English Curriculum Vitae

Luigi Antonio Pezone

Environmental and sustainable energy inventor

Academic qualifications

– graduate ” Industrial Mechanic expert” achieved with 45/60 vote in 1969 at the State Institute “Francesco Giordani” of Caserta.

Language skills- Good knowledge of the English language written and spoken modest.-

Modest knowledge of French

Professional Experience

-1970 Master-Stage duration of eight months at Alfa Romeo Auto Spa

Topics: Industrial equipment, machine tools, molding techniques, organization, quality control.

-1970-1986 At the “Service equipment” of the same company in the capacity of a technical designer (since 1975 “designer”) has been involved in the following sectors: Lay out of the processing departments and assembly; lay out maintenance departments and warehouses , internal transport, lifting equipment, steel structures, pneumatic and hydraulic applications; piping, air handling units, central heating (hot water, superheated steam, thermal oil, cogeneration); refrigeration systems; industrial paint booths, heating, air-conditioning; systems soundproofing of rooms and equipment; firefighting equipment. (In the period 1980-1987, in the normal course of business of the establishment, in his spare time, he developed an intense design activity in the same private sectors).

-From 1987 to the end of 2004 he was in charge of the “Mechanical Systems and Plumbers” of a media installation company is certified ISO 9001: ing. A. Caccavale and C. sas di Casandrino (Na) operating in Italy and abroad, specializing in the areas of: water pumping, water purification, technical installations of industrial plants.

In the areas mentioned dealt with: cost estimates, technical inspections, detailed design and / or maximum (mechanical, hydraulic, masonry), technical reports, technical specifications; investigations of purchases, purchases of machinery, equipment, control instrumentation, construction materials and consumables; supervision to construction in the workshop, to work in assembling, commissioning, operation, maintenance in extraordinary; accounting work progress.

 – Since October 2006 he is retired and develops projects and patents mechanical and plumbing systems, in particular in the environmental sector.

List of main works and the companies clients, to whom he has participated in recent years

(Chronological order starting from 1985)

1) Conmec Projects – Naples

Technological Systems plant I.A.M. Brindisi: Central Heat with 3 thermal oil boilers for hot water production with a capacity of 3,000,000 Kcal / h each, refrigeration unit with 4 groups of the potential of 1,300,000 fr. / h each and n. 4 cooling towers with a capacity of 1,450,000 fr / h, air treatment with n. 4 groups with an air flow of 200,000 cubic meters / h, fire fighting systems, air fumes from paint, water treatment plant, fire fighting systems, distribution networks fluids.

 2) Soc Empire – Naples

Technological systems of the building and touch-up paint dusting Management governmental Circumvesuviana: Thermal power station with a capacity of 700,000 kcal / h, air handling capacity 60,000 m³ / h, suction system and shoot down chin dust, smoke detectors, production and distribution of compressed air networks fluid distribution.

3) Soc Empire – Naples

Soundproof box diagnosis engines and brake test for the soc. Alfa Romeo Auto: Structure box, air extraction and air treatment (110,000 m³ / h)

4) soc. Empire – Naples

Cabins leak tests for commercial vehicles soc. SOME.PRA: Masonry structures cabins plumbing, floor conveyor vehicles.  The work with the company, ing. A. Caccavale S.A.S.

5) Emit Spa – Milan

Central lifting Scudillo for Aman (Naples). Vertical split case pumps: 3 x 500 l / sec h 60 m, 2 x 750 l / sec h 60m.

6) Superintendency Department of Public Works Basilicata – Potenza. Technological systems of the plant Intesa of Maratea (PZ): Production and distribution of steam, compressed air, plumbing, air conditioning offices.

7) CBR srl – Naples. Ventilation systems Galleries AMAN Naples.

8) Worthington Spa – Desio (MI). Aqueduct of Campania west-central lifting of Cassino.

 Vertical split case pumps: X1500 6 l / h 134 m sec.

 9) Reclamation Consortium of Central Sardinia (NU) Central lifting of S. Simone.

Electric Vertical axis:  7 x 170 l / h 102m sec.

 10) Land Reclamation and Lower Right Trigno Biferno – Termoli (CB)

N. 3 central lifting pumps with vertical axis: 4 x 370 l / sec h 62 m -5 x 358 l / sec h 65 m, 3 x 35 l / sec h 56 m 5 x 350 l / sec h 66 m, 4 x 201 l / sec h 82 m.

11) Consortium Inter-High Heat – Avellino. N 3 central lifting in Volturara electropumps with horizontal and vertical axes 5 x 40 l / sec h 180 m, 2 x 50 l / h 340 m sec, 2 x150 l / h 170 m sec.

12) Coin south – Rome Central lifting Palomonte and San Gregorio Buccino with vertical electric pumps

4 x 86 l / sec h 190 m.

13) Pianfei sas-Naples Technological systems at the Cassino plant: boiler 165,000 kcal / h, central cooling 42,000 fr / h, cooling offices, central thermal oil 800,000 kcal / h, fluid distribution networks, production and distribution of compressed air, sprinkler system.

14) Ministry of Agriculture – Tunisia. Central lifting on the water for the irrigation sector Medjerdah Tebourba: 4 x 950 l / sec h 85 m, 4 x 430 l / sec h 93 m, 5 x 365 l / sec h 97 m, 3 x 250 l / sec h 70 m,

2 x 80 l / sec h 61 m, 4 x 172 l / sec h 61m.

15) Company consortium High Heat-Avellino Lift system Beardo Source: Horizontal split case pumps and multicellular: 2 x 70 l / sec h 280 m, 3 x 260 l / sec h 67 m variable speed.

16) Construction Dondi spa – Rovigo. Central lifting from Cassano (AV): Vertical electric pumps:

2 x 500 l / h 300 m sec.

17) Consortium Pontine reclamation – Latina. Pumping station of Gricilli: 3 x 1150 l / h sec 8.5 m,

2 x 1100 l / h sec 9.6 m.

18) Reclamation Consortium of Rieti plain – Rieti. Pumping station of Reopasto: 5 x 2000 l / h 13.4 sec m.

19) Reclamation Consortium of Rieti plain – Rieti Pumping station of Ripa Sottile: Electromechanical works and maintenance of n. 4 ring electric siphon Riva Calzoni q 9000 l / sec, h 4.5 m, cad.

20) Consortium for the reclamation of the Liri valley Cassino (FR). Central lifting pumps with single impeller horizontal: 5 x 225 l / sec h 51 m, 4 x 35 l / sec h 15 m, 6 x 234 l / sec h 51 m, 4x 78 l / sec h 32 m, 4x 256 l / sec h 32 m.

21) Cogefar Impresit – Sesto San Giovanni (Mi). Central lifting of the source of Gari Cassino. Vertical split case pumps: 8 x 1000 l / h 12 m sec.

22) onas Tunisia. N. 5 activated sludge wastewater treatment plants for the city of Zarzis, Mahres, Ourdanine,-Kalaa Sghira, Saiada.

23) CAPS-Sorrento (NA). Electromechanical equipment and instrumentation for remote monitoring and research of the aqueduct losses of the Sorrento peninsula.

24) Safab Rome. Central lifting of S. Modestinus – Consortium High Heat Avellino. Horizontal multistage pumps: 4 x 80 l / h 385 m sec.

25) Impregima – Casagiove (CE) – Cagliari ESAF. Central lifting Monte Ruju. Horizontal multistage pumps:

5 x 48 l / h 300 m sec.

26) Land Reclamation Lower Valley Coghinas-Sassari. N. 3 Lifting systems with electric pumps with vertical axis: 4 x 320 l / sec h 64 m, 3 x 100 l / sec h 63 m, 3 x 80 l / s and 75 m h.

27) E.A.F. Cagliari. Central lifting Simbirizzi. Electric double suction horizontal split case: 4 x 470 l / sec h 42 m.

28) S.M.L.T. Tunisia. Drying plant Sand and pneumatic conveying flow 1 mc / h

29) Consortium for the reclamation of the plain Terralba and Arborea (OR)

Ranked  3 Central lifting in the work of reclamation of the area-II lot. Electric Vertical axis:

4 x 332 l / sec h 54 m, 4 x 166 l / sec h 54 m, 4 x119 l / sec h 24 m.

30) Construction Company Giuseppe Maltauro – Vicenza. Lifting system of Monteleone Rocca (SS)

Horizontal multistage electric pumps: 4 x 200 l / h 260 m sec,

31) FISIA spa – Cascina Vica Rivoli (TO). Wastewater treatment plant Capri Marina Loc Fingernail

32) Seas Umbertide (PG) Consortium Stornara and Tara-Taranto. Lift system in place Gennarini.

Multi-stage vertical electric pumps: 5 x 225 l / h 132 m sec.

33) FISIA spa-Cascine Vica Rivoli (TO). Wastewater treatment plant ASI Caltagirone: the extension works.

34) Autonomous Body for the Apulian  Aqueduct – Bari

Sewage treatment plant Morciano of Leuca for the treatment of urban sewage and the towns of Morciano Hello.

35) By Vincenzo spa. EAF Cagliari-Central lifting the tank Simbirizzi 1st lot. Electric double suction horizontal split case: 4 x 500 l / sec h 45 m, 2 x 250 l / sec h 45 m variable speed.

36) Seccagrande Consortium Ltd – Agrigento Ranked # 3 Lifting sewage pumps with sommergili and dry chamber: 9 x 200 l / sec h 45 m

 37) Safab spa – Rome – Consortium High heat Avellino. Central lifting and well field in San Lorenzello (BN).

Horizontal multistage pumps: 2 x 50 l / h 200 m sec, 2 x 25 l / h 200 m sec, Submersible pumps: 4 x 30 l / h 180 m sec.

 38 /)-CRDA Bizerte – Tunisia. Lezdine II & III. N 2 systems for sand and water pumping for irrigation.

39) Lands Reclamation Consortium of Apulia – Bari. Work on the rigging of n. 33 irrigation wells in different parts of the agricultural province of Bari.

N. 33 submersible pumps: average flow 25 l / sec, average prevalence 300 m, powers inst. medium

160 kw.

41) Safab spa – Rome – Siciliano Agricultural Development Authority (ESA). N. 2: Lifting plants for irrigation in the district Eleuterio.

42) Siba srl – Milano. Wastewater treatment plant of Albano Lazio.

43) Provera e Carrassi spa – Rome – Reclamation Consortium of Nura. Lift system to fear-Cuga. Electric split-case, double-suction, horizontal axis: 3 x 1000 l / h 98 m sec, 3 x 500 l / sec h 98 m,

44) City of San Giorgio La Molara (BN),Sewage treatment plant in the village.

45) Liguria Region – Municipalities of Imperia and San Remo (IM). Lift system A.M.A.I. E. Split case pumps and horizontal multistage: 4 x 250 l / sec h 170 m, 1 x 25 l / h sc 170 m.

46) C.C.C. spa-Musile di Piave (VE) – Cagliari ESAF. Electromechanical works related to four lifting equipment.

47) Euroeco-Rome – eastern area of Naples. Electromechanical works for two sewage pumping systems with solids separation and deodorization.

48) ITER spa Naples – City of Pozzuoli. Electromechanical works for two sewage pumping systems with solids separation and deodorization.

49) CRDA – Nefza – Tunisia. N. 1 plant for sand and water pumping for irrigation.

50) CRDA – Goubellat – Tunisia. N. 2 plants for sand and water pumping for irrigation.

51) Impregilo SpA – Sesto San Giovanni (MI)-EAF Cagliari. Electromechanical works at the central lifting Mulargia: Vertical electric 5x 1000 l / h 225 m sec, n. 8 air cases from 70 to 30 mc branded bar,

valves PN 40 DN 200-450-600-800-1200-1800, Sprinkler system electrical transformers,

Fire extinguishing system fabbr, technical services, Irrigation green areas.

52) Passavant spa (MI) – EAF Cagliari. Electromechanical water purification plant in Settimo San Pietro.

53) Consortium of Reclamation Emiliano Romagnolo (BO). Electromechanical works for adaptation and expansion of pumping stations and Crevenzosa Pieve di Cento.

54) ICAR s.p.a. (NA) ¬ – Consortium of Reclamation Lower Volturno. Lift system in the territory of Santa Maria La Fossa. Electric split-case, double-suction, vertical axis: 4 x 400 l / sec h 66 m, 2 x 300 l / sec h 66 m, 2 x 150 l / sec h 66 m.

55) Iter s.p.a. (NA). Wastewater treatment plant multifunctional center of Casoria.

56) Safab s.p.a. Rome ACEA. Expanding treatment plant Cobis


1) European patent N. 074251919 del 28/11/2007, published  28/11/2007. Phosphor removal from detergents wastewater and greywater recycling system for flushing toilets.

2) Patent No 0001389441 of 12/06/2008 registered the 27/06/20011. Recovery and recycling system for treatment of sewage and agricultural leaching.

3) Patent Number 0001389442 registered on 27/06/2011. System for household appliances use with recovery plants and dephosphatisation domestic Water.

4) Patent Number 0001399595 registered the 26/04/2013. Sedimentation combined system  with dehydration and chemical stabilization of the sludge with calcium powders.

5) patent demand of 28/10/2009. Cisterns for expurgated with dehydration and chemical stabilization of sludge with calcium powder.

6)  Demand patent of 22/06/2010 covered deprating system for river and urban waters with CO2 recovery and neutralization.

7) Demand patent of 07/10/2010. Alkalizers marine wastewater treatment plants with recovery and CO2 consumption

8) Patent N. 0001403863 of 02/02/2012 registered 08/11/2013 Global urban local sewage treatment plants with capture and neutralization of CO2 and smog.

9) International patent of 19/11/2012 synergistic plant digestion, dehydration and composting linear PCTIT2013000315 N. Patent WO2014/076725.

10) International patent of 19/11/2012. Capture cooling purification chimneys. PCTIT2013000314 N. Patent WO2014/076724

11) International patent of 19/11/2012. Global synergy plants for depuration, biomass production and thermoelectric cogeneration PCTIT2013000317 N. Patent WO2014/076727

12) International patent of 19/11/2012. Vertical synergic buildings for co2 and water depuration plus biomass production. PCTIT2013000316 N. Patent WO2014/076726

13) Patent demand of 13/05/2014  n. 102014902260232  Tower of air filtration and heat exchange with geothermal well.

14) Patent demand of 03/09/2014 n. 102014902290390. Marine floating pumping stations for artificial welling

15) Patent demand of 06/10/2014 n. 102014902298581. Submerged hydroelectric plants for energy production, oxygenation of seabed and artificial welling

16) Patent demand of 04/09/2015 n. 102015000048792 Perpetual current generators with compressed air or gas and water recycling.

17) patent demand of 07/09/2015 n. 102015000048796 Pumps and turbines with dual power supply

18) Patent demand of 08.06.2016 n. 102016000057968 Vertical desalinators – demineralizers by ion exchange with hydroelectric energy production

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21) Patent demand No. 102016000066396 of 27.06.2016, Autoclave system for water pumping, hydroelectric energy producer.

22) Italian patent Demand patent of 26/08/2016 n. 102016000087373 dated Hydroelectric power auto with peripheral torque to the wheels.

23) Demand patent of 08/09/2016 n. 102016000111938 Pressurized submerged hydroelectric plants in basins with   lifting and oxygenation.

24) Demand patent of 08/09/2016 n. 102016000111939 Pressurized submerged hydroelectric plants in wells with lifting and oxigenation.

25) Demand patent of 23/12/2016 n. 102016000130510 Pressurized domestic hydraulic system, producer of hydroelectric energy.  

26) International patent del PCTIT20160000202 dated 31/08/2016 WO2017/042847 Double power pumps and turbines separated until to the impeller.

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30) Italian patent deposit n.102018000010001 dated 02/11/2018, Hydroelectric greenhouses purifying fumes, co2 and water with natural alkalinization.

31) Patent filing dated 03/01/2020 n.102020000000031, Aerospace and submarine transport system with interactive global linear motors.

32) Patent filing dated 01/24/2020 n. 10202000001369, flying and floating cars.

Luigi Antonio Pezone