by polls, they thought they could continue to move on with the current policy of fresh water, bulky and inconsistent renewables.

I think that the point where we are only true International Justice, over the parts, can recall all the order, but I also believe that justice is impotent if it draws on the same scientific advisors who use the United Nations, which can also to be rewarded with the Nobel, but they do not know how to design the plants globally. International judges do not need half-truths, but a full-fledged development model, which unfortunately did not even produce the thousands of scientists who work with IPCC. For even design only virtually an alternative development model, not enough advice, but you have to follow the step by step in every pollution sewerage meters, and each meter chimney, making crossing the processes that bring water to the seas and the air in the atmosphere. Only after years of virtual simulation work I have come to conceive of interactive energy that costs nothing to any taxpayer in the world, as it does not cost anything to protect the environment. If I had a few thousand euros available, I would also have shown prototypes. The biggest expense will be the demolition of large depurators, large thermal and nuclear power plants, large pipelines and pipelines, large distribution networks. Who has conceived the universe, has privileged the planet Earth by giving it the uncompromising water and the compressible atmospheric air that, combined with the technologies already developed, to adapt and lighten for mobile versions, allow us to produce all the ‘Energy that is needed for industry, agriculture, transport, even aerospace. I’m sorry for science fiction fans and film enthusiasts about industrial espionage, but there are no secret formulas to steal to produce interactive energy. They are the usual, old for centuries, of Torricelli, Newton, Dalton, Henry, Pascal, Bernoulli. It is not even necessary to disturb Einstein, which confirms everything, being the whole planet held together by gravitational forces and the same air pressure decreases as it moves away from the Earth’s surface. But my research without money, based only on reason, certainly less prestigious than those of Einstein, also made no money and experimental laboratories, have led me to artificially concentrate on water the air pressure to exploit it both for purification and energy Unlike what has been done so far. Even these solutions, like the previous ones, have not been welcomed by public and private science, who have not even commented. I believe that Einstein has had the well-deserved success he has had also because his discoveries do not have directly effects on the affairs of multinationals and wrong public utilities. If Einstein’s discoveries had been more practical, the ruling scientific class, he pretended not to understand them and would not even grant him the well-deserved Nobel.

Science does not do research impartially, technology is a simple tool, while the legislature has nothing to do with justice, as it simply ratifies the state of the art developed. It does not stimulate to do better and does not punish anyone who is wrong. Justice, as described above, cannot condemn anyone without a model of global development that fully respects nature. As long as this model does not exist, the loopholes of unscrupulous polluters and affairs are endless. In the ordinary civil and criminal justice system, law and justice do not admit ignorance, but with the state-of-the-art loophole not high enough to allow the right energy to be chosen in the right place, environmental crimes are in the order of day and commit them above all, the public bodies of the world. This is the reason why patents SPAWHE, they found public and private stakeholders and even a little money to experience the fundamental principles, which are not for myself, but to convince the skeptics.

That’s why Justice, if they really want to do their job properly, have to order the testing of all SPAWHE patents, which are the only ones that have the potential to cover all areas of human activity with interactive energies, Which can bring oxygen where the current purifying systems have never arrived, not consuming, but producing energy.

The state of the art of large-scale procurement at design level is entirely in the public hands of the world as it is right. But how is it possible that thermal power plants and purifiers do not close the carbon cycle? Hydroelectric power, wasted immense resources and poorly distributed water; Hydraulic lifting and water distribution, waste energy and water for high operating pressures in the absence of plants that would raise the water by circumventing gravitational force ( Even the state of local urban and agricultural art, which depends on public law, is wrong because it has not developed local, compact, large power plants that would produce energy by purifying water and urban air, Water used for agriculture, would use nitrates, phosphates, organic residues, with the same plants that lift it from wells and docks to put oxygen dissolved in water, thanks to hydroelectric power pressurized by recycling ‘water ( Therefore, large electricity distribution networks are not needed, nor are large gas distribution networks with their pipelines crossing the seas and continents. They do not need electricity and gas bills, because users will provide residual energy to public lighting. They do not serve even petrol stations, oil and gas because of any means of transport a hydroelectric motor can be mounted with pressurized water recycling or an equivalent liquid.

Although the patents of the undersigned have been made public through networks and mails addressed to public and private entities in charge of the environment and energy, no contact has ever been established for the patents experimentation and dissemination. This has shown that current patent intellectual property laws do not produce any collaboration between private inventors and public entities and companies in the field of environment and energy. For the undersigned, probable reasons are mainly the conflicts of interest of public research and design organizations, public patent trading, and the condition of contractual weakness of private inventors, which are also punished by lawmakers who force them to pay Taxes as if they directly exploited industrial prosperity. In fact, these, having no company and no public body which helps them in support of national and international patents costs if not immediately find industrial partners, are forced to give up their rights of authors. It would be absurd for a writer to lose author’s rights because he did not pay taxes on a book rejected by the authors. Instead, for world legislators it is normal that this to happen to inventors. But what is worse is the fact that the laws make no distinction between commercial inventions and public utility. Indeed, who deals with these problems is isolated from the institutions that should reward him. I thought this anomaly was just an evil Italian, for this reason I created in English. The problem is world wide, we never end up learning. I thank heaven for giving me the strength to continue to develop my ideas and I hope that at least International Justice will play its part after verifying the usefulness of my patents.

There are many injustices against private inventors, which, instead, are a worldwide resource that should be protected. Just think of what the Italian state would have to pay to public inventors (if they were able to reason with the forty-year-long experience of the undersigned) of thirty-two public utility patents, five inter-ethnic and one European, plus deposit fees And maintenance, if such patents were produced by a public body.

If they want, the Courts of International Justice will be able to make it clear to national and international legislators that intellectual property is more important than the industrial one, especially if the inventor does not claim the industrial one and makes it available to all companies that can To achieve it, in free competition. This, though economists do not understand it, is the best way to grow society in a balanced way. In the ideal system elaborated by the undersigned, all the current energy and purification plants have been discarded, saving only the technologies, explaining the reasons for doing so in detail, as only a global plant designer can do. Global implants are virtually even those mounted by the undersigned on the car and on aerospace vehicles. A global plant is the one that closes all the organic and inorganic cycles that it opens. The more reason the plants are the ones that open them less. Even more so are those plants that open less cycles. The point of view of current economists is a very limited point of view because these concepts have never been developed in current industrial, agricultural, service, and transportation systems. The world economy is entirely to be rebuilt.

There is a very simple reason why public utility inventions should only claim intellectual property and should not charge any national or international patent maintenance fee: An invention cannot be granted if it has already been patented in any country even if it has not been extended internationally. This means that intellectual property today is recognized internationally, but for inventors, it has no economic value if it finds no funding to turn it into an industrial system. Meanwhile, the legislator forces the inventor to pay the maintenance fees for the patents as if he had found the industrial funding, even though he does not aspire to industrial property. This means that the legislator links the inventor to a single invention indissolubly as if he were also the entrepreneur of the same idea. Instead, the inventor can be an expert in a particular industry that can create many patents linked to each other and make them available to the whole company, creating a global advancement in the state of the art if it is recognized as a simple Intellectual property, when inventions are realized by exploiting his legitimate ideas and designs. Infact, most inventions consist of several patents and each patent has a limited number of claims. The inventor in order to understand their own invention must publish all the patents related to the invention to search for lenders. With the current system, from the time it publishes the inventions, it starts racing against time because it has to pay taxes even if it does not find the lenders. Patents decline if they do not pay national and international maintenance fees. The International Justice Courts must understand that these Kafkaesque procedures put in place by the ordinary legislature, are a genuine conspiracy against the progress and private inventors who like myself, have been unable to express their creativity and skills, as employees, having to stick to tasks entrusted by the holding company. In fact, especially small companies that install plants cannot afford to develop patents, they only have to implement them and put them into operation. However, technicians who do this work for many years, if they are passionate and constantly upgraded, they have the opportunity to grow more professionally than the technicians of large companies because they know at the same time other facilities and aspects of the organization of the Work that helps to develop the plants globally. This is demonstrated by the fact that the facilities I designed by myself, virtually, are simpler and more efficient than all existing, energy and purifying, because they do not waste anything. Those who have not funded them want to prevent the current inefficiency from coming out.

Unfortunately, the silences collected show that things are in the way I denounce. The undersigned believes that it is useless to continue paying maintenance fees of patent deposits, nor extend the new international patents. It should be clear to everyone that if the interactive energies nobody knows and nobody claims it, nobody wants to experiment, I’m the intellectual owner, who has patented them in Italy. In addition, the most important systems cannot be realized without the pump with the dual supply separate until to the impeller that I have deposited also at international level, which did not even find lenders and interlocutors, although I stated that I cannot and do not want to become A pumps manufacturer. In addition, the most important systems cannot be achieved without the pump, which has been deposited also at international level, which did not even find lenders and interlocutors, although I stated that I can not and do Not want to become a pumps manufacturer.

International Judges can restore fundamental rights, giving Caesar what is Caesar, and inventors what is inventors, such as writers, musicians, and so on. On the other hand, why do legislators want to link the inventor to industrial property? Creativity is a state of grace that requires a lot of concentration. It can lose from one moment to the next for health problems, family and more. The inventor must beat the iron as long as it is hot, moving from one invention to another, developing concepts escaped, just like writers and musicians. The inventor cannot do at the same time the entrepreneur himself, because, in general, if you locate a vein in an important and unexplored area, such as interactive energy, the patents to develop become many, following a logical thread. Only those who do not understand how things are, can legislate in such an absurd way against private investors who are the only ones that can lead to true sustainable development without partial interest.

The undersigned would not write this letter if at least one of the many public research and design organizations in the world had shown interest in its solutions. Who would have to prove the truth is science, not that of a part, who has realized the current incomplete installations, both energy and purifying. That is referred to fathers of science (Torricelli, Pascal, Newton, Henry, Dalton, Einstein) that having no high tech means available, only on the basis of reasoning, have unveiled physical laws on which are based the inventions of the undersigned, But with the help of existing technology and modification of pumps and circuits. But if science does not understand or pretends not to understand it, it is up to International Justice to make it clear. As I wrote, fortunately, the interactive energies, they have no secret formulas. You can also experience it on the artisan level: this can be enough to establish the truth and do justice, punishing the enemies, and especially the fake friends of the environment, which are more numerous.

I am certain that these energies will work and that we are behind for a century and a half. I do not know how one hundred percent of the Nobel Prize winners, statisticians, economists and scientists, have no repentance about the development they have created. In their place, before spending just one dollar on old and new energies, they would expect the outcome of these experiments.

Interactive energy systems with the environment would be the best way to accelerate the advancement of the state of the art in protecting the environment and energy, but also to more equitably distribute world wealth by boosting small and medium-sized businesses, which today are stifled by the supremacy of multinationals. Io non so quale possa essere il potere dei Giudici delle Corti di Giustizia Internazionali.

I do not know if they will have the courage to sink the knife into the many wounds, or, like everyone else, to continue paying the salary must abide by the orders coming from above. These difficulties I know very well, because only as retired I have been able to investigate the many things that did not fit in the protection of the environment that, after eleven years of work, have led to the various forms of interactive energies which, as I said, could save the planet and also make poles and deserts habitable. Unfortunately, International Judges cannot take advantage of the pension to work freely. If they retire they can no longer act. This is their time to prove that the word Justice, as opposed to science, still has a universal value.

Meanwhile, though not having filed books but patents, I will not pay national or international fees, as it would not pay to a writer who does not sell books because he writes in a language unknown to the publishers of reference.

I think, above all, the world’s public science responsible for global warming, who has mistaken old and new energies because he did not use a rational working system such as environmental Taylorism to identify the energies and purification systems that serve to humanity. This could be born together with industrial Taylorism because the reasoning is identical but applied to the environment would have led to more rational development and interactive energies, also correcting industrial development. One cannot help looking at 360 degrees, neglecting the priorities of the systems that serve to protect the environment and sustainable development with science and technologies available. But world public science is committing this mistake from the advent of the industrial era.

However, men cannot do without a fundamental reference point like science. Which is not infallible, but gradually it can become, if it becomes more transparent, and applies globally. While justice must separate intellectual property from the industrial one, which may also coincide, for the free choice of the inventor. But anyone who aspires to intellectual property alone must not be forced to pay any tax, nor should he be forced to internationalize patents, which become accessible to everyone as an author’s book with rights and duties to legislate. Lawmakers if they do not want to change the patent system, they should at least understand that inventions regarding the environment and energy are industrial inventions and at the same time social inventions. Those who devote themselves to such inventions should be protected, not obstructed by legislators and public bodies worldwide, and the necessary experimentation guaranteed, especially if the inventor states publicly that he only aspires to intellectual property. This has not happened in the eleven years that the undersigned devoted to this activity after having formed thirty-seven years of work in the industry and the environment. From this experience comes the present complaint.

The current lack of legislation that does not separate the intellectual property from the industrial, forcing the inventors that deal of environment and energy with alternative solutions in the overall interests,, to knock on closed doors of public and private centers of power, which unfortunately, are pursuing the same environmental and energy objectives, holding together the global monopoly of energy management and purification without ever developing a model for the development of global environmental protection. This model could be conceived at the beginning of the twentieth century in parallel with the industrial development model, conceived by Taylor, who cared for the organization of work at factories. The parallel environmental Taylorism, if anything, would serve to identify the best cycles for water and air purification and the location of energy and purification plants. But this did not happen at that stage and it did not happen in the later stages, until today, apart from the separate collection and treatment of solid waste, which has been affirmed in the last thirty years. However, even the solid waste cycle is not complete because it is interrupted at the incinerators and digesters. In fact, the world environmental authorities have waited on the four international patents of the undersigned with regularly paid deposit fees (PCTIT2013000314, 315, 316, 317 ) Described in It would have been an economic madness for a pensioner like myself, isolated from the entire world’s environmental and energy authorities, to continue paying international patent fees without finding public and private lenders interested in ending the carbon cycle in the plants, Instead of in the atmosphere.

In fact, if you enter the databases of public and private patents, there is no difference, because they are dealing with individual equipment that does not follow a global development model. Such model no one thought of finding it. Instead, it was identified that there is only one way to create development and well-being on the planet earth, which is to close the natural carbon cycle in anthropogenic systems. And this can not be done if anthropogenic systems are not connected rationally. Today, the only system in the world that appears to be designed by a global public body, observing patents filed, is reported on http: //www.spawhe, but instead, it was designed by a private citizen, and it was even opposed by public research institutions. They have not understood that there is no alternative to environmental Taylorism and interactive energies, which are the only things that the world public science has never experienced. Science refuses to recognize such a big mistake and simply does not respond. This attitude of science also makes it easy for legislators and builders of pumps, turbines, electric and thermal motors, solar panels, wind turbines, thermal and nuclear power plants, because everyone is hiding behind the silence of science to hide their own mistakes. No one understands that global science can not exist unless there are people who specialize in bringing it together rationally on the various types of environments and territories. Non possono essere gli stessi scienziati a progettare gli impianti globali perché non utilizzeranno le sinergie con principi scientifici e tecnologie concorrenti. Scientists can not design global plants because they will not use synergies with science principles and competing technologies. At least part of the public scientists would have to specialize in designing global plants; Instead, they all continue to do research and design and patent partial machines and plants that no one can put rationally together because the logic of global design would have required machines and plants conceived differently.

Of course, no one can only modify environmental legislation based on virtual projects developed by a simple citizen without the support of official science, not even the world’s industry of pumps, turbines, thermal and electric motors and electro-mechanical and hydraulic components can change their production, as they require interactive energies.

Unfortunately, as I have written, these patents come very late and nobody sees the main positive aspects, which are the defeat of global warming and the beginning of a sustainable economy. Everyone sees the negative aspects that are well-founded fear of losing market share or to close obsolete activities. No one can compete with interactive energies, which will change both purification and energy systems at the same time, and with the organization of environmental work that has led to the identification of the same. From universal silence gathered by myself, it is clear that the current world class leader, not just the one linked to oil, never will make a few simple experiments necessary, unless the Judges of the International Justice Courts do not intervene.

The basic mistake of public and private designers has been to hold the state of the art developed so far and therefore everyone has assumed that by improving technologies and reducing CO2 emissions, the situation would gradually improve. But this is not the case because the population increases and increases the energy needs of developing countries. So it has to radically change the way of designing from the most insignificant details. This can only be done by inventors by reasoning differently, as designers plant. This is what I undertook, above all, by modifying the circulation of water in public and private facilities, which no one has ever questioned. In fact, by questioning the way water circulates in plants, according to the diagrams published in articles on http: //www.spawhe, we can see that all plants that now absorb energy can be transformed into producers of energy. This brings us back to the origin of industrial and environmental systems because water circulation is indissolubly linked to the carbon cycle and the purification of air and water itself with its alkalization. It is obvious that even if nuclear science can solve the problems it has been harboring since it was born, it will very hardly be able to be interactive and small in size, such as pressurized hydroelectric power. I do not ask International Justice to give me reason, but only to investigate in the direction indicated by my undersigned. If he does so impartially, irrespective of his conclusions, I will probably start believing at least in Justice. If this does not happen, I will continue to believe in the values that I believe in, which have led me to intervene, against incomplete purifications and polluting and unsustainable energies, unnecessarily explaining the reasons for my intervention. If no one recognizes my work, I will not regret having invented the SPAWHE system. The world needed it and I felt it had my duty to develop it. If I’m wrong, I can assure you that with the means I have available, it is still a miracle that this system has been conceived. If I think that in Italy the Ministry of Economic Development is an advertisement for television that invites citizens to patent their ideas to protect them from counterfeiting, I am spontaneous to ask the judges of the International Courts of Justice the following question: Who protects citizens from the omission crimes of the same ministries of the environment, energy and world economic development? Where should be deposited environmental patents by citizens, so that the public bodies in the world read it? If by depositing patents directly from the Ministry of Economic Development, the result of the undersigned is in the eyes of everyone, it is clear that things do not function in the way that world public institutions would like to believe citizens Meanwhile, as I wrote, I stopped doing the inventor because I invented the things I felt obliged to invent and I also stopped paying international fees, as an inventor of public utilities, which only aspires to the recognition of property Intellectual (real not just moral), I would never have to pay if the inventors had the same rights as the writers. I look forward to at least International Justice doing its course.

Best regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone