The omission crime is the daily bread of sciences, bureaucrats and world governments.

(Twentieth open letter to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations)


I found the following documents available online:

1), where Gino Strada, president of “Emergency” states: “We are governed by people who have no consideration for human life. People who should be brought before the International Court of The Hague for crimes against humanity”.

2), where the great scientist, who disappeared in March last year, stated at various stages: “I am sure that during this century we will discover how to change both intelligence and instincts like aggression”; “There will probably be laws against genetic engineering for human, but someone will not be able to resist the temptation to improve their characteristics, such as memory, disease resistance and life span”; “Once these super-humans appear, there will be major political problems with unimproved humans, because they will no longer be able to compete and, perhaps, will die or become irrelevant. Instead, a race will be born that will self-design and that will continue to improve at an ever-increasing rate “.

Hawking referred to certain DNA manipulation techniques, such as “Crispr”, a technology known for six years that allows scientists to manipulate genes by discarding the harmful ones or adding new ones. Crispr technology is already in use, for example, at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, where gene editing techniques are used to treat a form of leukemia that would otherwise be incurable.

The professor of climate science at the Department of Earth Sciences, University College London, Chris Rapley said “Probably humans have come to a critical time. The future seems hopelessly bleak. Perhaps scientists genetically engineer a circulatory system that will allow us to survive in an environment with little oxygen, how will that of the earth be when the phytoplankton has become extinct? “

The problems faced by Gino Strada, are very different from those posed by Stephen Hawking in the last months of his life, but both highlight the lack of transparency of world governments and even of world public research. Gino Strada, denounces the disinterest of governments towards major social problems, such as the problem of migrants, the equity of the distribution of world wealth, the sustainability of medical care, the real protection of the environment, the real search for sustainable depurative solutions and energy.  Stephen Hawking was not opposed to genetic research but was concerned about unimproved or non-improved human in a society where science works in a non-transparent way to create a super race, not accessible to everyone. I highlighted in bold the last sentence attributed to Professor Chris Rapley which sums up what the great public and private research centers are preparing to do, in the secret of their laboratories to defend the superior race from the pollution that they themselves have produced. Very strangely, something similar to what these occult centers of power are proposing, the undersigned has already deposited it democratically, as an Italian patent with the name “artificial heart blood oxygenator”. Which would work with the same energetic principles that the undersigned has been proposing for five years to all the world authorities, including the International Judges and the United Nations to combat global warming: the synergies between the principles of Pascal, Henry and Torricelli, the modified pumps slightly to recover water and blood and also act as turbines to produce the energy that feeds the world’s energy and purification system or the circulatory and purifying system of man. The more energy we produce in the planet, the more we will protect it from aging. The same would be true for the human brain, gradually replacing worn parts that cannot be recovered with electromechanical organs, and eliminating those that in old age would become useless (digestive, respiratory, urinary systems).


Current world governments, including the United Nations, are only apparently democratic, if we analyze the choices they make, not from a political and economic point of view, but from the scientific point of view of the organization of global work. The vicissitudes of the English Brexit, of the success that the wall of separation between the United States and Mexico is having, the advance of conservative populist parties in Europe, show that the majority of the voters of the single countries reason selfishlyTherefore voters can easily be manipulated by the political and economic centers of power that close the borders and promise, and the lowering of taxes. Even if the second aspect fails, this does not help the oppositions that preach brotherhood and the equitable distribution of work and wealth because migrants represent competition for the weaker segments. Therefore, not only environmental and energy problems, even social ones, can no longer be solved politically but scientifically and legally. Unfortunately, today, both science and justice are not impartial. First, world public science must be reformed, which must become an example to be imitated for private science and a reliable point of reference for national and international legislators and judges. In fact, both legislators and judges when they legislate or issue important sentences listen to scientific advisors. To prevent scientific advisers from misbehaving national and international legislators and judges, it is necessary to change the organization of world work by updating the state of the art in all sectors without the possibility of scientific misunderstandings. As I have already written in a recent article it is necessary to forbid incomplete inventions of science in the whole world (  In fact, the undersigned who was a designer and installer of industrial and environmental plants can say with certainty that in the entire planet there is no complete industrial or environmental plant because both public science and multinationals work in compartments, being specialized in specific sectors. This has conditioned the correct industrial development, environmental, urban planning, agricultural, food, global health. Only through the study of the organization of global work could the defects of the anthropic world plants be identified and therefore also the defects of the current world development model and the possible alternative solutions. Unfortunately, everyone continues to improve their specific sector, improving returns. But not realizing that using synergies and interactivity, the returns would not only have improved but multiplied and the pollution eliminated. The undersigned, with the experience gained in a working life, to demonstrate the way in which the plants are designed globally, as a pensioner in twelve years of work has deposited about forty national public utility patents, which have not found interlocutors in the governments and in Italian public science. For reasons of cost, only six transformed them into international patents, proving that the problem is not only Italian but worldwide. These patents concern water saving, water purification, air, energy production in fixed and mobile versions with sustainable and interactive systems that have never been built and tested on planet Earth, precisely because of the current way to work at watertight compartments of public research institutions and multinationals. The purpose of my work was not to obtain the industrial ownership of my inventions, but to put the finger on the world scourge of the current purification and energy systems that produced global warming precisely because they were designed incompletely by public bodies and by multinationals. In this work, due to fortunate circumstances, I have gone far beyond the goals I set for myself, even encroaching in the health sector with the invention of the artificial heart blood oxygenator. I’m sure I didn’t just put a finger in the scourge of world design but a very sharp knife. If I made a few details wrong, I don’t think it matters. The important thing is not to correct my mistakes, that if there are any, they are only virtual and no government or multinational company has given up. The important thing is to correct the real errors that led to global warming and unsustainable economic development, which are not only technical and scientific errors, but also legislative and legal, precisely because of the compartmentalized work and lack of transparency of the laws that regulate world work. In fact it would not take much to legislate that all the anthropic works that open chemical or biological cycles must also close them in a neutral or positive way for the environment. If national and international legislators and judges, who are not technicians, have autonomously decided that the state of the world scientific and technological art does not allow to close the cycles, or not to open them, they too have committed the “crime of omission of public documents ”, not verifying the solutions proposed by the undersigned. Not only filed with the official authorities but also published on the web and send email to the concerned public bodies.

The main mistake committed by those who have studied without understanding the general principles of energy is the difference between electricity and the primary energy used to produce it.

Thermodynamics serves to produce heat, not electricity. Electricity is produced in many ways, but the most efficient way is through electromagnetism and this is produced by rotating magnetic brushes (rotor) in an electric field wrapped in a solenoid (stator). More bigger is the rotor that turns, more greater is the number of rotating brushes, more greater is the amount of energy produced. But to turn the rotor a primary energy is needed which must be cheap and must be clean. Only inventors and incompetent scientists used indirect primary or polluting energies to make the rotor turn. Among the indirect means is heat, solar energy, electrolysis, chemistry, biology. The direct ones are hydroelectric and wind power, but the most convenient is the hydroelectric system because the water has a density eight hundred thirty times higher than air. The absolute best method is the system that allows the recycling of water. It would have been enough to remember that the energy is due to the product of the flow rate for the pressure of the fluid density to understand that no thermal energy, produced with fuels and one-way combustion gases, can approach the efficiency of an energy that exploits much higher liquid density and the static pressure of the compressed air that can reach even thousands of bars, moreover, without dispersing into the environment, but dissolving slightly in the water up to the saturation point, purifying it. But on the planet Earth, since the advent of the industrial era, we are producing electricity, without recycling water, with plants that exploit the flow of water in a one-way direction, through hydraulic leap and river currents. These hydroelectric plants, in many cases, have produced more disasters than benefits to accumulate water by means of dams, which have created flood disasters and summer droughts.

The undersigned has patented two systems to produce hydroelectric energy by recycling water and many applications of the same, declared “perpetual motion” by the patent offices, as if they were the highest scientific authority in the world. While they are only the custodians of the deposits of the original patents, so that, in the interest of the entire world community, the scientific truth is ascertained, without a shadow of doubt. In this regard, I have hereby written twenty open letters to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations. They are the ones who have to make things clear. I only wait for them to decide to do it and I will continue to write articles like this, until they do.

Hydroelectric energy with hydraulic leap is an energy source that is consumed and ends when the water in the upper basin does not end. The only general energy principle that can ensure the continuity of operation indefinitely without fuels, catalysts, consuming only the wear of the materials is precisely the dynamic fluid that can exploit in the same plant the air pressure and the water circulation by means of of pumps and turbines, since the electric energy produced by the current generators coupled to the turbines is always higher than the energy absorbed by the motors coupled to the pumps, obviously, in circuits open to atmospheric pressure or pressurized with autoclaves equipped with an open tank that allows the recovery of the liquid that produced the energy by means of a pump with the separate double feed up to the impeller.

At least some world rulers should ask themselves: why, despite the technological improvements made to the gas and steam turbine engines, the percentage of CO2 in the environment continues to increase. I have already explained it but I have not been believed. The main energetic principle of world terrestrial energy, which is not thermodynamic but dynamic fluid, was wrong. From what was written above, with the benefit of hindsight, it should be obvious, but the funny thing is the fact that the undersigned has identified submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy, not from physics and general chemistry, but from the study of scientific organization global labor, in order to clean only fossil energy. In fact, the scientific organization of work cannot go wrong, since the search for the best innovative solution to the state of the art is from a technical and economic point of view. In fact, the organization of work has been applied above all in the manufacturing industry to increase the productive rhythms of companies, improving automation systems, internal transport and replacing human manual operations with robots in many applications. But paradoxically, the most advanced industry in the world, that of transport, has failed the primary source of energy, which could only be identified by studying the organization of environmental work.

As Frederick Taylor taught in 1911, if we break down work activities into small elementary operations, the best solution is always one. This solution changes continuously with the progress of the state of the art and intersects with the elementary operations of the other work activities that simultaneously undergo other advances in the state of the art. It should be obvious that before making large investments and public works we should make careful checks of the state of the world art of the sectors involved and put them together correctly. Multinationals have used Taylor’s teachings to increase industrial productivity. The legislators and the judges would have had to impose also the closing of the chemical, biological, nuclear cycles to the civil and industrial activities, but before they would have had to close them in the public installations Not having done this, all world governments have committed and commit the extremely serious crime of omission and by not identifying the best solutions, they cannot even correct private inventions that continue to pollute the environment despite the advancement of the state of the art, which it cannot be total if the wrong energy principles are used. The undersigned will talk about these topics at the congress “RECYCLING 2019” that will be held in Rome on 22 and 23 May 2019. It will be a small speaker kindly granted free of charge by the organizers to the undersigned. In fact the congresses are financed by the participating companies and the speakers pay to make their innovations known. The undersigned, being a pensioner, does not represent any public or private companies. Therefore, it has no sponsor. Although he receives many invitations, especially abroad, even without paying, he normally does not attend congresses because travel expenses represent a considerable cost for a common pensioner. He agreed to attend this congress which is quite close to home.

I have already explained in various articles the reasons that led me to follow water and air purification systems step by step to identify the defects of energy systems. In every publication, not to always say the same things, I always add some new news. This time I want to talk about the first system that gave me the starting point. It was the impulse to improve the sewer systems, because, in the book “The treatment of polluted water” by Esther, Ribaldone, Bianucci was reported that the “Water Pollution Research Laboratory” in Stevenage (UK), recommended the dosage of a small amount of calcium in sewage discharges (50 – 70 mg / l) to avoid the formation of hydrogen sulfide in the sewers and therefore avoid the acidification of sludge and waste water and therefore also reduce the costs of purification. Unfortunately, no one in the whole world had ever found a way to do this dosage, given the immense ramification of the sewage systems. The undersigned thought that the only way to dose the calcium in the sewer system was to entrust the task to the users and to combine it with water saving. Obviously, the dosing devices and the maintenance service should have provided them the municipalities, while the users would have been compensated for the annoyance through water saving. It was the first idea that the undersigned developed in the year in which he retired with the Italian patent application CE20060014 of 22.05.2006, which, the following year transformed into the European patent EP 1 860 072 A2, publication date 28.11.2007 Bulletin 2007/48, to which the Italian and European authorities did not reply. Therefore, as an inventor, I began to combine the activity of a writer to stimulate the debate on my solutions, which never existed. The following article, published around June 2009 in the Italian magazine, summarizes the operation of domestic systems ever made in the world. I believe that the solution described is still valid because the state of the art of domestic water saving and sewage purification prevention has never been achieved and represents an important proof of the crimes of omission by governments and world public science. Here is an excerpt from the article:


“The system for the recovery and discharge of domestic water with maxi boxes due to fortunate circumstances, in addition to allowing water savings of 25 – 30% of our consumption per person, creates an ideal condition to obtain additional benefits through the dosing of flocculating products. environmental effects, not repeatable in any purification cycle of the existing waste water, both for the removal of phosphorus, and for the prevention of hydrogen sulphide, both to correct the PH of the discharges, and to improve the efficiency of the purifying treatments that they follow.

Thanks to the strategic position represented by our apartments, the “idea” can become “the environmental egg of Colombo”. It is enough to delay the intervention by a few meters, simply by leaving the room where the drainage originates, which falls into the type of already existing plants, which despite using more sophisticated technologies have failed in the prevention work that is still lacking in the systems purification. Not only in our country. We should not be surprised if this proposal provides for the introduction of the flocculant solution directly into the maxi drain box (specifically designed for this plant) because the sludge produced in the same, with filtered and decanted water, still lacking human waste, will be in the order of a few grams per liter and will not settle, as they are extracted from the hopper bottom at each discharge.  To ascertain this, a small experiment is enough that everyone can do at home, washing their hands, or shaving with shaving soap in a basin and emptying the contents into a one-liter bottle, then adding 300 – 400 mg of hydrated lime. Slight stirring and subsequent decantation can give the idea of the sludge produced. If we consider that a lot of water is introduced into the completely clean drain, the idea that we will be made with the simple experiment will certainly be approximated by excess. Furthermore, the presence of detergents in the slurry slows down the biological process. Implants without tertiary treatment, to break down inorganic compounds (among which, mainly phosphorus) are forced to chemically precipitate organic substances, producing excess and non-recyclable mud. Implants without tertiary treatment, to break down inorganic compounds (among which, mainly phosphorus) are forced to chemically precipitate organic substances, producing excess and non-recyclable mud. The plants equipped with tertiary treatment, following the biological process, need huge additional tanks for mixing, flocculation, aeration, decantation, mud extraction, also treating the waters that originally would not have needed the treatment (rain and industrial origin, theoretically already treated at the source). The new phosphorus removal systems that use “biological reactors” must be continuously monitored and guided so that they can give the desired results, so they will hardly be applied in smaller plants. Notwithstanding that the sludge produced with the most efficient purification systems if they contain, as they inevitably contain, unwanted substances, such as heavy metals, are not recyclable. Therefore, the removal of phosphorus, anticipated in the new exhaust system of our apartments, being aimed only at the water involved in the use of detergents, leads to lower dosages, easier contact with coagulating solution. Furthermore, using lime in the process, it stabilizes the PH in a basic environment and, being in a strategic position for the entire purification system, prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide in the sewer system and improves the performance of the final purification processes. Continuing to neglect this environmental opportunity means continuing to waste enormous financial resources, energy consumption, precious spaces, with an unsatisfactory purification result and no environmental prevention.

Of the coagulation process, with lime, was discussed in the previous article “Eleven reasons to re-evaluate Imhoff” in this, we speak of usable system for the preparation and dosage of flocculants in our apartments, strategic, to spread prevention . I only remember that it was planned to use lime to treat sanitary wastewater in the bathrooms that will be used to clean the toilet, while those of the kitchen, more polluted, will be treated with ferric chloride, alum or aluminum sulphate, which are acids. . An acid is preferable because in addition to the precipitation of phosphates it causes the breakdown of fatty cells, facilitating their elimination. We consider using the most commonly used in sewage treatment plants which is the most economical and of which I can cite the available dosage examples: ferric chloride. The action of ferric chloride is very rapid because the product, very soluble in water, becomes insoluble at pH above 6.5, forming flakes which absorb the particles suspended in the water, repeating the same phenomenon that occurs with the lime in basic environment, above PH 10.

The sludge produced is slightly acidic and will be deposited in a grease condensate well where, through a simple float level switch, it will be extracted with water and placed in the Imoff pit, where it can be digested and contribute to the normalization of the PH of the itself (with this procedure the fats will float perpetually and as they disintegrate, thanks to the acid pH of the underlying water, they will be transferred to the Imhoff pit). With periodic purging of the pit, the resistant fats will also be removed from the pit. While the action of lime for phosphate abatement, even with an excess dosage, will be exhausted as soon as the maxicass is left for the rapid lowering of the PH below the value 10, the action of ferric chloride will continue in the well and in the Imhoff pit, until its complete exhaustion and until the basic or neutral state of the bath remains.

With the birth of these plants and the formation of a specific management culture, new additives and new dosages can be identified. For the moment, in keeping with the experience gained in purification plants, we have a valid starting point for the design of the plant.

According to “The treatment of polluted water” by Esther, Ribaldone, Bianucci with the raw domestic sewage the following results can be obtained:

Reagent          dosage         PH                   Sedim time           final  PO4           Bod5          Cod             Sost. Sosp.

FeCl3                 50  mg/L       6                        25 min                  2,6 mg/L        91 mg/L      151 mg/L    38 mg/L

CaO                   250  mg/L   10                       15 min                  2,5 mg/L        68 mg/L      112 mg/L     40 mg/L

Since the domestic water we use, still lacking the organic load due to the toilets, is not comparable, even remotely, to the raw sewage, and being the times necessary for the sedimentation compatible with the planned drainage system, considering also the volumes of water accumulated in the maxi cassettes, all the conditions exist to expect, with lower dosages, better results than those reported in the table above.  Since the domestic water we use, still lacking the organic load due to the toilets, is not comparable, even remotely, to the raw sewage, and being the times necessary for the sedimentation compatible with the planned drainage system, considering also the volumes of water accumulated in the maxi cassettes, all the conditions exist to expect, with lower dosages, better results than those reported in the table above. the uniformity of the quality of the treated water; the small volumes involved which allow a more uniform mixing; furthermore, the proximity of the two plants can allow the combination of the two reagents, if deemed appropriate. I make this last clarification because, if on the one hand maximum precipitation is desirable, which would require the administration of an acid in a strongly basic environment, our goal is also to stabilize the PH between the values 7 and 8 to facilitate the subsequent biological process that the waters will undergo, at the same time preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide.

The operation of the two systems is the same, with the only difference, as the kitchen lifting pump. instead of lifting the water to the wc’s mini-cassettes, it sends it to a maxicass of water discharge of the kitchen, which constitutes a contact tank and which discharges directly into the gray water column with a timed interval (which ensures the contact time necessary for the coagulant) or more simply, by providing a level switch of maximum level, at which, a discharge of about 5-6 liters of water will be made automatically.  In this way the maxi-cassette will always work at the maximum level and the discharge will be random, provided that at night you can automatically unload the entire accumulation, treated profusely, to allow the cycle to resume the next day.

As mentioned above, for both systems, the introduction of the coagulating solution will take place directly in the maxi cassette, perfectly dosed, since it is simultaneous with the operation of the lifting pump and proportional to its capacity. The chemical reaction will take place entirely in the maxi cassette of rinsing. Inside the mini-cassettes a mini submersible electric pump will be mounted which will have the function of ensuring a slight agitation of the water so as to favor the chemical reaction and allow the deposit of only the largest mud flakes, more useful for the subsequent purification process. Since the internal width of the maxi-cassette is only 74 mm, like the normal flush-mounted boxes, all the water present in the box will be affected by moderate agitation in a rotating direction, with ascension on one side, descent from the opposite side and central precipitation in the area of discharge.  However, sedimentation of sludge will not be allowed as these will be extracted at each discharge. The hopper bottom of the maxi cassette and the high flow speed in the outlet section will guarantee the constant cleaning of the bottom and the closing seat; the weight of the bolt and the neoprene coating will ensure the seal even in the presence of flakes. The spherical shutter covered in neoprene is the most reliable system tested in the check valves used in sewage lifts. Considering that in a dwelling, normally, there are more wc, in order to avoid having more installations than the two indispensable, all the sanitary waters will be conveyed to a single lifting well and there will be only one maxicass (useful capacity 50 L) from the which dosed water will be transferred by means of a pump to a mini-box (useful capacity 20 L), built with the same construction criterion as the maxi (hopper bottom, agitation pump, level switch, eventual transfer pump). From this, the third toilet can be fed in cascade and so onThe water at the exit will be softened, clarified and disinfected (we must not forget that both the lime and the ferric chloride are also powerful disinfectants) with the presence of mud flakes.

Take for example a household system of a family that consumes 1000 l of water a day and uses the dosages shown in the table above:

 300 liters are discharged through the flushing in the black water ridge;

 650 liters, through the kitchen neutralization system, in the sump condenses greases;

50 liters should be dumped untreated, for cleaning and overflow operations in gray water, together with the kitchen water.

The 300 liters that pass through the wc maxi-cassette consume (300 x 0, 25) = 75 g / day of lime hydroxide and 75 liters of dilution water, which require another 18.75 gr (75 x 0, .25), Approximate the daily requirement at 95gr / day [we will use a solution of just 0.126% which corresponds to 1.26 gr / L (= 95/75), well below the low solubility threshold of lime (1.7gr / L) ]. Considering that the recovery water pump is 10 lt / min = 600 l / h; the daily operating time is 0.5h (300/600); the flow rate of the metering pump will be 150 l / h. In fact, the indispensable condition for a perfect dosage is the simultaneous operation of the lifting pump with the dosing pump, which also allows avoiding costly measurement and control instruments The dilution water can be taken from the same maxi-tap water to avoid drinking water. On the contrary, we will be able to take from the maxi kitchen drain box, the one we will use to dilute the lime. In this way we can sum up the effects of the two coagulants, which have been positively tested by the Swiss Wuhrmann, as shown in the table below:

Reagent                dosage                    initial  PO4                    final  PO4          

FeCl3                     2  mg/L Fe                                                          

CaO                       250 mg/L                 15  – 23 mg/L                0,9  – 1,7 mg/L  

From this table it is evident the importance of the addition of ferric chloride, even if limited to only 2 mg / L Fe. In the proposed domestic solution we can achieve this effect at no cost.

The 650 liters that pass through the kitchen’s mini-cassette are treated with ferric chloride and, assuming the dosage of the text, require 50 mg / L. The amount of Fe 100% chloride daily will be 650 X 0.05 = 32.5 gr. Considering that the product is soluble, we expect a solution diluted at 40% which requires a daily consumption of 81.25 gr (0.08125 kg) of solution (32.5 * 100/40).  Since the recovery water pump is always 600lt / h; the daily operating time is 1.08 h (650/600); the flow rate of the dosing pump will be 0.11 L / h, considering the specific weight of the solution equal to 1.42 kg / l (0.08125 * 1.42).

Let’s examine how the two reagents could be used in combination, without excessive plant costs:

 Taking the dosing water for toilets from the kitchen mini-cassette, already dosed with 50 mg / L of ferric chloride, we will add about 12.5 mg / L of ferric chloride to the solution [(150/600) * 50)] considerable importance, both as flocculation and water saving.

As anticipated, the hypothesized dosages were taken from the purification text, regarding raw sewage, but it is legitimate to hypothesize that in reality they will decrease considerably, in particular for ferric chloride. I personally hypothesize that only 10-15 mg / L may suffice. For this reason the favorable condition created by the recovery plants is no longer repeatable in other purification processes. The coagulants do not make distinctions between organic and inorganic compounds they transform everything indistinctly into mud. Anticipating intervention times, with small quantities of additives, we do nothing but break down the compounds presently present in the water, which include 100% of the phosphorus, leaving the biological process to remove the organic compounds that will be subsequently introduced by the wc. This condition is exclusive to the recovery plants as they were conceived, it could not be repeated even if a purification plant was built for each apartment, if one leaves the plant where the discharges originate and the use of maxi cassettes is neglected of discharge. It is difficult to reduce the quantity of lime, since this is linked to the alkalinity of the water used and not to the suspended solids, but the product is ecologically compatible par excellence and limited to only one third of the water treated. Also the fear of the little soluble product handling should be set aside because, as we have seen, in the domestic environment, for the small quantities of water treated, it will be possible to use a concentration well below the solubility threshold.

The supposed 50 liters (estimated for excess) that are not treated will indirectly benefit from the chemical treatment: the overflow of the bathrooms will be connected to the lifting well of the kitchen, where they can be treated; the overflow of the cockpit of the kitchen, connected to the discharge of gray water directed to the grease condensate well, where the effect of the residual ferric chloride will always be present

Following the values of the final PH reported by the purification text, the 300 liters discharged directly into the pit together with the organic material have an average pH of 10.5 and 700 liters passing through the condensate fat well having a PH equal to 6 PH average in the pit will be about 7.35 [(300×10.5 + 700x 6) / 1000] which is the ideal condition to obtain and maintain methanic fermentation over time, also compensating for the natural phenomena of slurry acidification and preventing the formation of hydrogen sulphide.

Another corrective that can be used to correct the Ph in the Imhoff pit upwards is to mount an electric pump in the high position of the maxi-bath, which transfers, with timed intervals, a small amount of basic water to the maxi-cassette of the kitchen. The same, will be able to work, automatically, with the maximum level of the maxi cassette, avoiding the overflow, which would drain, uselessly for the purposes of the process, the water in the toilet.

Today the environmental legislation accepts the minimum threshold PH 5.5 – 9. 5 that the sewage networks and the environment cannot afford (in particular for discharges in surface waters), only because there is no prevention system like the one in question. With this system, the prudent manager will be able to calibrate the discharge systems in zones, preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide, also depending on the distance of the purification plant. Again, everything can be achieved without control equipment, because the characteristics of the discharges may vary in fields that are not tolerated only by considerably changing the hardness of the incoming water. Since this is the vast majority of discharges, experimentation with the system is a must for the economic, energy and management savings that it entails along with water savings, the reduction of phosphorus well below the table, the local production of recyclable sludge and finally, but last but not least, the prevention of the formation of hydrogen sulfide in the sewage system thanks to the stabilization of the pH in a moderately basic field, advocated by the authoritative “Water Pollution Research Laboratory” in Stevenage (UK)

The publication of this article, in June 2009, aroused the interest of the then president of Enea Luigi Paganetto, who sent me an email with the following protocol number:

Prot. ENEA / 2009/370587 / PRES dated 2/07/2009, in which the former president of ENEA (Italian national energy and environment), the  Prof. Luigi Paganetto, He invited me to a meeting at their home in Bologna, writing me literally: “In order to deepen the technical aspects and the economic implications of the systems and technologies you have proposed, please contact the Dr …………., Head of the Methodology Analysis and Prevention of Anthropic Risk, which will be able to organize a Meeting with industry experts “.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to the undersigned, the collaborators of the President delayed the meeting, and they called me in the second half of the month of September 2009, making me there and back about 1100 km by train just to tell me that the prof. Paganetto had fallen as president of Enea, and they could no take care of my patents, not having enough funds to pursue their patents either. So there was no technical discussion on my patents All this could have been communicated to me with a simple mail, without even incurring the inconvenience of traveling expenses. This is the level of behavior of Italian and probably worldwide research organizations in relation to private inventors. Later, ENEA, like all other Italian and world search agencies, did not respond to submitting my publications, although it has submitted patents far more important than those produced until 2009.

I mentioned the “home flocculation” system which is one of the patents granted to the undersigned that the crime of omission on the part of governments, public science and Italian and European and world legislators did not appreciate. If someone in the world had wanted to achieve at least water savings with my system, no one could have prevented it because the undersigned’s industrial property has allowed it to lapse, being unable to pay maintenance taxes unnecessarily and intellectual property has never existed. Therefore, the undersigned, not even entitled to the copyright, which would be granted to me if I wrote a book, which people  find interesting from a literary point of view, after many years, that has been overlooked.

Nevertheless, this plant represents the first example of “organization of environmental work” because those who thought that water and air purification could take place without widespread worldwide work are naive even if they were awarded Nobel prizes. In fact, those who receive these coveted awards, from the moral point of view, cannot remain silent on the general aspects of the organization of world work, which is also the basis of sustainable economic development. Above all, the economists who are the most listened to by world governments cannot disregard the organization of global work, which in the global public sector leaves much to be desired. The public technicians must not be offended, but if they do not decide to establish global purification cycles, even starting small domestic plants, and global warming cannot be combated by the modifications of chimneys and sewers. But unemployment cannot be fought either. Governments without ideas, along with legislators, public scientists, economists and judges, do not understand that it is better to create useful work to protect the environment than to pay unemployment benefits. All global public, energy and purification plants are incomplete from an environmental point of view.

Governments plan to solve the problems of urban pollution with battery-powered cars, but they aggravate the problem of global warming, making transport means less efficient and uneconomical, because to power the batteries, fossil energy production must be greatly increased.

However, the domestic system I presented again in a new version combined with an article entitled THE SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN IS A SOCIAL DUTY OF WORLD INSTITUTIONS (ttp: // and-a-must-share-of-institutions-world /). This article was also the thirteenth open letter (unanswered) to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations.

However, the domestic system I presented again in a new version combined with an article entitled THE SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN IS A SOCIAL DUTY OF WORLD INSTITUTIONS (ttp: // and-a-must-share-of-institutions-world /). This article was also the thirteenth open letter (unanswered) to the International Court of Justice and the United Nations.

Meanwhile the world has not noticed this virtual advancement of the state of the art because governments, public science and multinationals, which together have polluted and heated the planet, are not interested in the contribution of private inventors, who do not have the money to demonstrate their inventions. While the bureaucrats of the patent offices, without sufficient technical and scientific expertise, continue to declare that energy cannot be produced with the compressed hydroelectric system. I replied to the Italian patent office as follows:

Subject: With reference to the ministerial letter dated 24/10/2018, relating to application 102018000004864, received by certified e-mail, the undersigned informs you that document WO 2015/083776 A1, considered relevant by the European patent office, has nothing that see with the solution proposed by the undersigned, since the plant illustrated in this patent is a complete purification plant (8) which concerns many water-consuming apartments (4) consisting of kitchens, toilets and similar systems. The primary energy source of this plant is solar energy and accumulator batteries. The hydroelectric energy produced in this plant is only a very small part of the energy produced by the plant through the waste water of the individual apartments, which exploits the potential energy, due to the fall of the water from above.

The system proposed by the undersigned is much simpler and more sustainable. It does not come out of the single apartment, and is limited only to recover the sanitary waters, excluding those of the kitchen that contain fat and that require a more complete treatment, which cannot be done in the little space of an apartment. Therefore, the undersigned only recovers the water that he uses for cleaning the toilet and with the small plant he simultaneously produces hydroelectric energy through the exploitation of the compressed air pressure contained in a small autoclave which, using the Henry principle to purify free of charge the water by dissolving the oxygen in the water in the water.

Therefore, all the castles in the air constructed by attaching the document of patent WO 2015/083776, are of no use, because they do not concern a system specifically called “MINI DOMESTIC PURIFICATION SYSTEM WITH HYDROELECTRIC ENERGY PRODUCTION”, which is nothing other that a system producer of compressed hydroelectric energy that produces energy by recycling water and purifying it for free only to be used for the purpose of cleaning the toilet and for other non-drinkable uses. So it has nothing to do with a complete purification plant that cannot be specifically designed to purify only the waters of a single apartment, both from an economic point of view and for the necessary dimensions.

The European examiner, not understanding these elementary concepts, compared the mini system with a complete purification plant and without any scientific opinion written by a higher scientific authority continues to write that hydroelectric energy cannot be produced through the described system of signed as contrary to the first principle of thermodynamics. I have already written in other applications that thermodynamics has nothing to do with the production of pressurized hydroelectric energy with compressed air, as it depends only on fluid dynamics, on the way in which pumps, turbines or pumps that are used as turbines and by the electromagnetism used to produce electricity.

My system, not understood by the patent offices, which in the opinion of the undersigned, on public utility patents, must not make scientific judgments, is receiving many scientific consents, such as

Also reported in the attached document:

However, for the undersigned, who deals with sustainable public energy and purification plants, it is not important to receive the recognition of a patent, if the world public authorities are not willing to carry it out, having, wrongly together with the multinationals, the fundamental principles of energy and purifications. In fact it is a contradiction to grant the patents on these plants and not to finance them, in order not to admit the mistakes they have made. In fact, if they are financed, they would be forced to demolish all the wrong plants in the world, with the consequent collapse of the world stock exchanges.  The undersigned has been granted 14 national, one European and five international patents concerning above all the interactive purification systems, which have never been financed by anyone. The study of these interactive systems has led to the conception of submerged and compressed interactive hydroelectric energies, on which the world patent offices are playing the little reputation they had by stating that energy is not produced from nothing, while public and private scientists they hide, because they have allowed pollution and global warming, putting us back even economically, since none of the current global energies is at the same time energy and purification and none can be produced at such a low cost, because no one can statically exploit the gravitational force and compressed air pressure. I have explained these things in many publicationsIf the patent offices fail to understand them, they leave the hot potato to the science that must answer directly, assuming its responsibilities. Of course, this letter is also passed on by the Minister of Economic Development, to make him understand that there can be no sustainable economic development either in Italy or worldwide, unless the fundamental errors committed by past generations are recognized first. The minister in charge, Luigi Di Maio, being young, and at the first governmental experience, cannot be the guarantor of a system that has never worked and that has protected only industrial property.  This system has never protected inventors representing ordinary citizens who do not have access to public and private research laboratories and to any type of financing, which are managed by the centers of power. In fact, the inventors are the only category of workers who do not have the right to copyright on the published works of intellect, even if, following the publications, they will be made, despite having filed patents.”

Also this letter did not serve anything because the Patent Offices continue to write the same things and the current Italian government behaves like the previous ones, without spending a euro to verify the simple public utility inventions produced by the undersigned to correct those complex pollutants and incomplete produced by public bodies and multinationals. The situation is very serious because global warming is the result of a large scientific misunderstanding that is simple to solve with small demonstration plants and those who do not want to implement them, not only could not govern, but should even be forbidden to access global public offices.

The history of the last century and the present one has only seen world and local statesmen talking about politics and economics. In my seventy years of life, I have never seen any of them express concepts of sustainable growth, which should have included a balanced industrial and environmental advancement. In other words, all the world-wide plants, industrial, agricultural, urban, should have been designed globally closing all the cycles that are opened, or avoiding to open cycles that one is not able to completely close (thermal, chemical, nuclear). There are no statesmen, both in the last century and in the current one, able to understand these concepts; since there are not even scientific advisors able to advise them, in the past and present world summits, they have always talked only about economic development. Since the Kyoto summit has begun to speak only of reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, but without going into the details of how to design new plants, not to disturb the economic powers who base their economy on oil and derivatives. To save the oil economy, and current facilities, even the IPCC scientists, who were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2007, close to the United Nations, supported the C.C.S. that does not neutralize CO2 but hides it dangerously underground.  Strangely, these great scientists did not realize that the interactive energies proposed by the undersigned were born from the study of rational cleaning of fossil energy that cannot be done without involving water and limestone as did nature in the it was primordial to absorb all the undesirable hydrogen and carbon gases not breathable by humans, animals and vegetation. These great scientists have not even taken into account the accident that occurred in Lake Nyos (Cameroon) in 1986 due to the leakage of CO2 and other compressed gases underground, which cost the lives of 1740 people and about 3500 head of cattle.

If at least the world public bodies, or the United Nations had tried to make some complete installations, at least virtually, as the undersigned did, by seriously cleaning the fossil energy, they would probably have noticed, that on planet Earth, there is a only way to produce sustainable energy, and it’s the only one that has never been realized. World science, if it had investigated in the right direction, with the powerful means at its disposal, could immediately reach the solutions identified by the undersigned, since the advent of the industrial era. Not trying to divide the atom, but simply, observing that gravity on planet Earth had thickened atmospheric gases, which reacting chemically and physically have created, besides chlorophyll photosynthesis, sea currents, artesian wells and other phenomena, which exploit the static pressure of the atmosphere, both to increase food production (photosynthesis and phytoplankton), and to lift water, using the principle of communicating vessels. Which could not exist without atmospheric pressure.

By investigating these phenomena, even with the help of physical principles already legislated for centuries, the undersigned has identified submerged hydroelectric energy in 2014, simply by intubating (theoretically) from the surface of a basin the water and putting a pump in series with the flow downwards and a turbine that drains the water into the seabed. This simple system can produce energy at infinity because the kinetic energy that develops in the descent tube (1/2 m * v2) saves energy to the motor that feeds the pump, while it increases the electric energy that the generator coupled to the turbine produces. In fact, slowing down the speed of the water, turbine transfers all its force to the shaft of the current generator. With this system, we could produce electricity by exploiting the energy of the surface water position compared to that found in the seabed. Who asserts that the static water pressure at the turbine outlet is opposed is wrong because the internal and external pressures to the down pipe are the same. Who asserts that the water that comes out consumes energy for the ascent is wrong because going out on a large surface the speed of ascent would be equal to zero. The electricity produced is due to the potential energy transformed into kinetic (m * g * h) as the hydraulic circuit is an open circuit and is affected by gravity. Water enters the descent tube from above and leaves the turbine without finding any resistance to the outlet, except for the friction between the molecules (v2 / 2g). It must not rise to the surface like in closed circuits. If it had been a closed circuit the descent water would not have produced any energy.

 World science is guilty of failing to explain this concept in schools and universities and the technical offices of the world since the advent of the industrial age have not exploited this immense clean energy that can be produced everywhere, exploiting for free a gravitational force effect, less showy hydroelectric energy with hydraulic leap because it takes place within the same volume of water, but perfectly the same, apart from the fact that it is necessary to insert a pump with the flow downwards which overcomes the state of inertia of the surface water. Obviously, this pump, to absorb less energy, must be inserted as low as possible to increase the positive head that produces energy in the turbine. In fact, in hydraulic calculations, the positive head on the pump is always subtracted to determine the prevalence of a pump. If I were not right, we could not discharge the water partially purified from the purifiers or the rainwater in the subsea pipelines that rest on the seabed even at a hundred meters of depth, because the hydrostatic pressure would oppose the water outlet of the underwater pipeline. Instead, the water regularly flows out of this pipeline because the internal and  external hydrostatic pressures of the pipeline are equivalent and a very small kinetic energy produced with a very small difference in height is enough to allow the discharge of the water coming from outside to any depth. This also happens because we are in the field of fluid dynamics and the density of water with kinetic energy that comes out is equal to that of the sea with a small difference due to the greater salinity. Static pressure cannot oppose the energy developed within its own molecules, since the water is incompressible. In fact, all the particles or molecules of water that move in the direction of the gravitational force simultaneously benefit from both gravity and atmospheric pressure. The latter is a separate additional force that is 1 kg per cm2 that is always present on the planet earth, but in the dynamic fluid it feels more as in the open circuits it accompanies the flow of one-way liquids in the direction of gravitational force. Where gravity enters, atmospheric pressure also enters. This is the case of the water descent pipe which, with the pump placed in the bottom, breaks the inertial state only in the square centimeters corresponding to the section of the descent pipe, creating the weight force (m * g) expressed in Newton, while the water surrounding the hole is only mass without acceleration expressed in kg.  Working with the delivery of the pump oriented towards the bottom under a high positive head, we force the pump to work with the maximum flow rate and negative head. It is no coincidence that the prevalence of a pump is the ability to lift water and is measured in meters of water column. If the pump is under a head of twenty meters of water column and pump downwards, the prevalence is negative, in the sense that when the pump starts to turn it breaks the state of inertia, but then it is difficult to stop it because the whole column of water (m * g * h) acquires the speed = √2 * g * h, which with a positive head of 20 m (h) would be 14 m /s subtracted from the friction losses in the descent pipe and the submerged outlet (V2 / 2g).  However it would be a remarkable speed, considering that in the hydraulic hoses and in the pumps the speed is calculated in the order of 2-3 m/s, just to reduce the load losses and the consumption of energy in heat. Therefore, immediately after placing the pump a turbine, or a pump used as a turbine (fed backwards) that slows down the flow speed, we transmit all the energy (1/2 * m * V2) to the shaft protrusion integral with the rotor of a current generator, which also has its own mass which is opposed to movement. But, as we know, electromagnetism is taking giant steps and rotors absorb less and less energy, as if they had no mass. Indeed, we are witnessing videos on Youtube showing power generators not connected to any energy source, to which it is sufficient to only give the initial energy supply ( Moreover, here we return to the concept of perpetual motion and mass in motion, which is fundamental for understanding the interactive energy, which the undersigned proposes, since, in the past, mass was defined as the quantity of matter that constitutes the body. Today physics provides a much more rigorous definition: “The mass of a body is the measure of its inertia, that is, of the resistance that the body opposes to all the variations of its state of rest or motion”. In the case of hydroelectric submerged and compressed the body does not move. Only the water moves inside the accumulated volume and through the machines mechanical energy is produced, which transformed into electromagnetic can reach very high powers, which without fuels, move the body that contains the volume of water and air that supply the primary energy for electromagnetism that powers the motors of the wheels or propellers. I say that only with this type of energy can we also conquer space without endangering the lives of men and only with this energy and the artificial heart oxygenator of blood we can we extend the life of man.

Today, unfortunately, the worst enemies of progress and sustainable inventions are within the global public, scientific, political, legislative and legal institutions. I hope they realize that they cannot obey orders blindly. At least as pensioners, they find the courage to reason freely in the interests of their grandchildren, because for their children it is already too late.

Invece, un circuito chiuso, anche se pressurizzato, non può essere trasformato in un circuito energetico perché non può sfruttare nessuna energia di posizione dell’acqua, pertanto, se inserissimo una turbina, produrrebbe meno energia di quanta ne consuma la pompa. 

Mentre, nel caso dell’energia idroelettrica compressa deve essere rivista anche la versione aggiornata della massa da parte della fisica. In quanto, il corpo si muove autonomamente, non in base alla termodinamica che produce gas e vapori che fanno muovere pistoni e turbine a gas. L’energia è prodotta è prodotta a freddo  a bordo del sistema, senza nessuna fonte esterna.  Infatti, è sufficiente aprire la valvola che collega l’autoclave pressurizzata con aria compressa che alimentando la turbina, la quale alimenta contemporaneamente anche il generatore di corrente, che alimenta l’intero sistema, producendo una quantità di energia molto superiore all’energia, assorbita dal motore che fa girare la pompa di circolazione dell’acqua, che lavora con le pressioni equilibrate in aspirazione e mandata. La pompa con la doppia alimentazione separata fino alla girante consente di approfittare della depressione creata al centro della girante di far entrare di nuovo nel circuito  di riciclo l’acqua scaricata dalla turbina, in un ciclo infinito, limitato solo dall’usura delle macchine e dalla quantità di aria che gradualmente si dissolve nell’acqua per effetto della legge di Henry.  

Both classical Newtonian physics and quantum physics, and the theory of relativity, have dealt with matter and particles and all their interactions, in space and in the atmosphere, neglecting the interactive fluid dynamics between water and the air as the undersigned has dealt with them, starting from a favorable energy condition that in nature exists only by bringing together in the same plant turbines and modified pumps, where the latter must not lift the waters, but only ensure the circulation to overcome the state of inertia . The energy is produced by the hydrostatic head and the pressure of atmospheric air or compressed air, always recycling water and without dispersing the pressure that is exploited statically. These favorable conditions do not exist by exploiting other energy sources, because fuels and chemicals are paid, and solar and wind energy are bulky, anti-economic and discontinuous. For how long it should last the  worldwide silence on these topics?

 No one wants to explain the reasons why governments and world science five years after the invention of submerged hydroelectric do not want to accept this gift provided by nature, by Newton, by fluid dynamics, by those who invented pumps, turbines, electric motors, electric power generators and aside of the undersigned who has made these simple reflections, unfortunately, with a lot of delay. They should apologize to the whole world for all the experts who were in a position to think about these solutions. Even the undersigned who thought about it with forty years of delay, compared to when he started working with plumbing systems. But I believe I made myself forgive, deepening even more the subject in these five years of waste and silence, inventing also the compressed hydroelectric energy, even more difficult to understand for those who did not want to understand the simply submerged one. In fact, the real world energy is the compressed hydroelectric energy that reduces the overall dimensions in proportion to the operating pressure and can be used on all mobile plants and in the artificial heart. But we also think about the submarines that today travel thanks to immense energy accumulators and have to climb the surface to take the combustion air necessary for the thermal engines. Obviously when the fuel runs out, the submarine and the batteries become a dead weight at the bottom of the sea. But even for airplanes, cars, agricultural vehicles it is the same thing. We think, above all, of the great global calamities (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods). With current systems, energy is lost when it is most needed for human survival. While the compressed hydroelectric energy mounted on a car or a boat, an airplane, could take us everywhere without stopping to queue at the petrol stations or the electricity distribution columns, which will not work. Furthermore, the same means of transport would function as a generator to light and warm us if we are forced to live in emergency conditions. World politicians, in keeping with the current state of art, believe they are realists, instead, precisely because they are not scientists and inventors, they should have more imagination and ask for things that may seem impossible in the state of the art. As I wrote in an article, the impossible has already been thought. They just have to demand it, without being fooled by the occult powers that have unnecessarily warmed and polluted the planet by dividing scientific expertise, so that no one could identify the interactive energies Obviously, the reasoning also applies to national and international judges who must also condemn the crimes of omission. The website http: // www. is a catalog of missed purification and energy opportunities and the related crimes of public omissions.

The global manufacturers of transport vehicles are climbing on the mirrors, unfortunately, with success, with the consent of the world governments with battery-powered cars and hybrid engines, so as not to agree with nature, to Newton, Henry, Pascal, Torricelli, Planck, Hertz, Pacinotti, Tesla, and the same Einstein who has always distanced himself from nuclear energy. Motor racing, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, with heat engines that have no future should be abolished and replaced with races that use sustainable engines, which also ensure energy independence. The planet Earth is not eternal. Many signs show that he is aging and the man is cooperating. Many authoritative scientists say it, even if they do not know or pretend not to know the interactive energies, which the undersigned proposes, so as not to become powerful enemies. The increase in electromagnetic efficiency that has been taking place in recent years undoubtedly helps to lighten the systems, but to develop great energy powers and a primary source of energy is needed. This is precisely the interactive energy between water, air, direct gravitation with submerged hydroelectric energy, or indirect with the compressed one.

Although WIPO is a United Nations body, and these are well represented by the world’s leading environmental and energy scientists, five years later, I still continue to receive the perpetual motion charge from the patent offices. It is clear that the right hand of world public institutions does not know what the left is doing. But strangely, even the hand of the International Court of Justice, which is part of the same United Nations and the same leaders, do not know what they are doing in WIPO’s national and central branch offices. It is not possible that in the face of the very serious environmental problems that we are experiencing the ideas of the inventors are rejected by the peripheral offices without involving special scientific commissions. We are not talking about the fact that only inventors in the whole world do not have the copyright, like the other authors of works of intellect. Indeed, copyrights follow industrial property, not intellectual property. One wonders, in what world do politicians, legislators, and national and international judges live? Probably, these e-mail addresses to which I sent nineteen open letters are not working because nobody has ever answered my open letters:,,,, I will also send this article to the following addresses:,,,,,, webmaster @ unfccc. int, I hope someone will also suggest me some other useful addresses.

Faced with so crass omission crimes it is logical to lose confidence in institutional bodies but not the hope that things can change, at least for future generations. Even if my solutions remain only theoretical, nobody has prevented me from patenting the “artificial welling” which is based on the same system and which could feed the entire world by raising the carbonates and calcium solubilized over more than four billion years in the depths oceanic by means of the venturi effect identified by Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746 – 1822), which no one has taken into consideration, both to combat oceanic acidification, and to artificially produce phytoplankton and zoo plankton, which will certainly be cheaper than cultivation of the earth ( In fact, the simple depression produced by a bottleneck that increases the speed of the surface water flow that goes down into the depths and rises to the surface, could cause calcium and carbonates to enter the surface water. Also in this case, being an open circuit, combining in series pumps and turbines the production of energy produced by the turbine, would be much higher than that absorbed by the pump, because it uses the gravitational force (m * g * h) overcoming the inertial state and the mechanical energy is transformed into electromagnetism which causes the pump motor to run indefinitely until the materials are consumed due to wear. It is obvious that the physical principles identified by Newton, Torricelli, Pascal, Venturi, Henry, are important, but without the electromagnetism that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy and returns a small part to run the engine that wins the state inertial system cannot work. But this is not perpetual motion because the primary force is the gravitational one and we can dose it by positioning the pump at different depths and adjusting the number of revolutions, while the turbine coupled to the alternator serves to transform the kinetic energy into electro magnetic. Obviously, once this energy has been transformed into electricity, it can get out of the water and feed everything we need and create artificial islands that live off fishing and tourism. Not even the Italian patent No. 102016000058416 of 07/06/2016 entitled “FLOATING SYSTEM WITH EXTRUDED, RIBBED, REINFORCED AND POLYSTYRENE FILLED TUBES” has found public and private interlocutors, which can be downloaded from, found interlocutors. This would be a much smarter way to use oil derivatives, but global governments and entrepreneurs only think of producing fuels that pollute and are uneconomical. In fact, if I am right to sell about submerged energy and artificial welling, I could also be right about the other depurative and energetic interactive inventions that nobody has financed without ever giving me a technical and scientific explanation. Gravity is better than manna falling from the sky because through the thickening of atmospheric air it would provide us with free all the energy we need by properly designing the world’s energy plants. Unluckily, scientists, instead of exploiting the practical effects useful to man, concentrate only on understanding the mysteries of the universe, while greed and scientific ignorance produce incomplete inventions in all sectors of human activities. I do not say that the mysteries of the universe should not be discovered, because these mysteries also excite the undersigned, but at least spend a few words in favor of inventors who seek to correct the terrestrial inventions of science.

Moral bodies, trade unions, environmental associations cannot leave everything in the hands of public planning bodies and multinationals. Only criticizing. They must also go into the scientific and technical details. Giovanni Battista Venturi was a priest, besides being a scientist. Once the churches were also points of scientific reference. Today they only deal with theology. Moral motivations are the basis for overcoming pollution and seeking sustainable purification and energy solutions. The undersigned has started the activity of retired inventor because too many things did not convince him from the scientific and technical point of view. Words are not enough to challenge them. We need to publish the solutions, going into details. If nobody understands the details, not even the pump and turbine manufacturers, it means that the state of the art of science and technology has been monopolized by the alliances of the centers of power, which do not even leave the economic crumbs to the inventors’ experiments private. Patent offices behave in the opposite way to the mandate received, because an invention by definition is something not easily understood by those affected by the work. The patent offices are not involved in the work. I’m an insider, with almost fifty years of experience. If the other experts do not answer yet, they probably received the order not to answer.

World science is also guilty of not having used the concept of submerged hydroelectric energy in the atmospheric environment in plants that are not submerged but always completely filled with water, and always coupling a pump and a turbine together at the lowest point, which instead of discharging water downstream losing it forever, discharging it into a larger pipe than the down pipe connected directly to the upper basin. This solution, explained extensively in patent deposits and in many publications including, would have simulated the effect of submerged energy, producing a little less instantaneous energy, but without wasting water and producing energy throughout the year, instead of only when the upper basins are full. Above all, there would have been no need to build large dams that favored floods. World science, not having understood the concept that should have coupled pumps and turbines, did not even transmit it in schools and even today, no one has created open and rational fluid dynamics systems that would have produced clean energy all year round, recycling the water and avoiding droughts and floods.

If at least the teachers taught physics correctly in middle and high schools, at least the children could pass on the basic concepts of interactive energy to their parents. Sooner or later, something should also come to ministers and heads of government who talk about growth and the economy, without realizing that the fundamental principles have been wrong. Under these conditions, growth cannot even repair the damage it produces. Unfortunately, not even the young people who march with Greta Tumberg enter into these details. They understand that things don’t work. But they have no scientific formative reference points, to identify errors and correct them. Even the Nobel prizes, as everyone maintains on the generic. I insist, especially on submerged hydroelectric power because it is the easiest to understand and despite everything, I have been explaining it without success for five years. Teaching is not my job. But it is also true that there is no deaf worse than those who do not want to hear. What are the reasons why nobody is fighting for the experimentation of interactive solutions?

It is obvious that if the world public bodies, and among these the patent offices that are part of the United Nations, with WIPO, they boycott without deepening these very simple solutions, declaring them “perpetual motion”, without officially involving world science, which is the truly responsible for these misunderstandings, it becomes impossible to combat global warming. Until the highest scientific levels in the world assume their responsibilities on the general energetic principles more and less favorable to the production of energy, according to the environment in which one operates, the way in which pumps and pumps are built and used turbines, the positive and negative pressures on the pumps, the static and dynamic pressures of the compressed air in the autoclave tanks and the direction of the water flow, which must be one-way. Not like the current autoclaves. The current plants from the purification point of view do not use Henry’s principle and from the energy point of view, they work as water hammer attenuators and to reduce the number of pump motor starts. They will never produce sustainable electricity.

For this reason, I said above that we have failed the world’s energy and purification hardware. The software that was developed correctly can do little to fix it. Indeed, governments, public bodies, multinationals, entrepreneurs, science, patent offices, which have not included hydroelectric energy with the recycling of water in open circuits, which exploit only the position energy of the surface water specially ducted and energized with a pump, which breaks the state of inertia locally in the direction of the gravitational force, could hardly include the subsequent elaborations, which led the undersigned to increase the pressure of the plants to make them smaller and use them too on means of transport. I think that those who have understood the very complicated concepts of physics, the chemistry of mathematics and the pump and turbine builders themselves understand what I write, otherwise they would not have left the patent offices alone to write nonsense about perpetual motion and the first law of thermodynamics, which it has nothing to do with fluid dynamics at atmospheric and compressed pressure.

I am 100% sure that how the hydroelectric power works will work also the compressed hydroelectric power, but even if I’m wrong, only the first could already replace the entire fossil energy world and feed the expensive battery-powered cars and means of transport and work battery operated. Instead the world governments show their ignorance compactly, together with their (authoritative?) Consultants on physical principles that do not need any experimentation having been identified and experimented, separately, long before the industrial era. The undersigned has only found a way to overcome the state of inertia by spending little energy compared to that produced, both in fixed and mobile plants. If there is energy and material consumption, water, air, pressure, fluidic circulation, electromagnetism in motors and current generators, how can it be perpetual motion? As I wrote above, gravity is a windfall from the sky. Who has not known how to distinguish a fluid dynamic circuit opened by a closed one and has not been able to correctly put together few elements has not collected this manna, but insists with wanting to separate the atom. For what purpose?

Probably, if these arguments had been made, even by Einstein and the scientists of his time, there would not have been even the first, the second world war and the atomic bomb. If some world statesman of the present and the past had been able to reason globally in the interests of all and at least out of curiosity, he had ordered the experimentation of simple demonstrative prototypes that would have cost very little. But this could also have been done by moral bodies and associations that collect funds and funds to protect the environment (  But they didn’t. Politicians and entrepreneurs have been as silent as science, having good reasons to hide their mistakes.

In today’s society, in words, the public and private world ruling class appreciates the creativity of inventors, but in reality it only rewards high specializations that always investigate in the same direction because they must defend the investments already made and the alliances that have produced the current development model. Instead, transversal reasoning is essential to study problems from different angles and find synergistic and interactive solutions. The transversal reasoning is not learned in schools, in industry and in research laboratories, but by doing jobs that are simultaneously linked to technological development and the organization of work in the different sectors of human activities. Particularly related to the installation of industrial, environmental and energy production plants.  Even today, the experts in these three sectors reason with different mentalities. Only the industry has developed the organization of work correctly, but only in order to increase production. Caring only to save energy and comply with environmental regulations. Instead, by developing the plants globally under the industrial, environmental and energy aspects, to close all the cycles that open up, the undersigned has noticed that energy should not be spared because it costs nothing, if produced in the right way, and protects the main element energy producer that is water. In fact, if the mechanical energy is produced by the pressure * the density of the fluid * the flow rate, it makes no sense to produce the energy with a gas that has a density 830 times lower than water. Moreover, to produce this gas it is necessary to carry out appropriate extraction, refining, marketing, distribution, heating, filtration and purification processes. While we, terrestrial humans, have available the air that is already partially compressed at the pressure of a bar and the water that is incompressible that has a higher density circulates in the plant, as it circulates in the seas for free due to atmospheric disturbances and thermal. In order to exploit the natural circulation in a small local scale it was sufficient to intubate the water from above and exploit the flow of water in the sense of gravitational force in a one-way direction by putting a pump and a turbine in series, where the pump only has to win the initial state of inertia and then the energy is produced at infinity, always taking advantage of the same position water of the surface water compared to that found in the seabed. This is possible because the internal and external static pressures of the descent tube are the same, while in the descent tube there is also a kinetic energy due to m * g * h, which, transferred to the turbine, produces electricity. Since the static pressures are balanced between the water that comes out of the turbine and that present in the seabed, there are no problems in getting the water out of the bottom. To produce hydroelectric energy even in mobile plants using the pressure of an autoclave that is much higher than atmospheric pressure, the same reasoning must be used to balance the static pressures between the water that must produce energy passing through the turbine and the water supplied static pressure present in the autoclave. Obviously, the plant is more complex than atmospheric pressure, but much simpler and cheaper than a thermal, nuclear, solar plant. In fact, compressed hydroelectric energy occurs in two phases that occur simultaneously with the entry and exit of the autoclave with a one-way flow:

L’acqua che entra è circa il doppio di quella che esce perché per equilibrare le pressioni statiche nella pompa di circolazione è stata inventata dal sottoscritto la pompa centrifuga con la doppia alimentazione separata fino alla girante, la quale è uguale alle altre pompe con girante chiusa, ma l’alimentazione è divisa in due o quattro settori ermeticamente separati che arrivano radenti alle pale della girante. Therefore, feeding half of the pump with the water recycled inside the autoclave and the other half with the water discharged at atmospheric pressure, given the rotation of the impeller, suppose at 1,500 rpm, each sector receives the two flows with pressures different in succession in the time of 1 / 1.500 sec. Essendo il centro della girante il punto dotato della massima velocità e della massima depressione l’operazione di ingresso dell’acqua con minore pressione è favorita, successivamente la sezione di passaggio all’interno della girante aumenta e si espande anche la pressione in tutte le direzioni per il principio di Pascal. Therefore, at the outlet of the pump we have the sum of the two flow rates but with a single pressure that is that of the autoclave, despite having spent the electric energy that requires an internal recycling that must not overcome the hydrostatic pressure, which would otherwise oppose. Obviously, due to the principle of the impenetrability of bodies, excess water is expelled from the outlet that feeds the turbine with the force of the compressed air of the air cushion, without this being able to expand, as happens in current autoclaves.

In hindsight we should recognize that both submerged and compressed hydroelectric energy are very simple to understand and also that they were visible to everyone and that nobody saw. But the authorities of the environment, those of energy, science, oil companies, pump manufacturers, turbines, heat engines, boilers, solar panels, wind turbines, pretend that this energy does not exist and everyone is hiding behind the patent offices that declare it “perpetual motion” trampling the scientific principles of Torricelli, Pascal, Henry, those of electromagnetism and impenetrability of bodies, on which this energy is based.

The synergies between these principles have been identified by the undersigned indirectly, trying to purify the environment more rationally, as it had to be done since the beginning of the industrial era, modifying the chimneys and sewers and following the pollution step by step, controlling all the necessary parameters, to neutralize the CO2, but also to produce neutral or alkaline waters, not acid like those that the current purifiers produce. Anyone who has created the current large world energy and purification plants has made all the proportions of the reagent components wrong, because the problem has not been posed that the components should react with each other.

How could these components interact if no world government wanted to change the chimneys, the sewers and everyone placed the water purifiers tens of kilometers from the cities where air pollution is produced. The figure below shows how global plants would be built to purify water and atmospheric air together, but the patents of these plants the world governments, by mutual agreement, made them lapse, despite having received the recognition of international patents.

In the articles published on  I protested because the European commission does not take any consideration of the global environmental patents of the undersigned regularly deposited, and indicate tenders of contract for simple air filtration solutions, which do not solve problems, spending taxpayers’ money unnecessarily. Obviously, these letters had no response, as the year had not received those addressed to Italian and international public bodies, including international judges.

These same political and religious authorities are welcoming the girl Greta Thumberg with the honors of a head of state, only because she or the media organization behind her have found a way to move millions of supporters, including myself. But objectively reasoning, what solutions can a child without experience bring? Why don’t Greta Thumberg’s supporters go into the details of the solutions by clearly saying what they want? It is obvious that they do not know it. They just want a better world. But a better world cannot be created by the same people who created the current world and who reject confrontation with those who propose concrete solutions without the media support behind them.

Today we are in a paradoxical situation. The useful but inconvenient inventions, like those of the undersigned, if they spread before they are realized to look for the financiers, nobody realizes them because nobody makes a profit, having to demolish the wrong plants first, especially public ones. The inventor loses out, since, not finding the financiers in the time allowed by the rules of industrial property, he loses all international and national rights. At the same time, it cannot pay uselessly the maintenance fees of the granted patents and not even spend the money to make legal appeals against the not granted patents, since a possible legal victory, would not involve the same the financing of the proposed solution.

Those who established these rules have damaged development and the world economy. If global design errors continue to be hidden, protecting the environment and human life becomes increasingly difficult. Therefore, at least the United Nations should disseminate innovations, demonstrating with prototypes that there are also economic advantages in addition to environmental, energy, sustainable nutrition, and the protection of human life. Only an important body such as the United Nations can ask an important nation like China to demolish a newly built coal-fired power station that produces 6,000 MWh, but it can only do so by materially proving that interactive energy is hundreds of times cheaper of coal and therefore also of gas and oil. Why don’t the United Nations demonstrate these things, which for myself can be demonstrated?

Therefore, the problems are not only technical and scientific, but above all of global institutional transparency. The month of April 2019 was characterized by two important events at world level, very different from each other, which show that we do not have true democracy and we do not even have the capacity to protect the heritage of humanity.

I refer to the arrest of Julian Assange, who in addition to being a fact of unprecedented gravity both in terms of freedom of information and individual and collective freedoms, takes another blow to the myth of the Internet, understood as the unlimited possibility of freely accessing to all information and knowledge, and as a tool able to put into transparency the mechanisms of world political and financial power. But also scientific, because science belongs to the centers of power and does not admit its mistakes being protected by legislators and not condemned by judges.

The other episode is the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, where we discovered that one of the world’s most important art heritage sites did not have an efficient fire protection. For myself, they are two sides of the same coin because political and economic centers of power hide their inefficiencies behind state secrets. Today even bad environmental, energy and industrial projects have become state secrets, if they involve an alternative economic development to the current world system. Could anyone ask what is involved in the Notre Dame fire protection system? I say that the situation is general because the whole world heritage is at risk due to bad and incomplete planning. Today the world water distribution is completely wrong because it absorbs energy instead of producing it. While the energy one is even worse because it costs too much and is also polluting. Realizing pressurized hydroelectric plants with water recycling that would produce energy both by distributing the water and purifying it, we can combine the fire-fighting systems with the purifications that raise the water automatically only when a fire occurs. The following is a plan of a plant that was never built on planet Earth, although it is simple. It would have cost very little a fire extinguishing system in areas with smoke detectors combined with the energy production and purification of the waters of the Senna river that borders the cathedral. The following is a plan of a plant that was never built on planet Earth, although it is simple.

Obviously, the same type of plant built on a larger scale can defend against floods and high tidal waters by oxygenating the waters while producing energy because every time the recycled water passes through the autoclave it absorbs a quantity of oxygen for the principle of Henry. In these plants the water that produces energy, which oxygenates the other water present in the basin and which in case of need, extinguishes the fires, or is raised in other channels to avoid floods or high tides, is the water that it is expelled from the autoclave due to the principle of the impenetrability of bodies. In fact, for classical physics “If a body made up of matter occupies a space, this space cannot be occupied by another body”. For quantum physics things are different, but we stop at the classical one, since, by introducing more water from the one coming out of the autoclave in the recycling circuit of an autoclave, this is expelled from an exit hole, if this exit hole is closed, the water cannot enter unless we use a pump that compresses the air cushion. But talking about a recycling pump means that we use a very low head pump and that it is not able to compress the air cushion. Only by using a pump with the separate double supply up to the impeller can we introduce more water than the same pump recycles it with the other supply which has a higher static pressure. But talking about a recycling pump means that we use a very low head pump and that it is not able to compress the air cushion. Only by using a pump with the separate double supply up to the impeller can we introduce more water than the same pump recycles it with the other supply which has a higher static

These are the sectors in which I have tried to make my contribution, proposing global purification, interactive energy, artificial welling, the artificial heart that oxygenates the blood. Each of these topics does not represent a single invention but different, and there is an energetic and purifying logic that connects them all together. While world public science, despite the summits and conventions it does at all levels, these links have never looked for them. Obviously, he didn’t find them. But he is also ignoring them, both to purify the water without energy costs by exploiting the principles of Henry and Dalton, instead of using blowers and diffusers. Both to properly exploit the principles of Torricelli and Pascal together with energy, as has never been done: using water circulation, which has a density 830 times higher than gases to produce energy and using the air that can be compressed at any pressure as a static, non-dynamic energy sourceIn fact, the static air pressure is not consumed if used without expansions and compressions. Not as happens in heat engines and gas and steam turbines, which above all, use polluting and paid fuels. In the current plants there is no economy and there is a sadistic and ignorant fury against the environment. Per utilizzare la pressione a volume costante era necessario far circolare l’acqua o il sangue o qualsiasi altro liquido a senso unico, come in un circuito chiuso pressurizzato che consuma poca energia per la circolazione, e inserire in tale circuito, il liquido di rinnovo che viene espulso dal sistema per effetto dell’impenetrabilità dei corpi e utilizzato per produrre energia in una turbina, che scarica alla pressione atmosferica. The only way to get the discharged water from the turbine into the pressurized recycling circuit, up to now was due to the Venturi effect, but this system can only let in a small percentage. Using the invention of the pumps with the separate double feed up to the impeller can enter much more (almost 50% of the entire capacity). In fact, it is true that the pumps were created to lift the water and will continue to be used for this when they are very dirty and contain suspended solid bodies, but when they are clean enough, it is more convenient to use them to overcome the inertia of the water and produce kinetic energy by exploiting the hydrostatic head in always full plants and feeding turbines that produce electricity. If it is necessary to lift the clean water, it is advisable to modify them and return them to the impeller using the separate double feed so that the water is recycled with more pressure inside the impeller, balancing the suction and discharge pressures and with the other feeding the impeller carries water to be lifted. Energy gain is immense because we can recover free water discharged from hydraulic turbines and always produce energy with the same water. This system can solve all the world’s energy and purification systems, including that of human blood, more efficiently. While the venturi system can be used to extract sea depths (over 4,000 m) calcium and carbon which is found in high concentrations solubilized by very high pressures and create artificial welling. Above all, together with artificial welling we can achieve sustainable desalination ( and floating islands with petroleum derivatives. Paradoxically, in the face of the great tsunamis that could occur due to astrophysical and nuclear disasters, the safest places in the world would be precisely the ocean areas most distant from the land areas. But even on this front we are completely unprepared. And we’re burning the resources that could save us and make floating continents. So with all the wrong things to be scrapped and built differently, there is work for everyone, instead, walls are built to separate the rich from the poor and unemployment grants are given to buy electoral support. This is the policy of ignorance and of those who do not know science, technology and work organization.

I’ve always wondered who can be the world director of this world silence on sustainable environmental and energy solutions. The lobbies, the mafias, the corruption? I came to the conclusion that it would be better to be governed and judged by computers than by men. Above all, from quantum computers that do not give a single solution, proving to be more democratic and prepared than the current ministries of world development, who decide not to respond to those who are in the minority, even if they have studied the problems globally and impartially. They only listen to those who meet in associations of categories to be heard and therefore can create unrest in the squares. Individual reasoning and individual culture is not taken into consideration individually, unless it is included in power systems.

Paradoxically, global scientific ignorance is spreading above all in traditional economic environments that govern global public planning and large traditional industries. What I call global hardware to distinguish it from the new sector (software) that uses lighter, above all, computer and electronic technologies. All countries are making giant strides in the new sector and investments in old sectors that have misguided energy principles are continuing to fail. Italy, which has not grown enough in the new sector, wants to unblock fixed sites in the old sector that is completely bankrupt without even experimenting with interactive energies, despite having been born in Italy. Other than unblocking the construction sites. A new world cultural revolution is needed precisely to change the great world works that have produced only environmental and economic disasters. Italy, which could be at the forefront of the new way of designing the world’s hardware, will continue to be the leader in this sector, ignoring its inventors free from the old centers of power.

Faced with the great problems not solved by world science, here is what the Italian patent office writes to me on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, reproaching me for violating the first principle of thermodynamics. They even reproach me for having dared to re-propose in the artificial heart, an invention already rejected, from the height of their all-powerful scientific and technological knowledge. Obviously, without realizing that the first law of thermodynamics has nothing to do with my inventions. And without understanding that energy does not come from nothing, despite very long explanations made by the undersigned, but comes from compressed air exploited statically, as explained extensively in the patent filing and also in this document.

Here is also a refusal letter regarding a previous invention, but received just as I was writing this article, in which, finally, the patent office understood that the first principle of thermodynamics had nothing to do with anything with the system I propose and therefore omitted the quotation. But he continues to talk about perpetual motion, relying on the internal technical wall of the UIBM, which for the undersigned is not qualified to express scientific judgments on this topic. In fact, these consultants state that the undersigned has designed pumps that extract energy from the flow of water. Which the undersigned has never written in the patent deposits and in the articles he has published. Since the pumps with the separate double supply up to the impeller, which are an international patent (WO2017 / 042847), are used to return the same quantity of water discharged by the turbines that produce hydroelectric energy through the second supply of the pump hermetically separated from the first., in the internal recycling circuit of the autoclave. This water is immediately expelled from the autoclave due to the impenetrability of the bodies by the pressure of the compressed air, which through the outlet that feeds the turbine. This can also be guessed by the Torricelli principle which says that the speed of water exit from a hole in a tank is equal to the square root of 2 * g * h, where g is the acceleration of gravity, h is the pressure total on the axis of the passage hole. Therefore, the electric energy produces the pressure energy, transformed into kinetic energy passing through the turbine, but since at the same time, through the recycling circuit with the modified pump, the same amount of water again enters, the volume of compressed air does not change and therefore the compressed air works statically (as atmospheric pressure works on artesian wells). In other words, the compressed air being elastic, it behaves like a spring that expels the unwanted water that produces energy passing through the turbine. These concepts that world science has not understood and has not exploited, obviously, cannot be understood by the UIBM technical office, which has not understood even the simplest ones expressed by the aforementioned submerged hydroelectric energy, which use normal pumps with the downward-directed delivery, to further increase the gravitational force and exploit the position water of the surface water with respect to that of the seabed. This issue, as mentioned above, has been going on since 2014, while the highest levels of world science continue to be silent.

I have not yet finished writing this article, which I receive another perfectly identical letter. Only the date, the protocol number and the reference number of the patent rejected with the perpetual motion charge change.

I have not yet finished writing this article, which I receive another very similar letter. This time they do not speak of perpetual motion because the subject of the letter refers to the “pump with the separate dual power supply up to the impeller” which received the international patent title with the number WO20171042847, publication date 03/16/2017.

My personal battle against the world bureaucracy would have stimulated the writing of a new novel by my favorite writer, Franz Kafka (Jewish writer, born in Prague in 1883, who died in Vienna in 1924) who wonderfully described the paradoxes of bureaucracy and justice of his time. The Italian patent office in 1919, is surpassing itself, in a country that has lost the path of growth for many decades. In the previous correspondence in place of the Italian industrial patent, neglecting the fact that I had already obtained the international patent, they had offered me the right to use the utility model, as if my invention were an ornamental, non-functional fact of the pumps. Although he sent these gentlemen hundreds of pages showing that pumps with separate dual power supply are one of the most important inventions of all time, not only present but above all future. Because until today nobody has wanted to realize them. Obviously, I, who do not know what to do with patents if nobody is interested in making them, I have not accepted being a utility model. What does a retired inventor of a utility model do with it? The only thing the inventors are interested in is the recognition of copyright that, if the law were the same for everyone, it would be up to them too, when the scientific truth of the invention is ascertained, without so much bureaucratic and legislative cunning. This must be answered by the International Judges if they do not want to play their reputation too. For myself, without the pumps with the separate dual power supply up to the impeller, we do not get out of the trouble that the inventors who invented the current thermal and purification systems have combined. Here is what the Italian patent office writes, including my surname after so many years of writing to me.

Below is the one shown on the back of all documents refusing the patents received:

As you can see from the documents, I did not mention the name of the manager who signed because mine is not a personal battle but against the general patent system, which goes beyond WIPO and directly concerns the highest leaders of the United Nations and the court of justice international.

In substance, today in Italy, an inventor who proposes an intellectual scientific solution of public utility in the field of the environment, energy, health, through a telematic deposit which fortunately from 2015 costs only 50 euros (before it cost minimum 200 euros and so they increased with the number of pages), to make a legal appeal, it must spend 580.85 euros (518 + 8.85 + 16 + 38) plus legal fees. To get what if the appeal is won? The answer is: Nothing. Because the undersigned has received the recognition of fourteen national patents, almost all of public utility, without anyone have been financed by the Italian public bodies. Of these, one was transformed into a European patent that concerned domestic water saving and the prevention of hydrogen sulphide in the sewers, and five were transformed into international patents that concerned the global purification system that would transform the sewers into a purification system complete that would have also neutralized the CO2 that should have been captured by modifying the chimneys and neutralized by producing carbonates in the waters. Global public bodies have kept quiet about these inventions and spent many billions of dollars to test the C.C.S. system that he should have captured the CO2 and hid it, without neutralizing it, in terrestrial cavities at a depth of a thousand meters to locateObviously, this crazy solution has failed but equally no one has considered my solution that would have meant the modification of all the fossil plants in the world and the water purifiers, since to neutralize the CO2 the plants had to be specifically proportioned. It is not possible to build thermal power stations from thousands of Mw / h arranged at random on the territory, without providing complete purification cycles, which would have involved a more rational energy distribution, connected to the presence of water and purification distribution.  Those who have designed the current thermal systems have demonstrated a total purifying incompetence and those who designed the current water purifiers have neglected the global purification cycles that should have produced neutral, non-acid waters, such as those currently produced. The fifth international patent is the pumps with the double separate supply up to the impeller, already mentioned above, without which it is not possible to create an alternative development model to fossil energy. But even pumps with a separate dual power supply were not financed.

In global public purification and energy plants, world development is conditioned by regulations and public planning. Private companies participate in tenders and produce electromechanical components. Therefore, private companies are not stimulated to change energy and purification systems but only to overcome the state of technological art in order to gain a greater market share. So, on planet Earth, nobody questions the existing energy and cleansing systems, but everyone is fighting to increase yields. Instead, for the undersigned, it is not enough to increase the yields, because the world public bodies, having demonstrated with the solutions they have contracted throughout the world, not to know the scientific organization of the work, realizing implants disproportionate in size, incomplete in the purification cycles, randomly arranged on the territory. Surely they would never have identified the interactive hydroelectric and submerged energies, which the undersigned has identified, because, these energies could be identified only through the study of the organization of work, which I have not learned in the twenty years I spent making systems public, but in the previous seventeen years. In fact, since 1970, I have participated, starting from scratch, in realizing the Alfa Romeo plant in Pomigliano di Arco in the province of Naples, following the work cycles of sheet metal stamping, welding departments, mechanical processing, painting departments, construction of saddlery and very long assembly departments, where every operation had to be done, in the right place and at the right time, otherwise it would never have been possible to produce a thousand cars in a single day. By pure chance I learned the organization of work that led me to change the world’s energy and purification plants, in the native country of the current Italian minister of labor and economic development, when he was not born yet. I wonder where the minister has learned the organization of work and especially his collaborators who work in the patent offices, who declare my patents “perpetual motion”? The presumption and organizational ignorance of global public bodies have designed global warming, private entrepreneurs have indulged them and having made bad investments they keep silence together with science, while trade unions and environmental associations, which have never entered into detail solutions participate in silence because they have not been able to do their opposition work. Probably all these categories of people would be happy if I were wrong. But if I’m wrong, he and their children are losing too. They should be rooting for my solutions even if they don’t believe in it because they learned the tale of perpetual motion by heart. Probably all these categories of people would be happy if I were wrong. But if I’m wrong, he and their children are losing too. They should be rooting for my solutions even if they don’t believe it because they studied without thinking about the story of perpetual motion.

When in 1987 I changed jobs to take care of the installation of public lifting systems, water distribution, purification, energy production, the first thing I noticed were the incomplete purification cycles and the impossibility of completing them rationally since there were no connections between a plant and the other than the sewer system, which instead of helping worsens the situation by destroying the biological process and the energy power of the sludge. But only as a pensioner I was able to express my opinion freely. Mind I was producing environmental patents I also wrote articles to make them understand who should intervene. In the Italian magazine 02/02/2009 I published an article entitled “the gold that poison the world environmental authorities. On 04/04/2009, I published” the prevention of hydrogen sulfide in the sewerage network “on 11/30/2009 “Eleven reasons to reassess Imhoff pits” These articles were subsequently published also by other journals html. So, mine is a long battle against the disorganization of environmental work that the global public bodies produce. It is no coincidence that after many years of solitary work I have found solutions that they would never have found, because they did not and do not yet have a working method to look for them. Moreover, they still pretend they don’t exist. So, mine is a long battle against the disorganization of environmental work that the global public bodies produce. It is no coincidence that after many years of solitary work I have found solutions that they would never have found, because they did not and do not yet have a working method to look for them. Moreover, they still pretend they don’t exist.

Only through the study of work organization was it possible for the undersigned to unify the purification cycles of water and air because CO2 is contained in the fumes and can be neutralized only chemically producing carbonates in the water. It is obvious that this solution could not be offered by car makers planes and boats and even the manufacturers of agricultural vehicles. But government agencies haven’t tried the chemical neutralization as did yours truly. Therefore, they have not studied in depth the various physical aspects of water and air such as the venturi effect, the principle of torricelli, that of Pascal, that of Henry, the systems of circulation of water and air in autoclaves, the way which pumps and turbines work. Therefore, they have not studied in depth the various physical aspects of water and air such as the venturi effect, the principle of torricelli, that of Pascal, that of Henry, the systems of circulation of water and air in autoclaves, the way which pumps and turbines work. The more energy we produce the more we purify the water.

The battery-powered cars are another world nonsense and the mayors, like parrots, who do not reason are preparing to equip the charging stations, without wondering, what is the primary source of energy and without understanding, that the transport and distribution of the energy, will lower energy yields even further, so CO2 emissions will increase even more. Without wondering how will large agricultural vehicles, ships, planes work on battery power? While the various branches of science continue to be silent on the only world-wide interactive energy source, which is the submerged and compressed hydroelectric one. Not the one with the hydraulic leap, which disperses water and produces droughts and floods.

Today the crime of omission is the daily bread of the global public bodies, which hide behind the specific competences of the employees, in order not to face the problems globally, as instead, it should happen if the articles 1, 2, 15, 48, 54, 58 of the “Project of codification on the responsibility of the states for internationally illegal acts”,  were respected, signed by almost all the ninety-six sovereign states, at the same United Nations in the year 2001. This document covers not only the responsibilities of governments, but also the individual responsibilities of individual officials.

For the undersigned, the industrial property in public utility patents must be abolished. Not only to avoid conflicts of interest between public inventors and private companies, but also to remove patent examiners, who are unable to judge inventions scientifically, from embarrassment. Today everyone pretends not to understand where the problem is, but until legislators prohibit the sale of public patents to private individuals, no sustainable development can be created. Because the controllers and the controllers are interested in not letting the state of the art grow by mutual agreement, to continue to exploit patents that are worth nothing, above all, if these solutions affect large global public facilities, transport, health and distribution of world wealth.

According to the Italian Industrial Property Code the inventions of university students or employees of Public Research Bodies are regulated by the following articles:

Art. 65 (1) CPI: If the employment relationship exists with a university or a public administration having among its institutional aims, research purposes, the right belongs to the researcher.

Art 65 (2) (3) CPI: Subdivision of the proceeds between the inventor (not less than 50%) and the University (between 30 and 50%).

It should be noted that the Industrial Property Code does not make any distinction between commercial patents and public utility patents, so that public research bodies prefer to work on what the market requires, above all, the multinationals that buy the patents.

I think these two articles perfectly explain the reasons why private inventors do not receive any collaboration from public research bodies, even if, as in the case of the undersigned, they deal with environmental protection and sustainable energy production. Probably, even abroad there are similar legislative articles. If we consider that public researchers take a regular salary and that taxpayers pay their filing and maintenance fees, it should be obvious that there are huge conflicts of interest, which cannot allow collaboration with private inventors who want to make the own experience to solve environmental and energy problems, which are mainly of public competence. Unfortunately, national and international legislators and judges do not notice. Or they pretend not to notice.

Today to assert that energy is not created from nothing is a scientific banality because quantum physics that deals specifically with the energy mysteries of the universe, is using quantum computers to try to understand the mysteries of the origins of matter, electromagnetism and universal gravity. The quantum computer is able to process – at the same time, through parallel computing, more solutions to a single problem instead of carrying out sequential calculations as is now the case with electronic processing. Today the only certainties are possessed by the ignorant who have memorized the principles of thermodynamics that have warmed the planet, because those who taught these principles in world universities have not been able to teach the neutralization of the side effects of heat production, above all, the pollution, but also the reasons for which they have accepted the low efficiency of engines and thermal power plants that do not exceed the efficiency of 35 – 40% of the lower calorific value of the fuel, while the energy of compressed air exploited statically, not it only costs nothing, but has no pressure limits. The only thing that had to be invented was the solution to re-insert the water that produces energy back into the autoclaves through the recycling circuit with the double supply that accompanies the fluid with separate flows up to inside the impeller. The other politicians and economists of opposing tendencies have other certainties, that professors do when they are in opposition and produce environmental and economic disasters when they govern. While the mere mortals are forbidden from rational water savings, the modification of chimneys, sewage treatment plants, interactive energies and the artificial heart blood oxygenator, which simply aims to make it survive with the help of scientific knowledge and technology, that can help replace too-shabby organs, in secret laboratories of the centers of power, genetically modified men are experimented and in military super secret centers aerospace fleets are experimented, even, it is uspected,collaborating with (

The figure above shows the artificial heart proposed by the undersigned with its summary. For the undersigned, the artificial oxygenator of the blood may need even the superhuman of which Hawking wrote, because in any case they will not be immortal, and in any case can have fatal accidents. In fact, those who will be at risk of fatal accidents will be able to install quick-fit sockets on the chest that connect to an artificial heart, will immediately send blood and oxygen to the brain ( of the blood-autonomous-energetically / In fact, with current techniques of cardiac and pacemaker massages, only two to three percent of people survive heart failure. Today human life is too short to accumulate intellectual knowledge and experience. Not everything can be transmitted to descendants through theoretical publications. Even genetically modifying man, human life span does not necessarily increase much. While the artificial heart, based on technology and science, simply oxygenating the brain in any climatic condition can greatly lengthen human intellectual survival. Just think of how much knowledge Einstein’s brain could have delved into if he had been transferred to an artificial body with the advances that are taking place in cybernetics and robotics. Come ho già scritto, Io penso che l’anima dell’uomo, se esiste, è racchiusa nel proprio cervello, a prescindere dal DNA, modificato o non modificato. E’ il cervello che dobbiamo tutelare, fino a quando è in grado di ragionare. Today we do not know how long an artificial heart oxygenator can survive the death of the body I think that the well-nourished and oxygenated brain can survive even for several hundred years. This marvelous invention has been published in important international scientific journals, in spite of the world patent offices and of many scientists who do not distinguish a fluid dynamic circuit opened by a closed one and what can serve that physical principle that seems useless, like the impenetrability of bodies. Provided that by bodies we mean the molecules, not the atoms, nor the solid bodies, which do not fall within the part of physics that studies the fluid-dynamic circulation. It also includes inventions concerning artificial welling, desalination with circulations of ion exchange resins in perforated spheres, sustainable alkalinization of water in limestone greenhouses, compressed hydroelectric power generators that can replace all current heat engines and boilers, the step-wides water distribution that also protects from high waters and droughts. All these very important inventions for humanity require the intervention of the International Court of Justice to ascertain the scientific truth that those who have helped to heat the planet want to avoid. It is also necessary to modify the current patent system which prevents the access to copyright to inventors who do not find lenders in the short times granted by the legislators and with payments of unjustified taxes from a moral point of view on public utility solutions.  Today it is also outrageous that public utility scientific publications must pay publishers and congress organizers to be disseminated, like the commercial inventions of multinationals. It is not clear how the United Nations organization can actively participate in this system and how they can, through WIPO, request the payment of filing and maintenance fees on public utility patents that should be widespread, not industrially protected.  Obviously, the undersigned, who in thirteen years as an inventor has already spent 20,000 euros just to comply with the formal requirements of national and international deposits, without having any copyright with current laws, even if the inventions will be exact, does not pay no one and  to the publishers write the following letter:

Dear publisher, you can visit my website (, choose the files you want and to publish them, citing the source. If you need the original word version, I will send them to you. I am writing articles on my small website that has few visitors, which only speaks of my own inventions that relate to energy-efficient and purely interactive systems that have never been realized anywhere in the world. I’m honored if you also publish my articles but I do not pay publishing fees to any publisher because nobody has ever paid me for my job. I publish my articles on my website where readers can better understand my work that would otherwise be dispersed in the big internet network. A single article is not enough to understand the mistakes made jointly by public bodies and multinationals, which continue to commit with impunity, because no one has carried out comprehensive energy and purification studies simultaneously, as did the undersigned. I do not earn merit for publications because I am not an academic but a retired inventor. I do not make money from my inventions because legislators do not recognize intellectual property separate from industrial property. However, people need to know that there may be the interactive energies, that are much more efficient, economical, and even protective of environment and of human health. I think that publishers should not only publish original articles. Above all, they have to publish articles that talk about sustainable scientific and technological solutions that have never been implemented by public bodies and multinational companies despite their publication. Continuing to publish them, sooner or later, the leaders of governments and multinational companies must explain the reasons why they do not want to implement these solutions. I do not say that the fundamental principles of energies and purifications are wrong, but that the world plants that did not put them together correctly are wrong. Making mistakes is human, but making mistakes all together and persevering for generations is certainly not human. If governments and multinationals do not respond, sooner or later the responsibles of the United Nations and the judges of the international court of justice will have to answer, who have already received 19 letters opened by the undersigned without answering. This too is not human, but it can be understood why public officials and judges cannot respond directly. The answers in turn must have them from world science, which divided into very many branches, is not represented by anyone globally. Unfortunately, the interactive installations that serve the survival of the planet and to prolong human life need a science applied globally. When the United Nations and international judges decide to order the practical experimentation of interactive systems in order not to waste any more time on useless and partial consultations, it will always be late for the planet and the world people, who have been waiting, without knowing it, for at least a century these solutions, which no one has ever talked about. Meanwhile, I will continue to write open letters. Obviously, I can’t attend conferences because I don’t have sponsors and financiers.

At the congress organizers I write the following letter. Much shorter:

I thank you for your invitation, but I cannot participate for economic reasons because I am a private inventor not financed by anyone. In the meantime, if you are interested, you can access my publications on, which concern in particular the interactive energies which also include the artificial heart oxygenator of blood autonomous energetically. These energies are considered by the patent offices “perpetual motion” while the world science that has warmed the planet with non-interactive energies is silent. Obviously, he did not even invent the artificial heart oxygenator of blood. I do not pay to attend conferences and video conferences. I wait for the scientific truth to come out spontaneously and for everyone to assume their responsibilities in the face of future generations.

Some scientific journals also publish my publications and some congress organizers accept my participation without payment. I thank them but I only participate in those close to home, because I have a certain age and even travel expenses for a pensioner are a problem. Below is the first page of the important journal “Medical and Clinical Research” which publishes the artificial heart  oxygenator of blood.

With this heart that also has oxidative capacity, being autonomously energetic, when it will be experimented and perfected, along with the progress that will simultaneously take place in cybernetics and robotics, it will also be possible to recover the human brain, nourish it and oxygenate it to govern a partially or totally mechanized. I am sure that this solution is quite handy. Personally, if I am still alive when everything is ready, I will be happy as a cavy, to continue to be close to the people I love without being a burden, but a useful point of reference, as I am currently. The flesh is weak, the diseases and accidents that can occur are many. As I said above, even the supermen, who are programming in the secret labs, may need spare parts and an artificial heart. Personally, I am not a superman, indeed, I am quite run down, being diabetic, with high blood pressure, enlarged prostate and thyroid and sixteen centimeters of removed colon. Despite these defects, I think I fit the average health status of people in their seventies. If the situation does not worsen suddenly and the brain remains functional, in the current situation I could even live for fifteen, up to twenty years. If instead, the state of the art of the artificial heart blood oxygenator, cybernetics and robotics were more advanced, there would be no limits to the years I could still live. But this would be true for all human beings on Earth. Not just for those born with genetic engineering. Probably Hawking himself would still be alive and have a better life if these non-genetic solutions were at a more advanced level. But this will not happen immediately and my generation will not experience the artificial heart oxygenator of the blood, because if the artificial heart works it means that the whole world has made a mistake in the entire industrial development. In fact, the artificial heart is based on compressed hydrolectric energy, which world science pretends not to know in order not to admit that it failed the main terrestrial energy principle, which is not thermodynamic, but synergetic fluid dynamics between water and atmospheric air. By replacing blood with water, due to the transitive property, it does not change as a result. In fact, the current world development is making giant leaps in new technologies, above all in communication, which being lighter, for simplicity, I call them “world software” concerning informatics, electronics, cybernetics, robotics, electromagnetism, but the hardware, represented by large-scale public purification, infrastructural and large steel and transport industries, is considerably backward. No world government wants to update it in order not to admit that since the advent of the industrial era, the fundamental principles of energy have been wrong. The artificial heart blood oxygenator did not invent it in medical research laboratories, but the undersigned, who is a designer of industrial and environmental plants, unwanted by the current world hardware designers, who still insist on producing energy with coal, invented it. , oil, gas, nuclear, traditional hydroelectric, solar and wind power. In fact, what is lacking in cybernetics and robotics to make the leap in quality is human reasoning and sensitivity. So why not transfer the human brain into an artificial body that preserves the human DNA in the brain fed with the artificial heart blood oxygenator, which besides oxygenating it, could easily, even feed it with appropriate energy solutions dosed in the blood? When we are too old and run down, or suffering from end-stage cancer, we can also give up the digestive, respiratory, urinary tract, and transfer the brain to a robot with an artificial heart energetically autonomous oxygenator. The old people of the future will consume one hundredth of the current oxygen and less than one hundredth of power. They will probably be wiser and more honest than the current rulers. Surely more experts. Will resist better youth to climate change, but also to nuclear disasters man-made or natural products, which many scientists fear, like stray asteroids and the reversal of the magnetic poles of the earth, which seems to be starting earlier than expected. This last phenomenon, which has already occurred about 170 times in the last 80,000 years. World governments and the United Nations have not taken it into consideration, but would magnetically and geologically disrupt the earth by destroying many of the man’s works built in the wrong places. Above all, cities near seas, due to the immense tsunamis that would occur.

The artificial heart has been considered a perpetual motion by the patent offices, which are bureaucrats who certainly cannot represent science. While science, in the secret of the laboratories and in the top secret military bases, goes far beyond perpetual motion. However, officially, it continues to demonstrate its inability to design the world’s purification and energy plants, otherwise we would not have the current environmental problems and genetics would not pose the problem of genetically modifying man to make him live without oxygen. While, for myself, who hypothesized alternative sustainable development with current technologies, human beings could continue to live as they are today, with a normal sexual and reproductive life and a subsequent life of cybernetic, robotic, efficient and great-grandparents human feelings. The opposite of our current old age that sees us with a brain that would still like to play and jump with grandchildren and muscles and limbs that do not respond. I think that the association Emergency and Doctors Without Borders was born, there must also be some association that finances science and free inventions from the current public and private centers of power that are not transparent. Today the inventors who do not belong to the centers of power, have no point of world reference, as WIPO (world, Intellectual, property organization) despite being a United Nations body, it only protects the industrial property of those who have access to finance and have the money to pay patent maintenance fees. All other private inventors participate hopelessly in social lotteries dealing with small inventions and small start-ups ( Environmental and energy inventions do not fall into the categories that can participate in these lotteries, where thousands of inventions participate, and make to win inventions of small social utility, moreover chosen by the commissions that are part of the centers of power that hinder the unwanted innovations.

As written above, according to some articles published on the net, there is a secret super science that we do not know at what level it has arrived, while we know only that clumsy one, which is continuing to make trivial errors on environmental, energy and global health problems. The science that we know, along with the fossil energy that produced global warming, has been trying to divide the atom for over a century, but has failed to neutralize radioactive waste. This awkward science, very strangely, failed even to neutralize CO2, which is easy to neutralize. I have been virtually neutralized by myself in national and international patents that no one has financed: first separating it from the air, being heavier (through modified chimneys), and then making it react chemically with water and limestone which is widely present in nature. But the world governments and their scientific advisors of the last century have not even tried us because they were in a hurry to create wealth and social well-being, above all, for political and electoral reasons. They create a development full of defects, where the various branches of science, which do not dialogue with each other. The scientists of awkward science have thought only of bringing home a salary, without investigating what the neighboring branches of science are doing. The same thing is done by the public and private designers of the major global public facilities. In Italy, the Council of Ministers of 20 March 2019 approved the Law Decree “Unblock construction sites “, which will come into force as soon as possible to unblock the stagnation of the economy. I would like to know how the new ministries of infrastructure, transport and economic development do what they have always been in opposition to unblock construction sites that have been stopped for decades due to the lack of transparency of the contracts but also for obvious design inability. For the undersigned, the two problems cannot be separated, because corruption and lack of transparency can make the costs of the works levitate, but after the installations they should at least work. I can assure you with granted and unfunded international patents that the current world ruling class did not want to experiment with global purification to clean fossil energy. And he did not even want to experiment with the interactive energy that would completely replace the fossil energy and would also make it possible to make the artificial oxygenator heart. Which construction sites want to unlock? It is best to keep the construction sites steady until the general principles of energy are applied correctly.

Best Regard

Luigi Antonio Pezone