The scientifically disorganized work of public bodies and multinationals of planet Earth.


The recent allocation of a fund of over 900 million euros granted to Tunisia by the European Union is not an act of charity towards a poor country, as the European Union claims to stop migrants in Tunisia in exchange for sums of money. This solution is not much different from building the separation wall between the United States and poorer Mexico. This wall, which should have had a length of about 3100 km, stopped at a length of 1100 km with the election of the current President Biden, but could continue with costs ranging from 20 to 38 billion and many environmental damages, according to the article  All this is due to the inability of world governments and multinationals to scientifically organize world work by creating the infrastructures and anthropogenic systems that guarantee at least the minimum survival for the inhabitants of the most unfortunate countries in terms of climate, energy and natural resources. While I am writing this article (18.6.2023) another great tragedy has occurred with a number of shipwrecked people involved of about 700 – 750, of which the confirmed victims are over 650. The title of the article announcing the news is as follows: Massacre of children in the most serious tragedy of the sea ever. European Shame ttps://

Throughout my entire working life, I have always been involved in the design of industrial and environmental anthropogenic  systems and since the days when I was an Alfa Romeo designer I collaborated with some private companies in the design of industrial painting systems, which are very technologically important for air filtration and purification, fluid dynamics, the abatement of paint fumes with water circulation and the application of electrophoretic and electrostatic principles. Since that period, I knew that I would end my working life as an inventor, but I also knew that I also had to get to know many other man-made plants to learn more about the technologies and transfer them from one sector to another to design ever cleaner plants, efficient and cheap. I also knew that if I wanted to be an inventor I would have had to leave the world of work because the divisions of competences of the sciences, public bodies and multinationals prevent the design of globally and scientifically organized plants to overcome the invisible barriers existing between the different scientific and technological specializations. The designs carried out for the companies Conmec and Impero of Naples, described in my curriculum vitae, belong to this period (1980 -1986).

Returning to the problem of the Tunisian economic development difficulties, having personally participated in the construction of some environmental and hydraulic plants from 1987 to 2005, which I extract from my curriculum vitae:

Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture. Lifting stations on the Medjerdah watercourse for irrigation of the Tebourba sector, with the following amount of lift pumps : 4 x 950 l/sec h 85 m, 4 x 430 l/sec h 93 m, 5 x 365 l/sec  h 97 m, 3 x 250 l/sec h  70 m, 2 x 80 l/sec h 61 m, 4 x 172 l/sec h 61m.

ONAS Tunisia No. 5 activated sludge treatment plants for the cities of Zarzis, Mahres, Ourdanine, Kalaa-Sghira, Saiada.

S.M.L.T.  Tunisia: Sand drying plant and pneumatic conveying capacity 1 m3/h

CRDA- Bizerte – Tunisia: Lezdin II & III. N 2 sand removal and irrigation water lifting systems.

CRDA – Nefza – Tunisia: No. 1 sand removal and irrigation water lifting system.

CRDA – Goubellat – Tunisia: No. 2 sand removal and irrigation water lifting systems.

As can be seen from the list above, the Tunisian contracting entities, the locations and the types of plants built are shown. These plants were not designed by Tunisian contracting authorities but by European designers (generally French, but Italian and European projects are no different) and financed by the World Bank. The Italian company for which I worked (Ing. Caccavale e C. of Naples) built the electromechanical part, bought the commercial machines that met the specifications and put the systems into operation.  Unfortunately, whoever designed these plants, which are still in operation, did not realize that to make these plants work, above all, the raw material is missing, which is water. The water in the Tunisian subsoil is almost non-existent. The only river that crosses Tunisia is the Medjerdah, which comes from Algeria. This river cannot satisfy all the needs of the country, especially in the warm months. These water intake and lifting works are expensive and large absorbers of electricity. The undersigned, as a pensioner has demonstrated that the waters from rivers and lakes can be lifted by producing energy instead of consuming it by changing the way of designing pumps and man-made systems.

1. The solution misunderstood by world public planners to make up for the lack of fresh water, not only for Tunisia, but for all countries that find themselves in the same conditions, I only developed as a pensioner, but strangely, no European country world has financed and tested it, because it implies a completely alternative development model to the current one, without fuels, nuclear thermal energy, and without any transport of electric energy.  From my own curriculum vitae I extract the following patents which are indispensable for achieving sustainable desalination, which could even produce energy instead of consuming it as current desalination plants do. Patent filing dated 04/09/2015 n. 102015000048796 electric pumps and turbines with double inlet filing dated 04/09/2015 n.102016000057968 desalination plants – vertical ion exchange demineralizers with hydroelectric energy production. 

The figure above shows how simple, cheap and linear the remote lifting and transport of desalinated water could be, while the details of the equally simple and linear desalination system can be read from the links above. However, these plants, based on the scientific organization of global multidisciplinary work, have not been financed by anyone, as the world ruling class prefers the disorganization of the non-multidisciplinary scientific work of public bodies and multinationals in order not to assume the burdens of demolishing man-made plants wrong fixed and mobile present on planet Earth. Obviously, these plants can produce electricity all year round by moving water from one basin to another, accumulating fresh or desalinated water, without dispersing it, even in winter. I have also presented these systems in some public competitions such as ,, e più recentemente WCSA2023 Awards ceremony on June 14, 2023, in Munich, Germany, on the occasion of The Smarter E – Europe’s Largest Platform for the Energy Industry

Obviously, not even on this occasion have my solutions been taken into consideration.

Who are the current judging commissions of these competitions made up of? If not by characters who have favored the current model of development that has produced global warming and the current distribution of world wealth, which forces the poor to risk their lives to emigrate to richer countries to beg for the work that should be a right in one’s own country if there were a real world democracy? These scientific commissions are like art critics who, even though they don’t know how to paint and sculpt, have the power to judge the state of the art and establish the value of works of art. However, for myself, there can be no comparison between an artist and an inventor, above all, if the inventions concern survival, social well-being and sustainable solutions, which are the most difficult to identify, being transversal to various scientific disciplines . In fact, normally, due to the fact that scientific faculties do not collaborate with each other, the sustainability, versatility and cost-effectiveness of inventions is not always achieved. It is no coincidence that thanks to these scientific commissions none of the forty inventions summarized in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme has ever been tested and implemented, just as it is no coincidence that these inventions rejected by these commissions, connected with other inventions equally rejected by these commissions which follow the same interactive and multidisciplinary reasoning, they could also take us into space without fuels and nuclear energy, without producing any type of environmental pollution and above all adding together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz that no science and technology has managed to add, even capturing the interstellar dust necessary for the survival of the men of the future, who, obviously, will be equipped with an artificial heart that oxygenates human blood, which is another invention hindered by these scientific commissions wanted by the current world economic and political  power centers. It is no coincidence that thanks to this type of scientific commissions, no one disputes the artists’ copyright on their works without requiring them to pay patent filing and maintenance fees, while inventors are required to pay such fees at a national and international even if no center of economic power has ever had the intention of financing the interactive inventions described in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme. It is no coincidence that in the meantime the people of the world do not notice anything and fill the stadiums to attend ball games and musical performances, as in the past, they attended gladiator fights. It was no coincidence that Galileo Galilei was forced to deny that the Earth revolved around the sun, otherwise he would have been excommunicated by the Catholic Church. Today that we are in a democracy, excommunications are not needed, it is enough to force inventors not tied to economic power centers to do everything by themselves without public and private capitalists and communists financiers and force them to pay taxes they shouldn’t have to pay. Today, the job of independent inventor is the most difficult in the world, because for better or worse man-made plants work, world stock exchanges produce wealth and well-being, politicians, even if they understand nothing about science and technology, continue to govern, relying for the aspects technicians to mono-disciplinary specialists who, having never done multi-disciplinary and interactive scientific and technological reasoning, reject the most creative inventions on an environmental and energy level in the bud. And yet, politicians, philosophers, writers understand that terrestrial nature with floods, droughts, earthquakes, fires, seems to want to expel man from the planet, being responsible for such disasters. If this is clearly happening globally, it means man’s inventions are wrong or incomplete. In fact, the current inventions of terrestrial man-made systems, by not using terrestrial interactive principles, are unable to protect the environment or guarantee human survival, since, in extreme conditions of heat or cold, the energy produced with not only does it cost too much, but it is not even always available, as it has to be transported, transformed and marketed. It is clear that the current scientific commissions of governments and multinationals are doing everything to prevent the emergence of sustainable solutions that would allow us to survive locally on planet Earth even in the most extreme climatic conditions with the right technologies in the right place.  Certainly not those used by the current multinationals, which are all appearance and no scientific substance, not being able to extract energy from the environment, exploit the interactive principles, close all the cycles that open, above all avoiding opening useless cycles thermal, chemical that are not needed. Man created global warming with his own hands thanks to a ruling class that institutionalized the scientific disorganization of world work, instead of the scientific organization of work, to create illegal profits for those who create work and manage the world’s wealth , pretending to be benefactors of humanity. This is a perverse game that a true inventor cannot play, especially if he is a family man and grandfather like myself. I will not leave any property to my eight grandchildren, but I hope that by doing my job well as an inventor disinterested in personal economic profit, I have contributed to leaving them a better future. It was no coincidence that after having known the scientific organization of industrial work, he felt the desire to also know the scientific organization of environmental work in order to make the right comparisons and discover the strengths and weaknesses of both systems. Bringing together different experiences is essential to propose more complete solutions.  During my working life I realized that very few scientists, inventors, technicians, designers, have had diversified experiences and despite being good in their specific sector, they are not able to identify the interactive connections that have the potential to trigger purification and energy processes that do not occur spontaneously and are not even able to increase the speed of the processes themselves. This separation of competencies has brought more harm than good to all of humanity, as it has allowed the proliferation of commercial inventions that fail to close all the cycles they open, therefore producing pollution, wasting natural resources, and also economic damage. No one notices these defects because the entire world ruling class has never financed complete and interactive inventions. How could they be financed if no one has ever proposed them? In fact, until I published the SPAWHE nursery rhyme which highlights the interactive connections between old and new inventions and inventions that have never been made, which are, especially those of the undersigned, invented specifically to connect man-made systems in a logical and interactive way, in order speed up purification processes, save energy costs, extract energy directly from the environment without industrial transformations. I do not condemn those who do not understand these inventions, but only those who are paid not to understand themWhich are very many in the whole world. I am well aware that those who sow do not always reap the fruits of their work, but what is happening on our planet exceeds all imagination as the crime of omission of world public bodies which would have the institutional task of experimenting and promoting the most advantageous solutions for the he environment and the world economy is the daily bread they feed on, considering themselves above universal laws. This is demonstrated by the open letters addressed to the United Nations and to the international court of justice, to parliamentarians and to the Italian and European governments, which up to now have not yet brought any trials of my forty deposits of Italian and some international patents.

2. The terrestrial phenomena of the circulation of sea waves and the unknown ones of the inversion of the magnetic poles

From the online article I extract some terrifying news concerning profound changes in sea currents that could lead indirectly to the desertification of vast surfaces of planet Earth:

“When seawater freezes, it leaves its salt behind, making the waters around these ice sheets saltier than normal seawater and, therefore, denser. This denser water sinks, attracting new surface water, and creates a current. Thanks to the deep topography of the seabed off Greenland and the Weddell Sea, this denser, saltier water is swept into the tropics as deep sea currents, where it picks up nutrients. Winds push surface water from the tropics towards the poles and, in turn, suck these sea currents to the surface, creating a global ocean current that meanders around the entire world.

One might think these currents are just a quirk of ocean dynamics, but they play a vital role in the world’s climate, are a crucial part of the Earth’s carbon cycle, and are an integral part of ocean ecosystems.

You see, these currents bring warm surface waters to the poles and cold waters to the tropics. This acts as a climate regulator, making weather patterns less extreme and sharing the Earth’s heat more fully across its latitudes. This helps make large amounts of the earth’s surface much more habitable. The ocean also absorbs carbon dioxide, turning it into carbonic acid. In fact, the ocean absorbs about 25% of our emissions, helping to delay human-caused climate change. The global ocean current takes carbonic acid and buries it deep in the ocean, where it turns into carbonates and stays safely buried for millennia.

As the deep-sea portion of the currents churn along the seafloor, they pick up nutrients like iron, phosphate, nitrogen, and calcium. These are vital to marine life and are surprisingly deficient in much of the world’s sunlit seas, making nutrients the limiting factor for how much life can exist in the oceans. Then, where these deep-water currents rise, you’ll find huge and thriving marine ecosystems.

So how are these currents stopped? Well, climate change. As the globe warms, less and less polar ice is forming, which decreases the sinking rate of water in the waters off Greenland and in the Weddell Sea. This acts like pinching a pipe and the velocity of flow through the entire global ocean current also slows down.

But, if the downflow mechanisms of the Weddell Sea or the Greenland Sea stop, the entire current global system will collapse as the cycle is disrupted. If that happens, climate and ecological models predict much more extreme weather and a collapse in marine biodiversity. Equatorial, near-equatorial, and even some subtropical countries (such as India) may become too hot for human settlement year-round as unrestrained heatwaves kick in every summer. Many Northern Hemisphere countries will experience winters so severe that, again, year-round human settlement will be extremely challenging. Crucial currents such as the Humboldt Current and the Gulf Stream will stall and effectively starve the ocean of nutrients, leading to the collapse of the marine ecosystem.

However, a groundbreaking new study suggests that while Greenland’s downflow in the Northern Hemisphere will be stable for more than a century, the Weddell Sea downflow in the Southern Hemisphere is much more sensitive to climate change.

The models used in this study predict that by 2050 the outflow rate of the Weddell Sea will reduce by as much as 42%. This may be enough reduction to destabilize the current and break the loop. At the very least, it will greatly reduce the power of the global ocean current. But it’s set to get worse, as their models predict that this downward flow will stop by the end of the century and completely collapse the global ocean current.

So even a small decrease in the strength of global ocean currents will lead to accelerated climate change (as less carbon dioxide is absorbed by the ocean), deadly extreme weather, and possibly collapsing marine ecosystems. So, this discovery is huge! It takes the already small amount of time we have to change our ways and save the planet, and it pretty much cuts it in half.

So how do we declare this global disaster, save the oceans, and keep our climate stable enough to be habitable? Well, we need to make sure we meet our climate goals and become carbon neutral by 2050, and keep global warming to just 1.5 degrees Celsius, or 2 at a time. That way, there should be enough sea ice to feed to keep the currents near their limit. That means we have less than 27 years to get our collective act together and reshape the way our entire civilization operates.”

The article cited above explains very well how sea currents are formed, but cannot explain whether it is a natural or accidental phenomenon of the evolution of the terrestrial planet because it underestimates a natural phenomenon that has always occurred on our planet even before wicked energy choices which have caused global warming. This phenomenon is called “reversal of the magnetic poles of the planet”. It depends above all on the electromagnetic balance of the galaxy in which planet Earth is located. We have no historical scientific knowledge of how the Earth’s magnetic pole reversal begins and ends. Our knowledge is mainly based on astrological observations and considerations.  From the following article: The last reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field occurred about 773,000 years ago. A new study has established that the process took about 20,000 years to complete, confirming recent research and refuting several previous estimates that spoke of a few thousand years or even a few centuries. In a logical sense, marine currents are the first to be affected by the change in the terrestrial carbon cycle. I’ve already written something about magnetic pole reversal. I was very pleased to learn that the earth’s pole reversal process will take place in a much longer time than previously assumed, as it will be less traumatic from a seismic and fluid dynamic point of view, as long as future generations learn to locally extract the energy from the environment and compensate the inevitable losses of fish feed due to the slowdown of sea currents with artificial welling. It’s not about science, technology, economics, politics but only common sense in the simplest and most logical choices, considering the global functioning of the earth’s environment, where everything is connected in a logical and linear way. At least in hindsight, the best politicians, scientists, philosophers, writers should have understood that the current divisions of competence in anthropological planning do not help the conservation of the natural state of the environment. The very fact that the planet, after several hundreds of thousands of years, is naturally forced to invert its magnetic poles and the fact that this inversion takes place over reasonably long times, such as those recently ascertained by astronomical science, should have made us understand that we, still currently, do not have the sufficient skills to create a model of sustainable development for the earth’s environment, which in turn is included in the solar system, which in turn is included in the milky way, and so on. Newton was right when he said: “what we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean. Only incompetent men could create incomplete anthropic industrial and environmental plants in billions of specimens that do not close all the cycles they open without expecting that sooner or later the natural balance would have jumped. If we consider that man sapiens has appeared only in the last two hundred thousand years, it means that no human species has lived with the previous magnetic polarity and the current political power centers, the multinationals, the current scientific commissions, are preventing the experimentation of what I called survival energy, which cannot be produced without the invention of the pump with the double separate power supply, as it is necessary to balance the suction and delivery pressures in the body of the rotating impeller to extract the energy from the environment without using heat and current energy sources, including renewables. Only with this type of energy, in addition to lifting, purifying, desalting, producing hydro-electromagnetic energy will we be able to add together the thrust of Newton and Lorentz, navigate in the atmosphere and in space. Without this type of energy we have not made concrete progress in terrestrial development. If we imagine that the reversal of the magnetic poles entails the concrete possibility that Vesuvius, for example, which destroyed Pompeii in the year 79 after Christ, will reawaken the future victims would be much higher precisely because to enrich the powerful of the Earth we didn’t invent the survival energy that would allow us to get off the ground quickly without paid fuel.

The terrestrial survival energy is not the fossil, nuclear, solar, wind energy, but the one that has the ability to locally, artificially trigger the natural terrestrial physical principles that cannot be triggered by nature for the simple reason that nature does not have of technologies. But the technologies to be able to trigger the survival energy must be multidisciplinary and always updated to the latest state of the art of the individual technologies. How artificial light can locally replace natural light, not only to illuminate the nocturnal environment but also to produce the photosynthetic processes and the carbon cycle, which are processes so perfect and complete that terrestrial science will never be able to copy for the world immense amount of elements involved. However, science and technology from simple incandescent lamps have made artificial light increasingly powerful and economical, gradually passing to current LED lamps. These scientific and technological miracles are also possible in other sectors but they do not occur due to conflicts of interest of politicians and large world entrepreneurs, who in fact have monopolized the world development model. For example, it would be possible to gradually switch to artificial sustainable desalination and artificial welling, to compensate for local terrestrial problems, due to the imperfect distribution of thermal, fluid dynamics, chemical and biological energy, locally exploiting the same natural physical principles identified by famous scientists such as Torricelli, Newton, Pascal, Venturi, Henry, Dalton, Maxwell, Lorentz, Tesla. Obviously, since these scientific principles are based above all on the study of fluid dynamics and electromagnetism, it was and still is necessary to concentrate research and technological development, above all on these sectors. In fact, we cannot and must not improve the universe but only compensate for the small defects of the earth’s energy, which through photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, the gravitational force, universal electromagnetism, has always correctly managed the great fluid dynamic phenomena of currents marine and atmospheric and thermal ones that affect the ferromagnetic core and the various layers of the subsoil, up to the earth’s crust. We cannot intervene on the ferromagnetic core and the other layers of the subsoil, but only on the earth’s crust, and locally, on the fluid dynamics of fresh and salt water and atmospheric air. Obviously, we must act with multidisciplinary skills in order not to make the mistakes that have produced global warming and the unequal distribution of current world wealth. It is clear that the most unfortunate countries in terms of climate have greater problems of survival and therefore the inhabitants are forced to move towards the more fortunate countries in terms of climate and natural resources, but these problems should be solved by a government scientifically prepared at world level, or by the United Nations, which should finance all together, an industrial and environmental planning much more intelligent and multidisciplinary than the current one. This certainly cannot be done by the current United Nations organization which has favored through the WIPO (Word Intellectual Property Organization) any type of commercial invention and no survival invention which in the world state of the art are described only in the SPAWHE nursery rhyme. eu which is the website of a person who lives only on a modest working pension with no link to official science, politics and the multinationals that have produced the current development model.

It should not be difficult for the scientific consultants of the world governments participating in the management of the United Nations that both fresh and salt waters, being incompressible, can be managed as energy vectors in continuous cycles by means of circulation in pumps with separate dual supply up to impeller until they are completely purified or desalted, completing obligatory oxygenation routes in autoclaves or in ion exchange resins which absorb the salts. While atmospheric air, being a powerful purifier and being compressible at any pressure, if it is kept above the liquefaction temperature (which at atmospheric pressure is 194.4 degrees Celsius below zero temperature), is a very powerful source of primary energy, which it does not consume and costs nothing, if it is used statically, without having it expand to atmospheric pressure or in an autoclave, but always in combination with pumps with separate dual power supply which balance in the impeller the low pressures of the water to be purified or desalination and those recycled with higher hydrostatic pressures or autoclaves. It seems impossible that such a simple and linear solution has not been understood by the scientific political ruling class of the world and by the pump manufacturers themselves.

I believe that with my experience as a designer, installer and unwanted inventor of the world’s power centers, I have helped to discover a Pandora’s box full of positive surprises for environmental protection and a more equitable distribution of world wealth and therefore, also to solve the problem of migrants that the European community, wants to solve simply by offering a compensation of 900,000 euros to Tunisia and other similar solutions for the other countries from which migrants leave to reach Europe. As I wrote at the beginning of this article, this solution is not much different from building separation walls. It is not scientific, it is not technological. It is not worthy of intelligent beings who, in addition to a brain to think, also have feelings and affections for their children and grandchildren. How would European and American politicians behave if their children and grandchildren were forced to emigrate for lack of food and work?

 Our problem as inhabitants of the Earth is to understand and create sustainable inventions that will allow us to survive even natural climatic events without creating serious environmental and social problems such as migrations for survival reasons. Which we certainly are not doing with the current terrestrial development model which is systematically boycotting all sustainable inventions of the undersigned. First of all the boycotted inventions is the simple pump with separate dual power supply up to the impeller which will allow us to extract the fluid dynamics primary energy from the environment independently from fossil, thermal, nuclear, solar, wind, electrolytic energy sources. Anyone who still today pretends not to understand the importance of this invention cannot represent any government or any organ of the United Nations, instead these gentlemen occupy all the scientific commissions that have so far prevented true sustainable scientific and technological progress according to the nursery rhyme by SPAWHE below.


“The cleaning of fossil energy published in, to be efficient, should be based, above all on inorganic chemistry that is able to absorb CO2, producing carbonates in the water, so that they counteract the acidification of the oceans and global warming.To speed up the processes and reduce the energy costs that would have involved the circulation of very large quantities of water necessary to neutralize the very large quantities of CO2 emitted by the current thermal power plants and heat engines, it has gradually been transformed technologically into solutions of less space by exploiting the principles Pascal and Henry.  In fact, I realized that on planet Earth, all the activities that nature produces through organic and inorganic chemistry, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle can be increased in speed without any need to use thermal, nuclear energy and current renewables. It is sufficient only to increase the operating pressures of the systems, modify the circulation pumps and make the machines work differently. In fact, natural interactive systems expel, with the times required by nature, the elements extraneous to natural cycles, due to accidental polluting phenomena, including direct and indirect thermal effects due to volcanic explosions, to natural fires that have always existed on the planet. The current industrial activities of men have multiplied exponentially the elements extraneous to natural cycles, therefore nature is no longer able to restore interactive balances. Obviously, this is my truth and in the entire website, I explain how, in my opinion, we should have created global plants that purify both fumes and water at the same time before they go to pollute the soils, rivers, lakes and seas. Having not done this in any country in the world, it has not been possible to advance the state of the art of purification to make it known to other countries. Therefore, the advancement of the state of the global purification art has not occurred. Consequently, it was not even possible to notice that the water circulation pumps, if we make them work in the direction of gravitational force, by placing them in series with the turbines, we could extract the energy directly from the environment. Having not done this, it was not possible to realize that the water circulation pumps, if in addition to making them pump in the direction of gravitational force, we modify them on the suction side and make them another inlet clearly separated from the main one up to the same impeller , we can always use the same water to create energy because we use one feed to recycle the water from the upper basin and the other feed to introduce into the same impeller the water discharged from a turbine fed by falling water from the same upper basin. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that by replacing the upper basin with a pressurized autoclave with compressed air, it being understood that we use a turbine connected to the outlet of the autoclave, we can recover the water drained from the turbine and insert it back into the autoclave, whose pressurized water is recycled with the same impeller of the pump by means of the second supply. In this way, with the same water and the same compressed air, we would have produced a current generator that extracts energy from the environment, with quite small dimensions. Having not done this, it was not possible to further reduce the dimensions of this current generator by increasing the operating pressure of the autoclave in order to be able to mount it on cars and trucks, on agricultural tractors. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions can still be reduced by using submersible pumps as turbines mounted directly in cylindrical tubes that would act as autoclaves. Therefore, these groups could be used to be inserted directly into the wells to raise the water and at the same time oxygenate the aquifers which today are polluted by agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and fecal coliforms. In fact, we know that part of the air that pressurizes the autoclave dissolves in the water according to Henry’s principle, purifying the water for free. Not having done this, it was not possible to think that the overall dimensions could be reduced even further. Even miniaturized and instead of purifying the water from the wells we could purify the human blood, placing two small autoclaves side by side that would replace the right and left ventricles, creating energetically autonomous artificial hearts that would feed the systemic circuit that oxygenates the brain and the lungs to lengthen the life of the ‘man. Having not done this, it was not possible to think that pressurized cylindrical autoclaves can be incorporated an external cylinders containing water at atmospheric pressure, outside of which sliding tracks of permanent magnets mounted on transmission chains driven by motors can be made electric at variable revolutions that would produce an electromagnetic flux of variable intensity which would produce induced currents in a solenoid outside the same water tank. Therefore, we could produce in this tank a linear electromagnetic thrust force according to Lorentz’s law at the ambient temperature, without fuel that could be added to the reaction thrust of Newton that would be produced by propellers driven by electric motors always commanded by generators. of current that produce the primary hydroelectric energy, fed by submersible pumps used as turbines placed inside the central reservoirs. Not having done this, it was not possible to replace the current thermal turbofans of aircraft to travel in the atmosphere and in space with energy extracted directly from the environment, it was not possible to create flying cars, nor submarines that move with the same system without fuel.  It was not possible to make the ships travel without fuel, nor to mount the same system to make mobile barriers in the sea to defend ourselves from high waters. It was not even possible to think that in the space travel of the future we can add to the global linear motors an external steel tunnel connected to the turbo fan, where it will produce a higher vacuum higher than the surrounding space vacuum and connect this tunnel with a small vacuum pump to a thickening tank of the captured powders, which will be emptied periodically letting in the atmospheric air which will feed an electrostatic filter that will recover the powders that will be used together with the other interactive purification and energy plant inventions described on the website https: // to make humans survive even in space without suffering physiological damage due to the absence of atmospheric pressure, gravity, food resources and raw materials to build spare parts for the machines necessary for survival in space. In fact, atmospheric air and water will fill the space caravan wagons full of human beings and will be endlessly recycled, suitably replenished with artificial photosynthesis and carbon cycle, while general gravity will be reinforced, becoming very similar. to the terrestrial one, electrostatically polarizing the paths of atmospheric conditioned air and recycled water in the interactive, energy and purification, compressed hydroelectromagnetic plants, still unknown to terrestrial science. Current science has forgotten that the primary fluid dynamic energy is produced by the flow rate for the pressure and density of the fluid itself. Therefore, the best solution to produce clean energy at low cost and in infinite quantities is: to use compressed air as an energy source (which is not consumed) and water as an energy carrier (which with the use of new pumps with separate double power supply up to the impeller, can recycle it indefinitely by exploiting the maximum pressure of the compressed air and the maximum density of the water at the same time. In the simple formula of fluid dynamic energy mentioned above. No heat source is needed. This is the biggest mistake in world science and nobody wants to correct it.”

3. Pictures make scientific errors understand more than words

It was sufficient to turn the pumps upside down and make them pump in the direction of the gravitational force powering the turbines to produce much more energy from the current generator connected to the turbine than the rotation of the pump absorbs. On the other hand this is also confirmed by the common energy calculations of Bernoulli’s theorem. However, this simple solution that I called “submerged hydroelectricity” that I published in 2014, I don’t know that anyone has implemented it in the whole world.

In other words, in 2023, with all the technologies developed, we cannot build fixed plants that are completely energetically autonomous, due to the simple fact that no scientist or inventor has thought of producing hydroelectric energy without the hydraulic jump, exploiting the energy of surface water which, feeding a normal centrifugal pump, overcomes the state of inertia which feeds a turbine, without dispersing the water. The above figure can be created in any lake or in calm river or sea wells or in any private well, without any need for fuel, since the pump motor needs to supply a small amount of energy to trigger energy production kinetics in the pump supply pipe, while the current generator produces a much higher quantity of energy which can be calculated with the following formula: Flow rate (l/s) * h (m).

In the next image we can see, not only how we can not disperse the water, but also, how we can lift and transfer the water at a distance producing more energy than we consume. This is also a solution published in 2015 and I don’t know that it has ever been implemented. We have to work in a basin that is always full to the maximum level and use for consumption only the water that comes out when it is overflowing, which is automatically replenished by other basins connected in series to the main water source, as shown in the drawing below. As can be seen from this drawing, pumps are not used to lift water as they are currently used all over the world, but only to overcome the state of inertia of the water, so that it contributes to producing electricity through kinetic energy which is produced in the pipes that exploit the positive hydrostatic head on the pump axis. As can be seen, the pumps used are pumps with separate dual power supply up to the impeller because they must feed two circuits at the same time; one comes from the basin on the left with lower hydrostatic pressure and one comes from the upper basin with higher hydrostatic pressure. The rotation of the pump with the flow oriented in the direction of the gravitational force and Pascal’s principle ensure that the underlying turbine is fed with the sum of the two flow rates and with the greater pressure coming from the upper basin. This simple solution, published in 2015, still not implemented anywhere in the world, would have shown that the energy produced by the current generator is much higher than the energy absorbed by the motor that turns the pump because the current generator produces the quantity of energy proportional to the kinetic energy developed on the axis of the turbine which is located below the axis of the pump axis, whose motor must overcome only the state of inertia of the water leaving the turbine without any opposition from the leaf hydrostatic capacity of the basin itself, since, as can be seen from the drawing, the turbine outlet is connected to the upper basin by means of a large section pipe. Therefore, it is sufficient to conserve at the outlet of the turbine a quantity of kinetic energy sufficient to allow the total flow of water to re-enter the upper basin producing much more electrical energy than that absorbed by the pump to overcome the state of inertia of the water and maintain the system in operation. In fact, the hydraulic condition created in this plant which is connected to the same upper basin and therefore has the same total static pressure, is technically called “submerged discharge”. According to the laws of physics, hydrostatic pressure cannot oppose the circulation of water within the same basin. It can only dissipate the energy that disturbs the natural state of rest in heat by friction between the molecules according to the formula “V2/2 g”. Therefore, the principle of inertia which states that a body remains in its state until an external force causes it to accelerate is always valid, but we must also consider the starting position of the molecules that are involved in the acceleration. If these molecules move in the direction of the gravitational force, they produce much more energy in the current generator connected to the turbine than the electric energy absorbed by the pump motor. If, on the other hand, the molecules at the pump outlet move in the opposite direction to the gravitational force, they absorb a large amount of energy. Yet we have been doing it since the beginning of the industrial age. Spending on raising water is second only to our worldwide transportation spending. But even global transport, for myself, can extract energy from the environment through the invention of the pump with the dual power supply separated up to the impeller, which the world’s public and private ruling class persists in not experimenting with. This ruling class, which supports each other all over the world regardless of political colors, does not realize that the dams and reservoirs in the mountains for the purpose of producing trivial electricity with hydraulic jumps have produced more disasters than benefits. Probably, if compressed hydro-electromagnetism, which is still unknown to terrestrial science, had been understood in time, neither the first and second world wars nor the colonial wars would have broken out to get to the conquest of the wrong energy sources, which produced the global warming. Probably, we would not have had the atomic bomb exploded on Hiroshima, the Chernobyl disaster and the Fukushima disaster.

Legend of the drawings Fig 1: (ac) air compressor; (acg) alternating current generator; (ai)  axial impeller; (C) collector;  (caipds) capsid axial intubated pump with dual suction; (cfca) connection for fast fill compressed air; (csp) connection systems pipe;   (cst) containment system tube; (cv) check valve; (dgh) delivery geodetic height; (dthdc) deviation towards hydraulic drainage canals; (ecpc) electrical current produced cable; (fcp) flange for coupling to the pump; (fdsfs) flanged dual supply and flow separator; (fss) flow separator in sheet steel; (htva) hydraulic turbine with vertical axis =; (iwft) inlet water to feed turbine; (lf) lift ring; (lfcv) level floating control valve; (mpl) probe of the minimum or maximum level   (pat) pump as turbine; (ptr) pressure tested reservoir; (od)  overflow discharge; (pwa) pump with autoclave;  (sav) supply additional valve; (sacg) submersible alternating current generator; (sacm) submersible alternating current motor; (sfff) special flange with four feeds;  (sgh) suction geodetic height; (sov) shut-off valve; (sovfa) shut-off valve with flow adjustment; (sph) suction piezometric height; (srip) supporting ring for intubate pump; (srt) supply reservoir tube; (sss) shaped sheet steel; (sv) safety valve; (tcp) tube containing the pump; (tpups) three-phase UPS; (wdn) water distribution network; (wddr) water distribution and disconnection reservoir. (wsdr) water disconnection reservoir.

The drawing below demonstrates that the same solution could also be used by transporting desalinated water from the seas to the hinterland without incurring immense energy costs both for desalination than to transport them at a distance like the previous solution. ( ) 

Still in 2023, science, politicians, entrepreneurs pretend not to understand these elementary solutions that would have completely prevented global warming, saved the resources present in the subsoil and with the same system, create other inventions, such as the artificial Welling which in addition to fight global warming, could give jobs to millions of people and increase food production, extracted from the sea. ( In fact, natural welling occurs in only 5% of sea surfaces. But also other very important inventions, of which I have already written and will continue to write in this and other articles, until the world ruling class, entrepreneurial economic scientific policy, assumes its responsibilities in the face of global warming and the unequal distribution of wealth world.

Oddly enough, with the invention of the first forms of electricity born through the experiments of Alessandro Volta (1725–1847), Carles Augustin Coulomb (1736-1806), and the experiments of Luigi Galvani (1737 – 1798), who were unbiased to the source energy, the entire ruling class preferred to produce energy through heat, demonstrating a poor knowledge of the earth’s fluid dynamics both from an economic and environmental point of view, but also from a practical and work organization point of view. It makes no sense to produce electricity through heat if we have to rotate the rotor of a current generator and transmit it to the stator since both the rotor and the stator work at room temperature and cannot overheat. It makes no sense to build large thermoelectric and nuclear power plants, and then transport the energy remotely on pylons and cable ducts. It seems that the world’s ruling class has acted in concert to plunder the resources destined for future generations.

We can exploit the pressure energy of the compressed air in a closed recycling tank, which can also be used to replace the heat engines as seen in the hydraulic diagrams shown below, and create local energy production plants wherever it is needed, even on land transport.

 Legenda del disegno 1/1: (ac) air compressor; (acg) alternating current generator; (ai)  axial impeller; (bd) bottom drain; (caipds) capsid axial intubated pump with dual suction; (cfca) connection for fast fill compressed air; (cv) check valve; (dph) delivery piezometric height; (ecpc) electrical current produced cable; (fcp) flange for coupling to the pump; (fdsfs) flanged dual supply and flow separator; (fss) flow separator in sheet steel; (htva) hydraulic turbine with vertical axis; (iwft) inlet water to feed turbine; (lf) lift ring; (lfcv) level floating control valve;  (lf) lift ring; (li) level indicator; (mpl) probe of the minimum or maximum level; (ow) outlet water;  (pat) pump as turbine; (ptr) pressure tested reservoir; (sacg) submergile alternating current generator; (sov) shut-off valve; (sovfa) shut-off valve with flow adjustment;  (sph) suction piezometric height; (srip) supporting ring for intubate pump; (sss) shaped sheet steel; (sv) safety valve; (tcp) tube containing the pump;  (tpups) three-phase UPS ;  (vvv) ventilation and vent valve;  (wdn) water distribution network; (wsdr) water disconnection reservoir.

Newton through physics, mathematics and astronomy, had understood everything about the gravitational force. The law of universal gravitation states that two material points attract each other with a force of intensity directly proportional to the product of the masses of the single bodies and inversely proportional to the square of their distance.

F = G * m1 * m2 / r2. Where G is the acceleration coefficient of the Earth’s gravity, which at sea level is 9.807. This force goes one way, from the body with the least mass to the greatest mass. Mass is an intrinsic physical characteristic of matter itself. A body with a mass of 1kg has the same mass on Earth, on the Moon, or in interstellar space. Mass is measured in kg, while force and weight should be measured in N (Newtons) or kgf (kilogram force). 1 newton is the amount of force required to accelerate a body of mass 1 kg by 1 m per second squared. F = m • a (1 N = 1 kg • 1 m/s2)

Returning to the subject of this article, if we want to produce a linear thrust that can go in any direction, we must build mobile flying systems equipped with normal Newton reaction thrust, such as is currently produced in helicopters and we must add some linear motors global ( which work in parallel, so that the sum of the physical reaction thrusts of Newton and the electromagnetic ones of Lorentz, of the individual engines are able to overcome the gravitational force of all the masses involved.

To make plants lighter and cheaper, we must learn to extract electrical and electromagnetic energy from the environment, primarily to avoid carrying the weight of fuels. The other heavy elements that we can eliminate are those due to the cooling systems of heat engines since we will not produce heat. We must eliminate mechanical and thermodynamic transmissions which are hundreds of times heavier and more expensive than electric ones.  We have to seamlessly combine electrical and fluid dynamic systems separated only by metal walls, cladding and using electrically insulated supports. Where it will be necessary, we must also isolate them magnetically, so that the electromagnetic thrust of Lorentz always works in the same direction as that of the Newton reaction. It will not be a problem to adjust the air navigation speeds, the altitudes, the directions in which to go by regulating the number of revolutions of the electric motors that circulate the water with an inverter, which is the primary energy vector of the electric motors of the propellers, of the turbofans , and of those which make the permanent magnets circulate. Every small adjustment of these motors will correspond to a small altimetric or directional variation, without being tied to the ground, as occurs in modern magnetic levitation trains which cannot change the direction of travel in order not to derail, and cannot be energetically autonomous, not wanting to extract energy directly from the environment, as could be done using compressed hydroelectric power generators.

Luigi Antonio Pezone