(Ninth open letter to the International Courts of Justice, first to the UN Secretary-General, fourth  to the Council of Europe)


This article was written as I read Graham Hancock’s book “The Imprints of the Gods” of Corbaccio Editor s.r.l. and the book “Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions of Einstein” by Newton Compton Editors, taking some notes and doing some research on the internet, but above all, wondering if with the developed technologies and those that we could develop in a short time, we could have saved some human life against the great geological, astrological, environmental and climatic calamities experienced by our ancestors, those of our times and future, to which could be added nuclear disasters manmade. Being accustomed to solitary reasoning, I came to the conclusion that today’s society would have had the same chance of salvation as those that had disappeared over the previous millennia. Indeed, inventions carried out and implemented in the modern era have made the situation worse. In fact, the reading of these two books have convinced me even more that the interactive, fixed and mobile energies that, for some years now, I have proposed unnecessarily to the world’s environmental authorities, would have been the only ones that could have saved the life and culture of a good part of past generations. A fortiori would be useful now that the geological astronomical and climatic emergencies, as written, in the two books mentioned and confirmed by many researchers and scientists, not only are not finished, but have increased with the contribution of one hundred and fifty years of blind industrial development and unbridled by man. One hundred and fifty years from the geological point of view are a very small drop, but from the point of view of the environment and the defense of human lives could allow giant steps. Instead, they have not produced one in the right direction, because the interactive energies, which would protect the environment, published on http: //www.spawhe, were born too late and nobody realizes them to defend the existing economic interests. As I write this article (14/01/2018) the Iranian oil tanker Sanchi near Shanghai has sunk after days of drifting and burning. The thirty two crew members have died. This was just another environmental and human disaster, caused by the hundred and thirty six thousand tons of ultra-light condensate transported. The funny thing is the fact that, if science and technology had deepened the basic reasoning about energy, oil, fuel, thermal energy and nuclear energy would not be needed. Even the current renewables that are cumbersome, discontinuous and with low yields would not be needed, despite these returns are in continuous but slow increase but will stop soon because the original defects cannot be overcome. Il vero salto di qualità può avvenire soltanto con le energie interattive. Nature has created incompressible water and compressible air to allow man to produce all the energy he needs instant by instant, in fixed and mobile versions with the help of mechanical and electromagnetic technologies developed since the beginning of the twentieth century. However, we would not have been ready to make the only possible attempts to save us and our children, should the prophecies of the Maya have occurred (they had foreseen the destruction of the planet by 12/21/2016, for others the date has been misinterpreted, will occur in 2116). I do not believe in these predictions, but I believe that natural phenomena such as ice ages and the reversal of the magnetic poles, which are recurring phenomena distant thousands of years, of which there are no historical evidence clearly written, cannot be painless for the survival of men. The disappearance of the atmosphere and water from the planet Mars that was rich is a clear sign that we must think of producing the energy of survival that moreover, costs much less than the current energies. This energy will allow us to rise from the Earth, as described in http: / / to find out where to start living on the earth itself or to try the adventure of space.  The important thing is to create large spaceships that will faithfully reproduce the natural habitat of the earth, capable of producing water and air that are used both for human feed and breathing but also to produce technology and energy of electric motors with compressed air injection to move in space. The man first begins to abandon the current energies and the current transport systems, first it will be ready for survival on earth or in space, where small communities of future generations will arrive, without nuclear energy. 


The myth of Atlantis told by Plato, according to the author, also refers to a precise source, the legislator and poet Solon (615-535 BC), who, landed in Egypt during one of his travels, gathered some information on the ancients geological phenomena. The priests told him that in 9570 BC there was a large island called Atlantis located beyond the Pillars of Hercules. This island was ruled by the descendants of Poseidon. The name derives from the oldest son of the sea god, Atlas, from which the Atlantic ocean took its name. From the scientific point of view there are several phenomena that can justify the disappearance of an entire territory, such as the flow of the earth’s crust, a large volcanic eruption.  Other phenomena can lead to the emergence from the sea of a large territory, as happened in the case of Lake Titicaca, on whose banks the Inca culture was born. This lake was raised at a height of 3800 meters directly from the sea along with the Andes and probably also to civil works made by the Inca. Even today on the shores of the lake there are marine shells, while the INCA works belong to a much more advanced culture of the local inhabitants who inherited them without understanding their origin. In fact, the Spanish colonizers were confronted with works superior to their scientific knowledge, which could not even belong to local populations. I think that we should not investigate the past so much but organize ourselves so that in the future of everything that happens on earth there are witnesses who can tell how exactly things went.

Important researchers, such as Robert Bauval and John Antony West, claim that the Egyptian pyramids and the sphinx were found in green plains and are much older than the age that Egyptologists attribute to them. Even these works belong to a culture superior to the men who inherited them after the adverse climatic phenomena. The phenomena of the corrosion of the rocks attest that only the presence of water inside and outside these fantastic monuments, could corrode them in the way they were corroded, while in modern times it was necessary to dig to extract them from the desert sand. The technology used to make the sphinx, temples and pyramids, in many ways, is superior to current technologies. In fact, the sphinx was carved from the living rock, while the blocks of rocks weighing over two hundred tons, perfectly cut and squared, extracted from the same excavation, were used to form the walls of the “temple of the valley”, built at sixty meters from the same. Many still wonder how old men did to sculpt, cut and move large masses of rocks. Personally, I have no idea how they did it. I can only say that I know how it could be done using the movable energy produced with water and air that cost nothing. Only with this energy coupled with turbo electric fans intubated in series it is possible to create a vacuum in the lifting direction and the reaction thrust on the opposite side.  It is not possible to do this with paid fuels or even with nuclear energy. But the energy of which I speak, certainly was unknown both to the Inca and the Egyptians, otherwise their culture would have survived and we would not have been forced to interpret the papyrus of Turin and few other enigmatic indirect signals of the culture that preceded us. The construction techniques of the builders of the pyramids and the INCA are very similar to each other and linked to astronomical references, unknown to Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, which only today are scientifically verified thanks to powerful telescopes and modern astronomy. Obviously, the traces of these techniques have been erased by millennia of floods, glaciations and desertifications that have upset the entire planet.

What has been leaked from these very long periods was told with legends, but recent astronomical knowledge has shown that they were not just legends. Scientific truths also existed. In Graham Hancock’s book it is said that the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, in the first century BC. he visited Egypt. The priests of the time told him that Egypt had been governed for eighteen thousand years by the Gods and for five thousand years by mortal pharaohs. The same story was told a long time ago also to Herodotus, who lived in the fifth century BC. According to the French mathematician Schwaller de Lubicz, what Diodorus and Herodotus transmit to us is an unconscious reference to a cycle of precession of the equinoxes, which lasts about 25.920 years (12 * 2160 years) and is repeated by the creation of the solar system. The planimetric layout and dimensions of the pyramids confirm that the ancient Egyptians knew perfectly the number of constellations and the duration of the equinoxes. Even if various mechanisms of an astronomical and geological nature come into play, the cycle of the equinoxes is strongly correlated at the beginning and at the end of the glacial periods. The knowledge of this fact was established by our science at the end of the seventies of the last century. However, the evidence contained in the mythological accounts of the Egyptians and the INCA suggests that perhaps the same level of knowledge had been reached before the last glacial period.

Here is what Einstein writes about the flow of the earth’s crust: “In a polar region there is a continuous deposition of ice, which are not distributed symmetrically around the pole. On these huge masses exerts its action the Earth’s rotation which produces a centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. This centrifugal moment is constantly increasing, it will reach such a value to cause a translation of the earth’s crust with respect to the remaining mass of the earth “. 

According to Charles Hapgood, the antatic before 4,000 BC was not covered in ice as it was about two thousand miles north, beyond the polar circle. This phenomenon is confirmed for both poles by immense quantities of fossil finds of trees found under the glaciers with modern exploration techniques.

The factors that mainly influence the climate are mainly:

1) the angle of inclination of the earth with respect to the axis of rotation, which varies from a minimum of 22.1 to a maximum of 24.5 degrees;

2) the eccentricity of the orbit around the sun;

3) the axial precession, which causes the four cardinal points of the earth’s orbit (the two equinoxes and the two solstices) to move back very slowly along the orbital trajectory.

According to the researchers of such phenomena, the beginning of the most critical climatic phases can be predicted based on the following circumstances:

a) “maximum eccentricity” that brings the earth millions of kilometers away from the sun (aphelion);

b) “minimum obliquity” of the earth’s axis, which brings the north and south poles much closer to the vertical axis;

c) “precession of the equinoxes” which, in the end, causes winter to start in one hemisphere or another when the earth is in “perihelion” (the point closest to the sun); this means that summer arrives in “afelio” and therefore it will be cold and not able to melt the winter ice.  The coming of the next winter aggravates the situation by maintaining a perpetual state of glaciation until the earth’s orbit is not approached again in the sun, but the times are very long and what has happened in the past was the annihilation of the genre human and animal, until the subsequent thaw that began with other men and other forms of life, starting from the myths and not from the acquired science, since only very small traces of this science have remained. The numbers shown in the book by Graham Hancock “Fingerprints of the Gods”, which sum up the phenomenon of the precession of the equinoxes are impressive, we summarize briefly for the player to compare them with the brevity of human life:

12 are the constellations of the zodiac;

30 is the number of degrees assigned to each zodiacal constellation along the complete rotation cycle of the sun (360/12);

72 are the number of years that employs the sun equinox to complete a displacement of a degree along the ecliptic;

360 are the number of degrees contained in the solar ecliptic;

2160 are the number of years (72 * 30) necessary for the sun to cross one of the twelve constellations that occupy a 30-degree arc of the ecliptic;

25,920 are the number of years (2160 * 12) of which the complete cycle of precession or “big year” is composed.

These numbers appear with a mysterious persistence in the ancient Egyptian myths and INCA, In particular, the number 72 concerning the displacement of one degree of the sun along the ecliptic was calculated accurately in the twentieth century and was equal to 71.6. How did the ancient men disappear, who have not transmitted other scientific and technological signals to know this value?

According to the best modern calculations, based on satellite observations, the circumference of the earth at the equator is 40,077 kilometers.  With a negligible approximation the perimeter of the great pyramid of Egypt is equal to 1: 43,200 of the equatorial circumference of the earth, while the height of the great pyramid is 1: 43,200 of the polar radius of the earth (6356,9 kilometers). The ratio between the perimeter and the height of the great pyramid is about 6.28 (2π), equal to the ratio between the equatorial circumference and the polar polar radius. What chances are there that the proportions between the length of the perimeter and the height of the great pyramid are random? According to Robert Bauval and John Antony West, virtually none. So the ancient Egyptians also knew the number 3.14 that science has attributed to Archimedes lived many millennia later (287 – 212 BC).

These great knowledge were not enough to save the lives of the Egyptians and the Incas from the climatic changes that occurred, because, evidently, as in the current times, men have lacked simple and strategic inventions that allow the rapid mass movement of men and animals. The  stones carved by the Egyptians and the INCA, attest the astronomical knowledge, which could have led to nuclear energy, thermal, and electromagnetic transformations, which, however, would not have been able to quickly allow a mass movement of populations towards the most hospitable places on the planet. At least these energies and technologies alone would have allowed us to organize a new life in the mountainous subsurface, above any large floods and below any large frosts. The interactive energies between the water and the air have not been identified by previous generations nor by the current ones, although they are not complicated, above all because men have been deceived by the energy of heat, electromagnetism and energy of geodesic water position, neglecting the interactive one, between water, air and gravitational forces. These can only come out by modifying the current single-impeller pumps by feeding them with the separate dual feed until the impeller and making one-way circuits that include the turbines, the electromagnetism of the electric motors and the alternators and if they correctly exploit the physical principles legislated by Pascal. Torricelli and Henry, as decribed by the undersigned at in many energy and purification versions of the environment, developed with only practical and scientific reasoning.

Today, all water plumbing and purification plants, which are large energy absorbers, can be transformed into energy producers. While all the mechanical systems that absorb energy for transport, the processing of the earth, the machine tools, the heating and conditioning, can be placed side by side or mounted on board pressurized hydroelectric plants with compressed air sized dimensioned for the expected absorption, also saving the current costs for the transport of fossil and electric energy. I think that for many millennia who created the universe, we asked “When men will understand the reasons for which he created compressible air and incompressible water”. At the end of tired of waiting and seeing that we are destroying the planet, without my knowing it, he took me by the hand to gradually make a series of thirty-eight patents connected to each other in small steps, arrived compressed hydroelectric energy that purifies and it protects the environment by producing energy, without fossil fuels, or uranium, wind or sun. It is enough that the temperature does not fall below the critical temperature of the air (- 140.6 oC). However, men still do not believe, they would have wanted the creator of the universe to send me and even the funding. I do not like mixing the sacred with the profane but I do not know what to say about the blindness and ignorance of the world’s ruling class, but in this case, even the silence of science, which would solve everything with formulas, is doing  very damage.


From Albert Einstein, I quote nothing of the famous theories on relativity, but some of his considerations, still current, extracted from the book “Thoughts, ideas, opinions of Einstein”, where he states textually: “All religions, the arts and the sciences are branches of the same tree. They all aspire to ennoble man’s life, relieving it from the level of mere physical existence to lead the individual to freedom. It is no coincidence that our oldest universities have developed from clerical schools. Both churches and universities – as long as they fulfill their true function – tend to ennoble the individual. “

For myself, it has not been a coincidence that in the aforementioned mythological stories of Plato, Diodoro and Herodotus, the source of information handed down to posterity comes from the priests, who certainly did not think about personal profit. However, Einstein himself says: “the fundamental unity of ecclesiastical and secular cultural institutions was lost during the nineteenth century, to turn into senseless hostility. Political and economic conflicts and their complications have led to dangers that no one could foresee. Today we have to admit with horror that the pillars of civilized man’s existence have lost their firmness. Nations that once held high positions prostrate themselves before tyrants who dare to assert shamelessly: “Just that is what makes us comfortable!” The rest of the world has been slowly adjusting to these symptoms of moral decay. Even Einstein said: “I firmly believe that the passionate desire for justice and truth has given to the improvement of human living conditions certainly a higher contribution than the wiles of a calculator policy, capable of generating long-term, distrust general. Who can doubt that Moses was a better man-guide than Machiavelli? “Although the areas of religion and science are perfectly delimited with respect to each other, nevertheless there are strong mutual dependencies between the two: science can only be created by those who are totally devoted to truth and understanding. This emotional source, however, springs from the sphere of religion. It also belongs to faith in the possibility that the valid rules for the world of existence are rational, that is understandable for reason. I cannot conceive of a genuine scientist who defects this profound faith. We can express the situation with an image: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”.

Referring to these moral concepts expressed by Einstein, the undersigned asks how can world public science keep quiet about the well-founded suspicion that thanks to inventions, accessible with current technology, with the combination of water and air, we can circumvent the gravitational forces and pressures hydrostatic, creating in fact the perpetual motion that could allow the production of energy in fixed and mobile versions in infinite quantities without fuels and without nuclear sources?  Why are silent even religions that for millennia have made up for the shortcomings of science before the industrial age?  Einstein was right: during the nineteenth century many values were lost but Einstein did not see the sequel as our generation.

Again Einstein recounts: During the (world-wide) war, someone tried to convince a great Dutch scientist that force preceded law in human history. The scientist replied: “I can not dispute the accuracy of this statement, but I know that I would not live in such a world.” Einstein did not mention the name of the Dutch scientist, but I think that his reflections after the world war, and very close to the end of his life, also reflect his disappointments on the use of science not for good. His findings probably opened the mind to the scientists who produced the first atomic bomb. On this subject Einstein states: “I do not consider myself the father of atomic energy. My part in this field was very indirect. In fact, I did not foresee that it would be possible to produce atomic energy in the course of my life. It became a practical fact thanks to the accidental discovery of the chain reaction and this is not a fact that I could have foreseen. It was discovered by Otto Hahn in Berlin and he himself did not immediately understand exactly what he had discovered. It was Lise Meitner who provided the correct interpretation and escaped from Germany to entrust the information in the hands of Niels Bohr “.

Here’s what Einstein says about atomic energy or radioactive disintegration: “Atom M is like a rich greedy who, as long as he lives, gives no money (energy). But his will leaves his fortune in inheritance to his sons M ‘and M “, on the condition that they devote a small amount to social ends (less than a thousandth of the entire patrimony of energy or mass). The children together receive a little less than their father, but the part destined for society, although relatively small, is nevertheless so important (considered as kinetic energy) that it constitutes a great threat. Threatening this threat has become the most pressing problem of our time”.


I borrow again Einstein’s sentence: “only a free man can make a discovery”. I do not know how he made the most famous scientist of all time understand this great truth. I do not believe that I had to conquer this freedom as myself, through thirty-seven years of contributions working in industry and the environment to be able to deposit, as a retiree, its first patent filing on the environment. I am not an academic but a former employee, there was no need to start with a scientific publication. Thirty-two patents, one of which became European and five international, have not changed the world because they have not been realized, but I believe that the few people who understand them know that, being connected, they represent an alternative development model, which requires a second industrial revolution to correct the errors committed by the former.

Environmental inventions and energy inventions that interact with the environment are not like other inventions. . This world public and private ruling class have been realizing it for a very short time, but they are trying to gain time, revolving around radical solutions, proposing palliatives such as electric cars, those powered by hydrogen that involve other expenses for distribution networks. Do not intervene on the wounds of purification systems as inefficient as ever, large hydroelectric works that are counterproductive for the protection of the environment, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. While renewable energies are not very practical and inefficient.

To solve environmental problems, a widespread industrial efficiency and a capillary organization of environmental work are necessary. But today the industrial efficiency stops inside the factories and the organization of environmental work has never been born, because the plants are arranged at random in the territory, are not connected to each other rationally and do not complete the purification cycles of the water and air.

It is not enough to improve the current systems it is necessary to change them radically. The arguments that I have treated in these eleven years of unpaid work by anyone, summarized in patent deposits that are not legally valid, are the following: domestic water saving; sewage treatment, cleaning of fossil energy with chimneys that capture fumes and limestone greenhouses, urban depurations with overlapping biological ponds; sewage treatment with sewage sedimenters and mini limestone greenhouses; linear digesters combined with dehydration in draining bags with pneumatic powder powders transport; lake, port, coastal purifiers; marine food production by means of artificial welling; an unsinkable floating system to create artificial islands necessary for increasing food production; sustainable desalination with circulation of ion-exchange spheres; hydropower submerged at atmospheric pressure; pumps and turbines with separate double power supply up to the impeller; hydropower with recycling and stepped lifting of water to atmospheric pressure; domestic pressurized hydroelectric energy with autonomous heating and conditioning; pressurized hydroelectric energy with water distribution; submerged pressurized hydropower for water lifting and purification in water basins; pressurized hydroelectric energy in wells for lifting and purification of groundwater; mobile pressurized hydropower mounted on land transport, mobile pressurized hydropower mounted on air and space transport.

The long list of words quoted is still unknown to environmental workers and world energy, because from the beginning of my work I had decided not to be influenced by what currently exists but to start from scratch following pollution water and air in thermal power plants in the urban environment and in agriculture intervening not in the current purifiers, but along the water and smoke paths, modifying the routes and the plants themselves, so that water and air purify each other.  As you can see at the end of the list the recurring words are the following: “pressurized hydropower”

This means that the survival energy is the pressurized water power, which is inexhaustible energy that does not need fossil fuel or radioactive materials (but finite). It protects the environment by dissolving oxygen in the water, it does not emit CO2, it does not produce radioactive waste, it does not produce fires. It can be produced by recycling the same water and the same air, which not only are not consumed, but can be artificially increased by means of photo synthesis, evaporation, condensation using the same electrical energy produced. Ovviamente, con la fotosintesi si creano anche le basi per produrre l’alimentazione nel sottosuolo, sulle astronavi, nei sotto marini, dove tutte la altre energie che sono anche più costose, non possono essere prodotte.  Forse potrebbe essere prodotta l’energia nucleare, ma non alla portata di tutte le piccole comunità che riproveranno a vivere in condizioni estreme, dopo eventuali grandi calamità naturali o prodotte dall’uomo.

What technical and economic benefits have brought nuclear energy up to now? Che costa più dell’energia fossile la quale costa centinaia di volte in più dell’energia termoelettrica pressurizzata con aria compressa?  Nuclear energy, like the thermal energy and the hydrogen one, do a job unnecessarily paid for with commercial products, because in the end, the energy they produce must be transformed into a mechanical work in a turbine, which makes the electromagnetic rotors turn. which produce alternating current which in turn, through transformers and frequency changers, turn the electric motors or feed electric heaters or refrigerant gas compressors to produce heat and cold. The same function can play together compressible air and incompressible water that are not paid and do not produce pollution.

Nuclear and thermal energy have been the biggest technical and scientific mistake in the history of mankind because mechanical work in the turbine can produce it (at room temperature) directly from the primary source of energy, ie water, which comes out unique way from a pressurized tank with compressed air due to the Torricelli law. So we can run the turbine indefinitely by consuming only the energy needed to introduce the water discharged from the turbine back into the pressurized circuit. The key invention to perform this operation with a very small energy cost, obviously not taken from outside but from the same energy produced, is the pump with the double supply separated until to the impeller.  As can be seen from the above list, immediately after this invention the various versions of the compressed hydroelectric energy begin, which in this article I call for survival to underline its importance.

Having never found public or private stakeholders on all the inventions listed above, including the energy of survival, I came to the conclusion that those who govern the world are not governments but private capital, which to defend their interests did not allow the natural evolution of the survival energy that could only come from the gradual improvement of the purification systems, as the undersigned by the sequence of the above mentioned subjects summarizes eleven years of work.  Since this improvement did not take place in real plants, but only in virtual plants published on http: //www.spawhe the evolution of survival energy is invisible. This is a very anomalous fact, in contrast with the history of humanity, since it is not a single invention but an alternative development model deliberately hidden from the world’s leading classes. Until these simple solutions are not physically implemented, shown on television and on the internet will remain invisible. Nobody will talk about it because theoretical science is accepted only if we talk about astronomy and relativity, which do not affect daily life and are hard to verify in practice. All other terrestrial inventions must be seen to work practically, otherwise no one believes it, but if they are inconvenient for the centers of power nobody finances them, not even the oppositions, which evidently do not make a real opposition.

The truth of the past is sought in what has been achieved, not in what has remained invisible, not having funded it. The great researcher Darwin has sought and found evidence in the fossils in the evolution of man and animals, Other researchers have dated archaeological and historical findings on scientific and technological progress based on the age of the surrounding organic material.

We cannot  find invisible works developed at the level of intellect, never financed and never realized by the centers of power of the past. If suddenly, in these days, a universal cataclysm happened, the few survivors would not know where to start again to produce the survival energy, although it is simpler and cheaper than all the others energy. Not working the Internet, no one would find textbooks the necessary documentation to produce it and transmit it to subsequent generations, to prevent them from committing the same mistakes made by man in the last one hundred and fifty years in terms of environment and energy.

Before creating the website, I published an e-book in Italian on the cleaning of fossil energy, entitled “The Closing of the carbon cycle”, having never received a fee from publishers, I suppose he did not even sell a copy. I entered it on the website and everyone can download it free, along with the survival energy. But if the Internet disappears because of the inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth, there will be no trace of these inventions, as of all the works not financed and not practically realized. The dead will not know that they had a hope of salvation and the survivors will redo the same mistakes because it is not easy for anyone to rediscover the energy of salvation if you do not repeat the same mistakes and do not make the long and tortuous path of a lifetime of work lived by myself.

Meantime, the Neapolitan pizza has become a UNESCO heritage and the president of France Macron has protested because also the French baguette deserves this recognition. Meanwhile, the American president has asked for and obtained twenty-five billion dollars for the completion of the separation wall from Mexico, started by the Democrat Clinton, continued with Bush, taken over by Trump. It should be obvious that there are problems in the pot much more serious than the pizzas of baguettes and walls of separation between rich and poor. No President of the one hundred and ninety-six sovereign states has been informed that there could be a loophole for many human lives in the event of a nuclear war or a universal cataclysm. We must identify with the position of world government scientific advisers. How do they tell the heads of state, that after spending millions of billions of dollars, it is all to be redone in terms of the environment and energy worldwide? Better keep quiet. The one who knows the most, suffers. Better keep quiet. The one who knows the most, suffers. It is better to send heads of state and ministers to world summits on the environment and energy by knowing only what journalists write, who publish only what the bosses want and the official research that publishes the half-truths of the laboratories. If they were true journalists they would understand that the real environmental research is not done in the laboratories, but in the environment itself, examining the real functioning of the plants and the machines that surround us, following the path of the sewers, drainage channels, chimneys, purifiers and subsea pipelines. Misinformation is systematic and well organized worldwide.

According to the documents published on, although virtual, I think I’m right, because my environmental solutions are nothing more than the completion of industrial, urban, agricultural cycles left unresolved, by industrialists, from urban planners, from farmers. In fact, the current model of development is nothing more than the ratification of what was born spontaneously, as the urban agglomerations grew. There were no scientific analysts of global purification and energy processes that simulated virtually the polluted water and air flows to find the best solutions against global warming, starting from scratch and not from existing purification plants. These, having been born spontaneously, have neglected the organic cycles that take place in the sewers, in the drainage channels, in the aquifers and in the basins and inorganic ones that happen in the chimneys, in the mufflers of the means of transport and in the atmosphere. The public planners, not having changed the sewers, have been forced to implement the activated sludge purifiers to regenerate the biological activity, but this process is delicate. It is easily out of service with variations in flow due to rainfall. They are famous the various diseases of the muds that float, produce foams, they swell, and therefore require different chemical additives, case by case. But the biggest drawback is the fact that this system, far from urban centers, does not allow the global urban treatment of water and air together, where water and air will purify each other in vertical modules, oxygenating the surface water with Polluted air, while the sludge collected in the anaerobic bottom, would be sent to digester dehydrator diggers suffering from the current organic degeneration. The current production of hydroelectric energy also derives from a spontaneous process, not thoroughly analyzed that has produced more disadvantages than advantages to society, preventing water recovery and prevention against drought and floods. The same thing happened for the water distribution networks that with the current pump systems involve unsustainable energy absorption, as described in the article hydroelectric-energy / produce water leaks from the networks up to 50% for high pressure and pipe breakage, while with the stepped lifting allowed by pumps with separate double feed, with or without compressed air pressurization, they would become producers of electricity and would eliminate losses due to high pressures and water hammers.  To save the salvable of the current plants, the world’s leading scientific class should have made a general self-criticism and first look for the ideal solutions, case by case, and then analyze the possible adaptations to individual plants. But there has been no self-criticism and therefore no substantial correction to any global energy and environmental system. Reducing emission limits is not a substantial change, nor is it even concealing CO2 in the subsoil.

The substantial changes are as follows:

– The transformation of plants from energy absorbers into energy producers, the exploitation of static compressed air pressure, both to increase the kinetic energy of Torricelli and the dissolution of the oxygen purification of Henry and Dalton.

– Zero emissions into the atmosphere, changing the energy system with a more efficient, more powerful and cheaper one without any nuclear contraindication, without batteries.

– Where it is necessary to use thermal energy, such as in the production of steel, calcium and the production of biological energy it is necessary to carry out complete cycles, changing the chimneys to capture the fumes and CO2, using it in the production of carbonates in water.

A lot of patience was needed to put these solutions together, not following the industrial agricultural and urban product. But following the pollution produced by the various processes step by step and instant by instant, showing that all the world’s purification plants are wrong.  The depurations must be integrated into the same industrial, urban, agricultural production process and the fumes and wastewater must be crossed in unique processes in the vicinity of the places where pollution is produced.

The public and private companies have never put together the production and purification processes correctly, therefore, they could not reach the ideal solution that is the protective energy of the environment, that is the hydropower compressed without fuels, of small size, of very low cost, which dissolves oxygen in the water spontaneously without additional costs, which can also be mounted on means of transport.

If the previous purification systems were accepted by the world power centers with clearly hostile silences, it is obvious that the compressed hydroelectric energy was accepted in the same way. But the question I ask myself where do these centers of power begin and end? Where is the science that has experienced everything, except the survival energy hidden? As written above, Einstein used to say “I can not conceive a genuine scientist who defects a deep faith.

Unfortunately, Einstein taken from astronomical studies and atoms, could not delve into simpler and more practical technologies, such as hydraulics, pneumatics, precision machining, which, together with some scientific principles legislated in the sixteenth century, would have thwarted the nuclear threat before its birth. Of these problems the undersigned, he could only occupy as a pensioner because in the working life nobody would have given him a salary to do it, having to do only what was ordered by the employers. Not everyone can afford to do researchers and inventors and even be paid for these noble activities. In today’s society there is the omission of specializations that do not apply science impartially, either to satisfy partisan interests or simply incompetence to enter into the details of other sciences and technologies. But the undersigned in his activity as a designer and installer of plants  had understood that in order to put together complex systems correctly, multidisciplinary knowledge is needed, otherwise connections and changes can not be made that simplify the solutions and make them even cheaper.  He had also understood that nobody rewards the multidisciplinary of public and private employees. They prefer specialists and put them together not to create synergies but to perfect individual technologies and beat the competition on a commercial level.

Entrepreneurs cannot be condemned because it is a struggle for survival. It must be institutions to grow honest and multi-disciplinary inventors and scientists who must create links between pure research and the business world, but without getting their hands dirty, with partisan interests and patent trade. Must be the moral rights of the author recognized by the institutions (judges and lawmakers) to reward the best inventors and scientists. But all this is a dream in today’s society. Mischief and legally disguised corruption can only be fought with resistance and perseverance, continuing on its own way if it is considered right and assuming that the solutions that economic power has not funded are functioning.  Every invention, if it is good, generates other subsequent inventions, if they do not even finance those, then the subsequent ones are hypothesised, up to the final solution, which in the case of the undersigned is the survival energy of the human race.

If I had fallen into the trap created by the world patent system that forced the inventors to become entrepreneurs and seek the financers at all costs, I would not have gone beyond the first patents concerning water saving with the recycling of domestic water, sewage treatment , the modification of the chimneys, which are not commercial patents, but useful for setting up a global purification process. Which, unexpectedly, as mentioned, assuming that the cleansing inversions were functioning, has also become a very powerful energy system. To carry out this path I would have had to receive the collaboration of Italian public research bodies. Unfortunately, this collaboration did not happen and I had to go on alone the whole path although I was not a researcher nor a scientist, nor a designer paid by the state

I think it’s right to tell also how the Italian public research has lost this great opportunity:

I quote the only letter received from a public research institution during many years of partner research. This is the letter ENEA / 2009/370587 / PRES dated 2/07/2009, in which the former president of ENEA (Italian national energy and environment), the  Prof. Luigi Paganetto, He invited me to a meeting at their home in Bologna, writing me literally: “In order to deepen the technical aspects and the economic implications of the systems and technologies you have proposed, please contact the Dr (Omit the name for discretion),, Head of the Methodology Analysis and Prevention of Anthropic Risk, which will be able to organize a Meeting with industry experts “.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to the undersigned, the collaborators of the President delayed the meeting, and they called me in the second half of the month of September 2009, making me there and back about 1200 km by train . I was not received by the person indicated by prof. Paganetto but from a researcher, just to communicate, that the prof. Paganetto had lapsed as president of ENEA, and they could not take care of my patents, not having sufficient funds even to carry on their patents. All this could have been communicated to me with a simple mail, without even incurring the inconvenience of traveling expenses. This is the level of behavior of Italian and probably worldwide research organizations in relation to private inventors. It is also the confirmation that public research agencies only think about their patents and see private inventors as competitors, not collaborators. Later, ENEA, like all other Italian and world search agencies, did not respond to submitting my publications, although they receive them, as they are included in a long list of public and private professionals in the world, and although I have presented in the following years much more important patents than those elaborated until 2009.

I think that even though Prof. Luigi Paganetto was the only important personality to answer me, he was the only one to do his duty, among the many thousands of world-class energy and environmental world leaders who They could answer and invite me to a constructive comparison.

Publishing this episode and I take the opportunity to thank many years later Dr. Luigi Paganetto, who just answering me, he had gave me confidence in public science. I thought, that if in Italy there were no other imported characters willing to consider the private inventors, publishing my work in English, I could have found them somewhere else in the whole world.  Unfortunately, it seems that the whole world is a country.

Doctor Luigi Paganetto was the exception that confirms the rule.

Even this presumptuous attitude of science is necessary to fight if we really want to protect the lives of our descendants. We can do it only by proving that scientists are not the only thinking beings on the planet earth. You do not become a scientist or inventor because you win a public competition, but with the habit of reasoning, faith and perseverance. I think that things do not happen by chance and not all the ills come to harm. If my patents on the domestic water saving and the sewage treatment, had been taken into consideration by the ENEA in 2009, probably, I would have felt satisfied and lost the psychological stimuli to investigate and get to where I arrived in 2017. Where I think I am stopped with inventive activity . because I believe I have reached the final goal. Now I’m just looking for inspiration to write non-trivial articles and to stimulate justice and legislators to do their part, to correct mistakes that prevent real growth, the protection of the environment and human lives. About a year ago a gentleman wrote to me asking me if I’m not presumptuous to talk about my inventions with such confidence even though I did not make any prototypes. I replied that I do not think I am presumptuous because what I insert in my inventions has already been widely verified in scientific principles and mechanical applications and therefore for transitive properties my inventions are feasible. Obviously I would not disdain the realization of the prototypes, not so much to demonstrate the functioning to the people, but because they are an essential step to the industrialization of the systems, that requires many years of work to adapt the components to the various applications even taking into account the place where the plants will be built. But these things, are not within my reach from the economic point of view. However, since this is a solution of public utility worldwide, it should be the world public agencies to realize the prototypes, but as mentioned above and as demonstrated also with the aforementioned case of the ENEA, which is the Italian reference research institution, for the environment and energy, world public agencies do not respond. Private inventors have no choice if they believe are right, they must also be presumptuous and if it is necessary to challenge inventors and scientists public and private companies even without money, with only practical and scientific reasoning. In fact, they are silent because they are protected by legislators: while not paying the filing fees and maintenance of patents, paying employers, the law accords them a 50% of the profits arising from patents or sale of the same. While private inventors by lawmakers are considered independent entrepreneurs and have to challenge the market themselves by anticipating the payment of tax impossible to pay for themselves especially on patents that deserve to be extended internationally, which if they are inconvenient to the centers of power, no one finances them and no one defends them. After eight letters open to international judges, I write the ninth, hoping that in some corner of the world there is a glimpse of justice even for private inventors and I explain again how was born this invention which inextricably links water and air, which renders useless all the existing energies from the practical economic, technical and above all point of view, the only one that can guarantee human survival, not just because you can drink and breathe, but also because it can be produced in any environmental condition, up to minus one hundred and forty degrees centigrade.

Made, this  parenthesis, back again to the survival energy

The discovery was random because my objective, as I wrote several times, was not to produce a new energy but to clean the fossil energy respecting nature (which has not done the world public agencies  included ENEA, that have spent a lot of billions of dollars in the world for the CCS system that can not be mounted on means of transport and is also a danger to the environment). While cleaning in limestone greenhouses, achievable at least for fixed installations, especially urban, would also have allowed to capture and neutralize most of the CO2 and fine particles that stratify in the lower areas of the atmosphere. But how can we save on the costs of lifting and circulating large quantities of water?

Among the many solutions thought, the one that put me on the right track, strangely, was the following question: how do the submarine pipelines discharge the partially polluted fresh water into depths a hundred meters deep? Does hydrostatic pressure not oppose? Reasoning on this subject that books and publications on the net do not explain clearly, I realized that it is necessary to arrive with a pipe at this depth, thus balancing the pressures inside and outside the exhaust pipe. Having done this, it is sufficient to supply the water to be discharged with a small kinetic energy so that frictional pressure losses can be overcome, the lower density of fresh water, the inertia state and the loss of pressure at the submerged outlet equal to V2 /2g. In fact, once the static pressures are balanced, nothing can prevent the kinetic energy from moving water molecules inside the accumulated volume, as also confirmed by marine currents and from pressurized closed circuits with expansion tanks, as in heating systems, where water does not come out of the volume accumulated in the system. The oceans can be considered as very large closed circuits pressurized by gravity that compress the atmospheric air. In a pressurized closed circuit of a heating system the water does not enter without winning the pressure of the expansion tank even if we use a pump with the double supply separated until the impeller due to the impenetrability of the bodies (the pump turns but the water from outside does not enter). If we open a vent valve of a radiator, the water exits with the pressure of the expansion vessel until the pushing force of the expansion vessel is exhausted. But if instead the recycling circuit of the heating system was powered by a pump with the double separate  supply until the impeller, opening the vent valve the water would go out to infinity always with the maximum pressure of the expansion vessel, being integrated instant by instant from the external water although this enters the circuit with the prevalence of the circulation pump which is much lower than the pressure of the expansion vessel.

This means that the expansion vessel provides pressure to the circuit but does not participate in water circulation when it does not leave the circuit. We must ensure that it continues to supply the pressure even when it leaves the circuit without exhausting the air cushion. We can do this only by letting the water into low pressure directly into the rotating impeller while recycling the water in the closed circuit inside the pressurized tank. There is only one point where the low pressure water can enter: it is the center of the impeller, where all the centrifugal pumps create depression that makes the water enter (otherwise they could not work). Dividing the water in two or four parts so that the water does not meet before, but only in the impeller, it is the same impeller that by rotating it makes the water in high and low alternate in the same sector. Since the flow direction is the same (determined by the same pump) flow rates are added together while the higher pressure spreads in the whole of the impeller exit section, we can let the same amount of water in the circuit that comes from the circuit without downloading the pressure of the expansion vessel to infinity. Even if we wanted to let a greater quantity of water because it would not be possible to let a greater quantity of water would require a pump with a prevalence higher than the pressure of the expansion vessel. With a pump with the double separate power supply up to the impeller that has the same prevalence of a recycle pump we can only enter the amount of water that comes out of the circuit, which is what allows us to produce energy indefinitely without having to drain the pillow of air that provides free pressure.

Another confirmation of the energy gain allowed by the introduced water passed through the second suction mouth directly connected to the impeller of a centrifugal pump connected with the delivery and the main suction mouth to a recycling circuit of a full pressurized tank is the fact that the introduced water must not be lifted because the entire volume immediately assumes the shape of the reservoir containing it, expelling excess water from closer outlet hole of the tank that feeds the turbine. This is an elementary principle of energy conservation due to the incompressibility of water.

Due to the aforementioned transitive properties, if the current centrifugal pumps work, also the pumps with the double power supply separate up to the impeller, as the pumps do not undergo any modification apart from the power supply. However, it is advisable that the modification be done at the factory with the utmost precision since the separator partitions must reach the impeller grazing to avoid contacting the two flows before entering the impeller. Details and drawings can also be found at, as well as in the publications of individual patents.

This meant that to save energy we must never empty the systems to atmospheric pressure and those pressurized and to produce energy we must use only the water that comes out of overflow or from a submerged bore of the pressurized tank, using the principle of Torricelli, to which we connect a hydraulic turbine.

This infinite  energy gain recalls the example cited by Einstein of the small kinetic energy subtracted from the atom M dividing it into two parts. But we can make it wherever we want without any contraindication, of very small or very large, with very small or very large pressures, with many parallel plants. This is the true global energy resource.

Unfortunately, the world public bodies and private companies have not even commented on all the solutions developed by the undersigned. Or did they not understand them? I believe that they understood very well because, when I understood them, I asked myself: how did I not think about it before and lose almost nine years of my life trying to clean the fossil energy when it was enough to simply change the energy with a much simpler and cheaper?

Now it is clear, the world public agencies that contract the energy and environmental work and companies that work in these sectors, with the willingness of the legislators to continue their dominance, despite having wrong all the energy plants and depurative world. The fact that, however, these systems have led us to a good level of well-being, does not mean that they are not wrong, or simply not updated. All systems work and they seem miraculous compared to the non-industrialized past, but only the best are those that have the highest returns and have no environmental contraindication. I want to take the example of another application. Suppose you want to enter in low water pressure in a pipe that feeds a tank located a hundred meters in height. We have two possibilities:

1 The current solution: we use a multistage pump, for example, with ten impellers in series.

2 The future solution: we use a pump with a single impeller but with the double supply separated up to the impeller, of which one supply we use to balance the pressures In suction and delivery of the impeller (as in the submarine pipeline) and the second to let in the same impeller (which rotates in one direction, creating a vacuum on the suction side) also the low pressure water up to almost fifty percent of the total flow.

It is obvious that the second solution is much cheaper because although we have to use a pump with a double flow, the engine that we will couple to this pump will be at least twenty times less powerful than the motor coupled to the multistage pump due to the fact that the pressure for the water lifting provides the principle of communicating vessels or the principle of Pascal (if the system is pressurized with compressed air).  In fact, the energy that the motor must supply to the pump with the double separate power supply is only the one used to overcome the load losses on the suction side and to let the water enter the impeller, taking advantage of the vacuum created by the impeller itself. passing in the section connected to the suction pipe. Therefore, the energy needed to let the water enter the pressurized circuit is even lower than the energy absorbed by a single impeller.

With hindsight, it should be obvious that since the advent of the industrial age, pumps and systems had to be built the second way all over the world and because pumps are the heart of all plants that produce and absorb energy, all the plants in the world are wrong from an energy, environmental and economic point of view. Another industrial revolution is needed to put things right. Because all human activities can become autonomously energetically, including transport, of all types, by mounting the pressurized hydroelectric unit instead of the heat engine and replacing the mechanical transmissions with electric motors, which are also cheaper:,, –,

It is necessary that the United Nations and international judges intervene, even a world government, as Einstein wished.

Today we have fake governments; those who really govern are the holders of one percent of the world’s population that holds fifty percent of the world’s wealth. The silence of science is the most serious of all because behind the science are hidden politicians, economists, entrepreneurs, journalists, technicians and inventors of part. It is useless to deposit patents that everyone pretends not to understand, being all the public and private insiders involved in this great mistake, that cannot be corrected without redoing almost everything worldwide. Although the technologies are valid, fixed and mobile plants are wrong because the designers and inventors of the public and corporations, have not been able to use the right technology at the right place. It is not a coincidence that of all the patent deposits described on the website, neither one has been realized, not because they are contrary to the environmental, economic and energy conservation principles but because these patents would like to respect them. If these patent deposits did not exist and were not published, it would mean that we all agree with what has been done up to now and therefore, we must move forward on the path marked by the current world wealth producers.

Instead, they with the accumulated wealth, should compensate the damage they have produced and redo everything to perfection, designing the wrong installations again, following the instructions of, which is an open book available to everyone, where there is the synthesis of forty-seven years of work in industrial, environmental and energy systems. Who does not agree with such solutions must not do is criticize them openly entering into the details of line and page files that do not like. Instead I receive only silences. If my systems are simpler and at the same time more complete than the current thermal power stations, thermal engines, solar panels, wind turbines, nuclear energy, and activated sludge purifiers, it is due to the fact that the current scientific specializations and companies use only one technology at a time. They do not use synergies between different plants and technologies, which I learned by changing different working groups in the automotive industry, where it was important, above all, to organize work and install many plants in the environmental sector built with different technologies. What is needed to save resources and protect the environment and human lives is the organization of work, the cross-selection between the technologies, the machines and the scientific principles legislated and tested.

I think an honest scientific personality and eclectic, as Einstein, would admit that was missing an important link in the transmission of scientific knowledge of researchers to producers. If it is necessary that the researchers are highly specialized in a single sector, it is not said that the builders have to build the machines using only one scientific principle: thermal, electromagnetic, nuclear, solar, wind, without taking into account the environmental side effects, both positive and negative effects produced in the surrounding environment. The positive effects are the exploitation of energies and synergies already existing in the environment, while the negative effects are the polluting emissions that can be avoided precisely because of the identification of possible synergies. This link in the chain has completely escaped science, machine manufacturers, and the world public bodies, managers of the environment and energy, but it has not escaped the undersigned who put together the plants in the industry and the environment that has deepened the topic precisely for love of science and the environment. Science is silent to hide its mistakes, industrials are silent to not admit that they have produced and marketed wrong or incomplete machines, the world public bodies are silent because they are the real culprits not having studied the organization of environmental work, which would have allowed the identification of errors through the study of the work cycles necessary to close the carbon cycle or the elimination of emissions, with alternative solutions, not the simple reduction within tolerable limits. The mere fact that environmental agencies in the world set limits on the acceptability of polluting emissions is a scientific scandal. Emissions must be zero by imposing the energy alternative, not locally, but worldwide. Then the scandal is also economic, because the compressed hydropower does not cost anything, it is the height.

Today, it is about making the selection of what is needed, what is not needed and withdrawing from the environment differently the primary source of energy without going against the laws of nature and creating not the perpetual motion, but something better , which produces much more energy than it consumes, not with only mechanics, but also with pneumatics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, electronic regulation; choosing the most favorable regimes for energy saving in the water recovery phase and more favorable in the production phase of kinetic energy, exploiting the one-way water incompressibility and compressed air pressure. To rotate electric motors and alternators according to the laws of Planck, Maxwell, Faraday, Herz, it is not necessary the thermodynamics that produces CO2 and not even the nuclear that produces radioactive waste; while the solar and wind power are not to be taken into account even for the discontinuity, the dimensions and the low returns. They only require the laws of classical physics of Pascal, Torricelli, unlike Henry designing pumps and systems.

After reading the above, we must reflect above all on the fact that these energies world public science is making them grow old without financing them and without commenting on them. I am not surprised by the silences of private companies that have made the wrong investments.

It is not possible that in the whole planet there is not a single world public body that has something to say about these solutions, for or against, while there are long debates on pollution and renewable energy speaking only about battery-powered cars, or with hybrid or hydrogen engines, or solar energy, which for me, can not compete in terms of efficiency and economy, but above all, they are worth nothing, under conditions of environmental emergency, when they break down the public electricity services, while fuel and hydrogen distributors remain dry.

Since the advent of the industrial era throughout the world, perverse alliances have been made between public bodies and private companies. Public scientists sell their patents paid by tax payers to private companies. These patents not only did not solve the problems, but also prevented the emergence of interactive and environmentally friendly solutions, produced by private inventors, who work with moral motivations, without salary and without funding. From an economic point of view, private inventors are treated worse than migrants, who work in Italy for twenty-five euros a day. Many people assert that migrants steal work from the Italians. But where are Italians or Americans available to be treated as migrants? Instead, inventors steal jobs from researchers. Nobody realizes that the inventors do a different job than the researchers, more complete and constructive, based on the lived experiences and the correction of the things that do not work. Where are the world researchers with the desire to rake in the general indifference the world of the environment and energy to remove what is rotten, useless, obsolete, harmful, uneconomical and save what little remains to start over? Would they know how to do it?

The legislators, instead of rewarding this spirit of sacrifice and dedication to work, do not even recognize their copyrights, having linked intellectual property to industrial property. Obviously, private inventors can not afford to fight simultaneously against multinational corporations, public scientists and world legislators, and at the same time become entrepreneurs, pay taxes on filing and maintaining patents that no center of power wants to finance. Worse than that, things for private inventors could not go. But this applies to all the world’s minorities that are not sponsored by the centers of power and the media. Who are responsible for this moral degradation that does not even draw from past disasters, current and the near future, the right way to design consumer goods, infrastructure and means of transport and survival?


About the school, Einstein wrote: “The school has always been the most important means of passing on from one generation to ‘the other the wealth of tradition. Sometimes the school is considered simply the tool with which to transfer the maximum amount of knowledge to the new generation. But this is not right. Knowledge is dead; the school, on the other hand, serves the living. It should develop in young people those qualities and skills that are useful for the well-being of the community. But that does not mean you should destroy individualism and that the individual should become a mere instrument of society, like a bee or an ant. In fact, a society of homologated individuals, deprived of their own originality and their objectives, would be a poor community, with no possibility of development “.

Unfortunately, for me, the company that developed after Einstein is just a society of approved individuals. Who is not approved remains unemployed. Einstein wondered: how could reach an ideal society model also gave the answer, which is as follows: “The words are and remain empty sounds, and the road to perdition has ever been accompanied by false devotion proclamation an ideal: personality is not formed with what one hears and says, but with application and action.”

I share the opinions expressed by Einstein but I also think that if he was successful as a scientist, regardless of the great merits, it is also due to the fact that he investigated very important problems that do not affect the everyday life of industrial companies and of public bodies. If he had invented practical solutions such as those of the undersigned, which affect systems that create easy profits such as the sale of petroleum products and interests of economic exchange between public and private bodies, such as industrial property, professional secrecy, loyalty company, category associations, the world’s ruling class would have pretended not to understand both special relativity and general relativity. To moralize politics, science, and justice, it is necessary to abolish these hidden bonds and to recognize only the author’s rights to works of intellect, making them available to all. The best companies will reward themselves by means of the organization of work and the patents produced by their forces, not those acquired by public research with the complacency of the legislators, who create hidden bonds and alter the spontaneous development of the world economy.

The current laws on industrial property are tailor-made to encourage alliances between public and private power groups and to force small inventors not to develop their own ideas, either because they do not find interlocutors, or because linking intellectual property to industrial property. they force to pay fees for filing and maintaining patents that no private inventor can afford, unless it invents an immediately successful commercial product, like a mobile phone. But these little inventions have already been monopolized by the multinationals and within a few months they are overtaken by other similar inventions. The real inventions of public utility are those that change the whole society, like the Internet. However, Internet is not only an invention, it is a set of many inventions although formally in 1973 Robert Kahn, from ARPA, and Vinton Cerf of Stanford University, wrote down the Internet’s design. However, even the Internet will become useless as current energy systems when men need it most. Let’s think about what would happen on a global level to the web and satellite transmissions in the face of the inversion of global polarities. Besides the geological chaos, the blocking of energy funds, we will also have the blocking of communications.

It is not possible to correct a society that has erred in the fundamental principles of environmental protection and the correct way to produce energy, having political, scientific and economic leaders in charge of these choices. It is necessary to educate the new generations, but who educates the teachers?

In the ordinary schools the organization of industrial labor has never entered, while the organization of environmental work that has never been born, nor the alternative global energy research, which would be the only one able to protect men from catastrophic events that have struck and annihilated our unknown ancestors, who left us only stone carvings. The oldest written document is the papyrus of Turin dating back to the reign of Ramses II (1290 BC – 1224 BC) does not deal with scientific topics. It is only a tax register.

What has not been taught at any university in the world is the fact that the principles of mechanics and thermodynamics that have established that perpetual motion can not exist have been worked out in empty space and in the atmosphere. In the aquatic environment covered with simple atmospheric pressure, or with a cushion of compressed air, it is possible to challenge the principles of energy conservation, provided that the plants are kept full and only use that portion of energy produced by the water that comes out of overflow (because it can not be contained in the system due to the principle of impenetrability of the bodies This system is very similar to the example mentioned above by Einstein of atom M which is divided into M ‘and M ” releasing a part of the kinetic energy radioactive environment. But in pressurized hydraulic systems it is not about atoms but of water molecules that are expelled with a pressure energy produced by compressed air molecules that act like a compressed spring from an atmosphere up to some thousands, depending on the mechanical seals allowed by mechanical constructions of the valves of the turbines and pumps that are traversed by the water.

In these systems, the static pressure and kinetic energy jump occurs by crossing the turbine, as in the current hydroelectric plants, but on a much smaller scale, such that it can even enter the hood of a car. Today with all the scientific and technological development that we have created, if a family gets stuck in a blizzard with their own car, when it runs out of heating oil dies down.  I think we have not done a good deal to invest many resources in thermal engines, battery, hydrogen, hybrids and so on. But I go much further looking at the other engines mounted on agricultural vehicles, ships, planes and future spaceships.

I say: if in all the fixed thermal plants the men have never properly closed the very simple cycle of carbon, could they ever close the complicated cycle of the atom? The undersigned has demonstrated in many patents that the carbon cycle of fixed installations can be closed properly (, -anthropogenic-carbon-cycle /) without cheating by hiding CO2 in the subsoil, as world public science did. However, the world authorities of the environment and energy ignored them so as not to change all the current thermal and purification plants that are wrong in the fundamental concepts and in the dimensions. In fact, to close the carbon cycle it was necessary to proportion the size of the plants to the amount of CO2 emissions emitted by adding or incorporating in the plants the wet treatment of the fumes to produce carbonates in the water. Obviously, for the mobile plants I could not propose the same solution and I invented the compressed hydroelectric, which does not open the carbon cycle and as written above, can also enter the hood of a car. The world authorities of the environment and energy that have ignored the correct cleaning of fossil energy to avoid the demolition of large thermal plants and large ineffective purifiers against the purification of urban air, have done nothing but ignore the hydropower compressed, thereby protecting global heat engine manufacturers and producers of oil and other fuels. The operating conditions created in the pressurized hydroelectric plants proposed by the undersigned have never been globally tested by science. But the individual applications are confirmed by Pascal’s principles regarding the expansion of the pressure in the tank and in the rotating impeller; Torricelli regarding the speed of water output that feeds the turbine; of Henry regarding the dissolution of purifying air in water. If science has accepted theories of relativity only on the basis of scientific principles and mathematical calculations, we can not understand the reason why it rests on the simplest and most terrestrial compressed hydropower. Do not waste any more time, save the salvable of the human race before the earth transforms itself like Mars, where it was ascertained that once it was full of seas, rivers, lakes and volcanoes, just like the Earth. If a civilization on Mars existed, we will hardly ascertain it. Surely life has existed and the inhabitants have not reached a level of knowledge that would invent a survival energy, otherwise the first place they would have reached is the Earth. Their culture would not have been lost, for we would have been the descendants of the Martians, without having to start from the man sapiens.

I want to mention again the thought of Einstein, still very current sixty three years after his death: “Technology has reduced the distances and created new means of destruction extremely effective that, in the hands of nations that claim an unlimited freedom of action, become threats to the security and survival of man. The situation requires a single judicial and executive power for the entire planet and the creation of a central authority, to which the national traditions are desperately opposed. Here too we find ourselves in the midst of a struggle whose outcome will depend on all of us. Finally, the communication presses – the processes of reproduction of the word with the press and the radio – combined with modern weapons have allowed the enslavement of bodies and souls to a crucial authority, and in this is the third source of danger for the ‘humanity. The modern tyrannies and their destructive effects show with clarity as it is furthest from exploiting these achievements in an organized manner for the benefit of humankind. Also on this level the situation requires an international solution, of which the psychological foundation has not yet been fixed. Let us now turn to the intellectual effects produced by science. In pre-scientific age, it was not possible for all humanity to accept as certain and necessary only through thought. Still less was the conviction that everything that happened in nature was subject to inexorable laws. The fragmentary nature of natural laws, as perceived by the primitive observer, favored belief in ghosts and spirits. It is the undeniable credit of science to have allowed, by acting on the human mind, to overcome the insecurity of man in front of himself and to nature. In creating elementary mathematics, the Greeks developed for the first time a system of thought whose conclusions no one could escape. The Renaissance scientists then conceived combinations of systematic experiment and mathematical method. These cooperation’s allowed such precision in the formulation of natural laws and such certainty in verifying them in the light of experience that as a result there was no longer room for substantial divergences of opinion in the field of natural science.  From then on each generation has continued to increase the legacy of knowledge and understanding, without the slightest danger of a crisis that could jeopardize the whole structure.”

From what is written in this paragraph, Einstein expressed a great distrust of institutions and even to the press, called for a world government, and always mattered most in the natural sciences and mathematics which defined indisputable. Personally, I agree on everything, as I wrote in previous articles, but context the incomplete practical energy and environmental applications of science, which leave pending cycles, thermal, chemical, biological or nuclearScience can not accept the emission limits of combustion gases of fixed and mobile plants, when the undersigned showed that the design of the plants was wrong in both cases, because the energy can be completely cleaned in the fixed heating systems (it is also valid for the high furnaces), while for the mobile plants the thermal cycle is not useful and it is also uneconomical. Science must enter practical applications and declare which side it is on. Public science in particular has actively participated in trying to hide the CO2 in the subsoil and is shamelessly silent on all the solutions proposed by the undersigned for the sustainable closure of the carbon cycle (, for the lifting of carbon and calcium from the oceanic plains to fight acidification and hunger (, for the hydropower-based depurative and protective compressed environment and human life (, This is not a distraction, but a mass escape of world public science in the face of the great problems of our time and future survival. This escape also offends democracy and the dignity of intellectual work that must be based on ethics, impartiality and absolute precedence over common interests.

Another advantage of pressurized hydraulic systems is the fact that we can divide the energy production in many parallel plants and multiply the developed powers, recycling separately the same amount of water without ever varying the volume of the same , because in every energy system side by side, the water that enters, instant by instant, is exactly the same as the one coming out, because in the pumps with the double separate power supply the water can enter only if at the same time it leaves the plant, having this pump a very small prevalence and a very small electric motor, sufficient only to overcome the pressure drops on the suction side.  Therefore, we can develop immense powers without fuels, with very low power consumption and with small volumes of water and air. Much of this miracle is due to the nature that has conceived the incompressible water and compressible air, but there have also been many inventors and scientists of the past who have collaborated starting from the inventor of centrifugal pumps Erone Alessandrino, which dates back to 1592, of which I have modified only the alimentation; even multistage pumps are useful if used as turbines, not pumps. They have Cooperate inventors electromagnetism (Planck, Maxwell, Faraday, Herz), and especially Pascal, Torricelli, Henry. Those who do not want to collaborate are current scientists, who have signed loyalty contracts not to science but to employers.

Not even politicians and lawmakers, who blindly trust science and technology, collaborate. Of course, they can not believe the undersigned, if the world Nobel prizes fall short, especially of physics, and of the economy. How do you explain these things to Italian voters? Which in this period see the politicians fighting for the upcoming elections on March 4, where everyone promises to cut taxes and new jobs. Nobody can believe that the entire industrial development is a castle built on sand, which sooner or later has to collapse. If it does not collapse, the hope of survival of the human race cannot be born. The problem is worldwide.

Today, the means of transport are forced to carry around a huge amount of fuels exacerbating operating costs, the dangers of explosion, terrorist attacks and reducing transport capacity, but above all, becoming useless in case of emergency due to the absence of supplies. If the current means of transport exist, it is only because the compressed hydroelectric engines do not exist yet and will continue to exist until the powerful of the Earth prevent their birth.

Suffice it to think that from a little research on the web (, with a little approximation, it is estimated that a Jumbo jet on a route of about 6 thousand km (for example Milan-New York), consumes more than 63 thousand liters of kerosene, an average of 19 liters per nautical mile (1.8 km), about 158 for each passenger (in all 400). For each seat, 4 thousand kilos of carbon dioxide are also produced. Short routes have, in proportion, higher consumption because 1/3 of the fuel is burned during take-off. On long flights, however, the proportion drops to 1/8.

Compressed hydroelectric energy is not contrary to the principles of energy conservation but only to the interests of those who have erroneously designed pumps, hydraulic lifting systems, hydroelectric plants, heating systems and everything connected to them. It is obvious that transport systems are also wrong, in particular the air transport systems, which would represent the easiest escape route in the event of major natural disasters if the energy cost nothing and could remain in flight for months or years, producing on board the spacecraft what is needed for survival ( The pollution and costs that we have to bear with air transport are absurd, because, as mentioned above, if with pressurized hydroelectric engines with the same amount of water we can feed many parallel pressurized plants with high operating pressures, for example, around one hundred bar, we can produce very high amounts of energy, which today airplanes can not afford for cost reasons. Without the weight of fuels can feed an immense amount of electric turbofaners that will allow vertical lifting with maximum safety and to keep the aircraft in flight for as long as you want.


I never thought of becoming rich from becoming inventor as retired. I just thought I had to make it clear to the whole world that the environmental and energy plants are all incomplete. From this comes pollution and low yields. Even if I had found public or private interlocutors, I would not have demanded the industrial property of my inventions, not being an entrepreneur and having no economic means and a young age to become one. Therefore, I did not renounce when I declared that I would renounce the industrial property of my patents and put everything in the hands of international justice. Can justice demand transparency in world technical choices regarding the environment and energy? It can demand the assessment of technical and scientific truth by public research organizations, in the public interest? It can recognize the copyrights of an inventor patents regularly deposited, which did not find interlocutors of public utilities problems, it is determined that his inventions are not far-fetched, but think in the general interest?

Unfortunately, it seems that not even international justice wants to respond. Having nothing more to invent, I write articles with different words always say the same things, but also emphasizing the collateral aspects of technical and scientific defaults, so that no world body can hide its responsibilities.

From the scientific point of view, for myself, since the advent of the industrial era, the sector that has developed the least is that of hydraulic and purification systems. These systems do not follow the same rules as the organization of industrial labor. They do not care about competition and contract large public utilities that nobody opposes. Those who work for the world public bodies should not squeeze their brains by doing research and inventions.  It must win the tenders and implement the executive projects, comply with the tender specifications and perform all structural and hydraulic calculations, without changing the setting of the projects themselves. These are very important tasks but they do not risk to work in studies and researches and investments that may not give the desired results.

This way of proceeding has led to the realization of disconnected and incomplete works because the state of the art does not advance without the stimulus of competition. Public bodies decide where to place the plants, their size and what they have to do without having the appropriate structures behind the study of the organization of global environmental and energy work. This is the reason why we have plants positioned at random in the territory, which perform separate functions that cannot be connected to other facilities located tens of kilometers away. Therefore, they do not close all the cycles they open. This is due to the fact that they do not analyze the work as an industrial production company analyzes it to eliminate the technical, economic and productive bottlenecks to gain market share. What they did not understand the world public bodies is the fact that they should have done much more careful analyzes of private companies, not to win the competition with competing companies, but to build complete systems in all scientific and technical aspects. In fact, the public installations having to collect the waste from various sectors, proceed to the depuration and produce energy, if they had taken into account the organization of the work area, they would have realized unique cycles pollution of water and air and forced companies private changes to their facilities so that they too did their part much better than now. They would also analyze the industrial, urban and agricultural work cycles, imposing a part of the work to do to the entrepreneurs, expanding the production cycles also to the secondary and secondary cycles to the main activities. In this way, by adding public and private activities, we would have had more complete and rational facilities and created more jobs.  If they had identified a powerful, cheap, clean engine like the compressed hydro, they could have impose it on the whole world not only for environmental reasons but also for economic reasons. Instead, today we have large and small thermal plants that do not deal with CO2 neutralization and fine dust. At the same time we have water purifiers far from urban centers, and the sewers that mix in long sewage sludge water paths do incalculable damage producing ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid. A correct analysis of the work would have led to the creation of unique, energetic and purifying cycles of water and air, separating the sludge from the water at source, and using these to cool the heating systems but also to react cold with the CO2, with water and calcareous materials to close all the cycles directly involved in urban centers. In this document published at the beginning of 2015 I protest in an open letter addressed to the PARLIAMENT AND THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION for having trashed my international patents which would have solved all the problems and allocated € 3,000,000 to make a public tender that would have had to face only a part of the problems, as if my work had never existed. The competition should take place this year, my patents have lapsed because I could not pay financers because I could not pay the maintenance fees and as a pensioner I cannot participate in public tenders. What is the use of patents filed in the offices of national ministries of economic development and of European and international offices if those who are to create economic development do not read them anywhere in the world? Central research institutions and universities instead of studying problems globally, collaborate with private companies to solve specific problems, never complete and never global. Public patents are sold to private companies. This is in contrast to the function that public offices worldwide should perform. In fact, the global reasoning would have involved the construction of well-proportioned plants from the point of view of thermal and purification potentials and widely distributed throughout the territory. Certainly no large thermal power plants would have been built by thousands of KW, which could never have closed the CO2 cycle by producing carbonates, and no great water purifiers would have been built far from the cities that do not participate in air purification cycles and meanwhile they produce septic waters in sewage systems. At the same time, we have the lifting and distribution systems for drinking, industrial and irrigation water conceived with one-way lifting, which require very high-energy absorption, many hydraulic losses due to high pressures; many pipe breakings due to water hammers.  Furthermore, we have air pollution due to public and private means of transport based on fine dust and CO2. It ‘obvious that they have not done any analysis of the organization’s environmental and energy work world; otherwise there would be the current global environment of chaos.

Who should have done these analyzes? Certainly not the individual researchers immersed in the research of details of microbiology, physics and mathematics and so on, but specialists trained to reason in a multi-disciplinary way. These specialists, large industrial companies, such as the automobile industry, form them internally and I was one of them. The analysis from the organization of the industrial work imposes the study of the layout of the plant with the warehouse of the receipt of incoming goods, the arrangement of the processing and assembly departments, the study of transport systems and the production and assembly machines. Finally, the testing and storage of finished products. In a car factory, those involved in LAYOUT and the study of workplaces must listen to everyone’s needs and propose the best solution after having worked it out, both from a plant and management point of view. When he has completed the solution, he convenes a meeting and compiles a report that all the offices concerned sign for acceptance. From these meetings and these studies can also result in changes to production machines and systems and it is the task of the installation technician who studies the Layout to interface with the companies outside the plant for all the necessary changes. I liked this kind of work but after seventeen years I wanted to get to know the public environmental, energy, water distribution systems, because, as Einstein said, personality does not form with what one hears and says, but with application is the action.

In the environmental field my role was different, having to deal only plant installation and the executive development of mechanical and hydraulic projects already set by contracting governments. However, over the years, learning to learn more about processes, machines and environmental systems, I could not fail to notice that the analysis of the organization of environmental work worldwide public agencies do not do it or do it very badly. From these experiences were born my studies on water saving, energy, domestic purification, sewerage, fossil energy cleaning, artificial welling, alternative desalination with circulation of spheres containing ion exchange resins, depurative submerged hydropower and the pressurized one in the various fixed and mobile forms, up to the aeronautical and spatial one. The diversity of my solutions from the existing ones depends above all on the analysis of the work that gives precedence to the closure of the purification cycles through the strategic arrangement of the plants in the territory and looking for synergies between the processes that allow the abbreviation of the processes and the saving of the resources. What’s better on planet Earth than the combination of water and air which means to put together in a single process the mechanics and principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry to purify and produce energy at the same time? In fact, the organization of work is done by studying the individual jobs of men and machines, which must be worked in sync. Therefore, in environmental systems we must follow step by step the water cycle, that of the fumes, the sludge, that of heat, so that nothing is lost in the environment. Following this logical purification reasoning and developed the related drawings it came out that the best solutions for purifying purposes were always those that crossed the water and air cycles in the same plants because of the laws mentioned. But continuing to deepen the subject also from the point of view of energy has come out that the current way of producing hydroelectric energy produces more harm than good to the environment and to the safety of citizens. The huge investments made to divert watercourses and build dams and reservoirs in the mountains have proven to be counter-productive. The same can be said for thermal power plants, thermal engines, nuclear power, solar and wind power. None of the current energies has yielded polyvalent results because it has not simultaneously exploited two fundamental principles legislated in the sixteenth century (Pascal and Torricelli) and that of Henry at the beginning of the eighteenth century. There are no extenuating circumstances for those who have preceded us in the study of environmental and energy solutions. But above all, there are no extenuating circumstances for those who still continue to pretend not to understand. If they were doctors, they should be disbarred, being dangerous for human life. Instead, they govern the world with the complacency of justice, the legislature and science. Politicians and the world’s ruling class cannot boast of the current economic growth based on energy and technical systems that are wrong technically and economically. The price to pay for future generations is already too high, but they pretend nothing and continue to grow in the same direction. Above all, increasing public debts with counterproductive works and polluting fuels that do not serve neither for civil and industrial uses nor for transport.

I think that if you work with passion and method, entering into details, without stopping apparently, the results come and I, from the moral point of view, I am very satisfied with my work, although this has remained entirely in the virtual state because no world environmental authority and no international judge has yet ordered the trial. I would like the international judges to finally respond: Ho torto o ragione a dire che un inventore deve poter scegliere tra la proprietà industriale e i semplici diritti di autore? Hanno o non hanno gli enti pubblici mondiali l’obbligo di verificare la fattibilità dei progetti di pubblica utilità degli inventori privati?

 The “Codification project on the responsibility of states for internationally unlawful acts”, drafted by the United Nations in 2001 and signed by most sovereign states, is waste paper? Specific questions must be answered with precise answers. I put them all together because I have never received any from the Italian and world institutions.


Economics and politics manage the wealth produced by productive activities. They do not know what to answer to the claims of the undersigned that the main industrial and energy activities in the world have defects of non-repairable origin and therefore we must go back and start from scratch, using only the selected technology developed useful for an alternative development model. Getting into these technical details is too complicated for them, so they wait for science to rule that it’s the main offender of the wrong development.

All of them take the established development as a single possibility. The same Einstein who was an enlightened mind, worried about the mistake made in developing nuclear technologies and aspired to a world government to contain the risks of nuclear war. He did not question the technologies developed in the other sectors, on which the undersigned was focused, coming to the conclusion that it is all to be redone if we want to preserve some hope of salvation for the human race.

I do not ask who can change things, I would be content to know who has the power to listen to reasoned and global reasoning. It is not enough to solve one problem at a time, it is necessary to always look for the best solution that interfaces with adjacent activities, so that no energy and no resources are wasted. I am very surprised by the industrialists who apply the scientific organization of work in factories and then complain that governments supply electricity to them at too high prices. If governments have failed in the production of general energy they too have erred in the production of specific energy mounted, since the advent of the industrial age on land, marine, submarine, air and space transport, and also on the means of work of earth and construction sites, but they have also wronged the hydraulic pumps they produce and sell throughout the world. If the pumps are wrong, almost all installations in the fixed and mobile world are wrong. It is not a way of saying the sentence that asserts that the pumps are the heart of the plants and will be even more so if they are built with the double separate  supply. Thus, the scientific analysis of industrial work has only partially worked. He did not find the best solution in the most important industrial sectors of the world economy. Finding this solution, the industrialists would be free from the costs of energy and launched new solutions on the market that in a few years would solve the greatest problems of our time: pollution, efficient transport and energy costs. If global public agencies are slow to make decisions, it is necessary to continue to waste investments on systems that can not have a future: engines, hybrid heaters, battery powered cars, hydrogen cars, transport in general, other boilers with a future much reduced like solar panels and wind turbines. As I wrote in this article, nobody can compete with compressed hydropower because nobody can exploit an infinite source of energy, such as the static pressure of compressed air without consuming it. This energy is similar to nuclear but does not have the same dimensions and the same against indications and costs much less. Challenges are re-established for all fixed and mobile equipment that can use it. The industrial culture that I learned in the automotive industry that helped me to find the best solutions in the field of the environment where it ended?

Is it possible that global public agencies are not sorry to have built expensive hydroelectric, nuclear, thermal, electrical distribution, hydraulic and purification networks, which have produced more damage than good for the environment? In addition, they have joined the multinationals in research and experimentation and, as mentioned above, sold patents to them, which the compressed hydroelectric energy makes obsolete. The only possible solution to go to a world government, advocated by Einstein, to avert the dangers of a world war and be ready against natural disasters is to immediately abolish industrial property on patents of social utility. It may seem strange that it is precisely an inventor who asks for this, but as I have explained many times, today’s society has also stolen copyright from the inventors, linking them to industrial property, which free inventors, not tied to public power centers or private individuals, they do not want and cannot pay.  Only by abolishing industrial property, at least on patents of public utility and by preventing the trade of the same but by recognizing the rights of authors to public and private inventors, can the environmental protection of the environment be spontaneously spread, which will reduce 90% of global pollution without the current purifiers (excluding industrial chemical pollution that must be neutralized in the factories themselves). In the mobile versions, the same compressed hydroelectric energy would be able to ensure the survival of man in the caves, in space, at the poles and in the deserts, but also in the face of a calamity never seen by mankind, which could probably derive from the inversion of the magnetic poles of the planet, It could give good hope of survival, while those of the current energies are zero. Even if this were only a precaution, it would not be a waste of resources but a rationalization of energy and technology resources, since compressed hydropower is without a doubt the most powerful and economical energy in the planet Earth.. Do not say that this energy is only theoretical because all the principles on which it is based have already been legislated and tested, not underwritten but in the various plants scattered around the world, but never put together rationally so that they also produce energy. Verifying the truth does not cost anything in terms of artisanship costs nothing. Only a pensioner with low income, like myself, cannot afford it.

If these prototypes nobody realize them, it is due to the fact that if the truth comes out, we would all ask: how much is an airline if the way of flying is wrong? And the aviation industry? The global land and sea transport industry? The industry of agricultural vehicles and means of worksite processing, if the engines they use are wrong from the point of view, not only environmental but also economic? The multinationals of purification and desalination if there could be more efficient systems to do the same things? The oil and gas industry, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, oil tankers, boilers and the current aeronautical industry. I doubt very much that long-distance trains and large articulated lorries can also be saved. If the energy will not cost anything, the cheapest and safest way of transportation will be by air, which will also save on road construction bridges, tunnels and railways -transport-system /.

All these solutions are described in detail on But I want to stop above all on the survival systems, to which I thought in these days, reading a twenty year old book, summarized by Graham Hancock, to which I add personal reflections and those of Einstein, who can be considered the greatest genius of all times, which, unfortunately, has dealt only with universal problems. The most modest terrestrial problems can not only be solved by pure science, but above all by those who get their hands dirty in factories and on construction sites, continuing to study to seek scientific findings and synergies in the things that surround us. Many things pure science, closed in laboratories, cannot see them.

Over the past 80 million years, the polarity of the Earth has reversed about 170 times, changing on average every four hundred seventy thousand years. According to some scientists, the phenomenon of polarity inversion could cause a weakening of the protective shield against solar radiation causing a thinning of the ozone layer and a greater penetration of ultraviolet radiation, with a consequent increase in cancer diseases for humans. Not only that, but the phenomenon could also have effects on animals, such as whales or some species of birds, which rely, so to speak, on the magnetic field to orient themselves. It must be said that while a part of the scientific community appears more optimistic, some researchers seem to hypothesize a possible inversion of the magnetic field even in very short times (within the next thirty years). The rocks indicate that the field has weakened over the last 2,000 years, confirming that the decline towards magnetic chaos may have already begun. If the inversion occurred quickly, the modern world would be distorted. In the worst case scenario, solar storms would cause electric blackouts by paralyzing the metropolis. The Earth could be bombarded by solar radiation, with an energy equivalent to some billions of Hiroshima bombs, accompanied by waves of magnetism. A solar storm would cause strong fluctuations in the lines of force of the Earth’s magnetic field, destroying radio and television communications, navigation systems, overloading the telephone and electrical lines, putting power plants out of operation but also all electricity distribution systems and fuel distribution networks. All this, not to mention the connected geological effects: earthquakes, seaquakes, deviations from the terrestrial coast, volcanic eruptions, great fires, floods, glaciations. We must not think about what is happening today in the face of a disaster in a single area of the world, which sees the supportive help of many countries. In the face of a planetary disaster, no help can get anywhere. The only energy that could be useful in the face of such a calamity is precisely the compressed hydroelectric energy, which does not exist anywhere in the world, which could make all the families of the world autonomous, both in private homes and for means of transport. Above all, the means of transport would also act as an autonomous generator without fuel and without additional costs. I’m not just talking about the car, but also about small or large aircraft that could become accessible, because in addition to saving on fuels, mechanical construction would be simplified, not only because the hydroelectric engine is simpler than the thermal engine, but also because mechanical transmissions and wheels would be needed. This is not science fiction because even the movies has also failed by focusing on nuclear and solar energy without any concrete basis. This on the contrary is science and technology that can be achieved in just a few years.

The inversion of the poles, which by nature is not the end of the world but a natural fact of geological and electromagnetic regeneration. Men must understand that on earth they are mere guests, they cannot be the masters. They can try to understand but they cannot certainly change the solar system If the earth to regenerate needs to reverse the poles after about 470,000 years to resume functioning properly, it can not take into account the fact that it upsets the programs of the men who in the meantime built skyscrapers, bridges, roads, railways, dams, thermal power stations and nuclear, gas, oil and electricity distribution networks, information distribution networks in cables and optical fibers and satellite networks. Until proven otherwise, men must adapt to nature, not nature to man. The mystery of lost civilizations, floods, volcanic eruptions, the disappearance of water and the atmosphere from the planet Mars, should make us realize that we live above a real powder keg and that it is time to use the scientific and technological knowledge acquired to develop rational systems of survival before it is too late. The salvation of men requires global reasoning, which men are not able to do, being specialized in individual sectors. Even the big multinationals are specialized in single productions of consumer goods. But not energy-consuming autonomous consumer goods such as cars, aircraft, spaceships, ships. Nobody dared to produce multi-disciplined products in order not to lose market shares, while public research works in the same way as a support to the individual sectors and to the legislators of the individual sectors, without ever studying universally applicable solutions.  Unfortunately, the individual scientific and technological sectors not to investigate in adjacent sectors, have accepted solutions with defects of origin that after one hundred and fifty years of research and investment have proved unsurpassable and can not represent the lifeline of the human race for a very simple reason: “Survival energy” must be like perpetual motion: it must not cost anything and must be producible in any weather and atmospheric conditions possible on the planet Earth. In fact, in light of the historical events that have occurred, men cannot hope to save themselves by thinking of the myth of Noah: by filling the cruise ships, the merchant ships, of men and animals. Only the unwary can imagine an apocalypse without powerful tsunamis. If we really want to find salvation in the sea we have to build artificial islands off the oceans where the tsunami waves and even those of the earthquakes of the subsoil cannot arrive as described in -artificial-welling /. With what energy could men reach calm zones to start living again? Certainly none of the energies developed by man can guarantee the salvation of men. I think that in all human activities “mistakes are learned”, but at the same time systems that have unsurpassable defects such as thermal, nuclear, solar, and wind energy cannot be perfected to infinity. Sooner or later it is necessary to accept these limits and invest in the energies without defects of origin that guarantee, in any case, the survival of humans and the environment. By not overcoming the vices of origin of the individual systems all the current energies can cohabit because none is perfect. Users must choose the lesser evil according to their needs. Today with all the investments on energy, purification, public and private transport , that are wrong who should finance survival energies studied over the interests of part? This should serve the world’s institutional Agencies such as the United Nations and International Judges. Where are they? What do they? It is not enough to organize the COP summits that cannot even contain the level of CO2 in the environment that is exceeded on

It is obvious that those who invested in wrong systems try to defend their investments, but the general interest must be above the parties and must impose rational choices, to prevent what has always happened: The disappearance of entire civilizations.  This could be understandable in other eras, not in the current era, which is that of the Internet, where information is accessible to all and many know that with a little bit of goodwill we could realize the survival energy in a short time, instead of playing monopolies with real money on people’s skin. There are no excuses. Simple and complete systems are also the most effective and the only ones that can save our lives when the internet itself cannot work. Those who do not understand them can not deal with public research in legislation and justice, leaving free will to the multinationals that continue to sell and produce energy machines and plants that do not protect mankind. To save people and the environment from natural disasters, rational scientific reasoning must be applied both to large series production of machines and to local physical and energy processes, which must not be influenced by global electromagnetic processes or even by commercial energy sources , which in the event of a general disaster could not be of any use, due to supply interruptions.

As written on Men, to save themselves from geological, astronomical and electromagnetic cataclysms, above all need to rise up in the atmosphere, look at the earth from above, and decide where to start living again, but taking into account that they are simple guests, ready to dislodge, when nature needs to regenerate locally or globally.

Even today science and technology are zero in this direction, including NASA, which should be at the forefront. The reason is very simple: the right hand of science has never known what the left is doing and the knowledge of astronomical physics does not help to solve the daily problems that must be solved moment by moment using the best technologies developed by man, always looking for the best solution and perfecting it with the global scientific reasoning and the scientific organization of global work. My way of thinking is partly inspired by the experience of the automobile industry, when in the three weeks of summer closing of the plant we changed the car model to be produced by adjusting the internal transport systems and production facilities, after careful work design and programming, which had participated in all the sectors concerned. In other words, human survival requires the abolition of professional, scientific, commercial, technological barriers and the study of common solutions, since no science is self-sufficient, no technology is perfect, no energy is inexhaustible, apart from what would be extracted instant by instant from the environment, exploiting only physical principles. To which current science has not believed, to continue to pursue the current commercial energies (thermal, nuclear, chemical, solar, wind) because it is paid to believe through salaries, loans and legislative facilities, which isolate private inventors. It has been demonstrated that this isolation works against isolated inventions, but nobody has realized or pretends not to notice that on the website it is not about isolated inventions but about an alternative development model that it covers all human activities, based on experiences lived directly by the inventor, starting from the organization of work in the automotive industry, but also in public systems for lifting, water distribution and water and air purification systems. Analyzing the merits and defects of these important areas of terrestrial activities has studied the best solutions to be put together to produce energy while protecting the environment or vice versa.

Contrary to what one might think, knowledge of the organization of work in different sectors simplifies the search for technological solutions. It is no coincidence that the undersigned has identified energy compressed hydroelectric energy the survival of present and future generations, which could not have been invented before by any inventor or scientist, if the first was not invented the pump with the double separate supply uuntil the impeller. How can a small invention change the world? It can do it because it breaks the traditional patterns of physics. It breaks down the insurmountable barriers of the principles of energy conservation, not because it violates these principles, but because it applies them instant by instant, exploiting better the synergies legislated by important principles such as those of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry, that science does not has never been able to put together correctly, both to save energy in the recovery phase of the water; both to produce energy by exploiting the static pressures that do not consume it; both to facilitate the pressurized contact between the water and the air that favors the purification.

Science has failed because prostitution to time economic power was no longer able to reason freely to three hundred and sixty degrees as did Einstein, which, however, lacked the practical experience of industry and environmental construction sites. The rush to grow and to do business has led entrepreneurs to copy each other, while science closed in the laboratories experimented with new solutions, but always taking advantage of principles isolated from each other by others to support the industrial development of individuals sectors. Instead, perfect energy is based on synergies between different scientific principles.

Today, the world does not realize, but in a very short time, energy may no longer be a commercial product sold by energy managers, with the authorization of governments, which distribute it through electricity, gas and oil networks. gas stations, and so on. While the market of electromechanical and hydraulic components will grow to produce it wherever it is needed and of any size, both in fixed and mobile versions: pumps with double separate power supply to the impeller, hydraulic turbines, normal pumps, pumps used as turbines, electric motors , alternators, servo-controlled valves, pressure tanks, check valves, electric fan turbines for airplanes, current transformers, inverters and frequency variators for motor speed adjustments. Energy can be produced everywhere even for entire millennia in the subsoil, in homes, in means of transport and work, without ever exposing itself to the elements to extract it from the subsoil and distribute it. It will be enough to have spare parts available, to update the technical characteristics and to improve the characteristics of the materials used. There will be much more electromechanical work, but the pollution produced by the current energy systems producing SOx, NOx, fine dust, CO2, floods, radioactive dispersions will be completely eliminated. Unlike today, the more energy we produce, the more we will purify the environment, thanks to the principles of Henry and Dalton, without spending a dollar in oil, gas or uranium.

I think electromechanical industrialists will gain a lot from this change but they have too short a view to notice it, Even the car companies that seem the most penalized will eventually earn us. Are not they tired of being caught in the bag by applying the emission limit tests? They do not realize that the heat engine has an original flaw that can not be overcome in any way: CO2 emissions, but it is also complicated uneconomical and less powerful than a compressed hydroelectric engine, which has infinite autonomy, zero emissions and can be mounted also on agricultural vehicles, trucks, ships and planes. Do they want to sell cars, means of transport or are they also interested in the sale of fuels? Sooner or later, thermal engines, hydrogen must stop otherwise stop them the first global catastrophe, when they will only be a hindrance to the movement of means suitable for saving lives, remaining without fuels:,,

The oil derivatives can be used to create artificial islands for tourism purposes and to increase marine food production / artificial-welling-files /, but also the oilmen have a short sight. The shorter view of everyone has governments and government scientists, who have it all wrong by growing public debt to achieve great works counterproductive to environmental and energy level and do not have proper industrial development by providing the right instructions to produce the mobile energy.

Today, governments, public research and multinationals, by mutual agreement, hide their heads in the sand. They ignore the principles of Pascal, Torricelli and Henry, and continue to pursue thermal, nuclear, solar, wind, chemical, energy storage, wind turbine cycles, continuing to produce pollution and technological, thermal, chemical and radioactive waste. Even in space we launch technological trash that is not able to return to earth not having the ability to produce the energy that is needed moment by moment on board the aircraft, without seriously endangering today’s astronauts and passengers of the near future , simply by recycling the water and the air that are not consumed. The small percentage of air coming out of the open tank at the exit of the turbine must be reinserted in the volume of compressed air with a mini compressor, which until to a pressure of forty bars, today costs only ten euros, while the water is recycled to infinity The energy gain between the energy consumed and produced increases in proportion to the difference in pressure with atmospheric pressure. In any case, the energy produced will be hundreds of times greater than that consumed.  The energy consumed is not an external energy but produced by the same system. It depends on the performance of the machines on the quality of the materials used and on the precision of the mechanical machining of the rotating seals. The higher yields are used to build lighter systems, not to reduce energy consumption because the water and air are not paid.

As I wrote in the new home page of, among the heritage of humanity, along with Neapolitan pizza and the eventual French baguette, there should also be the SPAWHE system, as the only example of pure research at three hundred and sixty degrees, made with zero funding, with only reasoning on the global environment, which has come to the only possible human survival energy, where the super-funded research of world public agencies and corporations would never arrive.

Today, the multinationals to sell products that have nothing to do with the environment, they talk a lot about the fight against global warming, but I ask: what does it cost less than water and air to produce energy? What do they want to sell? Is it not enough that for over a hundred and fifty years they have sold us coal, gas, oil, which they do not need? However, they are succeeding in selling solar panels, wind turbines, battery-powered cars, hydrogen cars, to sell things that do not serve the complicity of governments and public science.  How will they be able to mount these paid energies on agricultural vehicles on large means of transport, on ships, airplanes and spaceships?

Albert Einstein had already guessed the reality we are living and expressed it at a gathering that dealt with “freedom of opinion” with the following words: “The centralization of production has determined a concentration of productive capital in the hands of a relatively small number of citizens of the country (United States). This small group exercises an overwhelming domination over the educational institutions of our youth, as well as in the great daily newspapers of the country. At the same time it exerts a huge influence on the government. This in itself constitutes a serious threat to the nation’s intellectual freedom. But to this is added the fact that the aforementioned process of economic concentration has generated a previously unknown problem: the permanent unemployment of people able to work.”

At the thought of Einstein, the undersigned, who for half of his life is involved in industrial production and for the other half of environmental systems, adds that unemployment exists because all the plants and work processes are incomplete from the environmental point of view. If the production plants were completed by extending the main processing cycles also to the collateral cycles concerning the purifying aspects, the one that takes work away from the man through industrial automation would be compensated by the collateral work that would eliminate the pollution. Obviously, this does not mean that the collateral cycles have to be closed in the same production factory, it only means that the purification systems have to be changed as described extensively on, a small part entrepreneurs have to do and users (how to change chimneys) a large part must make the public infrastructure by implementing the global purification But this does not even include the trade union and environmental oppositions that make protests against layoffs and against pollution, without ever entering into the merits of energy, production and purification processes. Where it is all to be redone worldwide. If we wanted to redo all the world the wrong systems, especially public and infrastructure, would not be enough all migrants and the unemployed seeking work, we should also import labor from the nearest planet. Instead we risk becoming like Mars (without atmosphere and water) also because of the plants and nuclear bombs of man.

We know the global warming well, if the powerful of the earth knew how to do their job. they would understand that by changing the way of producing energy, we would solve it as a secondary effect of the preparation for the survival of the phenomena that most fear mankind: the floods the glaciations, earthquakes, fires, the inversion of the magnetic poles and the unknown phenomenon that has turned Mars into a cold desert without water and atmosphere. Faced with these calamities that will certainly occur because everything is transformed, fortunately, not suddenly, and not simultaneously on the whole planet, but not so slowly, we have already lost too much time to prepare properly. The signs are there and they are very evident: just think of the slowing of marine and magnetic currents. It is certainly necessary to investigate the origin of the phenomena, but first we need to follow our conservation instinct. Without the survival energy we will have no hope of salvation, whatever the cause of the disaster. We have seen it in several science fiction movies. Men will kill themselves for an oil can and some food can until stocks run out.  We are zero years of prevention with systems that, moreover, would cost much less than those currently charging us to pay for distribution networks, water, gas, electricity and purification.  In the bills that charge us the public energy agencies are also included research costs, which never went in the right direction. On the contrary, world public agencies are clearly hindering the protective energies of the environment and those of survival reported on

In other words, public and private scientists, since the advent of the industrial era have made the wrong choices both on the management and purification plan, and on the energy one, having never analyzed the systems globally. In fact, in extreme conditions of survival, the first energy sources that are missing are precisely those that have chosen. Indeed, nuclear and hydroelectric ones, aggravate the disasters due to radioactivity and floods, while the commercial, which need a special distribution network (pipelines, oil pipelines, chemical fuels, hydrogen) at best remain without fuel and would not serve to nothing; in the worst, they will produce immense fires and other pollution.

At the current world ruling classes, pressurized hydropower perpetual motion is unwanted because they want to continue selling gas, oil, uranium, current pumps, current engines, current solar panels, wind turbines, current large turbines, current dams, current planes, cars, trucks, ships. It does not matter if these technologies cost more, they are polluting and will not serve to protect the lives of the inhabitants of the Earth. The end of the world is not immediate, the victims of current disasters must be sacrificed to preserve the current public and private jobs. Where is International Justice that reads this ninth open letter? What does it take to put together some Nobel prizes to officially deny a simple retiree with scientific arguments above any possible doubt, on technical truths, which for me are simple and linear, certainly, less complicated than the nuclear energy that produced only disasters. How much did the experimentation on energy and thermal engines, on solar, nuclear, and wind energy cost? Probably, millions of billions. No invention arises from nothing spontaneously, not even the compressed hydroelectric that was preceded by many other environmental patents that have opened the way with reasoning that put together water and air differently from the current plants. I can assure you that not even a public euro or a multinational company in the entire planet Earth has been spent for the compressed hydropower and for the inventions that the year before. The reason is very simple: these inventions are scary to the centers of power that have upset not only the environment but also the world’s wealth, concentrating 50% in the hands of 1% of the population. They are scary because they are too simple, they have no secret formulas, they are not protected by industrial property. They can not not work. And only a matter of time, sooner or later, will be implemented and will protect the environment and many human lives. We hope this happens on a large scale before the next inversion of the polar magnetic poles. If this happens on a small scale, the poor will be harassed again, because only the rich will be saved, who will watch them from above while they will be overwhelmed by earthquakes and tsunamis. The history of the future will not speak of Noah’s ark but of great spaceships that will rise above the disasters with the only energy that can not be exhausted and regenerated, also available in extreme conditions of survival: water and air. It is necessary to restore a scale of values that are useful for the human race, paying less for footballers, showmen and politicians who do not distinguish good and bad projects and do not even document themselves. They rely on partisan counselors, jointly responsible for the current choices, which have warmed the planet and today are silent on the survival energies, risking to have the lives of their own children on the conscience. Assuming they have a conscience.

Albert Einstein strongly advocated a world government to avert the danger of nuclear war. I say that even without a nuclear war a world scientific, technical and political government is necessary, because the dangers are not only those, but also social, environmental, geological, astronomical, but who can enter such a government if the United Nations , formed immediately after the Second World War have not made concrete steps in the democratic management of power, but only bureaucratic steps?

There can be no world democracy without doing impartial studies on the organization of world work, on the protection of the environment and on the energy of survival that serve as a guide to the individual states. Quale motivazione possono avere i singoli governi ad accettare un governo mondiale senza vantaggi concreti? If someone reads my curriculum vitae, I can note that I participated in the construction of some water purification, lifting and water distribution plants in Tunisia. These were financed by the World Bank and therefore by the United Nations. They were certainly useful. But if they were also innovative and revolutionary on the environmental and energy level as those proposed on, could be an incentive to follow a super organized central government, which does not copy but creates and is always ahead of the individual governments, including the European one, that even, as I mentioned in this article, makes a bid for urban air purification, but does not first experience the much more complete patents filed by a European citizen (http: //www.spawhe. eu / european-environmental-competition /). How can the world be governed if the powerful dialogue only with the powerful and the bureaucracy of the individual countries is added to the European and the United Nations? While the creativity of free inventors is mortified by the same bodies run by the UN, such as the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). How do patent lawmakers make no distinction between commercial patents and social and environmental public utility? The inventions on medicines, the environmental ones, the innovative energy ones, should be disseminated not protected, but encouraging inventors with copyrights, not robbing them. The United Nations has a duty to look for these inventions neglected by the local centers of power, not to create other obstacles to their diffusion. I can understand that one two or three four five patents of public utility can escape UN officials. I cannot comprehend that an entire model of alternative development, composed of over thirty environmental and energy patents, can be avoided, which tackle and solve virtually all the environmental problems of our purification and environmental prevention time, simply by changing the way we produce energy.  Only a free and poor man could invent survival energy. Not having funding for new experiments, he rationally put together already experienced things of nature and from the fathers of science with the help of technology. It is obvious that inventors tamed by power would never have arrived at this kind of energy by seeking exclusively commercial energies. Ironically, in the cost efficiency ratio, there is no energy that can surpass the survival energy in fixed and mobile versions. It is practically impossible for it to be overcome in the future because it simultaneously exploits three very important physical principles that produce energy while protecting the environment (Pascal, Torricelli, Henry But if free inventors have a moral duty to seek solutions of public utility, where they realize that public agencies and multinationals have not investigated, national governments, the European Union, the United Nations also have the duty to verify them, or to challenge them on the technical plan is scientific. They can not all hide their heads in the sand, pretending not to know.

It is absurd that the world legislators treat the invention of a commercial object in the same way from a series of environmental and energy inventions alternative to the current ones, which could save many human lives in the general geological, electrical and computer chaos, claiming that the inventor, isolated from all the centers of power, will finance itself and pay for all his invention costs of filing and maintaining patents for a term of twenty years extensive international cost about 150,000 Euros each. If the undersigned had extended  thirty patents concerning the environment and energy, only for the bureaucratic obligations he would have to spend € 4,500,000, then he would have to find the necessary funds for experimentation and industrialization of the various activities. Under these conditions only Bill Gates can be the inventor of a comprehensive energy and purification system valid worldwide. But Bill Gates, despite being a great genius of information technology sensitive to environmental problems, I do not think that he is equally brilliant in this sector. In fact, he is financing with 2,000,000,000 $ the production of energy with kites to collect energy from the high-altitude winds, or a nuclear reactor that will not melt down (Ground Power), to which I have dedicated an article taken from several international journals: -miracle /

Progress cannot be conditioned by blind legislators and bureaucracy. Those with ideas  and the Experience must develop them to show the world how far they can carry. They must be the world’s leading classes able to choose the solutions that save the environment and human lives. The inventor cannot fight on too many fronts and at the same time protect his ideas with millions of dollars or euros that only governments and multinationals can have. But no one can believe this reality because no one knows how to design globally for the environment, including science, which is divided into many branches that do not communicate with each other.

Practical, successful men today focus mainly on communications, information technology, politics and economics, to create and manage world wealth. The fathers of science have thought of the astronomical and mathematical sciences of physics. The fathers of science have thought of the astronomical and mathematical sciences of physics. If they have forgotten something, nobody notices anything. To the mistakes of the past are added the new ones and those who have the power to hide them do not even think twice about defending their own affairs, their political and economic alliances.

What happened in the scientific field overcomes every fantasy. Science is guilty of having formulated the principles of energy conservation, without having sufficiently investigated the application of force on the material point (devoid of dimensions) in the water instead of in the void or in space has much higher values, while respecting the Newton’s principles. Because of the density of the aquatic environment that is almost a thousand times higher than that of air, it is possible to exploit the kinetic energy of the entire mass of water developed within a section intubated separately from the surrounding static water (such as a pipeline under the sea): by placing in series a pump with the downward-directed discharge that overcomes the inertia of the water, and a turbine that slows down the speed that would buy the water producing energy (instead of dissipating the energy kinetic in heat). The water is not dispersed but returned to the same basin through a submerged vent that does not oppose the kinetic energy of residual discharge at the exit of the turbine being the internal static pressures external and external to the tube where the pump and the turbine are inserted. In fact, in this application the energy produced by the turbine is much higher than the energy absorbed by the pump. Due to the exploitation of the position energy (mgh) of the intubated surface water, which acquires kinetic energy (1/2 mv2), which only minimally is supplied by the pump which only overcomes the inertia state. This is the principle of submerged hydroelectric energy, not built anywhere in the world but patented by myself, which preceded the compressed hydroelectric energy that is even more powerful.

Furthermore, science has legislated the principles of energy conservation without the support of the practical experience of those who know machines and plants. It was not enough for me to have identified the only possible point of contact between an open and closed hydraulic circuit to positively revolutionize the environment and energy, the private inventor, not sponsored by anyone, must fight against the whole world , to make known the technical applications related to this very simple and universal invention.

The first enemy is the silence of public science that should have been impartial if universities around the world and public researchers were not wrong in making the world’s water and hydroelectric plants. As I have already written, there is no need to prove it practically, but there is a lot to work on for the whole industrialization, to determine the yields of the single applications, to lighten the materials. A new industrial revolution is needed starting from the mistakes made by the first to which the undersigned participated for almost forty years, obeying the orders received, like a soldier in war who thinks to do the right thing by obeying the orders of the generals. As the Vietnam veterans have had a crisis of conscience, the undersigned thought that his experience could serve, because the generals are not always right. The reflections must be made in times of peace because during the wars there is no time for reason. I thank heaven for giving me time and peace to carry on my work.

I have always written and confirm that I do not care about the industrial property of my patent stores. I have never written to renounce intellectual property. I have also written that intellectual property, if the laws are the same for everyone, also entails copyrights if the patents are realized and are efficient. I have also written that WIPO, as a body of the United Nations, has upset a principle of universal justice by linking intellectual property to industrial property, favoring public and multinational inventors and damaging private inventors. The indicative calculation of the cost of maintaining thirty international patents, the practice and organization necessary to maintain them, show that the legislators have focused only on industrial property. Not on the intellectual that is included in the initials WIPO. But there is also an even more important reason that requires the separation of intellectual property from the industrial one: “ideas travel much faster than practical achievements and therefore inventors must be free, they can not be linked to the realization of individual inventions”. Probably the WIPO has committed this error because even public and private researchers file patents. Inventors and researchers are not the same thing. The undersigned in eleven years has filed thirty-two national patents, one European and five international. A researcher can not travel at such speed because he can not move from one technology to another or even put them together freely, disobeying the directives received from employers who have invested their capital in a specific sector. I have explained in this article, that if I had found the lenders for the first patents, almost certainly, I would not have completed the entire creative path that has brought me to the interactive protective energy of the environment and that of survival in extreme climatic conditions worldwide.

I do not think that the other categories of authors of intellectual works, especially the writers, are forced to pay the fees for the maintenance of copyrights, without first finding the publishers or the entrepreneurs who invest in their works of art. Nor do I think they are compelled to comply with a pay-by maturity program to maintain their intellectual rights. Nor do I think they are forced to comply with a paid-term program to maintain their intellectual rights. These procedures established by a UN-run organization, born after the World War, in the sign of world democracy, are at least discriminatory and applied to inventions of global public utility, which should even be considered a World Heritage Site and requisite, they are against the current, compared to what ordinary citizens expect from the United Nations organization. Therefore, I ask the United Nations and International Judges to change the rules of intellectual property in a more democratic way at least for world public utility patents, which must be accessible to all, such as books, musical scores, exhibited works. in museums, without penalizing inventors who make no profit from inventions unless they are first implemented by governments or private companies that profit from it.

With the current alliances created between public research bodies, legislators, public works contractors, energy multinationals, depuration companies, transport companies, it is obvious that inventions by private inventors no one takes them into consideration. However, having understood through my forty years of work experience that all these great public and private bodies, under no circumstances close all the environmental cycles that open, it was necessary to demonstrate, paying the European and international national filing fees, which in the sector of the environment and energy, the activity of private inventors is not taken into consideration by any public entity and by any multinational of any country regardless of what is invented. With this, I also believe I have shown that public and private research bodies would never have come to interactive energy and salvation, as they work in watertight compartments. Who should have coordinated world public procurement had to be experts in the scientific organization of global environmental work that has not formed any nation in the world. As a global design for the environment, it is briefly summarized in the old and new page of In the intermediate pages, you enter the details.

In this open letter I ask two questions to the Secretary of the United Nations António Guterres:

1. After twenty-three COPs organized and failed, is not it time to change the road?

2. How can the current international patent organization be compatible with the word UNITED NATIONS?

I think that in the COP never entered the science of innovation but only the servile science and I think that in the general interest it would be appropriate to immediately restore the copyright by releasing it from industrial property. Today this right has been usurped by unfair and meaningless regulations. However, no one has noticed it because the only penalized are the independent inventors, not dependent on public and private companies. This change must be made for several reasons:

The first: today there is no alternative environmental design because the world public agencies study solutions and private companies, big and small do the work. They all earn, and all officially, fight global warming. But in the meantime the percentage of CO2 in the environment continues to rise because the solutions adopted are not efficient.

The second: The alternative environmental design does not exist because it is not convenient for private inventors to stand against the whole world system of the environment and energy, putting back their work and their economic savings to pay for patent deposits and very little hope of finding interlocutors public or private. Moreover, occasional inventions do not solve problems because it is the general system that needs to be changed.

The third: It costs nothing to change the wrong regulations that I have already suggested in a questionnaire sent to me by WIPO a few months ago and written in the eight previous open letters addressed to the international courts of justice that are part of the United Nations organization. Even this change could bring economic revenues to the coffers of WIPO (then the UN) if the inventions were correct. Today the inventors of innovative environmental and energy solutions that are not financed by anyone, do not perceive anything, have no legal right over their inventions even if they prove to be accurate in the future, not having been able to support the cost of maintaining the patents claimed by WIPO, that assimilates the inventors to the entrepreneurs, not to the authors of works of intellect. Would it not be more logical to exempt inventors who do not aspire to the industrial property of public utility solutions from taxes? If and when inventions become public domains to the inventors, copyright and WiPO would be recognized as a percentage of these rights, which it does not perceive today.

The fourth: an invention of world importance as the survival energy (consisting of several parallel patents) in the hands of a single company would be catastrophic for the entire world development as it could hardly meet the worldwide need for plants that protect and purify the environment and in the same time would accentuate the difference between rich and poor.

The fifth reason is also not rational: it would leave things as they are, and the intellectual rights of the undersigned at international level have fallen, the undersigned pay maintenance fees only in Italy, legally preventing, only to Italian public bodies to adapt the purification plants and energy companies and Italian manufacturers can adapt the electromechanical systems or import them from abroad, without the consent of the undersigned, until the patents have lapsed. This would be a serious punishment for all Italians even if the ruling class deserves it widely.

Other aspects of the whole affair may emerge later, but from what I have lived in eleven years as an environmental inventor, the situation of the environment faithfully reflects the hypocrisy of governments, politics, economics, science and world justice. If the United Nations wants to contribute to making a better world, it must start from the areas of their competence by retroactively modifying the laws on intellectual property that concern the environment and energy, protecting private or public inventors who deal with the resolution of the very serious. environmental issues due, not only to human incompetence, unfortunately also demonstrated by current science. But we must also worry about the great geological and astronomical natural disasters that man has not yet lived, that do not depend on human incompetence. In this field, we are truly at zero, because all that he has done, science, including NASA, does not protect the human species. For myself, justice is not an empty word. It is not necessary to be a law graduate to know what is right and unjust. I have amply explained the practical and moral reasons for which intellectual property must be separated from the industrial one, but also on this front I am collecting silences. I believe in the science of the fathers of science, not the current one and I believe in universal justice. This is the reason why in spite of the silences that I have collected from public bodies and entrepreneurs, first Italians and then the world, and the impossibility of respecting the absurd rules of WIPO, I have continued equally in my work. I felt it was my duty to move forward, as I believe it is the duty of the United Nations to restore the dignity of labor to the inventors regardless of who their employers are. It does not take long to realize that anyone who does not aspire to industrial property does not have to pay any deposit or patent maintenance fees and does not have to do any research to sell their patents to individual entrepreneurs.

The united nations have a duty to ensure that no solution that can save lives is not overlooked. Using the words of Einstein: they must play the role of Moses, not Machiavelli.

For myself, who is just an Italian pensioner with a loaded family and a modest income, it was a big sacrifice to pay taxes on European and international deposits, to show that in the whole world, the environmental inventions of private inventors are unwanted, both by public entities by multinationals in all countries of the world. WIPO is well aware when these patent deposits have cost me no hope of realization. However, I believe that this money is the best money spent in my life as they have demonstrated the universality of the hypocrisy of the world’s public and private ruling classes towards environmental and energy problems.

What disturbs the undersigned, who has always been at the forefront of developing and implementing industrial and environmental projects is the fact that the world politicians who govern us boast of the well-being that was created without that way have ever participated directly and without knowing what that could be created if world public science had investigated the possible synergies between water and air since the advent of the industrial age. If they did, surely we would not have the current huge public debts for major hydraulic, thermal, nuclear, oil pipelines, methane pipelines, which do not serve, indeed produce only disasters.

From an article on the Internet, I would like to point out the ranking of the ten most indebted countries in the world updated in June 2017: United States: 18.237 billion euros, Japan: 10.557, Italy: 2.407, United Kingdom: 2.345, France: 2.173, China: 1.684, Germany : 1,544, Holland: 475, Belgium: 435, Austria: 305. A large part of these debts are due to unnecessary and counter productive energy and water distribution because the interactive energies were not identified, which would have also purified the environment without upsetting the territories.

The United Nations can not lend itself to the power games of governments and multinationals which, having failed to deepen the projects in all respects, have created a destructive development of the environment, while it could be protective. The United Nations has a lot of power but they are not using it correctly, at least in the management of the environment and world energy. The United Nations has a lot of power but they are not using it correctly, at least in the management of the environment and world energy. The world needs to be guided above all morally and scientifically, not by simple organizers of summits and congresses. The twenty-three COP hitherto organized were a total failure because they use economic and political scientific advisors linked to other powers. If things were not this way there would not be so much silence on my solutions and the problems of global warming would have already been dealt with rationally to clean fossil energy with the solutions already published for some years on the internet and then from 2015 on the old homepage of, today we would only deal with the topic of survival energy that is part of the new homepage of the same website. All that is reported on this site has been studied in an impartial way because the undersigned is not related to any scientific discipline and to any public or private company. The survival energy was born to save the costs of cleaning fossil energy and rationalize the purification systems. I think I managed to achieve both goals. I wonder why I was isolated?

If I had been a nuclear energy expert I would have concentrated on the neutralization of radioactive waste. I would not have known where to start. Nobel prizes were not able to do this, and I wonder why they were rewarded? Why have the IPCC and Al Gore scientists been awarded? Apart from good intentions, what concrete results have they achieved?

If I have chosen for the cleaning of fossil energy in a fixed version the hydroelectric energy with the recycling of water in combination with the purification of fumes in limestone greenhouses in the old initial page of, and because I followed a global reasoning, already done on a large scale by the creator of the universe. Starting from this concept sooner or later I also had to get mobile energy cleaning. It was just a question of time. But I myself did not know it. I had to look for other scientific principles to use (Newton, herz, Pascal, Torricelli, Henry) putting together air and water rationally with the help of technology (pumps, turbines, compressors, motors, alternators, current regulators and frequencies), without disturbing thermal and nuclear energy, not even solar and wind energy. Practically, none of the existing energies. Who has not done complete purification reasoning, eliminating the original vices with complete cycles and has been content to reduce emissions with simple filtrations, hiding CO2 and radioactive waste in the subsoil, has not managed to clean the fossil energy, not even the nuclear one , How could he find the energy of human survival against global disasters?

Major environmental and health reforms cannot be carried out with inefficient and profit-hungry public corporations. Industrial property on inventions of environmental utility and drugs must be eliminated, rewarding and incentivizing inventors and making inventions accessible to all companies investing in public utilities and drugs against diseases, making life better. If global public companies continue to make mistakes, the design of public facilities cannot even impose new regulations on private companies that continue to pollute with the consent of the legislators. In fact, the Italian multinational ENI, wrote to me that it was not interested in my solution that neutralized the CO2 of fossil energy (producing carbonates in water) because it complied with existing regulations. The other producers of fossil energy have never responded by cunning, not having the courage to say the same stupidity institutions. I think it was an unexpected fortune for the whole world that, subsequently, has arrived at the compressed interactive energy that consuming only the wear of materials produces energy and purifies the water without fossil and nuclear fuels. Today, after having ascertained which side the governments and the multinationals are, I wonder where the United Nations stands. Not because I am infallible as an inventor, but because I am sure that solutions I use already work all over the world separately. I do not alter them, neither chemically nor physically, but I only put them together rationally to make them work simultaneously. I can not go wrong because this has been my job for a lifetime, even though I have never been asked to install and operate the systems, not to modify them.

The undersigned, after eight open letters addressed to international courts of justice at the following email addresses:,, also writes to the UN secretary. If these addresses are not valid, please, someone update me.

Moreover, if the United Nations really wants to be useful in the government of the world, they should also include environmental compatibility in the patentability requirements of an industrial solution, in addition to the well-known characteristics of inventiveness, novelty and industrial applicability. This means that not only can not be patented plants with polluted emissions, but also that existing ones should be abolished or adjusted in a reasonable period of time, not lowering emission levels, but changing energy solutions with those with zero emissions, both for fixed and mobile installations. In http:, there are many examples of zero emission systems. As written in the article, this would not be a penalizing imposition for the world industry, but an immense reform of rationalization of the general expenses of those sanitary and the scientific organization to deal with environmental emergencies at any time, with plans to escape predisposed as those currently exposed in public buildings in case of fires.

Today there are no escape plans against the great calamities caused by nature or possible nuclear wars, but there are not even the means to escape. As written above, the current means of transport would only be a hindrance to circulation. Are mice or we men caught in a trap by an overbearing and incompetent ruling class? What good are the universities if they do not teach to reason independently? does the experience of the old ones serve something? If a retired designer, instead of resting, decides to be an inventor, it means that he has something important to propose. What is the use of political and administrative elections if we do not elect the best men for honesty, transparency, and culture?  If we cannot find them, at least we look for those who can read and distinguish public utility projects from commercial ones. I do not know what the worst evil for mankind is among a world class that is scientifically ignorant and one that lacks morality. Almost certainly, we have both things in the same people, because it is not possible that world problems increase instead of diminish and that they all agree in keeping silent about possible alternatives. But we who accept this state of affairs are not better.

Cordiali saluti

Luigi Antonio Pezone