The world public debt fraud.


 (Sixteenth open letter to the Judges of the International Court of Justice and the United Nations)

In the year 2018, with hindsight, we should have understood the reasons for the world public debt, which for myself, has grown, above all, to realize public works, energies, wrong purification. Those who have earned from these wrong investments are the world’s stockpiles that today push the damaged to honor the debt, while world science and politicians responsible for such choices ignore their mistakes and organize unnecessary world summits to pretend to find solutions that they do not want to find.

Who created the universe has enabled us to produce all the energy we need, to purify the environment and protect human health with few strategic inventions that have never been realized. Instead, scientific consultants of the powerful of the Earth, since the advent of the industrial era, have chosen the worst solutions from an economic and environmental point of view, creating immense environmental damage and immense public debts for works that have produced more harm than good. Even today, these consultants are silent on compressed hydroelectric energy that statically exploits the compressed air of an autoclave on an incompressible liquid such as water or blood, which is introduced through one of the inputs of a pump with the double feed separated until the impeller, while with the other inlet the same pump recycles just over 50% of the total flow with the pressurized liquid.

There is nothing of this system described extensively on, which by balancing the hydrostatic thrusts, would allow the introduction of the liquid without pressure in the pressurized recycle circuit, to produce clean energy and purification of water and blood human, consuming only the wear of materials, easily replaceable with normal maintenance. Do not the consultants of the powerful of the will know that men must be ready to survive with rational, economic and powerful energies, producible with natural systems, not subject to paid distribution networks? There can be many causes for which, in order to survive, only this type of energy could save us. Think of earthquakes, tidal waves at floods, glaciations, the inversion of the magnetic poles of the earth, an asteroid that invests the planet, a nuclear war. World science has not spent a dollar in one hundred and fifty years of technological development in the right direction.  SPAWHE’s solutions should be considered a World Heritage Site, but all the powerful and their consultants hide their heads in the sand to avoid collapses in the bag. Even United Nations and international judges do not know what fish to take. I am not against the euro, Europe and United Nations. I am for a single world currency and scientific organization of the world’s work, which is not affected by individual governments and lays down general rules for environmental protection and human health.

But to the point where we are, with the hypocrisies that emerge every day to defend interests that harm everyone, it is desirable that the global scientific truth come out. To save humanity we would need a global collapse of the stock exchanges and start from the origins of industrial systems. It would be necessary to start from the high schools to teach again the fundamental principles of energy conservation starting from the rational dynamic fluid and not from thermodynamics and nuclear that open cycles that cannot close.

Do not the governments’ scientific advisors know that all centrifugal pumps create a depression in the center of the impeller that allows the liquid to enter from the outside, if there is a continuous flow of the pressurized liquid at the outlet of the pump? Do not they know that if we increase the pressure on the suction side, it decreases the head and the absorbed power of the pump motor? They do not know that we can achieve the same effect by increasing the pressure only on half the flow of the pump because, due to the principle of Pascal in the rotating impeller, the greater pressure expands in the entire flow section? They do not understand that by feeding a pressurized autoclave with the compressed air (recycling 50% of the pressurized flow rate in half a section of the intake in the impeller) we save an immense amount of energy to let the unpressurized liquid enter the autoclave? They do not understand that if we interrupt the output flow of the autoclave, it also stops the entry of the external liquid, while that internally recycled continues to circulate because it does not change the volume of water inside the autoclave?

 Is it obvious that if the output of the autoclave is a turbine, it uses the kinetic energy and the pressure drop of the flow of liquid that enters from the outside to produce electricity according to the principle of Torricelli? It is also obvious that whoever lets the liquid out through the turbine is compressed air, which cannot expand, expels the same amount of liquid that enters the recycle circuit through the pump.  Consequently, we consume very little energy with the pump motor that recycles the liquid inside the autoclave and introduces the recovered one to atmospheric pressure. But at the same time, we produce a high amount of energy through the current generator that uses the pressure of the autoclave but does not consume it because the level of the liquid in the autoclave does not change, rather it increases slightly due to the gases dissolving in the liquid for effect of the laws of Henry and Dalton. Since the atmospheric gases are neutral, apart from the oxygen that purifies, we can say that the production of energy, since the industrial advent, could have purified the environment and in more recent and future times, even the human body, when it gets sick severely, as described in

If the scientific consultants of the powerful of the earth continue to make mistakes and hide, as they are doing since the advent of the industrial age, pollution continues to rise together with global warming, public debt to grow to repair damage and to pay fossil fuels and nuclear weapons that are not needed. But neither batteries nor electricity distribution networks are needed, because energy is produced and consumed in the same place. Not even solar panels and wind turbines that have low yields, not being able to take advantage of the static pressure energy, which in the human body would allow to send oxygen to the brain even in extreme conditions. While in urban and industrial applications, in transport means the ratio between spent and consumed energy rises to hundreds of times, depending on the pressure difference between the autoclave and the atmospheric one. Non servono gran parte dei depuratori perché, come detto, l’acqua e il sangue assorbono ossigeno ogni volta che attraversano l’autoclave per produrre energia. Oggi sprechiamo immense quantità di energia per immettere ossigeno nell’acqua per mezzo di compressori e soffianti, mentre la legge di Henry che ci indica come farlo gratis è stata pubblicata nel 1803.  A world survey is needed to understand the obscure origins of world public debt and the reasons why the powerful of the earth do not want to realize sustainable inventions. But who can make this investigation in front of the immense silences of science on the global purification systems published in:,                                                     ,                                     ,                          , and on the interactive energies pursued by patent offices on charges of creating energy from nothing, which are published in:,,,,,,,

The world summits organized by the united nations do not know what I am talking about despite the countless open letters addressed by the undersigned to the international judges and to the United Nations themselves (this is the sixteenth). The problem also escapes to the G7 summits, where for the first time a government voted by a majority of unemployed young people and people excluded from the Italian centers of power, including the premier, prof. Giuseppe Conte, who became premier by chance, not having been a candidate. I think it is a good choice, being Professor Conte a lawyer who fights the bureaucracy, but I believe as I have already written, in the aforementioned publications that the public debt has created above all the bad plans, public and private, which still do not have identified how to obtain the highest energy and purification returns from current scientific and technological knowledge. The polluting and unsustainable energies and the bad depurations are a calamity still higher than the public debt, because not only do we have to pay them they also produce environmental and health damages that involve other costs.

The silences collected by the undersigned who identified these solutions, which cannot be wrong, being based on the experience of a life of work and many reflections from retiree. These solutions, which constitute a model of alterative development, not only did not cost a dollar or euro to the world research centers, with their silences, they show that they do not even want to experiment them. These solutions are scary because they do not come from nothing, but from the analysis and correction of energy and purification plants built all over the world.

I do not appeal only to the new Italian government, but to all those who in the whole world are able to understand technical scientific problems and work organization, because the problems are faced by entering into the details of the solutions. Wealth and work can only be produced with perfectly designed systems that do not open cycles that can not close and that close all the cycles that open immediately, both in industrial, environmental and energy systems. It must first be understood by technicians able to make transversal reasoning between scientific and technological applications, which are not many in the world, because the sciences and technologies work in watertight compartments. Some of these technicians can not speak for precise company regulations. This explains the silence surrounding the publications of

However, there are no alternatives. If we do not want to be blackmailed by those who created the public debt and today blackmail us because they demand payment of the debt, we must scrape the wrong public and private works and carry forward only those sustainable that those who want to represent the less well-off classes must learn to design alone, hanging only the components from the various multinationals.  Those who won the elections in Italy have not yet understood this, but the problem is global. I think that if we prove to be right, even with simple prototypes, speculators will begin to understand that their wealth is worthless. Worldwide design errors have been too many. If those who produced them do not correct them, the indebted countries cannot sustain them indefinitely, continuing to pay energy and purification that could cost a hundred times less.

We have a duty to prepare ourselves to survive better even in the face of natural calamities and great social diseases and natural aging. We will never reach these new goals of salvation if we wait for those who have misplaced their designs by polluting the environment unnecessarily and damaging human health just as unnecessarily, spontaneously investing in solutions that are opposed to their current interests.

At the G7 that is taking place in Canada there is talk of false problems, especially of duties that wants to impose Trump to the whole world. Nobody notices that it is all to be redone because the fundamental principles of the environment and energy have been wrong. It is better to collapse the bags than to continue to pay debts that we can not pay and redesign everything again in a simpler and more rational way. Probably, it would also agree to the same United States that are more indebted than us Italians.

Best regards

Luigi Antonio Pezone