The interactive energy, that the current generations do not understand, are the best resource of future generation.

(twenty second open letter to the International Judges and the United Nations).

With this my twenty-second open letter to the International Judges and to the United Nations Organization, I also officially transmit the complete version of my recent speech at the “7th International Conference on Earth Science, Recycling and Space Technology” To this publication I gave the subtitle of “twenty-first open letter” and in which I collected about thirty very indicative figures of the plants proposed by the undersigned against pollution and in favor of environmental protection and sustainable energy, rejected by public bodies world, without any kind of scientific explanation, so that they draw the consequences and possibly, do whatever is in their power to condemn the crimes of omission, otherwise, the situation gets even worse and it will not be possible to get out of the damages created by the same world institutions.

Although, my intervention was very short and I don’t think I was understood, since it was the first time I spoke in English, I couldn’t give up the invitation of the organizers, a few kilometers from home, who invited me without requiring payment of the participation fee, which all speakers pay.  But what I write in English and Italian for several years can not be misunderstood, and I made a summary on the occasion of my participation in this conference you can be found on the institution’s website organizer, in ,  in my personal website and in all the magazines that want to publish them, because nobody has the exclusivity on my publications.  But I wanted to wait for the conclusion of the European parliamentary elections of May 26, 2016, to publish this article. Not only because no one would have read it in conjunction with such an important event, but above all, to affirm that the true institutions defeated by these elections and by those that take place in other parts of the world, it is the scientific and justice institutions that do not participate in electoral competitions.

These institutions suffer the greatest humiliation because they are called into question in all political and judicial differences but cannot do their job well. In fact, the law and justice, above all, in matters of development, to legislate and issue judgments must be based on the state of the art reached and on the scientific advice of experts in the various sectors. But these experts can only answer for their skills. They are not able to represent science globally because science is divided into many sectors. Therefore, both the laws and the regulations, and the sentences issued by the judges, cannot be 100% reliable. But what is worse is the fact that world governments have done nothing to get science together and study global solutions together. These have continued to design mono-themed public and private facilities that only partially close the organic and inorganic chemical cycles they open. Therefore, national and international legislators and judges are forced to legislate and accept toxic emissions limits in water and in the atmosphere. They cannot condemn those who respect the laws, but only those who do not respect them. Even if those who do not respect environmental laws are many, unfortunately, the greatest damage, global warming, floods, droughts, radioactive waste, nuclear disasters are due to plants built and managed legally worldwide. This means that there are great technical, scientific voids, which prevent science, legislators and justice from doing their job well. In the world, scientific research groups across the various scientific disciplines would serve to synthesise the best solutions with universal prototypes and help governments to implement public utility systems and at the same time legislators to legislate and judges to judge. But the real world problem is the fact that nobody noticed this absence, neither the scientists, nor the technicians, nor the politicians, nor the economists, nor the journalists, nor the unions, nor the environmentalists, nor the legislators, nor national or international judges. The undersigned was aware of this, and in his working life he was involved in the organization of work and in the design and installation of industrial and environmental plants, which in 2006 decided to anticipate his retirement to propose new global development solutions, starting precisely, from the organization of work that is very lacking in all public purification and energy plants worldwide.

But when he started filing patents for his solutions, he also noticed legislative gaps. Is it ever possible that the patent system does not grant the copyright to inventors who do not find the financiers in the short time granted by the legislators? Is it ever possible that legislators make no distinction between public utility patents and commercial goods patents? Is it ever possible that legislators allow the sale of public patents to private individuals? It is never possible that this absurd legislative system is managed directly by the United Nations Organization, through a body called W.I.P.O. (world, intellectual property organization)? Unfortunately, all this happens.

This way of legislating, not only allowed enormous conflicts of interest, has also prevented public research bodies from looking for the impartial purification solutions that I was about to study. It is obvious that with these laws no public research body is encouraged to broaden their horizons and study global solutions that cannot find buyers among the industrial companies that purchase patents.  In fact, even private companies are specialized in single technological sectors. Is it ever possible that public researchers do not understand that they cannot work in watertight compartments in both universities and ministries and produce partial and specialized patents without studying the plants globally? In fact, if public facilities are studied globally, right from the initial planning, connections with the other plants present on the territory are expected, but also those inside the various gas, water and fumes purification cycles, to make complete cycles and interactive with each other. The undersigned has always found closed doors on the part of public designers on these arguments. All he could do was go on with his research, knowing that it was the right way to find the right solutions to the environmental and energy problems of our time.

This institutional absence of public bodies of reference of the global design, for the undersigned is the reason why the state of the art in environmental protection and the search for truly sustainable energies does not advance, while all at the scientific level seek solutions and it seems that everyone does his duty, both from a scientific and a legislative point of view.  In reality, no one does their duty completely, hiding global solutions, which require a way of designing plants that is completely different from how the specialists of individual urban, industrial, agricultural, water, air and smoke systems design them. without ever creating global cycles.

This was the state of the art of depurative and energy world plants in 1987, when I left the industrial plants to take care of environmental plants. These are the same reasons for which the undersigned anticipated his retirement in 2006, when I anticipated my exit from work to become an inventor and this is the state of the art of 2019, despite having deposited forty patents, some of which were transformed into international warehouses, subject to absurd rules for paying taxes on public utility patents , only blind and incompetent legislators can claim from the inventors. None of my forty public utility patents has ever been realized anywhere in the world because global design involves the modification of all current installations and the creation of logical and rational connections that no one has foreseen between the water and air cycles and fumes. It is obvious that the world public bodies, not having used my working method, could not identify the interactive purifications, but what is worse is the silence that they are maintaining even on the interactive energies, to which the undersigned arrived unexpectedly, to try to to make the interactive purifications that I repeat cheaper make unique purification cycles of air and fumes both in urban systems, in sewer systems, and in large final plants that are simultaneously fossil and biological thermal purification energy. Today these scientific and economic centers of power continue to remain silent as they have always been silent about the thirteen years of work that I used to arrive at the current state of virtual development of purifications and interactive energies.  With their silence do these centers of power want to leave the world people in doubt? Or do they want to demonstrate without prototypes that my solutions don’t work? I am the opposite of St. Thomas: although I do not see, I am sure they work because I have only done my job as designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants. I didn’t invent anything complicated. I have only put the systems together rationally, making the necessary modifications to the machines and circuits. With the current laws on intellectual property, even if my inventions are correct I have no right to copyright, because, despite having regularly filed patents and paid filing fees, I have not paid maintenance fees. With what money could I have paid them if I dealt with public utility solutions that the world public bodies did not want to finance? As for the patents not granted on the charge of “perpetual motion not feasible”, those who authorized the bureaucrats of the patent offices to issue scientific judgments on interactive energies, which would simultaneously solve the energy and environmental problems, while the official science still silent? What was the inventor going to spend the money to make legal appeals? Even winning the appeal, the inventor would always have been at the starting point. If global public bodies have not financed fossil energy cleaning patents also granted at international level, it is obvious that they would not even have financed those of interactive energies. Global public bodies treat private inventors as unwanted antibodies, while actively collaborating with private companies that buy their patents. Aren’t these conflicts of interest?

I don’t know what happens abroad, but in Italy, in addition to paying unemployment benefits and citizenship income to those who do not work, from the income of natural persons, including pensioners, governments subtract, eight per thousand for associations religious and humanitarian, five per thousand to fund research, 2 per thousand to finance political parties, and do not recognize the rights of those who have invented useful solutions against pollution and in favor of sustainable energy, just because no one hires the responsibility to experiment with solutions. Besides, if the inventor is a retired, like myself, who has no business income, can not download from taxes to pay even fees paid to deposit national or international patents. The undersigned has made enormous sacrifices to find the money needed to pay taxes on patent deposits that should not exist on public utilities, above all, unwanted by public authorities. But if I had not spent those around 20,000 euros, I would not have been able to prove that at the national and international level, in the archive of world patents purification and interactive energies have deposited only the undersigned, who is not tied to any center of world economic power.

For the Italian and world society, the experience gained in a life of work and study cannot be used as a pensioner to produce useful inventions. The inventions must produce those that have won a public competition to enter a research organization or a center of power even if they have not accumulated experience and do not have the necessary creativity, which is a natural gift, which very few people possess. This dowry, the undersigned, kept it for old age, not having been able to use it during working life, which only required execution to the best of the orders received. This dowry, the undersigned, kept it for old age, not having been able to use it during working life, which only required execution to the best of the orders received.

Wouldn’t it be more logical to recognize the copyright of inventors and make purification and interactive energies accessible to all countries? Above all, if I, as an inventor, had found the financing that allowed me to carry out interactive purification, certainly, I would not have had the economic potential to build plants all over the world. It would have been a contradiction if I had found the financing of a private entrepreneur. With what authority could I have modified the public purification and energy systems to create interactive purification systems? Certainly, I would not have had the potential to modify wrong systems all over the world. Equally certainly I could not have invented the interactive energies that make the cleaning of fossil energy useless, as they completely eliminate fuels. Do the legislators not understand that the progress of the state of the art costs much less if the inventors are recognized intellectual property independently of the industrial one? In fact, as long as inventions are not understood and realized, no copyright is to be paid to the inventors, as books not published by publishers are not recognized and rights are granted. However, lawmakers rights to books do not make them lapse, while those on unrealized inventions cause them to lapse, although inventors have paid filing fees with government bodies, which are not mere publishers. What do the International Judges who are part of the United Nations say with lawmakers who legislate on copyright, intellectual and industrial property? I don’t think this is a personal problem for myself. I think that after twenty-two open letters written to the International Judges and to the United Nations Organization, some clarification, even indirectly, I should have, because I am not referring to laws that regulate commercial relations between citizens and institutions, but of plants that protect the environment and produce sustainable energy that could be the heritage of all humanity.

The European elections, have done nothing but confirm, the strangeness of the global environmental sciences to the choices of economic development. The success of greens in Germany is a positive sign, but alien to scientific progress in this sector, since not even environmental associations have understood the importance of purification and interactive energies proposed by the undersigned. Even if those who should understand and support interactive energies do not understand them, how can we continue to manage environmental and energy problems locally, entrusting them to an improvised state of the art that has neglected the interactivity between water and air and natural reagents just to reduce pollution, but also to restore alkaline balance, and reduce energy and depurative costs?

For the undersigned, What escapes science cannot escape the scientific organization of work, if applied globally. Why doesn’t anyone want to apply it? It is sufficient to establish logical physical and chemical, biological work cycles and try to respect them with the help of existing technology. Improving technology only where it is needed. It is very strange that car manufacturers, which know very well the organization of work, have not realized that the heat engine is polluting as well as uneconomical. They, who analyze production cycles down to the smallest detail to beat the competition on processing times and raw material costs, have not considered that a heat engine is much more complicated and expensive than a small pressurized autoclave unit with compressed air extracted directly from the environment and used statically without alternating cycles of expansion and compression that involve an immense consumption of energy In fact, according to the principles of mechanics and fluid dynamics, the power developed by the circulation of a fluid is due to the flow rate multiplied by the density multiplied by the pressure. Therefore heat engines were born out of a scientific error. It would have been more logical to invent the fluid-dynamic engines with the circulation of water one way instead of the gases since the water has a density 830 times higher than the gases and therefore with the same flow rate and pressure we would have had a developed power 830 times higher. Moreover, without buying fuels, without polluting and without thermally stressing the materials at unnecessary high temperatures. Of course, it was necessary to modify the circulation pumps and the entire circuit, but considering all the investments made to clean the combustion fumes and considering that in these sectors millions of people and hundreds of thousands of researchers work there, I think that this solution does not they wanted to look for it, indeed they fear it, to defend the wrong investments in all world transports and wherever energy is produced. This energy is feared by science and super-paid managers by multinationals, because it shows their mistakes. In fact, they were not very familiar with the fluid-dynamic energy principles or the detailed operation of centrifugal pumps, so they could not direct their research into alternative energy work cycles than the thermal one. This cycle is profoundly wrong in both engines and boilers and steam turbines. In all cases the overall efficiency does not exceed 35 – 40% of the lower calorific value of the fuel. This is due to the fact that thermal energy is an energy not produced directly by nature. It makes no sense to create a gas or steam through heat and then use it as an energy fluid despite its low density. While nature has made available to us a perfect gas already partially thickened by gravity that statically uses it to lift the waters in artesian wells. Deepening these concepts of direct energy that comes from gravity, sooner or later, inevitably, someone had to come to conceive the perfect earth energy, which is also purifying. As I said to get to conceive this energy it was necessary above all to study the organization of work also from an environmental point of view, something that the multinationals of transport and energy did not do, despite the billions of dollars they had available for the research.

After the error committed for 150 years by the world car manufacturers, today we are witnessing another colossal mistake, without protest, because it is the gradual replacement of thermal engines with battery-powered electric motors. This is another crime against the environment and the world economy because it makes us waste more time towards the real fight against global warming that requires the urgent replacement of the primary energy source. World governments accept without hesitation the decisions of industrial groups, which become increasingly powerful and continue to make decisions that delay the protection of the environment. In fact, in the aftermath of the European elections, another powerful group is forming between FCA, Renault Nissan, to continue producing heat engines and gradually introduce battery-powered cars, which are another worldwide nonsense, without anyone asking, which is the primary source of energy and without understanding, that the transport and transformation of energy, will lower energy yields even more, therefore CO2 emissions will increase even more. Without wondering how will large agricultural vehicles, ships, planes work on battery power? While the various branches of science continue to be silent on the only world-wide interactive energy source, which is the submerged and compressed hydroelectric one. Not the one with the hydraulic leap, which disperses water and produces droughts and floods.

The correct search for the best terrestrial energy had to be carried out by rationally interpreting the scientific organization of work globally. In other words, the concepts expressed by Frederick Taylor in 1911, on the scientific organization of work, which through industrial automation, contributed to increasing unemployment, were not to be limited only to the industrial manufacturing sector, they had to be studied and applied globally in all human activities, including the energy and purification sectors, in order to always find the best solution in terms of resource savings, maximum economic yield and compatibility with the environment. Instead, in these sectors, above all of public competence, modern society has accepted random inventions, neglecting the global analysis of the same, which today, impartially analyzed, do not respond to the parameters of resource savings, nor to economic ones, nor to compatibility with the environment. I think that it is not a case that the undersigned, after more than one hundred years, has been involved in putting together the concepts expressed at the beginning of the twentieth century by the great universal science of Einstein and the more practical one of Taylor who was worried, above all to improve labor productivity in the first productions made in series in the manufacturing industries. In fact, for the undersigned who lived half the life to realize industrial plants and half to build environmental plants, the positive effects of gravity could be touched by hand in all the applications of human activities, if they had been studied carefully through the scientific organization of labor, to save resources, increase purification potential and energy production capacity. Unfortunately, the study of the scientific organization of global work was more difficult than the industrial one because the gravitational effects were evident in the terrestrial environment, but it was not evident where the gravitational force could be extracted from the environment. The solutions have been identified by the undersigned since 2014, among many hostile public and private silences.

Today, scientific innovations are like humorous jokes that appear in the magazines of those who delight in reading them to pass the time. It doesn’t matter if the innovation is real or virtual. Self has already been published is already old. To the editors who write to me asking for new articles to publish, I reply as follows:

 “Dear publisher, I do not write articles on request of publishers but you can visit my website (, choose the files you want and to publish them, citing the source. If you need the original word version, I will send them to you. I am writing articles on my small website that has few visitors, which only speaks of my own inventions that relate to energy-efficient and purely interactive systems that have never been realized anywhere in the world. I’m honored if you also publish my articles but I do not pay publishing fees to any publisher because nobody has ever paid me for my job. I publish my articles on my website where readers can better understand my work that would otherwise be dispersed in the big internet network. A single article is not enough to understand the mistakes made jointly by public bodies and multinationals, which continue to commit with impunity, because no one has carried out comprehensive energy and purification studies simultaneously, as did the undersigned. I do not earn merit for publications because I am not an academic but a retired inventor. I do not make money from my inventions because legislators do not recognize intellectual property separate from industrial property. However, people need to know that there may be the interactive energies, that are much more efficient, economical, and even protective of environment and of human health. I think that publishers should not only publish original articles. Above all, they have to publish articles that talk about sustainable scientific and technological solutions that have never been implemented by public bodies and multinational companies despite their publication. Continuing to publish them, sooner or later, the leaders of governments and multinational companies must explain the reasons why they do not want to implement these solutions. I do not say that the fundamental principles of energies and purifications are wrong, but that the world plants that did not put them together correctly are wrong. Making mistakes is human, but making mistakes all together and persevering for generations is certainly not human. If governments and multinationals do not respond, sooner or later the responsibles of the United Nations and the judges of the international court of justice will have to answer, who have already received 20 letters opened by the undersigned without answering. This too is not human, but it can be understood why public officials and judges cannot respond directly. The answers in turn must have them from world science, which divided into very many branches, is not represented by anyone globally. Unfortunately, the interactive installations that serve the survival of the planet and to prolong human life need a science applied globally. When the United Nations and international judges decide to order the practical experimentation of interactive systems in order not to waste any more time on useless and partial consultations, it will always be late for the planet and the world people, who have been waiting, without knowing it, for at least a century these solutions, which no one has ever talked about. Meanwhile, I will continue to write open letters”.

Today, even if nobody talks about it, the global social crisis is the most serious of all times, because science has not yet learned to correctly extract energy from the environment, and to the social problems, which have increased, the problems of global warming are added which they produce more and more serious damages to repair, while the cement and iron infrastructures that have aged collapse even without earthquakes. Nevertheless, the purification and energy innovations, which could give new life to the protection of the environment, save resources, prevent damage from drought, floods, fires, and sustainable development, are held back by public and private power centers, which they try to hide their scientific, technological and infrastructural errors. Large hydroelectric water works, large thermal power plants, large purifiers, large incinerators, large metalworking industries, were not designed by exploiting the energy and purification principles, closely linked to the positive practical effects of the earth’s gravity that no public body and no multinational identified worldwide. Even today, for world public and private science, gravity is an obstacle to overcome in order to lift weights, water and fly planes, while for myself, gravity is an immense source of clean energy that we have not been able to use , having failed to design very simple and inexpensive interactive energy and purification plants. From this economic, scientific, political, world-wide legal crisis that everybody hides, governments will never be able to get out if we do not begin to design globally and interactively all the fixed and mobile plants worldwide. I will continue to write open letters also in the interest of the science that has not collaborated with the undersigned to identify the interactive energies, because having been an employee for thirty-seven years, I also know the research does not have the freedom to investigate in all directions, how a pensioner can do, even without finances. I also understand the silence of international judges, but I believe I represent all those who believe or hope in a better world for our children and grandchildren, but they feel powerless in the face of global economic and environmental choices. I, too, who had the opportunity, through daily work, to make the experiences and knowledge to investigate, I feel powerless because the solutions I propose do not find public and private interlocutors. However, precisely because billions of people are not able to go into details and understand what the best choices are, I publish everything on, because I believe that everyone can make mistakes and have good reasons to hide mistakes. The solutions of the undersigned, which do not cost a penny to public and private research worldwide, can criticize all of them and are available to international judges and the United Nations organization to verify, whether I am wrong or right. But they are also available to all the bodies and associations that want to change everything in words but do nothing in reality. How they are available to associations of entrepreneurs who protest with governments because the energy costs too much and are silent about the energy that would cost nothing and would also lighten the purification costs. It is not a single invention, but an alternative development model. For the undersigned, the proposed model is much better than the current one. Even if I had made some mistakes, it would be a virtual mistake that nobody has funded. While the world’s purification and energy plants, which I have changed only virtually, have been widely funded worldwide since the advent of the industrial age, producing more disasters than benefits, without ever finding a real scientific opposition, which can be based only alternative solutions, which no opposition has developed. Even environmental organizations have never spent their time developing detailed alternative solutions, and never with the economic funds raised have they financed a small prototype demonstration of interactive energy. They were content to choose the lesser evil of government proposals and otherwise manage the economic funds raised. Maybe, organizing symbolic cleaning of the beaches from debris, waste and plastic, without scientifically challenging the centers of power.  I believe that the problem is of general culture, because the study of synergies between different scientific principles, different technologies, applied simultaneously to water, fumes and natural biological and calcareous reagents, for incomprehensible reasons, world public bodies and multinationals do not they never did it, otherwise there would be some trace in textbooks or in the archive of world patents.  Even environmental organizations have never spent their time developing detailed alternative solutions, despite the economic funds raised. They settled for choosing the lesser evil of government proposals, without ever believing in purification and interactive energies. I believe that the problem is of general culture, because the study of synergies between different scientific principles, different technologies, applied simultaneously to water, fumes and natural biological and calcareous reagents, for incomprehensible reasons, world public bodies and multinationals do not they never did it, otherwise there would be some trace in textbooks or in the archive of world patents. But in these solutions also the principles of Newton, Torricelli, Pascal, Henry and electromagnetism forcefully enter, to multiply the primary energy, supplied free by nature, without fuels and radioactive and non-radioactive catalyst elements, which anyway are consumed, while water and air always return to their initial state. No coincidence that my research without public and private funding, also identified ways to extend human life without genetic modifications with the artificial heart blood oxygenator, but also different ways to fly in the atmosphere and in space without fuel and without pollution , which would make it possible to extinguish fires like that of the cathedral of Notre-Dame simply stopping for the necessary time on the outbreak of the fire with a normal rain.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone.